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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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ah, a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera, on counting the calls that we said meltdown in crypto currency worries investors, can it make it come back? why did app or lose the most valuable company ground to saudi oil for romco? and how will trade protectionism affect global food security and price counting the cost on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm sorry, i'm to my z. welcome to the news our lie from london coming up in the next 60
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minutes. russia says it's now captured the whole of mario, paul, after the last ukrainian fight is defending the as of style still works, lay down their arms. the more russian forces have been ramping up our assault on one of the last ukraine al parts of the eastern la hans province. so thousands, cuba cook and gas and petrol in sri lanka, a prime minister warns that food supplies are also running low and u. s. president joe biden kicked off his tour of asia in south korea with a trip to samsung to focus on the global computer chip shortage and ins. horn wimbledon is punished over its decision to exclude players from roger and boundaries from competing in this year's tournament. a grand slam events has been stripped of its ranking points by both the men's and women's tours effectively reducing the tournament to an exhibition events.
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russia says it now controls the whole of the cranium. poor city of marable, after the law, soldiers held up in the ass off style still work surrendered ukraine's present. ramirez zalinski says the old style fight has been ordered to stop defending the city and lay down their arms. no history you to day, the defenders received a clear signal from the military command that they can get out and save their lives . o more than 2400 fighters have been brocaded inside the vast merry pole plant for weeks. under heavy bombardment from russian forces, their surrender frees up russian troops to join the campaign to capture ukrainian held areas of separatist control the hands and done yet. it wants to take full control of the industrial dumbass region and the south, which would limit oh, remove caves, access to the c. dasa jabari begins al,
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coverage now from russian capital moscow. these are the last remaining ukrainian fighters in the as of style steel plant. now they are prisoners of war. they survived russia's onslaught for more than 2 months in the seal plant. their future is now unknown. their surrender brings them much needed victory for russian forces in the strategically important port city of mary opal. the ministry of defense was reported to president of russia on the end of the operation on the complete liberation of sto, industrial complexes under the city of maria, political from ukrainian fights was the kremlin, says, those who surrender will be treated in line with international norms. some russian lawmakers have demanded they be tried for war crimes, and one said they should face the death penalty. sir gay show announced his forces alongside rushing back separatists will soon claim full control over the logan
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screeching east ukraine. but on a victory that's long overdue for his forces. forces the defense minister wants to expand. he reveal plans for 12 more military units to be added to the military districts in western russia, in response to finland and sweden applying to join nato. that extension needs more man power, and the russian lawmakers may have the solution, this se, tomorrow on friday said it's considering a bill that would allow russians over the age of 40 and foreigners, over the age of 30, to sign up for the military. the website of the russian parliament lower house, the state duma said the move would enable the military to utilize the skills of older professionals. familiar with the use of high precision weapons and military equipment as what russia calls its special military operation near the 3 month mark . there is no indication from either side of an end to the conflict door such
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a bar al jazeera moscow. now you're going to present as released security video, showing a russian missile, lighting, the house of culture and lows over city near keith. he says there was 7 victims and this includes an 11 year old child described. this strike is absolute, evil. elsewhere. russian troops have been ramping up. there is sold on the east and la hon screeching. intense fighting has been reported around the riverside cities of so that danny asked unless chance russia wants to seize the loss for a new crating hel territory and lance, a province. it claims on behalf of separatists, the regions governor says at least 13 civilians died there in russian shelling on thursday. david shopper is a senior defense for saturate the rand corporation. he joins us live now from washington. d. c. by skype rusher is effectively been in control of the port city of mary pole for a while now. but is there
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a sort of deeply symbolic psychological significance to the, the siege of the steel plants and marybelle? i think that there are pizza barnes that matter in the context of a larger war and the price, but russia has had to pay you to take control of mario. bowl has been well in excess of anything that it's planners could imagined before the war started. and i go ultimate surrender of the green forest depending it was inevitable. eventually you right out of the things you need to stay alive, let alone fight effectively. but they looked at a significant loss as they slowed the russian offensive dramatically. and i think that there's, there's great symbolic value for ukrainians in go. the fight that there are forces put up in mario pole and in the still larry and paula is not far
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from areas controlled by those pro russian separatists. isn't it that how would it enable the creation of a land cordele from la hands to daniel and down to crimea? just remind us of maria polls strategic importance for the russians. sure, it is certainly a gateway to that line bridge that you're referring to. it's crucial terrain that they had to control, but it, in and of itself doesn't open the door for us. there is still a real estate that russian needs to gain control in order to put in place a sufficiently secure land bridge and to secure control of the entire territory of the on the next can to hans are so called republics. what are the challenges and the physical obstacles rusher is facing in the east and dumbass region?
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one of the missing pieces of that puzzle. i think there are. there are 2. primarily one is geography. there are rivers they still need to cross and the ukrainians have shown a fairly significant ability to locate and target russian attempts to do assault crossings of rivers. ah, those are very difficult military operations among the most difficult, that an army is asked under take on a routine basis and the ukrainians appear to have a good competence in making sure those river crossings are heavily contested. on the 2nd is simply though lack of men, material units on rushes already committed the bulk of its available army to the fight and ukraine. they suffered terrific losses if you believe the numbers coming out of the ukrainian defense ministry. russia has lost nearly half of the inventory of tanks that they had on active service when they started the,
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the war offensive action of the kind that they are envisioning requires continued inputs of forces in order to create and maintain forward momentum on. and i think that they're going to face the challenge in feeding sufficient forces into this operation in order to bring it to up a rapid conclusion. but i suppose the way it says that you describe also kind of demonstrates russia's ability to absorb attrition in this conflict, to be able to tolerate and withstand those losses which as bats. a capability that the defending force at the crating fight has doesn't have because obviously they're much smaller. well, i think that the, the cost to russia in terms of personal material in this fight has been order magnitude greater than they ever expected it to be. and replacing these personnel
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train personnel replacing this modern equipment is going to be, but it's going to take time. i'm, i'm read a report that said that russia's now spending the equivalent of $300000000.00 a week on its military, which is roughly twice what it was spending before the the war started. that is the sort of pace of investment they're going to require in order to make good these losses on the ukranian side on absolutely the losses they've suffered are affecting their, their performance. they have the advantage of the lifeline that the west has thrown them on. nobody is giving russia new tanks. nobody is giving russia new artillery pieces. nobody is giving russia more ammunition on ukraine is receiving that support from united states, from nato, from from dr. duke of sources. that gives us the ability to,
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to replenish it's a it's arsenal. oh, with a little more, a little more reliability than russia currently as thank you very much for sharing your perspective in analysis. with this david shot back from the rand corporation journey statham washington. thank you very much. so families of the as all fighters have been in tacky, seeking that seeking help to ensure their safety. many say they're worried about their face of the ukrainian soldiers. some cas yoga has more on this now from istanbul, among the wise the fossil fighters and mario pole. i sat down with natalie. it's got her husband is among those ukrainian fighters who were evacuated from those so steel planned by russians. natalia and 3 of her friends have been in the turkish capital on car for the last couple of days, seeking support for the safe evacuation of their husbands and sons. let's listen to
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what natalia told us about the latest on. also fighter 2 together, 3 a and a half bought we had wed in on us still planned at the distance. we married during the war. have you contacted them so far? we are in the ukrainian embassy in turkey in ankara. and my husband started to typed me and i was shocked because as there was no connection during 15 days, he said that they are moving from wal how to and as a how in each centimeter of this way, we have many, many risks. he had no chances to save his life, but the only guarantee that our men won't be killed that
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the attention of the whole world is concentrated around the barriers of others to plant. is it possible for an exchange of prisoners? it will be the most appropriate scenario. how to solve these problems in russia, they are all saw. ah women, misers who are waiting for their psalms, the wise o as of fighters have mixed feelings. now they are happy that their husbands are alive, but they are so concerned for how long they will manage to stay alive and save in russian prisons. or for almost 3 months, it's been home to thousands of ukrainians, sheltering from bombs. now our caves, underground rail network is due to re open cities may i says it's safe for people
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to leave, but many a saying they don't feel safe while others don't have homes to go back to our give suffered intense russian shelling after the invasion. and recently it's ukrainian forces they, they have pushed back russian troops and fighting. there is east work as at the metro station, se they'll say people will still be allowed to use the underground space as a shelter. and um, you could live without a ship. we don't have any way to return to. we don't have windows or to lose who craves glasses? no electricity, gas or even water? no, you don't even know this is a good and you'd say a lot of people came back from abroad and the metro was reopening because people need to go to work for those who don't have a place to stay. they can stay in the station. also the war is not over yet, and the situation is always changing. there are still air raid siren so people will still be able to come to the station to use it as a shelter or in the wider developments around this conflict talk he's present is saying that to a rush of type ode one is going out whole talks with his finished counterpart on
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saturday, about sweden and finland bid to join nato. nordic nations formerly applied to join the military alliance. on wednesday, citing roches warren ukraine as a security threat. but president edwin reiterated that he would maintain his opposition to the applications, which must be approved by all nato members. turkeys as sweden finan support, what it describes as terror organizations. good judgments, alicia po june, will go to submit it. of course, we will continue all these discussions for the sake of not interrupting diplomacy. we are clearly saying that since we have all the information and documents related to those terror organization, and we are the victim, that we will not support a terror organization to become a nightmare member. as we are aware of nato sensitivities related to it, and we acknowledge the fact that nato is a security organizing. and in response to those applications, russia thing will stop. it's deliveries of natural gas to film from saturday. it
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provides the majority of the nordic nations gas, but that's only about 5 percent of finished energy consumption. it stopped sending electricity last week. i should stay under energy gas prom, it already. holt and natural gas delivery to poland and ma guerria. after they refused to pay for it, in rubles germany assigned an energy partnership deal with cattle to reduce its dependence on russia. catherine emir shift, i mean, been hammered. fanny says his country aims to help europe secure its energy supplies. we'll start sending liquefied natural gas from 2024 dominant cain reports from balance. some months. these ministers have been trying to negotiate a deal to ship liquid natural gas from qatar to germany. on friday in berlin, they cited agreement, but on the face of it, the deal doesn't deliver entirely what either side had wanted. so where their 2 heads of government spoke later, while the words were friendly, the details was sparse,
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and arched and wondering if we want to change the way we get our energy to become less dependent on russian energy imports. shake him and i are in agreement that guitar and germany will work more closely together on energy supplies in the future . conf to hang up to some of item value. but quite how closely together is less evident. what is evident is cat. our wants to supply more energy to europe. this is an investment that is very important to us and we're looking for it as well. that especially in the gas sector that to him, to explore new markets. europe as a very interesting market. and we discussed this with the chancellor as well this morning and how to develop this relationship. the german government has already started building u l. a. g terminals on its north sea coast. part of a plan to allow it relatively soon to ship in tens of billions of cubic meters of gas. be that from qatar, the u. s. australia or elsewhere. so it can start to wean itself off russian fossil
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fuels. but doing that has a cost to the environment. germany was relying on pipeline guys, including from russia in order to reach its climate goals. and as you know, em, pipeline or natural gas is basically the least or has the least come footprint. the smallest come footprint are in all of a fossil fuels, so am now replacing it with an n. g will increase the footprint a little bit. there are 3 contentious elements of the potential deal. it should last for 20 years. the gas price would be linked to oil prices and germany would not be able to reroute category ellen, g to other e, you states which it does currently with russian gas middest as it berlin. do not really like any of those conditions. and there are other conditions in doha,
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which some here criticize lucidly. the human rights situation with the football world cup in cats are looming. the amier says, all cultures are welcome in his country, but he was all who visit his country to respect category culture. thought again, al jazeera berlin, who attorneys our life from london. marcella had on the program a baby in this flooded a sam state. why even pregnant women are waiting days to be rescued. australia prepared to vote in a close election which could see the labor party and a decade of conservative rule. and later in sport, novak joke of h looks to make up for lost time. at the french open ah, through our state department is reiterated. it's cool for a thorough and transparent investigation into the killing of an al jazeera
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journalist in the occupied west bank and says it must include accountability. sharina butler was shot in the head, buys righty forces. last week while she was on assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral, israeli forces storm the procession and beat mourners, causing a pull barrister, almost drop a casket that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem. her funeral and burial abdougla had been with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine . and so on thursday, israel's military said it's not opening a criminal investigation into a block list. death, amnesty international secretary general agnes calla ma has commented on twitter about this. she said that the decision of israel not to investigate a murder is an additional violation of sharon's right to life. a clear violation of israel. israel's obligation on the international law. a one amongst many,
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this is what repression and domination looked like. some lives simply don't matter . at least 6 palestinians have been injured. one of them seriously by live rounds. it will 5 by is ready. security forces in westbank going reduction happened in the out of missouri. i'll go to via my love fighting is said to have occurred after israeli troops raided village oh, moving now to u. s. markets and in the u. s. stokes narrowly averted entering a bad market on friday. the benchmark s and p 500 index and an 18.6 percent below the record high that was set in early january. a recovery late in the day prevented the index from closing woven 20 percent down from that mock, which would have been considered the beginning of the bear market analyst. see this as a sign, the u. s. could enter a recession in the next 18 to 24. months rising interest rates, high inflation warn ukraine and a slow down in china's economy. oral, causing
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a loss of confidence among investors shall anchors close schools and ask public employees not to go to work as a country struggles with an acute fuel shortage. thousands, cuba, petrol, and cooking gas, the new prime minister, ronald wick promising has also now warned of food shortages. the president got by roger paxis, one in 9. well ministers in his new cabinet, but protest is a continuing to demand his resignation. men al fernandez reports from colombo. ah, the chance allowed an unforgiving go home gotta return our stolen money. we want our future back. people are struggling to afford food, medicine, cooking, gas, and fuel. i shall anchor faces its worst economic crisis since independence in 1948 because it's many i tell them it's new quote. oh,
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i know i probably, i on everything and gone. many people blame the raj, box of family for the crisis from heroes who oversaw the military victory over the tamil tigers. in 2009 family members have now become a target of anger and ridicule. what is very unfortunate is the sense of entitlement that they have that they are meant to rule this country, almost like a royal family. and that sense, i think, comes from the fact that they were in charge when the 30th war came to an end. and they feel that they are the saviors of the country parade, and other analysts say the roger bucks at government took out big loans for giant infrastructure projects. after the countries civil war ended and cut taxes,
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the president has admitted failure. anti corruption activists also allege billions of dollars may have been made for me legal deals in recent years. we like a form in the case of we are more than 500 miles all line the court, but nothing happened. some days saw here in it's not dead and in some cases are going by pharma. her back by the by the comes or no. see i did because evidence on been offline, so i'm take there, go my past the large boxes changed the constitution twice. critic, see this allowed them to contest an unlimited number of terms in the presidential office. we can parliamentary oversight and remove checks and balances against the politicization of public services and the police. the unprecedented protest in recent weeks has worried the ruling family present. got up a roger boxer has brought in a new prime minister and a new cabinet. but despite the demonstrations, the roger boxes still control
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a majority in parliament. and the president is refusing protest as cause to step down. minute fernandez, i'll just 0, colombo, heavy rain flooding and landslides are affecting 700000 people in northeast in india. in our sam state at least 10 people have died in the latest downpours and pharmacy. most of that crops, a gone forecast to say more rain is now on the way from a g district in northeast india, poverty, metal reports with a rescue, teens who's a lifeline to up the maggots family. his daughter in law is 8 months pregnant and needs urgent medical care. they had been stranded for days when they spotted this rescue boat and called for help. i sadly the valuable horse dog. rephrased a lot of difficulty for food. if it was tough to get food and drinking water, we eventually got some relief. the water level was about one and a half meters. high. heavy rains have caused floods in parts of
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a psalm state in india, as ne, impacting 700000 people who j district and central. a. sam is one of the worst effected areas. thousands of homes have been damaged since flooding began last week . receding water levels are making it more difficult to evacuate. people rescue boats like this one continued to crossover, submerge patty fields. the water in some parts is estimated to be at least 15 feet deep. the retrieving bodies carrying relief material and rescuing stranded villages have been stuck without food and other necessities for days. dozens of families are staying in this relief camp. some have been staying for a week. they said they need more help from the government. i guess it's all a good guess again. oh, look, we worry about our future. we don't know what we will do. we don't think there's any hope for us. we have left our cattle and we don't have enough to eat. we have
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been here for awhile and we are still waiting for help me a some often sees floods during the monsoon season. this year, the rains have come early and a more intense hoge, i haven't seen major flooding in 18 years. our main, our challenge was to communism how we recent people. so he called upon our me balboa from heart bolts m all helped us a lot. so nerves, so far as what there was i was, i had the minimum level them books would play the marble sent after a vacuous amount challenges to resolve to people who are still staying in the remote areas rescue team. so despite high water levels, many villagers are unwilling to leave those who have a hoping to return soon so they can start rebuilding their lives. park in the middle al jazeera, who j district in north east india. now the world health organization has held an emergency meeting to discuss the recent outbreak of monkey pox. more than a 100 cases of a virus had been confirmed or suspected in europe, including germany, burton and portugal have also been cases in canada and the u. s. a virus is similar
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to smallpox, although milder. it's unusual for it to spread outside west and central africa. anthony is our life from london to lead me to mother who's out in mexico city, searching for a daughter who's one of the rising number of people going missing some of the female directors shaking up the film festival in can and then in school a good day for the well championship leader in barcelona level, the f one action ah how i recall some color wessa lives by the moving costs or the pos, if you're further south, this heating up across the se,
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and it really is heating up across spain and portugal. let me go with that unsettled weather, piling in from the atlantic and sundry down pools. moving across ireland through the u. k. some where to whether to just pushing its way towards the baltic. stace verify pressure here. we have seen some fun re, down polls easing across the low countries making his way across jeremy. that will be the case as we go on 3 sat day, some had me down. pause coming through here in town, but he's getting paid back 10 celsius there in our slow, with some re, the really wet weather will easiest way to was at western side of russia through about re some showers, longest spells of rain to coming in to where you crime for a tie before the south is fight. it drives some lovely weather, lots of warm sunshine, although want to show us there for portugal, and also from northern parts of spain. further south, it's generally dry across northern parts of africa as per usual cairo. but 32 degrees and the temperature easing off here as we go through the next day or so, we have got the showers now building nicely across west africa,
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around the gulf of guinea, pushing further north to see some wet weather coming. fossil as we go, want it to the 2nd half of the weekend that re stretches all the way to sierra leone. ah, ah, for over a century american parents of entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countess young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from me in a 3 part series, full plunge investigates, a massive scandal that wrote the united states scoutmaster parked one on i was just the euro. from the al jazeera london broke authenticate to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations. this decade is of most consequential dictated. events is off for too many companies that are doing bad things on the
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front. in part 2 of human rights activists. q mean i do and environmental if we known and the teeth, the systems are not working, but the longer that you fight them, the more that things change studio be unscripted on al jazeera. ah ah, welcome back lane developments the sour rusher is saying it now controls all of mary, of all of the final ukrainian soldiers hold up. the elf style still works, plant surrendered, and thing a week song, cj, they are arriving on and you've got where they will be held as prisoners of war. the grains present is really security video showing a russian missile hitting
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a building and resolve. i said, tina hi keith, he says 7 people were injured and this includes an 11 year old child elsewhere. russian troops have been ramping up their assault on the east and la hon screeching and germany assigned an energy partnership deal with captain and attempt to reduce its dependency on russia. catalyst emir says they're aiming to send liquefied natural gas from 2020 full. now joe biden is in south korea for his 1st asia trip as us president. he is seeking to reassure allies about countering china's influence and discuss north korea's nuclear ambitions and made fears. pyongyang will mark his visit with a missile test, but he began by focusing on computer chips. as far as the reports from sol, us president biden's 1st stop in south korea. a computer chip plan to buy something that could serve as a model for multi 1000000000 dollar facility being built in the u. s. that underscores the importance of the semiconductor industry computer chips. paula
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modern technology for vehicles to artificial intelligence, but a global chip shortage. since the pandemic has affected the availability of many of these products, 3 quarters of global chip production comes from asia. the buy to let ministration is now looking to shift some of that to the us. how will do that in my view is by working with close partners who do share our values like republican career, secure more of what we need from our allies and partners and bolster our supply chain resilience. the move is also partly driven by china's drive for self sufficiency in ship production with, with the government pouring billions of dollars into the industry. for the u. s. to maintain its technological advantage. it has to invest in computer chips for south korea. a focal point of president biden's visit is an opportunity to strengthen existing ties into a more comprehensive partnership. in my meridian,
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i hope that today's visit will serve as an opportunity for the r o k u. s. relationship to be reborn as an economic security alliance traced on advanced technology and supply chain cooperation. president biden's visit comes a week after he hosted southeast asian leaders at a summit in the u. s. analysts say these events underscore how the indo pacific region remains a top priority for the biden administration. on saturday, the 2 precedents were hold a summit, but they're expected to discuss regional security including the d new career ation of the korean peninsula. florence louis al jazeera sol are marked fitzpatrick, his director of the nonproliferation program at the international institute for strategic studies. he joins us now from washington, d. c. and we are referring to it as president biden's trip to asia. is this really about china? well, thanks marion. for having me, much of this is about china,
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but there are plenty of other issues on president biden's agenda. north korea certainly ranks very high. and that's one reason that south korea is the 1st stop on this trip. certainly they will also be discussing ukraine and then when they get to tokyo and meet also with the leaders of india and australia, by and will seek to reinforce or strengthen quite so quite that for democracies of the region and no curries already conducted to into content ballistic missile tests earlier in the air. is he preparing for something else with president by being in the region? you know, oftentimes north korea does something provocative, testing a missile, testing a nuclear weapon. that seems to be time with some something on the u. s. calendar, a 4th of july missile test for example. and you know, there's,
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there's reason to think that kim, john may wish to give president by and that kind of a welcoming gift. so to speak of something. but north korea has its own time table for when it tests these devices, it has to test nuclear weapons in order to perfect them. and the timing may be affected by it, but i think they have their own time table. actually. how has the war in ukraine and the alignment between russia and china affected the rivalry between aging and washington? well, it certainly hasn't helped him at all. and there's been, there's enough tension in the relationship between the united states and china. they didn't need something else to add to it the ukraine crisis, and the way that china has cast, and it's not with russia, has exacerbated tensions. but i wouldn't over exaggerate that because china, apart from giving it to vocal support to russia,
12:37 am
hasn't really done that much to support russia hasn't sent equipment. it hasn't taken on a great deal over russia's export of oil. and in other ways, material helped russia. it's mostly rhetorical supports out my rushes performance in this war, and the sort of very, very limited gains affect beijing's calculations about the relationship and the extent to which they are prepared to support president putin. why think, you know, that china is seemed to have gained by this debacle of russia's failed military excursion into ukraine? i mean, it sees land, but it's, it's been a failure. and so in a relationship between major powers like this 11 power seem to have failed and have a much weaker military than we are. 5, china's power balance rises accordingly. but i don't think this means that
12:38 am
china overall is better off, i think in a way it's worse off because it's cast its lot with, with a pariah in the international system. china's world status doesn't increase at all from that. and i don't think there's any way that china's power increases it's kind of has to, you know, help up a crippled ally and, and waste its own resources for that mission. thank you very much. mark fitzpatrick, joining us from the w. w in washington. thank you. happy speak with al jazeera so there must arthur says that you will work to forge closer ties with china. after being sworn in as ease team was president, the independent figure and nobel laureate, has previously served as president prime minister and foreign minister. integration ceremony on friday came as the country marked 20 years of independence from
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indonesia or voting begins, surely australia's parliamentary elections, its full cost to be a close race, with the opposition labor parties lead narrowing in the final week of campaigning. voting is compulsory in the country after last minute rule change, people have been isolating with co. it will also be allowed to vote over the phone, follows legal threats on behalf of about 100000 people who feared they miss out from australia's largest city, sidney farrah, clark reports oh, to 6 weeks of campaigning, the prime minister phil found this referee on saturday astronomy will decide if scott morrison is fit to keep the nation's top job. it's a choice between a government that has a strong economic plan that is unsure. the destroyer is coming out of this pandemic, stronger than almost any advanced economy in the world to die with. the latest poll shows live a just ahead of the liberal national coalition. the key issues and this election,
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a climate change, the cost of living funding for aged care and national security. these are all issues that astrology a has the opportunity to go forwarding and create a better future if we say opportunity. i believe a strategy is the greatest country on earth. the biggest challenge for the morrison government is the rise of female independence. there are 22 high profile candidates known as the tales, a mix of political movements seen as blue and green. they funded by climate group and targeting safe seats held by the liberal party amended, i think they'll be very high if he gets a higher level of disillusionment with major party politics in this country. people are. busy frustrated with one or other party, various reasons. and these just become this dynamic that we want. individuals who represent our local communities, nearly 6000000 voters of electorate of 17000000, have already cast their ballots through postal or early in person voting. i'm very
12:41 am
disappointed how close it is, and that it seems as a lot of similarities between 80 major parties. and i find that quite frustrating. that is how much on offered or gone are the days where we had stipend. quite frankly, we just got a big room bunch of children in politics. if there is no clear majority on saturday after ballots, i counted the outcome of this election will be a hung parliament. that will mean either labor or the coalition must make an agreement with the minor parties or independence in order to govern. analysts say that prospect is highly likely. i'd be surprised if on saturday not we know a clear winner from all the major parties. i think we'll be looking for a health the civil dissolved. what's the poles in australia? open on saturday. sarah clark al jazeera sydney, australia al series. defense ministry says that and israeli raid on south and
12:42 am
damascus is left, 3 people dead. the state media is saying the country's air defenses shot down a number of missiles in the countryside around the capitol. though reports of a fire near the airport with some flights being delayed as a result. now this week, the number of people officially recorded as missing or disappeared. and mexico passed a 100000 registries put together by mexico in town ministry and dates back to 964, number of missing as risen from about 73000 people just 2 years ago. and that is a 5th of the total from almost 6 decades. around 3 quarters, a men a quarter, a women, families are calling on the government to more to help find their relatives, many of whom a victims of violence linked to organized crime, money, rapid reports on this now from mexico city. and he tells us about one mother, struggle to find her daughter. it's late afternoon in mexico
12:43 am
city. and through so cbo is out searching for her daughter, victoria lizbeth, who went missing last year in anonymous phone call has led rossa to a part of the city that's popular among sex workers. she believes whomever took her daughter may have forced her into prostitution by that for the ink was written ink of it don't. yet all of this is in hopes of finding my daughter victoria. it would be the greatest thing that could happen for us to find her during one of the searches that we carry out with the help of a lena elena is a founder of an end geo that seeks to help people like rosa, in their search for missy loved ones, i've had them off, he said, and my grandmother had on some time ago, we receive a phone call. it was a woman's voice. she said she had seen rose as daughter among the girls out here. back noah. we. elena's organization has started a campaign called quad. those of us use or empty rooms in spanish. their main
12:44 am
objective is to raise visibility over the crisis of missing persons in mexico by symbolically renting out the rooms of missing women. the money they raise is used to help families fund the search for their loved ones. her opa, this room once belonging to ross as daughter victoria, is just one of tens of thousands of empty rooms across mexico. lo, apollonia river kitty though be doria has been missing for more than a year. we grocer has kept everything just the way it was the day her daughter disappeared. i committed the kidney thing. even something tells me my daughter is alive, but where is she? i wish i could just turn the corner and see her and hold her hidden. i dream of her constantly in my dreams, i see my daughter smiling. i see her coming home. i have faith that i will find my daughter. all i ask is for god to give me the strength to continue the struggle
12:45 am
apart from the pain of not knowing where victoria is or if she's even alive. rosa has all been spent, her life savings trying to find her lien. and in mexico, it's a story that plays out every day in households all across the country. more than 22100 women are currently listed as missing in mexico. and more than half of them are under the age of 18. the crisis of missing persons in mexico is so massive that every day an average of 6 women go missing. most of them will never be seen or heard from again as weeks and months of past, with no updates on victoria's whereabouts, many have lost faith of ever finding her alive. grocer, however, refuses to give up hope, vowing to never give up the search for her daughter. when will it up? hello al jazeera, mexico city. it's full, it's coming up shortly. you can have the hair from the well to taught women's
12:46 am
tennis by has been an unstoppable form, eating up to the french open and man behind the music. remember, evangelists, the osco, any greek composer who has died at the age of 79? ah. castle airways, official airline of the john. mm hm. mm
12:47 am
mm . mm pool official, and i know the john move ah, as this does continue to line up at the cannes film festival, many a focused on the top prize, the palm door spider promised 4 years ago. the festival would watch was great
12:48 am
agenda priority. only 5 of the 20 on films competing for the prize. a directed by women charlie angela reports now from can. i think tale of male friendship against the backdrop of the italian out. the mountains is the stunning film co directed by belgian charlotte that was decades continent and is what is the 21 film competing for the palm dual prize. we approach it as a love story because friendship is love. and the families important mother father, your ancestors also can you escape where you come from? can you do it differently? what's your destiny? can you escape your destiny then? denise co directed with her husband felix. i groaned again and spoke about what she learned from the process. be able to say no to people when it's necessary, and to invite them in and be generous when there's a time for it. but just to remain really focused. because that's the heart of what
12:49 am
you're doing and, and yeah, often filmmaking is just a lot of things at the same time. and go in the history of can only 2 women have won the palm, the prize, the best director, a no protest for the festival to sign agenda piracy pledge in 2018 is a probably not just for the festival, but for the film industry at large. this year, only 25 percent of the film submitted for consideration were directed by women, still a records the can. rodeo is a french film about a girl breaking into a male dominated world set in the suburbs of border. it follows a group of working class kids pursuing that passion for illegal done by the 1st time director role french 4 years investigating the motor cross scene. she says she wanted to create a character. we rarely see on screen. she is a to in, polite to, to say, hello, i'm julie. how are you know,
12:50 am
she's leg by breaking the world in, get into the group. i legs. items female character, female direct is like quiver. all is under mish offering fresh voices in cinema. the films were snapped up even before being screened and can proving the audience appetite is already there. charlie angela al jazeera can time now fullest fault with farrah and dall. thank you so much. marion. d. men's and women's tennis tours of stripped wimbledon of it. sa, ranking points over its decision to exclude players from russian values from competing at this year's championships. the atp said wimbledon decision to ban the players from the competition due to moscow's invasion of ukraine undermines the integrity of the tours ranking system. the move will effectively turn the world's most famous tennis tournament to an exhibition event. it's the 1st time players have been banned on grounds of nationality at the all england club since the
12:51 am
immediate post world war 2 era, when german and japanese players were excluded. oh meanwhile players are gearing out for the 2nd grand slam of the or the french open, which begins on sunday. and well then one of our jock of it believes he can overcome a tough feel to defend his title. serv claimed his 1st crown and more than 6 months when he won in rome, in april, a 35 year old missed the chance of defending his australian open title earlier this year, due to his refusal to be vaccinated against cope in 19 jock, which begins his defense against japan's josha he'd only sh koa on sunday. he'll be level with ruffin to dallas. hall of 21 grand slams. if he wins in paris. i feel i am. i'm always indo in that contention to fight for the any grandson trophy. i believe in my own abilities to get far and to, to fight for you know, one of the most prestigious trophies in the world of tennis and as
12:52 am
a defending champion, of course, more so to, to believe i can do it again. women's can as well. number one, e gosh, why attack is getting ready to put her unbeaten record on the line at roland guerrero's, deploy polish player is unbeaten and 28 matches. it's the longest run on the w t. torrison. serena williams, 134 street matches back in 2013 july attack is the top seat of roland barrels, where she won this huddled 2 years ago. i'm just an honestly going to take it measure by merge and i'm a, we're the street goose stuffing dog. me, um, be coming through and then soon so i don't want to be like, you know, heartbroken when he's going to happen. and i think bingo, that is pretty healthy for our driver. charles, a la clair has gone quickest and practice of the spanish formula. one grand prix. the clair currently leads the driver's championship with his team upgrading their car ahead of this a 6th race of the season by disappoint start to the campaign due to aerodynamic
12:53 am
issues. mercedes looked good with george russell and louis hamilton, 2nd and 3rd fastest reigning world champion matcher. stop and have his best time in seconds to practice the tricky, i mean to find a balance with the heat as well. so yeah, we greatly solve a bit of work to do over one lab. busy lawrence, at least a another club using so i'm, i'm happy with that to strive to missouri, try and find the middle. it does a lot of work her to do tonight. i mean, the short run, we look strong, but hi. so run looks, looks very, very difficult. for now, so we will have to work very hard and hopefully find a quite a bit of space for to full html. spanish champions around madrid played out a pretty uneventful goal. as strawn, what was their final league game of the season? a,
12:54 am
the highlight of the night coming before take off against the del rey winters rail bettis, mill sights gave each other a guard of honor in light of their success, this season. her lunch, ladies, i did come close to getting a late winter cream. ben sima just missing out bra, madrid will now turn their attention to the champions league final against liverpool. that's happening on may the 28th english football. so see sion, an u. k. police are investigating an incident involving crystal palace manager, patrick vieira. they are up here to kick out a supporter after being verbally provoked and happen. falling palaces 3 to premier league defeated everton home fans had evaded the pitch to celebrate the club avoiding relegation from arsenal and inter mall and player was confronted while making his way across to playing a re area towards the away dressing room. a feel for patrick, cars, olives i didn't game at the end because of how old are up to frost by. what is it coming with us? you know the mano wanted that, but you don't come in with us on on. i'm just filling in. i saw i didn't get
12:55 am
a and of course he's run across the pitch of i e r 's, across a lot of our fans or not, there's not a, it was pure relation of fans. that one is fine. the premier leave the come on the pitch. and you know, i can't complain when a lot from the direction post jumping up and down in front of them. you know, it was a special moment for the football club. and i think if done in the right, why that him down the pigeon, enjoy it for a bit. the boston celtics were far too good of the miami heats and game 2 of the eastern conference of finals the self. it's winning this one a 127 to 102 with the best. the 7 series now tied at 11 to mark as smart put in a big performance for the celtics with 24 points in 12 to 15. his team is aiming to win the championship for the 1st time since 2000, and i want to want to point. okay, and that is all your sport for now. it's now back to marian and london like you fall. so musicians around the world have been paying tribute to the greek compose of, and gallus is died at the age of $79.00. he was most famous for the soundtrack to
12:56 am
the oscar winning film at chariots, of fire on a gig. looks at his achievements. ah, an oscar winning pioneer who left his mark a van gallows park on us your nose bank. ellis was born in greece and went on to master the creation of musical scores with his distinctive style, his work span, and the sweeping symphonic. some ridley scott's 1492 conquest of paradise. ah, to avant garde experimental techniques featured in the disturb in science fiction classic blade runner. ah, but it was his most recognizable work. the school to the film chariots of fire had earned him an academy award. ah, themes celebrating victory in the face of adversity?
12:57 am
ah, that was also in part a tribute to his father, who had been a keen amator runner. mongolia had no formal musical training, but began his career forming bands with friends, as well as writing and producing for greek artists during the turmoil of a military coup. in 1967, he left greece and moved to paris and then london, and focused on writing musical scores, which suited his diverse styles. i don't like to repeat myself, traverse to repeat something ish only others you can't do anything else because after repeated begrudge you find the recipe in order to shut records. so i was trying also avoid that. ah, space was also a subject of infinite fascination for van gallus. his last studio album, juno,
12:58 am
to jupiter, was a score to the nasa exploration of the juno space probe to jupiter. his own tribute to the mission. one of many that came to, to find the artist in his own right. i. tiffany, is out, bobby, back in just moment with more the days news. ah, ah. and for 23 years musson has collected objects he finds along the coast.
12:59 am
ah enough to fill his museum enough to break a dentist wild redcoat, armed with a story for every object, he's become an environmental activist, uninspired artists under voice for the plight of countless micro martinez you such on al jazeera, bold and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera, who, an ethiopian hours to grat, tend to communist rattle only to be disappeared. a family's tragedy entwined with a violent chapter in the country's history. when you see the blood you say is that going to be my blood on that love to a lifelong search for answers
1:00 am
and closer findings. salaam witness on al jazeera. i'm rob reynolds at the us mexico border on may 23rd, the bite, the ministration plans to terminate. title 42. that's a pandemic era policy introduced under donald trump. that allows for the immediate deportation of migrants in mexico will meet migrants seeking a better life. and here from some of the hundreds of thousands deported yet preparing to try again. special coverage on al jazeera. ah, russia says it's now captured the whole of mary apple after the last ukranian fight is defending the as of sal still works, lay down their arms. meanwhile russia.


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