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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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reveals how fear, suspicion and conspiracy theories have become the 2 of the powerful were in a dangerous territory, and that dangers territory was d. what happens now that we literally diverge, that may well be how democracy dies? the truth illusion on a jesse ada. oh, the u. s, intelligence chief warns rushes, preparing for a long war in ukraine, and its actions could become more unpredictable. ah, i'm how much of june this is? elders you're alive from door hump. also coming up, women and children, slaughtered at a displaced persons camp in the latest brutal attack in the eastern democratic republic of congo. the w h o says china as 0 coded policy is not
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sustainable and asks it to respect human rights as the country titans restrictions for long as defense ministry orders troops to shoot anyone involved in violence a day after 8 people died in classes. we begin with a warning from a top us intelligence official that russian president vladimir putin is preparing for a prolonged conflict in ukraine. national intelligence director, admiral haines says the kremlin actions could escalate and become more unpredictable. the most likely flash points for escalation in the coming weeks or around, increasing russian attempts to interdict western security assistance, retaliation for western economic sanctions, or threats to the regime at home. we believe that moscow continues to use nuclear rhetoric to deter the united states and the west from increasingly ful aide to ukraine, and to respond to public comments at the u. s. in nato allies that suggest expanded
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western goals in the conflict. while ukrainian forces have managed to recapture more of the country's ne russian forces and mary paul have trapped $100.00 civilian men in a steel plant. they're refusing to surrender, saying they will fight to the end. and at least one person's been killed and 5 injured during rush and shelling of the southern port city of odessa. the ukrainian military says a shopping center and a warehouse were hit. all right, let's speak now to stephen nick's. he's the regional director for eurasia, the international republican institute. he joins us live from washington, d. c. steven, thanks for joining us today. m u. s. a director of national intelligence, admiral haines said that russia is preparing for a prolonged conflict in ukraine. what exactly does a prolong conflict look like at this stage? well, 1st of all, director haines has a job to do, and her job consists of preparing for contingencies. so she's planning out various
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various contingencies for the war against ukraine, m that prolonged conflict is one of them. ah, we have just completed a national survey. you gray of ukrainian people and results are astounding. 95 percent of ukrainians feel that ukraine will prevail in this conflict. 83 percent of ukrainians feel that the war will and some time in calendar year 2022. so if you take public opinion into account, clearly the ukrainians feel of this conflict will not be a lengthy one. as stephen, the u. s. doesn't believe that there is any imminent threat that president putin would move to use nuclear weapons. but are there growing fears that increasing western support to ukraine would provoke russia? again, i think we have to be careful about this phrase o b o avoiding provoking the humor poon, ah,
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we have suffered through this so many times when the west was afraid to provide military assistance because it might provo loved him or putin. oh, it's very clear now that ukrainians, if given the appropriate military assistance can defeat the russian armed forces in the battlefield. so i don't think we should be concerned about provoking the dimmer wooten any further. i think you've seen from the data, the ukrainian people are not fearful of a nuclear threat. we would assess that russia would only use nuclear arms if its territorial integrity were threatened. and that's not part of ukraine's game plan you. gaining armed forces are determined to drive russian armed forces out of ukrainian territory period. how difficult do you think it's going to be for the intelligence community to try and predict to president putin moves in the months ahead? it's very difficult because the dimmer potent is so unpredictable. but again,
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i think the us sent some very clear signals through secretary austin when he visited ukraine. and then in europe, where he sad were in this to, well, he was basically channeling what ronald reagan said during the cold war, which she, when she stated the objective of the us is we, when they lose, that was a clear message to the kremlin. and that was, that was sent directly by the defense secretary, and i think russia is take, you know, that stephen, miss haynes said that both russia and ukraine believed that they'll be able to make military progress. how much tougher does that make it to try to reach any kind of diplomatic solution? all again, based on ukrainian public opinion, they feel that they are winning. they've won the battle for ukraine for, i'm sorry, forgive. and they continue to have success in forestalling russian advances in the
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east. so i think this is all predicated, the outcome that is on continue western military assistance to cry. if we provide the assistance necessary ukraine will prevail in this conflict. stephen nicks is the regional director for eurasia at the international republican institute. thanks so much for joining us. thank you. ukraine says it's forces in the eastern don boss region destroyed a dozen russian tanks on tuesday, as well as several armored vehicles and aircraft. the regional governor of danielle says 3 residents were killed and 3 others injured us at bag reports from michael, i've got a town on the path of the russian offensive. silent and empty. this is mc alive, cut. it's like this across many towns and villages in the east of ukraine. russia says it wants to take that don bus region. most people here have fled, fearing the russian advance. those who remain wakeful,
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whatever supplies they can get, the women not in a voice, but they are giving humanitarian aid. i don't know what it is. exactly, but every one else is here. so i'm here inside volunteers, pack food with those. the neat wumer is helping distribute the bags of chicken and can food rush for thumb. have you seen what's going on outside the firing? have you filled anything out there? have you seen the strikes? it's every day. it's very hard. the elderly is struggling while the children are playing. now it's hard. let's see what happens in the future. the local council would usually cut the grass here. now it's left for the goat. a rare sight of a child playing the occasional sound of rocket and artillery fire in the distance. they don't even flinch here anymore. nickaligha is ranked welcome to the way from a russian from, so they used to be 15000 people living here, but many have left. but amongst those that still remain opinions are divided years
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ago. but in those numbers, i think you crying should be an independent country, not without foreign influence. to be without uncle sam. i think we don't need them . ukraine was a very rich country. look what they have done. the usaa not good. i don't think i have ever done anything good for us. we know that they ever will. ruskin or her russian backed forces took this current back in 2014 only to be pushed out by the ukrainian military module, shall i don't hope for anything. it, i don't care anymore. at my age. i'm worrying about young people, the small children. they haven't even had the chance to live. we have all families, people, we love field why they bombing, why they killing children. let's share. the military told us we're not allowed to film places that have been struck in this town. it is in the path of the russian advance, and many here believe it's only a matter of time before russian forces. try and take it. i said,
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bake. i'll jazeera nickaligha gunmen have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks, an eastern democratic republic of congo. it's one of 2 regions where a state of emergency has been extended. the government says its combat in groups battling for control of gold mines. a warning, but somebody was may find these images distressing or abandon laura laura burton. manley reports the bodies of most the women, children, even babies killed in eastern democratic republic of congo. the victims were hiding in the forest at area of juggle in a tory province for several months after fleeing attacks on the villages. local government officials plainly om group could deco for monday's rate and 24 hours earlier. this happened bodies strewn among the burning embers of a village, mostly women and children. again, the majority of the dozens of victims. they were killed in attack by another rebel
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group. during rate on the camp blanket gold mine in tory fighting as ravaged the regions of a tory and north river for decades and displaced more than one point. 5000000 people, many living in this camp in a tourist capital bonia bare the scars for rebel attacks on their villages. one woman says her family was killed in front of her last year. i don't feel comfortable talking about what happened. the malicious raped me, killed my relatives and cut off my legs with these girls also bear scars, and we were attacked by machetes when malicious, entered our village. as our parents couldn't run away, they were both killed. i was left almost dead, then saved after some hours and let's say the violence is getting worse with rebel
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groups codec. who am the ally democratic forces accused of massacres. that despite a joint operation by comb, believe and you can and thought is, oh every time there is, ah, ah, a dance on the co deco there is our story prisoner on the, on the civilian in that that the big issue is that there is not enough ah, measure taken to make sure that ah, ah, civilians are predicted. kenya has hosted talks to end the long running conflict on group the calling for the relief of political prisoners and, and the fee for their fighters. but following the late of the tax, many a concerned that the military approach isn't working and will lead to more reprisals. in villages like this one was law about manly al jazeera and
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rare criticism. the head of the world health organization says china 0 cove policy is not sustainable. this as the country's biggest city titans restrictions, once again. mass testing has resumed an frustrated residence in parts of shanghai. i've been told to stay at home until wednesday, millions of people in china's financial hub were just beginning to emerge from the month of lockdown. new daily infections fell to about 3000 on monday, from a peak of 26000. in mid april. we have discussed about this issue with the chinese experts and we indicated that the approach is you know, it will not be sustainable. and considering the behavior of the bias, i think a shift would be very important. it is important to reflect the fact that the china has only had just over $15000.00 dec during the whole pandemic. so in that sense,
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china had something to protect. and certainly over the last since shouldn't, for february march, there was a rapid rise and death. so therefore, any government in that situation will take action to try and come back, come by that. but all of those actions, as we said, since the beginning, should be a true respect to individual and human rights. and we always have said as w children, we need to balance the control measures against the impact they have on society the impact to have on the economy. and that's not always an easy calibration to me. still had on al jazeera fighting inflation. now, the biden administration plans to tackle the rising cost of living for american households. marching for the missing mothers and mexico demand action to find their level locals. ah,
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hello there. let's have a look at the weather across north america. we've still got back critical fire risk plaguing the southwest states of the us, thanks to hot and gusty winds, as well as low humidity and high temperatures. and the story really is about the heat across central parts of the us. you can see temperature here, well above the average. now it's a different story for the west coast. we've got wintery weather sweeping in to the north west pacific, and we've seen temperatures dipped down below the average in places like san francisco and los angeles. but it's a different story for the deep south places like dallas, if we look at the 3 day sitting well above the average, with lots of hot and dry weather, at least all the way through to friday. now much of the action is further up north . we got some severe storms rolling across upper parts of the mid west into central and eastern canada. but for toronto stayed largely fine and dry temperature picking up here. and we will see temperature picking up across the east coast of the us.
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some lively showers. however, for the south eastern states and those feed into some heavy rains that are pulling into parts of central america, particular for tucks and the k cause islands, but as well as eastern areas of cuba. hispaniola and we'll see thunderstorms in jamaica this weekend. ah, the again culture dominates america's underworld that has it permeated law enforcement itself. they want exactly what every gang member wants, a power and control. both lines investigates allegations of organized gangs within the los angeles cherished department taking the law into their own hands. a failure at every level from every r of los angeles county government shadow system. a lay secretive sheriff gangs on al jazeera. ah
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ah, you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories this our u. s. intelligence director, avril haines, as warning that russian president vladimir putin is preparing for a prolonged conflict in ukraine. pain says the criminal actions could escalate and become more unpredictable. over the next few months. gunman have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks. an eastern democratic republic of congo villages were rated in the tory province where the government says its combating groups battling for control of gold mines. the world health organization says china 0 cobit policy is not sustainable. chinese authorities have resumed mass testing on people in
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shanghai, which has been under locked down for nearly 6 weeks. you as president joe biden says, fighting inflation is a top priority for his administration. he's been laying out his plans to tackle rising prices, including going after corporate profits, our white house correspondent, kimberly how can reports get prices hitting historic new highs on tuesday in the united states. up $0.17 in just the last week to hit a record $4.37 a gallon us consumers are unhappy. i don't even look at how many gallons anymore or what their dollar amount is anymore, because it's expensive everywhere, everywhere. it's another blow to the u. s. economy and president jo biden's white house. i heard the 1st 1st heard the term working for nasa us working. we're working or full time and we still have a hard time maintaining managing. being able to buy groceries just under pressure
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to help consumers biden on tuesday, insisted his policies are fighting inflation. or no, you got to be frustrated, frustrated by high prices, by gridlock and congress. by the time it takes to get anything done, leave me understand the frustration he blamed rising prices on the global pandemic, and on the war in ukraine. but he also attacked republicans for pushing an all trot maga agenda, referring to former president donald trump's make america great again. policies he believes, do not align with mainstream american values. republican plan is to increase taxes on the middle class families. but billionaires and large companies off the hook as they raise profits, raise your prices and re profits of record number, record amount. and it's really that simple. by didn't insists if republicans are elected to control congress in november's mid term elections,
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they'll and social spending that millions rely on like medical care for the poor. an elderly biden once insisted high prices, supply chain shortages and record high inflation or basics like food and rent was temporary, but that's no longer the case. inflation is more than wiped out the average workers wage again. president broad as handed the average american a big pay cut, the pay cut, whole show on the issue of the economy. more americans trust republicans policies than president biden's with approval ratings in the low 40 percent. and with congressional mid term elections just months away. record high inflation has become a political liability for the president. kimberly, how can al jazeera the white house donald trump could soon be tweeting again
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after ellen musk promised to reverse twitters ban on the former u. s. president. trump was kicked off the platform last year after the capitol hill riot. twitter said his account was permanently suspended due to the risk of inciting violence. he lon musk recently signed a $44000000000.00 deal to take over the social media platform. there are fears the unrest over sri lankan economic crisis is spiraling out of control. the military has been ordered to shoot any one causing injury to people or property after at least 8 people died the day before. but protesters are refusing to back down demanding president, go to buy a roger boxer. resign. banal fernandez reports from colombo, a trail of destruction falling rioting and chill. anchor soldiers have joined police to enforce a 3 day curfew aimed at stopping the violence. the government's failure to solve the unprecedented economic crisis. has angered people here reminisced to mind the raj boxer resigned after weeks of pleasure. would protest his seed. that's not
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enough. and want his brother who's president, to go to re, ah, standing here until got arbitrage, boxer, go home. and not only that, we are demanding for the new interim government to establish new laws under the 21st amendment. and beyond that, we need to abolish the executive presidency. thousands like him had protested peacefully for more than a month outside the president's office, but said the prime minister, supporters attacked them on monday. dozens of buses were destroyed in the ferocious fighting which followed. and v i p cause dumped in a li police investigators and the local magistrate inspected the damage. trade unions condemned what they described as a planned attack on peaceful anti government protest is i am very bold provincial politician to the prime minister's residence, to hide bugs,
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to attack the protesters. we ask that legal action be taken against him or hinder roger parser for setting fire to this country. trade unions have started a strike and seed won't end until both the president and government resign. and as a proper investigation into the attack, the unrest was on the homes of politicians was set on fire and an assault on the highest rank police officer in the western province as increased concern that the crisis is spiraling out of control. the defense ministry has authorized the armed forces to shoot anyone stealing or assaulting any one shall lancoste, facing its worst economic crisis since independence in 1948 and destruction of this scale. it just cannot afford observer say, what adds insult to injury is that it could have been avoided. mina fernandez, al jazeera colombo in the philippines presidential front runner,
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ferdinand marco's junior, has promised to bridge the divide between all filipinos. an unofficial tally shows, the son of a deposed leader has a big lead over his nearest rival, florence louis reports from manila. ha, protestors gather outside the election commission building to protest against what they say are voting irregularities. some people were unable to vote after at least a $1800.00 vote counting machines malfunctioned during national elections on monday, less than 2 percent of the total number of machines i use in the home. and we are here because we have seen how sloppy the election commissions to work is they had to be used to prepare for the selection, but they are competent. they took away that i thought filipinos to both for what they want. the protestors were soon pushed back by police with water cannon and swat teams on stand by. the heavy pushback has long been a hallmark of the outgoing administration incumbent president,
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rodrigo g 30 had little tolerance for descent or criticism. i know ferdinand marco's junior, whose late father ruled the country for 2 decades and was often described as a dictator, is on cause to win a landslide victory. and with deterred days, daughter sarah set to become the vice president. many are concerned, their civil liberties may shrink further. analysts say the return to part of the market family is the result of decades of rebranding. boosted in recent years through social media campaigns, often with misleading information. studies have shown that mark was campaign in margaret's family, has hugely invested in this machinery. and i think if they're going to be the next administration that this is going to be a lean and mean propaganda spewing machine. ah, he says,
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the strategy may not only help them with power, but keep it. oh, for moccasins, support his gathered outside his campaign headquarters the day after the poles. those concerns were far from their minds as their candidate heads for victory with an unassailable margin. florence li al jazeera vanilla women had been out protesting and cobble defying a talib on order for them to cover their faces in public. the decree was announced on saturday. it states that women should leave the home only when necessary, and male relatives would be responsible for enforcing the dress code or face punishment. the order has drawn a backlash from the international community, as well as from many afghans. i'm on my mic, i am by hi says under john, but we want to be known as living creatures that we want to be known as human beings or not like slaves in prison in the corner of the house. we've organized this po, test because the taliban is imposing their culture on afghan women under the name
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of the job. ever since the taliban seized powered afghanistan, all their projects have been against women. they want to limit and eliminate women from the field of society and politics. it's mother's day in mexico and a sombre time for families of the disappeared. hundreds of people joined a rally in mexico city to pressure authorities to search for their children. nearly 100000 have been reported missing some for more than 50 years. 50000 bodies remain unidentified in mortuaries. many are victims of the drug war and criminal gangs. manuel rob, hello has more from the gathering and mexico city. mothers day here in mexico. it's also sort of become an unofficial remembrance day for missing persons here in the country. our at the center of the city on the main avenue of the mexican capital, we seen somewhere around 2000, maybe more people that attended today. this. in other words, potentially 2000 or more mothers who are out here protesting that after years of
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searching they still haven't been able to find their children dead or alive. now when we talk about these trouble in the district and who the people are that are missing these nearly 100000 people, these are the faces of some of the missing. we're talking about people from all walks of life, 100, not nearly 100000 people. this is a problem that really took off in 2005 between 20062009. coinciding with the administration, a former mexican president felipe event, and he began that on and the beginning of the mexican war on drugs. again, people from all walks of life, some of the mothers that you're seeing out here are the mothers of victims of cartel violence. some of them are mothers from central america looking for their children who went missing, trying to cross into the united states. really, people from all across mexico. and one thing that you'd really do here, a stated repeatedly from people that attend these events of remembrance for missing
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persons, is that they are all victims of impunity. because not only are many cases of missing persons here in mexico, not investigated, mexican state and federal officials also have a history of course disappearances. so when you hear this sort of demands and what people here are out here claiming and wanting from the government, they won the government to do more to put an end to this crisis of force disappearances. this crisis of missing persons that effects nearly every corner of mexico. nasa no space telescope is in the final stages of testing, and astronomers expected scientific mission to begin in july. there describing test images from stars in a neighboring galaxy is stunning and phenomenal. the $10000000000.00 james webb telescope is the largest most powerful astronomical observatory ever sent into space. my carina garcia, marin is a scientist working for the european space agency. she says the telescope will enable more discoveries. in the latest a much,
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we're looking at the feel full of stars and there is a limit of vast solar gas. and that is scenario where there is a lot going on. there are nearly forming a status that i put the started risks behind that. and it's, it's very a weight of very active, and now we sold the veto, we say, with, with what actually, so she had a what a speech us. so f, a single point. now we assume that that's not up on that it's a group of status on what it seemed like a much before you see that it's actually a cloud of gas and vast, where a lot of activities going on as to commission. and there will be the list of survey sions, and that will be the starting point of getting data to the community. beautiful images. i will start in the scientific survey, so have our plan for the 1st year. so that's kind of important in terms of scientific disco, very well, will affect everything from the very 1st alex's until objects to our solar system. so it will a study got to say, both hannibal ocean, how the universe can to be,
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as if from the beginning until now formation with the stars in the cellar, disks vast. and also when i 1st and we'll check some. so it's really, if you can dream it as i start to learn, you can actually start with, with way. and for the me this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. us intelligence director, admiral haines, is warning that russian president vladimir putin is preparing for a prolonged conflict in ukraine. haines says the kremlin actions could escalate and become more unpredictable over the next few months. the most likely flash points for escalation in the coming weeks are around increasing russian attempts to interdict western security assistance, retaliation for western economic sanctions or threats to the regime at home. we believe that moscow continues to use.


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