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post 911, well, ruin the life of an ines deal mastery case on al jazeera from the villas of caricature, the battlefield to wrong. most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. ah, china, a sales deals with fiji but fails to get out of the pacific nations on board with more sweeping agreements. ah, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall, so coming up violence in the now streets of occupy these jerusalem. where is railey ultra nationalists take part in
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a provocative march left this form of guerrilla fight. gustavo petro comes out on top in columbia presidential election, which now goes to run off and it stood since ancient times. but now this libyan cities at risk of crumbling into the desert. ah, now china says it's a great to work more closely with fiji on a number of fronts as foreign minister, wine gay continues a diplomatic bledsoe across the pacific ocean. wong, add a these countries extra assistance for island nations would come with no strings attached. the chore is added to us and the strain concerns about china's regional influence. but fe, jeez prime minister says there's nothing to worry about. we all know plenty of ice
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have been on shore during this visit. i hope we also know that jill political point scoring means less than little to anyone who's our community is slipping beneath the rising seas. whose job has been lost or been demick, or whose family is impacted by that ip address in the price of commodities. or when he began his talk on thursday in the solomon islands, china recently signed the security deal there. meanwhile, in fiji, one had been expect designers sweeping agreement with foreign ministers from 10 pacific nations. but that's been shelved. well, he'll now go on to care of us. sam y tonga, vanadoor pap, one new guinea and east t. more surely our correspond, katrina, you in beijing will tell us what president she ging ping had say about the pacific diplomacy. at 1st when hey, in server looks at what china achieved in fiji. the main purpose really or the main
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objective of one e e. e e. coming to suv a was to meet with the foreign ministers from 10 pacific island nations. he did that on monday afternoon, it was a virtual meeting in that meeting. he was hoping to get a agreement out from all of the foreign ministers on a china proposed regional are packed, covering a broad range of issues, railey from cooperating on security. fisheries. climate change, things like that, that was proposed by china at that meeting, but it did not get signs in that media conference again, which was held this evening in the hotel behind me. there was no mention of the regional agreement by wine ye. no questions were allowed from reporters who were in there, but afterwards the chinese ambassador to fiji did speak. and he confirmed that for now, the proposal from beijing has been shelved out because there was not consensus from the foreign ministers who attended that virtual meeting with the chinese out
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foreign minister. they couldn't agree on all the elements in that agreement. now to, again, a fairly broad agreement from what we've seen that has been leaked to the media, but it was the security element of that that was causing most concern. here one year's trip to the pacific islands is being viewed as a diplomatic success. and a demonstration of the failure of western countries to contain china's influence in this region. now, what has been covered by chinese state media here isn't the lack of consensus about any sort of agreement. instead, what they've emphasized is the warm welcome, wonky, has received a by fijian leaders and other leaders in the south pacific chinese president. she didn't paying also sent a written address or speech ahead of time to those lead is expressing the deep friendship of china long history of this friendship between china and this region. he said that a chinese use all countries big or small as equal and that it will continue to have
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good relationships with these countries of brotherhood. he mentioned who i think beijing is at pains to emphasize that china is reaching out to these countries in a very friendly way that it does not want to exert any undue influence. beijing has denied that it plans to militarize this zone. and it's also trying to say that even if you have good relationship with good relations with the u. s. or australia, china will not make you choose. now tens of thousands of flag waving ultra nationalists israelis march through the muslim quarter of occupied east jerusalem on sunday. the provocative flag day march celebrates the occupation of east jerusalem in 1967. some chanted racist slurs and fought with palestinians as him, ron con reports slept the city further on, edge likes, waiving what israel says is a celebration and palestinians, cool a provocation. these really flood bolts of was my boy's releases. jerusalem
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day is a holiday when it's really forces come to the east jerusalem in 1967 during the 60 war. but israel, it's victory for the all the sins. it's occupation. in recent years though, oh to nationalists is really groups have used a flag march to push their own agenda. oh, i minority opening races fall right group like the harbor, use the march to call for the expulsion of all palestinians from what was once historic of palestine. and for the 1st time, publicly called for the dismantling of the 3rd holy site in islam the dome of the rock in the alexa moss compound. ah, lisha public security minister, omar live, has allowed the march to travel through damascus gate. the halt of occupants strew slip, amass which rules the gaza strip is monitoring the situation. requires her mercy. irma is appeared to use any means in order to stop and to do that through the 3rd
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of the extra mist. from doing this sir. big mistakes again, us all people and our policy, not in the lux, almost for joseph m. o, we think it is or is doing no big catastrophe in this region. last year, the march combined with the fullest explosions of palestinians in the shape your neighborhood spoke to the 11 day will on garza when her mass threatened israel with rockets, mitchell brock and independent israeli political consultant says along the margin into palestinian areas is once again dangerous or israel is to fly the flag anywhere in israel in jerusalem, east jerusalem. it makes a statement is rarely sovereignty is demonstrated there by the israeli army, the israeli police. that is there and is deciding who can march, where can they march? what flag can be flown by which people, and that's going to be a boiling point now. in areas outside of the old city palestinians clashed with
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israel, police ah, clashes also took place across the occupied westbank where these radio use life fire and te guess against anom palestinians. well, it seems that the marches of alex is dictated through the radio. oh, now they're going to come in damascus guy that opened up another room that was never supposed to happen, or only a few his right, well this is my a huge operations. here it was, the city is ready place. simply. i mean, the marches openly chanting, hate slogans, and proclaiming that this is a jewish early land. this young generation, the raft and force i believe that completely. and these people are the ones that are packing, these really government and keeping it in power. and as long as that's the case, i have very loud voice at the heart of these really government american out 0
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occupied east jerusalem. well, there are also demonstrations in garzo. a protest is burnt in his writing flag and talented slogans against the occupation. on fissions with the palestinian legislative council denounced the march members of mass held their own rally, and i said it would respond more fully to the march. at the right time, al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist in the occupy westbank. sharina barclay was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignments in janine, on the day of our funeral is ready forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pall bearers. thomas drop her casket that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through, occupy these jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned take, killing their calling for an investigation. a barclay was without reserve for 25 years, covering the story of these re,
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the occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. israel and the united arab emirates. we'll sign a free trade agreement on tuesday. the 1st of its kind between israel and an arab nation. the pact settled last month, we'll see 96 percent of terrorist dropped israel and the u. a. a formerly established relations in 2020 as part of the u. s. broke at abraham accords, which also included behind and morocco, grieving parents have shouted at the u. s. president to do something about gun control and joe biden, from a thing he will after visiting the texas school where 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in a mass shooting. john had reports from you validate. the president joe biden visited the scene of the latest school shooting, adding flowers to the growing memorial at roth elementary school. the biden's view,
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$21.00 portraits of grief, pausing at each to pay their respects. the 1st couple attended mass. it's sacred heart catholic church before speaking privately to the families who lost 19 children and 2 teachers. ah many welcome to high profile visitor. it shows that the nation with supports the families as agrees with the family. but this isn't biden country. this community voted for donald trump by a margin of 15 percent and feeling degrees. i don't think it's necessary. at any time, much of this town of 16000 can be found here in the center of town. oh, oh. for a song, the comfort of company in shared gree.
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ah, oh, you've all the town square features. $21.00 white crosses, one for each of the victims of 2 days. massacres. and now they're almost entirely obscured by the thousands of flowers that people bring by. it wasn't on president biden's agenda today, but it serves as a spot for people to come and pay their respects. among those who came our local residence, veronica mendez and maria gear elsewhere in the world. you don't any civilian has no access to this type of what moves some proponents out. um you would say mentioned as bad. you know, the solution is army teachers of your teachers. you say do you want to carry a gun? no. 6 year old kids in there, don't know how to defend himself from
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a shooter. after v surfaced of parents urging police to go inside, officers acknowledged it was a mistake to wait 78 minutes to enter the classroom and stop the gunman. i mean, on sunday the department of justice announced it would investigate why they took so long. it was not the 1st mass shooting scene biden has visited and it's unlikely to be the last town in his tenure left to grapple with grief. john henderson, al jazeera, you've all day. texas still had in the news, ukraine's president visits the front lines. first trip outside thieves since the russian invasion began, plus, i'm rob reynolds along the banks of the klamath river in northern california, where the biggest dam removal in us history will soon get under way. ah,
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hello the southwest, a monsoon bringing some very heavy rain in as we'd expect to cross sir. good parts of thailand now. pushing up towards myanmar 70 millimeters of rain here in 24 hours . that's going to the area where we are going to see the focus of the heaviest downpours, easing across cambodia, vietnam, pushing up towards lough, still some very heavy showers into central and northern parts of the philippines. push a little further south of much of malaysia. well, he to the day showers, there course, but i shouldn't be quite his white bread. he will a wet weather will just make its way back out to the south china sea. pushing towards borneo as we go on into wednesday. still a few showers there. you notice in 2 were indonesia through java, off western parts of australia, still seeing some very heavy right, nasty system this causing some localized flooding that area of low pressure stuck there for the past couple of days and it'll be stuck there for the next couple of
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days, but it's down across the bike where we are most concerned. we have got some violent winds pushing across the great australia bite through the malibu. right across south australia. will see that way. whether that windy weather and at times, winter weather some parts of the great dividing range sink, fabulous snow, then even down to lower levels as we go through the next couple of days. and it has wetter and windier for new zealand. ah. across the world, young activists and organizers around them motivated and politically engaged, the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and they, we were the ones who led lights on what was going on in a way that was me. the media didn't. there's nothing static about the lebanon is always in my number for us formation. we have the agency to create the vibe with alternative generation changed on al jazeera.
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oh, the me. you're watching out the time to recap our headlines now. china says it's agreed to work more closely with fiji on a number of fronts as far as the why you continue the diplomatic blitz across the pacific, sweeping agreement with 10 on a nation that was supposed to be signed mondays, the shelves, tens of thousands of flag waving israeli ultra nationalists of march through the muslim porter of occupied east jerusalem. the provocative flag de mom celebrates the occupation of east jerusalem in 1967. some chanted races, floods, and ports with palestinian grieving parents in texas of called on joe biden. to do
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something about gun control, us president promised he will act off to visiting the school when 19 children, 2 teachers were shot dead last week. the french foreign minister is visiting the ukrainian town of butcher when mass graves were discovered off. the russian troops left catherine colona saw in the exhibits of photos documenting a legit war crimes. she also plans to meet president volume is allen sky in president landscape. travel outside of king of region 2, how to kill for the 1st time since russia's invasion. then before the report. there's a lot of, despite the secrecy, despite heavy security, a surprise visit a car key ukraine. second largest city is for a leader who was at the very top of russia's kill list at the start of the war. at
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the very least, a calculated risk president vladimir zelinski personally surveying the damage made it clear. it's never too soon to begin rebuilding when it's 90 d change show or she could eat nearly. we have to find some money and credit lines . the state must provide guarantees, and cities must find super projects and find the money. because in the cities, governors and mayors are more likely to find one or another european program for housing construction, some state programs and some local programs. this is a chance, a chance to give a new look to such districts, you know, just south he even went to the front line to inspect ukrainian positions, and met with soldiers stationed in and around the city, handing out awards and service battle. no. i want to thank you for your service,
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you risk your life for all of us and for our state. thank you for defending the independence of our country. take care of yourself, glory to ukraine. a trip meant to project strength and raise morale. to a place that is still very much a front line in this war. a 3rd of the city remains in russian hands and areas not occupied by russian forces come under regular attack. just hours after he looked, there were missile strikes on the system of the ukrainian president has one widespread admiration for his wartime leadership at home and from allies in the west, which he is hoping translate into more long range heavy weapons. and soon, zelinski is 1st visit outside the cave region comes as russian forces continue to pummel cities in the east and south. as part of the russian forces objective to try and consolidate as many gains as possible in the don boss, region, and as ukrainian forces plan and prepare to mount counter offensive to try and
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stall and possibly pushback what has been an unrelenting russian advance zane basra v o 0 keith and after president and he left them all russian to solve, hit the region overnight. holden, 2000 homes, have been destroyed by weeks of rush and bombardment. the sticky subject of battling russian oil is causing last minute disagreements between you ladies ahead of the ukraine summit from brussels. our diplomatic editor james phase, looks at what else will be discussed on monday. this is a special meeting of european leaders. this is the letter of invitation sent by the president of the european council shah, michelle, and it lists the gender items. all of them are linked to ukraine. first, there is the financing of ukraine money for the country and what to do with the russian assets that have been confiscated. secondly,
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they're going to look at the issue of food security and the grain that is trapped inside ukraine and the implications for countries around the world of the shortage of grade and weight. the 3rd issue is the controversial one and it's energy. be you happy and hoping for introduce a new package of sanctions, a 6 package of sanctions, which would include a ban on all russian oil. but that's controversial. hungry has been objecting, and so they watered down the plan. now it'll be oil just that shipped into the european union from russia and not the oil is pumped in the pipeline. but still, there are problems. negotiations have been going on over the weekend and are continuing in the hours before the european leaders meets. former rebel fighter has come out on thompson columbia as presidential election. but gustavo petro didn't win enough to avoid run off against his right wing challenger. i was under the reports from barbara tar. any story result for
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a leftist candidate in columbia. more than 8 and a half 1000000 votes from a rebel fighter, gustavo said, looking clearly, am top in the 1st round of the presidential election. running on the promise of profound economic and social change. pedro managed to get 40 percent of the vote. 10 percentage shorts of what do you need this for an outright victory? well hoping to come up with that because there are changes that are empty. there are changes that don't lead to real change. we want to invite all of columbia in society to embrace real change. yet the success was diminished by the surprise. second place ever the man this a 77 year old business man who rose in the polls in the last 2 weeks as an unexpected anti corruption, crusader given and this a former mayor of the city of bouquet among managed to present himself as an alternative and se establishment candidate despise being investigated himself for
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a number of wrong doing. he has been compared to a colombian version of from and in the past said he was an admirer of those hitler . yes, his message connected with many frustrated columbia voters in a campaign mostly conducted on social media. or he saw a most guy, you know, we see that citizens have the will to incorruption as a system of government. today, the country of cheap politics and corruption lost the corrupt who thought they would govern forever last physical terrace. the defeated candidate, backed by the traditional establishment, immediately endorse the man. this for the run off against what he calls the dangers of a patron presidency. and it is potentially worth a campaign, was really confident that given around when he called a what a one gave him a strong association with the right ma'am, i can't believe in the stablish man. the whole situation changes now given his anti
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establishment discourse, his origins, outside of politics, he's most clearly an outsider. the main takeaway here is that these results represent, 1st and foremost, as standing blow to columbia traditional conservative establishment. the question for gustavo federal though is that if the now will be able to convince enough people that voted for a go for it man this, that he represents the true change that columbia needs allison, that i'm p at the, i'll just, you know, voter now the number of deaths caused by heavy rain in northeastern brazil has risen to at least 57 with thousands more. missing. landslides and floods tore through several neighborhoods, leaving nearly 4000 people homeless. the largest dam removal operation in u. s. history is due to beginning california as part of a why the trend with almost 60 dimes, torn down in the past 2 decades,
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is rob ronald's reports from holland broke. this nicest operation isn't just about the environment. the klamath river leander through steep mountains and lush forests. it's banks are home to ospreys, and great blue herons and playful babies of otter's fishing guide. jack trout is worked here for 29 years. there's something about the klamath river that just makes me feel better about life in floating feeling, the waves. but in spite of the apparent abundance trout bleeds, the klamath is in crisis. there was something terribly wrong with the salmon ran. and i mean the spawn was just here and gone so fast. it wasn't natural. salmon were once incredibly abundant. here they were the cornerstone of the ecosystem and the main food source for indigenous people in the region. the,
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your rock, the hoopa, and the carrack, those days are gone. this is the iron gate damn one of several built decades ago for hydro power. it blocks off the salmon from their sworn a grounds up stream. the fish have steadily declined ever since it was built. so in dams, when and we saw these huge population crashes and salmon and other species, these salmon fry are swimming in a hatchery just below the dam. but hatchery fish, a failed to restore the salmon population for the tribal people. the result has been disastrous without recourse to their traditional diet of salmon rates of diabetes and heart disease have sword. so it's really hard to emphasize just how important the salmon are to us. i mean, for me, it's not just a food source, it's also the connection to my ancestors. now, after decades of negotiation and bureaucratic delay,
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the iron gate dam is going to be torn down. the process will take several years and will be the largest dam removal in us history. when this dam and the others along the klamath river are finally removed, native americans and others who depend upon the river hope that it will once again flow free and clean and full of salmon, all the way to the sea. from here at the mouth of the klamath salmon travel up stream to spawn, after their mysterious journeys in the pacific ocean, where intertwined and every way with the klamath river and without the klamath river. there, there are york people, a river to be restored for generations to come. rob reynolds al jazeera on the klamath river, neglects and the forces of nature, a threatening one of the world's oldest cities in libya. monica china explains.
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yes, adamus, the ancient berber city was the cross road for major cultures of the african continent and the mediterranean basin. a spring, deep in the desert, has made it an attraction for thousands of years. the old city is testament to live in history and culture, and one of 5, eunice go world heritage sites here, not an ear, but in to the dealer thought about. adamus is an important here to cite for all mankind, not just libya. so it's something that should be preserved. it's a tourist attraction, it should be priority for officials, but all of libya, historical sites are suffering from a lack of funding via castleton airstrikes during world war 2. in 1943 leveled entire neighborhoods, the rubble remains to this day. to day, the site faces a different kind of threat. the old city has survived the harsh
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conditions of the desert for centuries, but to continue to persevere. people hearsay, ill need more attention and funding from the government. harley de hagey is a local tourist guide. he says parts of the city have collapsed because of rainfall in recent years. when a man at yahoo, ito, of germanium and hold the level of destruction is clear, not a single government has given the attention it deserves love for development. authority does what they can market with what little funding they get us. if it only be a, it's wedding season. salem has been making bellas for decades. his hand made shoes are the most sought after. these brothers adorn traditional red robes and bulk us. during the hannah ceremony, a gift from the bride. once the groom tattoos his hand with the hand apiece,
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it means he has accepted her hand in marriage. and the week long wedding ceremony begins. it's traditions like these past down for generations, that face in imminent threat. there are fears that if the government doesn't act, the city will eventually collapse. but people here hope their city traditions and culture, or continue to live on. malik, trainer al jazeera co guns. ah, as take you through some of the headlines here now g 0. now, china says it's agreed to work more closely with fiji as foreign minister. one ye continues a diplomatic blitz across the pacific at a trade in security agreement with 10 island nations you to be signed on monday's been shelved tens of thousands of flag waving israeli.


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