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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 15, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm AST

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oh, a. ready oh, sound 74 seconds, one for every year since the creation of israel is palestinians commemorate napa or the catastrophe ah, why money site this is out there alive. memorial services have been held across the occupied west bank and gaza to honor al jazeera janice serene. a black leg, it was killed by israelis. poles have disclosed in lebanon's 1st parliamentary elections since it's devastating economic crisis and they route explosion. and
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finan says it will formerly begin the process of applying for nato membership despite russian warning. sweden is also expected to do the same. ah 74 seconds of sirens to mark 74 years since an entire people's land began to be stolen. ah, it began in 1948 where hundreds of thousands of palestinians were driven out of their homes by sinus dom groups to make way for the creation of the state of israel . to this day, israel has bod, palestinian refugees, and their descendants, from returning to those homes in flagrant violation of international. so i me say down takes a look back at the history of the knock and how it's affected,
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entire generations. this is what designed this movement termed a land without the people. but in reality, during the 19th century, the land had an overwhelming majority native palestinian population. the majority will muslim with christians making up around the 11 percent and the small palestinian jewish minority of around 3 percent. but by 917 britain had occupied palestine. the country's foreign secretary wanted to win favor with the powerful zine this movement off the bell for committed to supporting the establishment of a national homeland for jews in palestine. as occupation authorities settled increasing numbers of jewish immigrants from europe. palestinians began rebelling, jews from europe felt their religious beliefs and the historical existence of jewish communities and the land entitled them to palestine. palestinians felt their country was being given away by foreigners to foreigners. in 1947, britain announced its would hand over palestine to the un to sort out. in the same
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year, the un proposed establishing 2 states against the wishes of the majority, our population. the majority of the country would go to the jewish immigrant population, which owned only 6 percent of the land and constituted only a 3rd of the population. and the native palestinians, they'd get less than half of their own country. the jews accepted the un plan, but palestinians rejected it. war broke out during which design ethnically cleansed, an estimated $750000.00 palestinian arabs. in may, 948 design is declared the establishment of the state of israel. the palestinians were outgunned as zionist overran palestinian towns and villages in some places like they're seen, zionist forces massacre. the civilian population. residents of other palestinian towns simply fled in fear. hundreds of thousands of palestinians were displaced as
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jews, celebrated palestinians marked the great catastrophe, or nectar zine as quickly absorbed, conquered palestinian towns into their new state of israel. as many palestinians languished in refugee camps a park with fields and flowers, all seemed so tranquil now. but appearances can be deceiving because this was one of the palestinian village of a bullet, swept by the turmoil of a necklace in israeli national park today, the arab houses are gone. we wandered around, but it's hard to find the remnant of the palestinian village to touch or hold onto and yet foreshadow leave it all still there. in his memory. now, living in holland dear refugee camp, he was forced to flee a boat to 948 when he was 80 years old. but he still holds on to walk,
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left the keys to his house, the powerful recollections that sometimes capture his gaze. your hood habit of albert, the jews attacked the town. there were 4 people with mental disabilities who didn't understand that they should stay indoors so they were killed by the designers shelling. i did not see the zionists, but i heard the show them. why haven't you gone back to and bought canada steady. yes the elders decided we should stay out of the town for a week or a month or a couple of months until the zionists leave. but they never left our town. and eventually, our hope of returning die. who was the head of your home? there were a few people who tried to sneak back into a butcher at night, but the zionist called them and kill them. how could anyone think of returning after that? he longed to set foot again in east village. he still remembers its water wells and trees fondly. but israel generally does not allow palestinians into what is now
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israel even for a visit if they don't have his railey citizenship. israeli id cards or special permits could only give him a glimpse of what it looks like today. a grandfather displaced heartbroken and still hoping to return his paul 1000 displacement. it is. it's just into that sammy's day, dance, al jazeera and alon. dear refugee can palestinians living in the occupied westbank say the israeli plans all along have been to take out more lands and less people. they don't remember macbeth, they live it needed. abraham reports from the occupied westbank. halima eunice says israel considered her existence a threat just because she's a palestinian iraq eugene who was forced out of her home in 1948. now she's threatened to be evicted again. she's been living in this cape mccaffery of the southern hadron hills for decades, had said been the 80 year old,
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gave birth to her children here in the very same cave and tells us she doesn't want to be buried anywhere else. what the moral lemme double in our suffering is not over as long as we are here. they are brutalizing, like if they just leave us and let us be, we have a good life. halima grew up witnessing shrinking palestinian lands and more legal ready supplements. locals here have recently lost a 20 year legal battle to allow them to stay. they had little hope and is ready justice, like many other palestinians, they believe is ro, supreme court is part of white washing the occupation for decades. israel has been using different methods, the strict palestinians out of their land, closed military areas, weapons ranges, natural reserves, and state labs are old, but some ways to push palestinians out. at the same time israeli settlements considered illegal under international law,
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are expanding on those very same lands every year, palestinians marked neck, which means catastrophe and arabic. thus when more than 700000 people were forced out of their homes by the creation of israel, 74 years on. many here, save that now isn't just a memory. but our reality with his really land grabs evictions and illegal supplement expansion. they want the world to know that the neck back is continuing every day. those who left their homes thinking they'll be back within days, have had their children and grandchildren, born in refugee camps, refugees in palestine, and that the aspirin exceed 6000000 people. i don't 10000 refugees live in the full was refugee camp near harper on city south of the occupied west bank since its establishment in 1948. it's population has tripled. amazon at the huge will volunteers to organize fun activities with children. while he teaches them songs
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about return, he does not think it's possible in his lifetime, mish merverdad gabelle emmelyn lee shave. i've lost hope for not that i don't want to return, but the situation in what they have planned for, suggest that it's over. we've lost our lands. they sold aside law as time passes, the waiting goes on. and palestinians. now we're even struggling to stay on the little land that is left knee. deborah him elijah's eda, the occupied westbank. while as we've been reporting, our colleague sharing a bracket killing buys ready forces another reminder of israel's brutal occupation of palestine. the trial blazing palestine american journalist devoted her life to exposing the unrelenting oppression of palestinians. how much am june reports and what a life and her death means? i have friends and family, even as well. what though up it out that i know how come when a voice as vital as should ina blacklist is silenced before mom, the grief is immeasurable. the pain almost too much to bear. sure.
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oh. known by many as the daughter of palestine, the veteran elijah's either journalist was shot dead by his really forces in the occupied west bank on wednesday. while on an assignment in the city of jenny. for her friends and colleagues, the loss has been devastating. she was born and raised in in jerusalem on their occupation. she was telling the story that she was living every day. she was not just telling the story of the people. she was telling the story their story off her life as well, and this is what made her magically and i could look up. shaheen was one of edges he had. his 1st field correspondence in having joined the channel in 1997, covering the 2nd into father didn't just turn her into a household name. it also transformed her into a role model. on the year,
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the palestinian american trailblazer showcased the power of journalism baja. while off the year she taught journalism classes, inspiring women and men to always speak truth to power. for many of the younger journalists, in fact, for most of us, she was an idle somebody would look up to. she knows her facts. she knows the story . she knows how to connect to people. she wasn't here. she loved what she could. thousands came out on friday, occupied east jerusalem to pay their respects. but earlier, as the funeral procession began to st. joseph hospital in the shifter, rough neighborhood, they were confronted with the ultimate sign of disrespect. ah, as mourners were attacked by his really forces, pall bearers struggled to prevent should ins, coughing from hitting the ground. people were pulled out of the hearse. israeli
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forces also removed the palestinian flag when everyone was there, or there too, as to show their support and love. and at the end of the day, even when she was not even with that day, close to harold was was violent. the funeral procession later resumed and reached a cathedral in the christian quarter of the old city. oh, where a service was held before she read was laid to rest. next to her parents, grave site at the mount zion protestant cemetery, pablo hawkins. she went into the hearts of every single palestinian, and i daresay, every arab household touching the floor being in the way that she had of bringing to light the reality of israel. brutal occupation, mostly because i didn't that i either in her reporting, should ina barkley combined unwavering strength and steadfast empathy. you will
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know how well a thanielle hawk telling the story of her people as clearly and thoughtfully as possible. her voice may have gone silent, but it will continue to reverberate. alejandro florida. follow mamma. jim's room as visitor. let's head to the palestinian embassy and die ha. where a memorial event is being held for shaheen. black lane, jamal as i'll, is that jamal, what's been happening? well, people have been a gathering guy over the past few minutes. melinda, our colleagues of the martha journalist trevino volcanoes, what as members of the palestinian community here as well as members of the wider our community in a hot out. and obviously today marks as we've been mentioned in the 7th 4th anniversary of the knack about when zionist militia expelled the indigenous hottest indians from their land. but obviously, today's events is subtle, more a somber,
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or because of the murder of should in an update. i just have a quick time as we talk through what we are expecting here. obviously there is the madison ambassador who is here waiting for some other guests. we expect representatives from different political factions or from across the palestinian spectrum. and in that actually is a very important a sentiment, which is a lot of people believe that are through the murder of should not bach lee or the palestinian voice became a lot more united even if it is just being over the past few days. the fact that she symbolized what, what was the essence all the palestinians struggle, the struggle for freedom just to express oneself to express oneself that their opposition to the illegal occupation, the opposition to the legal sentiments, the r o position to the detention that no rest of miners and children therapies are
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shown through the apartheid. that's human rights organizations like human rights watch. an amnesty have been calling out more recently in palestinian as have been courtney dalton for the past 7 decades. so in that unity and warning many beneath this could be a new chapter 4 that are united front against the illegal practices of israel, against the preachers of international law. and maybe a new chapter that turns away from the unity that has fragment to the public spending voice over the past several years coming back to obviously who should be in was we heard in those reports and how we have been reporting over the past few days her voice was heard in every single our household across, not just our ball, but our speech and events like these that are taking place across the globe or just the most. thank you for that, jamal sheil, that for in doha. so heads on out is earth north korea battles a k,
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the 19 outbreak is fears growing could lead to a major health catastrophe? ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world camp is on its way to catherine book. your travel package today. how i was saturday was the hottest day of the year anywhere in the world. central part of pakistan getting that sir. unfortunate record so far more that later at the moment we've got wet weather coming out to southern parts of china, clearing away from the japanese southern islands, grassy pushing out of the open waters of the pacific, one or 2 showers at the eastern part of japan, largely dry and bright, there we go on through the next couple days. it is an improving pitcher, sir. by the time we come to tuesday, there you go. you can see more the where sunshine come in for sunshine,
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stretching to across much of the korean peninsula, far northeast of china because he wanted to share before much of china by their stacy. this looking much dry them. it has been recently, particularly across. so southern air is the weather. weather is now making its way across the south china sea. we'll see some heavy showers coming into indo china pockets of sundry down paws there. and some where to where the grassy making its way to northern parts of the philippines over the next day or so. he to the day showers elsewhere across southeast asia. plenty a shower course, southern parts of india. back up towards the north west of india and into pakistan . verse that searing heat that we saw on sas day is, should ease off a touch as we go through the next couple of days. i'm a little bit though, showers to the south katha, airway official airline of the journey. fishing longer hours and shorter deadlines. south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0 one, east explorer, the dark side of consumer convenience and south korea on al jazeera.
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ah jesse. with lulu ah, well come back, you watch me out. is there a mind to thought top stories this hour? athenians across the world. what they call none. the all the catastrophe commemorating the 74th anniversary of the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of palestinians from their lands following the creation of the state of his rob. this
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is not that has taken on even more resonance falling the killing of the al jazeera journalist. sure enough, black laid by is waiting for. she was shot dead on wednesday as she covered in his writing rate and his name in new york on west bank. the palestinian authority says israel should not be part of any investigation into his shooting as go to lebanon, where poles have now closed in a parliamentary election. it is the 1st general election since in economic meltdown to place in 20. 19 the vote as seen by many is a real chance for change. russell said a reports from beirut, towns day in lebanon, but they still hold formation. that in the last 3 years has suffered from an unprecedented economy meltdown at davis. stephen exposure, as a major political core lives millions registered to ward in parliamentary elections . the hope would bring about the future with manella killed. why urge all the
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bernice people to go out and vote, it doesn't matter who they support attending the vote will give us the chance to make their reforms for it. but their country as a can chew my i'd number the lebanese society is deeply polarized bees. arsic there in loyalties. some political parties here are regarded as more powerful than the state itself. and attentions could pose a threat to waters. the interior ministry has deployed some 45000 troops to ensure the security and transparency of his elections. a total of $718.00 candidates are running for the $128.00 seats in parliament, equally divided between muslims and christians. however, neither the muslims nor the christians are united in lebanon. traditionally, 2 competing camps have been dominate in politics for nearly 2 decades. the much 8 coalition that includes brought iranian and prosperity and party is allied christian for the patio to woman and she was them as will law and m al moment on
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the other side has been much 14 coalition which consists anti iranian and anti syrian protease such as christian lebanese forces, sunday was the future moment. andrews muslim, progressive socialist party. but things have now changed. former prime minister south. how did he will is the future moment that previously how the biggest cinderblock in parliament is bull caught in the elections effectively. and in the march 14 coalition and leaving destinies without the luther. how did he support his how called on the soonest to boycott the elections. and that has raised concerns about a lot not that could potentially help their opponents. the march 8 coalitions. many people, all the political establishment responsible for the problems they face. this has led to arise in so called mpeg establishment independence. we're now trying to pay a different way in lebanese politics. i actually have all the reason not to word
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for that. there's an additional 40 bakers that were people, they stole our money, they could up deeper the damage our system. they incorporated the client, the limited time to listen system and lebanon. i'm voting for new candidates for new faces, because we caught me because we, we want a new lebanon lebanon to get a hold. it's presidential election in october. so the outcome of this war will not only determine who will have a majority in the parliament, but also will have an impact on the appointment of the next president and prime minister press you sarah o. j 0 battle. let's go to our correspond as dana color his lie for us in beirut. xena polls now closed talk us through the day. what us turn up and like was the need been like well, we're waiting for the interior ministry to release the final turn out 2 hours ago, 5 pm local time for 32 percent voted. now that's quite low. but like i mentioned, there were still 2 more hours of voting and there was really
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a surge of voters entering centers across the country. so we still do not know voter turnout, but we are expecting results to start trickling in. and in the, in the coming hours in the morning, we saw a lot of enthusiasm among coulters. they believed that this could have been a turning point for them. if the country has all but collapsed, the state is nearly bankrupt. the currency has collapsed. they're hoping for a new beginning, but at the same time, most of them had told us that we're under no illusion that things will change because the same leaders have been leading this country for, for decades. they're seeking re election and they're, and they are powerful or the system works for them. they benefit the security forces, work work for them. so these are anti establishment can that it's, we're hoping to make a change. they're only going to gain a number of seats, but biggest question now is who will hold the balance of power in the new parliament? currently, if they pro iranian has bella and its allies, which really has the majority in parliament, their traditional opponents,
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the anti hezbollah camp. they are trying to win more than 65 seats in order for them to have the majority. so it's still not clear which cap is going to get a when the majority in parliament. but for many people who are hoping for change, new faces, new politicians, that is not going to happen. and those same leaders for the past 3 years really did nothing to improve the economic situation. them returning to power. really a lot of disappointment, many lebanese will tell you we're going to see our currency lose the even more value, more people unable to find jobs and more people immigrating from this country. santa hodder, their 1st in beirut, finland has confirmed. it will formerly apply for nature membership in the coming days. it's long been neutral, but the government has said the kremlin unpredictable behavior house become a pressing issue. shares of 1300 kilometer border with russia,
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public support and finland for membership off the military alliance has more than doubled since russia's invasion of ukraine. nato's foreign ministers have been meeting in berlin to discuss felons application as well as sweden's, which is also expected to announce its intention to apply in the coming hours ahead of nato wants to fast track. the process is sin and sweden applies. and i'm the join ne thought, then that will be an historic moment load for europe for, for fitting and sweden, for nato, and for the whole trans atlantic ball, it will contribute to spring from finance, reading nato, and also strengthens stability across the atlantic area. let's get a pull race's life arrest and stuck home outside parliament. paul, is that a foregone conclusion? that sweden and finland will join nato?
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well, it very much. looks like it is now because in the past hour or so, the ruling and social democrat party led by prime minister magdalena ambition have announced that they are for nato membership. now this is a huge, huge change persuade. and a few months ago this was unthinkable. you know, this is, this is a sweet and that hasn't been at war for 200 years. so cain just out of conflict that a, a pays nazi germany during the 2nd world war. and since then, led largely by the social democrats has built up this military non alignment, largely peaceful an ideology while having quite a lucrative defense industry on the side. but they've stayed in this grey zone between nato and russia, working with nato, but not broken russia, that all looks like it's changing now. michael and anderson has just said that
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there is a before russia invited ukraine. and after russia invaded ukraine. but she's done a big u turn as well as recently as mos the 8th, magdalena anderson said that sweden applying to join nato would worse and the security situation in europe. and that was 2 weeks after russia invited ukraine. so it's a big change for her big change for, for sweden, and it does look like sweden and finland we'll put in a, a joint application tonight. so after the swedish parliament table i made ratifies the decision of the social democrats that they've made to day. and that's a finland is going to make in the coming days as well. when he goes to paul, when they're in helsinki, already staffers and stuck on north korea has entered its false de of nationwide locked down in what is reported to be its 1st confirmed cove 19 outbreak . state media reporting 42 death. the figure that is likely to rise in hundreds of
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thousands of suspected cases. many warrior health crisis is already underway. catchy lopez hood a young reports, one who will be on duty up until recently north korea's leader would never be seen in public wearing a mask. but now king john own can no longer avoid it. local media is calling it an explosive outbreak of coven 19. dozens of people have died with more than 800000 suspected cases. the government has ordered a strict walk down, but cases are spreading fast. forward on angelou, on state television, a doctor recommends gargling with salt water if suffering from a fever holiday with the crumbling health care system, a malnourished population, and no vaccines. experts worry the pens, emma could have a devastating impact on north korea crescent, as you know. okay, outbreak could lead to shortages and in economic crisis in order to prevent thought, the government's conducting food rationing measures. but the surge and infections
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didn't something government from testing its weapons. just hours after announcing the outbreak on thursday, it fired 3 ballistic missiles off its east coast. colonel right smith, this indicates that the country will likely conduct miss ar test more frequently to counteract the depressed atmosphere caused by coven 19 among the north korean citizens. jo ah, the 1st cases of the army con variance were reported in april in its capital pyongyang the same month. the city hosted several large public celebrations where most people did not wear masks. at the time, cases were soaring in neighboring china. north korea's biggest trade partner and close ally, known oval god or juncture. we will pay close attention to the developments of the epidemic in north korea and maintain communication with a government to protect the lives on the health of our citizens who live their
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financing. well, most of north korea's 26000000 people are not vaccinated. the world health organization offered inoculations last year, but king jung own rejected it for now there is no sign people living in the most isolated nation in the world are closer to getting any help party lopez civilian al jazeera. ah, this is our desert these year top stories. ah, once indians across well, the mountains, what they call napa or the catastrophe commemorating the 74th anniversary of expulsion of 100.


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