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ah, for verizon correct? just so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. no, the answer was an arabic. my name is how i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia. and he came up with me into interpretation. and you documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world grew in the life of an innocent theo mastery case. coming soon on al jazeera ah, for ukrainian court sentences, a russian soldier to life in prison for war. nice as well. leaders meeting diverse
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ukraine's president urges them to provide more money for his country to fight russian forces. ah, i'm terry johnson. you with al jazeera alive from also coming on. the palestinian foreign ministry formerly asked the international criminal court to investigate the killing of al jazeera journalist sharina china wants the us not to underestimate its commitment on taiwan. author joe biden said, washington would defend the island from any invasion ah, by russian soldier has been sentenced to life in prison by ukrainian court for war crimes. 21 year old by the and she married, admitted killing an unarmed civilian to the northeastern sumi region is the 1st such trial since russia invaded ukraine 3 months ago. same was rob has morton cave
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. what we have here is a gentleman named him. she marin, a 21 year old tank commander in the russian military. he was accused of killing a civilian, a 62 year old resident of a village in the swimming region in the initial days of the war. now what sharon was saying during the trial is that he was ordered to carry out the shooting of this man who was riding a bicycle near his home. he said during the course of the trial that he refused initially to carry out the orders, but was threatened if he did not. and therefore, took the shot and killed the 62 year old resident in the sumi region. now he was faced with the wife of the victim. during the trial, the wife of the victim asked him how he felt at the time of carrying out these orders. he said he felt fear, and he expressed regret. nonetheless, he was given a life sentence, something the wife of this victim had requested during the trial, either a life sentence or that this russian soldier be exchanged,
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a prisoner swap for ukrainian captured ukrainian soldiers in russian custody. now what we are likely to see as many more such cases as this conflict continues. we've got 2 pilots, possibly being seen in court in coming days. that's the next case. on the horizon and ukrainian prosecutors are investigating more and more cases of what they're calling a legit war crimes on a near daily basis. so this is unlikely to be the last time that we see some kind of a court case. quickly adjourn with regards to russian soldiers being accused of war crimes. in this, in this war. when, meanwhile, in the east, a battle has been raging for the town of solid up. i said, beg, managed to get in during a pause in fighting for days, the town of solid doff has been kicked by russian artillery. the ukrainians still hold it were one of the few to gain access to this embattled town. we entered on
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foot without a military escort. the streets are empty. a crater left behind in the middle of the town. another in front of a residential building. others destroyed rather lovely. the covers live when we just came out. we were in a flood, but at night we're sleeping in the basement. i'm here because my daughter is ill. i leave i am. where am i to go? they take us to their basement and where we find others sheltering from the shelling. ha ha ha ha! devil at night at 1 o'clock in the morning there may be shelling or the whole evening or like a few days before thrive. the morning you are there was such a big bomb. there was mud everywhere and lots of fire. despite the war, the destruction and the constant bombardment. some here still support russia. we've blurred this man's face for his own protection. don't you let you go?
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why are you wearing helmet? i wish to discuss the guy. augusta. right? yes. yeah. for waterloo. good. i see a review of russia will be here to this victory. don bass was always russian. the artillery battle begins again. no one is now going into the basement. as usually a good indication of the fact that something may be coming back in. usually what happens is the ukraine's required the roughly before i move, you can return 500 equated the fi. it will keep you going to the basement. that's fine. possibly get out of it. sola dar is in a strategic location. if russian forces managed to take it, it enables them to strike anything within sight. the ukrainian forces are
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desperately trying to stop them. i said bake. i'll da 0. saw that of the conflict in ukraine dominated day one of the world economic forum in divers ukrainian president, florida may zalinski address the world's richest and most powerful individuals via video inc, and appealed for billions. more financial help or diplomatic editor, james based reports from dallas. the 1st main speaker at this year's world economic forum meeting was not in devil's precedence that ensco continues to direct military efforts and keep it if not left his country since the russian invasion. he appealed for more funding for the defense for his country and to pay for its reconstruction . the minimum bed out of the green, it's funding at least $5000000000.00 us dollars per month. this is why stablish have fun for rebuilding ukraine for cold united. 24. when you call upon everyone to join the presidency. lensky called for russian assets in the west to be seized and
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given to ukraine. the head of a leading think tank told me it's proposal. it's now likely to be discussed in capitals. an interesting debate the will emerge soon, is whether the europeans in north americans will move from freezing, rushed from state assets to seizing those state assets. and using, put into war chest as ukraine's reparation fund. and that is the debate that we haven't yet had in the international economic community. because of coven, this is deb, isn't happening in the snow in january. it was cancelled last year and postponed earlier this year. normally, russian officials attend, but this year the building used for the russia house exhibitions center has been transformed to highlight human rights abuses. it's been renamed, the house of russia and war crimes. the war in ukraine will continue to reverberate around dab also as meetings continue here this week, not just the events on the ground, but the economic effects with a similar tiniest global energy crisis and global food crisis. james bays al
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jazeera devils, also speaking the well, the economic form, the image of katara called on journalist lives to be respected no matter where they come from, or just a journey history. and i actually was fatally shot by his really forces on may. the 11th sheila, i christine palestinian american journalist was killed 2 weeks ago in palestine and then robbed of a dignified burial. she was covering the suffering of the palestinian people for decades, and our hearts are broken. her death was just as horrific as the 7 journalists killed in ukraine since march of this year and 18 other journalists killed in palestine. since 2000 comment came as the palestinian foreign ministry analysis
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formerly asked the international criminal court to investigate the killing of shooting of israel's military prosecutor has called on the army to conduct an in depth investigation. neither abraham has more from ramada in the occupied west bank . the posted in foreign ministry has said that it's referred the file of shit in black, las casing killing to the international criminal court. we know that in 2021, the prosecutor of the i. c. c has said that it's opening an investigation into potential war crimes in the palestinian territory. and palestinians say that the killing of city in our broccoli is a war crime indeed. and that has pushed that file and referred to the icy in addition to dozens of other fires that have been filed over the past a year or so, including extra to show killing. the indigo is really settlement and a palestinians hope and say that the international criminal court could be the only way to get justice for serene and other is really crimes. now these really military
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prosecutor has said that it is ready i. we should be conducting an investigation urging one this. does it mean that an investigation would be open or that it has already been opened? this only means that the circles within the israeli army are talking about the potential of opening an investigation from our experience. it's been very rare that israeli military opens investigations into killings of palestinians. and in their rare cases it does. it almost never leads to an indictment and when it does lead to an indictment, the light at the sentence is usually light and palestinians say it's this proportionate to the crime. that's why they're hoping to get justice from the international criminal court. china has warned the u. s. president not to underestimate beijing's resolve on taiwan. so barton started intervene militarily to defend the island from any invasion. he spoke in tokyo on an asia trip. he hopes
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will firm up relations with allies. robert broaden post president joe biden came to japan to bolster one of the u. s. is most important alliances in the asia pacific at a time of multiple challenges of crossed the region. but he may have worse. and one of those regional flash points with less than tactful answers at the main use conference as he's done in the past. it came in response to a question about whether the us would respond militarily to a chinese invasion to take the island of taiwan. that bay ging regards as a break away territory. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? yes, you are. a 2nd member. we may the u. s. stance on taiwan has been far more ambiguous in the past, and the white house immediately had to release a statement, trying to clarify the u. s. position. but what sounded like
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a threat to china brought this response. hello monkey, truthful the time on issue of purely china, the internal affair, which won't stand for any foreign interference issues bearing on china's co interests, including the serenity and territorial integrity that is normal for compromise or concession. no one should underestimate the chinese people's firm resolution. this is turned into something of a distraction in what is meant to be a strong show of unity against russian aggression. and also against increasing military threats from china. as well as increased missile testing from north korea . as the only nation to have been subjected to an atomic attack, japan is deeply concerned by north korea's development of its nuclear arsenal. but it's also troubled by the increasing assertiveness of china with ongoing territorial disputes in the east china c. uri title to stay as a major power. china has significant responsibilities. also an economic field to live up to that responsibility. i think it is important for japan to work with
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united states to encourage china, to fulfill its responsibilities. and according to international rules, i think such attitudes are important. biden has also used the trip to launch the indo pacific economic framework. an initiative aimed at safeguarding and developing production of critical commodities like advanced semiconductors and setting universal standards for labor and environmental protection. it's very, very clear that from american perspective, china is now the biggest competitor on all fronts. and as a result of that, what america is doing now is building alliances across the world. this visit will culminate in a summit meeting of the leaders of the so called quad security alliance, led by the u. s. and seen as a further attempt to constrain china militarily in the region. rob mcbride al jazeera took you still a head hair on al jazeera,
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desperate for fresh water and dry food. we have an update from the scene of devastating floods in bangladesh. north korea's leader is seen mosque las, at the funeral, close mental during a spiraling cove. 19 up like ah hello, we got more that hot and dusty weather across much of the middle east, scotty. dry and fine winds will pick up as we go on through the next couple of days . so the chance of a shamal coming in across that to eastern side of the arabian peninsula, 41 celsius here in doha with the lifted dust and sand. let's put further north. we got some unsettled weather coming out of turkey just around the caucuses between the backseat and the caspian. so some showers always a possibility over the next day or so, as is the case to into afghanistan. paterny dry here. by the time we come to
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weddings stay further west, where we do have largely dry weather across northern parts of africa. it is essentially settled and sunny. sorry, a cloud here just around so hard that may will even produce one or 2 spots of light rain for a time for the south it see the dusty weather makes its way across the share into northern parts of nigeria because an officer seeing some of that some showers once again, all the way from sierra leone, right, across garner pushing across inter good parts of nigeria. cameroon, and over to was the rift valley. but on the other side of the rear valley, it's still disappointingly dry. there's a chance of one or 2 showers in eastern parts of kenya may be into somalia, but not as widespread as i should be. to the south lattice, jen retry fine, sunny and pleasant. ah cutter. one of the fastest growing nations in the world. on the car, so needed to oakland and develop it school track international shipping company to
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become a key, middle east and trade money skillfully knocked down 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it, connecting the world, connecting the future, won the cost cutters gateway to whoa, trade ah ah, you're watching, i'll just reminder about top headlines this. russian soldier has been sentenced to life in prison by ukrainian court for war crimes. 21 year old admitted killing a civilian. ne, assuming region is the 1st such trials since russia invaded ukraine. ukraine's
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president has urged international community to provide more financial aid to rebuild his country off to russia's invasion. and then ski was addressing the wealth economic. daniels, palestinian, the foreign ministry analysis has formerly asked to international criminal court to investigate the killing or machine is ready forces shots that i want to say with journalist while she was on assignment jenny. denmark has recorded its 1st case of monkey pox, multiple european countries, including germany, austria, portugal in france, also detected several cases over the past few days. infection spreads through close contacts, causing body stores and fever, but his rarely fatal. we've seen a few cases in europe over the last 5 years just in travelers. but this is the 1st time we're seeing cases across many countries at the same time, in people who have not traveled to the, to the endemic regions in africa. the all schools of boca anything. so in the
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worldwide outbreak of monkey pox, infections is so unusual that it's a cause for concern. and the question is whether it will developed like previous monkey pox outbreaks. rather, we must take into consideration that the way the virus spreads could mean it changed, so we must react quickly and decisively now to contain a global outbreak. we are in close contact with national and international authorities as well as scientists in north korean leader, kim jong has attended the funeral service for the man who helped train him to become supreme leader. the marshal died as a skeptics wonder about the true impact of october 19 outbreak. the harding reports the the only man not wearing a mask mourning the loss of his mentor. north korean leader kim jung own, helped carry the casket of the army marshal, who groomed him to become supreme. leader kim's essentially came down on the current guy. his essential wasn't guaranteed. there are other possibilities. there
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are a lot of people that there might be military to, for example, because he wasn't really very well known. he'd been living outside of the country for a while. and so my sense is that this is somebody will help them along. and that's probably what this was. this is one of the most senior military leaders to have died in north korea. since the coven 19 pandemic began. north korea denied the very existence of the pandemic until last week. now it state media reporting millions of people are sick with an, an identified fever and that 65 people have died. north korean defectors and aid groups say it's health care system isn't ready for an outbreak of the size. i've been in seen that i've actually seen them like cranking trucks with the crank back in 1937. you know, i'm really they, they still use that kind of stuff in there and enough road. so even if we gave them the vaccines that they need, having him get them there. so it's just going to cut through the but the bottom tier that society is a site. i mean it's going to, it's going to kill an enormous amount of people in north korea has resisted all
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international offers of vaccines, including from neighboring south korea. was going on because we don't know what the consequences of this on the cron variance will be when it spreads to a large number of people who have never been in contact with coven 19. there are enough reasons to pay attention to this with interest. analysts say the virus is surgeon, while north korea says it's cases are subsiding, mass events like this funeral come at a time when people are being encouraged to stay home. as the leader morn since the health of his nation remains unknown. leah harding al jazeera, at least 5 people have been killed in iran after the collapse of a 10 story building that was under construction. not 80 people, mostly construction workers, are believed to be buried under the bubble in the southern city of done. the owner of the building and the project manager has been arrested. more than a 1000 people in iraq have been hospitalized because of
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a severe sandstorm effort. some schools have been closed in several cities and also in the neighboring q 8. this is the 9th sandstone to hit rock since mid april. authorities say the increased frequencies related to climate change and record low rain for the south waters are receiving in ne bangladesh. but rescue workers are struggling to reach millions of stranded people. many rivers are still floating above dangerous levels. off the days of heavy rain. at least 57 people been killed in the west flooding. nearly 2 decades convey chandry has more from slant on the difficulties people are facing. you can see a similar sense for miles after miles and sure. i'm going to distinct village homes are submerged. schools are inundated with water. the villagers, we have been talking to in this area, so daven in flood like this in many years, most of them are desperate need for fresh water, dry food, and even financial assistance. they're said so far,
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they have not received anything from the government or from the local politician or any angels. right now what the need most is medicine, fresh water and dry food. they're desperate need for those sit russian have somewhat improved. the water level has gone down. there has been no rain for last few days on the village. i was hoping it stays this way. however, if the rain continues and coming days and on rush of water from not this, india comes in to bangladesh. again, the situation could again deter it. meanwhile, some of the major rivers and bangladesh have been swelling and flooding in the north, central part of bangladesh. for those of flood waters. oh, so effect in the north, east indian state of some, tens of thousands, a homeless drinking water is scarce and they're running out to food. having the town is that with flood waters submerging the homes and drown in their fields, hundreds of thousands of families across the state of asylum. in ne,
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india had been forced to flee. we're in a gov district. the worst affected district in the state and thousands of people have come here to these railway tracks. it's one of the few stretches of land that elevated and still dry. if pitched tens and making do with whatever little they could grab some food, little clothing risking their lives as trains go up and down these tracks. they said they've been here for days and don't know when they'll be able to return. regardless. yeah, i have been bothered, our homes are submerged in flood waters. so we have come to live on the real tracks again, we are facing many problems with our children. we haven't received any relief nor any toppling sheets. we have no drinking water, no food. we are facing a lot of difficulties across the state. more than 90000 people are in relief. camps and rescue and relief operations are ongoing, both by air and by boat. monson season is said to arrive in the region in
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a few weeks. and usually these bring heavy showers and heavy flooding exports. the climate change is ordering weather patterns in south asia, making extreme weather events like this one more common and more severe. shall anchors, economic crisis is leading to a critical shortage of essential drugs, doctors worn it could lead to the deaths of cancer patients. when it smith has more for many patients, it's for lank as main cancer hospital. the recent economic crisis has become a matter of life or death. 80 percent of medical supplies are imported, but there's hardly any foreign currency to pay for them. if we're in a cure for fuel, ultimately they're different. we'll look a few fuel. they're in the queue for the guess i'll demanded a loose, i guess. but he's here since her on kill for the ducks. they will loose delight doctors at the hospital said they've been forced to suspend tasks and postpone procedures and even critical surgeries. i think the thing i'm,
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i'm only thing our lives are at risk because of that we're always living in fear. we don't know whether we will have medicines or not saying the hospital is short of injections for dialysis patients. some cancer drugs and medicines for people who have had organ transplants, foreign donors including japan and india helping. but it'll take 2 to 4 months for the drugs to arrive. much of the blame for sure language. economic collapse is being laid at the feet of president got a by a roger pac, so he's on the right is swearing in new ministers under his family. chill anchor, borrowed heavily to fund a large bureaucracy and military and vanity construction projects. elder brother may hinder roger paxis resigned as prime minister nationwide pro ha. in his place, renelle witt room. a singer has been appointed tasked with forming a unity government. with grandma singer said that when the roger paxis returned to power in 2019, there were $7500000000.00 in foreign reserves. now,
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the government says there's nearly nothing left. bernard smith, al jazeera, more than 2000 doctors, are leaving at nigeria every year to seek better positions abroad, health workers, blame decades of medical system, neglect, augment interest reports from connor you. how you tonight during doctors revising notes. i had of the examinations to relocate to the united kingdom. abram kelly's saddle horse trained in sudan has only worked for 2 years. yeah. but see is no future for growth and development. so actually i've started preparing for my exit us for living there, year before i came up last year and he plans to spend at least 15 years practicing abroad. 10 years ago, i junior dr. earned about a $1000.00 a month in nigeria. not any more. the currency he has lost value,
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which means they now take home less than $500.00 a month. decades of neglect has left most nigerian hospitals in a bad shape. this year, for example, the government plans to spend less than 5 percent of its budget on health falling far short of a years long target of 15 percent. the young that are not that its details and even our best brands that are well experienced. i live in drops and the, the, the, the, the exit. those is not even uni directional. and the burden of are taking care of are those that are still in the, in the agenda is becoming too much for those of us that are remaining $200.00 while health local institutions struggle with an acute shortage of health workers. the medical association says at least 9000 nigeria trained doctors have left in the
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past 2 years. while the doctor patient ratio recommended by the world health organization is one for every 400 here in nigeria, it's 12, every 2 and half 1000 and the nursing union has issued a warning statistics. it says in the last 3 years, 11000 of its members of lack niger to walk in hospitals abroad. senior consultancy, while the immediate future is bleak, the government can reverse the trend so that we can actually get both of those people that have lived the company. and they say good estimate of when they're coming back, their commies until schools you're counting cannot provide. but he takes cautious effort. a lot of these is not just somebody increases as alady, somebody about making this is some talk nigeria suffering investment fund estimates the nation loses more than $1000000000.00 annually. because of my juris traveling abroad for medical care. and with more doctors waiting to leave that are concerned,
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things could get worse. i'm a decrease al jazeera colonel nigeria. dozens of passengers have been rescued after jumping into the water, when a ferry caught fire in the philippines to mana alan dugan has more. oh, the philippine coast guard says it received a distressed call around 6 am on monday and naval vessel called m theory. we're craft to carrying more than a 130 people had caught fire near the water as a result caisson province north of the philippines. and by mid day, more than a 100 people were rescued, including 8 of the boats. crew members, some of those injured were taken to hospital. the fire has been put out, but authorities are also checking for traces of oil spill. initially, the sender, on the far as target of the engine room, but built great to get to the water. we hug it all the passengers,
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including the go. we up stop already the search and rescue operations. and we just saw probably proceed to the destination. this company, or some other incident in sometime in 2017, at least 6 other vessels help the coast guards, search and rescue operations. the vessel is being towed towards bellucci island in 2017. another vessel owned by the same company was carrying more than 250 passengers when it capsized in the same region. 5 people were killed. the philippines is an archipelago, more than $7000.00 islands, often battered by frequent storms and poor enforcement of safety rules, which have led to several maritime disasters. in recent years, jamal ali dog and al jazeera in de la ah.


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