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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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ah, al jazeera well to meet an installation of figures for visually impaired people, wild white. this man is able to inspire so many people, cited and cited. it doesn't matter, sharing new artistic techniques, fingertips them make the impossible possible. painting in the dark on al jazeera. ah israel struggling coalition government collapses for the 5th time, and just over 3 years, voters will be going back to the polls. ah, i'm roberson, this is all your life and go hob, also coming up. a massacre in marley more than a 130 people are killed and attacks on several villages. struggling to get aid into
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flood had india and bangladesh. the military steps into air, lift, food, and fuel to water drams, to villages and towns. columbia is lost, rebel group says it's ready for peace talks with the new president. ah, after just a year in office, the leaders of israel's fragile coalition government announced their dissolving parliament. the boobs gonna force the country to hold its 5th election in less than 3 and a half years. the coalition failed to renew a law on the status of his railey settlers and the occupied west bank. foreign minister ayala paid. we'll take over from natalie bennett in the role of interim prime minister until the poll expected in october the shelf. busy on, on friday i held a series of talks with legal and security officials and i realized that in 10 days, what the expiration of the regulations is,
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right will experience serious security damages and legal chaos. i couldn't allow that will kill law law. we spirit know if a galvanized through me the was needed to pass the regulations, but unfortunately if it's poor, no fruit can therefore my friend and i decided to act together to dissolve parliament and sit and agreed upon date for elections. the up he was done in smith has more from western use of them. israel had to it's 50 election in 3 and a half years. it's surprise to many israelis that this coalition has lasted as long as it has when it was pulled together just over a year ago. it was a strange combination of colleges from the far right, the right, the left for the 1st time palestinian israeli were included in the government. but its sole purpose really was to get rid of benjamin netanyahu as prime minister. he's been israel prime minister previously for total of 15 years and netanyahu once the job back and he was he who engineered the collapse of his government with his
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opposition partners. he voted against the extension of a settler bill every 5 years. this comes up in israel's parliament and it normally passed automatically extend it. it allows the extension of. busy israeli law into the settlements by failing to extend this law. netanyahu's coalition has precipitated the collapse of the government, the war expires at the end of this month. but because there's going to be new elections, it will be automatically extended for another 6 months. those new elections will be held probably before some time in mid october. and until len lockheed will stand in inter and prime minister daniel leave is the president of the u. s. middle east project. he says, the collapse of this parliament is not a surprise. and it's an opportunity for former prime minister benjamin netanyahu to make a return to government. the parliament will vote to dissolve itself. the
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date has been agreed. i believe that the late october, there's the jewish holiday season, jewish new year david tournament in october. it will be at the end of october unless not and yahoo compete away enough members to form a majority of $61.00 in the current parliament. that seems very unlikely that the betting will be against that. so the likelihood is elections, not a yahoo looks pretty strong in those elections. he's in court defending himself. he kind of need this to assist his court position. there are strong suggestions that he would try and change things so that the court case itself could not continue if his prime minister again he poles highest in the opinion polls consistently his party poles highest. the question as ever with this rambunctious but very unusual israeli politics of so many small, medium sized parties, is whether him and his allies will get to the magic number. i think you will go
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into this election. i'm in a stronger position with the semi assumption being it's his to lose. while is military rollers have declared 3 days of national morning. that's after fighters targeted several villages killing a $132.00 people. witnesses say it was a revenge attack, barbara and go over reports, marley and television shared soldiers and a regional governor. as they reassured villages. the government as blaming an al qaeda link group for the violence, lukewarm milan, lovick, lead to my dish. the government of the republic of molly deeply regret to inform that the peaceful populations were the subject of cowardly and barbaric terrorist attacks. during the night of the 18th and 19th of june, 2022, a total of $132.00 civilians were killed by our do cooper's fighters, massena co dba. several of the attackers have been formally identified. a local
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politician says the night rates were revenge attacks, though one will if have a yacht new 2 weeks ago, the army was present on the ground to do patrols at and during the patrols. there were clashes with the terrorists and about 12 terrorists were killed. after the armed and security forces left around 4 p. m. on friday, the terrace came on about 50 to 60 motorcycles to take the town of dial. as ago hostage, molly was plunged into crisis after a coup in 2012. france intervened after al qaeda and i select groups hijacked to break away movement and see swathes of territory. but despite a peacekeeping mission in northern molly armed groups continue to operate in the vast a hell region. marliss civilian government was overthrown in a military coup in may last year. this latest attack racist fears that the new military leaders are failing to restore order. barbara and draper out to sarah
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new graham president says africa is being held hostage by russia's war invasion has led to global food shortages as well as wising threats of famine across the african continent. all narceena, i address you in a state of emergency when we have a war in an emergency for the whole world, when africa is actually taken hostage, hostage of those who started the war against our state. this war may seem very distant to you in your countries, but catastrophically rising food prices have already brought it home to millions of african families, as well as to many families in asia, europe, and latin america, the unjust and provoked by russian war level of food prices is painfully felt on all continents willis w bureau opinions also blaming russia for critical shortages of grain and africa. a new diplomat to be meeting in luxembourg to discuss the conflicts impact on food
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security. one can not imagine that the millions of don a wheat remained walkie. ukraine wasn't directional to woo. people are suffering hunger. the seizure really war crime. we are repeating and they have the warm, again, loveday, rece, of a great a mean. the world especially now. dominic cane has more. there's no suggestion that the e u is sensitive to the suggestion that its sanctions against russia are counterproductive in one sense. namely that certain countries in africa and elsewhere that rely on the sorts of foodstuffs that are produced in ukraine are having difficulty in accessing them. certainly the suggestion was put to use at bar l. hi, representative for the e on external and foreign policy about precisely that. and his answer was no. that is not the case. the impact of sanctions that the ears impose is not affecting the
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ability of african countries to get hold of fertilizer and then foodstuffs for their economy and for their peoples. but there is also the suggestion that by de swift, in certain russian banks, that means by a sanctioning russian backs not letting them use the swift transaction system that, that to has impacted upon african countries and other countries in developing world, in how they get hold of the sorts of things they need for their people. and again, mr. bar else contention is that that is not the case. in his view, the problems that many countries on our facing are the consequence of russia's actions and not of e u sanctions. russia summoned the e u, and i said to moscow, after lithuania, said it would stop the transit of some goods to colon and grab. the province is separate from the mean russian federation. it's wedged between lithuania and poland on the baltic sea. the restrictions affect the only rail route between the isolated territory and the rest of russia,
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lithuanian officials. so the ban will be on good sanctioned by the e. u in includes coal and other metals. the kremlin has vowed to respond of passage isn't restored, samuel romani is an associate fellow at the royal united services institute, explains how the sanctions will, will affect clinic grad so hell. leningrad is an important transit route to obviously the european union because of a strategic location here. the baltic sea lithuania, poland has also an important area for a lot of the transit of key russian military assets as well. including iskander is a nuclear heap or missiles. we use restrictions have been factored in for some time . poland actually was the originator of this idea in the came point plan that poland had in the war and ukraine. one of the plans was to ban cargo and ro transit between russia and european countries. and the u sanctions on the on coal and other goods have been in fact for well over a month now. so the russians about trying to factor this in, but it's still an immediate blow one half of counting grants. products,
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for example, come from european countries. there was an immediate supply chain, yet. russia's chronically threatened already the baltic states ever since. the 1990 s and the car again of doctrine came forward when they attacked the baltic states for supposedly discriminating against that. like russians, we've seen a russian alter nationalist like fighting recently, i saw the out in the media where the late about him is your not ski threaten lithuania sovereignty with invasion. so russia threatening lithuania, certainly not new lithuanian russian relationship is extremely poor. for example, as a charge affairs, not even a master level relationship again, did you countries. but there are certainly going to be some ground for escalation to watch. one of which is eventual complete, located on all the waning products, entering russia. the way needs of already stopped importing rush and gas and energy . so there's not much diversity can do even the energy heard. but a non issue related goods. i think there's a chance of russian economic retaliation. russian officials, ukraine has launched missiles, strikes against 3 offshore gas rigs and the black sea, the head of russian control,
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crimea, claims the strikes targeted platforms of songs. odessa, you said 3 people were injured and 7, i'm missing. if the strong are confirmed, they'd be the 1st attacks and offshore energy sites there. since russia invasion of ukraine february russian journalist has sold his nobel peace prize to help displaced ukrainian children. ladies and gentlemen, oh, it started auctioned records, reaching a $103500000.00. dmitri moreton was the editor in chief of the independent russian newspaper. no via gazette. it was shut down in march when the kremlin climbed down and journalists following its invasion of ukraine promise to my escal enough to order, blissful crane, i think selling the nobel prize metal to help ukrainian children is important to me because i'm a russian citizen. and russia has invaded ukraine. i feel responsible for what my country and my country citizens are doing. i'm sure a lot of russian citizens just like us, want to do something. we're trying to do something. still ahead on al jazeera
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ah display is tops one, draw in mexico, some blame climate change. others saves the fault of the local government on strikes, thousands protest in brussels against the rising cost of living. while the u. k. is facing its biggest, real walk out in decades. ah hello there. let's have a look at the weather across north america from the satellite image. you can see the dense cloud lingering over northern areas, bringing some severe storms to the canadian prairies. but there is going to be some improvement by the time we get to the mid week. a lot of warms coming back into places like winnipeg and heat is really the story we're seeing above average
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temperatures for many of the censure states of the u. s. it is going to cool down slightly to some of those around the great lakes as that storm system pushes its way further east. was he a cool down for cities like chicago, as well as new york city and washington dc. it'll be rather wet through to the weekend now. across the west coast is largely fine and dry if you shall, was coming into the desert south west. but still, temperature is very high. 41 degrees in phoenix and around the gulf of mexico temperature. see above average, lots of warms, coming through with some heat of the day. thunderstorms for florida. now as we had to central america, it's looking very wet indeed for the western coast of mexico. thanks to a tropical disturbance that's going to pull its way further west. but we will still see the wet weather effects, southern areas of mexico. and by the time we get into friday, a lot of that weather is going to gather around mexico city, the temperature 20 degrees celsius. ah
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oh i oh, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional. cut. all right, ways going places to go. lou. ah, you want to go to see it. our reminder of our top story is this are the leaders of
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israel's fragile coalition government of dissolving parliament. the move was going to force the country to hold its 5th election in less than 3 and a half years. roches vowed to respond of lithuania doesn't lift a bond on transporting some goods to colleen and grind on the baltic sea. the restrictions affect the only railroads between the mainland russia, the isolated province, which is wedged between lithuania and poland. molly's military rulers have declared 3 days of national mourning. that's all. that's fighters. targeted several villages getting a 132 people. the molly in government has blamed and i'll call you to affiliated all group. government have killed 8 people and kidnapped 38 of those in to attacks on churches in northern nigeria. morning services that are catholic and baptist church in the state of kaduna. we're targeted. it comes weeks after gum and killed . 40 people at a church in the southwest east african leaders have agreed to establish a regional force to intervene in the conflict and the east of democratic republic
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of congo. the announcement is made after a meeting of the 7 member east african community in nairobi. violence in nor eastern congo has flared up recently, but congo says the force should include rwandan troops. the congolese government accuses its neighbour of supporting some rebel fighters. west african leaders have deployed a stabilization force to guinea bas out after the country was thrown into turmoil following a cool attempt. the mission includes some $600.00 troops from nigeria, senegal ivory coast and ghana. they'll remain in place for at least a year. 11 people died in february, attempt to wine seeds, president wil matos to soho and barlow. historic flooding and bangladesh could be about to get even worse, more reins forecast, meaning major rivers will continue to rise. millions of homes are under water and authorities are struggling to deliver emergency supplies. the worst flooding is in the districts in the north and northeast. the armies been deployed to help with
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relief efforts. dozens of people have died since the storms began in april. danville child re has more from sled. i'm please 20 kilometers from the salon city . this area is called measured by there. you can see right behind me. lot of this village or miles after milder inundated with flood water. i've been sport speaking to some of the villagers, ears. they said they don't have any fresh water. they've been using the flood water, boiling them, and drinking them, and using whatever it means to cook food in a dry space, whatever they have here. and they haven't received any flood, some of the people on their own took shelter and the school nearby. they received some rice ration from the government agencies and local politician. but nothing else in the government has deployed military navy, coast guard, even air force rescue holly proctors are making recognizance slide, tried to rescue people from remote areas. so for at least 100000 people have been evacuated or rescued by the military's. in this region. it's
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a bangladesh has about a division, so that is one division which is about 4 districts. so it's a big area and at least 60 percent of that division is inundated with flood water. it is one of the worst in more than a 100 years, according to the government, does lester and relief ministry. now, the main issue here is getting fresh water, food and emergency medicine. some of the hospitals also are inundated, so it's a very challenging environment. and the flood forecasts for sandra said that the next 2 days is possibly gonna be more rain. torrential rain, which is a bad news if that happens. the flood could actually next 2 days get worse. and so is northern bangladesh, which most of the rivers are going and flowing through danger level. so northern bangladesh is also cleared danger of flooding. at least 14 districts are already flooded, particularly cory graham and natural kona is heavily flooded. meanwhile,
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the dams that supply water to 5 and a half 1000000 people in the mexican city of monterey are about to run dry. and national water commission says more than half of the country is experiencing drought, the shortages are leading to growing public anger. as minority reports. there's a water crisis playing out in monte mexico taps across the city have been running dry since the weekend desperate maria louis said roblis, a local resident has been filling up buckets from a nearby municipal water tank probably is says it's the only water available for drinking she also plans to use it for cooking and cleaning her home. okay, them many people ask us why we take that water, but what else are we supposed to do? city officials in monterey had been limiting water access to 6 hours a day. the water shortage has led to growing public anger. many say the response by public officials to meet the needs of residents has not been enough. oh,
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every day they cut off our water at 9 in the morning and it doesn't come back until one the next morning. we're staying awake waiting for the water to arrive filling containers. this is the way it has been since the wood cuts, where now more than half of mexico is currently facing moderate to severe drought conditions. according to conagra, mexico's national water condition in other parts of mexico like animal seal, a lack of access to potable water. recently sparked demonstrations, were thousands marched on the streets of the city. experts say climate change is behind the excessive heat. fueling the crisis. the city of monterey in the mexican state of naval they own is regarded as mexico's industrial capital. mexico's president has placed part of the blame for the water shortage on excessive extraction of water by bottling companies. mckesson merlow is the case of near
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bailey, on is one to think upon. it has to be said that it's there are too many come hands that have been installed, that require water, where there are simply not enough water to change. so there must be better planning on moving forward. this situation will be resolved. yea, we are all helping the private sector is helping to out. but we will have to think about how we move forward. water and sewage authorities in level they own warn the 2 main dams that supply water to the monterey metropolitan area. home to some 5300000 residents could be completely dry as early as tuesday. with a hot summer in mexico just underway. many hope the seasonal rains that come with it will arrive soon and put an end to the worsening water crisis. manuel rap alone al jazeera rag or temperatures for the sum of the year in the united states. mean it's harder to control wildfires authorities in the state of new jersey, so there's a blaze there that's about 45 percent contained
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a 120000000 people have been put under heat advisories across the country. damages and some parts at about 7 degrees above average. please so far to tear gas and beating people with sticks to break our process against fuel. price rises in nepal . puzzle went up by 12 percent on monday, putting up fairs for public transport and goods. vehicles. a government says the price rises and needed to help the state on oil corporation pay for imports. but i've also been protest against the rising cost of living in the belgian capital. a nation wide strike has affected public transport, and flights have been cancelled at one of the main airports. so fossil reports from brussels instead of going to their factories or offices, tens of thousands of belgian stake to the streets, unable to cope with dramatic price hikes. they hoped to send a strong message to their government. the bears, everything is getting more expensive. fuel products in the shops of life is getting
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very hard. people can't accept this any longer. the nationwide strike force brussels airport to cancel all the parting flights of insecurity personnel joined to protest like in other european countries, inflation has reached more than 8 percent in belgium, the highest in nearly 40 years. rising energy prices due to the war in ukraine, and the political fallout in europe have caused prices of basic goods to go up as well. and millionaire. i'm playing a millionaire to show that they have enough of everything and all the while these people here have to live off a small wage. a more prices have gone up significantly. the belgian government still wants to hold on to the wage. apt over the weight standard act adopted in 9 to 96 allows the government to put a cap on salary increases every 2 years to make sure wages remain competitive with neighboring countries. despite rising prices, belgian workers will this year receive
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a salary increase of 0.4 percent unacceptable. according to the countries labor unions. when i go and buy a breadth of a few months ago, now it's cost to you hope when he does $0.60 a price increase, but the immigration system we have doesn't follow this price increase. so you still are buying the same breath, but you don't have the increase of your wage. and it's your, it's the work of the people that create the well in this country. and there should the rich and the rich, the effect of this wealth in this country should be good to, to be able to. that's got me this god of a long, hot summer. according to these protests, if their demands are not met, more strikes will likely follow. and this action today has already left to pay optic scenes around the country. airport personnel, pilots, and cabin crew at brussels airport have announced more strikes league to this week
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. workers in the other sectors are waiting for a government response before deciding whether to take more action. steadfast from al jazeera in brussels. britons facing its biggest rails for decades after talks failed between the rail workers union and train companies. tens of thousands of employees will walk off the job for 3 days. starting on tuesday. they rejected a pay increase of 2 percent, arguing that inflation is at 9 percent. we will continue to do all we can to find that sweet spot of compromise. but sir, is affordable food for the employers affordable for the taxpayer. affordable for the fair pio under warranty, and our employees can live with, they want decent payroll, we want to get one. we just need some compromise, a bit of given, taken the negotiating table to find that to that's reasonable. one of the last recognized rebel groups in columbia says it's open to resuming peace talks with the incoming president. one of the promises made by gustavo petro was
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a former rebel fighter, was to strengthen the fragile piece process. there is a ball reports from ball guitar. ah, there elena, by lasha says she still cannot believe got, i will be that it was elected president of columbia. and the new vice president will be a black woman like her benefits and i kid of yelling at her. she was displeased from the province of took all after 2 of her brothers were killed. she now lives in who that will you at in border, where she helps children cope with poverty and violence or joke on fillmore to an lcm policy. and i trust in petro because when he was a mare, he helped us a lot. the need to transform this country is real year after year, the same politicians and his country is getting worse each day. many you celebrated course that will be there was victory laid into the night minerals approval have been displaced by the conflict in columbia, and many live in places like this one in dire conditions. people here are telling
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me that they're desperate for reforms that will improve their lives. so delivering on his promise is won't be easy for both. that will be a little, as he does not have a majority in congress, and he will have to negotiate to turn his promises into real change or read the letter went on. but not every one is celebrating. this debate happened just outside berlin at home. it's an example of the polarization that exists in the country today. let go. you go look in us. ok. so i just hope it won't start fighting with a rich. this man told her because they generate jobs for colombian society. i hope this doesn't become venezuela. he said, like, call me, they'll need your yell at peter has promised to fight in a quality race, taxes, and renegotiate free trade agreements. he also said he wants columbia to begin a transition to clean energy as soon as possible to own. he clarified during his campaign that this would be a gradual process, and yet i think it remains to be seen in
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a country that is highly dependent on our natural resources on for its income. how he plans to go ahead to promote this transition, which i believe is a very good one for columbia and for the world i'm in a viable way. that doesn't mean i'm putting in excessive stress on the economy. and that actually allows him to advance on his more social agenda, peter has said he's priorities to start working towards long lasting peace in the country. even though the colombian government signed a piece deal with a fire in 2016. some parts of the country continue to live in conflict. the left wing rebel group known as the e. l. n, composed of around 2500 fighters, announced they were ready for talks with petros government. and that's why people like thought, elinor excited about this new beginning for the country and they are rush, she hopes were dialogue and not war will prevail. billy saddle and jessina
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border video has been released of the largest fossil forest discovered in the southern hemisphere. the parent of foresight in the south of brazil as a 164 tree logs that are 290000000 years old. there's still an upright position that's unusual for fossils like these. they were discovered when a road was cut through the area to give access to an industrial site. ah, this is obviously are, these are the top stories, the leaders of israel's fungi coalition, government, or dissolving parliament. the move will force the country to hold its 5th election in less than 3 and a half years. foreign minister yell appeal will take over from the folly bennett, in the role of interim prime minister until the collection is held in october. the ocean.


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