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good news. you're not to lack al jazeera o. russia's president leads victory de commemorations the defeat of nazi germany while his forces wait. warn you, craig? ah. alarm clock. this is out 0 life and are also coming up. the philippines votes ritz next leader, the top 2 contents of the son of a controversial ousted leader, and the current vice president an indefinite curfew as opposed inter liked his capital as government support his fight with demonstrate this demanding the president's resignation and a modern day might release it goes under the hammer why this could be one of the most expensive 20th century paintings, episode so
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as his forces wage war in ukraine president vladimir putin has been leading victory de commemorations in moscow. thousands of soldiers marching through red square on the day the nation celebrate the surrender of nazi germany to soviet troops. 1945, the current president vladimir lensky, says rushes more is repeating the horrors of the past. the putin told the crowd in red square his trip to fighting for what he calls the security of their homeland. a degree a waste. raj 8 is vanessa. who do you madam? by sia, you're fighting for our people and on bash for the safety of our motherland. russia may, 9th, 1945 will forever be perpetrated as a triumph of our one single soviet people of its cohesion and spiritual might value and perilous exploit you. off at the frontline and at the home front, which the victory days closely sacred to each one. if i saw an adult in jabar is in
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moscow and has more on president putin speech, he did at length what is happening now in ukraine. what has happened between russia and nato, as well as the other western countries to what he believes have happened during world war 2. he says that they're fighting for their security and that they believed that they were under threats. he even went so far as to say that he believed that crimea which russia antics in 2014 was about to be attacked by at nato forces and add that is why they decided to take the action that at the did. he said that every life that has been lost in ukraine is elena was sad loss for the country. and he also said that the families of the victims of the russian soldiers that died in battle in ukraine will be looked after by the states. he also talked about how, what he did he decide to do was
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a pre enter rebuff. he said that again, he believed that it was the right decision to do for russia. and this is certainly a very significant day in this country. it's not only a victory, but it's also something that is very much part of the culture. because russia, of course, lost nearly 27000000 people at during world war 2. and that there is not many russians you will find or speak to that haven't had a personal connection. many people have lost family members during world war 2. and of course, vladimir putin is one of them. and he did say that and the to the soldiers in red square, he said you're fighting for the same things that your grandfathers were fighting for. i let him out from horrible high. my dad has the reaction from my cave in. you could a surgeon, i can imagine that everybody from president zelinski to the chief of staff will be watching. it would have listened very carefully. now there was all sorts of rumors swirling really in to come in the days leading to today. all sort of speculations
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about what good president putin said during that speech, and i think it felt as of the expectations there was talk that he might declare and all out war on ukraine. what we so dan, from a ukrainian point of, we certainly a very reserved president putin. he did start his speech. i did feel that it was reminding us of what he said before the war, when he declared this special operation in a ukraine. but you know, a district in point he is reminding as the russian people about why victory day is so important in their history. but now there's a war unfolding here in ukraine, and there is no sign of victory. yes, the russians at the end of the day. good our number in there. you see there, sorry, been going on. so the war is still ongoing and certainly he hasn't won over the
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hearts and minds of the people. he said he was going to protect and the name of which this war started or g 7 nations have agreed to impose more sanctions against russia. following a virtual summit with ukraine's president group says, the war brings what it describes. as shame on rushes is start sacrificing what will to she every time he has this report? on sunday there was a flurry of diplomatic activity from g 7 nations. the u. s. first lady made a surprise visit to a ukrainian village just across the border with slovakia. there she met refugees and ukraine's 1st lady. the 1st time alina zalinski had been seen in public since the russian invasion. first of all, i would like to thank you for a very courageous act because we understand what it takes for the us 1st lady to come here during a war. this for has a little bit people on the united states.
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then when the people of ukraine, north west of the ukrainian capital, the canadian prime minister, also with a surprise visit to the cave suburb of a pin that had once been occupied by russian troops. he raised the flag over the canadian embassy and the capital to market reopening. johnston to do like to help talks with the ukranian president and announced new military and economic aid on this anniversary of victory day in europe. standing strong against putins, illegal war and in defense of democracy, human rights and international law is as important as it ever has been. at the u. s embassy combat and keep a fleet of diplomatic vehicles carrying the u. s. charger, the foreigner team. this was the 1st time since just before the russian invasion of the embassy it opened. but u. s. officials are there to commemorate v e day with ukrainian officials. this is not the formal reopening of the embassy that some of the u. s. congress have been
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demanding. i'm thrilled to be able to return to key. as i said earlier, today, victory in europe day to observe the triumph of good over evil in the city. i love among people who embody this fear of the commemoration. following that virtual meeting with the ukrainian president, g 7 leaders pledged an oil embargo on russia. and the u. s. announced new sanctions on what the state department called rushing to leaks as well as on the provision of business services, the russian companies on freewill, russian tv stations, and providing industrial equipment to russia. the g 7 issued a statement designed to poke and russian pride and defeating nazi germany. vladimir putin, his actions that said, bring shame on russia and its people. sacrifices in world war 2. she advertise see al jazeera washington the what?
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tens of millions of voters in the philippines, the deciding who they want as their next president. the election is being seen by many is a make a great moment for the democracy. 10 candidates vying to succeed, president rotary good to tirty, france. louis has more now from manila even before poles opened at 6 in the morning, voters that started queueing up polling stations will open till 7 pm longer than usual to accommodate cove at 19 safety measures, voters are choosing a president, vice president, senators, legislators and thousands of local officials, milan a baton as a youth, we are hopeful that the new leadership really respect a right to express our opinion and to hear the cry of his or her countrymen. another ferdinand marco's junior is one of the main contenders for the top job. his father, ferdinand marcus, was a dictator whose rule was marked by corruption and human rights abuses. a fact checking initiative check dot p h says marco's junior has benefits at the most from
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misleading but positive post on social media. that attempt to whitewash his family's past. but a political analyst says the current political system is also contributing to his appeal is not only bought historical amnesia. this is also bought authoritarian nostalgia. yes. the philippines has transition taurus, democracy over the past 3 decades or so. but you know, if you look at the fundamentals of philippine political system, it's a broken system. 70 to 90 percent of the legislature is dominated by political dynasties. 40 reaches families to come 76 percent newly created growth. if you ask an average filipino did they feel the. busy democracy over the past few decades, they don't feel invested because what they saw was more of a liberal oligarchy. at best, marco's juniors political powering beserra deter, day daughter of outgoing precedent. rodrigo de, dirty, whose running for vice president has also given him an enormous boost. marco's
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juniors closest drywall is opposition, leader and vice president. lenny robledo, who's been the victim of disinformation campaign on social media, her ties to a political party perceived as elitist by some filipinos may also explain why she has been lagging in opinion polls would still her message of a transparent compassionate government has led to a groundswell. of support for her that may still see her search to victory. this is a high stakes election. many fear a returned to a marco's rule with thought government attempts to recover the stolen wealth and hold them offices to account. others say it would mean an election campaign can be won partly by spreading lies on social media. the results of the selection will be closely watched, not only in the philippines, but the rest of the world. florence louis al jazeera manila. let's
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speak now to jamila allan doug and who's a polling station in manila, jamilla, i'm sorry, we just lost our connection though with millennial. try get that back in that the next half the program in the meantime, still ahead here on our 0. why many in south korea still in system wearing their masks in public despite relax you ah, the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to cattle. whoop, your travel package to day or can sir worlds weather uptake. good to see, we're going to begin in australia and i think there's going to be flooding across queensland state. the dark of the colors, the more intense the rain is falling from brisbane rate through to karen's, and there is a major flood warning in play for cooper creek that's around the outback region. this is a multi day rain event. so the rain will pile up quickly for new zealand as south
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facing wind, it's kicked back temperatures. most of the rain starting to scoot away from the north island. still some showers and kids been with the hiv, 16 degrees, southeast asia. but i want to focus on the bay of bengal where we've got a tropical cyclone spinning around that's going to leave a legacy of rain for the blade peninsula and western areas of indo china. it's been nonstop brain for the southern philippines, including many dow, so round to vow. we've had some heavy pulses, a brain for this reason. there is a severe flight advisory in play after china side of rain falling between the gang, see, and the pearl river valley. this is going to be intense stuff rolling through grey lane with the high 25 degrees. and for japan, tokyo, it's mostly cloudy day on tuesday with a hive. 20 degrees is at rain shoves away and beijing we've got a batch of what weather move in through 20 degrees will be the number for you. so you're going to need the umbrella there. but sunshine in jungle with a height of 24 degrees. official airline of the journey
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ah with oh, are you watching altura her mind about top stories and present fly to me was told his soldiers in ukraine. they're fighting for the security of russia. thousands
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have been marching in moscow's red square on the day that russia celebrates nazi. germany surrender to soviet troops in 19. busy lee, ukraine's president marked to some of victory de, suggesting russia's invasion is equal to that of nazi germany. brought him into lensky, says evil has returned to ukraine in a different uniform for the same purpose. people in the philippines of 18 for the next president's 10 candidates vying for the top job front run out sudden and mock with judea cost his balance. earlier, he is the son of a controversial school model. a curfew has been imposed into like his capital earlier police fire to tear gas and use water cannon to break up a fight between rival government groups. supporters of prime minister my end to roger packs, gathered outside his residence colombo, off to protest as heckled him in a public appearance on sunday. at least 20 people were injured in fighting with protested demanding resignation. the president and government. or this whole time
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and often others, his life was in columbia. manella tell us what the latest was basically after that clam down in a bid to put the handle on the sort of clashes that broke out between the supporters. essentially, the supporters of the government was specifically supporters of the prime minister mind around 2 bucks a and goes or 4 weeks now have been calling for the president, the prime minister and the government to resign. they see they don't have anything great ability left and they do not want them in positions of government and they must leave. this all happen essentially this morning and the clashes have been violent. we are seeing the hospital, the director of the hospital saying that as many as 20 people are being treated. and there was a huge amount of violence and crashes, even the opposition leader who went to the site was a board. and people actually started trying to assault the opposition leader and
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his entourage, and they had to be to quick exit zone. what's the context of this? me know, how is it come to this? so as i said, 4 weeks now, we have seen this ongoing protest campaign against the government urging the leadership as well as the anti government government to step down. given the mismanagement which many of the protest as see reflected in the fact that things are falling apart in sri lanka, there are no essential goods in terms of a very few that are shortages. things like ford have skyrocketed in price because of massive inflation. that as a result of the government, not having money and foreign reserves have fallen to rock bottom. they're not able to import essential goods, meds in fuel gas. and this has led to complete frustration and anger among the people they say. as much as this is
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a global phenomenon for span to make that the crass mismanagement by the government as well as corruption, has aggravated the situation and made sure lanka sort of all the worse off in trying to battle this issue. so the prime minister has faced calls from even his own brother, according to reports of a cabinet meeting on friday evening to step down, allow an interim administration. he has kind of dug his his in and said he's not going to go. but even being sort of pressed upon leave of my other ministers, he sort of came out and said, well if everyone he wanted me to leave other consider it meant to be honest. the other messages he had been bringing a lot of his supporter store colombo, all of them sort of showing a gesture of solidarity, saying you shouldn't leave in the sort of key thing was thousands and supporters of mine than roger boxer be heard that they were brought in buses from all over the country,
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they converged on his official residence and then mind the rush to address that group. saying that he would do what is best for the public and even their interest . but this group was a, a belligerent grove that was spoiling for a fight. right after that meeting. they went out to a sort of a sit in camp, but that had been established outside the prime minister's office. the 1st thing they did was dismantle that cam. be asking for the prime minister to leave, they said, well, the hoardings and then they marched towards the president's office and there was absolute may. hm. between both sides of the police at the initial stages just looked on later on the broad water cannons and t a guest. so that's where you see the clamp down in the gulf view. or, i mean they'll, thanks about seminar for not reporting her. let us go back to those elections in the philippines. we can recommend going with jamil antagonists, a pony station in manila, and this is a document i should say that this has been seen as
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a critical crucial election. what to turn up be like well, it's complicated to say we are in one of the biggest holding meetings in downtown manila. it is also a city, one of the highest number of registered voters. but people are coming to us. there is growing discontent. and act diety, because many of the people we've spoken to say they've been here since 8 am. and they have yet to finish voting. that's because many of the book counting machines of bog down and many people, even with the possibility an option of them leaving their balance. poll watchers can actually be the one to manually place them a submit them electronically. many people are with using because they want to make sure their votes are counted, and this is not an isolated incident. there are reports from many different parts of the national capital manila that this is the problem. now the commission on the electrons assure the public that there are still very much in control,
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but this seems to be a trust issue specifically in a deeply emotional and personal elections. one of the most emotional and personal elections in recent philippine history. now the world is looking at this election because the 1st major election is it asia during if endemic, and one of the oldest democracies in the region. but here this has been a battle between a set of clash values about how people see their future, how they see their past, and envision their future. the top 2 contenders, the son of the late dictate their former president for didn't mark was against the leader of the opposition, vice president lanyard red and the only female candidate in this elections. so it will be 2 hours before post clothes and a lot of voters, you're actually hoping that the hours will be extended. they say they are willing to wait, no matter how long it takes. all they want is an assurance. they say that their votes will be counted, and the candidate said 2 very distinct kinds of it's very different in their approach. that politics are standing well,
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they have voted early this morning. they are voted from their home towns, but it's a report that they will be monitoring the counting of the votes tonight and over within the next 48 hours in the capital manila. and like as you mentioned, these are very different candidates, couldn't have been more different in a weight vice president lanyard read the is a widow and the human rights lawyer who does not come from a traditional political dynasty while on the other side is a sign of a former dictator, former president for didn't mark was who you know, over the past few months and over the past few years has successfully used social media in a way to revise history and to influence many filipinos who have boats that were born after the marshal era. now there is something distinct about this elections. there are 27.5 new voters this year, then in 2019, and many experts
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a. this is a signal that most of the voters are going to view the words an anti establishment, anti sat, the school position. more than half of these voters are filipinos between the ages of 18 to 34. also a huge chunk are supporting vice president len. you to read off, so you do need to be seeing how this will impact the elections all these this by this common problems during these voting hours. but clearly a deeply emotional, deeply consequential elections for the southeast asian tension. argument. i believe that the moment to intimate, i'm duncan reporting that thank you. activists and gone to have launched a legal challenge to stop mining and protected area. it's off to the government side to deal with the chinese company to extract oxide and mineral use to make aluminum products. they say the mu threatens already endangered animals and plants re to mila. as this report, the actual forest in easton garner is known for its abundant biodiversity, including endangered animals and rear plants,
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dozens of which are threatened with extinction. despite the area being decayed, protected the government plans to begin large scale mining for box site that got my husband's saying over and over again. i'll services to as it is in that there would not, on necessarily compromise for us. they have not so far demonstrated to any agency to gun is how that is going to be done. and you know why? because there is no technology, though, allow government to go ahead and tub the box out in this forest without compromising the for us. box site is used to produce element products. while the government's agreed to a $2000000000.00 mining deal with china, it's yet to get permission from gone as environmental protection agency. the government says it's relying on the potential proceeds from the mining of both bach site and gold to develop local mining communities. we now have a fund which is solely dedicated to the development of the minor communities of our
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country. where if you want 20 percent by law of the royalties which i crew to the state are dedicated to this fun and their families exclusively for the development of minor community to provision of water for instance, electricity, where a de kitchener infrastructure healthcare. but many small scale miners and loggers work illegally surviving on minimal income gold minus say they hardly benefit. and critics say their activities are harming the environment. communities and gone as western region rely on the prior of of drinking water and to bathe and cook the byrum water base and feeds 3 major rivers, providing water for millions of people across garner. but mining upstream has contaminated the water board on that i sent some crew of that as used to be on the mine. and i think this is are fixing the community a lot and when that that doesn't, through us, used to be fund i a month. all 24 things don't even get without the fooling with us
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. mining opponents are taking the government to court to stop the search for bach site. critics say that while they understand the need to benefit from natural resources gone as far as need to be protected for future generations. for media miller al jazeera, the latest tax by gunman in norfolk nigeria have killed at least $48.00 people. 3 villages in some far state rated included demarie, where patients in the hospital were among 30 to killing criminal gangs of rated villages in the region for years to kidnapped. people for palestinians have been arrested in the latest rates by israeli police in the occupied west bank thought the operation ramana is linked to the investigation into a stop being taken israel on thursday. romano is the whole town of 2 palestinian men accused of killing 3 israelis in the central city of allied. the wearing of current virus masks remained popular in south grid despite the government relaxing
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the rules. a week ago from the bride has more now from the capital of sol when mosque mandates have been lifted in other parts of the world that have been seems of need jubilation, of finally dispensing with the things after 2 years of breathing. your own breath, a but south korea went it out last monday, but mouth outdoors were no longer mandatory but only recommended this was the result of all from a few exceptions, most mos remaining firmly in place. it's now a week later time enough you would have thought for the message to be getting through. you don't have to wear it. no, none of it. i still have to wear a mouse can doors, it's 7 convenient to take it off and put it back on again. i have not being infected yet, and i believe the virus can still spread to others, even outdoor cells, so much going on. what's going on? i also want to take off the mask, plus, if i just think about my convenience and get infected,
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i could spread the virus to others. apart from some pandemic fatigue like anywhere else, south koreans have gained reputation in the past couple of years for public spirited cooperation that probably accounts for the continued mosque wearing. but this is also a society obsessed by looks. and it's thought that women have welcome the chance not to have to wear so much make up all men to shave so often. and then of course, with cosmetic surgery, being so popular here. it's thought some people may use the mask wearing as a way of having any number of procedures without anyone ever finding out china's exports of the lowest level in nearly 2 years is the government enforces his 0 cobra, 1900 policy exports rose 3.7 percent in april on the previous year, but that's down sharply from nearly 16 percent in march. goods meant to be shipped to broader city in china is biggest port in shanghai. the economic hub has been
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locked down for 5 weeks to try and contain outbreak. the famous portrayed marilyn monroe is going up for auction in the united states and the will hold $960.00 painting is expected to be the most expensive 20th century out work to sell at auction. the proceeds will be delighted to a foundation that supports children's health and education programs. christmas, lima reports now from new york. a modern day mona lisa, that's how the chairman of christie's is describing a portrait of marilyn monroe, anti war halls, shot sage blue. marilyn is up for auction, one of the series, the 1st to be auctioned off in nearly 25 years, were all created the iconic silkscreen image of monroe after the actress died of a sleeping pill overdose in 1962. some 60 years later. the public is still fascinated by her life and death was genius is because he encapsulated the tragedy
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and the disaster of marilyn the suicide. after having the most amazing life being the most beautiful woman. the peace comes from the private collection of thomas and doris amman and is the centerpiece of the auction houses, marquis sales week, or house. maryland is expected to shatter records for contemporary art when it goes up for auction on monday, bringing in the realm of $200000000.00 or more instantly putting its fire in an elite class of collectors. there is no reach and that is completely disinterested with also tells you something. the impending sale is attracting international interest. why is this piece expected to fetch more than any other contemporary art piece and history? in this case, you guess a beautiful painting by one of the greatest artists afford history and he gets the most famous painting off this artists to show the beauty and disaster at the same
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time. no other painting has ever shown this so well. and perhaps no other painting has been so well poised to capitalize on post pandemic pent up demand to see and purchase art. kristin salumi al jazeera new york. ah, so this is our desert. these are the top stories, and president vladimir putin has told his soldiers in ukraine. they're fighting for the security of russia. he says the invasion was the only right decision under the circumstances. thousands of troops would be march in moscow's red square on the day . russia celebrates nazi germany surrender to soviet troops in 1945 over 83.


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