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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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fear suspicion, ma'am conspiracy theories have become the 2 of the powerful, were in a dangerous, dangerous territory. was what happens now that we literally diverge that today will be how democracy dogs the true illusion on a just cedar. ah mm. oh is really security forces target palestinians mocking the 74000 of us, read the creation of the zionist state, which they call the knack. bob will catastrophe marches in the u. s. in solidarity for palestinians and justice for the killing of al jazeera journalist, sharina rockland. ah,
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hello there, i'm miss darcy. attain this is al 0 life and also coming. it's not something against russia, but is what we think is best for us. sweden and finland decide to join nato in the wake of russia's invasion of ukraine, ending decades of neutrality. molly's military rulers pull out of a regional alliance, fighting armed groups and this the hell region. ah, how much is mocking the 74th anniversary of the creation of the state of israel known to palestinians as i'll napa or catastrophe have ended in violence. palestinian students were arrested at tel aviv university on sunday, after confrontations with right ring activists stage encounter protests israeli media report. the 2 have been released, but one remains in police custody accused of assault. ah,
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mean mount israeli forces injured? several palestinian protesters any occupied west bank. they were rallying near the base l. settlement in the city of ramallah on sunday is increased tension this year after al jazeera journalist korean other ostler was shot dead by israeli forces. and they have been defiant messages from palestinians at a rally in the gaza strip. they flew balloons, bearing the names of cities occupied by israel in 1948. nearly 800000 palestinians were driven from their homes in the year that israel was founded. one off would be heard that we want to say to this occupation that we will not allow any crime against jerusalem interlock saw or against all palestinian people. but in any foolishness committed by the occupational opened. the gates of hell were in the resistance were remains the shield answered the defense, jerusalem and alex, so you are now sammy's, aidan tanks. i looked back at the history of the napa and how it affected entire generations. shahan halsey now living in poland. d. a refugee camp was
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forced to flee a port of june 1948 when he was 8 years old. but he still holds on to what's left, the keys to his house, the powerful recollections that sometimes capture his gaze. in may, 948 design is declared. the establishment of the state of israel. hundreds of thousands of palestinians were displaced, design as quickly absorbed, conquered palestinian towns into their new state of israel. as many palestinians languished in refugee camps. hold about albert, the jews attacked the town. there were 4 people with mental disabilities who didn't understand that they should stay indoors. so they were killed by the zionist shilling. i did not see the zionists, but i heard the show them. why haven't you gone back to the porch colored a steady yes the eldest decided we should stay out of the town for a week or a month or a couple of months until the zionists leave but they never left our town and
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eventually our hope of returning died who was the head of your home? there were a few people who tried to sneak back into a badge at night, but the zines called them and killed them. how could anyone think of returning after that? he longed to set foot again in his village. he still remembers its water wells and trees fondly. but israel generally does not allow palestinians into what is now israel even for a visit if they don't have his railey citizenship. israeli id cards or special permits could only give him a glimpse of what it looks like today. park with fields and flowers. you know, they don't seem so tranquil now, but appearances can be deceiving because this was one of the palestinian village of a bullet swept by the turmoil of a next foreshadow house eve. it's all still there in his memory,
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the grandfather displace heartbroken, and still hoping to return his power. 1000 displacement seems the dissenters ever sammy's day than al jazeera. ellen. dear refugee camps all the shock waves of palestine, not by our still reverberating people either fled or were forced from their homes. they hoped to return one day, but they were never allowed to. nit clark met one woman as she visited her childhood home. few original residents from the time of the night both still alive recorded. habash is one. this is your home. this is my house. this is my home. this is what i was born. and this is read. i lived up to the age of 7. florida spent a happy childhood here until her family fled. during the night. my father took us for security. with 4 children, look even to thick or close. the cover toys?
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nothing. everything, everything was left inside the house, the furniture you. everything that you you never gotten, but they would just require new size. what would buy buy pabo? these doors are still the original doors and the men door, the entrance to the home to my home is still the same. but i feel bad. it is not well kept really badly kept cool if you eat something without it being washed. yeah, yeah. to right. this is melody fruit from a tree that your father plunger. my father, glad that this one years. i did not forget. i was 7 years old. i did not forget,
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i still remember vividly my life, my daily life. you then, my children, we made sure they know the history, the history of my nation, the history of the palestinians, and the history of our properties of our whole of my home, the home of my husband. and not only my grandchildren and i have 2 great grandchildren, they know when they play from here, they say this is the home of peter. this is the home of see though we make sure they've got to get we're ready for reconciliation. but with justice, we want to piece but without justice, how can you have peace? said dream. and as long as we're here and we are here,
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me and my partner, senior people, all demonstrations are also held in various american cities in solidarity with palestinians. many protest as also voiced their anger against the killing of sharina who actually had he calhane went to one of those rallies in washington dc for washington d. c. standards. this is an incredibly small protest or not, but less than a 100 people. protesters that i've talked to here say that is part of the problem. when i was in 1st grade, i, when, when my teacher showed us the world ma'am, and i'm like, where am i just said, where's palestine? and everyone's like, what is i, i constantly hear people talking about israel and the land belonging to them throughout my school throughout our schools. i've been to, in conversations on the street and not enough people know the history of what happens of palestine. i'm because i feel that a lot of western media,
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i'd phrases as a conflict as like a 2 sided issue. i'm, we're both sides are equally as violent. there are many signs you're talking about, the death and the funeral of serene album, o'clock the l g 0 journalist, who was a gun down doing her job well wearing a press like best. many people here said they expected. given that there would be many more people at the approach us, but in reality, this is a story that has been only barely covered in american media. and the people here say, that's pretty much par for the course. while in her last report filed before she was killed by israeli forces, sharina, expose the realities of israeli occupation and told the stories of palestinians who lost their homeland. 74 years on the me and her to the guy about me and how you live my food, the owner. i own girl, i'm a jewish is eudoxia now, but he's he according to him, a 100 ways sir. mazur la for you,
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but sonia serrano realty, real sorry, your joel wagner thought i did a good fuck leon fil ballard for actually a hoard below and filter where who had to leave you with minutes? leslie. nina, many other mosacco been with that. hi, betty hillary, who's year, i mean, who often will allow that to euro with or whether color gina? well, me, no money at the muster could be home fun, mentor, karate, neck, about whether gallagher theater, and meaningful athenian ayana min on october, illinois, court sir? well, honey, ill, while water fatima taffy philistine mania ish will neck by tomorrow until well her? yeah. me too many at in water by in who she that was 32 l. e double kibosh, a willa maria, tin mill. takata subaru, letty better till your modem? not due the regular was the correct for the foothill. that'd be yeah. to my that in neck by 2 liters at that there mcwilliam a routine. you had them all way to stratify korea to himself. love water. hadn't
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one the guy liquid for you? i didn't get samar. what her doing here? i love you oliver. but for sheila, a silent warm up the gas carry, or maybe don't want the gas carry real. i want the gas carry. what day it will ask every month because i use i meant to drive it by the murat. it thursday. i'll let you who dem if he have a to homer was better to lose rottweiler into calling. 1113 cutty bell. the stock rule was settled philistine year to feeble. you 10 o t. m injured eda deena and your ballot for lulac, but in order that could have been 30 him shilling. barclay al jazeera, allow water while it's now also been a year since israeli forces bond building and gaza destroying the offices of the associated press and our 0 human. our science has been me this year in garza l. his remarks, the one year anniversary of the israeli bombing of
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a building housing its offices that attack came a spot to the 11 day battling gaza between israeli forces and pals to groups. it was the bloodiest conflict since 2014. and i could see that the embed wet apartments and 50 offices were forcibly displaced in a single night. r hobbs with high up the head of the donnas funding for the reconstruction by mines paused and nothing has been implemented yet. according to local officials is really for his targeted, high rise towers, apartment building and bob thousands of other sites. more than 260 people were killed and at least 2000 others were injured. basic services were severely disrupted. according to the ministry of housing in costa, only $200.00 residential units have been rebuilt. israel also destroyed 15 media
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offices in gardena, including ultra 0. at the time, israel said her mass operated. we're using the building but presented no solid evidence to back disclaim language. no us in the, in a lot of up up up. we are certain that the person who gave the order to strike and destroy al jolla tower is the same person who gave the order of breaking travaras arm and shake, draw. and is the same person who gave the order of the fascination of sharing a bu. and he is the one who must be revealed and presented to the international trial. today, as we recall, the memories of the bombing of our records the we are once again under attack. after the killing of our colleagues, she read a barclay who was covering an israeli raid in chimney after a year of working from far yes, locations and temporary offices arches iraq now has
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a new garza bearer. but garza like the rest of these really occupied territory, has always been one of the most difficult areas for journalists to cover. but it has never detritus from our mission to report the news. you may see it al jazeera, gaza. i'll still ahead here on al jazeera and economy and taxes in a political system on the brink of collapse versus 11 and get the chance to force change in the lunch time shooting as a church in the us. why police a parishioner showed exceptional heroine. ah, let's go with your weather story for the americas. have one thanks for joining in. disturbed weather, across the great lakes,
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sent toward the northeast and we can see where this front is toronto at 15 degrees . ottawa, 25. but your temperatures are going to come crashing down. you go from 25, down to 11 degrees on tuesday, so that is well below average was spent. we go right now and some showers still hanging around for western canada into the pacific northwest. as we get further towards the south, the desert southwest, gonna dial the temperatures up in the days to come. already we see hence of that phoenix at 40 degrees and we have air quality alerts in play for arizona and new mexico with wildfires burning nearby. now for the gulf states, it's hard, it's humid here to look at this new orleans that $32.00 degrees could get clipped with a few showers for southern areas of florida. but that weather front in canada, in the us, it's dropping down a lot of rain for the bahamas and cuba certainly could be some flooding here. a plume of moisture, nicaragua could streak and panama. and you know, for the top end of south america, the rain is going to be intense for that pacific coast of colombia storms through
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the andes, stretching east into the amazon basin and around the river plate region. it is going to be white and windy. montevideo has a high of 14 degrees ah, full of struggles full of pleasure. she has a life in cuba to make a luna go to work a year my cuba. on al jazeera lou. ah
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ah no, again, i'm just calling to obtain dora. let's remind you about top stories here. the south israeli forces have injured a several palestinian protest is rallying the debates. ella settlement in the city of ramallah and occupied westbank when they were marching to mock the 74 anniversary of the creation of the state of israel, known to palestinians as a lack of catastrophe. demonstrations of also been held in various american cities in solidarity with palestinians, many protest as voice their anger also against the killing of al jazeera journalist, shreed abruptly now moving on and the regional governor of ukraine's western. the v region says russia has fired 4 missiles at military targets near the board with poland. no casualties were reported. and the missiles were reportedly 5 in the black sea.
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ukraine says 2 were brought down before they were able to reach their targets. that he was last hit by russian missiles on may, the 3rd, the lessons that he has largely been spared since the war began, as russia focuses its efforts in the east. well, meanwhile, finland has declared that a new era is underway. the supplies for nature, membership with sweden also moving to join the alliance. that was a distant prospect for both countries until just a few months ago until russia's invasion of ukraine shifted their stones on european security. the criminal has warned that expanding nato would be a mistake to bass and reports from berlin, where the head of the alliance has called the potential changes historic. finland and sweden will be warmly welcomed into the natal military alliance. that was the message from all nato foreign ministers at a meeting in berlin, except for one. turkey has made objection, saying the nordic nations are hosting what it calls terrorist organizations
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pointing among others at the p k. k. who are the workers party? to be frank on a bit confused because i had a telephone discussion with the president there on that is approximately a month ago. and tim, actually, he took up himself before i had the possibility to do that, that you're applying for nato membership. and we will assess it favorable. i thanked him and he was very pleased to receiving my thanks. for turkey, there was nothing confusing about its demands. we were told that they need to stop supporting terrorist organizations. but offense, industry restriction over prohibitions on export permits impose to an allies such as turkey should definitely be lifted. i'm not saying this is a bargaining chip. i'm say, it is a requirement of a lawyers. russia president vladimir putin has called the possible northern
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expansion of nato, a threat, finland joining with double the border between nato and russia. but nato's minutes are sad, putting has himself to blame. after invading ukraine. they're confident the issue with turkey will be resolved soon. i heard almost across the board, very strong support for finland, nato joining the alliance if that's what they choose to do. ah, and i'm very confident that we will reach consensus on that. all 30 nato states have to approve the admission of new members a process that normally takes month at ministers and berlin said they want to speed this up to prevent the so called grace period in which finland and sweden would not be protected by nato's article 5 weeks as an attack on one is an attack on all. it was expected as soon as finland and sweden applied for nato membership. the process would be smooth and swift, but turkey's position may now have floated down. no one can say for sure when the
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toma flax will be added to this collection step, fasten al jazeera in berlin. now molly is pulling out of our regional military lions fighting armed groups in this a hell region. molly's military jones, i made that announcement sizing, a lack of progress. molly was due to hold the g 5 presidency in february, but there's been criticism of the military since it took power and a crew last year. now the g 5, the health force includes troops from new jersey child became a faster and more attain yeah, it was set up back in 2017 to counter arms groups which have swept across the region in recent years. but the force has been hobbled by lack of funding and disagreements amongst member states, or william laurence is a former us diplomat setting is regional security off the west africa. he says molly's leaders have isolated the country. it's significant. in that molly's taking a further step away from regional cooperation and also a step away from france which backs the g 5 as part of its regional strategy. again,
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one of the worst areas of jihad is in the world. there's really nobody that wants to cooperate with the molly and purchase cover, right? government right now. they came to power and qu in august of 2020. and then another qu may of 2021 at 1st announcing and didn't want to hold elections for 5 years. it's now reduced to 2 years and it's subject to many sanctions from eco was an over 50 nation that had truth. molly, as part of the, just the stabilisation of molly after the civil war. and molly, they've all pulled out a lot of the troops have moved to me very niger. and that increased the importance of the region working as a region nor to compact to combat the jihad as threats will be all about. and molly's saying nope, we're going to do it on our own. well after months of delays, threats of violence and amid a growing hunger crisis, somalia finally has a new president. people, as you can see,
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have been sharing and even firing guns in celebration in the capital market issue. somalia, new leader is someone who's held the job before the house. i'm shake. mohammed has regained the presidency just 5 years after being voted out and now replaces the very man who succeeded him. mamma wasn't elected by voters, but by members of parliament. although it's all still been counted in lebanon's parliamentary election and the fast general elections since an economic meltdown in 2019 and the buried port explosion. and despite a relatively low turn out it seen by many as a real chance for change, santa caught our reports now from beaver's lebanon, has all but collapsed. yet, the establishment that plunged the country into darkness is seeking re election. the nearly bankrupt state has been struggling to provide services on election day. it was no different and it's this status quo that many are hoping to change. 2022.
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we decide to change. so i bought some but not, and i wanted to can ya. so wow, hopefully it will change, but unseating the political class that has been governing this country for decades is not easy. anti establishment coalitions fielded many candidates, the so called change forces. they are expected to win a few seats, but not to change the political landscape. i know it's a chart for change, it's not look change yet. i hope for the next generation, they wouldn't be that chain. that process began in late 2019, when massive crowds protested for months. they were met with violence. now many are to disillusioned to even try. a country has been a long from the lawyers for fame every 4 years. there's elections and we think will ways we can change with change. supporters of the former prime minister sat haddy
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think so as well. that's why they are boycotting the vote. heidi headed the muslim sunday communities, largest block in parliament, but left politics earlier this year. blaming it on iran's influence through its allies has below, over the country. now not been on 2005, we won a majority across the country or we couldn't translate those gains into anything tangible. there was a gun pointed at our back. has buller already controls the country has belies an armed pro. iranian party that, along with its allies, are in the majority in the outgoing parliament. its opponents, mainly pro western and pro saudi parties are hoping to shift the balance of power. it's a traditional political divide that has led to bouts of sectarian violence in the past. and breaking through their grip on power has always been difficult. anti establishment candidates were already at a disadvantage before voting started their up against powerful forces, a system that worse against them, and they're not united,
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which means the vote is flipped and it is much harder to reach the electoral threshold. votes are still being counted, but big changes are unlikely. the relatively low turn out is a sign that the election will only give what many have described the corrupt in dysfunctional system. a new lease of life cynical, the osha zita battled police are praising the bravery of parishioners after chat shooting in the u. s. state of california. one person was killed for others, critically wounded in the attack in laguna woods on sunday. police say the suspect the gunman was stopped in his weapon seized by parishioners. they say he's an asian man in his sixties. most of the people in the chat at the time i believe, to be of taiwanese defend. the incident happened at lunch at a lunch bank banquet following the morning service. and again, to remind you, this is all very preliminary information. we believe a group of churchgoers detained him in hog tied in lakes with an extension cord and
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confiscated at least 2 weapons from him. he was detained when the deputies arrived . that group of churchgoers displayed what we believed. exceptional here, rosa heroism and bravery in interfering or intervening to stop the suspect. and police say the suspect and saturdays shooting in buffalo city and new york states had threatened violence before 10 people were killed after an 18 year old white man opened fire at a grocery store and a predominately black neighbourhood. most of the victims were black. us president joe biden condemned the shooting describing it as hate filled. we must all work together address to hate. the remains a stain on the saw american hearts are heavy once again. but our resolve must never ever waiver. and pakistan's prime minister has ordered emergency measures to cut a western collar outbreak. at least 6 people have died and the disease is putting
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pressure on the country struggling health system come all high that has worn out from the drama that there they have where 3 big garage progress dawn. and that, of course, has complicating matters because we now have report of a major color outbreak in a remote regional baluchistan data book. the district, the area affected most states be go a small down. this is a large district indeed populate. ages are scattered over a very large area. they've been turning up to whatever ahead facilities are available in the region. and there aren't very good facilities to begin with. however, we have now been door that did over 2000 k to be reported. and about 6 people have been because of cholera and then women and children are the prime minister of god has taken notice tend to help to that region. paramedics and dr. games are on their way budgeted. important to know that this problem had been
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complicated by the fact that budget on is running out of water. and these people were sheltering because of the lack of water. therefore, forcing many people to share their diamond aided water where their life get ready. so indeed, an emergency situation, and one that is being watched carefully. now crowds have gathered to watch what's called a super flower. blood moon lies up the night skies of southern greece. the moon, as you can see, there appeared a reddish color as it rose above the ancient temple of poseidon. the phenomenon has a fascinated humans. the thousands of years had passed as it happens when the moon passes through the shadow of the creating a total lunar eclipse. at this time, the moon is that it's close to point to the making of pampers nacia and brighter than usual. ah.


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