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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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fixing longer hours and shorter deadlines, south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0, one east explorer, the dock side of consumer convenience in south korea. on al jazeera, ah demonstrate as defy a curfew in sri lanka to demand the president's resignation. hours after his brother steps down as prime minister ah, 11 o'clock, this is al 0 live from doha, also coming up, ah, celebrations and protests in the philippines, the son of a controversial, former president, which likely to become the next leader. under fi be coastal ukrainian city of
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odessa is hit by missiles while the u. s. says, russia's leader is trying to rewrite history. ah, dr. is new president calls on your young to give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for major economic cave in his, in novels. ah, so at least 7 people have been killed, including a member of parliament after rival demonstrations escalated into st. battles in this re lankin capital, columbia, it was sparked by the worst economic crisis in decades and the governments inability to address it. the prime minister has stepped down and now his brother, the president, is under pressure to go to michelle fernandez reports from columbus, a powder keg of anger, frustration, and helplessness. among she lincoln's, there's been months of discontent,
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over an economy tills to bankruptcy. people have been demanding the president, the prime minister, and the government resign. blaming them for mismanagement and corruption premium. a hinder roger boxer has now bowed to pressure. donna's power to hammer them out one given i get weird as a leader who always listen to the people. i'm asking you. i mean, what do we do now? now, we won't, melinda. we won't melinda, hidden him up. that means i do not need to resign. bussed in from the round the country, a pro government crowd confronted protest as in colombo, who have spent weeks calling for change. some were injured white tents and posters were torn up. some said the police did not act fast enough to stop them. but shortly after for just as regrouped and launched a counter attack, targeting the buses that transported them even destroying luxury vehicles and
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houses belonging to roger folks. loyalists the government imposed a country wide curfew until wednesday morning and deployed the military to disperse the crowds. it had the opposite effect. large crowds gathered opposite the president's office, vowing not to be intimidated. prison go tub is moved to sacrifice his brother doesn't seem to be working. or let's talk terminal life now from colombo manella. things are a little common up at the curfew has been extended. that's right. initially, we were expecting it to be lifted as of this morning at 7 o'clock, but as things intensified late into the night yesterday, the authorities decided to extend that island wide curfew into the early hours of wednesday morning. but as you can see around me may be over my shoulder. i mean,
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the one thing that's as large as life is a smouldering bus. and there are many of those dotting colombo are basically remnants of watch protested. had set on the buses that brought all of these my him the roger boxes, supporters for that meeting that the prime minister had before. they then went and unleashed violence on protesters who had been calling for the resignation of the raja fox brothers and the government. so a large military presence in colombo that we've been driving around and seeing, we hear that this is the same around the country as well as the authorities try to get a handle on and get the situation of tensions that really went out of control last evening. i under under basically some semblance of normalcy and control. so that seems to be working so far. we haven't seen these are sort of a groups going around looking for my mind, roger,
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some points to supporters or mobs that had created violence. things seem to have sort of been, are quietened down, but despite the curfew, there are people on the streets as you can probably see, milling around, even this burning bus. right. as you said in your report, the resignation of the prime minister has not satisfied to protest to see what the full resignation of the government was been responsible. so far, the government is remaining silent about the whole thing with hat. obviously the resignation of the prime minister now. 7 ah, ironically all of these weeks that we've seen the protest is demanding the resignations of the raja boxes and the government. a we've had a series of resignations. we had the entire cabinet at one stage resigning on mass . we had new appointments. but as very quickly, once the prime minister handed in his resignation,
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are we heard that that resignation had been gathered to making it very official. but it's unlikely to appease protests is, i mean this entire campaign which is going into, it's 30 a d, now has been on the slogan. gotta go home. advantage was also roger puck says, go home or the government go home and all 225. that's alluding to all the parliamentarians for them to resign. because people have reached the end of their tolerance levels. and that was very amply reflected in the sort of fight back yesterday. the pushback for the violin. so it's highly unlikely that the sacrifice of the prime minister to show that they were doing something is going to be adequate. they have kept insisting that they want a clean sweep of the boards and they're not going to stop back ham painting that happens. or, i mean, i will, they will never, man, thanks very much. indeed, when often i was reporting from a colombo,
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the marco's family looked set to return to power in the philippines. beneficial results from the presidential election suggests that ferdinand marcus junior could become the next leader 36 years after his father was overthrown in a revolution. to milon duncan reports. not from manila, ah, as vote counting got turned away, it appeared for it didn't mark as junior was searching ahead. he's the son and name sake of the former philippine president described by many as a dictator and ousted in 1986 revolution or that b. i call this not done, i'm not at all work, but i wanted to issue a short statement. and it essentially is a statement of gratitude to all of those or been with us in this long and sometimes very difficult journey than 10 candidates are running. but for the presidency venue,
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it's widely considered a 2 person race, vice president, lenny robledo was also the leader of the opposition, is trailing behind marcus junior. initial results show a lead. so white poll experts believe it is unlikely ru bred or can catch up. ok, sending your horse up in the wilder. i'm with you in the belief that the elections must respect the full voice and well of the people my life. it is important that the people continue their belief and respect for democracy. more than 60000000 filipinos voted for the successor to president rodrigo to 30 in one of ages, oldest democracies. 6 0, here and one of the biggest polling presence in manila voting day was marked with frustration. about malfunctioning boating machines. people lined up for hours and refused to leave, even as the pause officially closed. with pro mom brittany villano. both all we
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want to be here, the one we want to see our ballots going through the machines and see the receipt. referral for max biggest visible coma. but they knew both of us. we refused to leave our posts. this election is too important. and every vote is secret. the election commission assures the public that it is very much in control, and the sanctity of the votes is still protected. a marcus presidency would mean an extra ordinary return for a family that was forcibly removed from power 3 decades ago. threw people power and could become the most consequential election in recent philippine history. alive to manila now and there is a jamila standing by for cinderella. so the market probably could be on the cusp of returning to pow when will you know for sure, the shape of things well, it could take a few days, nick, because canvassing, which is a process where, you know, the independent,
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full watchers watch groups and the commission elections actually physically can't physically count the ballots, but there have been some delays because of the voting delays from the day before canvassing should have started late monday. it has been moved 1 pm today, but since not all of the physical balance of arrived, it has been moved to tuesday night. but traditionally though, this usually takes a few days after which are the commissioner elections will before the commission elections announced who actually emerge as the next president or vice president of the philippines. but you know, if we look at the leads of arm bongo marcus junior are and, and the lead is millions with vice president. lenny roberto, the leader of the opposition trailing behind many experts believe that it's unlikely that there's going to be a big change there. have been some questions over the processor. your report made mention of malfunctioning vote machines. what motoring obama?
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well what happened was, as early pulls opened at around $670.00 am local time, but it took only just a few hours before some vote counting machines actually broke down. so we've spoken to people, voters who have been lining up for 1012 hours just really desperate to close at to vote. and even as polls already closed, they were still not able to vote the river. there were also reports that there were some vote stragglers, as described as those who refused to leave. wanted to make sure their voter candid accounted to wanted to make sure that you know their ballots are electronically ingested into that machine and that they get the receipt. now these are just some of the many other issues nic surrounding their boating election to day election was once again mired with violence in the southern region. have been de now at least 6 people have been killed. a stand off has been report that the ongoing into capitol of latino dos or province. i mean there's
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a lot of uncertainty about what the future holds specifically in the southern region of mid to now under a marcus presidency. arge my only been for the moment, but with you as things progress thanks very much. they have at least one person has been killed and 5 injured during rush and shelling in ukraine. southern port city of odessa, the credit military says shopping center and warehouse it. it's us, his face, sporadic bombardment, city was largely spurred in the 1st stage, the russians invasion. in the past week, several towns in the south have also been bombed. well, the strikes foresee you counsel present to take cover shelf. michelle was visiting the city to emphasize its importance for grain exports that have been blocked by the war. the laser adding to a global food crisis and ukraine's president vitamins. lensky has cooled on the international community to pressure russia into easing is blockade. of course.
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initially, president charles michele visited odessa to day, he saw with his own eyes what the block see me with for the 1st time in decades in odessa there is no usual movement at the merchant fleet. no port work, ordinary life connected with the sea is blocked by russia, and this is a blow not only to ukraine, without our agricultural exports. dozens of countries around the world are already on the brink of food shortages. and overtime, the situation can become frankly terrible. the 90 thanks to the keys, russian president vladimir putin of trying to rewrite history during his speech to mark victory de the annual celebration of the defeat of nazi germany in 1945 ended with poets display in moscow. earlier putin led the traditional parade, he told russian forces that fights in ukraine for the motherland and its future. it didn't denounce victory in ukraine, nor give any indication of when he thought the war whitehead,
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what we saw president couldn't do is, it is, is give a version of revisionist history that took the form of disinformation that we have seen to commonly as the russian playbook ah, now what is fortunate is that we're all aware of reporters around the world are aware. europeans are where americans are aware of the disinformation factory that president putin and the kremlin seem to be on. but so the suggestion that this war that was prompted by directed by president putin was prompted by western aggression or western plans is patently false. and absurd? yes sir, they are now to sierra echoed rules growing problem with dang, bivens fighting between rival drug call told in the prison leaves dozens dead old on the run, close under a 100 and arkansas where a conference of experts is working on getting the kinks out of the supply chain.
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ah well, it may, it should be blooming in europe and it is, is getting warm actually. i mean, it looks like a lot of clarks from across the bridge out. maybe scandinavia and things aren't quite as warm here, but for most of europe, even the shower dying down there around in romania cross, croatia, at least during tuesday, but as quite a large gap with knowing much pride in the sky. and if you over lay the temperature full cost, plenty of oranges and reds, which means temperature, well up now are going up fairly steadily. and example, vienne is going up to 25 to 29 by thursday, but the average and steadily warming fancy doing something pretty similar. i have to say we're coming to wednesday borders at 32 south coast. got on shore breeze, but again, it's sunshine for most countries in europe, england, denmark,
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i think probably the netherlands being exception during wednesday. that is still on shore breeze for libya in egypt. so it's been core into broke the cars at $31.00. so strong a wind for the sas, still keeping the dust up in the air all the way down to the sale is to very hot in senegal. but the sea's no showers which are moving their way. no, they look a fairly rare event when they do get in are significant the prophecies, the range a bit further east and south, principally in gab on cameron. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks of banning russian oil gas for western leaders? will sanctions on russian energy exports was informed opinions. he's not abandoning to fight against yet. he still is a media going to be acting from missouri and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global
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headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ah, hell again, what she al jazeera reminder about top stories is our streets are on the shoreline because capitol of colombo, acom, follow unites unrest. at least 7 people were killed, including politicians. the pm resigned after rival demonstrations escalated into st . battles. unofficial results from the philippines presidential election suggested ferdinand macos junior is set to become the next leader that it's 36 years after his father was overthrown. in a revolution. at least one person has been killed and 5 injured by russians
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shelling in ukraine, southern full to be with desa. the crating military says shopping center and a warehouse where hit europe's poorest nation nuts. moldova is now home 210-0000 duty crating refugees. the un secretary general, antonio terry says it needs more help. moldova only has a population of around $4000000.00 people on top of the refugees, it's already received. it is processed to further 350000 people trying to escape the war. terrors it's urgent countries to do whatever it takes to help moldova deal with the humanitarian crisis. the impact of the water in ukraine across the region and the world, is full false, and far reaching. the consequences of escalation are too frightening to contemplate . i am deeply concerned about the continuation possible spread of the water off. she's waging ukraine and by the impacts. it is every not only in the region but that on the walls. conservative unit. so y'all has been a sworn in a south,
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christy president, while leaders in for president are among how who attending the inauguration and so miss speech you called for the complete de ation of north korea. and he said the door remains open for dialogue with county tech. if north korea genuinely embarks in the process of complete the nuclear is asian, we are prepared to work with the international community to present an audacious plan that was vastly strengthened north korea economy and improve the quality of life for people. well, president eunice acute has promised to have a whole south korea's foreign policy by developing alliances with non traditional partners. the former prosecutor wants to end what he calls his predisposes, subservient approach towards neighboring north korea, as well as strengthening its military capabilities. you promise to rely less on its largest trading partner china and to increase cooperation with the quarter lines that's made up of the united states was trailer,
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india and japan. the group was created to counter beijing's influence in the region . the foreign policy changes aim to strengthen economic and security ties with washington. it's enough for robert bride who has more from his harmony and so thousands of people attending here in the grounds of the national assembly listing to musical performances as witnessing the swearing in the by the new president, the 20th president of south korea. and also listening to his inaugural address, but he is a conservative. we have just had 5 years of liberal and ministration here, which was bent throughout that 5 years on trying to get better dialogue with north korea to facilitate it. all of these, as summits with president trump, with united states, well there has going to be a change to that. the conservative unit has said that he's going to take a much tougher line with north korea and it does, does come of course, after we've seen these uptake in missile testing from the north, well, over a dozen missiles tested since the beginning of this year. more recently we've sold
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an icbm and intercontinental ballistic missile loads. the sort of miss all we haven't seen loans is 2017. that was at the end of march. and then just this past weekend, a new type of submarine lloyd, ballistic missile, which seemed to be north korea's way of sending a message to president noon. but the units promised to take a tough a stand. he's also try to, he said he will try to restore relations with ne, but japan, which has been strange in recent years, and also with the traditional ally of the united states. us presidents joe biden is coming this way. so we are likely in the coming months and possibly years, especially with his conservative administration here, seeing a returned to the kind of allegiances and alliances we had during the cold war of the last century. voters in lebanon preparing for elections on sunday. after more than 2 years of protests calling for new government. those calls began in 2019 in response to deteriorating living conditions. the movements led to the creation of
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new political coalitions that filled it more diverse candidates. but as then hold a report now from bay roots many wanting change through the ballot box face the difficult task. these squares were emptied of protesters months ago. a battles for change, one by the political establishment. now the movement for a new level on that began in late 2019 has shifted its focus from the street to the ballot box. different coalitions born from the uprising are contesting the upcoming elections. many of the candidates are young and optimistic, but they know political change will be easy. it don't believe that suffered for 30, from the corruption, the all kind of nice. we need, we know that we need time to change. we want to go into the fundamentals to change from inside. yeah. they're up against the secretary and base system of power sharing and leaders who are more powerful than the state politicians largely blame
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for the countries economic elections. although from the outside or democratic, they're actually run by the regime itself. and the regime has proven to use different fraudulent tools to secure its when so from classical ism to violence, to repression, intimidation, and even manipulating the vote counting which we saw the 2018 election. but those empowers still have supporters and they have been accused of using violence. in this incident, the opposition was prevented from launching its campaign in the electoral stronghold of the muslim she, our group has below. and among the, i think the him, we accused the forces in charge of the region of being behind that. and they are known to prevent any opposition. activity in lebanon, sectarian and political divisions are deep, and the opposition to was unable to unite to contest the elections. this benefit
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the political leadership, which also relies on an electoral law that in trenches pick terry and politics. for those wanting change, this battle is about building a strong civil and functioning states. but they are seen as politically immature and criticized for lacking organisation and failing to appeal to the masses in the last election. those campaigning for civil society in lebanon, known as the change forces, 11 seat in the 128 member parliament. this time, they're expecting to gain a few more, but not enough to change the system. but for them, the election is necessary battle in a long war center for their oceans, either beta a fight between rival gangs that a prison in ecuador has left at least 44 inmates dead. and dozens more on the run. the violence broke out austria gang leader, was transferred to the bell vista jail incentive domingo. that's under iran. pnc has more of this footage shows the my m inside the babysitter presenting center,
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the mean go, dozens of dead bodies are seen, piled under claudia, floor. the inmates were killed in an overnight fight between rival gangs. officials say it was triggered by the arrival of a gang leader. is the latest in a series of deadly riots inside it with our prisons. now my, you know, the most of the victims of not almost what percent were killed with a knife and not with a firearm. and most of the bodies were exposed and assaulted in the wards and in the self distraught, relative rush to the prison. desperate to find out whatever happened, many were killed, some managed to escape. more than a 100, we captured them monday. most of them like that. when we found out about the right when my relative called to say they were exploding dynamite with firearms inside, they were entering the cells to kill everyone better. i don't eat them up for them
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. we don't know if he's dead or alive yet. we want to know if he's dead or alive, that's what we want. people know. nearly 400 enemies have been killed in prison. riots in little over a year. equity seen an increase in gang violence. his rival groups supported by mexican drug cartels battle for control of trends. the routes for cocaine smuggled from fiddle and columbia. last month president last declared a 60 day state of emergency room, 3 western provinces, increasing the police and military presence. but it has so far failed to stop the bloodshed. some observers say the problem is systemic. the reason why a violence keeps increasing in the presence is because there's a neuro center of the. busy cartels integral or a so every time there is a gang get this huge in. busy we're in always manifests in, in extreme body gang violence within the prison walls,
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a level of brutality never seen before in this country, and that the government seems unable to bring and their control. i listened that the al jazeera analissa predicted, made a downturn in the u. s trucking industry pandemic energy shortages in the war and ukraine continues to impact business. john 100 reports now from rogers in al console. where trans or taishan experts are discussing the road ahead. truckers might occupy the unglamorous end of the global supply chain, but the shipping industry is an early bellwether of the u. s. economy. and the road ahead is looking bumpy. we believe there you are. great recession. that is just salvage. realizing it's going to get free. ugly pandemic slowed the u. s. economy in 2020 in 2021. after workers got sick and factory shut down. that led to global shortages is short staffed cargo companies, left shipping containers behind on the dock. now the war in ukraine is sent fuel
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prices and the cost of shipping. soaring just demand for a broad range of consumer goods begins to for the supply chain. experts call that the bull whip effect. you have tons of inventory and then not enough inventory, and then you react, and you just keep going through this vicious cycle and, and we're, we've seen that over the last couple of years, and i think we're now headed in the other direction. experts predict a recession, a mom shipper's within much in that could lead to a us in possibly a global economic downturn in a really corner of northwest arkansas. many of those experts from trucking companies, leading universities, the pentagon and elsewhere, have gathered at a conference on the future of the supply chain in hopes of staving off the worst. the panoramic and the warning ukraine who put things in the supply chain. and that is made the process of getting goods for manufacturer to consumer,
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more expensive and more complicated. the people at this conference are working on making that all smoother and less expensive. after 2 rough years. one major kink in the supply chain in the u. s. has been assurity, give driver's transformers is a kind of booby for shippers acting as an intermediary to link trucking companies with drivers. there's a bottleneck there right now because there aren't enough drivers to fit in those seats in those trucks to get those the trucks and the goods deliver another solution, self driving trucks like those made by torque, a subsidiary of daimler trucking. really it's going to change sounds like you're not talking about entirely replacing human driving. absolutely. now, we're here to help companies in driving and taking the field avoid and help them with new pandemic variance in no end to ukraine war. that slowed energy distribution that will likely continue to leave those drivers still. manning the
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wheel bracing for what comes next? john henderson, al jazeera rogers, arkansas. one of the most recognizable portraits of the hollywood actress marilyn monroe has sold for $195000000.00. this as an auction in the us, it makes annual holes 964 civil screen painting the most expensive our work by an american artist fell short of a 200000000 dollar estimate. the procedure will be donated to charity. ah. so this is out, there are, these are the top stories and streets runs for lank as capital of colombo. com following and one of unrest at least 7 people were killed. including a politician, the prime minister, resigned after rival demonstrations escalated into the street buffle. we know fernandez is following the situation in colombo as things intensified late into the .


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