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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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all organize is getting ready to host the middle east. biggest ever sporting event next year for the castle national team. it's like it used to playing in front of expect and home crowds. they'll be hoping to convince both the fan and themselves so they really all ready to take on the world. me attention behind occupied east jerusalem off the israeli police attack the funeral procession for a $23.00 ro palestinian who died after being injured by israeli forces last month itself. the church is unite to condemn israeli police for talking mourners. at the funeral of al jazeera journalist, serene ah,
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no, i, mario noisy in london, you with algae era. also coming up on the program of the 2 months under siege. a number of wounded ukrainian soldiers are evacuated from the as off style still works. and we have initial results from lebanon's election, which show losses has bala and its allies and unexpected winds. the new anti establishment confidence ah, now tensions are running high and occupied east jerusalem. after the killing of al jazeera janice re and i will actually last week sets of one of the largest displays of palestinian support in a generation. thousands of people have been injured after his writing police fault with mourners at the funeral of a young palestinian man. he died on saturday off to be wounded, buy's writing forces. when they stormy alex, i'm most compound last month. mondays, violence comes as condemnation grows over the attack on sharina blackness funeral
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procession by his writing forces on friday, the most senior catholic priest denotie land is called it a severe violation of international norms and human rights. enron con reports now from occupied east jerusalem. and 3 words, condemnation, disrespect, disproportionate hope. at a news conference at saint joseph church, hospital, its leaders and clergy condemned these ready police for fridays attack. again, sharina, barclays, coughing, and the pull barrows, accusing them of disrespecting the hospital grounds. and finally said, it was a disproportionate use of force. the police storm into a kristen healthy institute, disrespect disrespecting, the church, disrespecting, the health institute disrespecting the memory of the deceased. and forcing day pallbearers almost to drop the coffin, the church authorities released previously unseen security camera footage of
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israeli police entering the hospital. which said there was absolutely no reason for this to have happened. it's general director says all concerned parties and now discussing what to do next. most probably court kish are we are now discussing with church leader catholic church leader and day honors of the hospital, the sister of san joseph and the administration of the hospital about the next legal action to be taken. initially these railey police said they were acting on the instructions of the family. something serena's brother who is the family's representative de noise. absolutely. notice we are ready. please call me to the police station to don't to know the exact route we are taking. asked me not to have any for the scene and snags reason during the funeral. no slogans, no chance in today's the scene on. and i stress that this is not only my funeral, not toward our balcony on the note for berkeley family only, but it's
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a national funeral. everybody will participate. i can tell you the exact number of people who will participate. i told them that the funeral will you from st. joseph hospital to the greek medicaid church and jennifer gate and then to the finding the cemetery in mount zion. the church authorities in the hospital and now weighing up their legal options. these railey police say they will investigate the incident that took place hey on friday. and he's really army say they are investigating the death of serene outlet. but given previous investigations, no one here or indeed members of the family. hold out any hope that that will be an independent investigation. and indeed sharina acclaim. family are saying that they would like an independent international investigation. but goals for that so far have not been heated. m wrong con hours era occupied east jerusalem. and our hierarchy has more of much body serious and i'm on the latest violence. now dozens of palestinians have been arrested off the security is ready. security forces
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clashed with palestinian mourners for leads. sharif funeral, they answered with tear gas stung grenades. now while e l sharif was the young palestinian man who had been arrested a few weeks ago as a flash point area, which is the most complex pounds in applied east jerusalem israeli security forces has fought with the palestinian west during the holy month of ramadan. he had been arrested at the time. his family was what really sure what's happened to him since in the last few weeks. and then his body was released early on monday. as soon as he was released from the funeral procession happened, and it was during that time that these riley security forces came in and clash with the palestinian mourners. and this is something we have been seeing happening a lot lately. just as has happened. just a few days ago with the death of our colleague, l 0 colleague sharing
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a block layer will a special collaboration service has been el fishery, not black lane, bethlehem, where family is originally from it took place in the church in that timothy which houses a spot where christians believe jesus christ was born a measure of how respected touring was. one is also gathered outside the church to pay their respects. and a symbolic funeral has been held in garza fishery and walker by those who are not allowed to go to the funeral. on friday side is that the policy and liberation organization has arranged a funeral with her university. one of them all the and the gaza strip symbolic funeral that his home district just got this. the only here we, i don't care by terry. this was not allowed to go in read to re enroll because of the c and sell these young generations here. regardless of course, do form their own symbolic funeral. did pay tribute in showed the respect the
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loyalty, the city, a balcony, who has been assassinated wife covering a raid in janine granite examined allah. no, not long ago that we were not able to reach her funeral. and that is why in the gaza strip, we had to do the symbolic funeral. in honor of the spirit of demarco sharina wadley, these young generations have live following serene all through their life. and now it's a day and through all these events that have been held in the gods, this step 1st to read, they say, and they confirm that syrian shall long remain in their memories. ah, we'll to ukraine, our bosses of left he besieged as of still still works, planting the city of merrier poll, carrying more than 260 ukranian service men have been stuck there for weeks.
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somebody evacuees were carried to the bosses on stretchers. russia announced earlier that had reached a deal with ukraine for wounded soldiers to be evacuated from the plant. ukraine's deputy defense minister says they'll be exchanged, but no more details will provided. the other regiment says it's fulfilling orders to save the lives of its troops. in them, why are you still especially blind of thought, but there was always arresting, come on in the units in the war, there were no secure plans and operations. the main thing is to realize all the risk factor. is there a plan b one or are you fully committed to that plan which was also be allowed to fitting the assign tasks and preserve the lives and health of personnel? maybe because of that, you know, boy is art, but not science. when you execute a task to preserve the maximum number of personnel, this is the highest level of overseeing troops all the more. so when your decision is endorsed, by the highest military command, gloats ukraine. follow creed, and how do i meet has more on the applications for me as all style still works from
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a desk fair in southern ukraine. well, we just heard now from the deputy defense minister here in ukraine. and she said that 53 of the vacuum, either the wounded ones were dropped at it were taken rather at the hospital in no vase of which is a town alone or as of sea. but in the pro ration separate, this controlled area. and then another $211.00, we're taking to another town next to the done yes. also in separatist area. now she said that at some point they will be further negotiations, and they will be an exchange between those who are there now. those who have been evacuated and she didn't give any more details. we are presuming probably a russian soldiers who are help prisoners by do ukraine years. we don't have any
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more details of that. we did hear from one of our sources that there is also among them a number of other soldiers and members of the as off regimen to have decided to surrender. one source says that that number is 36, but again, i am pretty a caveat there because we haven't heard any official confirmation of that. now. in the past days, we've heard from president lensky and from other senior officials, a here that the these were very tough negotiations. now ukraine is saying that russian shelling is kill 20 civilians and the dani ask enhance collegians. 10 of them died. and so there are done the ask for weeks. russian forces have been trying to seize the city. that ukrainian special forces have now blown up russian occupied railway bridges connecting with robina in an effort to slow their advance. the army posted this video and telegram sang. it shows one of the blas so there are don
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janski's, a strategically important site and don bass outside a separatist control territory. we acquired in soldiers defending the northern city of harkey, say they've reached the border with russia after driving invading forces back the defense ministry. shad this video of celebrations, a yellow and blue painted border marker video, has not been independently verified. archive is the 2nd biggest city and ukraine and his face heavy daily showing by russian artillery ukrainian forces of since regained territory. though russia says it's now focusing on the don't bass region further south. i big in harkey has more on this well, it shows that the ukrainians have many see the pushback the russian forces or that they've made the tactical recruit. and what that means, at least for the city of clark eve, here where i am right now, is that they can breeze the fresh air, the people out on the streets, the cafe, the opening up. i'm not far from the regional building that was bumped. i'm in this
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park where i can see children paying, which was not something that you could see a month ago. nato secretary general has stated that he feels that ukraine can win this war, that the russians plans have been thwarted, and that russia is not achieving his strategic objectives. but russia has stated that they want to take the east of the country, undersized effectively land locking ukraine, but the, the, the ukrainians are putting up a defense in the east of the country. they don't want that to happen. but as i stated, had any heart gave, at least the battle seems to have been one and people are returning to the city. and there is some semblance of romance. see here in ukraine, 2nd largest city. well enough developments turkey's private saying he will not approve sweden and finland joining nato telling foreign ministers not to bully, going to anchor, to convince him. where's your time? i want to cues the nordic countries of being, quote, gas houses for terrorist organizations. sleep particularly has been singled out for
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allegedly hosting members of the kurdish om good. the p k. k. government has just confirmed it will join finland and making a formal application for nato membership. and the 200 years of neutrality watching al jazeera ly from london still ahead location lanka. the new prime minister say in the country, has just one day of petrol left and tough times my head. i'm rob reynolds in northern california with a report on the alarming number of native american women who gone missing in this region. and what tribal officials are trying to do about it, ah, well, the rain stopped falling in queens and now for the most part and thankful it wasn't as bad as it could have been. was definitely
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a feel of wind to further south than this winds coming up from the cold waters. which when you get a hive 50 to melba and 11 ho boston, it's cold enough. i want to shower to be of snow on the tops there. there is rain in the form of scattered chows in west australian parts of the south, as well with pers might get a share or to new zealand. we'll see the rating go through. it's that stuff there. so by wednesday, back into the sunshine with the soft standard breeze down to the south of terra falling, giving you some rain there. at this time of the year, we expect to see the rains rather fade away from a good part of indonesia. and they are doing just that there are still thunderstorms around. that was the picture in northern sumatra in the forecast you'll see so much doesn't have been the shower. now the concentration is definitely further north with the monsoon turning to come in, but there are big chows still. nissan bonia, particularly for the west, west, papua, i'm up all over the philippines to be honest. but if you follow the winds and the strongest of them hits,
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caroline goes up to the bay bank go. that's where the rain is with particularly heavy boats in the northeast of india, yet again. ah, the witness fe, witness, bravery, witness, breed, witness, slavery, witness. people witness power, witness, lifetime witness and our witness. man. witness bees. witness prejudice. witness. peace, witness. love. witness. ball witness. the world witness. next door witness live. with 0, lou.
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ah. bang. made stories now at least $52.00 people have been injured at a funeral and occupied east jerusalem off to israeli police attacked mourners. a 23 year old man who was injured during the storming of the alex. i'm most compound last month. died on saturday. well, this comes off to new security camera footage was released showing his writing forces storming the hospital where the body of al jazeera john listerine ucla was being kept. churches have united to condemn israeli police for attacking mourners at a funeral. and bosses of left the besieged as of south steel works, plant in ukrainian city of mary paul carrying more than 260 ukranian fighters have been trapped there for weeks. russia announced earlier that it had reached a deal with ukraine for wounded soldiers, to be evacuated from the pont, or now to lebanon, has borne its allies look like you to lose their majority in the countries
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parliament. and what could be a major blow to the iran backed group, according to initial results from sunday's election, where many voters sought to punish lebanon's entrenched political establishment for leading the country to economic disaster. but the saudi aligned lebanese forces party, a question group, is made huge gains. several anti establishment congress also picked up seats and the 1st election since the economic crisis and the bay were port explosion. analysts say divided parliament could lead to more deadlock, potentially delaying reforms. even further out as arizona hodder has this update for us from the lebanese capital bay route. the interior ministry is releasing results from lebanon's sunday's parliamentary elections. but so far it's still not clear whether and any single grouping alliance or party will have the majority and parliament. but actually, it's not even clear if any party or grouping will have
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a majority in parliament. what we do know from preliminary results is that the has bala alliance, that is approach iranian group and its allies will be stripped from their parliamentary majority. so this will be a major blow for this alliance. this ruling alliance and they lost seats their allies last seats to new comers. candidates representing the so called change forces, candidates, which are not allied with any of the mainly sectarian political parties in this country. this is really a 1st 11 ons post war politics. at least 10 new comers are going to take seats and the 128 member legislature, maybe they won't be able really to, to bring about significant change. but these, this minute meaningful number in one way or another makes them king makers because this new parliament is,
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seems to be very fractured. that this is what it's looking like. a very fractured parliament, maybe not one grouping, holding a majority, a deeply divided cabinets which is going to make governing this country even more difficult. this parliament needs to come together to elect the speaker, to appoint a new prime minister who's going to form a government. and then you have presidential elections in, in october. and this is a country known for political bickering and the longer. and if these, if these different factions don't come together, then you're going to have a political vacuum. and if you could have come to worst time for a country which has all collapse and economy, which has all but collapse and estate which has all but collapse all the while, there's tension in the streets, the army, the security forces deployed in many neighborhoods, supporters from the different political parties have been there have been security incidents. there have been skirmishes and altercation so many lebanese fear that
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the new parliament, which is supposed to bring about change a new turning point, probably a new beginning to bring to lead lebanon on the road to recovery. instead, it could divide this country even further. and all the stories are following the 1st commercial flight to take off from yemen capital in nearly 6 years is landed in jordan, raising hopes rates, another step and bringing peace to the our wells poorest country patients eating hospital treatment. we're among dozens of passengers flying from santa to amman, allowing sounds like to leave as part of the nation wide sci fi deal since 2016. the u. n broke the to month agreement between yelman's internationally recognized government and who the rebels. the airport was closed for years because of as strong by the saudi led coalition, which banks the government. jasmine law is a spokespersons of in a week in refugee council in yemen and says the airport is a lifeline for the country. bear in mind that the headboard has been closed for 6 years now, so it was also one of the main things that had to be settle during this 2 months
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choose. so obviously, now that we have the 1st flight today, but also we're hearing that another flight could happen as soon as next wednesday, wednesday. it is doesn't be a positive that because reopening airport means progress for us. it means that you can seek medical treatment abroad. it tens of thousands of young and you can go in and out. but also it be that we can get quicker in your and cheap goods into yemen as well. so it is definitely be a positive day for you. i'm any l. molly's june to a western bank military officers attempted a crew last week, but they not provided any details on the army, announced it was pulling out and the regional lines, fighting groups in the south region military rule is blamed it on a lack of progress. nicholas hark, joins is from the car. so obviously the details are scanned. but is there any
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information or have you been able to glean anything about this allegation of a cou, by west and backs offices? well miriam, the announcement came in the form of a televised announcement. read out a statement, read out by colonel of delay, mike, one of the members of the molly military june. he, as you mentioned, said that there were western back officers, but also soldiers that were arrested on the night of may 11 to 12. now they are under custody, but there is currently in the statement they say a man and man hunt to try to find other accomplices or people that may be involved in that forward coup attempt to there's checkpoints around the capital, bummer co, but also greater vigilance at the border area, of course, this landlord country is under sanctions both by the west african body at co os.
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and the regional institutions of the the borders are closed off. and it's interesting that this announcement was, was made just 5 days after the event took place. at the event took place. in fact, when the secretary general antonio tourists was visiting the region of this, how and he was a neighboring new year when he said that he was worried with the situation. and molly saying that he urging the military into their to hand over power to a civilian rule as quickly as possible. meanwhile, molly has just announced just yesterday that it was removing themselves from the regional body. the g 5 south hell made up of regional armies in the region another blow another i molly, be further isolated from the rest of the world and international bodies?
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take a look at this report. molly says it no longer wants to be part of a losing force. 5000 soldiers from burkina faso charred molly martini, near, or in the g. 5 a hell. it was formed 5 years ago to combat arm groups linked to isolate and al qaeda. but it struggled to reduce attacks because of lack of funding and disagreements among member states. molly was due to take over as chair of the force in february, but opposition from member states angered its military rulers. when you go to suppose that you just think so the opposition of some g 5. so how many states tamale's presidency is linked to maneuvers by state outside the region aiming desperately to isolate molly, while his government accuses former colonial power, france of excluding it. once friends, now foes, the 5000 french troops deployed almost 10 years ago to protect molly's government from attacks or pulling out after the military. coups in 2020 leaders of the gentle
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hired russian mercenaries from the wagner group for their protection. the gentiles refusing to hand over power to civilian rule for another 2 years. as a result, neighboring countries have imposed sanctions on the landlocked country, sealing its borders and halting. trade prices have exploded. for example, the price of soap has doubled and food is much more expensive. basic necessities have become on affordable and this is because of the embargo. if this continues, we won't be able to survive. this is unsustainable. state coffers are becoming empty with just enough to pay civil servants for a few months target has offered to mediate between molly's genta and regional leaders. while the un peacekeeping force remains, the un secretary general warns of the debilitating effect. while these troubles are having the rest of the region threatened by armed groups, while he is increasingly isolated, with russian mercenaries remaining to deal with
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a country. on the brink, nicholas hawk al jazeera. we go to shall and canal, the prime minister saying his country is down to its last day of petrol ritual drivers and others who rely on fuel for their jobs have been queuing for hours. and the government is urged citizens not to join in the long lines. some people out to physically push the vehicles themselves. shanker is embroiled in a worst economic crisis in independence, which is cause weeks of protests. the government is running out of foreign currency, which it needs to for many key imports. is 1st addressed to the nation, new prime minister renelle with chrome, a singer, one of tough times ad libby market. the beer, the next couple of months will be the most difficult ones of our lives. we must prepare ourselves to make some sacrifices and faced the challenges of this period. i have no desire to hide the truth and to lie to the public. although these fucks from pleasant and terrifying, this is the truth of our situation up there in the united states, the moderate for indigenous women is 10 times the national average the f
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b i is saying in 2020 alone more than 5200 or reported missing answers errors rob reynolds brings us the story now of how one tribal community in california has responded when one of their own disappeared. that area, that's all i can access, tribal and local police and volunteers are preparing to search a vast area of northern california wilderness for a missing native woman. 33 year old emily rise. ling a mother of to was last seen near this village on the europe native american reservation. in october, the community is determined to get an answer. what the answer may be, i don't know, but an answer can bring closure. growing up, emily was a promising student and an expert traditional dancer blight. george was a close friend. she always had a sparkle and a smile, and i always am. i gravitated towards her and thought the world of her. but as
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emily grew older, she suffered from mental health problems and substance abuse in this impoverished tribal community. it was difficult to get her the help she needed. according to the f, b i 5295 indigenous women were reported missing. nationwide. in 2020 native american women are 10 times more likely to be murdered than any other ethnicity war than one half of all native women have experienced rape or other sexual abuse. george is working to assemble a database of the missing and murdered women. we are disproportionately experiencing violence across the life course for indigenous people. it's often a different race hurting you and that goes back to the settler colonialism. indigenous women are preyed upon because tribal police are often underfunded and under equipped, overlapping police jurisdictions made criminals think they can literally get away with murder, says europe,
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tribal judge abby abernathy is somebody who is killing. who knows this sort of no harm, no foul. because they're not going to be pursued, and in fact, they aren't. the europe tribe wants funding for investigators and equipment to conduct searches and better mental health care access. last year president joe biden signed an executive order on murdered and missing indigenous women, directing federal agencies to help coordinate investigations and improve safety all the fates of many of the native women who have gone missing. amid these dense and remote forests may never be known. but their families and tribal officials vow never to stop searching for answers. we need to get her home session be at least have that at least have that. you know, that's our responsibility to bring her home. gone, but never forgotten. rob reynolds al jazeera on the europe reservation in
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california. now ukraine's kalish orchestra returned to their homeland after an emotional eurovision song contest ha. by members greeted at the border with poland . white gauze was seen taking photos with the winners and the vision trophy farmland ala pacific was presented with a bouquet of flowers in the colors of ukraine's flag, a band, his peninsula trophy, to raise money for ukraine and its armed forces. ah, i look at the main stories of falling, the sal. tensions have been running high and occupied east jerusalem of the killing of al jazeera janice, rena blacklight last week. at least 37 people were injured during the funeral of a palestinian man according to the palestinian red crescent. he had died on saturday of to be wounded wise ready forces.


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