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it is learning to live in north africa and getting better at haggling and shopping . raphael al jazeera world photos, that journeys of cultural emotion leading to some surprising consequences. an american, in my home on al jazeera frank assessments. what are the political risks of banning russian oil? a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports, possibly for social informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jeddy, still resumed the area they're going to be attacking from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in rushes, invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera po, and i'm told stories of asia and the pacific analogies. yeah. ah,
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you need is a greater band, most russian oil imports and the toughest sanctions yet over the war ukraine. ah, i'm carry johnson. mrs. al jazeera alive from dough howl. so coming up. china relax is knocked down restrictions in 2 of its biggest cities as code 19 cases, dip across the country. we report from beijing. dozens, remain missing in ne brazil after days of flooding in landslides, also already ada cabinetry. soaring to new heights and a top gun sequel is helping to restore confidence in the pulling power of the big screen. ah.
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after nearly a month of deadlock, european union leaders have agreed to impose a partial ban on russian oil. or then 2 thirds of oil imports will be banned by the end of the year. there had been a pushed by some member states for full ban of its invasion of ukraine. utter group of countries heavily reliant on russian energy have been blocking the moved or diplomatic editor james base reports. european leaders arriving in brussels for a crucial meeting on ukraine. at the start of the crisis, state surprised many with unity and strong sanctions. but a 6th package of measures including a ban on oil from russia, had been stalled for nearly a month because of objections from the e. u leader, with the friendliest relations with laramie putin. even at the start of the meeting, hunger is recently reelected, prime minister victor or ben seemed opposed though every month or 4th. what the
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problem is, you know that we are in a very difficult situation. ah, basically because of the responsible behavior of the commission, the head of the commission didn't address such criticism, but she to suggest it, there wouldn't be a breakthrough during this meeting. we're not there yet, but it has mature it for shawn. my expectation. i know that it will be solved in the next 48 hours as ever the formal sessions at these summits are close to the public. but president zalinski is off his release part of his speech when he joined the meeting by video link. and that is to my problem, is this woody key to wire. finally, all corals in europe must end it internal disputes that only encouraged russia to put more pressure news on the whole of europe. now that the sick sciences package must be agreed and seen, it must be effective. aud including oil to make russia fill the consequences or what is doing to ukraine and the whole of european was a bit. it's not clear where the presence zalinski is, intervention change things,
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but there was a break through soon afterwards. the final sanctions package agreed, but this is not the original oil band proposed by the european commission. it's been watered down. it now covers just russian oil. that is shipped into the e u, not oil that is pumped in by pipeline, an important concession for a landlocked country like hungary. well, after midnight in brussels and the european commission president, along with the president of the european council. what back to mark the fact that a deal had finally been done. thanks to this. and count so should now be able to finalize a ban on almost 90 percent of all russian oil inputs by the end of the year. this is an important step forward and the remaining 10 percent on these one. we will soon return to the issue of these remaining 10 percent pipeline oil. the leaders here also know that while this action punishes russia, the economic consequences will likely be felt hard inside the
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e. u to james bay's ouch as era brussels. let's take a look at the state of play on ukraine's front lines at the moment. areas in red or controlled russia and a separatist allies. the governor of the hands cuz says russian forces have entered the city of severe on yes. is also heavy fighting in these areas as ukrainian troops hold back of russian attempts to circle forces in don. yes. it's a different story in the south, the ukraine has launched a counter offensive to be capture on france. her mind is an investigation after french journalist was killed in eastern ukraine. 32 wrote frederick clerk in half, with a faintly hit by shrapnel while covering ukrainian evacuation. operation it happened, as francis knew, foreign minister was on a visit to keep the promise of weapons to help in the war with russia. same as radi reports from keith. frances knew foreign minister catherine
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calona began her visit to ukraine by paying her respects to the dead in boucher the ukrainians. describe what happened to civilians at the hands of russian forces as war crimes suggest. a sentence, i tell you that we must tell ourselves that they should never have happened here. and it shouldn't happen again from stands for the friend and its allies to do what ever possible to bring back peace, support and solidarity likely to help paris reset relations with keith. ukraine has accused france of siding with russia as the war carries on. the hope is france, diplomacy with moscow, will help ease russia's blockade of ukrainian ports and restart the export of ukrainian crops vital to the global food supply. but that is not all ukraine. hulsy chavonee sure, i stress today during the meeting that ukraine's need of additional artillery systems of 155 caliber remains extremely important to win the battle for don bass.
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we need to significantly strengthen our artillery potential, which we not unless you a clear message from colonus counterpart, ukrainians who have been paying the price for russian aggression in lives for years . need more help. her trip was underlined by a cruel coincidence. the brutality of the war brought closer to home. with the death of a french journalist covering the war. frederick luc clerk him off from b if mtv was killed by showing the low husk region while accompanying an armored mission to evacuate civilians. colona called for an investigation into his death. the number of journalists killed covering the war now stands at 20 for the war and towns and villages in the east and south has become a patchwork of fighting. the spotlight is currently on separate. that's one of 2 cities in the last region, still barely under ukrainian control. the russian siege of the city has come at
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a high price in lives and military assets on both sides the phone with a lower for medical weapons and ammunition left behind on the battlefield. this russian soldier says are from ukraine's western allies, even as they collect trophies and conquer territory. what they considered decisive battles may not be over what your friends is sending ukraine more help. during her visit, the french foreign minister said that her government will be committing more essential equipment to ukraine, fire trucks and ambulances to help cope with your daily bombardment of rushes, villages, towns and cities, but more crucially heavy artillery long range howitzers that it is hoped will help turn the tide of this war in ukraine's favor vain basra, the oldest era corona virus restrictions in china's to biggest cities of finally ending for millions who've been stuck in doors. shanghai is lifting it to month long knocked down from midnight on wednesday. when the businesses can reopen and
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there'll be few restrictions on going out or going to work in beijing, gyms, museums and theaters are reopening, but with limits on visitors, katrina, you has more from beijing. this is the busiest this area has been for weeks where invasion, eastern young district, the biggest district in the city where people have been told they no longer need to work from home. authorities in beijing say the current corona virus outbreak is basically under control. and many restrictions on easing public transport has resumed here after almost 3 weeks of being florida shopping centers move libraries in june can also open back up thought a limited to 50 percent capacity resident say they're relieved that the capital has managed to avoid a hard lockdown and are looking forward to life, getting back to normal change. it was a prevention control measures policy, which was really tough. that was difficult time. now i love you back to normal. what
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a good feeling i'm going to with being waiting for this day for so long. finally, we can walk really on the street. but in some parts of the city, especially in the cities west, the austin, some restriction in place and throughout all the aging schools. so fall, remain online, and restaurants can only offer take outs services. there are still a few for one of our cases being found in the community. and because of it, where is it is need to take a curve, a test every 2 days in order to enter public areas. emergency crews in northeastern brazil are looking for more than 2 dozen people missing off to severe floods and landslides last weekend. 91 people known to have died in the city of receive a thousands have been left homeless on a co inaccurate reports from rio de janeiro o. rescue teams are working around the camp with covering bodies in searching for those still missing. thousands have been displaced, losing all of their belongings. heavy rainfall began on wednesday in brazil's
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northeastern state of ben um book flooding streets, and triggering mud slides. entire house is collapsed with the force of the water, while desperate neighbors helped fire fighters dig up their loved ones. under the rubble, this man lost his sister. requoted up the search parties found my sister's body there this evening. but i found her and 4 other bodies that still looking for my brother in law. this is the 4th major flooding event in 5 months in brazil, in february, more than $200.00 people died after torrential rains. if the city of patropolis, 80 kilometer is from rio de janeiro meteorologist, say a phenomenon called la nina, which cools down the pacific ocean waters, helps explain the excessive rains and been on vocal and other parts of northeastern brazil. a nikiya booker,
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there is no doubt that climate change in the rise of temperature in the atlantic ocean are also responsible for these extremes. cold weather, hot weather, droughts, and rainfalls. they've all become more severe when it is sides, bad weather, poor urban planning and low income neighborhoods in many brazilian cities is also responsible for the number of deaths. and the mud slides of slums built on hills were swept away by water in my. c this woman saw her neighbor's house collapse, hold on me, that body won't buy the whole family dyed. the father, the 2 children, the wife all died. president able sonata toward the region in a helicopter, but was told it was unsafe to land. when the 1st one was awarded purser, we express our sorrows to the relatives. our main objective is to come to the relatives and to help population. also matter said the government can make available 200000. i was dollars to help victims of natural disasters
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meteorologist expect more rain and been a bulk or a neighboring states in the coming days. the danger of more mud slides in the regions is far from over. mano keianna, give all jazeera rio de janeiro. canada is considering a national freeze on hand guns. sales. a proposed law would also cancel a gun licenses of people involved in domestic violence or harassment. harmony as to justin trudeau said that outside of its ot and hunting, there was no reason for anyone in canada to own guns. it comes as the latest us school shooting has put a renewed focus on gun control. castilla heads on al jazeera after a day of provocation and violence. israel considers branding to ultra national groups. as tara organizations close. i'm rob reynolds along the banks of the klamath river in northern california, where the biggest damn removal in us. history will soon get underway.
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ah, hearts and hazy sunshine is really the name of the game across the middle east. hello everyone. thanks for joining in here. a peak at those temperatures. on tuesday was gout $45.00 and bock dead $45.00 in kuwait, and noticed this orange and brown on our map that some of the sand and dust being spun around when gus at times will be about 40 to 45 kilometers per hour, specially as you look toward the eastern province of saudi and likely to see some dust dusty, hazy day, and though ha, with a high $41.00 degrees on tuesday, we still got heat through areas of pakistan. jacob bad at 45, but showers are limited temperatures. bish kick tashkent and sean bay. we take a closer look at bish kick and looks like showers are really never too far away.
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temperatures leave a bit to be desired, but by wednesday you get up to 27 degrees, which is pretty well where you should be for this year. it's common across turkey. we've got sunshine in is stan ball, but some showers popping up for central areas that includes on cobra with a hive $29.00 degrees and through central africa. not as active as we might expect to see for this time of the year. let's finish this one off in southern africa and breezy conditions for south africa's quote zulu nor tall, but the worst of the winds will remain offshore night stay and then talk with the high of 90 degrees. ah, on counting the cost. biden launches his plan, the u. s economic engagement in asia. well, it counts at china's in western capital ledger billions of dollars to ukraine's economy. but is it enough and will advocate p a boom from the global scramble to metal? counting the costs out of
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a diverse range of stories from across the gland. from the perspective of on networks journalists on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah, you're without a reminder of our top stories. a leaders have agreed to impose a partial ban on russian oil. it's part of a new package of sanctions in response to the invasion of ukraine. the breakthrough follows months of negotiations or struggle to address objections from hungry groan of ours restrictions in china's to biggest cities are finally ending for millions, who've been stuck in doors. shanghai isn't lifting it to mike knocked down in
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beijing, jim's museums and theatres are reopening. emergency crews in northeast and brazil are looking for dozens of people still missing off to severe floods and landslides . last week, 91 people are native, died many of the city of mercy fame. a group of israeli ultra nationalists have marched through the main street of hebron and occupied westbank. crowds with flags entered the bohemian mosque compound during their march through the city. it comes a day after tens of thousands of flag waving israeli ultra nationalists march to occupy these jerusalem. israel's defense minister says it's time to consider designating extreme right wing groups as tara organizations, iran con reports from occupied east jerusalem. the 2 groups he's talking about ali hava and i'm la familia, la familia, is a football, hooligan organization. there's no other way of describing them. other than that, they follow jerusalem by tar, but they've been accused of races behavior,
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of attacking palestinian israelis, arabs. ah, and they've also been accused of criminal activity, the other or a religious ojo nationalists organization that dedicated to the purity of jewish blood. they don't want any arabs, any palestinian israelis in historical palestine at all. they want rid of them all, and they espouse things like attacking people. if they find out that they're in a mixed relationship. so that's those, the kind of groups are talking about. but this message, it doesn't mean that those groups will be designated any time soon. a, in fact i see what might happen is that this could take quite a while because there has to be a wide agreement between all of those members of the coalition for it to go forward . and that's very difficult. the other thing that natalia bennett needs to worry about is the language we saw the jerusalem flag marks those insults that hate speech. death. the arabs insulting the germans colon and terrorist, you know we, i was there. that's exactly what i experienced. all of that may mean that another
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palestinian israeli member, the kinessa key member of the coalition, resigns. if that happens, the coalition falls to pieces. the government falls on this early elections. the ease at allegation occupied west bank and gaza has held the reception ceremony to mark europe day. the sum of it dedicated to the al jazeera journalist shooting at o'clock, train was shot in the head by israeli forces, while on assignment in jeanine. neither abraham attended the event in the manner in occupying bras back when we entered the reception here, there was a poster of her. she's here in a spirit. people are talking about her. i just need a staff. her colleagues are here because they want to make it clear that they want just this port city and a block live a, the speaker a you mission representative. mr. have been, has been talking about the fact that there needs to be justice. he honored the
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brother of shitty and tony of the, i'll play, you know, shitty and has been known here as the voice of palestine. she meant so much to so many palestinian. this is to find many palestinians. this is why it wasn't absent from the event today. that she's going to be honored to room her brother. now we are joined the here today by the you. mission. had mr. been one works. 30 od. thank you. and i wanna point out that in your speech the day, you talked about justice for palestinians. the fact that they've been suffering, but you also said that journalists are the ones who hold a people accountable, who is speak truth to power. now how are we going to ensure that our beloved could it colleague sitting of the i'll play is we are gonna hold her killers. i counted, as i said, to my speech, and thank you for having me on. you are very important program. i'm a big fan of,
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of the year, and i think it's important to different tremendous job. i'm very piece that you have such a cohort of support from my job here. as i said to my speech, we call on all authorities for a swift, forward independent investigation to pay the sinew side has finished investigation . the attorney site has declined to pursue accumulate investigation. i think international partners are ready to support all sites to actually make sure that those who killed her be brought to justice. we need to noise the truth. it cannot be that we leave it in the unknown. so i think it's with your authorities now to do the next step. we can only offer assistance, but the authorities have to requested. and i think ideally should probably be an international effort. everybody has access to your files and can share best international practice available to ensure that those who kill jury are brought to
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justice beyond condemnations beyond statements beyond offering. what is you going to do to make sure that shitty gets just but what can you do? do concretely, i mean, i put the question to you, we make statements, we call on the authorities. we are for help, but we cannot impose ourselves can read. so you know what i can do, i can basically reinforce the message for justice, for, for accountability. but i cannot carry out myself the investigation unless i am on my experts are invited. thank you so much miss. that has been there to the work that we're here at the europe day. at the event we're palestinians are coming. they are marking this day, but it's not the left on many palestinians that they want to be clear and they want the message to be clear. and we heard the palestinian minister talk about that. we want justice for city about the head of the methodist church in nigeria who was
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kidnapped by an armed group, has reportedly been freed some o'connor was returning home when he was seized in the se state of a beer circumstances of his release or unclear kidnappings. for ransom are common in many parts of nigeria, but less frequent in the southeast. more protests have broken out in sudan despite apparent attempts by military leaders to play kate demonstrators. a state of emergency imposed off the army seized power last october was lifted on sunday, or the 6th detainees have also been released nearly a 100 people had been killed in a series of mass protests against the armies rule. mother, you results from the 1st round of columbia. a presidential election on sunday took many by surprise. after are sounding a vote for change to anti establishment candidates will face off in the 2nd round. on june, the 19th left is to a former rebel fighter gustavo petra, will go against
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a populous candidate who was little known until recently and asunder and p a. t has more from bochita downtown book. i was com the day after one of the most consequential presidential results and column in history left his former rebel fighter. gustavo pedro came on top. but we'll now face an unexpected, uphill battle against the surprise. second place candidate through a door, fernandez a right leaning populist anti corruption. crusader de managed to capture an important section of voters. disenchanted with the status quo. and monday he spoke to as to porters, v. s. social media. every day they will come up with something that i am an obese term, that i am a patricia her, or that i am neutral that i am being investigated. but the truth is, my only allegiance is with the columbia people. but many working class colombians who were thrilled that to left hope of any storage takeover of the presidency felt deprived. i say this, any money them okay, you're connecting,
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i'm happy. i'm discouraged. i want to petri to win because he defends elderly. some people say he is bad, but we don't care. we're not interested in his past life. we're interested in the present while thrilling 12 points behind the land as could spoil the let's hope by capturing the majority of the conservative voters that back to the establishment candidate on sunday, and whose biggest fear is the possible arrival of a true left the steam power elandis rose in the polls with an orthodox campaign on social media focusing on a single message against corruption. some see him as a, colombian, trump and fear. some of his proposals are undemocratic or simply awkward. like missing to close embassies to pay off to the loan. and saying, all colombians will have the right to visit, to see at least once at the government expense, its chief communication strategist phase in this straight talk appealed to many voters disgusted by politicians. we prioritize the candidates truthfulness,
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a candidate without any makeup, without any distractors and a candidate book frankly, about all the matters and obstacles. the country needs to overcome to move forward and have counted on a change versus establishment narrative to win the presidency. in the 2nd round, he now as 3 weeks to radically rethink its strategy, hoping to convince enough other than this voters that he doesn't represent real change in that he will fall in the hands of the old establishment. it could prove to be a difficult challenge. allison that i'm the answer that was the largest dam removal operation in us history is due to beginning california as part of a wide a trend is almost 60 hydro electric dams torn down in the past 3 decades as robot rentals. now reports from home book, this latest operation isn't just about the environment. the klamath river lee
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anders through steep mountains and lush forests. its banks are home to our sprays and great blue herons, and playful bellies of otter's fishing guide. jack trout is worked here for 29 years. there is something about the klamath river that just makes me feel better about life. floating feeling, the wave. but in spite of the apparent abundance trout believes the klamath is in crisis. there was something terribly wrong with the salmon ram, and i mean, the spine was just here and gone so fast. it wasn't natural. salmon were once incredibly abundant. here they were the corner stone of the ecosystem and the main food source for indigenous people in the region. the, your rock, the hoopa, and the carrack, those days are gone. this is the iron gate damn one of several built decades ago
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for hydro power. it blocks off the salmon from their spawning grounds up stream. the fish have steadily declined ever since it was built on dams. when and we saw these huge population crashes and salmon and other species, these salmon fry are swimming in a hatchery just below the dam. but hatchery fish have failed to restore the salmon population for the tribal people. the result has been disastrous without recourse to their traditional diet of salmon rates of diabetes and heart disease have sword . so it's really hard to emphasize just how important the seminar to us. i mean, for me, it's not just a food source, it's also the connection to my ancestors. now, after decades of negotiation and bureaucratic delay, the iron gate dam is going to be torn down. the process will take several years and
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will be the largest dam removal in us history. when this dam and the others along the klamath river are finally removed, native americans and others who depend upon the river hope that it will once again flow free and clean and full of salmon, all the way to the sea. from here at the mouth of the klamath salmon travel up stream to spawn, after their mysterious journeys in the pacific ocean, where intertwined in every way, with the klamath river and without the klamath river. there, there are yacht people, a river to be restored for generations to come. rob reynolds al jazeera on the klamath river. now hollywood is celebrating the return of sold out cinemas after tom cruz's new film top a gun. the beverage blasted to the top of the box of his charts. already adrie your captain with you. a long awaited c call to the stars at 1986
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action hit, and more than a $150000000.00 and its 1st 4 days and use theaters. that's a box office records for the memorial day holiday weekend. the film's release was delayed by almost 2 years because of the corona virus pandemic. the producers insisted with had to be seen on the big screen. john murray is a tv presenter in the pop culture expert. he explained why the firm has joined audiences back to the cinemas, wife to tell you this was my 1st time in the theatre since colbert, myself, you know, and i felt safe. i wore my mask in the movie theatre, and people are looking for good entertainment. but this is what happened with top gun map. they had a great story, an excellent marketing campaign, and people were intrigued by these fresh faces. listen, tom cruises what you've got bout cameras back. what? there are some great new characters by jennifer connelly and harris charles panella, john hammer with the fresh faces are invigorating the multi.


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