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now need to find another way to get out of the city, but for now they, like many others, would have to return home, hoping tomorrow is a better day. short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. ah, al jazeera selects ah, the 1st war crime conviction of the ukraine conflict. a 21 year old russian tank commander is sentenced to life in prison for killing an unarmed civilian.
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ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm no mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. solon rivers and raging flood waters in south asia in india, tens of thousands of people homeless and now struggling to find food and water seeking justice vouchers. various sharina, broccoli, palestinian foreign ministry says the case is now been referred to the international criminal court and cut off from critical medicine doctors worn shrank, aspiring economic crisis is putting cancer patients at risk. ah, you grind says it's investigating 13000 alleged war crimes carried out by russian soldiers as follows. the 1st sentencing on that charge of
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a tank commander who has been given life in prison, but deem she, she mind, admitted killing an unarmed civilian in the northeast in sumi region. not long after the start of the war, he said he's been acting on orders when he shot a 62 year old man in the head. the victim was on the phone at the time. she mar and who is 21 years old. asked the mans widow for forgiveness. agidir's, aim basra if he has more on this now from cave. what we have here is a gentleman named him sharon, a 21 year old tank commander and the russian military. he was accused of killing a civilian, a 62 year old resident of a village in the swimming region in the initial days of the war. now, what marian was saying during the trial is that he was ordered to carry out the shooting of this man who was riding a bicycle near his home. he said during the course of the trial that he refused initially to carry out the orders, but was threatened if he did not. and therefore took the shot and killed the 62
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year old resident in the sumi region. now he was faced with the wife of the victim . during the trial, the wife of the victim asked him how he felt at the time of carrying out these orders. he said he felt fear, and he expressed regret. nonetheless, he was given a life sentence, something the wife of this victim had requested during the trial, either a life sentence or that this russian soldier be exchanged in a prisoner swap for ukrainian captured ukrainian soldiers in russian custody. now what we are likely to see is many more such cases as this conflict continues. we've got 2 pilots, possibly being seen in court in coming days. that's the next case. on the horizon and ukrainian prosecutors are investigating more and more cases of what they're calling a legit war crimes on a near daily basis. so this is unlikely to be the last time that we see some kind of a court case. quickly adjourned, with regards to russian soldiers being accused of war crimes in this,
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in this war. meanwhile, the fighting is continuing in the east of the country, the armed forces, se they've held off an attack on. it's a very done yet. and the eastern city that's become the main target of rushes, offensive ukrainian present. ramirez lansky says it's push to take the entire don't . bass region is devastating. mark not, but the name in this axis, occupiers have concentrated the most significant activity. for now, they created a blood by there and are trying to destroy everything, everything, everything, allies, literally, no one has destroyed on bus in the way that the russian troops are doing. now i am grateful to everyone, all our warriors for hold positions and have the bravery to counter attack. and i believe she's leaving the to the coming weeks of the war will be hard and we need to understand this. we have no other alternative other than to fight to fight and to wait on to liberate our land and our people. but it must be worn. ukraine
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dominated the 1st day. the world economic form in davos with president the landscape dressing while the wealthy and powerful via video link, i'm appealing for billions more in financial help. diplomatic editor james phase reports from daniels the 1st main speaker at this year's world economic forum meeting was not in devil's precedence that n sky continues to direct military efforts and keep it has not left his country since the russian invasion. he appealed for more funding for the defense of his country and to pay for its reconstruction. the minimum bed out of the green, it's funding at least $5000000000.00 us dollars per month. this is why we establish a fund for rebuilding ukraine for the cold united 24. when you call upon everyone to join the presidency. lensky called for russian assets in the west to be seized and given to ukraine. the head of a leading think tank told me it's proposal. it's now likely to be discussed in capitals. an interesting debate that will emerge soon is whether the europeans in
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north americans will move from freezing rush from state assets to seizing those state assets. and using put into war chest as ukraine's reparation fund. and that is the debate that we haven't yet had in the international economic community because of covey. this is deb also isn't happening in the snow in january. it was cancelled last year and postponed earlier this year. normally, russian officials attend, but this year the building used for the russia house exhibition center has been transformed to highlight human rights abuses. it's been renamed, the house of russia and war crimes. the war in ukraine will continue to reverberate around dab also as meetings continue here this week. not just the events on the ground, but the economic effects with a similar tiniest global energy crisis and global food crisis. james pays al jazeera devils authors be here, while the economic form,
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the head of the wild food program, they described a critical need to get ukranian products to market. to avoid a western food crisis were facing the worst humanitarian crisis says. war to just when you think it couldn't get any worse over a year ago, you had ethiopia, then you had to have candice there. and then the bread basket of the world. there's now got the longest bread lands of the world. and so now because of this price is we're taking food from the hungry to give to the starboard. there's absolutely a crisis mode. what do you think is going to happen when you take a nation that normally grows enough food to feed 400000000 people and you sideline that. what do you think's going to happen? so look what you see in sri lanka, indonesia, peru, pakistan, that to keep going on. that is only a sign of things to come. and so over the next 10 to 12 months, we probably will have a significant, as we are having a pricing problem, is a perfect storm within a perfect storm. if we don't get the port of odessa open, it's only going to compound our problems.
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ah, palestinian for ministry says it has formerly asked the international criminal court to investigate the killing of shooting apple or clay the al jazeera janice was shot in the head by israeli forces ball on assignment. in janine earlier this month, on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm the procession causing poll barris to nearly drop a cascades out there. and media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation that abram has more from a mala in the occupied by bank. the past in foreign minister has said that it referred the file of city in a black list casing killing to the international criminal court. we know that in 2021. the prosecutor of the i. c. c. has said that it's opening an investigation into potential war crimes in the palestinian territory and palestinian say that the
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killing of city in a broccoli is a war crime indeed. and that has pushed that file and referred it to the i. c. c. addition to dozens of other fires that have been filed over the past a year or so, including extra de, she'll killing the indigo as really settlements and a palestinians hope and say that the international criminal court could be the only way to get justice for sharing and other is really crimes. now these really military prosecutor has said that it, the israeli army, should be conducting an investigation urging one. this doesn't mean that an investigation would be open or that it has already been opened. this only means that the circles within b is really army, are talking about the potential of opening an investigation from our experience. it's been very rare that these really military opens investigations into killings of palestinians. and in their rare cases it does. it almost never leads to an indictment and when it does lead to an indictment,
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the light at the sentence is usually light and palestinians say it's this proportionate to the crime. that's why they're hoping to get justice from the international criminal court. piley's ashes was floods and nearly 20 years have started to slowly recede, but tens of thousands of people are still stranded and they are struggling to get help. tanveer chandry reports from san am gunch in ne and bangladesh sooner a big and struggled to cope after days of widespread flooding in this region of bangladesh. she said it's hard to feed her 2 children by herself. her husband is a migrant worker, and militia filled the water that if any data, well there is water all around my home. it has become very difficult to live under these conditions with my children. can't cook wash, take a bath, and my children can't go to school. i can't even feed them properly. but i said that dave arnie, nearly 2000000 people have been affected and not distant cillit region and what the
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official to describe as one of the worst floods in 2 decades. most of the villages we have been talking to in the flood affected areas have complained that they have not received any kind of relief from government or aid agencies. they are in desperate need for fresh water, food and financial assistance. the government has set up more than $200.00 shelters for flood victims, and i started distributing relief in some of the worst affected areas in philip. but some of the shelters provided by the government are inadequate and overcrowded . those who have been displaced by the floods of much to complain about the russians and the living conditions. we are dying of hunger, our homes all got washed away, for the politicians had hardly done anything for us. that too busy feeding themselves. and over here we just getting some mika rations that barely feed us, the floods have washed our, with thousands of actors or farmlands on hatcheries. many people like our law meds
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are not worried about their future. so the other. yeah. what about the are cell model bama? most of the harms round here, including alice at all. inundated with flood water, we have not received any kind of relief or help so far. no one even came over to see our situation with a few days of sunshine. have brought some hope to many of the farmers here. we're trying to drive their petty's by the roadside stands on monday that he's not the 1st. if it, if what am i? it's been almost 2 weeks since our home was flooded. now the water is receding. a little bit, so now we're trying to salvage some paddies. the flood sid ration may have improved in some areas, but some of the major rivers, like jonah and pot the have started to swell in on dating low areas in the south and north central bangladesh, causing war is for local farmers. turnville chaudhry al jazeera, shall i am gone. spangler dash o peter also. thanks. if i have he pre. msn rain in northern india, and that stuck in
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a very desperate situation that tens of thousands of people are homeless, drinking water. his gas food supplies are also running low avenue miss al, brings us this report now from night gown would flood water submerging the homes and drown in the fields. hundreds of thousands of families across the state of asylum. in ne, india have been forced to flee, were in a gov district. the was effected district in the state. and thousands of people have come here to these railway tracks. it's one of the few stretches of land that elevated and still dry, if pitch tens and making do with whatever little they could grab some food. knitter clothing risking their lives as trains go up and down these tracks. they said they've been here for days and don't know when they'll be able to return glucagon. we have been bothered, our homes are submerged in, flood brought us them. so we have come to live on the real shackle. again, we are facing many problems with our children. we haven't received any relief,
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any toppling. she's in their family. we have no drinking water, no food. we are facing a lot of difficulties. good across the state. more than 90000 people are in release camps and rescue and relief operations are ongoing. both by air and by boat. monson season is set to arrive in the region in a few weeks. and usually these bring heavy showers and heavy flooding exports. the climate change is ordering weather patterns in south asia, making extreme weather events like this one more common and more severe. of al jazeera ally from london still had on the program. finding a piece of hum far away, meet the ukrainian refugees who found solace in southern brazil. and indonesia left a ban on exporting palm oil and then put in place to stabilize the price of cooking plan. ah
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hello, we still have a few showers in the forecast, the eastern parts of australia, not as heavy as they have been recently, but they are still there. nevertheless, we got an area of high pressure. this is a blocking high down towards the south east. we've rented bands of cloud gray making their way in from the west, but it's going to weaken as we go through the next couple of days. some heavy rain, some pretty strong winds can squeeze on the ice, abbas they noticed just around that southwest corner of w way at wet when the blustery weather will rattle its way across southern parts of australia to go on free tuesday evening to south australia for tuesday. pushing further east, which as we go on into wednesday. so re garage, making his way into victoria. still a few shower sir, just around the east coast ward. so the gold coast was brisbin, sunshine coast to swell. some showers. there royal, on the coastal fringes of new south wales, some showers too, into the outback. in that rain i re of high pressure that made his way towards new
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zealand as thought and try him on the call. so i just 10 celsius for christ church struggling. a little but at least it will be dry, lot utilized for japan and the korean peninsula was to go on through tuesday somewhat to weather will make its way for the south. what's easing across the korean peninsula as we go on into wednesday? meanwhile, the states very well indeed for southern china. ah . but with this the ocean witness claims. witness. difference is witness. change. witnesses, happiness with witness. sunlight. witness de la. witness. last witness. charity witness. confusion. witness. clarity, witness. family, witness. friends. witness the beginning. witness. the end witness, life witness on al jazeera
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ah ah, a combat the main stories now, a russian tank commander has been sentenced to life in prison, after by ukrainian cause for war crimes are deem that she might admit it, killing an anom civilian in the northeast and sumi region, he said he's been acting on orders 21 year olds, trial is the 1st of its kind since russia invaded ukraine 3 months ago. allison inform industry says it's formally asti, international criminal court to investigate the killing of sharina black lane. the al jazeera journalist was shot in the head, buys rainy forces while she was on assignment in janine earlier this month. and the united nations is saying at least 4000000 people have been affected by floods in
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bangladesh. they are the worst in nearly 20 years. if begun to study receipt, but tens of thousands of people are still stranded, am struggling to get help. we go to sharon canal and the economic crisis there is leading a critical shortage of essential drugs doctors and now wanting that this could lead to the death of cancer patients. government has already suspended dep payments as it grapples with its worst economic crisis. since independence bernard smith has the story for many patients that sri lanka, main cancer hospital, the recent economic crisis was become a matter of life or death. 80 percent of medical supplies are imported, but there's hardly any foreign currency to pay for them if $1.00 of 2 for fuel. ultimately the people will look a few cruel. they're in the queue for the guess i'll do. maybe they lose the guess . but he's here since her on kill for the ducks. they will loose delay
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doctors at the hospital said they've been forced to suspend tasks and postpone procedures and even critical surgeries. abby: he thing and my mother in law, our lives are at risk because of that we are always living in fear. we don't know whether we will have medicines or not saying the hospital is short of injections for dialysis patients. some cancer, drugs and medicines for people who have had organ transplants, foreign donors including japan and india helping. but it'll take 2 to 4 months for the drugs to arrive. much of the blame for sure lank as economic collapse is being laid at the feet of present got to buy a raja pack so he's on the right ear. swearing in new ministers under his family. chill anchor, borrowed heavily to fund a large bureaucracy and military and vanity construction projects. elder brother may hinder roger boxer resigned as prime minister nationwide for ha ha, in his place. renelle wicker, i'm a senior, has been appointed tasked with forming
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a unity government wit. grandma singer said that when the roger paxis returned to power in 2019, there were $7500000000.00 in foreign reserves. now, the government says there's nearly nothing left. bernard smith, al jazeera and china is one the last president not to underestimate beijing's resolve on taiwan. joe biden said he'd intervene militarily to defend the island from any invasion. he said this speaking in tokyo on asia trip, he hopes for family relations with allies and their robert pride reports. president joe biden came to japan to bolster one of the u. s. is most important alliances in the asia pacific at a time of multiple challenges across the region. but he may have worse and one of those regional flash points with less than tactful answers at the main use conference as he's done in the past. it came in response to a question about whether the us would respond militarily to a chinese invasion,
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to take the island of taiwan. that bay ging regards as a break away territory. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? yes, you are. that's a commitment. we made the u. s. dance on taiwan has been far more ambiguous in the past. and the white house immediately had to release a statement, trying to clarify the u. s. position. but what sounded like a threat to china brought this response. hello monkey, truthful the time on issue of purely china, the internal affair, which won't stand for any foreign interference issues bearing on china's co interests, including the serenity and territorial integrity that is normal for compromise or concession. and no one should underestimate the chinese people's farm resolution. this is turned into something of a distraction in what is meant to be a strong show of unity against russian aggression. and also against increasing
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military threats from china, as well as increased missile testing from north korea as the only nation to have been subjected to an atomic attack. japan is deeply concerned by north korea's development of its nuclear arsenal. but it's also troubled by the increasing assertiveness of china with ongoing territorial disputes in the east china c, uri title to stay as a major carry, china has significant responsibilities. also an economic field tech to revoked that responsibility. i think it is important for japan to work with united states to encourage china to collect responsibilities and according to international rules, i say, i think such attitudes aren't, aren't biden, has also used the trip to launch the indo pacific economic framework. an initiative aimed at safeguarding and developing production of critical commodities like advanced semiconductors and setting universal standards for labor and environmental protection. it's very, very clear that from america's perspective,
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china is now the biggest competitor on all fronts. and as a result of that, what america is doing now is building alliances across the world. this visit will culminate in a summit meeting of the leaders of the so called quad security alliance, led by the u. s. and seen as a further attempt to constrain china militarily in the region. rob mcbride al jazeera took you on other developments or by the ministration says it's going to appeal a recent court decision that blocked its plans to remove a trump era board. a policy on friday, a federal judge rule, that title 42 should stay in place. this allows us officials to deport asylum seekers, their home countries, or to their last country of transit. the measure was introduced 2 years ago in order to so the spread of coven 19 allow indonesia is resuming palm oil exports, ending
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a 3 week ban as part of an attempt to bring down soaring prices. governments as will impose a new policy to ensure 10000000 tons of oil remains in the country. jessica washington reports now from jakarta, indonesia north kelly, mont, and region palmer oil farmers prepare for business as usual. as an export ban comes to an end. gover lucas is the more that the export band caused a huge loss for us. the price was so long, it really hits us farmers. indonesia is the world's largest palm oil producer. pommel exports had been banned for 3 weeks as a way to help ease domestic problems with the price and availability of cooking oil . while there's been rising international demand, the government will also re introduce a domestic market obligation for palm oil producers, forcing them to sell their products locally at a set price. but more on board from if you are buying them from what we've seen in
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the field, the price of vogue oil is slowly declining war as the cooking oil supplies becoming more abundant summer experts criticized the export ban as misguided. it also set a precedence a bit and they got the precedence to ad girl. oh boucher countries. if b a d have some of difficulties in their domestic market, they just a cut off good. the export or badly export, dan is it would make good a global foot security is in b r e farmers held regular protests against the export ban and say the government needs to find a better solution in the future. so i mean, they got him and he had a dock. so we see that there is a mistake made in the chain of distribution. it seems like discount to didn't realize that cooking oil is a primary and eat minimal. they gave it to all private sector. the company, like millions around the world, indonesians are noticing they're paying more for the essentials. shop is,
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and business owners say the volatility of food prices is making life harder for that. cooking prices have fallen. the export ban was introduced, but there's still higher prices. people i used to the government had initially planned to keep the export band in place until prices reached $0.96 per liter. that target has not yet been met. out to get it back, we had to raise our prices because the price of meat is going up and the price of cooking oil is still up. it's very difficult for us. the government says it will continue to monitor prices to make sure indonesians can afford the essentials, but many here say they are already struggling. jessica washington al jazeera jakarta. now as a warn you, crane grindstone refugees are finding some solace and most unexpected of places. dozens have found their way to put an topless insulin, brazil, as a mechanic, he ever paused since he had, has a long history of welcoming ukrainian refugees. ah,
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it had all the comforts of home ukrainian flag, the national anthem, and co sec, dancers wearing embroidered shirts. but this celebration is 12000 kilometers away from kia in the small brazilian town of blue them properties. a pleased to welcome 63 ukrainian refugee but we wanted to show them that they can feel at home here. put in topless, is brazil's little ukraine. pastor vitale out of show dick moved from ukraine to put it in thought police 4 years ago. only to discover that almost every corner of his new home reminded him of his old one from the architecture to the bible in cyrillic, and the catholic mass held in his native tongue. 3 quarters of the 50000 people living in within, thoughtfully, still speak, ukrainian. and maintain the traditions of their ancestors who started my greeting
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to brazil as early as the $1800.00 yeoman labor group. i remember my father in the 1940s taking in a couple who had fled the 2nd world war was that it was the hasa. now been thought police is preparing for the new wave of ukrainians, fleeing from the russian invasion. they were brought over by global kingdom worldwide network of churches and promote humanitarian causes. his to proceed with asia seen. we started preparing to taking refugees last year after seeing the shocking images of people hanging onto a plane trying to escape the taliban regime in afghanistan. we did the paperwork to bring afghan families over. but by the time they were able to reach brazil, the russian and vision of ukraine had started. we moved rapidly to bring the ukrainian refugees on board for guns stole 11 ukrainian families were taking to what a flava, a city, just 80 kilometers from them. thought bodies, they were housed in separate apartments in the same building. oh, olga martine choke fled with her husband and children from had a son. family was traveling to poland when they received
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a message that brazil was taking in refugees were held about brazilian car morales . and which was about matches here we showed about amazon in forests and that it is a green country. c and, and the beautiful people actually, we didn't know, march 27 of the 36 ukrainian refugees living here in what up waafa our children. and they're already studying in brazilian schools like this 1 august sun. manuel is in the same classroom as another young refugee, when the teacher has trouble communicating with children, she uses her phone as a translator. olga has no immediate plans for the future. her house in had a son is now being occupied by russian troops. back him put him thought, put his brazilians in ukrainians. are praying for the war twin before that, monica, you're not give al jazeera for them thought, but oh,
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now starbucks is announced that it's leaving russia off to nearly 15 years. a coffee company joins fast food. john mcdonald, which has started removing its trademark golden arches from its outlets and a country bug a chain announced last week. it was selling its restaurants to a local buyer will operate under a new name. mcdonalds says running restaurants in russia is no longer consistent with his values because of the war in ukraine. now, scientists in argentina discovered a new species of terra saw. they found the bones of the ancient flying reptile which co existed with dinosaurs in the andes mountains. paleontologist say the terrace or is one of the largest ever discovered they've named the species for nato . struck on a morrow, which translates as dragon of death. ah .


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