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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2022 7:30am-8:01am AST

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where black u. s. president joe biden condemned the shooting describing it as hate filled. all crowds of gathered to watch what's called a super flower blood moon lies up the night skies of southern grease. the moon appeared a reddish color as it rose above the ancient temple of poseidon. the phenomenon has fascinated humans for thousands of years. it happens when the moon passes through the shadow of the earth, creating a total lunar eclipse. and some of the clearest views of that celestial show will be from north and south america. a best time. the moon is at its closest point to us, making it appear larger and brighter than usual. ah, hello there. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. israeli forces have injured several, palestinian protesters rallying near the base l settlement and the city of ramallah and the occupied west bank. and they were marching to mark the 74th adversary of
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the creation of the state of israel, learned palestinians as an aqua or catastrophe. there's increase tension this year after al jazeera journalist trevino. brockway was shot dead by israeli forces. and there have been defiant messages from palestinians as a rally and the gaza strip. they flew balloons, bearing the names of cities, occupied by israel in 1948, nearly 800000 palestinians were driven from their homes. when israel was founded, warm up would be heard, but we want to see to this occupation that we were not alone in the crime, against jerusalem, and to look for or against all palestinian people, but in any foolishness committed by the occupational opened the gates of hell and the resistance were removed, the shield answered for defense. jerusalem, intellectual demonstrations have also been held in various american cities in solidarity with palestinians. many protests as there voiced their anger to against the killing of sharina utley. there are signs of life returning to normal in
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china's biggest city. after more than 6 weeks of strict corbett, 19 lock downs supermarkets, malls and restaurants and shanghai are expected to reopen with limited capacity. starting on monday. officials have declared 15 of 16 districts in the city of 25000000 people have eliminated corona virus cases. after months of delay as somalia as finally has a new president, hasn't jake, mohammed has regained the presidency just 5 years after being voted out. police are praising the bravery of parishioners after a trach shooting in the us state of california. one person was killed for others, critically wounded in the attack in laguna woods on sunday police. the suspected gunman was stopped and his weapon seized by parishioners. although the headlines, i'll have more news for you here on al jazeera after the listening post, do stay with us. the canfield festival is back in full swing with beat names and
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block buster served up to remind us that the m. r experiences back on the menu organizers will roll out the red carpet for ukraine and to start billing address. both president zelinski will see solidarity talk the agenda. life coverage on al jazeera ah, beauty in the home. will israel be held to account for a peculiar analogy through a job? as the tide turned into long media outlets change and go to on the roger plaster and russian mercenaries and misinformation messing with you. no longer with your support of europe. the listening post where we put the global media under the microscope. our starting point this week is the killing of al
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jazeera correspondence, serene abu, accurate by israeli forces, which this network has called an assassination. the i did for the cleaning, you know, what i do actually was a central part of al jazeera as palestine israel coverage for 25 years. yes. highly regarded my colleagues and audience. her funeral ceremony was attended by the bow, serene i, black late was on assignment in the occupied west bank covering is really raised on a refugee camp in jeanine. she was wearing a helmet and flock jacket. clearly marking her press when she was shot in the head by a sniper, the israeli prime minister then shared a video insinuating that abu actually had been killed by a palestinian, an argument quickly dismantled by israeli human rights group. that center through g o, location technology. and the use of facts, but it's all part of
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a pattern that we've seen before. palestinian killed and israeli response designed to confuse matters. justice denied accountability avoided diana boot, who was a human rights lawyer and former adviser to the pillow, the palestine liberation organization. miss beauty, thanks for joining us here at the listing post today. can you please start by telling us who serene abu ack lay was? we know her title, palestine correspondent for algebra arabic, but who was she really, to arabic, language, audiences. shitty and was a formidable journalist, a journalist that every journalist looked up to should he gave us a window into what it's like to live as a palestinian under israeli rule center. seattle, michael murphy, she you how to get very deep into into lives,
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the palestinians into the story into the true it's our issue mana memorial. behind phillip, lena. yeah. hey nadia. con heavy, hidden medina. she didn't just report on on issues of death. she actually reported a lot on life fall moodle had the hand must have a difficulty. you darla, you can also whole but then been spotty leicha on center within al into the order for for her to lester. the blue. lucky nathan, allah is the isla, her human interest stories were some of the best that i've ever seen. she was a person who gave us a glimpse into what it's like to be a palestinian from everything from the bitterness and the crimes of living under is really crimes to the sweetness of what palestinian culture and humanity is. all about. the israeli prime minister, enough tale bennett then tweeted out that video of a palestinian gunmen saying he was responsible for the killing. why is there this need for bennett to come out so quickly encounter the case that was being made by
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actual eye witnesses, including his use of a video that had no sourcing behind it? well, for 2 reasons. first is because surely in, as you know, and to the homes of every single palestinian and i would dare say every arab around the world. and i think that they are afraid of the, of the condemnations that are going to come. but 2nd city in is also a us citizen. and because she is a us citizen, there will likely be calls for investigations. we know how fake those investigations were, will be. but there's a bigger issue, which is that this is part and parcel of these really has gra, as of the israeli spin doctoring that occurs. so one is to always pass it out on the palestinian death or to blame palestinians or other palestinians for the death, for israel's killing of a palestinian step 2 is always to have a,
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a fake call for an investigation. we've already seen that happen. and then step 3, if it even gets to that will be an sorry, but statement on the part of some israeli official at step one right now. so it's, it's, we're not fooled by this anymore and i really hope that nobody else is fooled by it either. and that video has since been debunked. the israelis are now saying that they are opening an investigation to determine if actually was shot targeted fine israeli soldier. it's not an if she was. and that's the problem is that when we go down the path of questioning, what we're really doing is we're 2nd guessing eye witnesses who are there? we're 2nd guessing the people who risk their lives on a daily basis to cover this issue to cover this story. you know much,
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i think it's important to put this in its proper context. we're now at the one year anniversary since israel ah, the associated press building think back to a year ago. they blamed palestinians fred for them bombing the 80 building a year ago. another one of your colleagues, she bought it will go daddy. these really broke her arm as she was covering the protests egyptian i. and again, they blamed you burn godaddy for her broken arm. they have the duty and responsibility to protect journalists and they don't because they don't want the truth known. they just want to cover up their crimes and she refused to do that. and immediately after her killing the associated press was one of the news
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organizations along with the new york times to report that abu ackley was killed by quote gunfire during quote clashes. why is it seemingly so difficult for news organizations like those to state the obvious? i guess that's a question. i should be asking them. when you have eye witnesses who are telling you exactly what happened? i don't know why they have to go into these mental gymnastics and do as i call it, word salad to cover up what is plainly and painfully obvious. the objectivity of palestinian journalists is always question. we never question the objectivity of an american journalist or canadian journalist, or let's say right now if there were ukrainian journalists killed in the exact same way by russian. we wouldn't be rushing to use the passive voice or colleague clash
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is or somehow not laying blame at the foot of the russian government. but this always happens when it comes to palestinians that somehow palestinian journalist and their objectivity is always somehow discounted. even though these are some of the greatest journalists that i've ever seen. and who journalists who risk their lives all the time without so much as support from their international colleagues and counterparts. this killing that image of serene abu accolades, lifeless body. her colleague in such distress the way it captured that moment. so clearly it's everywhere. on social media and as you've seen, it's being posted alongside and likened to another infamous moment from the year 2000 and the killing of mohammed al dora, that 12 year old boy in garza now the israelis initially denied killing him as well . what do you make of the coupling of those images,
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the comparison of this killing to the outdoor a case? this is so painful for me because i woke up this morning to the news of the chileans killing. and the last thing that i wanted to see was her lifeless body. and i imagined that the last thing that a daughter wanted to see was the image of her sons lifeless by. i think the reason that people are putting them side by side is because in all of these cases, we're always being blamed for our own deaths. and what i think is really important is that in both instances, we have to ask the question, why is the army there? why is the israeli army there? in the case of shitty and it was because the army was illegally going into
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intrusion into the camp. and a so she in is the person who followed along because she wanted the world to see in both cases the army shouldn't have been there. in both cases. we should be now seeing shitty and going on to report other stories, stories of palestinian freedom and love and life. and we should be seeing a doctor who would now be in his thirty's. oh. but instead both lives have been so tragically extinguished by israel. and i worry that she is just simply going to pass with us, remembering her, but no action, nothing done to actually change the reality in which are must operate here. and more importantly, the out the reality in which palestinians live their lives here. diana, to thank you so much for speaking with the listening post. thank you. thank you.
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from the middle east to south asia now and sri lanka, where months of protests have president gota bay. roger pox has government on the ropes, the hash tag, the demonstrators have rallied around, says at all, gotta go home. i mean actually, robbie is here with more that hash tag go to go home before is not just to the president, but also to members of his family. many of whom are in government. the, the processing fee, like i have been over the countries, diety, economic conditions, ramp and inflation, crippling national debt. and steve mismanagement, they organized on social media, where means cartoons and anti government content. now dominate the discourse. the authorities tried to put a lid on that last month by shutting down all social media platforms. citizens would infuriated and the government caved. lifting the blockages over the past few weeks. she long and have noticed that some mainstream media outlets which have long
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been deferential to the roger fox family, our re positioning themselves, me to media players like the other day and, and he to networks who the owners have tied with the roger says, tried going with the official narrative labeling protesters, looters and pugs, but they're tempting their tone. the owner of the other day in a group was even publicly questioned about his networks output by a political logger. the amount of critical use content on the roger boxes is notably given that for more than 2 decades, they have been the most powerfully political players in sri lanka. and we have a track record of silencing journalists, brutally at times who dared to investigate or criticize them. the president is still in office, but the go to go home movement. the way it's being covered indicates that roger
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boxes are losing their control of the media. and may well lose their grip on power into longer. thanks me to the global media are focusing on russia military efforts in ukraine. we're turning now to its para military operations in africa. ever heard of the wagner group? it's a private company, made up of mercenaries who tend to do the kremlin bidding. wagner is to russia what black water is to the u. s. a shadow we organization. notoriously difficult and sometimes dangerous for journalists to cover. its mercenaries are now all over the globe operating mostly in africa, the playbook there includes moving into a country that is politically divided like molly. taking a side, creating a partnership that results in russia, getting access to precious natural resources and advancing its own geopolitical interests. and disinformation campaigns are part of the mix. but listening posts nick moorehead now on the wagner group,
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molly and russia soft power push in african me, there's a lot you can tell about the state of a country by watching citizens. this is tamika, the capital of molly. earlier this year, the hostility towards france is clear and surprises. molly was once a french colony, the abuses of that year, i have not been forgotten. in 2013 french troops teamed up with maryan forces to fight an insurgency in the north. 9 years later, there's little to show for it. and french troops have begun to withdraw. while so many of these protesters carrying russian flags and why are they purchase of richard wagner? the 19th century german music composer, a man who was deeply anti semitic, a favorite of ad of hitler's, and his music, provided the soundtrack to the nazi movement. the answer is that wagner image has become a symbol for me all in to support a private russian military company called the wagner group,
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an organization that has no website, no telephone number, no physical address. wagner says secretive that officially it does not exist level . now, the wagner group doesn't carry out regular, se misinformation and influence campaigns on line that coincide with what the mercenaries are doing in the field, is much will it down to pass from secrecy around wagner? is something that's done on purpose and it makes it really difficult to be certain how the kremlin is using wagner because it can't be held accountable for actions of a group that it has no official links to the links between wagner and moscow, aunt official. but they are there and they go right to the top. wagner is reportedly owned by your guinea, precocious and ali golf, known as putin shift and nickname. he picked up off the hosting numerous, dennis for the russian president, regression owns restaurants, a museum. many companies, including one called the internet research agents. folks have been located here in
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st. petersburg. it is currently sanctioned by both the us and the u. k. providing extensive disinformation campaign. and when you look at the countries where wagner has been deployed, the ukraine, syria, the central african republic, molly patton, emerges, wagner. missionaries are deployed under the guise of military advisors to country in political terms. they help the embattled governments and an exchange wagner and possibly russia get access to natural resources. then comes that this information and propaganda that makes the arrangement seem like the country's best course of action. and when you scan social media in molly over the past, yet it explains at least in part why mullins are waiving russian flags while burning effigy the french president, the social media post that me so really concentrated on blaming fraud, sporting militant insurgency and parts of the country so essentially calling into
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question to missy off prongs also promoting thought as reliable security partner. okay, good. so what the vulcan a did is they funded anti french rhetoric and pro russian campaigns while deploying the mercenaries to control certain areas as expected to gain access to molly's gold . melissa by non pasco, lot of the laundry of an invisible russian. honda in social media is an invention of the french. it won't accept that the fate because the russians only started to take an interest in the region. after the withdrawal of french troops was announced by french president, a monday my name on my car to guy john is the only money and journalist who agreed to speak with us and smiley actor. one of the many marlene news outlets that now take a pro ration line, which isn't hard to do, given the sub power push coming from moscow. russia state back news out it's r. t
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and sputnik had both created french language channels that focus on francophone africa and tend to cost russia in a very favorable light lump casing local authority. does that would be more of a johnson? i'm imagine. it's got to do to increase their reach or teens, but nick have made their content freely available to african use organizations and as many as 4000 across the continent have taken them up on that often. just take a look. this is molly j. a popular news aggregator. look we, much of the content is coming from sputnik news. sputnik news. sputnik news draw called the collaboration a win win because news organizations like his lack of resources to produce this kind of journalism. and it's on puck up. and we can cover all local news properly, let alone international news. this vacuum was viewed by french media r t fronts and allowed us diversify our sources. channels of radio, france international, and france. 24. do focus
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a lot with story. but they give me an answer to this voice, and that is perceived by the end of interference. so combination off, russian state and media outlets like our team have a very mission to cover issues that are marginalized by the so called mainstream media. and this really resonates with african countries, including in francophone, africa, where they have been complains about the way that africa is portrayed in the waste and media that it's all ebola and civil war. whereas russian media outlets are sharing positive stories about africa by focusing disproportionately on positive news, arkwin sputnik neglect, more concerning stories since coming into power in last year's q. molly's new military duties. back by the wagner mercenaries have become increasing the authoritarian dissenting voices have been thrown in jail. the media climate is now
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so hostile that numerous journalists have abandoned the profession inside. as for international media, both french state backed out its france $24.00 and radio false international had their licenses suspended earlier this year after they reported on allegations of atrocities being committed against civilians in law. by maryan troops and russian mercenaries. the play with wagner. since wagner arrival there have been growing accusations of abuses against civilians by the army and wagner mercenaries. and then you lose out this that report nice stories, a band. so there is clearly a desire to prevent any discussion about valves insensitivity and the abuse is carried out by the exact same lama. it also sends a very clear message to the remaining local journalists and also a foreign media outlets at operating money that certain topics are off limits. the concern there is that for regular citizens,
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it's going to become all the more difficult to access information that doesn't fit within the accepted narrative. private military companies like wagner has become a key component of the kremlin irregular warfare strategy. in 2015 russian private military companies were active in 4 countries. now they're in 27. and most of those deployments have been to africa with unstable governments, looking for protection, colonial legacies that can be exploited and under resource news outlets vulnerable to manipulation, africa is an ideal theater for russia to advance its interests. russia is courting africa and i think the success of the relationship is clearly demonstrated in the reaction of african countries to russians. recent invasion of ukraine, way, many african countries chose trap. spain found lou invites on the issue. many haven't called out russia condemned its actions at all. it don't get a fidel. the thanks did the disenchantment with france. the russians can present
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themselves as the new godfathers, and the local population may be open until it and then just lie that the russians take the place of france and gain more and more influence on the continental us. so look, which in all, in 1958, molly gained independence. but when france pulled out it left behind a news media that operates for the most part in french, rob believe that paris has always used that to it's advantage. but now moscow and it's media apparatus are speaking the same language in the air. the challenge ahead for molly and journalists and their colleagues across the region is how to ensure that then uses that. so not used to pedal soft power for foreign interests. lemetre after campbell africa media must unite to form collectivism, produce quality journalism was everyone's point to sustaining, bought knowledge model that will guarantee independence. because if we don't do that, or will be cannibalized by foreign news outlets with big letters,
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until this outlets will not defend the interest of monday until it is. and finally, china's most populous city. shanghai is more than a month into its latest lockdown, and no one knows given bay jennings, strict 0 covert policy, just how long it will last. if social media output is a measure, shanghai is 27000000 inhabitants are frustrated, and many have grown desperate. a video that captures that one that's making the rounds on line despite the best efforts of chinese sensors is called the voice of april. it is a montage of audio clips, official government announcements of its corporate policies mixed in with residence, descriptions of life under their strictest lockdown. yet it is a compelling piece of work that tells a story and ends with a simple get well soon. shanghai was the next time here,
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the listening post a yard mail to a. ready pit a a . busy
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with a . ready frank assessments, what are the political risks of panic? russian oil gas for western leaders will sanctions on russian energy exports. a recipe for such informed opinions, france is not abandoning to fight against jedi, still resumed media. they're going to be attacking from missouri and from char critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth
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analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera trust in authority is up in all time low. you want was that bro. hench hateful distress, this is an awful about what the truth actually is. al jazeera investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear, suspicion and conspiracy theories have become. the 2 of the powerful were in a dangerous territory and that dangerous territory runs did. what happens now that we've literally diverge that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion. on al jazeera, we from the ruins of mosul, music as re emerged. these are some of 40 musicians who make up the weather orchestra in iraq, 2nd largest city, despite being banned, when muzzle was occupied by isolate the melodies, arrived derfin christian curd arab so need. and she has these young men and women represent the diversity of iraq to be able to hear music. i mean,
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the ruins of muscles, all city feel strange, but it brings home. the resilience are presidents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, it remain committed to bringing the city back to life. ah, israeli security forces target palestinians mocking the 7 people, found a vast the creation of a zionist state. take all the catastrophe and marches in the us in solidarity with palestinians and for justice, for the killing of al jazeera journalists, shuree, and ultimately ah, hello there, i'm installed the italian. this is al, just.


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