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do their jobs, right? they say they have equipment that we looked into the and the only thing new is that job titles. the case of devanie escobar sparked protests across mexico. once again shining a spotlight on the worsening problem of impunity. which experts say fuels higher rates of violence and disappearances. according to the latest report by the united nations committee on enforce disappearances, $748.00 women disappeared in mexico and just the 1st 4 months of this year. that's an average of 7 women going missing every day. one, read it off a little al jazeera mexico city. ah, hello, are you watching? 0 to 0. these are the stories with following the sour gunman have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks in democratic republic. of congo, most of the victims were women and children playing armed groups,
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attacking their home villages and need to re province. it's one of 2 regions where a state of emergency was extended last week. the government says its combat in groups, baffling for control of gold mines. malcolm web felt this report from neuropathy. people in these communities, blame unarmed group called could deco which has been responsible for a series of atrocities in a to be province anything congo over the last couple of years. the group planes to represent the lendue ethnic group and often target people from the hammer ethnic group. but this is the latest iteration of a conflict that's been going on for decades of farm land and other resources. the mayor of mary poll says at least $100.00 civilian men, remained in a steel plant besieged by russian forces. the un has been coordinating evacuations, ukrainian official said the way can that all women, children, and elderly had been rescued for the pain presidential front runner,
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ferdinand macos junior has asked to be judged only by his actions and not his family times. and unofficial tele shows the son of a controversial form or later with a wide laid over his nearest rival. the election commission says it will order the results of $700.00 voting precincts after allegations of election fraud. st. surround for lincoln's capital, colombo. com, following a night of unrest. more police have been deployed on the ground, at least 7 people were killed after a nation wide curve. he was ignored by many of the knife, the violence on monday prompted prime minister my him to read your, to resign. and spyware has been found on the spanish interior minister, the phone after the phones of the prime minister and defense minister, were found to be had to last week. the israeli security firm, which makes the pegasus by west, is it only sells to government agencies. while those are the headlines, i'm emily anguish. the news continues here on al jazeera after the stream to stay
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with us. on may 15th 11, i will hold the 1st parliamentary election since the country went on. the collapse in 2019 political and security pensions are running high with many lebanese desperately wanting change and new leadership. but will their vote to be enough to change the status quo special coverage on the news? why are you watching the stream coming to you today for my child to thank you and tell them that the story themes will tell episode story with lisa and the lessons that we can plan. a round was ration even course didn't don't we'll talk find you running any
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b c. i'm agree that you got to go to general my site. i'm running to see how many welcome to the student. can you? i'm thanks obvious. thank you. i just wanted to tap into what was thinking about what was the last time you saw. that's full story. so like, instant watching, instant niga probably every day, every time we say a story coming in the news that's leaving the news. you think here it is a guy here it goes again. i'm the stories are around since i finished watching the book, i think, or if i had time to put that story in as well. but that constant i'm,
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i'm constantly sort of evolving my view on school and stories in the news. just keep on inspiring and also making you want to have other people discuss them and actually come to some conclusions about sports while in society change for going to gamble. thank you to do with them asked me to say yes i been i mean it depends what aspect of life really. i mean there's challenges or struggles or a story, but i mean, i work a lot in the intersections of race and gender and sport, and quite often my beat is not a happy one. so when we talk about struggles, particularly for women, athletes are non binary athletes. that happens quite often, whether it's an issue of abuse, whether it's an issue in the quality of pay. i mean very specifically on a fund note, i was having a very animated conversation with my colleagues at burn it all down this morning
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about the joy of saudi on monday. and we were speaking about senegalese football in the pre show, but just having not to talk about joy. and now i tried very hard to incorporate joy into some of my practice as a journalist. otherwise it would be very, very depressing. the world of sports, i mean, can be very depressing. so i try to insert that intentionally hallmark home because she didn't want to watch when you choose either the depressing for us for the joy, for whatever you want to share. the lesson she has done. if you need to jump into the comments section part of the day. so let's start with the with the thank you all the issue, the new house to the peace issue in my spot. i believe where connie, facing, and albany, this is an all i was a football from the cross rues all the way through, am to the top lives in
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a world and from been x player i to work in sports media now bypass the feel this one and i think the biggest issue for me is racism, annapolis, like a broken record, but you would have fall off the euros for england and the free blood plasma snip penalties and abuse. they go off the back of the campaigns and that went in off that things like kick out racism. so race in the red cord, the players taken me off before every match. you would have for changes have been more clear in the game. but for me it has been spoken about more, but no, no actual punishment or change that she happened. i think morning to be done. and it's a big, big issue in the game. the hope is stamped out and say can seriously morsey going forward in football? oh, still spoiled what, what moves of what was that anything during bologna or inter white man's aunt's or on this is it is old seat over is not impressed me. well,
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actually school made an impact back on society after that because it was through things we saw in sports from taking a ne, a huge scores events, and from discussions around whether the need should be taken through to say actions which were commendable. life i fell of the players and the officials throughout the n b. i and santos refusing to play if that was a necessary action. i think that sport was instructing society in some ways on, on how to behave. and these things come from the top. i mean, i've said many times over the years, i've refused to go on as a reporter or correspondence and say, well, faithful, you a for has handed out a fine over to spend. chin was stadium closure. so what? kick a club out of a competition. kick a nation out, not for a 1st minor offense may be a, you know, you, but you have legal difficulties dead, but then needs to be strong. actually comes from the top when in this country on
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a sports program here, many of which aren't fit for purpose. there was a discussion about racism and i tried to have a grown up conversation. it didn't work because the grown up amongst them started talking about it coming from the top and from government level where taking in the was found upon they were shut down because hang on, we are outside the sports bubble. every one is uncomfortable. i think that disgraceful, and i think that's where it comes on from the top. yes, progress has been made from when i started repulsing on football. crikey, at the end of the eighty's round, 1990 boiler different society now. but my good this there still so much progress to be made and so much that we say on a daily basis that is wrong. so i'm just gonna jump in here and to say that i'm, i will agree to some parts that there has been progress made. but if you look at the demographics of football media, for example, it's white men. where is the progress? i haven't seen enough racial as you see sports journalists,
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i look like me. so in fact, who tells the story is as important as what the story is. and when we're confronting issues of racism or massage any in those intersections than i, i mean, i mean, i'm not trying to be cynical here, but let's be realistic about this. also, i would like to quickly just tweak something that lee had mentioned. it wasn't the n b a that stood up after the murder of george florida was actually the w and da and black women in that being that have set the blueprint for how anti black racism can be eradicated and sport. and let's not forget that because that's one of the problems that happens. black women are often excluded from these. and the 1st ally, the white ally to neil with calling copper nick was in fact, megan robina was a white gay woman. and she was an on the cover of sports illustrated. so let's be careful how we chronicle this and, and we remember it. so as much as i would say that there has been a catalyst on the murder of george floyd was very instructive. it also made
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newsrooms and reporting rooms realized that they were badly equipped to handle discussions of racism. and like, let's not, as you can holler, enjoy sharing. sorry to jump in a lot, but you might agree with as a tell you help. i realized, i know for a fact i realized because people were, were phoned by bosses that lead to organizations and said we need to have a more diverse workforce off of the mother of a black mine in america. and then i got a phone call specifically i got a phone calls, visit my for that reason that they were, and i got my, i won't agree, it's my lived experience. so what my point was was that these discussions need to be had, but it's, it's not just about quickly hiring for a contract position and then laying off somebody cuz you're done with them. we haven't eradicated racism. this is not a post racial thing. and i think media needs to be quite responsible and need to understand how they're complicit in these type of systems. i mean people are stole . absolutely. you know, writing terrible things and british sport media in particular. you know, like i think fits particular players. got the i are particular players are,
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you know, dealt with in women's sport is essentially not covered in the ways that it needs to be. so literally very honest about that when we absolutely, but actually who's making the decisions. this is the thing, don't you form we all fall into the tropical side. oh, well, that looks like a diverse on the screen team that looks like a diverse workforce on a minute. who's making that decision? some of the people making the decisions will have terrible track records of diversity. i'm just not making the right decisions anyway over many years now they're winning awards for their coverage of such things as like, law, smarter'n sport, whether the sci fi, the were implies, the least funny if i may, some of what we're talking about isn't just the dummy bodies, the school is not just the sports authority. it's also how we as journalists on a sports correspondence handles stories. so shooting, i wouldn't happen to have anything ever her. erica is a free lance. once she spoke to us
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a few hours ago. this is what she shared with us and luigi off, erica, finish. his test results of the problems that i see in sports is truly the coverage . generally speaking, sports journalist are either not encouraged to or not equipped to have conversations where sports intersects other entangled parts of our life relationships, where politics or education, or advocacy and social justice. so my solution would be at 1st we hire more diverse journalists to are able to cover and interweave sport stories with some of these other things. my 2nd solution is that we then train journalists ongoing to have these conversations in sports. what a joy to see miss. erica allah, who has single handedly created a media space called black rosie media. and she's absolutely right. i mean, she's a colleague and a friend, she's an afro let bina. and i think she brings i,
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you know, a different identity to a newsroom or 2 coverage. and i think that's imperative in someone that covers, you know, whether it's football, it's basketball or ice hockey ones, ice hockey. i think this is really important. and in addition to, ah ha, hiring a diverse journalist what i'm looking for, and what my and as an instructor of journalism at trav, toronto metropolitan university, i teach sport, media, and sports journalism. i'm not only encouraging my students to go be broadcasters and presenters. i would like them in decision making rooms. i would like them as editors, i would definitely like them as producers because the quality of the conversation that happens when you have racialized women as producers on a sports show is extremely different than if you don't. so i'm very, very clear on what my expectations are of my student students. and to also be very honest with themselves. do journalists have the ability to say, well, i'm going to amplify somebody else who doesn't look like me. i've never had that
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happen to me before to be quite honest and point. i was my case. i mean that literally the exact point i was my kid. so, you know, i mean, you know, you're agreeing with me that so i'm on a place. he has a agreement here because we have different experiences. but we have many of the side views because we're using our eyes are, is, and all brands, and not every one in this industry and fight not poppy. anyone into sports industry sometimes seems to be one thing to do. there seems to be wanting to go deeper. you can look a little examples, like if hooliganism breaks out in football stadium, i wanted to ripple on the much. none got the story now you're going to have to deal with it. and one thing that really strikes me about you is that you're talking about. so to paraphrase, you, you know, creating spices. i'm a new saying you're amazing, brilliant. had talked talking about you have to call violent those feel self cobalt. a pulse will progress be when people don't have to do that
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the actually they succeed because of a system. well for them, despite it in li, i have a thought came from these range and this when you said yes, i totally agree with me. tell the story math and i'm as opposed to education, you discovered ally as he was talking about, thinking about them on the what happens is 18 when we say that story and one yeah, a big part of a big part of watching this book was, you know, the belfy people in society need to listen more. so i just needed to listen to what was being said, and i needed to actually make sure that i spoke to people extensively who were affected sometimes more than me before about anything. now, i like to think that i've been told and i've tried, blazed during my career,
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which had up 30 really tell us the story because we know just 3 will, you know, but it's important the context if i may because it's the one time this is what i'm getting the context is the one time a bottle that i've bottled there. i was going to tweet to say that serena williams behavior was disgraceful. the reason i was going to do that was i simple because it was, it was a tantrum, pure and simple. no difference really. from a john mack, my attention, you know what tennis players approach that just as tennis empires prior to being pompous but i bottled it. the reason is it would have been, i promise you misconstrued, biggest the amount of vile vices and that's directed at my favorite tennis player, serena who i've covered our entire career. i'm had so much admiration and know her background in our back story. we had virtue signaling, patronizing, condescending journalists loaded journalists who were telling us, wow, look, there's the backstory. look, what happened that night. i felt sorry for now me
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a soccer and in the book i talk about how and it was how night it was ruined and what was happening here was the right subject that needs to be in the public all the time. but the wrong case. i have gone to friends, black friends, people in the media, people outside of the media and said, do i have the right to say this? do i have the right to write about it? and the answer i've got to have listened is that late when you've experienced enough of base, you quickly come in for serena, could she know what's coming towards her? who? well, i mean as somebody who is identifies very specifically as a racialized journalist, my experience will be different than me. i don't need test source and ask friends, i can just look within my own experience. and the way that i would have spoken of serena is quite differently. i would look at my position and my privilege and look at the history of massage and war against her in the in the tennis media. i would
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look at the battle she's faced in terms of maternal black health. i would look at the way that she boycotted a specific tournament because the way or family was treated and i would still look at that. but then more importantly, i think i would have defer to other black sports journalists and i would amplify their work. one set of having so much acting on the military this. ok, so i understand, let me, let me, let me finish here. i think that there's that different and you aside, i think there's that different way and which is tennis media and sports media holds her to account. i can think of many different block out. they'd be at tennis, be an ice hockey, where black a racialized athletes are held to a different standard. and i don't necessarily feel that it's like required for me to add on to that. but like i said, and i will stick by this. i will amplify other racialized journalists who have limit experience and a window that i don't. and that's something that i believe is missing in the industry. it won't hurt me or my paycheck if i defer to somebody with lived experience on this issue. so part of my personal practice as a journalist is to amplify even more marginalized sports journalists,
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who may be black, who may have profound things to say about her technique about the mechanics, about the scale, but a ball. so about the context of what's happening here. and i think that's something that's missing greatly from sports journalism. there's too much ego. it's not about whether you li, personally, can read about it. it's whether the story is shared in a way that's responsible in take corporate harm reduction and is fair to the subject. our jobs report us is to report fairly and accurately and what we do, but also part of that. and what i teach my students is to amplify people in the margins which is part of the entire problem of sports media industry. it's not about white men with power talking about issues of substance for minorities. it's about whether those people in the margins have a right to share their own experiences and do the same work. i'm white men with power in that case with virtue signaling to within an inch of their lives. it was really ghastly to say because actually it meant there was no new once there was no
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really proper research into what was going on. it was just telling the bike story and actually i think, but that night deserve more than that because what i've tried to do in the book and hopefully i've achieved this is actually give the full context. talk about the background with serena's face, things like not getting endorsements because she's not a blond haired, blue eyed russian who was nowhere near as good a tennis player as her. and i'd like that on the light. my he, i, he and i see that it's and she as well, she's talking to your list. if you can tell stories about 4 that were not meant to be coming from office. for general, i've been a show image and the image is up and move often in the mail from a to so many middle of iraq. wow. can you tell us know, well story is a 5 story and some sense to me that i share it with
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a voice. and thank you, family for that. and this is the part of joy that i'm happy that i got to i get inspired by my cohort that burned it all down. dr. mirrors davis and dr. brenda elsie and a picked up a bit of a historian bug. no, all mister campbell was the 1st woman from north africa arab muslim women who want to golden, the 1984 olympics and most angeles and hurdles. and you know, i think that when i study and when i write, i want to research, my master's degree is on most a moment in sports specifically, but and self representation. but when i was doing my research and also when i report on the women in sports for which i'm a global expert, people would say, oh muslim women are oppressed, there's thing being to be submissive. you know, i remind them of this history and the store. no, i'm a to coal is so special because not only was the king of morocco, so excited by her gold medal when it was a phone brought to the side. and remember, this is 1984. there's no cordless phone. so it was like 5 times big. yeah,
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those phones were months of and it was stretched out to the truck. she got on the phone and she had the, the flag around her. and the king of morocco was so overjoyed that he declared that every baby born on that day would be named no. all. so if you meet someone who's close to 40 around that you might. and their name is the wall. maybe perhaps you were born on that day during this during the summer games. and, you know, this isn't to gloss over the fact that they're all are contradict, and struggles and muslim majority countries. and you know, i don't shy away from any of those criticisms in my work, but it also is important not to paint all groups. monolithically muslims are not a monolith, neither a muslims in the sports space. and this is the problem with not having enough people that look like myself to be able to report is that you get one lens. you get one perspective and that's what i'm arguing for here is that there needs to be more there. and then my job, not only is a journalist, is to create those spaces,
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not just for myself. what was the point of me being at a table? if i can't invite others to join, so i've decided to create my own dining room. i'm sick of the old table. i don't want to seat at that table. i'm creating my own and i think whoever wants to come in the margins, whoever wants to be mentor to what wants to be myspace. i reside in canada, but i have global contacts. and this is i want to see ish, a shifting globally of this. what i, he is an active is a campaigner, an up the could the school in all of his i where city alicia one image issue just very briefly tell us why it gives you joy before i leave all too early critical story, semester city. but this was this team of this little men. i learned a joy and, and providence. this is the canadian mans national football. this is lee canadian man. what to mom who wonderful. absolutely. you know,
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bring passion and bring purpose and bring happiness to the perch. now the reason this is a compelling to me, like, unlike the canadian womens football team, which one gold at the olympics and tokyo, this particular team had not qualified for the men's world cup. and i please recall that in a note that i'm using meds, cause it's important to say men's and women's to distinguish not choose the men's as the standard. so this particular team has qualified for the men's world cup in the upper in 2022 for the 1st time since 1986. so this is the, you know, the country is excited about that. we know that our women's players are heroes. their top of the podium and we're hoping that the attention to the men and hopefully will bring money stream and revenue stream to the women who are not yet paid equally. so i'm hopeful for many reasons. all right, hope, joy. i'm a normal guineas. celebration i am gonna handle a celebration. i'm gonna take me back to may 2066 years ago almost to the day.
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this was lea reporting out. oh fun, a. 6 you can hear me, but i thinking through foot boarding starting today by your way to the front a
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to see if you could make it all right in one minute. not babies. msc holmes. i love it. we only have one minute lesson been asked you to crystallize in a sentence that story about nest, the city winning the premium, the sentence lane. what were the central store wonderful joy? on the biggest sports miracle, i bought a car there. empathetically. it was just a beautiful thing for a city there was magic could be ever, i've never seen the biggest folks america. when i get children's career speeches, i press play on by and i love and i get it. and that's what i should like. and i'm on leave for wow, this is the also a top call for sports team i make. i can, if she's a teacher, she's a sports jeremy, she's an inspiration to check out her column and cps. who are jo john as well?
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i'm from one k tends to want to students. thank ah frank assessments. what are the political risks of banning russian oil? a gas for western leaders will sanctions on russian energy exports. a recipe for such informed opinions france is not abandoning to fight against yet, is still, or is a media going to be acting from missouri and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera drop in authority is up in all time low you want? was that bro hench patriot distress?
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this is a battle about what the truth actually is. al jazeera investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear, suspicion and conspiracy theories have become the 2 of the powerful were in a dangerous territory. and that dangerous territory runs di. what happens now that we've literally diverge that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion. on al jazeera nazareth, the home of jesus christ has long drawn pilgrims and visitors from around the world . hundreds of years. it's old city rang to the sounds of shopkeepers and crops people. this entry though sounds of dwindled. a handful of businesses struggling on . but hearing that splashes of color show signs of a fight, resigns obese, at any decided to renovate an old warehouse and to work and live in the old city with a mission. if more and another person opens the work that can he was talking again italy and open my young palestinian is really designers and entrepreneurs
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have been moving in inspired by earlier artists to let them mark once. there were 450 businesses operating in the old city. now there are just 50 build cities always been the heart of nazareth. now a growing group of residence wants to get it beating again. it will come back because the city still have very much ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, this is in use our on al jazeera. i'm fully back to bowline from our headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes at top ties. they fled dozens of people, mostly women and children are killed by armed groups in a democratic republic of congo. the son of
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a controversial former leader is boys to be the new philippines president, ferdinand macos junior, are just people to judge him.


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