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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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a part to of i way way and denise to poor society is not interested in the individual ality the freedom. the spirit of the young person studio be unscripted on out his era. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy. welcome to the news, our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes in eastern ukraine. a school is bombed by russia. dozens of people have been killed. the last civilians leave the besieged steel plot in the ukrainian city of mario pole. the soldiers who remain say they will not surrender. just
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a short time before paul's open in the philippines. catholic voters seat last minute guidance in an unprecedented election. and at the death of a mother during childbirth shines a spotlight on santa gulls failing health care system. i'm going to get your skin dough with your sports. manchester says he returned to the top of the premier league table. that's all to the english champions. how a new castle 5 mill say to 3 point you'd have liverpool funding. ah. welcome to the program. in the east, in ukraine, that has been a devastating day on the was front line, rushing bombs, targeted a school in the east of the country. the governor of the hans says about 9 t civilians were sheltering in the basement of the building when it was hit and
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then in the last half hour ukrainian present rodney zalinski is confirmed that 60 people were killed. a tack has been condemned by the un secretary general antonio gutierrez. meanwhile, in the city of mario paul, the last, all the civilians there at that were in the besieged as of sal plant, have now been evacuated to safety. but the fighters who remain are refusing to surrender to russian forces or but in manly reports. for this is what's left of the school in ethan, ukraine's law hand, screeching smoldering debris and utter destruction. rush and forces targeted, the building, which reportedly had nearly all of the people from the village of bella, griff kurt hiding in fight. dozens of them are feared dead. richard. they should. so taking into account that it was an air strike and not a simple artillery showing up. when the explosion happened, the temperature was extreme. certainly our emergency workers would be clearing the
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debris with maximum speed, but there is only a very slim chance that anyone survived. not break, like my old wall marking victory day in europe, ukraine's president not him is zalinski, says his country is fighting a new form of not for them. it's celebrated on the 8th of may the day in 1945, when nazi germany surrendered in the south of ukraine. the port city of odessa has been underwritten. youth strikes missiles, reportedly hit stores and warehouses in a residential area, as well as the military, airport runway and tower. russia's defense ministry says its forces had destroyed a ukrainian warship near the black sea port. but this has not yet been independently verified. for moscow, odessa is considered a strategically important port. there's no, when you speak about odessa on the shipping point of view, you're thinking not only about one or 2 in odessa, but also do satellite words inc. exam and sharing
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a modest 30 kilometers around. and they comprise our are the 60 percent of ukrainian experts and 90 percent of the ukrainian grain experts. since the war started. russian forces of targeted hospitals, apartment blocks and other civilian buildings. the world health organization is gathering evidence for possible bull crime investigation. that nature has no verified. 200 attacks on healthcare in ukraine. since the really begun this attacks must stop in the city of the parisha, that's been a steady flow. the vacuum eve being both from the besieged, theo plant, a merry apo ukraine's government says all civilians have now been rescued ah civilians unsold. you have been trapped inside the assault still steel mill for nearly 2 months as russian attacks intensified. surrender is not an option because
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the roster is not interested in our life. the. i'm not interested to let us know. ah, as russia prepares to mark it's victory day on monday, which celebrates the soviet union with against nazi germany in world war 2. if not clear yet how this conflict where both sides have invoked battles and the 1940s will end. neuropathy, manly al jazeera well, as i bank is internet pro and has more on the evacuations from the as off style steel wax. now what we heard was that the women, children, and elderly had been evacuated with the help of the united nations and international committee of the red cross. now there has been several attempts to try and get those civilians out of that mental works plant and they haven't really been successful. now the ukranian government say that the last of those people have been evacuated to latins after each of which is around 85 kilometers from where we
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are now. and they will be given food, clothing, and shelter. and this will come as their relief to the ukrainians because they have been trying to get those people for a considerable amount of time. they've been completely besieged in that mental. that's plant, which is one of the largest in europe, that spreads over at 10 close to squared. but the soldiers still remained there. and people coming out of merrier polls have given herancha kinds of what's taking place and some of the fighting that's been taking place. the bombing, the artillery, and the soldiers on the ground and, and it's been going on for around 2 months, but specifically the as of mexico epstein consider them a weeks. people have been tracked down down, down in those array of tunnels and rooms. again, they will be considered lead from the ukranian government and that they finally got those people that but it's not just civilians from the is all style steel plants specifically that have been arriving in the town of the preacher. there are also other residents that stuck in merrier poll. they've been fleeing the besieged city
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as well, often making their own way to safety. fully new promotion, which i used to work at a school. now there is no school, nothing, no work, no place to live, nothing to return to. how did we escape? our house was bombarded. we were sitting in the cellar and then we left. we simply walked ahead. we did not know where we were walking. all we wanted is to get away and we did get away. i have never seen such a destruction. we have seen many wars in films, but have never seen such a distraction in any boar. it's a mockery. this is just been reporting roches. defense ministry says it forces have destroyed a ukrainian war ship near the black sea port of odessa. it also says its air defenses shot down to the ukrainian bombers and a helicopter of a snake island. statements have not been independently verified. while i send my suit is in odessa ways as asked rice have become more frequent over the past day.
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now mozilla is to the fed them what i carried a we are witnessing continuous targeting of the odessa region, particularly the city. recently the sirens stopped for about 2 hours before which we heard a huge explosion. so father, reason for this explosion has not been declared. however, however, social media activists monitored the downing of a rocket in the odessa sky. 6 rockets were targeted yesterday. the military department in odessa and the southern region said that 4 rockets were aimed toward residential areas. we visited them earlier today and saw that these were workshops and stores near the airport and the ukraine. no authorities, confirmed 2 of the 6 rockets targeted the airport runway and radar tower. and the attacks came from the military side of the runway. we've received no confirmation as to whether the targeted buildings were used to store weapons or fuel. however,
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we witnessed the effect of this targeting when the place was on fire, and thick smoke was billowing high, or in allan developments g. santa nations have announced more sanctions on russia following a virtual summit with ukrainian present not to me as a landscape in a statement, the corpse as president my dinner cushions. war has brought shame on russia, his tie sacrifice. and while war till it comes a day before russia, ukraine celebrate victory of nazi germany. chaper chancey reports on sunday. there was a flurry of diplomatic activity from g 7 nations. the day before vladimir putin is due to preside over victory day celebrations. commemorating the soviet defeat of the nazis in world war 2. the u. s. first lady made a surprise visit to a ukrainian village just across the border with slovakia. there she met refugees and ukraine's 1st lady. the 1st time alina zalinski had been seen in public since the russian invasion. first of all, i would like to thank you for
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a very courageous act, because we understand what it takes for the us 1st lady to come here during a war. this 4 has been rudolph. hey, that people have the united states. then when the people ukraine, north west of the ukrainian capital, the canadian prime minister, also with a surprise visit to the cave suburb of a pin that had once been occupied by russian troops. he raised the flag over the canadian embassy and the capital to market reopening. johnston, 2 days later, held talks with a ukrainian president, added outs, new military and economic aid on this anniversary of victory day in europe. standing strong against putins, illegal war, and in defense of democracy, human rights and international law is as important as it ever has been. at the u. s embassy combat and keep a fleet of diplomatic vehicles carrying the u. s. shows defend our team. this was
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the 1st time since just before the russian invasion with the embassy it opened. but you, as officials are there to commemorate v e day with ukrainian fish. this is not the formal reopening of the embassy that solomon the u. s. congress have been demanding . i'm thrilled to be able to return to key, as i said earlier, today, victory in europe day to observe the triumph of good over evil in the city. i love among people who embody the spirit of this commemoration. following the virtual meeting with the ukrainian president, g 7 leaders pledged an oil embargo on russia and the u. s. amounts new sanctions on what the state department called russian deletes, as well as on the provision of business services to russian companies on prima russian t. v stations and when providing industrial equipment to russia, the g southern issued a statement designed to po good russian pride and defeating nazi germany. vladimir putin's actions it said bring shame on russia and its people. sacrifices in world
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war 2. she ever fancy al jazeera washington was even hearing europe is knocking the 77th anniversary of the victory of the nazi germany by allied forces. ceremonies this year have been overshadowed, of course, by developments in ukraine, french present. manual micron met world war 2 veterans and aid wreaths at landmarks in paris. it was the 1st time since the curve at 19 pandemic. the spectators were allowed at the days events or for more than 75 years. germans have grappled with their countries. responsibility for world war 2, a country suffered more casualties fighting the nazis than the soviet union. the time ukrainians and russians fought side by side. now they're fighting one another, many in germany, references of russian military increasingly on wanted. dominant cain reports from berlin. at 1st glance who german russian museum and cars horst might
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seem an unremarkable building. yet with its walls or reminders of its importance in history for this is where the tyranny of nazi germany was finally ended. when its most senior soldiers surrendered to their counterparts from the ussr, tens of millions of soviet citizens had been murdered in out of hitler's war of annihilation. and so this was a victorious moment of unity for russians and ukrainian, and yet 77 years on those 2 peoples are again at war with each other. and for the director of this museum, vladimir putin, military actions in ukraine now have persuaded him to remove the reference to russia in his museum's name. the propaganda in russia is focusing on all of the, the naming in the world for to and talking about fascists and crania, which is a lie. so our job will be to,
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to make clear what really happened in history and word or 2 in the decades that follow generations of germans were told of the sins of the nazis. and thus the feeling seemed to take hold. don't antagonize russia rather do deals with it. drawer it into the community of nations through trade. above all, give no country weapons with which to fight russia. it's a policy the present day. ukrainian president has repeatedly called on germany, to renounce with what you call more people in the was here. and every time we talk to germany, we remind them that we have no, they have something they don't. number, which we need a lot many here share that they feel germany should be helping the key of government much more. and now finally, so to does the chancellor, becky and i, i respect anyone's pacifism. i respect any attitude,
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but it must seem cynical to a citizen of ukraine to be told to fight back against students. aggressions is that weapons. this is something that is out of date now. with weapons like these millions of russians and ukrainians fought and died to defeat the nazis. what might those soldiers of fort van to learn that one day that 2 countries would be at war with each other? in 1945, many in the free world saw the russian soldier as a friend and liberty so far fewer do so now dominate cane al jazeera at the soviet war memorial in berlin, and then use our life from london more still to bring you on the program turning over a new page in costa rica. wow. formal. well, bank official has been sworn in as presidents. as a new teenage tennis sensation on the man's told sir will be here with that story and more in sport. ah,
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now after months of campaigning, voters in the philippines will add to the polls in a few hours for a monday's presidential election. a front run out ferdinand at marcos junior, the son of a former president ousted in a popular uprising in 1986 opponents to a return to mock austro a calling for a pink revolution. and a backing his rival of former human rights lawyer and economist lenae robledo lawrence louis reports from manila. ah ferdinand marco's junior is hoping to follow in his father's footsteps and become the president of the philippines. i know no longer. and that's why this coming monday, when you enter your voting precinct, just think of what you want for the future of our citizens. oh, some vote to say that disillusioned by the reform minded governments that followed the fall of the marco's regime in 1986. that's helped marco's junior built,
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a commanding lead in opinion polls along with his running mate, sarah, to 30 the daughter of incumbent president, rodrigo de tirty, nearly a quarter of the population lives in poverty. right and another. because there is something wrong with their country now. and we need to change that, especially for the life of the poor like us. but analysts and fact checking groups say he's also benefited from a campaign of misinformation misleading posts on social media, present his father's rule as a time of peace and prosperity. in fact, it was rife with corruption and human rights abuses in a, in that august number may be mm hm. we know about his father's legacy. and now marcus junior has promised that he will change the price of electricity when he returns to the government. the price of goods will come about marco's junior is able to limit scrutiny by avoiding media his campaign, dean's unfriendly. access to his press,
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conferences and campaign events are tightly controlled. he also limits his appearances at interviews and debates. his message to filipino voters is one of unity urging them to move on from the past. simple but ambiguous. he hasn't offered anything concrete to us in terms of plans and programs and policies for us to even make an educated speculation of what his administration might be. but the irony is there like the being journal. and the reason why it's very dangerous is because of the bass ah, that there he carry snow and that's the past of martial law and dictatorship. the results of monday's election will have a huge impact on the future of the philippines. florence lee al jazeera manila,
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jamilla allen dorgan is also reporting on this story and she focus is now on how the roman catholic church could influence this vote. it may seem like a typical sunday in the country considered the last bastion of catholicism in asia . but prayers have never been more earnest. what is it over the last few months, the hierarchy of the roman catholic church has strongly campaigned for the presidential run of the leader of the opposition. lenny read or who also happens to be the country's vice president. but even in a country where more than 85 percent of filipinos or catholics, it remains to be seen whether this endorsement will be enough to make her when i go to it with another enough that i pray will be god's. well, to finally have someone who will help poor filipinos features in this public school, they are confident that preparations for this to be turned into voting. we since
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will be ready by monday. morning me off all day on our man, which is that awful lot of our cool time now at 10 am and finishes at 11 am. the material will follow where accommodated and city hall to day. not like in 2019, where we had to line up for half a day. for teachers here say be preferred to stay focused on the task at hand. ignoring discussions on social media about possible electoral violence, or electoral cheating. they understood the see the gravity of their role. this being the most consequential elections. in recent philippine history. robin michael garcia is the assistant professor of political, political economy in university of asian pacific. he explained why robledo could really beat a front runner, bang bung. marcus, i think there are at least 3 reasons why vice president row bread or can still, you know, might still be able to get
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a favorable outcome tomorrow. so one is the voter turnout which is around 80 to 90 percent. so if the 20 percent of the people you know, are all bump borders and they don't about to vote tomorrow then, but definitely will affect the changes. so bumble marcos in favor of vice president . betty. the 2nd thing is that 30 percent of all voters around 30 percent are still soft voters. by that we mean that they could still change their minds even on the election day when it's just, you know, them and the ballot. the last thing that i want to say is that be undecided, voters are still around 5 to 10 percent considering all of these factors that would affect the child, the boy marcus. it would definitely help by specially that he's been towards the president you tomorrow based on our own data route. 80 percent will vote based on who will best represent better. and according to our data around,
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you know, almost a 100 percent of the people, you know, as cry, precedent to bumble mark us among all the other 5 guys. it's so that's really going, you know, very, very strong for a support for bundle markers because of his ability to present this. the 2nd thing is, the marcus, the salad, you, particularly the narrative. the philippines is a great country. that's international. uber now led by a good leader, as i said to me that his father and you know there's really have active effort and there's a 3rd reason, an active effort to rehabilitate the image of, of the marker. sadly over the last few decades. is there any forces as shocked at the palestinian man who tried to enter israel through the separation barrier and the occupied west bank? and now the palestinian man was killed by israeli police following a stabbing attempt. this happened near the damascus gate. early of these rarely ami
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rated the hometown of 2 palestinian men suspected of killing 3 people in the central city of allied. the 920 year olds were detained earlier office, a search following days attack. valgy there is stephanie deca has more now from western selim it was an extensive man hunter. they were found close to the city of aladdin. a forested area is ready. police are releasing video where you could see them, some sort of telling them to come out. and then also there's one video which has a questioning of one of them asking their names as saying who he's with and what they did. and they said that they basically hit some people in a lad. it's not the 1st time that this kind of an attack has been carried out in an israeli city. there's been 6 or 7 of them over the last couple of months. it is also putting huge pressure here on what is already a fractures, coalition government. the assessment has been these were 2, you know, young men who are operating well working in israel illegally in the city of allied
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. they were from the occupied west bank, close to jeanine, and as you mentioned there, so there is now also a spotlight in a clamping down on the illegal workers, but illegal palestinian workers who cross into israel. and also the assessment from these really internal security forces is that these kinds of attacks, as we've seen also in the past until i've even brochure, every other areas are carried out by individuals which make them a far more difficult to to prevent. so that's a concern, certainly moving forward, also an assessment from them saying that they did perhaps expect these kinds of attacks to potentially continue throughout the year here with and he is our life in london. we're still on the program, some to museums rally in supportive president chi, psi aid. despite concerns, you could dissolve political parties and veterans sightless, mach cavendish sprints to victory in his return to the italian frontal. that's coming out with joe in school.
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ah well fondly it's warm and for more than just a few in europe. and you may not get that impression that the swirling cloud down here that's not particularly warm. this big area of high pressure is static, it means that the sunshine gets to work. so look at the forecast temperatures, for example, in france on monday, $26.00. we're down to $28.00 in bordeaux and it's similar down in spain and portugal. now admittedly much of central eastern europe hasn't yet caught up on this blue line. here is certainly rain stretching through romania hungry back to austria, and there are showers, developing all over italy in the central part. mediterranean is nothing like a stormy, as you might expect in temperatures even here or in the middle. twenty's. just temporarily dipped during the shows. if i take you ahead to tuesday, temperatures are rising still further in parts of france. 31 there is wind and rain
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running through england and into what is currently a fire danger. part of south norway is that probably good news and the sun has replaced the rain, the much of the rest of central europe. not quite as windy as it was, but still enough to pick up the sand in libya and egypt for the on shore breeze means to brooks down to about 900 cars at 37 in west africa where it's been very hot. it is still very hot. in senegal. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks of batting russian oil? a gas for western leaders will sanctions on russian energy exports a recipe for such informed opinions. france, he's not abandoning to fight against yet. he still is a media going to be attaching from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global
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headlines inside story on al jazeera blue, a ah, wherever you go in the world. one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional katara always going places to go. mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than light in any war tar scenario. there's always a push to simplify. narrative nuances is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war, the listening pe, delve into the news, narrative, and dissect them. there is not our great deal of subtlety. we're talking about the barbarism that is unfolding as though we're somehow unique. it's got unique
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covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera. witness love witness. whoa, whoa, whitney. next door, whitney from live with lou. ah, ah, welcome back to look at the main stories now. ukraine's president ramirez lensky is confirmed that 60 people were killed by russian bombing, which targeted a school in eastern ukraine. the governor of law hands gazing about 90 civilians
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were sheltering in the building when it was hit. meanwhile, people have been the last of the civilians been evacuated from the besieged as of stone, steel plot and mario pole. they have now arrived in the town of zap morisha ukrainian fighters. defending the plant say they will keep fighting and will never surrender . and g 7 nations or imposing new sanctions or russia and its leaders after a virtual meeting with ukrainian present rosamille zalinski in a state when the group says that president vladimir putin actions brought shame on russia. our a former security chief who let a crackdown pro democracy protest as is hong kong new lead up. john lee was chosen by an election committee of about 1500 members who had already been vetted to ensure that they were loyal to china's government. lee was the only candidate in the election. adrian brown reports from hong kong with china's endorsement. it was
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just a question, but how big john lee's winning margin would be to give the appearance of an open contest? the secret votes were presented to the election committee before being counted. congratulations, a landslide. 1416 votes. in his acceptance speech, lee promised to leader hong kong that was carrying open, vibrant, and vigilant safeguarding. i'll country sovereignty, national security and development interests. protecting hong kong from internal and external threats, and ensuring as stability will continue to be of paramount importance. the former number 2 in the hong kong government had previously served the security chief authorizing the use of tear gas rubber, bullets, and occasional live rounds to disperse, protested during the unrest of 2019, oh, it was an election day of one candidate, 3 protesters and lots of police,
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7000 officers, in fact, enough to keep the few dissenting voices well away from the convention center where the vote was held. analysts say the john lee has china's trust, but winning the trust of hong kong could be more difficult. trust can be rebuilt through several ways. one way is by restoring accountable government and hong kong, which as in debased, i would say under the administration of kerry lamb. so that requires the cooperation of the media of ledge cow, of civil society. sunday was also mother's day in hong kong. some people we spoke to were aware there was an election, but just weren't sure that the candidates name. oh so anyway. yeah. oh yeah. well this one, the election sir,
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is only winter days. hong kong people were supposed to choose their leader for the 1st time in 2017. it didn't happen then. it hasn't happened now raising the prospect that this could be the model for future electrons to choose. hong kong leader, adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong, now to to media where hundreds of people have been rallying to support the present cry sides plans to rewrite the constitution. as concern this public show of support could be used as a reason to dissolve political parties. opposition groups a q side of a power grab after he sat the government and suspended parliament last july before moving on to rule by decree. last month, the president also replace most members of the election commission, and he development has the details from tuners. well we've seen this ever since. sky science paragraph. on the 25th, there's a cold traction from his supporters. they. they come out, they demonstrate,
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they make demands. and then chi side later that day will issue a decree all make an announcement. so we saw that on july, the 25th is so this happened when he dissolved the a subtle superior judicial counsel. and then he's been progressively dissolving. oh, in his, his words referred me state institutions, but consolidating power more and more in his own hands. yes, i can executive power. he's taking legislative pile and also judicial power. but he's sort of big blockage to your being a, an absolute president all political parties because political parties have come together. they hail held a plenary session, a virtual parliament session. and that's when he dissolved parliament officially. but political parties are still part of a movement calling itself citizens against the crew. and then we also have the this little most fall right movement to the popular distortion policy that all against
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written against ty, side and railing against his decisions. so there's still quite a lot of opposition that he needs to overcome. so what we expect is that he will dissolve political parties, but people to die art, she calling for a 100 percent presidential regime more than 50 people have been killed in an attack by an armed group and the democratic republic of congo ne security forces are saying the ongoing attacks account for displaced people in jew go. in the province of a tory officials assigned the attack lasted for several hours, starting with people living in the camp a full then spreading to a nearby village. i also reported he took some residence hostage before moving out of the village into the bush. all the d. r. c is also been paid by ongoing protests against proposed changes to the countries. electra law on friday,
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at least one person was killed in the latest of a series of demonstrations. and other 13 people were injured. when security forces cracked down on the protested, driving people back to a major opposition parties, head porters, the so called patriotic blog, says the changes unfairly favor incumbent felix to she katie, in the next year's presidential election. so earlier we spoke to martin for, you know, opposition leader and head of the engagement for the citizenship and development in the democratic republic of congo. and i asked what led to the crackdown on demonstrators outside his party's headquarters? we organized a demonstration in the front door firm did national assembly or to do more session was just to request for a consensus on the electron law and also on dia, electron commission. but when we a wardrobe guys,
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oh, sure themselves there. i just said, i need to pull it to guns in good deed who show guys who it is and it was to re read me something and believe you guys live, live and dish and did he did more session was not only right it it more session was for what we call back to look. we had many people wow. with injury. and okay. now that those people don't tell me more about why these protests are taking place. you have called for a round table involving the catholic church. and you said that members of the
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church were present at his protest. what is it that you are trying to achieve? yes, this is not the isolated the incident or disease a, as in these 3 of you was intimidation and they're closing off. what is the got a space in the dfcs? want to we are continue to request is we cannot go to the election with one. patty dictating everything we, we have offer that we are ready to sit down and discuss about the electronic forms and did respond. was you guys, you have to go to the national assembly. we said, since we started democracy in our country, everything, you know, the min s o for the law where discussed outside
12:38 am
between d minutes to code this. and when we discussed, then we bring that matter to d. this was on a sunday and we are not receiving any correct calls from the, with the usa hotman's, an international community at lodge accepted the results of the previous election, which of course you disputed you have spoken about the prejudice of low expectations for the democratic republic of congo and other countries on the african continent. what do you mean by that? yeah. what i mean by that, i don't think that the u. s. and the other, you know, international community what they do, i think it's just so difficult for democracy or because the day you wanted
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it because of the church, you're a zone and it would be new dots of mr. phillips. you to get it in the lecture. and i don't know how they went ahead to say that, ok, we have taken notes because they're sitting today that the mr. jessica is still lacking good legitimacy. souls from the keener fossa now and heavily armed men of attack, to jail and the western part of the country, and they've freed all prisoners in the facility. then according to security forces, the armed men entered the town of luna and carried kalashnikov and heavy machine guns and managed to free 60 men from the jail. the release prisoners then ransacked offices and at vehicles light before scaping the town. no one was killed in the right king of us or is current in battling a number of armed groups with a series of attacks on soldiers and police. in recent weeks, the king of saudi arabia has been admitted to hospital according to state media,
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86 year old king online, been abdul aziz will be staying a facility in gender to rest for some time off to medical tests. he had gallbladder surgery 2 years ago is also had the battery of his hot pacemaker replaced in march l u. s. senate got a hold of vote on wednesday that on legislation that would codify abortion rights to law. even though the measure is unlikely to pass the divide a chamber, it follows the leet draft decision indicating that the supreme court is poised to overtime. its landmark 1973 roe vs wade ruling. the move would mean millions of women across the u. s. could soon lose their legal right to an abortion senate majority leader. chuck schumer is called the draft rolling an abomination and hopes of i will send a message ahead of the midterm elections later in the year. it would be one of the worst decisions that the supreme court has ever issue. it would mean that our children would have less rights than our parents. that is simply on american. and
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we will vote on wednesday and every american we'll see how every sen stands. they can't adopt it any more how the recent death of a woman while she was giving birth as sparked anger in senegal, over poor medical treatment. death has been called avoidable by the health ministry, and it's led to the arrest of some workers out there as nicholas hateful ports. now from the northern town of luca, the normally busy berthing ward in lieu guy a public hospital in northern senegal is now a crime scene. this is where as to soak now and her unborn child died after being in labor for 20 hours as to begged the nurses and doctors to perform a c section, telling them she would die. otherwise, the staff ignored her for midwives have been arrested for her death. the ministry of health says this was an avoidable human error. according to the un,
12:42 am
one woman dies every 2 minutes from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. most of these deaths take place in africa. in senegal soaked as death was one to many causing nationwide condemnation and protest. this the law asked you, sultan stanton shaken us. i love my little sister, her baby carries hannah, and this pain that we women have gone through can no longer be dealing with too many women die, giving life ali and mariama fall are anxious. she's had a miscarriage before, and this is their 1st pregnancy. mariama is about to have a c section and didn't want to appear on camera. she's too nervous. following sickness death, the couple decided that she would give birth in a private clinic. in public hospitals, if you don't pay the stuff, giving them extra cash, they won't even deal with you. in this clinic, you pay, but they are carrying. we feel it is. should it feel safe for the clinics?
12:43 am
doctor mario, my c section is a routine operation that should take only 30 minutes. ok, so we're just outside of the operation room where the surgeries taking place and i want you to see what's going on outside. they are 2nd hand equipment from beds to surgery, equipment lights, and here further down, they're installing a oxygen machine inside the the block isn't you. and this t ology machine, it basic equipment that you need to operate except here in san diego, in public hospitals while they are in short supply in the birthing ward, in lieu got used. syringes are strewn everywhere. blood splattered on the wall and on the floor, the waste basket overflow with placenta and umbilical cords. the stench of human waste is unbearable. there's only one gynecologist for the 300000 people living in luca, the health workers union of the hospital says the state has abandoned them to move
12:44 am
the state of the bits of our ward. so my women have to give birth on the floor. where are old millions of dollars to state promised women's reproductive health money? we need to protect mothers and their baby back at the clinic. mariama gives birth to a boy. he's quickly examined by the doctor who hands him to the nurses who in turn, hands into the father. meanwhile, the mother is in the recovery room while i'm still waiting to meet her newborn nicholas hawk algae 0 luca, northern senegal. well, the african content has the highest maternal mortality ray in the wild, one out of every $37.00 pregnant women is expected to die during pregnancy, or labour often from losing blood, parts of africa account for 2 thirds of all maternal deaths in the wild women in china, south sudan and sierra leone were most at risk. that's an a quarter of pregnant,
12:45 am
chatty and women have access to a doctor, or a midwife. and most of the data recorded in rural areas where access to health care is limited. well, susie vill enough is a senior house specialist from a tunnel, a newborn. how for unit staff and western central africa, she says, midwives need to listen to women who are in labor. we have to tell women that go to the facility because if in the complications we have an expert who can handle those complication and save you a lot. and also we need to good. so one on monitoring, you know, as the minutes or setting up by the little guy because they would like or vision them. and if the vigilance in bits, good monitoring, what can save lots of women and midwives to listen to women when the woman isn't labor. and she's saying how she feels, who should have been to her because she didn't know you know anything to her. she
12:46 am
passed away like up to the way we need strong have system in place with the right people, the special drugs equipment order. chavez has been sworn in as the new costa rican president from a well bank official defeated joseph maria for garrison. they've been president and the $990000.00 run off last month. java served as finance minister on his previous as a carlos lardo center until his resignation in 2020. all right funds. what is the vice president of the council of the americas and says, president faces immediate challenges have to compromise. he's going to have to really govern for the people and not for their own base. and in fact, he's not from an established political party. so his base is also quite narrow, although there are some indications that he is at least considering thinking about if you can't do the legislative program through the poster from congress, the legislature,
12:47 am
which is our own post rica. he has mentioned that he would not be averse to doing things like trying to win some executive decrees and trying to do things that are outside the legislative process. that gives some concern to some outside the server . sure, of course. so we have to see if he's actually going to do that, but i would hasten to say, goes to reagan, is a very strong democracy. is democratic institutions are sound and most likely, if he does that, it will be at the margins. because the reason people really demand a democratic governance, he's got some real challenges, like many other people around the world in terms of inflation, in terms of consumer prices that are increasing particularly and in terms of energy and food spiked by russia is invasion that ukraine certainly costa rica does not produce energy or a lot of this food, so the import those things and therefore the prices go up and that's going to hurt consumers at the same time with high an employment in post re. he's also grappling with increasing migration flows from his neighbor to the north, nicaragua, the con,
12:48 am
me as collapsing, and in fact, population flow out those nicaragua is increasing many to the united states, but also south to underground was traditional, you know, employment creator goes to reagan. so he's got some issues there he's got to deal with and a poly sherpa has made it to the top of the walls, highest mountain for a record at 26th time. come, he read to ship a beat, his own world wreck, or say a year ago in reaching the summit of mount everest. the 52 year old lead 10 alicia climbs up popular se ridge route. it was 1st conquered in 1953 by ship attending, nor gay, and new zealand. edmond henry slant, albany is our tell you how this go for is putting years of off course tom oil behind him. but his latest, when it's coming out with a, with
12:49 am
feeling the debate, there is no, he job bad there to go. you know, if anyone here talks about women that i had to force adjusted the some be assumed and then says, no topic is off the table. we were taught to see abortion one way, tickets true to health all the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources in the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. the part of today's program, this stream on out is the era african story from african perspective. short documentaries, from african filmmakers from zimbabwe. we were pioneers of how economists can change the way we distribute good. i be happy to go into a physical store so dont ivory copes any gun. fresh armed fishing woods and the shot from africa direct on al jazeera.
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on counter because the ear raises the stakes of the battle of a russian energy, but of what cost the world war if a 2 year high. but it's prudent war against functions really watching netflix subscribers dip for the 1st part of the decade. a view of still watching, challenging the cost on all 0. in just under a year's time catalyst al bait stadium will house the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many friends were already counting down to the big kickoff. next november c, u r. o 1022 as this told them unfold. so for the coming days, we will play a key role. organize is getting ready to host the middle east's. biggest ever school thing. event next year for the castle, national teams, they get used to playing in front of expected home crowds. they'll be hoping to convince both the fans and themselves,
12:51 am
so they really all ready to take on the world. mm hm. oh wow. oh, now jesse, around where ever you are. oh, lou. ah, welcome back, jose, an elbows or mary, i'm thank you. english champions, manchester hear back at the top of the primarily table after thrashing newcastle united 5 mill on sunday says he lost their place at the top of the sounding falling liberals draw on saturday. we talked for
12:52 am
a draw would have been enough for pet gloria lisman to reclaim top sports. and after 38 minutes they were to goes in front. amory. the ports adding to rahim sterling's opener. laundry made it 3 mill midway through the 2nd home before city dealt newcastle a cruel blow, fell photon school in stoppage time to make it for now and then sterling school his 2nd of the month to complete the route. what in his men and now 3 boys, clay at the top of the taking our destination. oh answered. that means you have to we know a games, you know again will be real door. will that i won't, i won't arrive here in the last game again. just told me that here, you know, with a chance to get to return to title mark earlier. eddie and cats here scored both goals and a to one. when for all snow leads united, the wind means also can qualify for the champ his leap by beating their london rivals. tottenham on wednesday, as beliefs they are in the relegation zone. wonderful relevant to goals from young
12:53 am
ac milan. midfielder sandra tamale helped put the famous club back on top in syria . the 2 points clear of sissy rivals, inter, in well in spain, athletic beat rail, and the madrid darby. the only way to separate the 2 teams was the penalty flows at home by any carrasco rail have already brought the spanish title athletic her for when one well champion makes me stop and is one. the inaugural miami grown pre . the red bull driver started 3rd on the grid behind the 2 ferrari's, but overtook charles the cook and held on to clench his 3rd when of the season. the fry repair of la clerk and collar science completed the podium. while loose, hamilton finished the clerks to lease the odl championship by 19 points. spanish teenage tennis sensation carlos alcove has won his 2nd masters, 1000 and title of the season, taking the trophy madrid earlier across was up against germany as well. number 3, alex undeserving. the final, the 19 year old had already eliminated rafael,
12:54 am
adele and novak jokers, which in the courses and he's respectively he hammons, ferris 6361 here for 3rd famous win in 3 days in the spanish capital. alcaraz is the youngest ever winner of the madrid title, and he has more when he's in 2022 than anyone else on the 8th. and the tool probably, i would say this week her in the 2 of the breast, are you sorry for within the final right? player one, number 3 to ward. i mean, i would, i would say that is my best my best with danish. go for toby on allison is sitting pretty after winning the british masters with superb. eagle birdie finish. allison secured his 1st tour when since 2018. the belfry on sunday training by 2 with 2 halls left. he had a 3rd eagle pot at the 17th and hold out for says he fought for 35 feet on the last
12:55 am
to salvage a one stroke. when for allison, it might come back to form of to years of personal turmoil away from the course. just 5 months ago was clear to sexually assaulting women on transit antic flight back in 2019, which led to suspension tool is reinstated of being found not guilty in a u. k. court. the victory should go some ways lifting him from 376. mm. well, frank, mexico's multiple wait world champion, books or canal alvarez has been beaten for only the 2nd time in his career. 31 year old who stepped up to light heavyweight to take on rushes, w b a champion dimitry vol, but he was well beaten on points in 3 judges scoring it to be vote in his decision . you had a re match was do you want to do this with says he was,
12:56 am
are we match? you feel about that for him? i no problem. you know, if you don't believe in your, what you do, you know, you got i, well, we spoke to books in journalists, garrath a davies who was not surprised to see can elo defeated. this saw you some white divisions for a reason. and what we saw in this fight was dmitri bento, the russian resident, i had size, superiority strength, stamina, and in a brilliant defensive performance, early on. i'm with an amazing job and a hi, george. completely post the fight. devil is a tremendous champion. his 20 undefeated fights as a professional, nearly 300, i'm at what's coming into this and canal or simply wasn't big enough to put
12:57 am
a dent in this brilliant point. so, you know, camella has come up for weight divisions, 154 pounds, 475 pounds in his career in the last 67 years is 548 is 4 inches shorter than bibble. bibble probably weighs a lot more than on the night, maybe 15 pounds heavier or to re hydration canal, or 2nd loss is 61st fights is a very young rule fight. so when he 1st last to floyd, my weather schools, him technically, renello is now very adept fighter. but as a said, he holds all the belts that super middle white 12 stone, 7 pounds lighter than light heavy weight. and that's where i think he should go next. not have a rematch with people because i see the same outcome again. and that is, i guess for now it is back to marianne alex i thanks. hi much. ara, it's, helen. he is out probably back in a couple of minutes and another person for you more the days he's coming right.
12:58 am
ah ah and a mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than lights in a water scenario. there's always a push to simplify narratives. the listening pace covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter why you call hand
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lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change helped the country find its way out of its crippling economic crisis may on al jazeera ah 16 people confirm dead an eastern ukraine. they'd been sheltering in a school hit by russian bombs. and the last civilians, the, the besieged steel plant in the ukrainian city of maria pole. the soldiers who remain say they will not surrender. ah, hello i, mariam noisy in london watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. the polls .


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