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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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ah, just a church leaders in occupy these jerusalem condemn israeli forces were attacking mourners at the funeral. procession of al jazeera journalist, serene abil, actually knew security camera footage of the moment is really forces storm st. joseph hospital, which means body had been lying. ah ha, you're watching al jazeera alive from bill. how with me for the back table. also coming up, ukraine says its troops have reached the russian border in the khaki region as moscow's
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forces retreats a vote. counting is nearly complete in lebanon after its 1st general election seems to be able to port explosion and years of economic crisis. ah, disrespectful, disproportionate and disgraceful the words of church leaders and hospital officials in occupied east jerusalem after his really forces attached mourners at the funeral procession. i'll sharina apple ackley, they say be a sold out hide. st. joseph hospital on friday was unprovoked. as her coffee nearly fell to the ground and he, chaotic seems to be highly al jazeera journalist was shot dead by israeli forces engineering the occupied west bank. on wednesday. new video has also been released showing the moment is ready forces storm st. joseph hospital, where sharina blacklist body had belie official fe forces pushed to pass the
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pregnant woman at the entrance as well as a patient in cordele. 13 people were injured in the incident. the police storm into a christian health institutes. the sort of disrespecting the church. disrespecting the health institute disrespecting, the memory of the deceased, enforcing the barriers almost to drop the coughing israelis, policing vision and disproportionate use of force affecting more nurse striking then with the tones using smoke shooting rubber ballot. bullets frightening the hospital patients is a severe violation of international norm and the regulations the, the state of the drivers side drop the sites. thank you. region, december 1993,
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which i think before the march night before. and the 1st article of this agreement said event enjoy a whole observe the human rights of freedom of religion, which in this case has been brutally violated. and this is one thing which the underlying action of what are justified and unprovoked. and the algae here is iran. con has more on what was said at the news conference at st. joseph hospital in ocoee by the eastern this is the court yard where i'm standing, where the attack against the coffin and the pallbearers of sharina barclay took place after that happened the israeli forces. them went inside the hospital through that entrance. there though, the hospital authorities say was absolutely no reason for them to have gone inside the hospital. absolutely no reason whatsoever. they are shocked and disgraced about
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this. now the hospital is a wearing of, along with church authorities. its legal options are they are going to take legal action against these ready authorities for what happened on friday. the israeli police are they are investigating the incident but we've been speaking to tony of walkway the brother of sri and he says that he holds out no hope that that will be a independent investigation. indeed, are these where the police initially said that they were acting on the instructions of the family. again, something tony of lockley says never happened. are these really narrative, these are the police narrative has been completely ripped apart by the press conference here just over an hour ago, from the clergy, from the hospitals, a general director. they say that this was a completely disgraceful a disproportionate and they condemned it in the most strongest terms. well now speak to swanson's i hair, who is a human rights lawyer and a board member at best fell m a non profit group. we focus on documenting human rights violations in these really occupied palestinian territory as she's joining
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us from high for thank you very much for being with us. so you've seen the video released by hospital officials today showing is really 4th is actually going inside the st. joseph hospital, what is your reaction and are there any violations being committed here? yes, actually we are talking about not only a burst, we're talking about an invasion of the israeli police in a hospital, in a church, in the occupied palestinian territories where international law occupied and where international community sees it as an occupying a territory. this is one thing now a by, in addition to the fact as we also and heard earlier that we are talking about a about, about crime basically that has been committed by the israeli forces in contrast to international law. but not only in contrast to international law,
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also in contrast to the israel, the israel enables police forces to use force or excessive force. only one, there is immediate danger or an immediate crime that has been conducted. and of course, this is, and this hasn't been the case during the invasion to the church until the hospital on friday. and therefore this also should be investigated. of course, as we know, as was published, we know that the israeli, a police will investigate the incident. of course, this is meant of opening an investigation came only after international condemnation. there is totally no hope in a result of the investigation because we all know as human rights lawyers and human rights organizations. that in a most of the cases, if not all israeli geisha are not impartial,
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are not independent or not professional. and they always try to bring the israeli side while the purpose is to provide a impunity to the army and black off. i come to the south and you say not just a violation of international law, but also a violation of these rainy law. when they stormed the hospital premises and went inside the hospital, now the compound, st. joseph hospital is also called the french hospital and there's been some confusion as to whether it falls under the french mission in jerusalem. does it have diplomatic immunity? yes, actually i have been not trying to legally verify because this is now the most relevant to a question i have been trying to call before the interview with to check with a director of the hospital. but unfortunately, i wasn't able to get an affirmative answer about that. but the fact that we are
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talking about a hospital that is being operated by san jose, a by french operation and occupied territory, does impose international obligation on the state of israel. in any case, even if we're talking only about a regular hospital in rel, this conduct this invasion is also illegal because entering in best way to a hospital violating and packing of patients attacking innocence that are it, that we're a, a presence in the hospital. we all saw the shock of people, doctors during the filming of and the documentation of this, if you all of it is also a legal, based on international law. if it doesn't matter, it's so much in unity reminders of what these re lease has said is the reason for
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attacking mourners. we also the pictures the world saw the pictures. they said at 1st that they were acting on orders of serene family. but her brother has contradicted that so how are they justifying their actions? yes, well the is there any media has exposed that the lease was instructed to basically prohibit the holding off by the student young flags. and this is what we know about the motive of their invasion, but let us not forget the israeli law currently does not prohibit the holding of the palestinian flag. there is no crime based on his radio and also based on case load that arrived to israeli court when there were attempts to indict people holding philistine flags during the once 3 sions. and there was just
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a recent or decision in disregard about the woman that was holding up a simian flag few months ago of the demonstrations and showing shar, which the court said that, based on the attorney general of the government instruction few years ago, this is no crime, and it is good basically to that. so whether it doesn't matter how we look at that, we know that this is a political motive. there is no legal, based in israel and international law that does not forget that the i c. j, the international court of justice together with the international criminal court and behavior. both in jerusalem as an occupied territory. indeed imposed on, well, not only international human rights law which prohibits excessive force by police, but also international humanitarian law, as it is as is, as it is an occupied territory. indeed. so i seen one last question briefly if you
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can, hospital officials and church leaders. i've said they're considering legal action, what other options see thank no there are a few possibilities based on israeli a law and there is a possibility to demand the opening of investigation. there is a possibility to submit a towards a, towards a towards claim and civil and civil court. but frankly, and as we all in all of the results of these a lawsuits or investigation are already known from now. i personally have brought the of the murder and hire, it's in the bro explaining as well the supreme court decisions on the closure or basically the justification of the closure of all investigations including investigations that were open against the killing of the a bacteria. it children in 2014,
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which was published only 3 weeks ago on the supreme court, justified basically the closure of investigation. so therefore, i think, in my opinion, on others opinion, i think that the only remedy in this case is basically to include the investigation and legal demand. because the mad regarding a assassination of shooting, as well as the invasion of the hospital under one international transparent, unprofessional committee that is worked on cannot and should not be part of in order to get some mutual results. thank you so very much for talking to us about this south san zion human rights lawyer with the human rights organization that selim joining us there from hyphen. we appreciate your time. thank you very much. thank you very much. let's turned to the war in ukraine now and soldiers defending ukraine, 2nd largest city of khaki, say they've reached the border with russia. the defense ministry shadow video celebrations at the, at
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a border market. the video hasn't been independently verified. kalki was being shall daily by russian artillery a month ago, that ukrainian forces have regained territory in the north east since i thought vague reports on the residence in the villages of mancha cave. now trying to rebuild their lives. the indelible scars of war everywhere here in rusk as is over in the villages that surround her give. the majority of residents fled to russian, advance their pets left behind in the rush to reach safety. inside the medical clinic, a tank shell remains 87 year old ego state. he recalled when russian troops entered his home. oh, robert garage asia. they said granny, we are searching for a weapon. granny is more than 80 years old. where is she supposed to get the weapon? they were jumping over the fence is breaking everything. i said, do you want to shoot me? shoot, i'm not scared, was it?
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the ukrainian soldiers accompanied us or on edge were told the village is mind. but the consent seems to be giving away true positions, tactics or anything that may cast a shadow over. what's happened here. we can only get access to villages like this with the military escort and re told what we can and cannot film the ukrainians have managed to push out russian from places like this. which means that hockey city is now a little safer for its residence. a site that would not have been possible a month ago, a 3rd of the residents had left. the rest slipped in shelters, no place in the city was considered safe. all that has now changed the flesh. i knew that looked into actually what people are walking outside. we were at this park last week and it was empty. we thought we weren't allowed to be outside khaki is coming back to normal life. you can see that life is still going on. war is war, but we must live. the constant sound of the city being pounded seems like
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a distant memory. the russian military can still target hockey with missiles, but the to far act to shell it. ah, air raid sirens can still be heard daily, but residents undeterred, nasha so that the radio, her keith is quite no, no shootings or soldiers or protecting us, glory to crane. i wish everybody would come back alive from the war and all russian troops go back to their country and never come back. it's our ukranian land and we will fight for it. toys. harkey is low ye returning to some semblance of normality . even if the wool is not over, i said, bake. i'll jazeera harder keith. meanwhile, e u foreign ministers are meeting in brussels with a new round of sanctions against russia on the agenda. they're also considering another $500000000.00 in military aid to ukraine, raising the total to more than $2000000000.00. and they're discussing an embargo on
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russian wine exports as being held back by objections from hungary. facile jain, mcdonald says he started the process of selling the russian arm of its business. the chain has 850 outlets and 62000 employees in russia. the 1st mcdonald is in the country open in moscow in 1990. just months after the berlin wall fell, accompanies russian restaurants have been shot since march in response to the war in ukraine. still ahead on al jazeera labilly assistance, south korea, offices and medicines to north korea. as it was a coven. 19 ah! good. he has begun. the the full world cup is on its way to cattle. your travel package to the hey there, thanks for joining in here. is your world weather up the beginning in southeast
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asia, we got some drive belts. finally through sumatra and java is because our seasonal rains are lifting further toward the north. next stop the philippines and it so what pitcher top to bottom, lose on to mindy. now we do have a moderate flight advisory in place right across the country. as that rain fills in the plum rains have shifted away from southern china and taiwan out over open waters that's replaced by sunshine. so these temperature is starting to climb coiling has a height of $27.00 degrees. so japan ducts and dodges the plum rains this time around few showers for eastern portions of honju and those temperatures, climbing in beijing, 30 degrees are going to lock in there for the next several days. there has been flooding in some state in india. 5 people have been killed there and it is going to get worse before it gets better. still. storms in the forecast on tuesday, getting that warm and humid feed off the beer been gone. now for a careless state, also seen some pretty and tense. downpours on tuesday. the good news is though,
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that he's starting to let go for areas of india, but we're going to dial it up through pakistan as head toward friday. some spots could get pretty close to about 50 degrees. kat official airline of the journey with a guest with awe .
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ah, welcome back. a reminder of our top stories on al jazeera, this, our church leaders in occupied easterly spin, have condemned to find his attack at the funeral. a volunteer a journey is sharina lockley. they see the unprovoked assault on mourners, which nearly calls with coughing to fall was disrespectful. disproportionate and disgraceful. and u video has also been released showing the moment is really forces storm st. joseph's hospital where sharina walk in his body had been my official sea forces pushed faster pregnant and disabled patient 13 people were injured in the incident . and soldiers defending ukraine, 2nd largest city of khaki, say they've reached the border with russia. the defense ministry shared a video celebrations at a border market. the video hasn't been independently verified. ah. the final
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results in lebanon's election are expected in the next few hours. several independence have picked up seats, but unlikely to change the political landscape. initial results indicate winds for iranian backed hesper lie in the christian. lebanese forces party is the 1st election symphony economic collapse in 2019 and the bible to ord explosion. then a hoarder has more from lebanon's capital. lebanon has all but collapsed yet, the establishment that plunged the country into darkness is seeking re election. the nearly bankrupt state has been struggling to provide services on election day. it was no different. and it's this status quo that many are hoping to change. 2022, we decide to change. so i bought for somebody not and i wanted to can ya so wow, hopefully it will change. but unseating the political class that has been governing
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this country for decades is not easy. anti establishment coalitions fielded many candidates. the so called change forces, they are expected to win a few seats, but not to change the political landscape. i know it's a chart for change. it's not like change yet. i hope for the next generation, they will be that chain. that process began in late 2019, when massive crowds protested for months. they were met with violence. now many are to disillusioned to even try. a country has been a long from the longer the fame every 4 years. there is elections and we think will ways we can change with change supporters of the former prime minister sadie think so as well. that's why they are boycotting the vote. had evie had it the muslim sunday communities, largest block in parliament, but left politics earlier this year? blaming it on iran's influence through its allies has below over the country. now
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not been on 2005, we won a majority across the country or we couldn't translate those gains into anything tangible. there was a gun pointed at our back. has buller already controls the country has belies an armed pro. iranian party that, along with its allies, are in the majority in the outgoing parliament. its opponents, mainly pro western and pro saudi parties are hoping to shift the balance of power. it's a traditional pull circle divide that has led to bouts of sectarian violence in the past. and breaking through their grip on power has always been difficult. anti establishment candidates were already out of disadvantage before voting started their up against powerful forces, a system that worse against them, and they're not united, which means the vote is flipped and it is much harder to reach the electoral threshold. votes are still being counted, but big changes are unlikely. the relatively low turn out is a sign that the election will only give what many have described the corrupt in
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dysfunctional system. a new lease of life cynical, the osha zita battled molly is pulling out of a regional military ally and fighting armed groups in the higher region. molly's military rulers made the announcement fighting a lack of progress. the nation was due to hold of the g. 5 presidents in february, but there's been criticism of its military since it took power in a call last year and take a closer look at the group of 5 nations and the goal of their mission. the g 5. so i have force includes troops from the child booking, so, and mauritania, it was set up in 2017 to counter armed whoops, which had swept across the region in recent years. the forces struggled to reduce the violence because of lack of funding and disagreements among member states. nicholas had cause more from the car senate go. the consequences in the short term isn't it means that molly will no longer share its intelligence with neighboring countries, such as news, air and brooklyn foster. and i could have devastating effects. we've seen an uptick
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of violence outside of molly from arm groups that are based in molly in regions further afield as far as togo. now molly is increasingly isolated from the region. the west african body echo us has put sanctions in place, has closed off borders with molly and out to that now this latest blow which is pulling out of the g 5. so how and then the announcement made by france back in december that its pulling out its troops left there are the un peacekeeping force made up of 15000 soldiers now on tony good terrorist at the un security council said that what's happening in molly, the leadership of molly is having debilitating effect on its ability to ensure its mandate. it seems that left are the russian mercenaries, the russian fighters linked to wagner. and molly seems to want to go at it alone
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with the russians to try to repel the armed groups that are in their country and is willing to be further isolated from the region. and on the other hand, growing further and closer to the russians, the 1st commercial flight to take off from the emmans capital in nearly 60 years has landed in jordan patients eating hospital treatment, where among 137 passengers flying from finance to mon, the flight operated by the many a fly carrier is one of the 1st nationwide fire things 2016. the un boca the 2 month agreement between the demons. internationally recognized government and who the rebels. now south korea has offered to help north korea as it battles to control its 1st confirmed, covered 90 not break. so says it's willing to provide medicines and technical assistance. infections arising rapidly in north korea with hundreds of thousands of
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suspected cases catches obeys. hurry on, breakables one who will be on duty up until recently north korea's leader would never be seen in public wearing a mask. but now king john own can no longer avoid it. local media is calling it an explosive outbreak of covet 19. dozens of people have died with more than 800000 suspected cases. the government has ordered a strict walked down, but cases are spreading fast forward on andrew, on state television, a doctor recommends gurgling with salt water, if suffering from a fever holiday with the crumbling health care system, a malnourished population, and no vaccines. experts worry the pens. emma could have a devastating impact on north korea color, so does she know that okay? outbreak could lead to shortages and, and economic crisis in order to prevent that. the government's conducting food rationing measures. but the search and infections didn't stop the government from
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testing its weapons. just hours after announcing the outbreak on thursday, it fired 3 ballistic missiles off its east coast. problem right smith. this indicates that the country will likely conduct missile tests more frequently, to counteract the depressed atmosphere caused by coven 19 among north korean citizens. joe, the 1st cases of the army con variance were reported in april in its capital pyongyang the same month. the city hosted several large public celebrations where most people did not wear masks. at the time, cases were soaring in neighboring china. north korea's biggest trade partner and close ally, it's only lulu, go door durometer. we will pay close attention to the developments of the epidemic in north korea and maintain communication with the government to protect the lives on the health of our citizens who live their financing. well, most of north korea's 26000000 people are not vaccinated. the world health
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organization offered inoculations last year, but king jung own rejected it for now, there is no sign people living in the most isolated nation in the world are closer to getting any help. katya little miss of a young al jazeera leaders of china's biggest city are aiming to resume normal life from the beginning of next month. after 6 weeks of corona virus long down in shanghai. health workers have declared the elimination of infections in most districts. supermarkets, shopping malls and restaurants are being allowed to be opened, but with limited capacity to stay at home. orders have frustrated. 25000000 residents and cause have up to the well 2nd biggest economy. katrina, you has more from b g during this lockdown period. it's been really difficult at times to get access to fresh food and other essential supplies. and there have been a lot of inconsistent messaging from authorities. we have easing restrictions only for things to be tightened up again. so this announcement really is the clearest
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timeline that shows how residents have received during this time for resuming normal life. and the goal is for them to reduce normal life by june the 1st and the reason that the authorities are going forward with this is because for 2 days now, they've had 0 cycle transmissions of carbon 19 outside people already in quarantine . so what they've outlined is 3 different phases of this gradual reopening from today. on monday, we see some physical stores opening, mainly things like supermarket grocery pharmacies, some head, dresses, some restaurants as well. we'll be able to open up offering, take out services or lee. and we'll see this over the next few weeks. more and more businesses begin to reopen some in passing classes will resume some students as well. public transport in areas that currently have no code 19 cases and flight to
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also slowly resume. but the government is definitely concerned and prioritizing, getting a lot of factories back on line, a lot of supply chain back online because shanghai session and portion city not only is it the biggest city in china, is also a major commercial center. so they really want to get the supply chain which have been crippled, back working again, so that the, the rest of the country can resume also normally. ah, hello again, i'm fully back with the headlines on al jazeera church leaders been occupied east. jerusalem have condemned friday's attack at the funeral. a volunteer here, a journalist hearing a block less. they say they unprovoked assault on mourners, which nearly cause her coughing to fall was disrespectful. disproportionate and disgraceful. new video has also been released showing the moment is ready for storm st. joseph hospital,
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where sharina blacklist body had been lying. officials say forces push pass a pregnant and disabled patient. 13 people were injured in the incident.


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