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and the less chaotic situation that in the past few days, people seem less exhausted this time, i'm not crying. as you can see. that new destination has been accomplish one now, but she will return with more goods. as long as rush us missiles and buckets forced people out of ukraine. ah, ukraine says at least 60 people are dead as rush hour bombs as school or civilians were hiding. the grains president accuses rush of imitating what he calls the evil of the nazis as both countries. mark the soviet victory over germany and world war 2. ah, i don't know about this, and this is all 0 live from doha. and also coming up the philippines votes for its next leader. the frontrunners are human rights lawyer and the son of austin
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dictator. a modern day mona lisa goes under the hammer. why this could be one of the most expensive 20th century paintings ever sold. your grains president says 60 people had been killed during a russian air strike on a school in the eastern region of la hans. at least 90 civilians were in the building when it was hit on saturday. the governor says the entire village of bella, god of had been sheltering their emergency workers are still removing bodies from the debris or marking victory day in europe. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski accused russia of imitating what he describes as the evil of the nazis. the event celebrates the day in 1945, when nazi germany surrendered. ah, he thought he, world war 2 veterans and survivors gathered in the subway station to commemorate fallen soldiers. it's become a bomb shelter for thousands of people as well as
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a space for events and concerts. eastern city has endured merely dearly bombardment by russian forces. and the last of the civilians have been chopped in muddier poles as of style. steel with plant by russians shelling of now reached the safety of zap alicia convoys of buses had been arriving in the city. the latest one was carrying a 175 evacuees, including 40 from the seal works civilians and soldiers had been inside as of style for nearly 2 months. as russian attacks intensified, but many and remaining ukrainian soldiers have refused to surrender st. burger to fight until the end. it's not only civilians from the steel plant who arriving in zachary ship mario paul residence have been seeing those city often making their own way to safety. fully nicholas, which i used to work at a school. now there is no school, nothing, no work, no place to live, nothing to return t. how did we escape? our house was bombarded,
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we were sitting in the cellar and then we left who simply walked ahead. we did not know where we were walking. all we wanted is to get away and we did get away. and i have never seen such a destruction. we have seen many wars in films, but have never seen such a distraction in any war. it's a mockery. in just a few hours, russia will put on a show of force in moscow to celebrate the anniversary of its world war to victory . but the reality of its battle in ukraine seems much bleaker hold on the honey. the reports from cave and the human cost of the war the real toll of this war for russia. unclaimed body bags stacked in refrigerated trains. soldiers dead under foot line, as russia claims to rescue the russian speaking population living here. ukraine says about 25000 have lost their lives so far. but brush up was that number at
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about 1300. we were given rear access to the bodies left behind. as russia retreated from the cave region and another buddhist grew interested. he was an elite paratrooper. this jewelry was found on him, allegedly stolen from ukrainian civilians. if it was a lie, should be sure you're going to reach the dead enemies better than how they treated civilians law. they will be kept as long as need be. the government will decide because russia refuses to take them, it doesn't want to tell. each body is a proof of war cry. so if they refuse to take them, ukraine will build them at our own cost equal when the war is in his 3rd month. but so far, moscow has no clear victory to show for it. even in predominantly russian speak in mo you paul, where it did enjoy some popular support in the past. now you have again you so snuff, sky says bills voices are gone. he just came out of the port city 2 days ago,
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a u haul neil superior present a water bill. yup. are your whole national? i recycling past the destroyed theater building. i noticed that they were clearing the main avenue and the central square, perhaps were preparing for the seal called victory parade. but also could still see the blue and yellow of the ukrainian flag. and vendors are refusing to sell goods in rouble only ukrainian currency. can you douglas if guinea, as documented life under occupation, as much as he could without getting detected by soldiers, hardly the image of a liberated people the kremlin, want to portray? after failing to take eve, russia has concentrated its air power on destroying ukraine's infrastructure. in what it called a special military operation. but so far more than 3000 civilians have lost their lives. and the human cost for both sides is rising. by the day olga is among the millions de, placed by the conflict. she is also just made it to safety with her 2 young
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children and mother. i never thought well as the new will of certainly before their arrival. life was good. we had the beautiful city barks every one had life plans. warned freedom of choice of language. freedom of movement, freedom of sorts, relieved freely. then russia came to rescue us, deliberate at us from our houses, our jobs, some of their lives. some of the alexa arms that the liberation olga has now switch to the ukranian language with her children. while russia celebrated victory against nazi germany at the end of world war 2, it is now in battle in a war that didn't go as expected, but did her meet at dizzy ratcliff. g 7 nations are agreed to impose more sanctions against russia, following a virtual summit with the cranes presidents. the dupe says the war brings for it describes as shame on russia's historic sacrifice in world war 2 shall return city
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points. on sunday, there was a flurry of diplomatic activity from g 7 nations. the day before vladimir putin is due to preside over victory day celebrations, commemorating the soviet defeat of the nazis in world war 2. the u. s. first lady made a surprise visit to a ukrainian village just across the border with slovakia. there she met refugees and ukraine's 1st lady. the 1st time alina zalinski had been seen in public since the russian invasion. first of all, i would like to thank you for a very courageous act because we understand what it takes for the us 1st lady to come here during a war. this war has to include that people on the united states. then we, the people ukraine, north west of the ukrainian capital, the canadian prime minister, also with a surprise visit to the cave suburb of a pin that had once been occupied by russian troops. he raised the flag over the
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canadian embassy and the capital to market reopening. johnston, 2 days later, held talks were the ukrainian president added ounce new military and economic aid on this anniversary of victory day in europe. standing strong against putins, illegal war and in defense of democracy. human rights and international law is as important as it ever has been. at the u. s embassy combat and keep a fleet of diplomatic vehicles carrying the u. s. shows a de ferna team. this was the 1st time since just before the russian invasion, with the embassy it opened. but u. s. officials are there to commemorate v e day with you union officials. this is not the formal reopening of the embassy that summoned the u. s. congress have been demanding. i'm thrilled to be able to return to key, as i said earlier, today, victory in europe day to observe the triumph of good over evil in the city. i love among people who embody this spirit of this commemoration. following the
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virtual meeting with the ukrainian president, g 7 leaders pledged an oil embargo on russia. and the u. s. amounts new sanctions on what the state department called rushing to leaks, as well as on the provision of business services to russian companies on freewill, russian t. v. stations. and when providing industrial equipment to russia, the g 7 issued a statement designed to poke and russian pride and defeating nazi germany. vladimir putin's actions, it said, bring shame on russia and its people. sacrifices in world war 2. she ebert and see al jazeera washington. people in the philippines are voting for their next president. 10 candidates vying for the top job front, on a founded on marco's junior cast, his ballot earlier is the son of a former dictator. and he's hoping to win a 6 year term philippines are also vic picking
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a new vice president as well as senators and members of congress funds that he has more from a polling station in the capital manella. well, the government has declared monday a public holiday. so people get more people can come out to vote, down voter turnout has usually been has consistently been quite high in philippines for the elections. usually around 80 percent is too soon to bring you those numbers . but we have been seeing people queueing out at the police station even before polls were opened at 6 in the morning. now pulls will stay open till 7 in the evening. those are longer hours than usual. the election commission says this is to accommodate cove at 19 safety measures, but they also said that people outside of polling stations past 7 pm, they will be allowed to vote beyond that time in those areas. we have already started getting reports of voting irregularities, inconsistencies, as well as vote by in one instance, a vote that was cost did not match the voting slip that was issued by
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a vote counting machine. but it's too early to tell just how white spread this is. it has to be noted though, that in 2016, that general election was considered what i'm considered free and fair. now, elections in the philippines in the past can sometimes be march, my political violence, and that has happened in this as well. on sunday though, police said that the recorded incidence of poll related violence is far fewer than in the 2016 poles. and also in the mid term elections in 2019 but on this morning we've also received reports of 3 people being shot dead in a southern province in the philippines, in an election related crime. front on a friday on macos junior, also known as bumble marco, says, the son of the late lead of ferdinand marco's families, legacies. a major concern for human rights activists is main opponents, vice president. lenny robledo is popular with young people, but critics are concerned about our ties to the rich and powerful are the
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containers include? manila ma'am, is school modern? your former t. v stars credited for being behind schemes for affordable housing and cleaning up the capital streets. sen, upon funeral lux home was a police chief and was promising to continue exposing government corruption. and this former box of money pock hills, was largely appearing to walk in class voters which had had aryans, a political scientist. and he says many filipinos or somebody fed up with a political class. this is not only a bought historical memory is not only bought historical amnesia. this is also bought. busy authoritarian nostalgia, yes. the philippines are transitioned towards democracy over the past 3 decades or so. but you know, if you look at the fundamentals of philip political system, it's a broken system. 70 to 90. percent of the legislature is dominated by political dynasties. 40 reaches families to come 76 percent newly created growth. if you are going to average filipino did they feel the. busy democracy over the past few
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decades, they don't feel invested because what they saw was more of a liberal oligarchy at best. and in more decent years, we got what they offer in 2016, which is really good. this area. so this is also about no style jumped out. but of course this information is a big problem which raises the question, why something was not done about this earlier. if you look for the mark as you know him, so, i mean he, he's very advanced. you'll are, he's charming, he's or being he's softspoken. busy he has avoided any debate or negative campaigning directly. self 3 has projected the image of a very nice person so on you can feel comfortable with. so once he's taking advantage of these names, the strong man negatively sputter. but at the same time, he's projecting a personal image of someone who is not threatening someone that you can trust someone who can bring unity and peace and love. and all of this mater would statements that have dominated his campaign. i mean, this is a guy was not bothered to attend a single debate organized by commission elections,
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of the philippines or any legitimate major media. but that is allows him to essentially create this record and send it there and have to kick in it into. so it had an, i'll just say, why russia's invasion of ukraine's brought back on welcome reminders of the past in germany. and will have more than the political newcomer who's promising to shake up the system in costa rica. ah, i went with this system spin out of europe or eastern meadows. they've been doing all winter and spring. they tend to look like this in the tail under them, which is called the cold front. there it is, which means the high is often cold. you can't tell necessarily this time. yeah. but usually brings a quite a big change in the wind, windy and dusty weather, which is going to be the case. you should, this is all dr. go ahead to be told, has been showers, follow through turkey. the caucus is the cause to afghanistan. eventually,
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attempt to drop to harass $35.00 will be dropping about 10 degrees. gets tuesday or wednesday, but a quick focus on inhabited areas of the re being gulf or run the water. really, this wind will be near gale force of the water, little less. so overlap is bringing just with persistent next 3 days. a cutter, for example, for the temperatures here. as a result, probably going to be dropping a little bit as far as it goes because they are still in the pre monsoon heat phase in northwest india. and particularly pakistan where the government agencies issued a severe heat wave warning temperatures up to 9 degrees above average. they could hit 50 in the next day, or 2 during the entire year. certainly not this time. the incoming boncey rain still to be fine, but just off the coast tanza near. probably welcome. ah . the conflicts in between dealing
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with on al jazeera, with hulu. ah you're watching all the 0 reminder of the top stories. this are people in the philippines of voting for their next president. frontrunner fred and marcos. juno
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cast his ballot earlier. the son of a former dictator was hoping to win a 6 year turn. the cranes, president decisive. 60 people have been killed after russia bombed as school and is east of the country. about 90 residents were sheltering the building the hands on it was hidden saturday and the last of the civilians trapped in mario polls. as of style plants, which has been continuously shelled by russian forces, have reached the safety of zaplishny at the latest convoy carried a 175 evacuations, including 40 from the still works for many in germany, the cotton warden ukraine's bringing back on welcome reminders of the past dominic came the ports from berlin. at 1st glance, the german russian museum in cars, horst might seem an unremarkable building. yet within its walls are reminders of its importance in history. for this is where the tyranny of nazi germany was finally ended. when its most senior soldiers surrendered to their counterparts from
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the u. s. s. all tens of millions of soviet citizens had been murdered in out of hitler's war of annihilation. and so this was a victorious moment of unity for russians and ukrainian. yet 77 years on those 2 peoples are again at war with each other. and for the director of this museum vladimir putin's military actions in ukraine now have persuaded him to remove the reference russia in his museum's name. the propaganda in russia is focusing on all of the, the naming in the world war 2 and talking about fascists and crania, which is a lie. so our job will be to, to make clear what really happened in history and word or 2 in the decades that follow generations of germans were told of the sins of the nazis. and thus the feeling seemed to take hold. don't antagonize russia rather do deals with it
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drawers into the community of nations through trade. above all, give no country weapons with which to fight russia. it's a policy the present day. ukrainian president has repeatedly called on germany to renounce with douglas or chico more people in the was here. and every time we talk to germany, we remind them that we have know, they have something they don't remember which we need a lot. so many here share value. they feel germany should be helping the key of government much more. and now finally, so to does the chancellor, becky, i respect anyone's pacifism. i respect any attitude, but it must seem cynical to a citizen of ukraine to be told to fight back against students aggressions that weapons. this is something that is out of state now. with weapons like these millions of russians and ukrainians fought and died to defeat the nazis. what might
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those soldiers have for then to learn that one day that 2 countries would be at war with each other? in $945.00, many in the free world saw the russian soldier as a friend and liberator. far fewer do so now dominate cane al jazeera at the soviet wall memorial in berlin. gunman who killed at least $48.00 people in the tax on 3 villages in north las nigeria, local officials to say dominy in some fall estate was hardest hit. 32 people died including patients at a hospital. the northwest in central regions have seen years of violence. criminal gangs have been waiting villages, steam cattle and carrying out mass abductions more than 50 people have been killed in an attack by an armed group in northeast of democratic republic of congo. security forces said the target was a camp for displaced people in juggle in the province. we truly official said the attack lasted several hours. it focused on people living in the camp before
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spreading to a nearby village. some residents are set, have been taken hostage before the on group moved from the village into the bush. a palestinian mans died after being shot by israeli forces as he tried to enter israel through the separation barrier in the occupied west bank. another palestinian man was killed by israeli police in a separate incident. falling a stabbing attempt. it happened near the damascus gate. and earlier this early army rated the hometown of 2 palestinian men suspected of killing 3 people in the central city over lud. the 19 and 20 year olds were detained after a search following thursday's attack. jonah's exports have hit the lowest level in nearly 2 use as the government continues to enforce. a 0 covered policy, the exports rose at 3.7 percent in april and the previous year. but that's down sharply from nearly 16 percent and march, who is meant to be shipped a broader sitting at china's biggest port in shanghai. and economic has been locked
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down for 5 weeks in a bit to contain a covet 19 outbreak. reading loyalist john lee has met outgoing hong kong leader county lamb for the 1st time since being named his successor. he was chosen by a committee of about 1500 people who being vetted to ensure their loyalty to china . it was the only candidate please promise to lead to hong kong that's open, vibrant, and vigilant lamp. we'll step down in july during the meeting with their chief executive earlier, we talked about a number of major tasks to be accomplished in the coming weeks of transition, including the proposed government reorganization package. the latest situation of hong kong work in fighting the epidemic as well as activities celebrating the 20 says and diversity of the establishment of the hong kong as they are. i'm
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grateful to the chief executive for proposing a package of government reorganization. which facts of the taste, this smooth transition between the 2 terms of government? i have to express my personal appreciation, particularly to the electoral affairs commission, chaired by justice barnabas phone for hosting a very efficient, honest, and fair election leading to the election of my former colleagues. mister john b economist, or diego chavez has been sworn in as the new president of costa rica, the former world bank official, is promising to shake out what he calls the country's broken political system. alexander ron pierre, to reports ah handover of power in costa rica, rodrigo travis is presented the presidential sash after running a successful campaign as a political maverick who promised to clean up
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a broken system. a message he repeated at easy, now you ation see hoarder again. no, it is time to leave behind the old practices that the costa rican people, rightly fault us with. there is no difference between the ruling party and the opposition. if the political class fails, once again, our country could fall apart. the rise of the former world bank official has surprised many. he emerged from the shadows to the presidency after serving only 8 months as finance minister in the previous administration. he brought a popular streak to they usually subdued costa rican presidential campaign. exploiting a growing resentment against traditional parties and peoples worries of writing, unemployment crime, and the cost of living in costa rican politics. we are now in a new era and it's totally bullet t hi. you would have to be,
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you know, big changes in terms of support and also political parties are weak. they're elect total majors are small in screeching victory though travis has shown a more traditionally conservative side, promising to keep public finances, solvent, and reducing expectations on immediate major increases on social spending. observers, faye, you will face an uphill battle m. m increasingly disillusioned public his party will have only 10 of course because 57 congressional seats, meaning you will have to reach agreements with a more traditional parties. there are 2 big questions. why he's going to be able to build a team. because these people don't know each other at all, and they're going to have to work together so that, that's a big question. and the other big question that the biggest, i would say it's precisely that the p o really voted for him.
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who wanted that will address that? when are they going to do? cuz they won't have it because the leak has long been recognized as central america's most stable country, applauded for its environmental and moderate economic policies. but many believe that if chavez fails, his presidency could trigger a more and stable and terrible in time for this country. allison around beauty and jessina woman's rights activists and mexico are demanding justice for victims of gender based violence. dozens marched towards the presidential policy, the capital mexico city. demonstrators included relatives of fem aside victims, survivors of sexual violence and feminist groups un says on average 10 women are killed every day in mexico. the u. s. senate will hold a vote on widens down legislation that would codify abortion rights to law,
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even though the measure is lung likely to pass the divided chamber. it follows the linked draft decision indicating the supreme court is poised to overturn his landmark 1973 rule versus wage. really, the move would mean millions women across the u. s. could soon lose their legal right to abortion. senate majority leader chuck schumer is called the draft ruling an abomination. that would be one of the worst decisions that the supreme court has ever issue. it would mean that our children would have less rights than our parents . that is simply on american. and we will vote on wednesday and every american, we'll see how every sanitary stands. they can't duck it anymore. firefighters in the state of new mexico verge, people in a mountain village to leave before it's too late. many have refused to abandoned their homes, which are hundreds of years old firefighter st times running out for them to reach safety before the mass of wild,
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far cuts off the only way out. the fire is already destroyed. more than 70000 hector's of land dangerous gusty winds are expected to continue. an iconic portrait of marilyn monroe, always going under the hamilton the us on monday, andy warhol, $96.00, his painting is expected to become the most expensive 20th century artwork ever to sell at auction. the proceeds will be donated to a foundation that supports children's health and education programs. kristen salumi has more from new york a modern day. mona lisa, that's how the chairman of christie's is describing a portrait of marilyn monroe. andy war halls, shot sage blue. marilyn is up for auction one in a series, the 1st to be auctioned off in nearly 25 years, were all created the iconic silkscreen image of monroe after the actress died of a sleeping pill overdose in 1962. some 60 years later. the public is still
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fascinated by her life and death was genius is because he encapsulated the tragedy and the disaster of marilyn to suicide. after having the most amazing life being the most beautiful woman. the peace comes from the private collection of thomas and doris. a mon and is the centerpiece of the auction houses, marquis sales week for halls. maryland is expected to shatter records for contemporary art when it goes up for auction on monday, bringing in the realm of $200000000.00 or more instantly putting its fire in an elite class of collectors. there is no reach and that is completely disinterested with also tells you something. the impending sale is attracting international interest. why is this piece expected to fetch more than any other contemporary art piece in history? in this case, you guess a beautiful painting by one of the greatest artists afford history and he gets the
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most famous main thing of this artists to show the beauty and disaster at the same time. no other painting has ever shown this so well. and perhaps no other painting has been so well poised to capitalize on post pandemic pent up demand to see and purchase art. kristin salumi al jazeera new york. ah, this is our disease. these are the top stories ukraine's president says 60 people have been killed during a rush, an air strike on a school in the eastern region of low hands. at least 90 civilians were in the building when it was hit on saturday. the emergency workers are still working to remove bodies from the debris. the last of the civilians trapped and maria pulls us off. star plans have now which the safety of zappa's asia convoys of bosses.


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