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tv   Al Jazeera World Austria Operation Luxor  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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is a political impasse. here's the path. what are we telling the good story? we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise. and to actually feel as if you were there. ah hello, i'm emily angland in auto headquarters. these, the top stories on al jazeera in an historic move, finland and sweden have submitted their formal applications to join nato. both countries have long stayed neutral, but roches invasion of ukraine as rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of joining the alliance. at diplomatic edison, james bass reports from brussels. nato secretary general yen stilton burg, welcoming the ambassadors of the 2 countries that want to become the newest members to join an alliance,
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which currently has 30 members. the ambassadors had with them their formal that is of application. this moment marking a radical change and opinion in the 2 nordic nations with long cherished that no line status for a change that's taken place in the period of less than 3 months since russia invaded ukraine, every nation has the right to choose his own. paul. you are both made your choice of the follow democratic processes. and i warmly welcome the requests, boy finance read me to join nato. you are our closest partners and your membership in natal would increase our shared security of the current nato members. $29.00 out of 30 strongly support sweden and finland membership. they both have sophisticated armies, substantial fleets of air craft and both have served alongside nato forces in the
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balkans and african star. the leader of one nato member though has objections, turkeys president, odor one accuses both countries of harboring terrorists in particular kurdish nationalists groups. the u. s. is confident the turkey can be persuaded, and that's why the us secretary of state will be meeting his turkish counterpart soon at the you end in new york. if turkey does change its position, the 2 countries could be sitting around the nato table as invitee nations at a summit. at the end of june, formal ratification though it will take several months more. in a significant move the u. s. aircraft carrier, the u. s. s. harry truman and it strike group moved in recent town to the baltic sea, finland, and sweden and not yet members covered by nato's security guarantees. but its presence is a clear sign to russia if it was considering any response to the latest developments . james bays al jazeera at nato headquarters in brussels. russia says almost
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$700.00 ukrainian fighters as at the as of styles, feel plans have surrendered in the past 24 hours. it's unclear what will happen to them next. an earlier group was taken to a form of penal colony in russian controlled territory, while the wounded would take him to hospital for treatment. ukraine once a prisoner swamp brushes parliament is considering banning the exchange of as of members for russian prisons who. so the world news and shall anchors, ruling party has blocked to no confidence motion in parliament against president go to buy a raja pucca. it was triggered by growing anger and protests against the countries economic crisis. i gathered me the president's office on tuesday calling on raja punk said to skip down. the government is running out of the foreign currency. it needs to import petrol. diesel and gas is rally. forces have rated several neighborhoods in the
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jenin refugee camp. more than 40 military patrol stoned a number of palestinian homes. at least 17 palestinians were detained around the occupied west bank. the veteran al jazeera journalist during abil, aclu was shot dead by israeli forces in janine last week. and one of the palestinians who carried sharon's coffin has been arrested by israeli forces amro abu coda was attacked by his rally place in occupied east jerusalem last week. his account of what happened was widely shared on social media. his lawyer says, all the questions during his interrogation were related to the funeral. and one of libby, his rival prime minister says he'll move his government to this city absurd from wednesday. fatty pasha guy attempted to enter the capital. tripoli on tuesday. those are the headlines. i'm emily anglin state you now for al jazeera world. ah,
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ah . vienna, the capital of austria in central europe. the country currently has a center, right, coalition government. but in recent years, it's politics have clearly shifted to the right. early one morning in november 2020 austrian security services launched what they called operation looks all that was
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the code name for a series of dawn raids. all on prominent muslim figures, political activists and community organizations. the raids took place simultaneously at around 70 different locations, and 30 people were questioned. tamar, i'll miss how of al jazeera arabic went to austria to meet some of those rated on the 9th of november, 2020, and to form a picture of the treatment of muslims by successive austrian governments. who initiated operation looks all and why. and is there an element of discrimination against what some call political islam in austrian society? wow. abraham of them l dash is an a mom at a mosque in vienna. and was one of those awoken abruptly that november morning
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a moment and so shut to a lot of the shuttle slumped, m dundas 100. and i want to shift out a little bit of cloud to put. she was what, whatever. nicole lot of the skewed if only fin. oh no different as, ah, and is there any day to assist and austin can fidelmo phone or to the thought of on . why didn't the machine schafer fee even looked younger, better for the handle for to get the data or to buy, get gen a give it it gave. i shouldn't be sort of a for dia, sanity again, the gotten in the holiday. a wonderful danny. i'm to lay under the hood, can live a school civil, moderate hagan, blessedly yanine of seo, nannie for the bungie of nash and effect dish chaff at this e on the little s f o l masses peg about an i. e limburger. when you know
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that i started shouting at them and i asked them who is responsible for that? and there was one very interesting response. i'm with it is it is a response that austrian people know very much from the nazi times. because after i, after the, the nazi regime had ended and people were brought to the court. or there was one typically response coming from officials from the state authorities. and this response was, i am just fulfilling the orders. so i'm not responsible, i'm just doing my duties. and i said so, okay, so who is responsible for that? and then they said yeah, the state prosecuting grubbs, he is responsible. what freed half is, was told is correct. and operation look,
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so was coordinated by the public prosecutor's office in the city of grants, 200 kilometers south of vienna. the raids took place a week after a form, and i saw sympathizer shot dead for people in the center of vienna. but they're so far, no proven connection between the dawn raids and that vienna solo attack doc, a similar to that of sir wallace. what also what dos, motto, ursula. while i'm at the directors as elephant dirt the fur lifted in minnesota, huck dumbledore al clef, but slowly, little as in minute minute the 100. and what does ally want a little to rather than lead allen into milo, maddening lucidity dipped out. i'm the don't of dark. must that sawyer darted
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so would macintosh lisa of tappman submit the soil well, fossil them never saw anything. so only thing we can model it could be, she turned it burnett for to law and tall or an am calling field than normal here in a little bit here for a live list of in those of huck, see her was elected as a mere into good to meet on this mission caea. oh, fe leak or give a weapon thus, or he'll be maint off to circle and really curious if the galilee cusack is seen on a bunk did vietnam. we talked with the for augustine on, and i'm here with a nice to meet, got, or peter the ainsley for dave to get at safely meet them with livable to shaft or to meet the hamas. it was too hot.
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operation looked, saw was carried out across 4 austrian states over $900.00 police officers and special unit agents took part in it. but no criminal charges were brought against any one question. i think these are all assumptions gary's. nothing proved. look, sean. oh, did not yield anything and i'm a legal person as you're now know. and i are looked at this from a legal point of view and i said, this is a terrible mistake because it affected some said 2 young family. mm hm. and as who cannot open its own id, sla, me as 900, but i see what it is going on and what it says to me, man,
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since tomorrow miss. how asked about the name of the operation given that looked saw as an egyptian city with no obvious link to austria. hell at law smart cut his ye yeah. laminated athlete who i'm or wanted when, if in them so casa under emily, a comic vassal about them. so yeah, and i had the financial seattle more to set them. so we're, we're allow money out of them. so you of course, the reverend strategic. yes. so there is quite a possibility that their ver contacts with, with egypt before that. and there is also one of the week them to disappear in egypt after the separation. so i would not be surprised if there would have been contacts with the egyptian. a secret service previously unreleased austrian security service documents also suggest some kind of linked to egypt and confirmed thomas sh meeting as point about one of the men questioned. he
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was an air mom of a mosque in vienna, and when he lay to travel to egypt, he was arrested on arrival. this raised the possibility of collusion between austrian and egyptian intelligence. meanwhile, austrian prosecutors continued to insist that operation looks so was launched after an investigation going back more than a year and was not connected to the solo attack the previous week that was carried out by a 20 year old jewel, national of austria and north macedonia. with a previous conviction for trying to join iceland, syria. some observers however, believe that the 2 were connected and that the raids were a response by the populist austrian government to the solo attack. i do think it was a political oppression. it was the attempt to show after
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that terroristic arc that preceded the whole thing a few days before prior dora to show that here is the minister of rigidity or protecting you against terrorism. and the operation was directed towards people who couldn't even be suspected to be that number or in that, in that guide of, of, of again say go, yeah, rel cannuck, his view is in line with the statement made by austria's then interior minister the same day as they operation look, so res. call me hammer, is now the austrian chancellor, and refer to the operation as a necessary response to the solo. i still attack a quote successful measure taken against so called political islam.
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but the position is not clear. the grants prosecutor's official line remained that operation looked so had been months in the planning, and this is borne out by documents uncovered by tamar al miss helen, his teen. some from the former austrian intelligence service, the federal agency for state protection and counter terrorism, or b, the t. these documents detail interrogations following the raids on the 9th of november 2021 dated 6 months before the raids is from the grants public prosecutor's office. to austrian intelligence, and or does the hacking of social media counts? another orders, the monitoring of phone messages and obtaining phone records. where would they find baterri hermiston chassis? ge, none with us on the thermostat for humps up
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no horse. so that would be her daughter, and the next one was to mean when, when was the scene okay that, that if what, what are the source i from on source? i look and, and i dropped off to ronnie manila, the as someone who does the lives here sort of in them. second, it is sort of a listener mediconnect. i taught it by the 3rd one which a lot the only candidate $1.00 fee. so the earned to habit, mr. sharp will shaw were mercer yeah. and the current has out but has more wood from us that don't connect the time and i will have a look on with our 5th. okay. looked what were those of them are different names are different reviews and i'm so your mother said, which is a lot of them. he had the militia that had refused them, so you can change another column, mo, column, don't and are going to lumniss jani, tougher to read, and to 5, she will fuck up her demon. though not until now, they didn't find a lot of evidence for what day accused her. these people are being a member of a terrorist organization because all of that is based on the assumption that the
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muslim brotherhood as a whole is a terrorist organization which is a new thing in the european union. the muslim brotherhood is not considered a terrorist organization. it's only a few arab states actually like egypt or the united arab emirates who can see there are the moving brotherhood, a terrorist organization. the muslim brotherhood was founded in egypt in 1928 as a religious and social organization, and then moved into politics. although it's well established across the arab world, it's not allowed to operate as a political party and certain arab countries in austria, some right wing politicians tried to get it designated, a so called terrorist organisation. a right wing coalition formed a new austrian government and december 2017. they didn't manage to ban the muslim
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brotherhood outright, but it did raise its perceived threat level by the time operation looked, saw took place in november 2020 the far right had left office. but nevertheless, 9 people rated by the police that day took a complaint to the grants higher regional cold. 9 months later, the court ruled, the raids had been on norful and said that the authorities had use disproportionate force. an under line that the muslim brotherhood was not considered a terrorist organization and austria, lawyer, andreas schweitzer, represented the group in the case. is that the case humpty a meek cloak? satan's thirst, dotson works of the bus heath and sequel delaney of groomed anna a. my interfering and say care of cold and his facebook poor stinks woman. i am in norman heart, thus
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a person. and he does as he up at avia taking say again the justice. nazis seemed to him had the county amico be called them aunt or invade the reform give wouldn't good after anger, sates theses, down in e. m. good are hooper than islam you with the mostly build a shaft? i see a leak a thief, joyce at hardin. this 2019 austrian intelligence document refers to a meeting of must same activists held in vienna and alleges that those attending used the nazi salute. but the people in this photo are actually using what's called the rubber sign. this was used in egypt in 2013 by supporters, that deposed president mohammed more seen that you that has this? yes, it's them. if it valid 15 is don't. yes, janet murphy in the bill, if you will die, you will gunnison this more. marcia,
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i see i see jani of cassius, the mill road office. yes, your book, the sissy se trunk luck. and on the left you how to survive had a buff while you don't mind when you does have between the studio, cordelia co you know i'm a mozilla, missouri, hypothetically, yakima. yeah. see, i see it and i'm on that as well. well, i had, i wasn't able to let the football lemon run but, but lemme in the, in what it's adams. what then he said his book out mean lufkin, muffin, milan, and lam, baton adams coming up in part to form or austrian chancellor sebastian cords responds to allegations that operation looked so specifically discriminated against muslims.
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ah trust in authority is up an old time low. you want to stop bro hench patriot distrust. this is a battle about what the truth actually is. al jazeera investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear suspicion and conspiracy theories have become. the 2 of the powerful were in a dangerous territory and that dangerous territory runs did. what happens now that we literally diverge? that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion on that. just either. the
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latest news, as it breaks sharon's grades has now been sealed, but even after her death she continued to tell the story with detailed coverage. newly released, purport says that gun related death in the united states reach an all time high during the pandemic from around the world. the heavy pushback has long been a whole lot of the outgoing administration. rodrigo detect date, had little tolerance. the descent i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents. and this is me fighting both isis and a, the 1st 2 part epic tale of a remarkable feminine. the father, the son, and the one on al jazeera. we know what's happening in our region. we know
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have some get to places that others not as far as i said, i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. me. ah, hello, i'm emily england in anto headquarters. these are the top stories on al jazeera, finland, and sweden have handed in their formal applications to join nato. they've long been neutral, but russia's invasion of ukraine rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of nitro membership. diplomatic and is a james face is at the niger headquarters. you've got to remember if you go back before the invasion of ukraine before february, then public opinion in both sweden and finland was not in favor. overwhelmingly,
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of joining nato. and yet, in both countries, opinions change the political dynamics of change. you sort of finish parliament in the last 24 hours. vote 188 in favor. 8 against joining nato. and now we have the 2 letters going in from the to bassett. us from the swedish ambassador, and from the finish ambassador to the nato secretary general nato. now has 2 more countries. one wanting to join, the russia says on my 700 ukrainian fight is that the as of south field plant had surrendered in the past 24 hours. it's actually what will happen to them. now ukraine ones of treasonous war, but russia one, some to be labeled terrorists petro palms have run dry, ensure long cur. as the government struggled to pay for new supplies of fuel, the energy minister held motorists not to q, a petrol station. israeli forces have right in several neighborhoods in the janine refugee camp, unoccupied west bank. more than 40 military petrol, stormed a number of palestinian homes. 17 people were detained. the veteran al jazeera
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jemma sharing the aqua was shot dead by israeli forces in janine last week. and one of the palestinians who carried showing coffin has been arrested by his rally forces. emma could de, was attacked by israeli police notified east jerusalem last week. his lawyer says, all the questions during his interrogation were related, if you know he was president, joe biden has condemned what he calls the poison of white supremacy. he's been in buffalo, where he met families of the victims of saturdays, rationally, most event fainted, mass shooting and one of libby, his rival prime minister says he'll move his government to the city of surge from wednesday. fatty chicago has attempted to enter the capital. tripoli on tuesday, but supporters of arrival administration blocked the move. all right, those are the headlines. i'm emily, anglo inspection now for l. g 0 world a
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recent study shows it is preventable disease, a cancer 15 percent of all debt to children with iep early childhood education with
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ah ah, tomorrow miss hell of al jazeera arabic is examining a series of cold and aged raids and the austrian capital vienna. code named operation looked saw the rage took place in the early hours of the 9th of november 2020. they targeted in question 30 people old muslin. but none of them was charged with a criminal offense. operation looks all took place exactly a week after a lone attacker shot dead full people in the center of vienna. though opinions differ as to whether the 2 events were connected. the operation did generate a large number of documents, including previously unreleased intelligence reports. they show
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a variety of seized items, including personal belongings, religious books, cash and electronic devices. the australian authorities haled operation looked, saw a success call ne, hama was interior minister of the time. though he is now austrian, chancellor. he said the police action was aimed at quote, cutting off the roots of political extremism. where acting, he said, against these criminal extremist standing human organisations. with all our strength dot com, then all the maiden form, either minister, ne, hama, manhattan from fulton sick mill. you in on the i to back 8th, the phone, a stinky, samp the arc. get ye stiff with us, you fingleton, take me to one and out of pocket before, with gaping day. it's one to sion to wear home with a few 108-0000,
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off get date of that. i seek a persona on there. easterly here of be at my in for the viet. they are a leading shaft the here we would like them to warden seen al jazeera english contacted the austrian ministry of the interior with a number of questions relating to operation looked so the minister replied, saying that it would not provide a statement or give an interview there referred al jazeera to the public prosecutor's office in grant's, but when approached, they did not reply don't tit for read half as was one of those questioned in the operation. he was born in austria and lectured in politics at the university of salzburg. he co founded the muslim youth of austria and has been campaigning against his lam, a phobia for several years. and one of the things that happened on was
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that they left a full bullet on back there under the broken glass of the window, which in different languages around the world is clearly understood as a threat. i am a scholar, i'm an academic, i don't deal with bullets and weapons. i have no experience, right? i mean obviously if you watch movies, a bullet left bullet full bullet is a method, right? looking outside operation. look, so tomorrow i'll miss how also match osama had the well has no. he was manager of mcdonald's in vienna and got caught up in the one man attack on the 2nd of november 2020. he went to hell, but police man who'd been shot by the gunman and was hailed as a local hero. l hoss now was honored for his bravery by the mayor of vienna and
3:38 pm
appeared on austrian tv. however, he says that a few weeks after saving the policeman's life, he was designated a so called terror suspect, or some other yet the result of italian. you're talking to him about charging me and then with the alarm figured outs committing to get i said met in cigarettes. bellotta for silva now and i had them and i'm out of the. she said had this ellen, annie shaw animal twitter lish. here to bethel lou. to sally hicho, we don't have a, don't a spent. and if a renewal, as per, per unit went and an ear in a timely manner, the hiccup that mil at her for junior and so see. and was holy lish in tor have been, is me had them murder the one whole less? this memo dude fluke. i am a, hey, hello, natalie, all that. so mc and want her normal. ha, malea a camera would, it is so thought in them. so you know that if it was the sat william a yet to my will to them that have angel play masses said algebra yet in
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a shuttle for my sister. clear to you her for patricia her or by then thought i'm into the way i can amazon one way shorter be lemme earth a little. i melon know le ledger in elegy in tucker fella, lambert and fellow ha mustache le jena. serenely with her daughter on an answer, and i wanted to know so messiah that i'm gonna hit the in mellow bas with more delivery for, for a year after the vienna tank, the austrian president, again, thank, tell hoss, know for saving the life of the injured policeman. don't wait november to antiques, forensic schifflet's foot and sent him helper. dim give your thinking fathers didn't answer was some a samo boil hoss no no longer seems to be under investigation. but tamar al miss hell did raise his case with an austrian member of parliament. doctor stephanie crisper. she has said that austria's quote,
3:40 pm
far right to lawmakers have opted to surrender to lazy populism. tamara asked doctor crisper, what she thought of al hoss now going from national hero, to so called tara suspect. sometimes austria is a place of many contradiction. and sometimes they are very irritating. and on this issue i must say a, it's a shame that it was not only even discussed i'm if sedition ship couldn't be given to his men who rescued ah another one in a praise. i put a sama, well huss, no, was not one of those re did in operation look. so although most of the raids took place in vienna, they were coordinated by the public prosecutor's office in grants 200 kilometers
3:41 pm
away. we're rip the islamic center. there contains a mosque and a social center, a most of it uses our austrians of bosnian origin. it was also rated as part of operation looks. so we have never had any illegal or security issues with almost. i believe that the, the story begins of several years back when the austrian authorities started implementing a number of new policies that were targeting muslims. and the muslim community in general that started in 2015 when they introduced a new, a law regulating life of muslim communities, honest, international level. it carried on with the ban of the face veil, the ban of a head covering for small girls in elementary schools, et cetera. that is something that i started happening several years in the past. ah, that, ah, we of course felt in that most since we're under new scrutiny and we're being in
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our view, are used as a scapegoat and community to an ensure certain a better, a support from the local voters. there are about $700000.00 muslims in austria, around 7 percent of the population. they were heavily opposed to the 2015 law changes all parts of the islam act until part in widespread protests in the law. restricted foreign funding for islamic organizations and cut off an important financial lifeline for them. in the architecture of the legislation was sebastian court minister of integration affairs. at the time, the courts represented the right wing of the austrian people's party and became chancellor after the 2017 general election. but he came under investigation in
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a financial corruption case in 2021 and resign the chancellor. and i think this is what we saw, especially with the boston court. so boston court was the main guy was in charge of implementing all of these policies that basically criminalized muslim, live in austria. and the beginning of that was the islam x in 2015. so when i ran against this act and spoke out publicly and other institutions like the muslim use of austria, they rallied against it. that was the, that was the time when everything changed. because the conservative party realized there is a strong force in the country which is running against our ideas of how we see the future of islam in austria. and then you could see 2017,
3:44 pm
the anti face wave, the face wave van egg 2018. the hid job then the closure of mosques with the critique of the islam act. and i remember there were guys from the muslim youth who wizard it sebastian quotes when he was still for an integration minister and he actually won them. he said, look, you should take care of what you're saying. and the public expenses for they kept on with their, with their protest. and one day later, the 1st article appeared in the media and let linking them and living the protest against islamic to isis. ok. and then a few weeks later, there was this allegation of linking the most amuse, then muslim brotherhood. and that's how all of this started. al jazeera english, contacted sebastian courts and asked him to respond to the allegation. the 2015
3:45 pm
islam act, an operation looked, saw, specifically discriminated against muslims. is office replied, saying islam husband recognized religion and austria with all rights and obligations since 912. after more than 100 years, the islam act had to be adapted to the challenges of the time to this end. there was an intensive dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders, including the slamming religious community in austria. to speak of discrimination here is absurd because the legal status of muslims in austria is one of the best in europe. operation looks or was an anti terrorist measure, such as there are many in europe and in the world. it was approved by independent courts and is also subject to the control of independent judicial bodies and therefore does not constitute discrimination either. hell, manish had over them. so when that the just on the ia lay minute leah mean
3:46 pm
a little positive fiction was the yes button. what evil darcia'll see elko an in a let the horse alice lamb one mostly mean their authority being very anti muslim. that topic being used very often in political debates came out in august, i would say with the last government being a right wing governments and very populous stick and it stayed with us. so the minister of interior now coming from the conservative party, i'm trying to win many wards from i'm formerly right, wink boaters. i'm still also today in parliament for example. i am raises the issue of muslims being barre oh, receptive to becoming terrorists and to the issue of terrorism itself. mm. as tamar, i'll miss hal continue to look at the whole question of discrimination against
3:47 pm
muslims in austria. he meant professor honest shock thing, shock faye was president of austria's islamic religious community for many years. he's been on it twice for his efforts in helping muslims integrate into austrian society. but shanks, i has also allegedly been put on a list of names linked to terrorism, and a household by lewis. i'm in she on and fin woodman. o son ellis to hull, couldn't him so he a video, could you minute to hug minute the little teddy while we saw it? well, we suddenly debbie was sound shot and vin. no. you that had the men we later you. what can attack him on another feather? they've had a mr. ha allah. or on a little town, molly? my dollars as not house the layers. lemme yeah, we're heather maslick, a dental in inside account. a glut move to morocco deal m l m a
3:48 pm
star or puffy. name sir. b town my dolan im sylvia danny. i think what our up can it to molar dorian. sorry. clifford and amendment as are in him. so what sort of kinetzer and why had an an e man fee, if he don't, don't insert any, it can, right. if he, opa, of, into his own melody tell you, had this idea, and a shock forms them had, have that i your tire and, or g, g. mumford, there ireland, where i'm with the sammy, well is the effect of the rose military. if janet todd over her because her oh yeah, jill myra, i'd have cool had the would ash filthy thereafter where he gone bad. radi mutiny. bennett names are up a lot of a jedi the lim dorothy terrier for hydro murphy where you also know and know a you called them she did show cause her mom has your of 8th
3:49 pm
i them with an offer in am with her. i am, it has been walk. and the sa, seen them at raj, oca fee, al karima, a letty soon if it i'll and now home multiple the toner beach. am at it. heavier has a stem team about daniella mattress of eric m. yep. do an alert career li study or directly standard ela, a mother, read your assaye catawba. her shots is more lorenzo v dino ill talk real quick. there was a fellow of osh, or she has a 3 or jam be in a system. ms. wiley horn was an infant himself is denied. my shots is morales him. an olympus lab? yeah, that is a mac. and some metal isn't lynette the through the clear, how the hell? dockery lamb. what at alliston andrew he died at the state farm. had the thing that has a talk with dr. lorenzo v dino is director of the program on extremism. a george washington
3:50 pm
university's center for cyber and homeland security. in the us. he's written extensively about what he describes as quote, the activities of muslim brotherhood inspired organizations in the west. the deano produced a 2017 report called the muslim brotherhood in austria. in it, he says that the muslim brotherhood is operated there for several decades and has created a sophisticated network of what he calls, quote, entities, charities, educational academies, and businesses. in the section about honest shut fe, it says that his quote, 1st foray into austrian mostly mogan, i. zation was with the mostly misha sociality inst, founded in the early 19 sixty's by harlem, him at. and that shock fe, quote, also founded the mostly misha student, an unknown,
3:51 pm
of which he became secretary general. and later president, doctor d knows work has been challenged by a research project on islam, a phobia, a georgetown university in washington, d. c. cold, the bridge initiative. it claims that the dino's research promotes conspiracy theories about the muslim brotherhood in europe and the united states. al jazeera english contacted dr. the dino for a response to the bridge initiatives, criticism. he replied to say that they all quote entitled to their opinion. but he said that because one of the bridge initiative senior fellows is doctor for read office and that as he was one of those detained by operation looks all their work is not what he would call neutral to morale miss. how also followed up the question as to whether countries other than austria were involved in operation. look, sol,
3:52 pm
particularly given its name. as i think is hampton the act, to leave in it's a cane, the kids it alice grooms whitley. aus a coupon out. ah, ah all us easily. yeah. melvin lucy here. the dance african unfold, the a the in for the thing you stayed with? easy. ain't shown cow. house to it was getting a guten hosted to skiing easily. these took it into a group to shoot a giggle, leaves the easily funny of our own very hard persuading. we had interest citron. oh, to samanthia meeting and saying among the documents uncovered by al miss holland, his team was correspondence that sheds further light on alleged israeli involvement in operation looked so in
3:53 pm
a parliamentary answer. in february 2021 by austria's then interior minister call ne hammer. he says that quote, the success of the operation was welcomed internationally and especially praised by colleagues and representatives from germany and israel. say the stephanie when like a had these and the her the law many allows the that to be the one had, is you, you help a debit local, a monument that i look, we had that journey feasible dilemma. i think that's an issue and we have to question, if not only other interests than the national security in austria from inside, austria had some implications on the case, but also interests from other countries from other players in other countries made b states made b o. secret services partner, secret services, are we
3:54 pm
a known at that we have an issue with our office of protection of constitution and counter terrorism, austria, that am was for some players open to open to share informations i, there could have been influence in other cases on what this office and is doing and putting its focus on one of those rated in operation look. so decided to leave austria, doctor for 8 half as the austrian born academic who's a senior fellow at the bridge initiative chose to move to the united states. the only thing the only reason why they are doing this is because they want to intimidate you. that's the only reason. and some other lawyers were also saying, like, the reason, the reason why they do this is because they want to have you out of the country.
3:55 pm
they don't want, don't want to have you there anymore. that's what another lawyer said. in my case they have succeeded to some extent. yeah. lemme you ok of had enough run the short the living up the whole i the had booth priscilla was either delia had the little you defer and her the hill. emily, you are to with her in jayson. i am the wow comedian. i smiled because your and i know politics and politicians. i, when the slap in his face cannot be just acknowledged as a flap at his face. he has to say, well, we'd to, we'd try our best to be good. we had good reasons to do it. well, maybe it was a mistake, or the courts have a different opinion. that's politics. al jazeera english contacted the austrian ministry of justice with a series of questions relating to the allegations made in this program,
3:56 pm
but they did not reply. ah, austria used to project itself as a country that valued integration and co existence. but in the past decade, its politics have made a definite shift to the right. however, it is not alone for right political parties of also gang support in other european countries, france, germany, poland, and particularly hungary, on their populist agendas for always anti immigration. austria's own judicial system ruled that the november 2020 raids were unlawful and heavy handed. but if operations like looks so can take place in democratic western countries. this may well be a sign that the populace right is giving his lamb of phobia and other forms of discrimination more traction and making some parts of europe increasingly
3:57 pm
uncomfortable places for muslims and other minorities to live. mm ah. the journey has begun. the faithful wald copies on its way to catherine book, your travel package today there's been a deep lower stall system, circulating off the river plate so much so it's been given a name and given the weather her priority, you will stay in this sort of weather in montevideo, let's be honest,
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but that's what it was like with temperatures heading down towards winter, so wrap up warm, and the wind blows. now that's moved up the coast was porto allegra. won't be anything like as back as a heart. the storm is out here and things are improving in, but the day i want to get that be all but it's fine anyway throughout argentina. and sheila, now it looks beautifully sunny right down to the tip, which is a fairly unusual picture. most brazil, apart from that southeast corner, is fairly fine. now that season range just gone north. it's been very heavy recently in, in southern columbia. i think it'll stay that way. and in panama and costa rica with some big chows in jamaica, cuba, the bahamas, maybe the turks and cake us in haiti as well. mexico looking dry and hot, just occasional shells. well, probably thunderstorms. as for the u. s, there have been some big stoles recently going through kansas and missouri. you see them building but typically it's a fairly warm picture for the most part that emanating overs. hm. from the gulf. but it won't stay that way. we got more cold gathering up in the rockies in the
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cascades. the temperature were dropped considerably in kansas city casa airways, visual airline of the gene, african stories of resilience and perry. i get younger be in the right now when and tradition and dedication, but a little guy was little more robust. 3rd of all is good to go. jewel, not short documentary, sty, african filmmakers on the white 9. and the book make it africa direct on al jazeera. in just under a year's time catalyst, our bait stadium will host the opening matcher of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many fans were already counting down to the big kickoff next, november c, a as this tournament unfolds over the coming days. it will play a key role,
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but organize is getting ready to host the middle east's biggest ever supporting event next year. and for the cats are national teams. they get used to playing in fronts of expected home crowds that we hoping to convince both the fans and themselves that they really are ready to take on the world. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news i'm alive from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, finland and sweden formally apply to join nachos spurred by security concerns over russia's invasion of reclining. the u. s. a's is some sanctions on venezuela. washington says it's to encourage talks between president maduro and val position how a security pat.


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