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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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so these are too painful, very painful acts. they have been committed by israeli forces towards al jazeera. the 1st was the bombing of our building. and today, a one year later, the killing of should be in a box while doing her job in her press a helmet, which shows the deliberate violation and aggression towards the media and journalism and journalists, especially of al jazeera. now we appreciate that. thank you very much for the update. you met alice i had from gaza city. not long before her dish rained, spoke in her own words about what her career as a journalist meant to abandonment. again, anonymous after 1030 about the connecticut with
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one wilson with ah, it's just gone past 16, g m t 6 p. m. also in ramallah in the occupied west bank. i'm fully by
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t bowl. thank you for joining us here on our jazeera, on what has been a very sad day for us as we continue to report on the killing of al jazeera journalist, saw colleague shaheen abil. utley fi is really forces in the occupied west bank. she was shot while covering and he's really raid in the city of jeanine al jazeera media network has called it a blatant murder, violating international laws and norms. jamal o child begins that coverage with this report. don't shoot the messenger unless you're in israeli soldier. in that case, you're seemingly ok with shooting a reporter who's clearly identifiable as a journalist and poses no threat. should he and barclays is the latest report or to be killed by the israeli military, which has a long history of targeting journalists and news outlets. particularly al jazeera and sharing a veteran reporter who spent her life covering events and occupied palestine was
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among a group of journalists documenting what was happening in janine early on wednesday . according to eye witnesses and video footage, she was wearing a safety vest and helmets, both of which clearly identified her as a member of the press. despite this or maybe because of it, sure he was shot and killed. and we were going to filmed is really army operation. and suddenly they shot us without asking us to leave or stop filming the 1st bullet hit me. and the 2nd bullet had sharin. they killed her in cold blood because they are killers and specialize and killing only palestinian people. so they claim that some palestinian militants were there. we had no resistance and there was no palestinian military resistance at all at the same journalist movie. it was also shot and injured in the attack. there was no exchange of fire, so there is no possibility whatsoever. and they said in the last day,
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the me always use the excuses to cover up the crimes committed against palestinians including post in general according to rights groups. israel has killed 50 journalists since 2000 and injured more than 144 in the past. 4 years alone, this is also not the 1st time israel has intentionally targeted al jazeera. last year. the networks office in garza was born to rebel while journalist travadone b did. he was assaulted by israeli forces, whilst reporting on israel's ethnic cleansing of arab residence in occupied east jerusalem shifter off neighbourhood. israeli authorities say they've launched an investigation of human rights groups say they have little faith in israeli justice, particularly with renowned organizations like human rights watch and amnesty
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international, accusing israel of implementing a system of apartheid that i, that i am human rights organizations, for example, like bit st. limb and is really human rights. so can i say at that decided a long time ago that there are no longer going to even in did it act with the complaint system with invisible eli army because it is not serious. it doesn't find israeli soldiers guilty. i thought of foreign ministry whose country hosts the al jazeera network, issued a statement with senior diplomats no one hotter, demanding an end to what she called, state sponsored israeli terrorism. the european union and other members of the international community have also condemned the kenning. but all these condemnations have fallen short of including any sanctioning or punishment for a crime that threatens the essence of any free society. a free press
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should in was kill, trying to inform the world of what was happening in her country. the world now knows that in occupied palestine. no one is safe from israel's bullets. not even journalists. ha ha my lunch, her young. i'll just 0. the doctor who carried out the autopsy on shaheen. abala clay has been describing her injuries. ryan al ali says the bullet that killed serene was direct 10 fatal last injury was massive. and there was a complete loss to ration in the brain together with a big fracture of the sco al jazeera media network has put out a statement, offering its condolences and fed in a blatant murder, violating international laws and norms. these really occupation forces assassinated in cold blood al jazeera correspondence al jazeera media network condemns this heinous crime which intends to only prevent the media from conducting their duty.
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al jazeera, wholesale really government and the occupation forces responsible for the killing of the late colleague sharika. and it also calls on the international community to condemn and hold these ready occupation forces accountable. let's go live to our need. abraham, who's in ramallah in the occupied westbank, we saw some incredible scenes outside of our bureau there earlier. nita, the body of she read was brought to obvious. here is office, is there huge crowds gathered to pay their respects, fellas about that the emotions and what people have been say since the morning lou been receiving journalists activists for additions, people who know her people who didn't know her. people who were inspired by her reporting, who respected her professionalism, and then soon as the moment has arrived, put on the law or has left nablus. really. we've been seeing crowds gathering
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people coming to the building outside as it was offices. and then when the buddy came in, lots and lots of people wanted to bid her the final farewell. the place was too small. not everyone obviously was able to see her. we've seen her colleagues who were with her. some of them would read which she was shocked and took up at the hospital and we've seen them break down in tears in pain. new syria. they lost someone who was full of life. shitty noises are studying hebrew. you language. she also has just finished her diploma and new media. she was proudly showing as how she was at the dig videos using her mobile phone to kind of keep up with the a progress in journalism. so she was the one that had a full life right up for her. right. and i was going,
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it's been cut short. i was going to ask you, i mean, need a you, you knew her and you worked with her. what's been going through your mind all day to day and, and what would you like the world to know? and to remember about sri, hey, it's been hard to me fully to, to have like a clear thoughts and a clear sentence as to how i'm feeling. i'm pulling being pulled in different direction. sometimes. i remember our coverage days and jeanine lately how she was asking us to keep her company before her lives. she was gonna stay up later than us . so we would stay with her. and now we had a thought together, we had, we have food together. so i keep remembering those moments how humble she was, how modest she was. so it's like, i'm in the house on this beneath. i still like to look at her picture. there's
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a picture of her here in a minute of squid. usually they post promotional videos here, but now we're seeing shitty with a message saying that by should a good by the voice of palestine. c so it's kind of like i'm trying to absorb her as she has left us. but as to your point as what i want the world to know is that no one is safe in palestine. and we don't expect justice from amended city occupier, so that it's not just city in for a 5. ellison is of lost their lives by israeli forces fire you say, and you call her at the voice of palestine. what do you think this will do to the resolve of palestinian german miss covering? the occupation has not the 1st one to be
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killed sadly, and unfortunately, i don't expect her to be the last. this is a part of the pain and the disk that palestinian journalists endued was covering the story. but this is not to say that palestinian people are safe and, and if you don't work in journalism then you won't get killed part from a week coming to day to the bureau. we passed several israeli check once with his ready soldiers carrying their war. friends, sometimes voyaging them at the people and the cars crossing. so it's hard to think of that any palestinian is safe and it could potentially prevent journalists from going the extra mile to cover the story. remember some of the stories we covered and not a disease. we stay there we go. there we stay. that it's not just when something big happens. so when, when we have a relationship with the people with the story, we want to be that we want to report on every single thing. so we always go the
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extra mile if she was known to be always cautious. so she wouldn't like put herself in a dangerous situation. but would we now think $100.00 times before we go to cover story? it may be yes. at the same time, you will find those who will say, you know what, under this really occupation, no one has saved. so i might as well do my job and uncover these violations and crimes by these reinforce. thank you for your courageous reporting, nita, me to abraham live there in ramallah, now is really police earlier stormed the family home in occupied east jerusalem of sharina as mourners paid their respects, their relatives, friends, and supporters of the journalist killed protested against the police action. stephanie decker is live outside the home of shaheen in occupied east jerusalem. our we saw earlier, a lot of pain, sadness, and also anger there. stephanie,
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tell us about what unfolded here. yeah. well, we saw a 3 police officers arrive. they started walking towards the house and you know you can see it's just behind us that there's a small crowd. sharon's brother is expected to arrive later to night. his niece is expected to arrive to morrow and that's pretty much the extent of her. very, an immediate family, not here yet. her sister in law was here, but the police entered the house and it caused an uproar hair. people following them inside, telling them to get out. i went inside as well, and basically they were telling the family to stop the music that was playing outside of horses. huge provocative at a time in the family. is morning to enter the home to tell them to stop the music anyway, they left, there was no other. there was no altercation if you will. the music was stopped. and now you just had a small protest around 50 people are. so carrying flags go further down to the main junction here in bay tanina,
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which is an area occupied east jerusalem. and we do understand this miss really forces they're just surrounding them, but yeah, lot of fun. it's more sadness, really when it comes here to the family shock and she's been doing her job for over 20 years. she's a household name across the region, covering the stories you heard me say there. and i have to say, looking at those images of her body being carried into art. am alla office, you know, watching her colleagues the correspondence there are beer at the bureau. she fairly the muddy, receive her as she was covered in the policy and flag and flowers when she went to work this morning. and you know, any doubt already had reported that she sent an email. it's talking about the re that she was going to go and report back on it once they knew what was happening and then you know, hours later gets brought in to them all office covered in the palestinian flag. so i, it's just in comprehensible, i think for, for, for all of us can do. what's happened indeed to talk us through what's going to be
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happening in the next few days. stephanie, her funeral will be on friday. right? that's right. it's going to be here in bay tanina admit in tomorrow at 11 am. her body will be at the mcarthur. in the am, alo, you will have a policy present mahmoud abbas here. this is going to be a, it's going to be big. this is cool. massive outdoor levi there referred to her as the voice of palestine, but it's basically highlighted again, an issue that has been going on here on a daily basis that the spotlight now why al jazeera is a major media organization. it is based in coffee, which is a major player also when it comes to the politics here, you've had condemnation of from across the world. also unusually for when it comes to killing drugs. it's not the 1st time that a policy and journalist has been killed tara, fully, but certainly in terms of prominence. but you heard from the foreign minister year le pg, you heard from the defense minister benny gansler. naturally, bennett, the prime minister,
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addressing this india's rating parliament. and now these army chief of staff, initially the narrative was got them. they believe potentially that the journalists might have been hit by palestinian gunmen. well now the army chief of staff is saying that it's not clear they cannot identify from which which side fired the shot that killed her at the funeral. back to your question, funny will be taking place here based on, you know, on friday we do expect a large attendance and even just, you know, we're talking here to my colleagues. i mean me, me all day long. we've been getting messages from different people from across the board, palestinians, israelis far abroad. condolences saying what a tragedy this is a, you know, for journal, for journalism. everyone is in shock. but again, i think we do have to highlight that this is something that happens here on a daily basis, perhaps not the killing, but certainly these really army has been accused of using excessive force when it comes to dispersing journalists who are covering things like confrontations like
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raids like home demolitions, like protests and so forth. stephanie, thank you very much for the moment. stephanie deca live outside the home of our late colleague sherry i will actually occupied east jerusalem west now bring in san francisco as a lawyer and director of the human rights association at the new year. she joins us from, from alex, as nita and stephanie have alluded to, unfortunately, this is not the 1st policy in germany is to be killed. $55.00 in total. ah, but our colleague was really a household name. people considered her to be the voice of palestine. please tell us 1st about your reaction to this hello. and of course, this is a very, very difficult and said day for all whole scenes. because shirley was really amazing in the job that she did. she covered every story and also related to severe human rights. they relations definitely in prisoners cases. and
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in bold church cases at a bit very did mention. she followed all the main assaults in the prison. there's movement in the last 2 and the hall decays. it's very, it's very shocking to think that she's gone and we will not hear our voice every voice and hear analysis any more. now, what can you tell us about the the record of treatment of palestinian janice by israeli forces? of course, as you heard from your colleagues love, the 1st point is not going to be the most unfortunately, hundreds off of finance journalist where shootings were affected by the a stack of the employee military occupation forces. whether we are on the ground covering that is where they would be head slight taylor gas or she did
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with cover bullets or even with life in jan. and also to be arrested. because a lot of journalists, they would be facing near campaigns and the pension based on the allegation that they were in fighting for valence over their social media or their jo nellis activism. so in all different ways they, at that george israel has said it will carry out an investigation. how confident are you about this process that will lead to to any form of accountability? definitely we are not confident at all with the geisha because it did that a year without any doubt that it will either when they defy to investigate any case . it means they are looking for the ways the legal to close the file without any
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accountability. this is, was the situation for gates, and this is why we demand all the human rights organizations demanding and in the investigation objective investigation led by the office of the prosecutor in that promotional criminal court in order to bring justice. because all the great nations, all of the war, crimes and crimes against humanity that were committed. why the israeli forces all these years were never investigated properly in the investigation system. and it was all with supported by the decisions of course, that investigations and without fair to their accountability. i mean, all these calls for investigation i, you know, a lot of statements have condemnation. in so long we've seen lots of reactions to de calling for an investigation, but will it really yield to anything shouldn't states israel's allies, for example,
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like the united states be taking more steps more action. this is mostly because syrian and also holding our u. s. citizenship and the u. s. is it is also bill to push for an international object of investigation in this case in order to err, but each and seek justice, florida. they are a citizen, and this is what we are expecting as well from other states that it's enough with statements with couldn't, didn't nation that we see that it's not bringing any effective measures on the ground. and this is boy, the case of sharing should be dealt in in a different way than what we were used to for long point. thank you very much for talking to her. thank you very much for your time. we really appreciate it. you are less ah, bring in our senior political analyst,
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my one becerra who joins his line from london. my one have been reading a piece online that you just published in which you say to day we mourn sharina tomorrow we scorn her achilles. how, how do we scorn her kill if i was actually to say, how do we mourn her? because there's a whole life to celebrate fully. i mean, i have a lot of great colleagues about 0. i have a lot of great colleagues in this, in this media and i was just as i did in academia, but certain people, certain colleagues have a certain qualities that others don't. and, and i, you know, sharon has, i can't talk about her in the past since sharon has a certain qualities that others didn't. her, she had an abundance of that coolness or that insight on the way she looked at things in the way she reported them. she was able to be both
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professional and fashion at the same time. and she did that for 25 years that you know, it's not easy to cover your beloved homeland when it's tortured every day. at guy in a she might be seen as a, as a war correspondent, right. but she was more or less of an investigative journalist because it was a crime scene every day. it's not, it's not easy to come to hair from beth land to be born in jerusalem to cover janine in all 4 decades yet. and it's decades of more of the same kind of tortured his reality. so it was difficult in as far as you know, scorning her goes and i've heard a lot of your very important questions to a lot of your guests about. and we've been doing that the morning on what next. you know, what happens, what about the investigation and so on, so forth. well, let me tell you a, someone as, as a student of israel to politics, israel investigates every time it kills it has to write investigation comes with killing. right? israeli investigative committees and commissions are countless and is really
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history. and that for a number of reasons, one is to because his rate is learned from what they do. doesn't mean do they do it better or more humane the next time? perhaps they do it. they investigate in order to cover it up, but they're the next time. but anyway, they do investigate. can it comes with investigator to israel? is not north korea is or is not even main monitor from syria is that is part and parcel of what it consider to be a western world. it's accountable to our western world. it gets aimed in the 10s of billions of dollars from the west. it's a trade partner, but a 3rd one to europe and the united states, and hence, it always has to justify herself in order to maintain appearances as if it was a humane democracy. even at the time when it's an appalled paid state continues to cont palestinians. journalist and so on, so forth, right? but must keep up the appearance of investigation. but given marwan,
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the eye witness accounts sin and the prominence of shaheen. as a journalist, she's palestinian american. you think this will foresees railey government into a corner, to own up to this? yes, it might, it might just as well but, but to do what, this is the sort of the other, if you one layer of the answer of his dilemma fully. is it important which, which, which soldier, because soldiers continue to kill their occupations. soldiers. for me, the responsibility is already clear because it is yet another rate, another invasion of janine and it's refugee camp. do you know how many times do our of yours around the world know how many times is are invaded and reinvented and reoccupied, and how many people in jeanine and if so, fiji camps it killed over the decades. so it was yet another raid and yet another
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killing of another journalist. so the idea is not about one particular soldier who happened to be there and shot our, our colleague, it's the responsibility of the defense minister of the defense establishment of israeli government and its prime minister who happens to be an illegal, subtler himself. so the crime, the investigation has to be them at the highest levels because what we have here are war criminals. and it's not just the soldiers, it's the generals. it's not officials indeed, as he said, the responsibility 1st and foremost lies with these really government. but i do want to ask you about the palestinian leadership. what should they be doing? what shoot, what action should they be taking to ensure that there is accountability that not just journalist but palestinians the whole as a whole are protected. i think 1st and foremost, they need to start representing the palestinians and the palestinians, suffering for the change. they haven't been doing that for
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a long time now. they're hidden in their offices in drama law and they have not been doing a great job presenting the very suffering of the palestinian people. and just take a look at this very particular read in this morning against janine right. this happens in sometimes in coordination sometimes, and indifference to that by the seniority. and what does the pin scene of what he do? it threatens to cut on security coordination with brazil. and does it do that? no village assess of council. the national council, the special council of this, and that among the palestinians by these have already again with the palestinian presidents, the authority to several security coordination with israel here the are invading yet another camp. yet another town. yet another city yet. and the village getting tens of better seniors and does the but senior authority to think any measure does it in fact, fulfill its promise to sever relate core security so called coordination with rent?
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no, it doesn't. there's palestine authority continues to defend israel interest in the occupied territories because that's part of the aust with you they sign on to night . but why than the bennett government violates these austell accords. those bed accords in the, in the out, the better senior authority fix it upon itself to continue to respect, right? those accords and coordinate insecurity affairs with israel. hence do nothing of what the suffering of the palestinians and their journalists. what about the palestinian leadership in gaffa hamas and the various factions there? what sort of reaction can we expect from from them in the coming days? i think we're probably gonna be in a heading also so populous statements, i must say, and i will underline populace because that is very little you can do when you are basically presiding over a big prison called the gaza strip. were something almost 2000000 palestinian mostly refugees live. so the best they could have done over the years was,
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you know, it shoots fuel massage in order to get there is there from that next crime. whether it's in jerusalem, jenny, and or elsewhere. we've seen him do that. we've seen him tried to threaten and warn and did try to deter israel from carrying more crimes under occupation. some of it work, some of it did not work, but clearly every time the better stinging authority, the part of sting leadership in gaza did take action. garza was punished in the severest of ways and godson's, but athenians and gaza have suffered enormously on that one attack on another. and this continues to be the case. so it is really not about garza versus that of mala in this case when one incredible women journalist is killed while doing her duty by these railways, or at least the responsibility political and otherwise. if that is there in his hands, they need to come together. garza my law and start doing something,
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whether it's about the security coordination about confronting the occupation about reaching out to the international community. but we, as journalist, we need, we need, especially with those who work on, on the occupation. they need a 2nd kind of protection. they need a setting kind of, you know, the palestinian speaking for the rights was sharin. a woman is also a palestinian, and a journalist and the palestinians, just like there's a, there's need to account for that. my one thank you very much, myron bashar is our senior political unless it is 1530 g and t 6 30 pm also in ramallah amy occupied, west bank are continuing coverage of the killing of our colleague, journalist sharina, apple. our claim is what we know has happened so far, or sharina blocker was reporting on is really raised in jeanine in the occupied westbank near daily res have been carried out there after a series of deadly attacks inside israel. she was shot in the head despite wearing
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her precipice. doctors chase. she was killed instantly and couldn't have been said, even if she had been taken to hospital. or crowds carried her body from the hospital through the streets of janine earlier in a procession to honor her. there, sco to garza now and you know, our side is, is their voice. you not tell us right. how people in gaza ah, remembering our colleagues today. yes, holly, as it appears behind me, were still until this moment receiving people here in our office, gods who have come to express their condolences into mourning. she res, death. we've also witnessed and heard a lot of statements that have been issued today by the governmental office in gaza. and i mean by the governmental office that had mass office official office
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who has clearly condense the killing of shooting a block now. and they have expressed their condolences to read to all during the seeking out the truth, many other legal and that human rights organizations, that institution civil institution also in addition to civilians have come here to our office today to more in sri and to express their condolence to all old journalists and other groups present because of different institutions have called out to and demanded very rapid and independent trends. parent investigation into the killing. upstream hearing is and i come to many palestinian people and many people here i've been reacting in very sod. a reactions, since the use of the killing,
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a terrain has come to us. social media pages, everyone is morning. she read everywhere. one of the residents have gone to named his new born girl that he had today on after she read. paying tribute to sri and for them, sri is very important. a pillar of media, someone who is associated to their memory for many, many years as has been delivering their suffering and their messages to the rest of the world. and that's why the warning of sri here, this, the incident disconnect she read will stay in the memory of many people in, not just in god's, not just in the queue by poetry, but even in the wide world,
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the world. indeed. thank you very much for that human outside lie for us in gaza and it's been reaction around the world to the killing of our colleague rashida play. the 1st woman of palestinian descent elected to the u. s. congress has reacted to the killing, tweeting this when will the world and those who stand by apartheid israel that continues to murder, torture and commit war crimes, find the say enough. sharina oakley was murdered by a government that receives unconditional funding by our country with 0 accountability. well, let's bring in our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit. kimberly sharina colleague was not just spanish union, but she was also american. what has been the reaction there from the white house? well, certainly v a white house has been in coordination with the u. s. state department, and that has issued a statement. i know that my colleagues, she have returns, he will likely be discussing that detail. so i won't get ahead of that in terms of
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that preview, but certainly this is the killing that has been condemned by the biden administration . suffice to say and with regard to that statement, you just read by the member of congress rashid a to leave i. it is somewhat ironic that and this is something that has been raised in that statement. that in fact to this killing al though it is being investigated . and there are disputes about who is responsible. what is being noted is the enormous amount of military and defensive weapons support that the united states provides the israeli military with 0 accountability. and as there have been throughout to our coverage questions raised about just what kind of investigation can actually being done and whether or not it will actually be one that will be transparent. certainly there have been many doubts. and the question becomes here
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in the united states as well, whether or not there will be that same push to see that there is that accountability and that is really the underscoring that has been made by rashid to leave who we should point out is a palestinian. 6 american from the united states, from the u. s. state of michigan, but certainly has ties in the west bank. and so we should underscore that the ties between the united states and israel go very deep and very far back historically decades. in fact, the us, the 1st country to recognize israel back in 1948 and as recently as 2017 underscoring that support in 2017, recognizing jerusalem as its capital. so billions given and they are any being that now one of the us citizens, an american citizen, in fact, may have been killed by one of those weapons paid for by us taxpayers. now, in the midst of all this, we should point out that as the united states is calling for an investigation
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condemning this killing, we should also point out the position of the united states when it comes to the tensions between israelis and palestinians. and there is a very strong feeling by the, by administration and support of a 2 state solution that there should be an equal measure of freedom and security and dignity for both palestinians and israelis. and the feeling that there should also not be anything that protect could potentially inflame tensions and prevent those goals. now this is certainly something that is going to inflame tensions. and we should point out that given the fact that this is a journalist who has been killed is something that is of grave concern to the biden administration. the president, just recently at the white house correspondents dinner, a dinner that is solely focused on press freedoms at the right to free speech and truth and transparency called a journalist's really at the guardians of truth. and that's certainly what our
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colleagues sharina do actually was. as seeking to pursue when she died. and so this is something of course that is of concern to the united states and will not no doubt be discussed as the u. s. president. since down in the oval office on friday . he is going to be meeting with a king of dull of jordan. obviously this is another important relationship. again, another cornerstone of us security policy that has now just gotten a lot more complicated as a result of the death of an american citizen, potentially killed by is really rapid re asked, this is being investigated. thank you for that. kimberly. kimberly how kit is our white house correspondent, and as kimberly mentioned there, the u. s. state department spokesman net price has issued a statement from on that that's closer to the state department and speak to the she habit auntie. so what has the spokesman for the sake botton been say about killing my county? where is we receive the statement about an hour and a half ago. let me read it out to you. it was,
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it was released on twitter. we are hot, broken by and strongly condemned the killing of american journalist, sri about o'clock in the west bank. the investigation must be immediate and thorough, and those responsible must be held accountable. death is meant front to media, freedom everywhere. and we're not expecting any further statements to be issued by the state about with however, there is a briefing coming up in a few hours time. and i think we can expect some questions to nad price specifically about what form that investigation should take place. is it seriously the contention of the u. s. state department by de ministration? that it should be the israelis themselves who conduct this investigation into the death of an american citizen given as we've heard of the last few hours. that whenever israel conduct its own investigations into its own conduct and the occupied territories, it very rarely if at all, finds any israeli culpability. so that will be a key question given as well as we've heard the u. s. is not a bystander, and what's happening that not only is it providing us underwriting,
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your occupation in the, in the occupied territories to that uniform $1000000000.00 a year. but this is an american citizens. i really, we either we can after us price whether he really feels that they're comfortable with the israelis conducting their own investigation. beyond that, that we should contextualize this a little further. perhaps in the sense that looking at the bite administration when it comes to israel, when it comes to the occupation when it comes to palestine, it's pretty clear that a decision was made that this would not be a major issue for the administration. they would not go down the road that president obama, for example, went down and, and, and clinton. this was not something that they were prepared to distribute or to struggle for and to perhaps, potentially not get anywhere for at. so we do wonder, i believe, like quite clear biden election promises of evil. bring the re opening the u. s. consulate, nice jerusalem. it's us the black and white on the biden election platform, a key promise that biden gave, that happened on that because the israeli government doesn't want the us to recognize east jerusalem is anything separate to, to israel. so if,
6:41 pm
if on those sorts of issues, the, by the ministration where your international was quite her, the by demonstration refuses to cross the israeli government, i have to say, there is some skepticism about how strongly will see the bowden administration reg, even when it comes to one of its own citizens, apparently largely been killed by the israeli military, doing her job as a journalist. and the occupied was back. all right, she had, thank you very much for that. that's she advertise z, lie for say at the us state department or less now speak to some air said who's joining us from ramallah. he's a researcher and analysts thank you very much for being with us. a lot of the statements and reactions that we've heard today accounting for an investigation, including from the state department. as we heard there a very often palestinian besser glossed over by these really government. but given sharina prominence and the reactions that we've heard, do you think it will be different this time around and that we might actually get an investigation that would,
6:42 pm
that will lead to justice for sharing know that they can be both the perpetrators of this crime as well, as do the judge in the julie and their investigation is designed to doubt and to to do it. and it's, it's designed to be down and cover up the actual reality of what happened this morning in palestine. and what's happening this morning is clear. it's been treated by the benefiting in journalists who are present and who were there this morning. and then that group of 15 journalists were targeted by is by indiscriminate. is there a fire and, and there is, there is no investigation that's going to find it. and then the same distribution is not, is not to kind of find through is to notify it is to doesn't the story
6:43 pm
is to suit the international community and to show that americans and others that they are the, is there any that kind of freaking the seriously but this has been a constant theme in, in, in, in, in palestine during the 7, continuously targeting. they have, have, why they do not put anything just to anyone. they have been continuously exposed to any at depth. it's not just journalist though is in the cross hairs but palestinians who are trying to live their lives, who lose their lives, lose their homes. we've seen an increase in attacks recently in the occupied west bank in east jerusalem as well. and they have been caused for something to be done, but nothing seems to change what can be done, the thing to try and affect the change or is required. what philistines have been quoting for and have been, have been asking for protection for years now. this,
6:44 pm
this protection responsibility assigned to or has been cleaned by the federal authority in the 1st degree. and then the 2nd degree had been cleaned by kind of testing and resistance fractions. however, the palestinians in their day, in the, in the conduct of the daily life as, as shown today by this crime, they are, they are kind of, there are the victims of israel and kind of any tactics and actions and occupy and, and, and kind of we are all victims of occupation system in our daily life, and this is not, you can, this is not, and the p a has to to kind of who and it's protection mandate eviction. and of course, is that as an occupation force has completely fees and it's kind of and they're not even interested in the course, depend of maintaining or protecting any benefit in driving out thinking most of us and continue. it's typically the thing doesn't. and in the west bank,
6:45 pm
if palestinian need is failing, as you say, who do palestinians turn to i mean we are status, we've been to national community has also been in meetings who are feeling. ringback international community has continuously kind of, i mean, we've been asking and getting your coverage to be i've heard your ad locations. what's next? what's next is we can look back into the past to kind of see and just see what is, what is, what's next for journalist scenes as a whole. and i think that, you know, bennett binion's are the only ones who are capable of taking them to being like we saw as things came together and, and shooting kind of and the team that was that shooting him. they came in and a try. and it answered them, they took her to the hospital. we are,
6:46 pm
we are the ones were responsible for protecting our services. we have been nestor non. yep. that's been, that's been a story. and the continuous theme of the palestinian of the 15 struggles. thank you so much, samar said for talking to a thank you for sharing of use with our summer said was joining us there from ramallah or there's also been reaction from the united states ambassador to the united nations was call for a transparent investigation into the killing i just want to express my sincere condolences over the loss of the palestinian american journalist alger journalists, who was sco shrieking. ah, it was a really, really, ah, horrifying. she's well respected. she was doing her job, the jobs that you all do every single day. and i, i just want to express my condolences to her family,
6:47 pm
her friends are colleagues. i in fact all of us for her loss of the situation of her killing is being i investigated. and we call for a transparent investigation has been in kristin salumi, whose life for us at the united nations in your christian tell us more about the reactions that have been, are coming from the un today. well, you just heard linda thomas greenfield, the u. s. u. n ambassador, calling the situation horrifying, she said that sharina was well respected. she was doing her job and she went on to talk about her own interactions with sharina in november when she was in the area, she was interviewed by al jazeera arabic. and she said she left that interview with great respect for her and echoed other us officials and calling for an investigation. and un officials are also calling for an independent investigation
6:48 pm
of just what happened from the secretary general to the high commissioner for human rights to the special envoy for the middle east tor venice land. who is very quick to condemn the killing and say on twitter that media workers should never be targeted. targeted. that was his word. the fact is that you and officials have been sounding the alarm about an escalating situation in the palestinian territories this year. there was a meeting just in april, a specifically about israel's crackdown in old jerusalem at her rom, al sharif on palestinians at that time. the un high commissioner for you, human rights expressed concern that the israeli security forces were using widespread, unnecessary, an indiscriminate force against palestinians that did not appear to be a threat. again, a call for an independent investigation and the special rapid tour for human rights
6:49 pm
in palestine. michael link called for a international condemnation and an international response to what was happening, warning that the violence would escalate and continue. we've not seen that concerted coordinated international response. the security council has not yet weighed in. we'll see if a situation like this would change the calculus, but so far we're hearing isolated condemnations and calls an investigation. but as we've heard from my colleagues in the region, the palestinians are do not have a lot of faith in a, an israeli investigation. and we hear here at the united nations at the israelis do not have faith in an international un investigation. so how this proceeds on the international front, we'll take some leadership and we'll see if again, if the the security council can rise to that challenge. thank you. for that, kristen salumi live for us at the united nations. all these really palestinian
6:50 pm
conflicts remains one of the most dangerous for journalists, the new york base committee to protect journalists estimate 18 have been killed since 1992. but the palestinian journalist syndicate estimates the figure is 3 times higher, blaming is ready fire for most casualties. and it says it documents $500.00 to $700.00 attacks a year by is really forces on journalists covering the occupation. then bas robbie has more in israel's occupation of palestine, it's tactics have become increasingly aggressive over the decade. so to it's crackdown on media workers covering the people the targeted killing of all jazz. you're a journalist and palestinian american sharyn of luckily, the latest example people most in may. 2021 in israeli air raid brought down a building in the gaza strip. that house local people and international media officers, including those of all just press freedom advocates said it was an attempt to
6:51 pm
silence journalist the a month later israeli police destroyed your equipment and arrested jerusalem correspondent, you're breaking the witnesses. said her press, sun was clearly visible and the arrest was unprepared. of luckily was also in her press dash and helmet at the time of her death. time and time again, it has been shown that you know, israeli forces kill palestinians including palestinian journalists without cause in the occupied territory. and it's very ex, extremely rare that israeli soldiers, captains, or military officials are ever held accountable for their actions. israel often uses what it calls secret evidence to detain palestinian journalist for months without due process and restrict their movements. attacks by israeli forces have
6:52 pm
also left doesn't injure a palestinian central human rights report in 2020 found journalists face, quote, cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment at the hands of israeli forces in the wake of workers death . israel's army says it does not target journalists and as foreign minister suggested conducting a joint investigation and autopsy, and offer palestinian leaders refused. israeli forces have directly targeted journalists with lethal force in the past. in 2008 israeli soldiers killed reuters camera man. fidel shot he filmed the tank as it fired the shell that killed him. his final images captured on tape before his camera was destroy. shanar 2 was wearing body armor marked press at the time of his death. sharina luckily was killed covering in israeli raid on jeanine in the occupied west bank. the cutter
6:53 pm
based broadcaster said odyssey ra producer ali also moody was also wounded. the latest casualties of israeli attacks on journalists that seem to go on with impunity in basra. v altura and live not to nadine baba in london for has been reaction deem from various european governments tell us about it fully. that's right. in fact, from the european union statement in the last couple of hours. so in the european union strongly condemns the killing of palestinian american journalist of algae 03 . and i was actually going on to offer condolences, but also to say it's essential, but a thorough independent investigation clarifies all the circumstances of these incidents as soon as possible and saying it's unacceptable to target journalists while they perform the job. well, that was all earlier a statement from the spokes person for the french foreign ministry. not going quite
6:54 pm
so far, but saying that she reads death as very put it was deeply shocking saying france condemns it. and going on to call for a transparent investigation. not saying by whom, but a transparent investigation must begin as soon as possible, according to the french foreign ministry. and the u. k. is busted to israel, put out a tweet, calling saying that he was deeply saddened by sharing death and urging a rapid thorough and transparent investigation. so all of those bodies calling for, for a real and open, transparent investigation. not saying who they believe should actually carry it out and human rights organizations. i've also reacted absolutely. first of all, we've got amnesty international, one of the best known international rights groups. they had actually prepared
6:55 pm
a statement on israel and the occupied palestinian territory before sherwin was killed. and that was focusing on their calls for israel to end unlawful killings of palestinians. and amnesty had concentrated their. busy appeal on stopping the killings of palestinian children, but they've linked that statement. they put out that statement again, but with an additional reaction to sharina killing, they say via their deputy director for the middle east and north africa. he's quoted as saying a bloody, this is a bloody reminder of the deadly system in which israel locks palestinians. israel is killing palestinians, left and right with impunity. and he goes on to call again for accountability. similarly, here in the u. k, the national union of journalists has put out a strong statement, calling it an appalling act of violence. the statement goes on to say,
6:56 pm
it must be seen in the context of israel, systematic targeting of journalists working in palestine and its failure to properly investigate killings of media work. and so some skepticism there. it reminds us, in fact, that last month, the international federation of journalists, the palestinian journalist syndicate, and the international center of justice for palestinians jointly brought or took a case to the international criminal court. a formal complaint. and now, one of those bodies, the i, f j has confirmed that we in their words, we will seek to add this case to the i c c complaint. they say if we demand justice for the russian targeting of ukrainian journalists, we must in mind an end to and justice for israel targeting and killing killings of palestinian journalists. nadine baba in london, thank you very much for bringing us the reactions there from europe earlier. my colleague rob matheson spoke with you here as managing director john trend old. he
6:57 pm
called for accountability for the killing of sharina black as the managing director of a channel like this does this gave you, is it necessary for you to, to stop and consider the circumstances under which journalists who are covering concepts like this and work to a way to try to improve them to make them safer, is that really very much you can do when the circumstances are as we see them in these, in this particular region, we do as much as we possibly can of the safety, the health, the safety of our journalists, is, is of paramount importance to us. we have all the necessary protocols for providing the equipment, some providing security, providing procedures, safety procedures. we do everything we can to protect our journalists, but we have to recognize that is a dangerous world out there. and there are some states players as well as other
6:58 pm
players who do target journalists and increasingly, unfortunately in this world today, the media is increasingly coming on the file in all sorts of different ways, whether it be physical attack or online attack, or any all sorts of other attacks and intimidation and threats, and as well as al jazeera, another went along with other media. we have to face this, this reality, this depressing reality. but we cannot allow it to sign up for us to stop us from doing what we do because the world needs to know what's happening more than ever in this world. and i think in now past history, it's 25 years of, of algebra history. something like 11, i think it's 11 of our journalists have been killed. this will now hopefully increase that number. we have had a tough experience of, of the sort of thing, but we have to carry on. i say to all my colleagues that we do a great job, we are, we've won great awards. we don't do this to win awards. we do this because we
6:59 pm
believe that we are doing something that is important to do. but our journalism is recognised and it's important that we carry on doing that because the world we need to know what is happening. is there any, anything that you know as an organization can do with regard to representations to the israeli military tribute, israeli government, or indeed to the palestinian authority in the, in the event of something like this? yes, we, we, we will make the necessary communications and with, with all those that we can to try and find out what has happened. i'm sure there will be lots of calls from around the world. we get a lot of support from human rights organizations. governments who will be looking at what happened here, and why a journalist has been shot dead journalists, killing journalists, shooting the messenger, is equivalent to a war crime. so we need to know what has happened. the world needs to know what
7:00 pm
happened. and not long before her death serene, spoke in her own words about what her career as a journalist, mentor, and then the, and then moved on in the middle. not over the yellow line. i don't know. what am i sitting on? i'm looking. i can see that on the i was name with.


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