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ambition, artistry, adventure, short documentaries, by african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria in the alley minium village, throttle queens. this is when we get to let her hair down and the cane africa direct on al jazeera reporting in the field means i also get to witness, not just the news is breaking, but also history as it's unfolding. dropping from serbia hungry to rip one day i might be covering politics and the next or i might be covering full test. but what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here at al jazeera, we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. ah.
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another mass shooting in the u. s. a. teenage gunman opens fires a school in texas, killing 19 children, and 2 adults. he was present, joe biden, orders flags to be flown at half mast as the country mourns. it's deadly, a school shooting in a decades as a nation with dash win garage, ne really stand up to the gun mom. oh, hello, i'm laura kyle: this is al serra live from dough, also coming up north korea, 53 ballistic missiles. a day off to you as president wraps up his trip to asia and calls for an independent investigation and the death of sharina actor at the un security council in new york.
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ah, it's time to turn this pain into action. that's the message from you as president joe biden, after 19 young children and 2 adults were killed in a school shooting in texas. they're sold by a loan teenage gunman is the deadliest as an american school and a decade. and then once again prompted calls for great a gun control across the country. bump reynolds has mall. a shocking act of violence has ripped yet another american town to pieces. an 18 year old gunman stormed in elementary school in vall, day texas, tuesday afternoon, and opened fire. as the news spread frantic parents waited to find out if their children were safe on and nobody's telling me anything. always telling me, telling me anything. and one of the parents are saying that there's kids possibly
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held at the funeral home. and that's what brought me over here to find out what's going on. and young thinkable details began to emerge shouting, salvador romeus, an 18 year old male who resided in humanity, is believed that he abandoned his vehicle and entered into the rob elementary school in new valley with, with a hand gun. and he may have also had a rifle. as of now, no motive is known for the mass shooting. the 6 under children who attended the primary school were aged from 5 or 6 to about 12 years old. at this point, the investigation and leading to tell us that the suspect did act alone during this heinous crime. the killings come less than 10 days after a gunman who posted racist rance online killed 10 people at a grocery store in buffalo. new york gun laws in texas are among the least restrictive in the country. there is no minimum age limit for
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children to possess. fire arms in texas. the u. s. average is about 10, mast shootings per week. nearly $200.00 mast shootings have happened so far this year. that includes $27.00 school shootings. these kids weren't unlucky. this only happens in this country. nowhere else. nowhere else to little kids go to school thinking that they might be shot that day. the murders of the school children in new vall day brought this response from president joe biden. when in god's name, we're going to stand up to the gun law. me. when in guards name, we do, we all know our gut needs to be done. despite polls that show a majority of americans favor tougher gun laws. the efforts to pass national gun
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legislation have been blocked. time and time again by republicans and a few democrats in congress. this confused in word. and i'm trying to find out when my babies with an estimated 390000000 guns owned by civilians in the us and few effective limits on gun ownership. the horror in new vall day will likely be repeated again and again, rob reynolds alger 0. let's take a closer look now at the school shootings in the u. s. and more than 300000 students in america, have been exposed to gun violence at school. says the columbine high school shooting in 1999 in the u. s. in 20. 22. so far there have been 27 separate school shootings with dozens killed or injured since 2018. there's been a 119 school shootings across the u. s. they include the shooting in parkland florida by 17, was shot dead, lonnie and sandy phillips on savannah,
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on the founders of survivors empowered an organization. they started off to bad daughter. jessica galway was murdered in aurora, colorado fits a massacre. 10 years ago, they say the solution is, claire is simple, easy access to guns in america is causing the problem. we have the same number of really trouble people or people that have mental problems is any other matter. the difference is they can't get guns like the gun here. you know, want to cut the supply guns. it becomes hard to get all the shooters lately. the masters have been able to walk in and legally by and they are doing it is wrong for an 18 year old. be able to go in and buy than they are 15. well, i refuse to accept that. it's always going to be this way. this we are turning
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around and going back to san antonio. this will be our 20th response to a public mass shooting. since our daughter was killed 10 years ago in 10 years, nothing has been done at the national level. and until we are doing something at the national level, it won't matter what the states are doing because what happens is the, the states with strong gun laws like here in new york. and they are surrounded by some very weak gun law. states like pennsylvania in ohio, so those guns are trafficked across like state lines. so we have a problem with trafficking guns, traffic in accessories. we have a problem with ghost guns, and we need to close all of that down. and we need to go back to banding, assault weapons. quite frankly,
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that needs to happen again. and i think the president actually called for that tonight, or at least suggested that tonight. but i mean, i won't give up hope all joining us out from philadelphia is david barnett. he's a fire arms advocate and former president of students for concealed carry. thanks very much for being with us. you had a phillips saying, but it's simple, easy access to guns in america, causes the problem. what's your response to that? yeah, i mean, i think it's important to remember that for every problem there is a solution that exists that is safe and easy and wrong. i disagree with the idea that if we restrict firearms, particularly for law abiding citizens, that's going to be the solution to this particular problem. now, let me stop and say, this is a terrible tragedy, and i hope everyone joins when praying for the parents and families who are experiencing this is terrible lost. there's a lot that we don't know in this circumstance. and so i think it's,
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it's very dangerous to rush to conclusions about preexisting political agendas and whether or not they are just before we get on to political agenda. if i could just interrupt you, what we do is as an 18 year old, was able to go into a store and buy an a 15. that's an assault weapon and then take it out and go into a school and shoot children. why? as an 18 year old, able to buy a weapon like that was, you know, more than i do if you know that how the, how the 18 year old was able to get the fire. but there's a few other things get the fire on. okay, so no, no is against it. well, i'll take your word for that, but so there's a few of the things that we should, we should point out here. number one, schools in texas are gun free zones. ok. they have usually security checkpoints and they have some means of preventing somebody from entering the campus unlawfully, particularly with a firearm. firearms are not as easy as i heard the previous report describing. they're not an easy thing to say. you do have to go through
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a rigorous federal background check state background check and it can still carry permits. you have to go through this background check. forgive me, but my background checks needed. no, no, no. every firearm sold through a store has to undergo a background check. so the question is whether or not you can effectively prevents any 18 year old from legally obtaining a fire on number one. number 2, whether you would want to, why would we punish people who actually we commission to serve in the military at 18 years of age? why would we punish them from exclude them from engage in activities like hunting or sports, shooting, or even the self defense? 18 year old people in america live on their own. they can be independent. so i would need to have a compelling argument for why we would exclude them from the rights that accrue anything your age. to pass engage sticker, bella, can i ask, why you and many others in the gun lobby a so adamant that everyone in america must be able to own
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a gun if they want to. sure so well, let me, let me return really quickly to the school shooting point because i don't want this to get lost. the school did not allow firearms on campus. the person that we entered the campus with the rifle broke the law and it was a person, it was someone with training and a firearm. who the associated press is reporting is a border patrol agent who engaged the shooter and prevented the mass shooting. i should point out that citizens with firearms have engaged in and prevented at least 40 other mast shootings since the year 2000. so in the last 2 decades. so firearms in america are used 5 times as often according to the department of criminal justice. the government bureau are use 5 times more often to in self defense, to save lives than they are to prevent lives. so if we were to engage in some sort of confiscation scheme or restrictions case, number one, you're, you're,
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you're analyzing the law abiding citizens. people who are committing crimes for the acts of a few reckless psycho i think, i think i'm sometime within that because i think that you're going to bring up statistics to support both sides of the argument. but i think if we look at the big picture, we've got a strange, they had a mass to ting back in 1996. i believe it is point off and put off it massacre. they then banned both sides of the government came together to ban rapid fire guns . it's not had another mass shooting event since do not look at last and think that is the way, ford. sure and new zealand had very strict laws and yet they had massacred their mosque because in christ church. so it is difficult to compare country to country because cultures are different, but why? i'm sorry why a gun is a gun and wanted to fight it. someone different cultures are different and laws are different. so our laws empower the average citizen who is law abiding to be able to
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own a fire. i'm to engage in sporting use, hunting and self defense. sure. i don't know anyone to go and buy a gun. we come back to this. there are very few background checks on this boy was able to go and buy a gun that was able to kill 19 people. and so what's the proposal? the proposal is to prevent any and every 18 year old from obtaining a firearm. but for me, you recall to be allowed guns, not necessarily advocating for more people. this is people need to be responsible. people need to be safe. but the fact is that in this country, people's use firearms in self defense more often. so i advocate being prepared in train, being armed, if you're responsible to do so, but be prepared to save a life another way as well. so in that the school environment, for example, who in that school should have been armed, who could have prevented this?
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so in texas, they do have a program where people who are carefully trained and carefully prepared can be armed to fight back against a potential armed intruder. in this school they did not have that program in place and we know that mash shooters, for example, in new york, have identified the gun free policies of the places. a big sheet up as attractive to them as an extra incentive for them. because they know that nobody will be shooting back. so i believe empowering the victims. and i believe in discouraging the arm citizens rather than hanging a sign on the door that essentially announces that they will be unresisting and that their, their victims will be defenseless when they decide to engage in this brand page. just trying to get to the bottom of this has and you could have a security guard on the door. but you also proposing that a teacher in a classroom be armed or, you know, then exposing children to the possibility of a battlefield of a shootout. bringing more weapons into the classroom, into
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a space that should be completely weapons free. well, i agree should be weapons free in the sense that nobody should be bringing on to campus a fire. i'm engaging in a shooting spree. however, i would rather engage in a shoot out than simply be a sitting duck for somebody engaging in that. now i think that and i'm not proposing this texas already has this on the books 30 percent of schools in texas, from what i understand have programs where if you, again with responsibility with a lot of training, if you undergo that training, then you can be prepared to stop something like this, i can understand the mindset where you would actually prevent somebody who would take the firearm that might save a life out of that school and render every school child defenseless. again, this shooting was stopped by someone with training and a firearm. who engaged the shooter and i believe that that isn't a successful policy that can work again with responsibility and with training. so
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help me understand the policy where we we prevent, well just defend on the fact that it wasn't before. 1921. i do believe actually the, the final figure is $21.00 that lives were lost 19 children and 2 adults. that still happened before that person with the gun came and stopped the she said, but david, but we do have to leave at the for the moment. thank you very much for taking the time to join us. so i had her on out to sarah 3 months off to russia invaded ukraine fighting rages on in the east spot to morale is high in the capitol. ah. but he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to the castle book. your travel package today. if you are currenty,
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i think it is the night sandstone to blow up in iraq and then blows south through everybody else in the gulf from kill back into saudi. that's what he's doing. still on wednesday is still a hot one. of course, the temperatures in the forty's, a good part in the middle of iraq that's cooler, back on the coastal mediterranean. and he's hotter in eastern iraq up into was after understand as well, with everything's weaving from west to east. so tends to die down with time. so looks quite breezy during 30 down through the gulf. demand has is warming up again though, hangs around at 40. yeah, it's quite dusty. that would be a little less dusty time to get to thursday. the heat further east is starting to rebuild, not as extreme as it was, there are no showers to relieve that heat in northern pakistan as an onshore breeze to keep it a little bit lower in karachi. but in the middle and this pick, for example, the washer dusty skies and he's getting warmer war war 49. by the time you get to saturday, that's the forecast. at least some good news for kenya. few more showers. they
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should be a lot more time here. but for western can you and see if there are a few showers, but not many. and in southern particularly south africa cars in the town. and the popo, it is now dry. after a lot of heavy rain, i saw official airline of the journey join the debate. wonderful as it the poor magic language. it really means nothing on the ground on it online. at your voice, the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress i haven't seen in a free. so i do see sports journalist. i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives, even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this screen on al jazeera, ah
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ah, hello again, you're watching al jazeera, his reminder of our top stories miss our 19 young children, and 2 adults have been killed in a school shooting in the us state of texas. it's the deadliest attack as an american school in almost a decade. the suspects, 18 year old salvador ramos was shot dead by police president joe biden has ordered flags be flown at half mast after the shooting in texas. biden pleaded for action to address gun violence, blaming manufacturers and their supporters for blocking legislation in washington. north korea is suspected of carrying out a long range intercontinental ballistic missile test. for the 2nd time this year, japan and south korea detected 3 ballistic missiles being fired from sir nun,
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towards the sea of japan. 2 of them were thought to be short range. sol has described the test as a grave provocation. it comes a day off to you as president joe biden wrapped up his trip to south korea and japan. well, mcbride has more on this from tokyo. these, the 3 miss elsewhere detected just after daybreak, fired from the su 9 area. this is north west of the capital young gang. it's the location of young young's airport flying east towards the sea that separates the korean peninsula from japan. the national security council of south korea, they convened a meeting straight afterwards as they often do. there's also been a response from the japanese. the japanese defense minister is saying that these are provocations which are completely unacceptable. this is the 17th round of a missile launches. so far this year, sometimes they have been multiple launches, as with this one today, wednesday. in the past though, we've also seen single missed our launches. i think what concerns the intelligence
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community here in japan and south korea and in the u. s. is the sophistication of some of these missiles. we've had a submarine loans, ballistic missile, being tested for the 1st time, fired from under water. so the north koreans are mastering the technique of launching this else in submarine. also at the end of march, there was an intercontinental ballistic missile, the kind of heavy missile capable of reaching the continental united states. that the kind of missile that hasn't been fired since 2017, with a warning from defense officials in japan and south korea. and also in the us that we can probably expect more testing of icbm in the future at the south koreans and the u. s. military have promised greater cooperation in response to all list is now a conservative administration in south korea, including of course, maybe more military exercises, joint exercises. but those are the kinds of things that often anger north korea, prompting them to launch more missiles. members of the un security council, calling for an independent investigation and the death of balances or
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a journalist marine. it's been meeting to discuss threats to global media freedom and the protection of journalists. kristin salumi has this report. what israel's killing about 0, serene ob lockley in the occupied west bank, prompted ireland to called this meeting on the protection of journalists at the time of her killing. sharyn was on duty in a blue press, vest, a symbol which denotes civilian status, a symbol that demonstrates to parties to conflict, that journalists are notch, a target. the targeting of journalists in conflict zones is considered a war crime. the committee to protect journalists said no less than 18 have been killed in the palestinian territories in the last 20 years. in ukraine, 9 journalists have died in the war with russia. but as the experts made clear, 9 out of 10 such crimes are never prosecuted. the failure of states to investigate,
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prosecute and punish crimes against john. this is not only a denial of justice, it is actually an encouragement to perpetuate the cycle of finance. al jazeera is abdur rahim for kara, promised to pursue all legal options for accountability and 0 position is crystal clear. shaheen black, las life matters and so does a transparent an independent investigation of her killing and of the serious violation of her funeral by these rated security forces. there are other crystal clear issues for a 0 network. one sheeting brocklow was killed by an israeli bullet and in cold blood while she was doing her job to the network has the evidence and the witnesses to support that position of nothing yet other media networks have
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made the same conclusion that the un security council has condemned the killing of sharina walkway and called for a transparent, impartial investigation. but they haven't supported the palestinian authority's call for an investigation by the international criminal court. essentially leaving accountability in israel's hands. kristin salumi al jazeera, the united nations some people gave us just 3 days, but we enjoyed 3 brave heroic months. that was the message from president flood m, as a lensky, as ukraine mach 12 weeks since roches invasion. some areas are now returning to normal, but fighting is escalating in the east. valencia told the world economic forum at davos that ukraine needs $5000000000.00 a month to rebuild. the european union has pledged more than $10000000000.00 and financial aid to keep ukraine's economy going. it is the largest package of micro
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financial assistance ever conceived by the european union also to country. other countries, starting with our friends in the united states, are doing the utmost to it is an economic relief operation with no precedent in recent history, when people in ukraine's capital are still confident about winning the war and even reclaiming their last land of correspondence and basra be found a lot of optimism and cave, despite the death and destruction the war in ukraine has not gone as expected. keith was meant to fall to russian invaders in a matter of days. 3 months after missiles shells and paratroopers began landing in and around the capital, ukraine is putting the spoils of war on display. morales and anger at russia are now so high. ukrainian say the only acceptable victory will be taking everything
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back occupied territories in the east. even crimea stuck. yeah. if you had some was leave. yes, i believe the return of our territories is possible, and i think we should not top, i believe there should not be any negotiations about return into the same borders we have before the start of this war on, you know, we should get our citizen crimea back this is our so in country and we should defend it. there should not be any negotiations with the enemy, these numbers i am happy with. of course i believe full stop. i hope that it will be this way. the truth is on our side, we are descending our land. we really want and hope for this to happen. yes, you probably need to weapons and then oh, it are an army. real, real do everything and we will wind. i'm not to, i'm sure. we will get to victory, and yes,
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to be when there was less optimism when all at war came to ukraine on february 24th . russian president vladimir putin so called special military operation was the biggest assault on a european states since world war 2 the, you an estimate at least 14000000 people have been displaced so far, at least 6000000 to neighboring countries. when missile ukrainian army base at yahoo, as near the border with nato member, poland, it was the furthest russian attack in the west of the country. the siege of mario paul so violent, it wiped the city off the map. leaving little doubt as to how far russia was willing to go to achieve its aims. unable to penetrate ukrainian defenses around the capital, rushes withdraw from future, revealed civilian killings that ukraine described as war crimes. a dramatic victory for ukrainians. the sinking of russia's lead warship in the black sea. russia blamed and on board ammunition explosion. ukrainians claimed it was
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a missile strike. the invasion did change the map, but not perhaps was put in that hope. finland and sweden applying to join nato stands to more than double the alliances border with russia. just weeks ago, independent square was under locked down and covered in snow. now people line up to buy stamps commemorating a moment in the early days of the war when ukraine, in no uncertain terms, told russia to leave its territory. i hope was that it was some weekend when in this war and we can survive. so for me it's a sign that we have a chance for a good future. and you have a message for russia and russian leaders on the board. or i can say, and things look very different in the ukrainian capital today. diplomatic missions. the reopening people are returning and ukrainian seemed
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far more optimistic. all the cautiously than they did at the beginning of this war that the war is not over. russian forces are escalating offensive in ukraine's east re mobilizing forces to battlefields in the south. all indications are conflict with russia is the new normal. and as long as russia controls the skies over their countries, nowhere in ukraine is completely safe. there is a future that remains uncertain. then disrupting al jazeera keys. at least 22 people have been shot dead during a police raid on a fella and read as narrow of to say they were targeting drug traffickers from one of brazil's most powerful criminal gangs. the victims included a women who was caught in gun 5 between gang members and police officers say the other victims were suspected criminals. human rights groups have criticized previous raids, accusing police of summary executions. thousands of photographs have been released,
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reported he taken in so called weaker re education camps in china. as in john police files is that known will lead to research says, with the group victims of communism. they reveal more details about the mass, attention of weakest, as well as a shoot to kill policy for anyone trying to escape rights groups of accused beijing of crimes against humanity. china says foreign powers are trying to sabotage to visit by the you and human rights commissioner michelle basha. let titles labs and indonesia have forced more than 2000 people from their homes to me to high waves breach the feeble flooding. the city of simmering and java provence clod levels are the highest seen for decades on those warnings of even more to come schools and government offices of clothes in parts of iran. as a sandstone blanket has several cities including the capital terror on the 13th people to set.


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