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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 20, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents, and this is mean fighting both isis and a. the 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father, the son, and the g. hi, heart tune on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm carrie johnson. this is the knees are alive from dec i will coming up in the
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next 60 minutes. the commander of ukraine's, as of regiment says, defending the city of morrow all has come to an end to save the lives of soldiers remaining at the house of style plot. the last moments before al jazeera is sharina, our clay was killed by israeli forces. the new video shows there was no fighting at the time she was shot. jo biden's 1st asia trip takes him to south korea, looking to sell a new china strategy. new cases of monkey pock saw detected in europe and north america. baffling scientists who ever seen the bars spread so fast and in sport, it's been a good day in barcelona for f one world championship leader charles or clark friday driver clock. fast time in practice, the head of the spanish rom for use with ukraine's military leaders have ordered their remaining troops. hold up in mariposa
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besieged as of style, still works to lay down their arms. it comes after nearly 3 months of resistance against a relentless russian assault. dosage by reports not from moscow. these ukranian soldiers survived rushes onslaught for more than 2 months in the as of saul steel plants tired and defeated, they are taken away to the nearby town of new caught in the pro russian separatist controls area of done. yes. their future is unknown, but their commander hoped they will get home soon. it's in the naval battle and they will, but senior military leadership have given in order to save lives, in the health of the garrison service men into peace, defending the city and they know civilians have been evacuated. the heavily wounded received the necessary assistance and they were evacuated, to be later exchanged and delivered to territory controlled by ukraine on the russian defense minister, a brief his team in moscow was like, you know,
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the volcano of the as i fell planned, continues. civilians have been evacuated from the territory of the plant. they were held there by the ukrainian nationalists. 177 people have been saved, including 85 women and 47 children. all of them have received qualified medical. psychological help. nationalists locked the planter actively surrendering so far. 1908 people have laid down their arms. the kremlin says those who surrender will be treated in line with international norms. some russian lawmakers have demanded they be tried for war crimes. and one said they should face the death penalty sir. gay, chicago also announced his forces alongside russian back separatist will soon claim full control over the logan's creegan, eastern ukraine. victory, that's long overdue for his forces. forces the defense minister wants to expand. he revealed plans for 12 more military units to be added to the military districts
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in western russia in response to finland and sweden applying to join nato. that expansion needs more man power, and the russian lawmakers may have the solution. the st tomorrow on friday said it's considering a bill that would allow russians over the age of 40 and foreigners. over the age of 30 to sign up for the military, the website of the russian parliament, lower house, the state duma said the move would enable the military to utilize the skills of older professionals. familiar with the use of high precision weapons and military equipment. as what russia calls its special military operation near the 3 month mark, there is no indication from either side of an end to the conflict door such a bar al jazeera moscow. while the fighters hold up in the as of style, a steel plant are from the as of the talent. but immer putin has used the fighters as a key part of his narrative. we're trying to justify the invasion of you. great. i
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saw that 1st formed as a volunteer force in 2014 defending murray, apart from russia back separatists. and if it's fighters were drawn from the far right, neo nazi groups as of unit was officially incorporated into ukraine's national guard in 2014 and keep insist that by then, it had moved away from its radical origins. but in 2018 u. s. congress had banned them from receiving military aid. over their ideology, the un also accused of violating international humanitarian law. but as of denies that neo nazi association is gained, a reputation for fierce fighting has become a public face of ukraine's resistance in the war. and serve valor for is a freelance journalist who has been covering a post soviet countries since 2005. he joins us from care. thanks for being on the program. how are the as of fighters regarded you think in ukraine both now and in the past? in the past, they were seen as
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a very formidable and scary force because the alternation was the far right crowd. they pretty much controlled the street. they didn't have a lot of political influence in the parliament or in the actual whole power, but they could stage a very large, very color for a street for us and what's likely to be the fate then of those soldiers who have now surrendered. i think that this is one of the most i debated questions, debated issues in ukraine right now, because the fighters are now seen out there. they're book chism, a fire. they're now seen as the super human mythical figure is $300.00 spout spartans, who could stall an entire evil army. and if president bloody ms. williams kid
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feels to save them from from t, v, from, from a possible russian trial, he will face an enormous storm of public indignation. so how significant has this battle over the steel looks become in the overall progress of the bullet and the whole symbolism of it that the symbolism is exactly what it is. it's. it's mythical. it's almost engine greek. ah, because a handful of these warriors managed to distract thousands and thousands of russian troops and lots of russian tanks and military machinery from, from moving towards the southern region of ideas. so for example, or from advancing in the, in the eastern regions. so in many ways,
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the other stuff dazzle fighters were seen as these you know, as, as a handful of seebert. so how has the war change that image then, and how will it change it going forward? one of the, one of the fighters was arrested last august for record hearing distortion. and i mean being so full of businessman and the teacher high. ah, now she is. why does the results of the cal m? she was not in my view, but i think this guy symbolizes the public wide washing of the image from a scary, from a scary crowd of patriotic yes. for rights activists, they transformed into the user. then to these are, you know,
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block buster ready action heroes. okay, man sir, revolve freelance jernace. thanks for that perspective here today. thanks for having me. for some relatives of the as of regimen soldiers have arrived in turkey, where they were appealing for help to get their loved ones to safety city. and of course, york lou has more from the stumble among the wives of also so fighters and mario poll i sat down with natal is that it sca her husband is among those $959.00 ukranian fighters who were evacuated from us or so steel plant by russians, natalia and 3 of her friends have been in the turkish capital anchor for the last couple of days seeking support for the safe evacuation of their husbands and sons. let's listen to what natalia told us about the latest on us of fighters to out together 3 a yes and
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a half. but we had where didn't on as of still planned at distance. we married during the war. have you contacted him so far? we are in as a ukrainian embassy in turkey in ankara. and i and my husband started to typed me and i was shocked because as there was no connection during 15 days, he said that they are moving from wal how to and as a how in each centimeter of this way, we have many, many risks. he had no chances to save his life, but the only guarantee that our men won't be killed. that is the attention of the whole world is concentrated
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around the barriers of others to plant. is it possible for an exchange of prisoners? it will be the most appropriate scenario. how to solve these problems in rochell? yeah, they are also we my mothers while waiting for their psalms the why? so as a fighters have mixed feelings, now they're happy that their husbands are alive, but they're so concerned for how long they will manage to stay alive and faith in russian prisons. finland, it says russia will halter deliveries of natural gas from especially morning. as after russia also stop supplying electricity to the nordic nation last week, if it has officially applied for nato membership, despite warnings from moscow, it says it will now get gas from estonia. russia's state owned energy for gas
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problem. stockton, natural gas to live is to put him in bog gary last month after they refused to pain levels. or germany has signed an energy partnership deal with cut up to reduce its dependence on russia. cut out, i'm it says the country aims to help you up secure its energy supplies and to start sending liquefied natural gas from 2024. i'm it came reports from but it for months these ministers have been trying to negotiate a deal to ship liquid natural gas from cattle to germany. on friday at berlin, they sided agreement, but on the face of it, the deal doesn't deliver entirely what either side had wanted. so whether 2 heads of government spoke later, while the words were friendly, the details was sparse, and arched and wondering if we want to change the way we get our energy to become less dependent on russian energy imports shaken him and i are in agreement that guitar and germany will work more closely together on energy supplies in the future
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. conf to hang up to some of them. but quite how closely together is less evident. what is evident is cat. our wants to supply more energy to europe. this is an investment that is very important to us and we're looking for it as well. that especially in the gas sector that term to explore new markets. europe is a very interesting market and we discussed this with the chancellor as well this morning. and how to develop this relationship for a woods with the german government has already started building u l. a g term on its north sea coast. part of a plan to allow it relatively soon to ship in tens of billions of cubic meters of gas. be that from qatar, the u. s. australia or elsewhere. so it can start to weed itself off. russian fossil fuels. but doing that has a cost to the environment. germany was relying on pipeline guys,
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including from russia in order to reach its climate goals. and as you know, em, pipeline or natural gas is basically the least, or has the least come footprint. the smallest come footprint are in all of a fossil fuels. so one now replacing it with l. n. g with increased footprint a little bit. there are 3 contentious elements of the potential deal. it should last for 20 years. the gas price would be linked to oil prices and germany would not be able to reroute category ellen g to other e, you states, which it does currently with russian gas ministers in berlin. do not really like any of those conditions. and there are other conditions in doha, which some here criticize notably the human rights situation with the football world cup in cat are looming. the amier says,
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all cultures are welcome in his country, but he was all who visit his country to respect, category culture, dominate cane al jazeera, berlin. alex schindler is the president of energy intelligence. he joins us by skype from london. thanks for being with us here on the program at how significant then is this gas deal between germany and cattle? well, highly, it's nice to be here. i. it is actually very significant because it's a deal as your program just outlined that have been worked on for a number of weeks now. and near the fact that there been a several sort of problems with getting it done on the reserve, outlined about the questions around the long term nature of the actual contract and the lender toil prices. it's adjusted the 2 sides are way to move forward and it does give a bit of a boost to the use goals to try to ring itself off. rushing gas. how soon then can this gas come on stream and, and can anything be done to make that even sooner?
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well, i think both sides, small germany and cut there are facing constraints. number one, as we know, german does not have currently any energy in port terminals. and those will take some time to build you, you might be able to get those up and running and 12 to 18 months if they're ready to go. but the demand is quite tight. for l g import or floating, or temporary, important terminals. everyone's looking for them right now to build new ones. it can take several years. so that's just the important side of things. and of course, we know from the countryside cutter is doing a massive expansion of it's l. g. industry at home. it will do is from $77000000.00 tons a year and you know, up to $110000000.00 times a year. that's a huge increase but not coming on until the middle of this decade. now as we've heard from the some of the members of the country government in the last couple of days that there's potentially get l n g from a country, an exxon,
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a project in the united states in texas, which is coming online in 2024. but even that, you see it were still a few years away. so l n g is not a solution for germany right now. especially in port situation. and germany needs this for practical and political reasons, domestically as well as consumers may start to suffer with the rising prices without it in the future. well, that's right. i mean, i think the question that europe is facing right now is a question between energy security and the energy security question. is that where do we get, are you from versus the sort of low carbon ambitions of set set themselves. and the fact with gas was actually going to be left out of the european union sort of future plans. and so the, the sort of realization now that actually there aren't a lot of alternatives to rushing gas that aren't gas itself. means that, you know, you're going to come the term despite the gas, potentially
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a longer term answer to energy needs. now, what comes with that is high prices, because if you're going to be importing a whole lot more liquefied natural gas into europe, that, that looks like natural gas can float anywhere. that's the nature of looks like natural gas ship and go where the best prices. so in europe is going to compete for that, those cargoes is going to have to pay the highest prices, which traditionally been paid by asia. so there is a lot of release for us in europe and consumers such as myself, in the next couple of years. if we're really going to be shifting to l n g sort of focused enforce nero in the european union and in particular, germans ok with alex and press on health, energy intelligence, thank you for your incense. thank you offense. more head on the news hour, including a hero of east timor independence is sworn in as president, and he has a message for china. thus the sri lankan, the president swears in all members of his new cabinet,
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but were fresh faces be enough to stop widespread calls for his resignation. plus in sports, we hear from the world talk women's a tennis plan, who's been in unstoppable form ahead of the friendship. ah, more than a week after our colleague shaheen actually was killed by israeli forces in the occupied west. frank new video is corroborating eye. witness accounts. hodges 0 has obtained footage showing the last moments before she read. it was shot in the head . it also shows there were no crashes at the time, and gunshots came from a position where is many soldiers was stationed. oh, odd. people are seen fleeing to the opposite side of the street towards an area where is rarely officials originally claimed the shooting. it came from her.
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oh, good, i'm sure. yeah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, my god, miss ahead. al sadi had accompanied showing on assignment that day in janine in the occupied westbank. he went back to the area and retraced their steps. mckesson confirmed the car woman from mother diana. we. i took a dorm from here. we began to walk towards the location where a colleague sharon was murdered as we continued to walk naturally and quietly. we stood here at this spot and myself and my colleagues walked off. no, no, it's m m. i know was i know, did you stand in front of them? so the see you the taba. oh sure. how doing? oh yes,
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of course we did. they originally saw us coming from the beginning of the street and we stopped right here. we wore helmets and bulletproof precipice, and we also made sure to, we're here to all safety standards. my camera was with me and i put it here to record what was happening on the street and was the presence of the occupation forces. after a few seconds the shooting started today, and the 1st bullet hit this building. and i told my colleagues that they were shooting at us, being journalists, but we have to protect ourselves. had that thought then been up. but where were you exactly when the fuzz woodard was fired, we were in this spot. israeli military says it is not opening a criminal investigation into the killing of shooting. i would actually, she was shot in the head buys very forces while covering a raiden geniune the occupied west bank. military says it's identify the soldiers a rifle that may have been used to kill her. but it says it cannot be sure unless palestinians turn over the bullet for analysis. on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm the procession and beat mourners,
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causing all bears to almost draw her coffin. members of the international community of condemned her killing. and according for an investigation, friends and colleagues of the al jazeera journalists have spoken of her legacy, and the dangers faced by palestinian reporters is an a special edition of talk to al jazeera. i didn't know that the kind of person that can be forgotten. she's not the kind of person that shouldn't be forgotten, it's such a heavy burden that the immunity that the is early on is having no one and they're not being held accountable. no respect for that. no respect for the living. nothing did do that. ah, like every few months, every year we lose journalists on posters. now they say the daughter of palestine, she was and you can watch the full program. i talked to al jazeera in the field
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on saturday at o 430 g m t. joe biden is in that south korea for his 1st asia trip. as you, as president, he seeking to reassure allies about countering china's influence and to discuss north korea's nuclear ambitions. you also says he hopes deals in the region can fix problems with global supply chains. florence louis reports from so u. s. president biden's 1st stop in south korea, a computer chip plant by some so that could serve as a model for a multi 1000000000 dollar facility being built in the u. s. that underscores the importance of the semiconductor industry computer chips, power, modern technology for vehicles to artificial intelligence, but a global chip shortage. since the pandemic has affected the availability of many of these products. 3 quarters of global chip production comes from asia. the biden
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administration is now looking to shift some of that to the us. how we'll do that in my view is by working with close partners who do share or values like you would probably good career, secure more of what we need from our allies and partners and bolster our supply chain resilience. the move is also partly driven by china's drive for self sufficiency in ship production with the government pouring billions of dollars into the industry. for the u. s. to maintain its technological advantage, it has to invest in computer chips for south korea, a focal point of precedent biden's visit is an opportunity to strengthen existing ties into a more comprehensive partnership inner languages. i hope that today's visit will serve as an opportunity for the r o k u. s. relationship to be reborn as an economic security alliance based on advanced technology and supply chain cooperation. president biden's visit comes a week after he hosted southeast asian leaders at the summit in the us. analysts
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say these events underscore how the indo pacific region remains a top priority for the biden administration. on saturday, the 2 presidents will hold a summit with their expect it to discuss regional security, including the de new clarissa ation of the korean peninsula. florence louis al jazeera sol to lankin preston's got to buy roger pack sir has sworn in 9 more members to his new cabinet. violence fled overnight as protest has continued to demand his resignation. should anchored suffering its worst economic crises and decades. aspiring prices power card sunday limited fuel and out fernandez reports from columbus. oh yeah. the chance allowed an unforgiving go home go to return our stolen money. we want our future back. people are struggling to afford food, medicine, cooking, gas,
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and fuel. i shall uncle faces its worst economic crisis since independence in 1948 . it's mainly a chair down is near quota. i my everything has gone up. many people blame the raj, bucks a family for the crisis from heroes who oversaw the military victory over the tamil tigers. in 2009 family members have now become a target of anger and ridicule. what is very unfortunate is the sense of entitlement that they have that they are meant to rule this country, almost like a royal family. and that sense, i think, comes from the fact that there were in charge when the 30th war came to an end. and
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they feel that they are the saviors of the country for era and other analysts say the roger box, a government took out big loans for giant infrastructure projects. after the country civil war ended and cut taxes. the president has admitted failure. anti corruption activists also allege billions of dollars may have been made from illegal deals in recent years. we lodge a form in a case where we are more than 500 miles, all lined the court, but not going to happen. some cases saw here in it's not her ending from chaos are going by pharma. her came back by the by the comes or no c id because evidence on be not friends. i'm technical. my past the large boxes changed the constitution twice. critic, see this allowed them to contest an unlimited number of terms in the presidential office. weakened, parliamentary oversight, and remove checks and balances against the politicization of public services and
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the police. the unprecedented protest in recent weeks has worried the ruling family present. got up, a roger boxer has brought in a new prime minister and a new cabinet. but despite the demonstrations, the roger pops is still control a majority in parliament. and the president is refusing, protested calls to step down. mina fernandez al jazeera colombo. still, the head heron al jazeera. ah ah, we look back at the life of the legendary greeks composer, van gallus, who has died, was famous for his award winning theme from the movie chariots of fire. and in sports, the hockey player who managed to give himself a head injury before a playoff game. ah
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hello, well hot and dusty sums up the weather across the middle east at the moment. so no great surprise is here. still a little bit of wet weather, a little further north, just around the caucasus are maniac, sebastian, you could catch a shower to hear georgia as well, but for many it's just about the heat in the dry weather. as usual, shamal wind continues to blow, not too bad, but there will be some lifted dust and sand to watch out for on sas de $45.00 celsius here in dough. hossa. sally plenty hot enough as we go on into our sunday goes off a little because the wind does pick up 39 celsius a little more than easterly elements to the winds are coming in off the other waters. they're getting up to around 30 celsius therefore damascus form enough. i suspect they're just a rama. levant, with some sunshine coming through lots of sunshine across north africa. we have got
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a little more cloud just coming out of that eastern southern side of egypt, blowing dust and sand coming in across the ssl through the sahara. easing across into northern parts of nigeria noticed a shower surging a little further north was pushing up it to begin a faster. we'll see the shower stretch right the way across. much of west africa. right through liberia, into sierra leone showers. now pushing back into that eastern side or south africa with a possibility of flooding because we're in a town ah, a with
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on counting the cost that we said meltdown in crystal currency worries investors, can it make it come back? why did app or lose the most valuable company ground to saudi oil for romco? and how will trade protectionism affect global for security and fight? counting the cost on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. oh, oh. oh. this is al jazeera reminder about top stories now. after battling
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a russian forces for nearly 3 months, the last ukrainian soldiers must still works, planting murray, a pop up in order to lay down their arms by their leaders. germany has signed an energy partnership, deal with cattle to reduces dependency on russia. cost m here confirmed his country hopes to stop sending liquefied natural gas from 2024 through biden is in south korea for his 1st asia trip. ice u. s. president, receipt and commute short allies about countering china's influence and to discuss measures to stop. north korea's nuclear ambitions focused ons. former prime minister in ron con is calling on support is to march on the capital and reject his removal from office. con has been rallying support since losing office and a new confidence vote in parliament last month. come out, hider has more from some about the rallied her day. dawn was locked of the hated regard. m rhonda had been holding large, rallied across the country and
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a bed too much tech support for that long march day announced ad directly that it would be between the 21st and 29th of may. it is called a call committee meeting on sunday, and i did run the final date where to come here, cause exerting pressure on this great lucian government, which was formed after a ward of no confidence. again, bron con to avoid delay changed or dissolve the assembly. and to go back to the peep or the day, of course have been reduced in saying that they really bring in electronic reform the situation and focused on very critical because the political instability comes at the time when the ruby is in a nose dive against the us dollar and that of course export a huge pressure on the new government to come to read writing inflation. so amber on current pop, your latter day instead of drilling has guide rocketed after he was out,
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stayed by the board of no confidence and his narrative. dad did say the border spread, it he had been telling now to day all across focus on big green was set up. how did of people to another city also witness this particular rally and move on. and we're going to now be preparing for that long margin is some, a bought on the law, bought carrie, which could bring life to jewel stance and add to the political attentions already were then pocket on heavy rain. if nothing and landslides are affecting 700000 people in northeast in india, in some states, at least 10 people have died in the latest samples. and pharma said most of their crops are gone for cost to say more rain is on the way of the natal reports from the giant district in northeast india was up there. then i got a rescue team to the lifeline to update my ged family. his daughter in law is 8 months pregnant and needs urgent medical care. they had been stranded for days when
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they spotted this rescue boat and called for help aside in the give valuable her story that we've raised a lot of difficulty for food. if it was tough to get food and drinking water, we eventually got some relief. the water level was about one and a half meters. high. heavy rains have caused floods in parts of a psalm state in india's northeast, impacting 700000 people who j district and central asylum is one of the was effected areas. thousands of homes have been damaged since flooding began last week . receding water levels are making it more difficult to evacuate. people rescue boats like this one continued to crossover, submerge patty fields. the water and some parts is estimated to be at least 15 feet deep. the retrieving bodies carrying relief material and rescuing stranded villagers have been stuck without food and other necessities for days. dozens
9:36 pm
of families are staying in this relief camp. some have been staying for a week. they said they need more help from the government. i feel bad, i guess it's a like, i guess again. oh look, we worry about our future. we don't know what we will do. we don't think there's any hope for us. we have left our cadon. we don't have enough to eat. we have been here for awhile and we are still waiting for help. we need a some often sees floods during the monsoon season. this year, the rains have come early and a more intense hoge, i haven't seen major flooding in 18 years. our main, our challenge was to communism how we recent people. so he called upon army board pro from head bolts and all helped us a lot. so nerves, so far as what there was i was, i had the minimum level and multiple play, the model sent a flavor grizzle. now while challenges to resolve to people who are still staying in the remote areas rescue team say despite high water levels, many villagers are unwilling to leave those who have a hoping to return soon so they can start rebuilding their lives. pardon him,
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little al jazeera, who j district in north east india is timor's, new preston has been sworn in the head of celebrations, marking 20 years of independence from indonesia. jesse ramos horta has pledged to fight poverty and seek a closer ties with its neighbors. jessica washington was cindy lee as his youngest country welcomes its new president 72 year old josie ramos horta is a familiar faith for most in east timor, also known as timor, lusty. it's the 2nd time he's held the presidency and the land, the country gained independence 20 years ago, after more than 2 decades of occupation by indonesia. it's often struggled with periods of political instability. ramos horta has pledged to help resolve the tensions between rival factions. beautiful to all parties, both inside and outside parliament. i will continue to have dialogue with every one
9:38 pm
of these 3. president ramos horta played a major role in east g most fight for independence. from indonesia. it has been an important political figures ever since. after securing a landslide when in elections in april, he says he will focus on strengthening regional ties. our relations with public off indonesia, australia, new zealand, and the south east asian countries jo graphically blows will be more, less. it must be at the top of our national agenda in east timor is the only country in southeast asia, that's not part of the association of southeast asian nations, or as the on indonesia has pledged to support. ramos horta does goal of becoming a member. we try our best, who can fins, or that i see a members on the bottoms of the more less become part of the process. so it will continue to convince of the members east timor is one of the poorest countries in
9:39 pm
asia, about 40 percent of its population live below the poverty line. yeah, i mean, everyone has high hopes that with president ramos horta connections, we can have cooperation with other countries to develop, to more or less about 70 percent of people in east timor are under 30 years old. it's a young country with a young population. and while people haven't forgotten, it's troubled past many a hoping for a better future. jessica washington out here, france, germany, belgium, and australia are among the latest countries to detect cases of monkey pox. they join others like britain were known. infections doubled from 9 to 20 on friday. the virus rarely seen outside west and central africa was never spread so quickly. near harding reports. monkeys able to transmit monkey pox to humans, causing fever, aches and gentle legions. but the virus passing from person to person has been rare,
9:40 pm
especially outside of west africa. until now. the mason p be more cases and more people who are incubating the disease in west africa who a traveling. so there's more opportunity for to seed into, into european countries. another discovery is who is being infected. all known patients are male and say they're gay or bisexual. the risk factor here has been men having sex with man. and so that sort of close contact that makes sense because the way this is spread is through both respiratory droplets with close, very close proximity face to face respiratory droplets, but also direct contact with the lesions that have virus in the smallpox vaccine was phased out in the 1900 eighty's, but it also protected against monkey pox. and some scientists say the winding down
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of these vaccination campaigns has led to this jump. in monkey pox cases, there's no need to panic. this is not going to spread and get into the general population and cause an epidemic clank corona virus as well. scientists say it's relatively difficult for this virus to spread governments and at least 5 countries are trying to figure out just how monkey pox made it to their shores. leo harding al jazeera delegates attending the fist, a global conference on the elimination of child labor on to eradicate the practice by 2025. the u. n. this has up to a 160000000 children are involved and are often subjected to dangerous conditions. at least 40000 of them are in mali. one of africa's biggest of gold produces nicholas ha, cripples along the banks of the folly. may river and southern molly children search for gold. some are here with their parents. others are alone orphans from the war.
9:42 pm
in this a hell region, they come from all over west africa to the many illegal mines here. jacqueline dodge, warren says she's 15 but appears to be barely 12. in this gold rush, adults hoped to get rich, while the children hope to find just enough to buy a meal and the air gun, no animal. i am the eldest in the family. and so i am in charge of supporting my sisters and brother and helping my mother find food in the morning. i do the chores than i come to work to search for gold. if we find something i buy the food, then i make the meal at school is not an option for me or any of the children here . after toiling for 16 hours a day, finding gold is a welcome prospect for the men. but for the children, there is fear, men seeking sex, offer money to desperate girls as young as $12.00 who are left with little choice either except the abuse or go hungry. d u and says 1600000 children worldwide
9:43 pm
are forced into selling sex to survive new finances. i would have been if i'm, if you see those children working dose to goes behind me, all of their, with their mom will be they can make up to $36.00 in a day that on with that money will they can help their entire family left the system off work is essential local by mistake about the economic fall out of the pandemic. and the rising cost of living means poverty for millions of families. the u. n says almost 10000000 children globally will stop school and start working before the end of the year. to condense, mother says adults depend on their children to work. what im a fan of them. i am at nally, i. ne, be, if i had the means, of course, my daughter would not be watching him. of course, school is better in the long run. she's not working by choice as i, her dad is old. there are 7 other relatives and we all depend on her bathroom to kinda didn't find gold, but she did find a way to make money, how she earned it. she is in saying, but it's enough to buy a meal for her family. the burden of care was given to the young,
9:44 pm
robbed of their childhood and forced to earn a living like adults. nicholas hawk al jazeera of her pocket, but a gow is the department erect for governance at the international labor organization. she explains some key objectives that were discussed at the conference really just because it doesn't fall to action. we, after we started the last sunday, we observed that we had a progress of diminishing child labor, but some region more effect. and indeed, after certain, fortunately is one of those regions where we observe that children are working 992000000 to the side label. and what we have been doing is also collecting information more on that. and we'll also observe that these increase as affected more children on between the age of 5 to 11. we please.
9:45 pm
today we have 89000000 children working. and the medical center that we had was the fact that the, those children are the, as the work. and also working in the cultural sector. so the school to action looks to issues related to a social perfection. we too closely related to the existence for many children in the labor market. so this call or this conference is engaging a political engagement, creating space for countries to come forward and accelerate the call to action accelerate, achieving the 10s of thousands of women in mexico. go missing every year most and ever seen again with limited resources. the government is unable to investigate many cases. that sled families to go to great lengths to find their loved ones and
9:46 pm
rapid reports from mexico city on one mother's struggle to reunite with her doctor . it's late afternoon in mexico city, and rosa silva is out searching for her daughter victoria, liz beth who went missing last year long and anonymous phone call has led rosa to a part of the city that's popular among sex workers. she believes whomever took her daughter may have forced her into prostitution better for then inclin dot m e. have it done yet. all this is in hopes of finding my daughter victoria. it would be the greatest thing that could happen for us to find her during one of these searches that we carry out with the help of a lena elena is the founder of an end geo that seeks to help people like rossa in their search for missing loved ones, i've had them off, he said, and i got my that and on some time ago we receive a phone call. it was a woman's voice. she said she had seen rose as daughter among the girls out here.
9:47 pm
back noah. we. elena's organization has started a campaign called quad, those bassio's or empty rooms and spanish. their main objective is to raise visibility over the crisis of missing persons in mexico, by symbolically renting out the rooms of missing women. the money they raise is used to help families fund the search for their loved ones. her opa, this room once belonging to ross as daughter victoria, is just one of tens of thousands of empty rooms across mexico. lo, apollonia right, is jesse though, be doria has been missing for more than a year. we gross a, has kept everything just the way it was. the day her daughter disappeared. uncle, me think kimmie still even something tells me my daughter is alive, but where is she? i wish i could just turn the corner and see her and hold her hidden. i dream of her constantly in my dreams. i see my daughter smiling. i see her coming home. i have
9:48 pm
faith that i will find my daughter. i'll ask for god to give me the strength to continue the struggle. apart from the pain of not knowing where victoria is, or if she's even alive, grocer has all but spent her life savings trying to find her billing. and in mexico, it's a story that plays out every day in households all across the country. more than $22100.00 women are currently listed as missing in mexico, and more than half of them are under the age of 18. the crisis of missing persons in mexico is so massive that every day an average of 6 women go missing. most of them will never be seen or heard from again as weeks and months of past, with no updates on victoria's whereabouts, many have lost faith of ever finding her alive. grocer, however, refuses to give up hope, vowing to never give up the search for her daughter,
9:49 pm
maneuvered up hello al jazeera mexico city. now the man behind the award winning a theme in the movie chariots of fire has died. grief compose if i get it was 79 years old. sonia go, yeah, go, looks back of his career. ah, an oscar winning pioneer left his mark a van goss papa. nice. you know, nice when dallas was born in greece and went on to master the creation of musical scores with his distinctive style, his work span, and the sweeping symphonic. some ridley scott's 1492 conquest of paradise. to avalon guards, experimental techniques featured image to stop him. science fiction classic blade runner. ah, but it was his most recognizable work. the school to the film chariots of fire had
9:50 pm
earned him an academy award. seem celebrating victory in the face of adversity. ah, that was also in part a tribute to his father who had been a keen amator runner. mongolia had no formal musical training, but began his career forming bands with friends, as well as writing and producing for greek artists during the turmoil of military coups. in 1967, he left greece and moved to paris and then london, and focused on writing musical scores, which suited his diverse styles. i don't like to repeat myself, traverse to repeat something ish only. how that if you can't do anything else, or because after repeated beggars, you find the recipe in order to shot records. sure, um, i was trying also avoid that. ah, space was also
9:51 pm
a subject of infinite fascination for van gallus. his last studio album, juno, to jupiter, was a score to the nasa exploration of the juno space probe to jupiter. his own tribute to the mission. one of many that came to to find the artist in his own right, sonic imo al jazeera was still a heads on al jazeera in sports. no joke of it. she looks to make up for lost time at the french open details coming. ah, with
9:52 pm
a whole lou ah ah
9:53 pm
was torn for the sportsman's now his far carry. thank you so much. men's and women's tennis tours have stripped to wimbledon of ranking points over its decision to exclude players from russia and bell roost from competing at this year's championships. the atp said wimbledon decision to ban the players from competition due to moscow's invasion of ukraine undermines the principal and the integrity of the tours. ranking system move will effectively turn the world's most famous tennis tournament to an exhibition event. it's 1st time players have been banned on grounds, nationality at the all england club since the immediate post world war 2 era german and japanese players were excluded. o. meanwhile, players are gearing up for the french open, which begins on sunday rural number one know by jock, which believes he can overcome a tough fuel to defend. his title served claimed his 1st crown in more than 6 months when he won in rome. in april,
9:54 pm
the 35 year old miss the chance of defending his australian open title earlier this year. due to his refusal to be vaccinated against coven, 19 dark, which begins his defense against pans. jo shahid, an issue. koa, on sunday. i'll be level with ruffin. adela hall of $21.00 grand slams. if he wins in paris, i feel i am. i'm always indo in that contention to fight for the any grandson trophy. i believe in my own abilities to get far and to, to fight for. you know, one of the most prestigious trophies in the world of tennis i as a defending champion, of course, more so to, to believe i can do it again. women's tennis world, one e gash y a tag is getting ready to put her unbeaten record on a line at rollin girls. the polish player is unbeaten in 28 matches. it's the longest run on the debbie t torrison. serena williams,
9:55 pm
134 straight matches back in 2013. dr. hack is the top seed up rolling arrows where she won the title 2 years ago. the tournament starts on sunday. i'm just an honestly going to take it measure by merge and i'm a, we're the street goose stuffing dog me um, be coming through and then soon so i, i don't want to be like, you know, hard broken when he's going to happen and i think bingo or that is pretty healthy for our driver shower for claire has gone quickest and practice these spanish formula. one grand prix. mcclare currently leads the driver's championship with his team, upgrading their car ahead of the this is fixed rate of the season. right. is disappointing . start to the campaign, do you do? aerodynamic issues. looked good. george russell, and louis hamilton, 2nd, 3rd, a 5th reading world champion metro stop in 5th time. in 2nd practice,
9:56 pm
the english football association and u. k. police are investigating an incident involving crystal palace manager patrick the arab. there appeared to kick out at a supporter after being verbally provoked. it happened falling palaces 3 to primarily defeated everton. home fans had invaded the pitch to celebrate the club. avoiding relegation of former are stolen inter mall and player was confronted while making his way across the playing or area towards the way dressing room. i feel for patrick because i was, i didn't game at the end because of how older up to for us. what is it coming with us? you know, the mom wanted that, but you know, coming with us and i managed to show him. so i didn't get that. and of course he run across the pitch of i was across a lot of our fans or not. it was pure relation of funds that one assigned to premier leave to come on the page. and you know, i can't complain when i'm up on the direction of jumping up and down in front of
9:57 pm
them. you know, it was a special mind for the football club. and i think if done in the right, why that comes down the pigeon enjoy forbid the boston celtics were far too good for the miami heat and gain shoe at the eastern conference finals. the celtics winning this 127 to 102 with the best of 7 series now tied at 11 mark as smart put in a big performance for the celtics. with 24 points in 12 assess team is aiming to win the championship for the 1st time since 2008. so i didn't back corner won't lose my whole career. you know, the sluggard drafted you do. and you know, i just waited my turn and, you know, and i'm blessed to be in a situation, i am to have the opportunity to go out to show what i can do in, you know, i think everybody, the organization in the world is seeing what are to do a good point or position. i'm corey perry had quite an ide for defending stanley. capt champions tampa bay lightning. he managed to cut his had in the warm up before their playoff game against the florida panthers. the pocket ricocheted off the bar
9:58 pm
and hit him in the face in his shooting was more accurate during the game. very score the opener and a to one when tampa are to up the in the best of 7 series. okay, and that is all you support for now carry back to you. thank you very much indeed with that sit for me for this news. i my colleague maria marcy in london will behave in a moment more of a day's new stay with us. ah ah. and stealing the debates, it is no job. bad news. i am if anyone here talks about women's rights, of course,
9:59 pm
does this bill seem to have been says notes. he gets off the table, we were taught to see abortion as a one way ticket, straight to health, all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix that. we're a global audience, becomes a global community. the comment section is right here, the part of today's program, this to him on out his era trust and authority is up and all time low. you want to stop bro hench patriot distrust. this is a baffle about what the truth actually is. al jazeera investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear, suspicion and conspiracy theories have become the tools of the powerful we're in a dangerous territory and that dangerous territory runs did. what happens now that we literally diverge? that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion on al jazeera. in just under a year's time, catalyst al bait stadium will house. the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the
10:00 pm
official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many fans were already counting down to the big kickoff next november. see you . i don't want to do as this tournament unfolds over the coming days. it will play a key role. organize is getting ready to host the middle east's biggest ever supporting event next year and for the castle national. same as i get used to playing in front of expected home crowds now hoping to convince both the fans and themselves. so they really are ready to take on the world. the news the commander of the kinds of regiment says his men have been ordered to stop defending mary, a pole in order to save their lives. while russia ran south, it's a.


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