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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how does the narrative improve public opinion. they have live die, and that allowed the children to continue to die. to how assist us in journalism. we framing the story. i am here to document the war crimes committed by what do and he is resumed. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera. ah, which is here with every oh, i deliberately targeted with arm up here saying bullets, the palestinian authority lays out its evidence against the israel military and the
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killing of sharing a black la. ah . hello there, i'm dora kyle. this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up, louis she, you know, are always, hadn't actually tears a prize and anger in texas as police are accused of being too slow and responding to tuesday, school shooting, paging and camera. and that top that promotes on competing visits to the pacific islands. and japan tests are returned to tourism off to keeping its board is closed for more than 2 years. ah, what is there? a journalist, serena black there was sought by israeli forces. would the intent to kill her? that's the conclusion of a palestinian investigation into her killing and the pied west bank and found she
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was hit by an alma passing bullet. neither abraham reports from ramallah. these really are me deliberately targeted veteran. i just need a journalist, cheating all. claire. this is the main finding of the palestinian public prosecutors investigation into the killing in a press conference in the presidential headquarters in the occupied westbank. the prosecutor explained how she was targeted while trying to escape a barrage of bullets. and it's been proven conclusively that the targeting shewn and the group adjusted by the israeli occupation forces was erect and deliberate. that has improved by the type of the rice of a ruger mini 14 and the type of bullet known as i'm up here in bullet stuck them. the investigation confirmed there was no firing from the palestinian side at the time. shooting was killed. the bullet is a key evidence of the case. palestinian official have refused to hand it over to the israeli authorities. the palestinian authority won't even release the picture of the bullet saying israel will try to use it to manipulate track. that mistrust
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is why the palestinian authority has refused a joint investigation with israel saying it can't trust israel to investigate itself. these really narrative changed several time since judy was shot. these really are mistress that it can't. that's her mind if she was killed by palestinians or by israeli forces. the leader media network has formed the legal team to defer shootings file to the international criminal court. i see see, earlier this week the palestinian foreign ministry submitted the file of shootings killing to the high tribunal whole thing the isis he's prosecutor, would investigate the case. we will continue to resort to all international forms. we will not abandon a single right of the palestinian people. we will present all the document to the international court, including this significant report. and we have already referred several documents to the international criminal court. the california investigation report is the
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latest addition to witnesses accounts and several investigations confirming that shooting was deliberately targeted. it's saying here as more prove as more evidence that if and when the i see decide to investigate the case that they will have more witnesses. they will have more fighting, but the palestinians here are hoping that with international pressure, with the media attention to this case that the eyes you see will indeed investigate should ins, killing as a war crime. many here say that she is not the 1st victim of these really occupation and fear she won't be the last. they won't accountability, but fear it's a far fetched expectation. neither but him al jazeera, the occupied westbank, their emotional scenes at the un security council meeting in new york as the 1st since the killing of serene apo aqua. kristen, slimy has more. the security council held its monthly meeting on the situation in
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the middle east and clearly the most significant development in that time has been the killing of sharina lockley as nearly every speaker mentioned her death and called for an investigation into exactly what happened. but many speakers, including the humans, middle east envoy tore venice. lon, put her death in the context of what palestinians go through on a daily basis. what venice long called a familiar pattern of daily violence that includes armed clashing settlement expansion, evictions and demolitions. 10 palestinians have been killed since the last meeting of the security council, including a woman and a child and for his rallies were also killed during that time which was also condemned by many speakers. but what sharina death makes clear as the palestinian ambassador rod montessori pointed out is the lack of recourse for palestinians when journalists aid workers and children are killed without repercussions. shootings,
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killing is the story. the same story. she was telling. the difference is that this time, the war new with a big we are not being killed because of what we do. but because of who we are, we are not being killed by mistake. but as but a grand design a me to make to we all understood, no one is safe so that we ought to live with fear in our hearts. uncertain. in a rare moment of unity on this issue, the security council did already call for an impartial, transparent investigation. many repeated that call during this meeting, including the united states who also demanded accountability 21 funerals are being
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planned and involved a texas following the school, shooting on tuesday. along with the grief there are questions over the actions of police that day. parents, the officers could and should have done more. it's been revealed. no one confronted the gunman as he entered the school, john hendern spoke to some of the young students in val, day, who were there joined the massacre. it was supposed to be the last day of school for the children of rob elementary. instead on the lawn lay a line of crosses, marked with the names of the 19 children and 2 teachers gun down on tuesday. fernando rodriguez was among the students hunker down as the gunman fired 233 rounds. now at the age of 9, he's the survivor of a school massacre. there were shooting over a 100 gold lucia. very maclam. it's brave of you to come back here and to give flowers to other people who love it. you know some of those
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if you miss them i'm, i'm so sorry you had to go through that. this boy was also inside returning today to bring flowers to his fallen classmates. i feel free for now. this rural town of 16000 people is a profile in mourning the front page of the local paper black. but for the date of the massacre crosses, filling the town square. shane raymond came to write a farewell message to 8 year old hughes. i a garcia. another victim in the shooting, and one of the latest of americas decades long epidemic gun violence. mazing kid definitely didn't deserve the. on the day, parents came to retrieve the bodies of children who were gunned down 2 days ago. more flowers have arrived here at rob elementary school and more questions have arisen about what exactly happened here. some here's
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a police acted to slowly to stop the gunman who was locked inside the school for an hour before border patrol agents found a key to the classroom. he was in and killed him in this video circulating on social media as the shooting was going on, parents urge police to go inside. may i can be like that man. can't be like that. wonder people. yes i do. you know that there are kids, right? or no kids, i don't know how to defend himself. that asked why it took so long. police on thursday had no answers. we want to give you the wire that's. that's our job. so give us time. at a tear filled vigil, senator ted cruz and governor greg albert mourned the loss. yet both continue to oppose gun control legislation. 6 ah, as another town in america joins the long list of places whose names are synonymous with tragic john henderson, al jazeera, you've all the texas. the insecurity council has failed to impose tougher sanctions
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on north korea after china and russia opposed the move. the councils, 13 other members voted in favor of the measures put forth by the u. s. penalties sought to reduce the amount of oil north korea could import. in response to recent missiles, it fired, but beijing and moscow called for nude dialogue. we will not allow this vote to be a set back. however, we will not stay silent. we will not ignore these threats just as we will not ignore the horrific human rights violations and abuses happening in the dpr k, including the abduction issue. a killing of an unarmed black man by police has led to outrage across brazil. after a video of the incident went viral on social media and a warning that some viewers may find the following. images, disturbing incident in northeastern brazil was captured by bystanders. the video
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shows the man being pinned down on the ground by 3 officers and a valdez da jazel. santos was then put inside a police vehicle. my 2 officers trapped him in a smoke filled trunk. he died shortly after the incident. the police have opened an investigation, says president, has publicly apologized to a woman who was forcibly sterilized at a public hospital because she was h. i. v. positive apology comes 20 years after doctors perform the procedure. the woman who wants to remain anonymous only found out after her operation. the government has agreed to pursue and negotiate of settlements. floods caused by heavier than usual pre monsoon reign, have devastated parts of north east india and he's 28. people have died during days of flooding in some state. as part of a motel reports experts are blaming human activity and climate change for worsening the damage by somebody. but i says she worries about her children's future as she
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mourned the death of her husband. he drowned soon after the family escaped there, flooded home. and how can i say he went to check on the house? he said there would be damages and wanted to see if the flood water had brought the house down. he hadn't come back since, like dozens of others have also been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced by floods and landslides in endows northeast. a som state has been hit, the hardest thousands of people are in shelters, and many are living in flooded homes. rescuers are working to reach people by air and boat, brenda berber steer. loft, are producers the gum with laws, so then the bullet expert really fast response time meant building that fast. the smartphone or click on the server can fill in. the region receives heavy rainfall every monsoon season, but this year rains are early and $3.00 to $6.00 times more intense than usual.
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catching many people off guard. the barometer is one of the longest rivers in the world and is critical to this regions rich biodiversity and economy. it floods every year, sometimes causing major catastrophes. experts say climate change and increasing human activity like deforestation, and building to many embankments is making floods unpredictable and more severe. many are advocating for policies to make the region more climate resilient. one hand you keep one. constructing americans give rest white to people in whatever way we can. but on the other hand, you try to enable people to leave with floods. but to a certain extent, there is no alternative for our i body and population mentally would plot law can they were, was stopped fully while water levels are receding in many parts of the some, some rivers are close to overflowing. and with the monsoon season, due to arrive in a few weeks, people are becoming increasingly anxious. pardon him at the al jazeera,
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a psalm in ne india cilla had hair on out his era. we are not looking for conflict or new cold war. to the contrary, were determined to avoid both the u. s. as china poses a challenge to the international order, accusing it of becoming more aggressive and repressive. and several countries in southern africa says time to lift a ban on the ivory trade. they look at how they plan to use the money. ah let's go with your weather report for the middle east in africa. hi, for one, thanks for joining in. so we're still seeing sand and dust through the arabian peninsula. let's go in for a closer look around the gulf states, especially when you consider, for example,
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in though how those winds will become natur. about 45 kilometers per hour. those are gus. it's not going to be like that at all times of the day. but at its strongest points, 45 kilometers per hour, temperatures have been knocked back through the stands. we had a cold front sweep across, seen some showers. their temperatures are also holding out once again in pakistan. so we pain on the colors here, dark of the red, the higher the temperature here is the forecast on saturday. no object getting up to 49 degrees off to turkey, high heat here. well above average. in fact, for on talia this spout 10 degrees above where you should be suns out and it's stumble with a high of 28 degrees. central africa, our usual storms coming and going through this area, particularly heavy for coastal sections of nigeria rate through cameroon, and galvan. now we slide towards south showers will really be the name of the game over the course of the weekend for cape town. but a nice day on friday with a hive 21 degrees. but here's a peak at the next 3 showers and your temperatures below average. that's
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a look at your weather. bye for now. take her. ah. what is the ocean's witnessed plainness? witness different says witness. change. witness, happiness. witness. large. witness. sunlight. witness the flood. witness. last witness. charity, witness, confusion, witness. clarity, witness. family and witness. friends. witness the beginning. witness. the end witness. life witness on al jazeera, hulu. ah,
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and again, you're watching out, is there a reminder of our top stories this our, the palestinian attorney general says, israeli forces deliberately targeted al jazeera report as serene abu eichler with armor piercing, bullets. acro mal casias says investigation concludes despite intended to kill her . and those who tried to help her parted ambassador to the united nations as given an emotional address at the security council. we had been so called for justice for all palestinians who suffered under israeli occupation, including sharina to act. china and russia have vetoed a, pushed by the us to adopt tougher sanctions on north korea after its recent missile launch councils. 13 other members voted in favor of reducing the amount of oil pyongyang could and fought the u. s. says it doesn't want to new cold war with china, but warns that beijing is a threat to the international order such a state anthony blinkin says that challenge will test american diplomacy like never
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before. she ever tansy reports. this was a speech that secretary of state lincoln had been scheduled to give before the us presidents trip to asia as a kirkland razor, but it had to be postponed because he contracted prove it. in the interim confusion was served by joe biden when he gave this also during his tour. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? yes. so in part, the secretary of state's task now was to explain whether us policy towards taiwan had shifted. our policy is not changed. we do not support taiwan independence and we expect prostrate differences to be resolved by peaceful means. i'm going can read out the portion of us law of encapsulates washington's position of so called strategic ambiguity. to maintain our capacity to resist any resort to force or other forms of origin that would jeopardize our security or the social or economic system of taiwan. the problem is, joe biden wasn't ambiguous at all,
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and this isn't the 1st time he's spoken at all with official us policy. so the question does remain, how's policy changed quietly behind the scenes? or is this just a matter of a president giving his personal views off the cuff, the rest of lincoln speech presented a stark geopolitical framework of china versus the international order. lincoln insisted the u. s. does not want a new cold war of opposing regional blocks. yet, at the same time, he talented the new alliances, the u. s. was making an opposition to china. this is not about forcing companies to choose. it's about giving them a choice. the speech is likely to be viewed skeptically. in beijing, the speech will be seen in beijing as hypocritical, and be ruling that the fight and administration is picking a cold war mentality to deal with a problem. in spite of entity, blank and saying exactly the opposite. china is clearly crept to the international
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order as governed by the rules set by the united states and it's western allies. but it's not yet clear. if none of 9 countries feel this geo political change is necessarily a bad thing. she ever chancey al jazeera washington or unsafe lincoln speech comes as a stray layer, and china's top diplomats make competing visit to pacific island nations. australia and the u. s. are concerned that china's recent security deal with the solomon islands could expand into a military presence though beijing has denied that. now in china's foreign minister, one ye has been saying 8 pacific island countries are clock reports from brisbin touchdown in honey ira. china's foreign minister one, he led a 20 strong delegation to the sullivan on hands to sign a security package for the visit by the state counselor and foreign minister to the shop. pacific aims to deepen the relationship between china and relevant countries, which is conducive to peace, timidity,
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and prosperity of the asia pacific region. the deal with the solomon islands is china's 1st known bilateral security agreement in the region. china pines, to base police law enforcement groups and military personnel in hon yara, to ensure public order falling riots in the capital. china said to offer economic and security partnerships with up to 10 other, orlando. sions ongoing militarization of disputed features in the south china sea. predatory economic activities including illegal unregulated fishing and then the investments that are extractive rather than beneficial to the countries that are subject to them. australia has traditionally played a key role in the pacific affairs. china is expanding, military presence, undermines it's relationships. australia is newly appointed foreign is to flew to fiji on thursday or for an action on climate change, and bolstering humanitarian aid and development. i don't approach
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the discussion about china and china's activities looking at the pacific as if it is a abstract from australia. i'll look at this and think, what is it we need to do to work together? china has rejected fish, is that it's nearly cyber security. pat clears the way for naval base in honey era and a military presence, 2000 kilometers from australia, coastline. but analysts say china's leaders, i came to challenge the pacific traditional partners of the past. i don't think there's any doubt. this is a clear signal that china is, as i say, stating a claim to a place in the region. but also that is looking to disrupt
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what, what have been traditional sets of relationships in the regions also on the itinerary for china's foreign minister. is the g better watty cure, bass, samoa, and papa new guinea, sarah clark, our da 0 brisbin, australia. ukraine has admitted that russia has got the upper hand in the eastern region of low hands. that's where most of those forces are focusing the latest offensive. they've shelled more than 40 towns in new hands on neighboring done at. the regional government says 90 percent of the hands because now under russian control. that one's prime minister is the latest western leader to visit keith santa marin metz ukrainian president for them. is the lensky before going to butcher and air pin, the sites of mass civilian killings? she said russia, her last, the trust of the world for generations, and shares a 1300 kilometer border with russia, along with sweden. it's applied for nato membership. around 50 people have been
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killed by armed fighters and became a faso during an attack in the eastern region. i was shot dead as they tried to flee a blockade set up in the department of my jory. because faso has frequently been hit by attacks by armed group since 2015. well, in 2000 people have been killed and nearly 2000000 displace zimbabwe and several other southern african countries. so they want to ban on the ivory trade to be lifted. africa is home to around 415000 elephants is the largest population in the world. while the global elephant population is declining, the number in southern africa is increasing. herman tulsa has this report. you are looking at a crisis. that's what the mob is. national parks authority says the country is sitting on about $600000000.00 worth of ivory in storage. 130 tons, ivy ta sees from poachers or collected from elephants that died naturally or. but
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some bobby crime. so any of the stock because of an international ban on i have a trade my cities, the global convention on the wildlife trade. it's a big issue regardless of the pro trade or anti trade. i think this common ground reporting is starting to manage the elephant populations and the interface with human communities. but there's a big difference of opinion on whether or not selling hybrid is the way to go, or maintaining the band is the way to do. southern african countries want the right to do as they pleased with the ivory stockpiles and elephants. they say they're going to demand this at the next global convention on the wildlife trade. later this year, we have committed to wound quinton to induce, or brothers and sisters. we believe that it is possible to find common ground, which common ground, obviously prove us conservation. zimbabwe is national parks authority says the
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country has more than 100000 elephants up from 84000 in 2014 when the last census was done. but it can only sustainably manage half that number in its national parks . a southern african countries say they don't have the resources to better manage growing elephant populations. that's why they want to sell the ivory stockpiles to find conservation projects, such as culling or moving animals to less populated areas. the casa area, all the great olean vall conservation areas where i see a lot of opportunities off. well, yeah, of course boundary corporation. so that you know, to facilitate also why let movement, which hopefully would then reduce pressure locally. but of course, you know, all of this requires, you know, a lot of thinking a requires resources and that's something that, you know, the european union knows also very much keen and interested. we want to be
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a partner in those of us national parks. officials say to many elephants destroyed the environment and attack farmers when the animal stray from parks to find food. those opposed to lifting the bad and ivy trade fear, it will encourage corruption and poaching which could in a fueling. and eliza trade already with billions, harder matessa al jazeera zimbabwe. foreign tourists have arrived in japan for the 1st time since the pandemic began this war group as part of a test visit before borders. a reopened to limited tourism next month. versus rob mcbride reports from take you struggling hospitality industry once restrictions lifted more quickly. it is a country rich in tourist attractions all that japan lacks other tourists tokyo's to key g outdoor fish market has relied on local visitors throughout the pandemic. on the night before the pandemic, 80 to 90 percent of our customers were from overseas. so we are looking forward to
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seeing for he has come back again. the same goes for all businesses relying on the tourism industry. like this tour bus company says, oh no course any class and my favorite courses harvester is for japanese tourists have been cut back and we've had to stop foreign language tories altogether. yeah. when you think gone, it's a long way from former prime minister. sions obeys dream. of becoming a world leading tourism destination all geared to the 2020 summer olympics that he helped to secure for a while, japan was on track to meeting its tourism ambitions. in 2019, he recorded well over 30000000 visitors. i was fully expecting to eat its goal of 40000000 arrival in 2020. when the pandemic happens. ironically, the start of the pandemic that decimated the tourism sector was heralded by an outbreak on a cruise ship that had docked in yokohama. the olympics were delayed by
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a year while the country virtually closed its borders. the area which was the athletes village is now under development as memories fade of those ill fated games . and japan can look ahead to reopening to tourism once more. cautiously knock either on the reopening will happen gradually and 1st back its doors organized. but the travel agencies who are fears that are rushed, reopening might see a resurgence in coven 19 cases. don't seem to bother a population, apparently. suffering pandemic fatigue, nothing. but of course i worry about cove it, but overall it's a good thing that home us. i'll continue being cautious, but i've had enough of this. these are more corona may continue, but we can't be afraid of it. we have to carry on with our lives. are most people seeming to believe that is one of the world's most developed nations. it's time to open up to the world once more. rob mcbride, al jazeera tokyo and in fact,
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one of the founding members of the iconic british electronic ban depeche mode has died. ah, flatter was the group keyboardist for more than 40 years and is being remembered to apply an air of synth music. fellow musician said he influenced the direction of george's like techno and electronica. passing close to the group said he died of natural causes at his home in the u. k. he was 60 years old. an indian author has won the international booker prize for the 1st time heat and jolly trees. novel tomb of sand was originally written in hindi. their waters shared with the books, english translator, daisy rockwell, that tells the story of an unconventional and adventurous widow, aged in her eighties. the judge's said, although it tackled serious issues, the work is exuberant and playful. in read.


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