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ah, and join the debate. wonderful as it is this little magic language. it really means nothing on the ground. on an online ad, your voice, the queen is be removed as head of safe because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man wears the progress i haven't seen enough resources due see sports journalist. i look like me. you need to listen to those voice perspective even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this green on al jazeera from the for villas of characters. so the battlefields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge ah,
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to ukraine's presidents as moscow's waging a total war in the east. and he's urged the west to cut old trade ties with russia . hungary declares a state of emergency sizing the war in ukraine, primus evict of old one, says this allows his government to respond quickly to challenges. ah, columbia madison, this is audra 0 live from dough ha. also coming up japanese warplanes scramble to confronted joint chinese and russian patrol of the sea of japan. as tokyo hosts talks with the u. s. estrella and india. and a rare glimpse into china so called reeducation comes from muslim. wiggers, a leaked document, alleges the extent of abuses. ah,
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some people gave us just 3 days, but we endured 3 brave heroic months. the message from president vladimir zelinski as ukraine mox 12 weeks since russia's invasion, some areas and are returning to normal. but fighting is escalating in the east rushes slowly gaining some ground there and it appears to be digging in for the long term. ices of people have been killed and millions more have been forced to leave their homes. since the conflict started, several cities have been leveled. president zalinski is told the world economic forum a devil's ukraine needs $5000000000.00 a month to rebuild is urging leaders to cut trade with russia entirely. meanwhile, the european union's plans to billions more to ukraine's fight. you please direct a bunch of support now to keep the economy running, it's about pensions, it's about salaries, it's about the basic services that have to be provided. and therefore,
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we have proposed a 10000000000 euros mac for financial assistance. it is the larger package of micro financial assistance ever conceived by the european union for so to country. other countries, starting with our friends in the united states, are doing their utmost to it is an economic relief operation with no precedent in recent history. now it is haggard in general. johnston berg says the russian president's decision to invade. ukraine has strengthened the military alliance. she wanted a less named door on his borders and launched a war. now he's getting more needle on these borders. i'm more members, film and sweden's decision to apply for nate. the membership is
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historic. it's that most threats that european security will not be dictated by violence and intimidation. people in ukraine's capital are still confident about winning the war and even reclaiming the last land. our correspondence in by strivings found a lot of optimism in cave despite the death and destruction. the war in ukraine has not gone as expected. cave was meant to fall to russian invaders in a matter of days. 3 months after missile shells and paratroopers began landing in and around the capital, ukraine was putting the spoils of war on display morale and anger at russia are now so high. ukrainian say the only acceptable victory will be taking everything that occupied territories in the east. even crimea duck. yeah. video should some was
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live. yes. i believe the return of our territories is possible and i think we should not stop. i believe there should not be any negotiations about returning to the same borders we had before. the start over this war going, you know, we should get our cds and crimea back. this is our saw in country, and we should defendant green. there should not be any negotiations with the animal over in you'd save his story. what there is no, was i am hampton was of course, i believe full stop. i hope that it will be this way. the truth is on our side, we are defending our land. we really want and hope for this to happen. yes, you're pregnant weapons and in our our an army. oh we'll, we'll do everything and we will when i'm not, i'm sure we will get her victory and am yes. hillary and just weeks ago independent square was under locked down and
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covered and snow. now people line up to by stamps commemorating a moment in the early days of the war when ukraine, in no uncertain terms, told russia to leave its territory. i hope was that it was some weekend when in this war and we can survive. so for me, it's a sign that we have a chance for a good future, and you have a message for russia and russian leaders on the board. i'm sorry, i can say, and this is things look very different in the ukranian capital today. diplomatic missions, the reopening people are returning and ukrainian seemed far more optimistic. all the cautiously than they did at the beginning of this war that the war is not over . russian forces are escalating offensive in ukraine's east re mobilizing forces to
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battlefields in the south. all indications are conflict with russia is the new normal. and as long as russia controls the skies over their country, nowhere and ukraine is completely safe. there's is a future that remains uncertain. the in basra, v o g 0, keith hunger, the prime minister has declared a state of emergency citing the war in ukraine. they taught, audubon says he needs to enact the powers to allow his cabinet to respond quickly. in the event of any challenges, he's used, emergency powers twice before one's to do to covered 19 and another time to deal with migration. let's go to our diplomatic editor james base. was that the world economic forum in scotland, switzerland, james, let's talk about hungary, 1st of all. so the government now bringing in the you, the ukraine war to allow itself wider, arranging powers? yes, absolutely. this is something that we'd had her talked about, but still comes. i think a bit of a surprise, hungary, already
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a somewhat controversial nation in the european club. because as you know, there's been real unity among the you on those sanctions. if you compare it to the start of the war, i don't think anyone expected than the level of sanctions you would put in place. they had 5 packages of sanctions. they've all agreed that now trying to negotiate the sick. and that's where the problem is arisen. they've been all ban so it's become about hungry, hungry is still objective and i think people are wondering is that because hungry is so concerned about this package of sanctions, or is it that mr or ban that was somewhat constrained by the elections in his country and now he's going back to being the most favored leader of putin in the european union club woman imagined. james, this is just going to add to the regional concerns about the impact of the ukraine war amongst neighboring countries, particularly well neighboring countries have real concerns about what's going on in
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ukraine. clearly economic affects across the region. and remember how many refugees have been taken in by those countries in the immediate neighborhood and wider across europe? let's discuss all of this further now with both done or escal who's the foreign minister of romania, one of those neighboring countries neighboring to hungry, neighboring to ukraine. i want to come back maybe to mention hungry a minute, but let's 1st talk about what a lot of discussion here in data says bit about which is the world food crisis. and particularly the grain that is stuck in ukraine at a time when more grain is about to be harvested. i think it's 20000000 tons of grain. how do you get that grain out? well, i think this is one of the effects of multi dimensional effects of, of the russian were on green. and the foot crisis, which is simulated by this, by this word because of the located in front of the ports mainly but also because of the fact that a lot of population was displaced in ukraine. so the,
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the culture susan was disturbed. this is creating a lot of a lot of trouble, not only for the neighboring countries, but also for many of the countries which are in need of this, of this great and romania is a neighboring country, is trying to help ukraine to sell its grain to romania and this is 11 him because the ukraine economy needs cash and on the other hand, because it is very important to help the countries which are expecting to receive, do you getting it out by truck and mainly by railway. and i know that logistically difficult, and you want to in the thing like the amount that you would have got out in big cargo ships by sea. are there any discussions of trying to unblock the black sea? you're a member of nato. could you use nato to school vessels, for example? no, i think i think what we are doing it now is some more pragmatic than that. i mean, we are well receiving the grain through our rail system, for instance,
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with the galaxy port on the venue, which is one of the largest a romanian ports on this river. and then from, that's a destination on the daniel to the cost on support, which is the largest sport in the blake, a c. and i can inform you that already in the past weeks, more than 240000 tons of green and green have left the constant support a towards other destinations through the blakesly streets. and it is very important that we work together in order to create the coalition of the willing more states these being involved. in creating such a corridor, a married time corridor to transport the grain from the continental harbor to are the destinations through the black sea states where they are, of course, very much welcome. and in that, from that perspective, last week, during the debates in new york, the ministerial one which was hosted by secret abe lincoln and the debate in the
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security council on the relationship between the conflict and food security. i have made these proposals. i think it's also very important to take care of the floating mines in the black sea and to ensure the protection of the vessels which are transporting the green. and we are doing our best also in terms ofa, liberalizing our transport conditions for ukrainian transporters already. we have taken this measure on the 5th of april. it is valid until the 5th of july, and we will extend it if necessary. so i am always doing its best to help your grain in order to transport it's grain, and we are think of perhaps the best a position to geographically speaking in terms of being a hop for transit and experts of ukrainian grain through to 3rd destinations. let me ask you about the unity of the allies and 2 things, nato and the you. first the you cause you had me mentioning hungry a moment ago. that sick sanctions package blocked at the moment as
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a meeting of european leaders at the beginning of next week the summit meeting. do you have high hopes that this can be unblocked? well i can tell you is that romania support to the package and we want to see the package adopted as soon as possible, including with the band on, on oil. and can i quickly didn't ask you about nato to sweeten finland. that is a crack emerging in the allies. it's turkey. is turkey being difficult here, or does it have legitimate concerns? well, let's wait for the result of the negotiations, which are going to take place these days. because delegations from both sweden and finland are well meeting in turkey, the turkey side. and my hope is that this matter would be solved because we need both countries in the alliance. there would be a greater wealth acquisition in enhancing in terms of enhancing the security of the alliance of all. and i think their place belongs in the lives of don, rescue the foreign minister. romania. thank you so much for talking to us this
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evening. my hero. now just thank james, thank you very much. indeed. as a diplomatic editor james bay's lodge of anne's accused china and russia of provocation. after their military planes flew over the sea of japan, beijing says the girls were part of an annual exercise. both japan and south korea scrambled fighter jets when the war planes got near their airspace. the 13, our joint patrol came as japan was hosting the leaders of the so called quad, which includes estrella, the u. s. and india brought more bright, has more on the meeting from tokyo. a show of unity from the u. s. and 3 allies who spheres of influence span the indo pacific, a region under pressure on many fronts, from an increasingly assertive china i, he or he, it, the 4 of us committed that unilateral change of status quo, but force will never be allowed in any region, especially the indo pacifica and that the free and open in the pacific is ever more relevant to day yet in coming to asia pacific president joe biden has pursued
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a focus, begun by his predecessors. despite the unfolding crisis in europe. at the same time were navigating the dark hour in our shared history. the russian brutal an unprovoked war against ukraine has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe. this is very important for joe biden to demonstrate to the world that a commitment to the region is unwavering. this commandment has been going on for several years, going back to the obama administration. but there has been, there have been doubts over the last few months, given the ukraine invasion, but the failure of india to condemn russia and its continuing close relationship with moscow. shows some of the strains within this diverse group, right. china's growing economic muscle also makes it harder for neighbors to stand up to it. asian allies like japan supporting the quad is complicated by the fact that china is its biggest trading partner. and it seems going too far in
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antagonizing beijing can have real consequences in terms of business as australia has found to its cost. australia has felt the impact of punitive trade restrictions for its open criticism of beijing in recent times. but australia's newly elected prime minister antony albany, is promised to continue robust support for this group, which is still relatively new. i think they're feeling their way or the court is i think, quite experimental. and to this point, i don't think that the 4 partners have really worked out. i'm how they're going to collaborate. after his shock remarked that yes, the us would intervene militarily against china if it attacked taiwan. biden had to answer repeatedly that no, this wasn't a change in the u. s. his long standing position on china or taiwan policies. murphy, he leaves tokyo,
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hoping this gathering will be remembered more for diplomatic harmony than the controversy stirred by seemingly undiplomatic language. robert bride al jazeera, tokyo thousands of photographs have been released, reportedly taken, and so called we got re education camps in china. the singe young police files is unknown. what leads to researches working with the pressure group, victims of communism that revealed more details about the mass detention of the wiggers, as well as a shoot to kill policy for anyone trying to escape rights groups of accused beijing of crimes against humanity for its treatment of the mainly muslim wiggers, china says foreign powers are trying to sabotage a visit by you and human rights commission. michelle bosh lane. katrina hughes in beijing with more on the lease documents. china's foreign ministry have dismissed them saying that these are anti china forces trying to, to near china and have called them lies. this is a message that beijing has sent,
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said numerous times a foreign. it certainly does challenge beijing's narrative that these internment camps of voluntary vocational centers designed to improve the lives of the week of people. but what we have seen in these leaked files is a very disturbing look at life inside a sion jung internment camps. somewhere between 20172018 may include thousands of photographs of a week as kept inside this particular camp. about 2800 mug shots, essentially in some sewing, at the these people visibly distress one woman's crying in her profile shop. they have men, women of all ages. the youngest is a 15 year old girl. the oldest is woman in her seventy's and there are also some photos of a week as with shaved heads, appearing to take part in some sort of re education activity supervised by gods in uniform. also part of these leaked documents were speeches given by leaders in sion . jung talking about the absolute threat of,
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of religious extremism than the need to stamp out the religious beliefs of the these weaker people. and most alarmingly, there was an order in an internal speech that gods shoot to kill anybody who attempted to escape this cam. so definitely very distressing and definitely challenges. any idea that these are voluntary centers, target farmers, us as on color, is committed to supporting palestine efforts to be recognized. internationally, bernard shaw shoulder is the 1st high profile turkish official to visit occupied was burning in more than 10 years from solos. trip also includes israel on wooden stern mit abraham's in ramallah, and says palestinian officials want to ensure they continue to have on color support. it seems that the most important leg of the turkish foreign ministers visit is not here and are my luck. but in israel, as we know that the countries, turkey and israel are now looking towards mending relations between them. after
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years and years of tension and for the palestinians, they believe. and at least according to many political analysts we've been speaking to. they say the palestinians will send to news of such closeness, or let's put it more accurately of an advancement of relations between turkey and israel. we know that turkey has a weight in international organization that you want the human rights council. so palestinian officials want to make sure that turkey will take supporting them, whether it's by media statements, whether it's by political statements or by economic support. so it's important for palestinians to keep reminding turkey that relations with israel are not going to be affecting the palestinian relations and their support of the palestinian club. and we know that turkey is an important player in the islamic world. so having the circus, foreign minister you're meeting palestinian officials is going to be of importance to turkey. i'll just either media network continues to demand a rapid,
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independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist in the occupied westbank. sharina blocker was shot in the head by is ready forces while she was on assignment. and janine, earlier this month, on the day of our funeral is early forces stormed the procession and started beating mourners, causing poll betters, to nearly drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing their calling for an investigation. a bach i was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. outbreaks of water bone diseases are threatening tens of thousands of people in ne, bangladesh. after days of rain and flooding, hundreds of being treated for diarrhea and hospitals and one area of so head of a chandry is there. it's been dry days for last 3 or 4 days out. there has been no
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rain, lot of sunshine, and the water table has gone downward right beside me. you can see the sure my river, the water actually comes from india. this river is connected to india and not this water. whenever it gets flooded there, this is the one of the ribbon that will get overflowed. fuss now that there's still a lot of current. some of the banks are still submerged, but where i'm standing there is more than need, deep water that has gone down 30 centimeter according to the water development boat . however, some of the other major rivers in bangladesh, like the main ones, a german and a product are swelling and there's not central part of bangladesh and southern part of bangladesh. already started flooding in the banks. lot of farming lands a loss. so all depends on how the monsoon says and flows. heavy, torrential, rain, water rushes from india will always affect bangladesh because we have at least dozens of rivers connected together. eventually flows into the bay of bengal and also due to climate change. the pattern of monsoon and even the water flow seems to
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have shifted to people cannot predict typically these areas the lower valley known as in bangladesh where the northeast and water flows and people can predict when the flood situation is going to get worse. but right now, so far it's stable. the main concern is people are still submerged in many places. maryland, in some other places we travel 70 kilometer from this city, miles up to miles have seen hardly any really for operation except for ship few shelters. people are saying they're in desperate need of fresh water medicine and food because all the fresh water teel boilers and all are submerge. and they have to boil this flood water and just to sustain themselves. so that is major concern. but if the monsoon, rain starts clearly there'd be still in danger in next few months or weeks even. and an india heavy pre monsoon rain caused flash floods and landslides in the northeast, while other parts struggle with a heat wave. these 25 people have died and more than 650000 have been displaced in
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the past 10 days. a larger of a boasted banks floating around 2000 villages in our sun state. heavy metal is there, water levels are receding, the agencies have made more headway in terms of rescuing people. people are getting it, but the tragedy is, is that all this has taken on people who've had to live through this both in terms of loss of life as well as loss of livelihood. we spoke to a family that experiencing both the living in an open ground with whatever little they could get their hands on before the water as the water came into their home. and just the other day, the only earning member of their family drowned and the family told us that they don't know how they going to survive this because they can go home, the water still there and still very high. and they don't know how they going to make a living these rains. these floods were caused by pre monsoon showers in the state
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of a psalm, the showers with 3 times higher than what is normal in the neighboring state. it was about 6 times higher, and the anxieties over what could happen when the actual monsoon season, which every year brings heavy rainfall and some flooding. now we are at the bremo put river. this river behind me is one of the longest rivers in the world. it supports the rich biodiversity and economy off the northeast region in india. and every year it does tend to flood a bit sometimes that has led to major catastrophe and the anxiety over a possible repeat of that is, is what we're seeing. and what we're picking up from people over here. pakistan's government's bond or planned protest march by i said, prime minister in on kong is demanding new elections as a political and economic crisis deepen. small hydro has more from a slum about i'm on jenna avenue,
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which connects to parliament and islam abroad. red zone, red or diplomatic enclave. foreign ministry. parliament or supreme court and other whiten installations, updates. go and of course have been awarded up august on the military and aid of the civilian government. successive governments have gone up on the army. rotate, did wait till installations. whenever they find protested, hey, think what is about even m. ron carn did that during hit? no. but what did, what in this time is the fact that there had been a major crackdown by the government offered a prime minister. hes a constant dated meeting of his cabinet. edward decided dad cameron's mom will not be allowed into his lama by 22000 security forces, but they have been deployed from the adjoining provinces as well. the pad
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a military forces have been forwarded and we have been doors and up to 15000 drowns of deer gas has also been brought into the city. where that rotate if that is able to and it's law. now as you can see, the security forces that are already on red alert, focused on the former prime minister was ousted, enron can address their own restaurant friends in the provincial capital of the time of booking for robin saying that his march will continue on islam abroad as good, and that the governments are not used for the board. at the same time, he requested the establishment, your stay out of the fray saying that they should remain neutral if they said they are neutral. indeed, men shall look a little with god's will. i will start marching towards his dom about tomorrow. either. this will be an historic rally for you and if someone wants to stop it to
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stop us is no one has the courage to stop the ocean of people took the alarm interprovincial travel and already badly. the dead, the roads have been locked dead. a long road of drugs and commute good to i stuck on the barrier. the situation is escalating far, but there are deep impact on and already drop it economy by should have had been unable to come to grips with escalation rated of a central commodity. and that means that any pro long confrontation of political instability and budget on will also affect the logistical supply chain. and that report to another drain on driving right did. with dental food. item 11 people have been shot dead in a slum, and brazil junior police raid the operation targeted leaders of rio de janeiro was largest organized crime gang. the dead included a woman who was caught in gun fire between gang members and police officers say the
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other victims were suspected criminals. human rights groups have criticized previous raids, accusing police of summary executions. new pictures of emerge showing you k pri, mr. boris johnson. drinking at a leaving party during the height of corona virus loc, dance images have been published by u. k. media, they've renewed accusations. johnson knowingly broke his own rules. it was fine by police for attending another gathering. the opposition is called for him to resign for the so called potty gates scandal, john hall has more from london. it was only last week when there was reported to be palpable relief in downing street when they heard that the metropolitan police inquiry was over into these rules. breeches during lockdown. the prime minister had only received one fine out of $126.00 handed out altogether that had been expectations he might receive more than one finding that that might have tipped the scales among tory and looking to unseat him. these photographs that show bodies,
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johnson holding a wineglass up in an apparent toast to a departing senior staff member of the people in the picture as well. a table littered with alcohol bottles. it is not the image that number 10 downing street would have wanted to see pasted across the nation's media. defenders have said look at the police, have seen this evidence. they deemed non criminal. but there are now questions, of course, about the nature of that police inquiry. why didn't he receive a fine for attending this event when others who did apparently did receive fine. they've been coals more calls that resignation for the opposition. of course and uproar on social media uncovered survivors. so public opinion is not good on this. the rather wait. the question is, does this constitute evidence that he misled m. p. 's in parliament when he spoke about this very event saying no party had taken place. there is a pending investigation in parliament into that question and if it is proven.


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