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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ah, ah, al jazeera with ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm carrie johnson. this is denise our life, and we're coming up in the next 60 minutes. ukraine. it says that nearly $500.00 civilians have now been rescued in mario poll. holly, russia continues it shoving in the east, are also on the southern front lines where russia appears to be fighting, to carve out a new land cargo to crimea. oh, so ahead. the search is on the way in israel after 3 people are stabbed to death
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from the city of ladd local elections in the u. k. a see prime minister bars johnston's party, punished for a raft of scandals and potentially on historic shift in northern ireland. and i'm will you, harding? the sports the asian games have been postponed until next year as host china struggle with another cove at night team outbreak and scenes of joy. and frankly, as their football team makes it their 1st european final in 42 years, west new him on its hair and corridors are due to be opened to get more people out of ukraine's besieged city of mary paul. but ukrainian officials say russia is still attacking the eyes of style. still thought there. despite a ceasefire, they reported nearly $500.00 people have made it out of the port city. but about 200 civilians and 2000 ukrainian fighters are trapped in the industrial area. more
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broadly, here's how the war is looking on, the map in red, how the areas held by russia and its separatist allies. there on the offensive and east and south crimea was annexed by russia in 2014. and these are the places where fighting has been the heaviest in the past 24 hours or shortly will speak to hodder aderemi that she's been traveling along the southern front lines. our staff vastly standing by in berlin with the latest on the ease pushed to ban russian oil would begin there with charles stratford, who's in port ralph's in the eastern region of on the exc. and charles, what's the latest on the east and offensive? well, more heavy fighting overnight and into this morning in various locations in the east of ukraine in both the donnette screeching and the lou ganske region. yet again, we're hearing form the ukraine, all sorties about heavy fighting in and around the town of papa's. now, now this has been contested for weeks. now. we know that sir,
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all evacuation efforts, those evacuation of his being led by volunteers stopped a couple of days ago. we are hearing reports though, of one very brave 15 year old girl apparently who is reported to have basically driven herself and 3 other civilians out of that town this morning. we had reports that she was shot in the leg, but as made it to safety. we're also hearing from the regional military authorities of lou gangs. they're saying that around $50000.00 civilians still trapped in towns like papa's now and the surrounding villages. and as i say, evacuation efforts pretty much stopped to try and get those people out more details with respect to the towns of several of them that sc and lisi chance as well. heavily contested on the ukrainian authorities saying that vintage is around these areas. there's a heavy combat hand to handle, close
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a call to combat going on in those towns and villages the ukraine. and also it is saying that they are expecting some sort of consolidated or big push by russian forces in those areas, potentially in the next $3.00 to $4.00 days. we're also hearing all the preparations being made by ukrainian forces south of the town of india now is im is important because it is russian controlled. and we know that russian forces had been trying to push down south towards those cities of sla vianza and cremmit tool square. of course, yesterday we saw the city recovering from one of the largest bombardments of rock itself. hit the city since the war began. now we were in the forests in that area between kraemer tools and idiom yesterday speaking to soldiers off camera, they wouldn't allow us to fill them. they wouldn't, of course, as you can imagine, allow them allowed us to, to film their military equipment and so on. but they said that they had repelled at
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least 3 waves or 3 attempts by russian forces to push through their positions in that area. there was a lot of heavy shelling that we could hear as well, from around idiom and post to the west of ism and to the east. so as i say at the moment it seems to be a bit of a stalemate, right? the way across this region, the ukrainian so far saying that they are managing to defend their positions, but very worrying lines coming out of the ukrainian military administration of luke gangs. as i say, they expecting a potential big push by russian forces in the coming days. okay, charles stratford, thanks very much for that order and now i need joins us from as an adult in central ukraine. honda, you've been on the southern front lines. what have you seen?
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well, well actually now the air siren is going on. that gives you a flavor of the atmosphere here along the southern frontline. now the situation here is that you have the russians and the ukrainians both hunker down in defensive positions. there is shelling ongoing, we just actually while waiting. 3 heard about 3 loud explosions at a distance in coming out from what we can understand. so there is tension along this border. but the situation here is that the, his son region was the 1st region really that the russians took over her son, does it, the city was the 1st for provincial capital that they, that fell to the russians at the beginning of the war. now that region is firmly under control of the russian. there at the people who are coming out are telling us that everything is changing. that even trying to change the currency from the ukranian, leave me to the russian rubble, rouble rudder, and sidney. the is
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a little bit, people are worried, they say that the situation is dire is a very long frontline, the worry is that the russians can, as should have reinforced themselves from crimea that peninsula that they have next back in 2014 and ukrainian officials old, we just heard an explosion, i think, quite close here. now, the russian and the cleaning officials actually saying that the russians are reinforcing their positions or we're supplying their troops. and they're preparing for pushed to the west to as nikolai of, than the point of odessa and eventually to link up with that break away region in trans mr absences in moldova. so there is really worry here that at some point it this be this big push, or we spoke to people coming out of the house on region yesterday. and this is our report. desperate to leave the russian occupation they cycle then walked for hours
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under cover of darkness will live on us. we can put the influence. i'm going to kill me, says this woman, suspicious as the ukrainian police register new arrivals. this was their 4th attempt to feed her son region where life had become unbearable, says vladimir. yet his night showing along with no the air is different here. he says. as to what's a tumble, a sure person might bring a little shyness, another escalade to stay there was more dangerous. we decided to take the risk when there were attempts for humanitarian corridors. and people went to the meeting point with white flags. but the soldiers dispersed us instead of you on a corridor, then go to crimea for what them would love. that's when people started finding other ways to reach the ukrainian side. but the level of the public will will the forward to bill all gets it sooner shows as the warehouse where bikes, we've,
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chairs, primes, and even wheelbarrows are held. people used whatever they had. she says. so the russians about 3 kilometers away from here. those coming out with region crossed the lines and no no man's land between the 2 armies and hope to get in the crossfire. it's a treacherous passage, but it's the only escape route to see about love to vermont. thank you guys, we're waiting for you. he says, the armies holding is defensive position, but ukraine claims the russians are preparing for a major push here. and this fear that the soldiers could be out gun. while most of the western weapons had to dumb best region in the east of the country, was congress clare to feminine. we need heavy weapons artillery javelins, drones, because they have a lot of weapons. the russians don't care about saving their soldiers lives and the advance like works. we who hundreds of them line the fields work. nobody collects
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the bodies, but they have a lot of weapons. the villages along the contact line come under shelling the rumble of artillery sounds at regular intervals, but is the fear of an imminent annexation. just like what happened in crimea and in dumbass, 8 years ago that i pushing people to cross front lines on their own. so how that we saw on your report there, that ukrainian forces in the south say they, they really need more weapons that yes, absolutely. i mean, we went along the front line and spoke to some soldiers that they told us they do have some of those western weapons that are coming in. they didn't tell us what i asked if they had javelins. they said yes, but they said they don't have enough. this is a very long frontline here. and as i said earlier, bo size are sort of hunkered down in defensive positions. but the ukranian say they
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know that the russians at some point are going to make a move they, they also have that route all the way to crimea. so it's easy for them to re supply those positions. and they say that this frontline is basically in their way, in the way of the territorial ambitions of the russian. so they certainly need much more than what they have at the moment. the concentration is in the dumbass in the east of the country. most of the weapons are going then also to keep places like keep a safe, but here they say they need much more and they need also more manpower. they need more soldiers along those front lines. russia made it clear that eventually it will move along. this frontline that it wants to try to link up the or the south of the country to the dumbass area on the east, and maybe if it can all the way to chance mr. a to the west. now the thinking
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here is that once the russia has multiple under control, then it they moved. the push will happen here and whether it's a civil administration order. soldiers under frontline bo say they need much more. okay. harder about honeyed in salina, dost lot for us there. thank you must find out what new weapons could they're on their way to ukraine's that vasa joins us live from berlin state. we understand that germany is now offering more military hardware and, and indeed support absolutely. and this is a major shift after being accused of dragging its feet for reacting to flow. germany has now again, today announced that it will send, have you weapons. these are how it's her, it's artillery system that's a germany has the most powerful artillery system is basically one of the heaviest weapons that germany now is sending to you. craig,
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last week. the defense minister has mouth is for the shipment of heavy weapons, which are g park anti aircraft systems, basically cheap guys. they also called in english, it took a while for germany to make this decision. as i said, there was a lot of pressure, not only from within nato, also from the united states, but also from within the own government. especially chancellor all of scholes was accused for not doing enough to help you crane. and you have to understand, of course, the history germany has been reluctant, basically not sending any military equipment to any other country, any war because of what happened during world war 2. it's basically something that they have maintained for so many years. but now, because of the war and ukraine and all the images that also have reached the german public here, that seems to be quite a turn around. we have to say also that there will be 20 ukrainian soldiers coming
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from germany next week to get training to operate the howitzer hillary system. and so when it comes to use time to embargoed russian oil, what kind of sweetness had they offered to the more reluctant states? well there again, germany is also now we're really making a push the you want to impose this oil embargo as soon as possible. but what we've seen in the last couple of days the countries are really pushing back really not willing to take part. and one of them is of course hungry. and now what we're hearing is there might be a compromise hungry might be, did they? and it's embargo until the end of 2024. it was supposed to be a year, a year early, 2023. that was being negotiated until yesterday, but now it seems they're pushing it back with another year. and that also goes for
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a slow arc in those countries. a very much still relying on russian oil and a check republic might also have to delay its embargo until half way of 2024 for all the other countries in the u. s. will mean that they want to still embark, put this embargo within 6 months. crude oil in the next few months and the rest, the oil refined oil by the end of the year. so that's going to be quite a sanction. it's one of the heaviest sanctions that you want to impose on russia. but on the other hand, we can also say that without because of this, this high oil price and high energy prices, russia is still making quite a lot of money at the moment, coming from the ear for its energy. okay, that doesn't live in berlin for us. thanks for that. on moscow is preparing a military parade to mark the 70 cent anniversary of victory day. the end of the soviet union's war against nazi germany on the head of the commemoration veterans
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of war had been meeting the public. it's been reported that russian president, but he met wooten once a major victory in ukraine in time for the parade. on monday. the rest of the days had news now ahead. hose in the philippines suggest a solid lead for the son of former leader, ferdinand marcus. monday's presidential elections plus a nationwide strike in sri lanka, off to weeks of protests against the government's handling of economic crisis. and in sport met magic. the new york side is able to pull off their biggest come back in 25 years. ah, now police in israel are searching for 2 men, suspected of a stabbing attack in the central city of a lad. they released pictures of the pair, 3 people that were killed and several others injured in those days attack.
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stephanie decker is in western use them for us now. can you update us on the search? yes, all it's still ongoing, as you mentioned. is ready police this morning issuing those 2 pictures. one of them 19 years old. the other 120 years old. from a village called romana, in the occupied west bank, very close to the city of jennine. a recent reports now suggesting that security forces here, not sure whether they still remain in israel. this was the thought late last night . so this is a manhunt that continues from what we understand also according to one of the suspects father and also according to army radio. both these men worked in a lad, worked in the city in central israel, which is an ultra orthodox city. so they knew the city well, a some reports suggested they were working there illegally. this is something that happens here, thousands of palestinians from the occupied west bank cross the wall,
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the barrier and work inside israel. and the borders of the border of the west bank has been closed since tuesday because you had a 2 big events here in israel la memorial day and independence day, which was celebrated yesterday for the a 74 years since the independence of israel, which is when this attack took place. i'm certainly that's the situation at the moment yesterday. confusing reports coming out what they used. there was reports of a potential gun as well being involved. it now appears that an axe was used and also a knife was used just briefly. there's been a condemnation from the palestinian present mahmoud abbas a hamas, however, a has praised or the attack. also saying that this is the result of the occupation of these radio occupation of palestinians, and also in israel media making a point that in quite a fiery speech that the leader of mass in ga, the, yet sin were made last saturday where he called on individuals to take it upon
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themselves to carry out these kinds of attacks in response to what was happening at the alexa most compound and saying that if they didn't have a gun, they should use an axis. certainly, you know, there are parallels being made there by the media, but again, they haven't been arrested yet. we don't know the motives, but certainly that manhunt now still very much underway. ok for now, stephanie jack. a thank you. now counting is underway in elections for northern ireland regional assembly where a party that wants to leave the u. k. could come out on top. shin fane was once the political wing of an armed movement that opposed british rule, toner. holla joins us live now from belfast. what are people saying about a possible shin, fein victory? then while there's a lot of hedging going on among political commentators, as you might expect, because of course they don't, we don't know the final result. the count only began
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a couple of hours ago if it's close. we may not know the final position the parties until saturday. but of course you went in to the election with a healthy opinion poll lead. they are expected to win. and when i put that to voters on thursday, nationalists, both is called a seismic historic, one unionist vote called it a major wakeup call. why will? because not only would a shin faint victory show that the nationalist party had run a successful campaign on bread and butter issues like the cost of living crisis. but it would also illustrates the impact of bricks it over recent years. northern ireland being taken out of the european union against it, will a majority here voted to remain. and the, the problem that that poses for these parties is that it has prompted a cautious reckoning with the idea of what a united ireland might look like. how it might work, i need his symbol tenuously split,
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fragmented the forces of unionism. here's my report. a win for the nationalist shin fein as opinion polls predict, would make history in northern ireland. it up ends a century of dominance by parties dedicated to the union with great britain putting on top a republican party that exists to forge a united ireland. that isn't going to happen imminently. and many voters with suede, instead by more immediate concerns. oh, united airlines on the cardinal data, on up to important to me. what do you think? think of a vase for get equal rates will get better, better hospital. so but just in open game, she and fame was once the political face of the irish republican army that waged a decades long conflict with the british army and pro british loyalist paramilitaries. its electoral success with struck fear into the heart of many
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unionists who already feel marginalized by westminster, the handling of bricks it negotiations with the you and a new trade border in the i receive that they say undermines northern islands place within the united kingdom that need to get a wake up call my. nobody wants to shouldn't be a minister in the union, which people don't want him to be a minister coach for 1st. first and foremost, if we have a dan, you're going to call for a border pull. there's no guide. if there's even a question mark over whether the democratic unionist party leader will take up his position as deputy 1st minister behind shin feigns michel, neal. jeffrey donaldson says he wants to see border protocol removed 1st in northern island, symbolism matters hugely. so while power sharing and shrine to the good friday peace agreement ensures that the positions of 1st minister and deputy 1st minister
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shared between the largest unionist and nationalists parties have exactly equal powers. the changing of places in the store months assembly in this election carries enormous symbolic way. unionism isn't a very place. northern ireland had its and teen re last year, the celebrations of rather muted. and there was a sense of the future of the union, very much being at stake. and partly because for exit and what that means. the northern ireland change relationship between overland and the rest, the u. k. with dall agreements in the protocol and but also what's going on with in unionism itself, it's very fragmented. and with that fragmentation comes the fun certainty over political stability in the short term and longer term questions about the future of northern ireland itself. joe al jazeera belfast but under the 1998 good friday peace agreement. no not in maine. republican and unionist rivals have to
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share power. the government must have representatives from republican parties who want a single island and unionists who believe northern ireland should remain part of the u. k. unionist and republic, and take them to the top jobs in parliament, stormwind. when equal powers one that cannot be in position without the other will since of knowledge creation. in 1921, a unionist has dominated the storm and meaning of so far the 1st minister have always been a unionist. will spring in duncan morrow. he is professor of politics out of the university and joins us from belfast. thanks for being with us here. so what's in your view is the main issue that has been motivating voters? i mean, it's what extent are they just fed up or been fighting and stay late? there are probably actually 3 issues on one side and a very narrow group. the union is that population, some of it's very exercise by the consequence of the protocol. and by the whole,
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break the debates still and how that was worked out in northern ireland. but there are minority. there is another group probably within the national grid for quite came to get the symbolic way of seeing a fan at the top of the pile. and even though it doesn't actually change the arrangement very much, but it's the big symbolic victory. and then there is the group. and that may be the biggest growing group in the selection of people who do exactly as you say, actually we need to find a compromise here. but in the meantime, there are lots and lots of practical issues. and these are getting worse because the economic situation, particularly after the war and ukraine, has really taken the dive. and there are all sorts of problems right now to call that, which have to be dealt with too. it may be that if you're looking at numbers rather than symbols, the biggest winners or the group in the middle, you mentioned briggs. i mean, how would the results solve this boat trying to bore the issues surrounding breaks, for example? well, the truth is that because no the noun has always been contested, just about everything plays into that issue. so every action is almost like
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a measure of exactly where we are. so the union, as parties have signaled that they may not even go back into government, that they may call the political crisis if in fact the they don't become the, the largest party. and also, if they don't get changed from the british government in terms of the way the protocol operate, the way the protocol which came, i just the bragging arrangement operate here is that there are some trade barriers between great britain and northern ireland was have been instituted and they see that as a long term serious danger to their project of keeping northern and within the u. k . and they're determined to try to destroy that their difficulty is that their political position in northern it's actually weakening all the time. so exactly how that plays out, none of us really know. we have to see what they are taken once we see what the election results are. but it's certainly something that's being talked about and threatens might be too strong. but certainly an indicated that we may be into
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a crisis fit after the elections. and why the still then, to what extent does any of this potentially affects the good friday agreement? well, the good bad, the agreement as the overarching structure. and it tells us, you know, that there must be this correlation between people. obviously if either they are not prepared to work it any more, it becomes very difficult. the difficulty, of course, being that previously when that happened, there were strong relationships between the iris government and the british government, which if you like, could referee or at least put things together, the crisis emerge. one of our difficulties to practice those relations have been strain. so whereas inside the new territory here, the future of the good friday agreement, everybody is publicly committed, of course, to pay. and we certainly think that the vast majority and people are here do not want to go anywhere near violence. but the same time, it's always very fragile and very unstable. so every time there are concerns and
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the good friday agreement itself and the future, the good friday agreement could be at stake, depending on what the systems are taken after election. or i duncan, my professor of politics at university. thank you for your insights. here today. thank marcella, head on al jazeera, trying to stay cool in a crisis. he twain exposes india's dependence on conan and his sports. one of the rising stars in tennis goes head to head with one of the greats in the j. it's coming up. ah hallo, we've got some lovely warm sunshine coming back into spain and portugal at long last the offending area of low pressure which brought the horrendous rain recently . now swirling away to central parts of the mediterranean,
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getting pushed further eastward by this area of high pressure. the azores high, so that going to quite and things down across western parts of here have still got somewhere to weather up towards the north west as this system just makes his way through, but that will gradually get killed off as it syncs across northern ireland, scotland pushing into northern areas of england republic, abolishing some patchy right as we go on 3 friday. that rain will turn increased patches at sinks further southwest through the course of the day that wet weather. therefore, central parts of the med central owes of europe also say some wet weather for a time. a shower is tending to ease a little further east, which as we go on through sat stay, still some very wet weather across italy and the balkans. brightest guys. further west, you see 25 long last therefore madrid that's a little more like some of that weather into the west side of the med, also bring some heavy showers the potential for some flooding it to northern parts of algeria. also affecting parts of tea nicea, we have seen some flooding recently into a southeastern parts of nigeria as
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a seasonal range continue to make the when north ah, may analogies ever frontline reporting it in depth analysis? we bring you the latest on the ukraine war and the unfolding humanitarian crisis. documentary, which is fine with me, plain as well issues into focus for compelling human stories. the philippines votes and one of asia biggest election over 35 years since the country emerged from his father's dictatorship could frontrunner ferdinand mouth was junior to take the top support al jazeera investigative program full blind for time, with a special theories on abuse in the boy scouts of america, lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change help the country find its way out of its crippling economic crisis may on al jazeera, frank assessments. what are the political risk for panic? rushmore?
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the gas for western leaders, sanctions on russian energy exports. that's a recipe for social in depth analysis of the days. headlines inside story on al jazeera, hulu. ah, he watching out here reminds now of our top stores is how you him out its haven corridors. you to open to get more people out of ukraine's besieged city of mariposa. but ukrainian officials say russia was still attacking that is of style steel found despite the cease fire. police in israel are searching for 2 men, suspected of a starving attack in the central city of atlanta. 3 people were killed and several
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others injured. the attack happened as israel celebrated 74 years of independence. counting his underway in elections for northern arliss, regional assembly for a party that wants to leave the u. k. could come out on top and feign was once musical wing of an armed movement that opposed, which is no. amnesty international says it's gathered evidence of war crimes by russian forces in ukraine. the criminal denies committing any atrocities, but i missed his chief. it says there are clear signs that cross to munitions have been used as well as the obese of civilians and extra judicial killings. we know they are parked other back to him, but as characterized rush yes, conduct of the of steely tease from the outset. a repeated pattern large in scale, and they by stating in impact. let's get more now from our correspondence, charles stratford. he sent this report from cramer task. the explosion left
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a creature around 3 meters deep, flat and the surrounding residential portable blocks were destroyed. the blast shredded trees in the park where children usually play. this was one of a number of attacks across criminals. in what was the largest similar failures barrage of rockets in the city. since russia invaded ukraine organ 2 months ago. we were sleeping in wakened by a series of explosions before there was one massive blast, but thank god, no one was killed. a couple of kilometers away. this parade of shops and small businesses was also hit. the city men says that 25 people were injured in the attacks. it's miraculous that nobody was killed. soldiers have collected shrapnel to try and identified a weapon that was used until i heard it was
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a rocket attack. there was a siren and then a huge explosion. my apartment is about 100 meters from an old window below. now, the scale of the destruction here shows you just how powerful the explosion was. there are tens of flaps that have been pretty much completely destroyed in the bloss ukrainian police say that they believe that this was a russian as strike. and it comes at a time when the ukraine in all me say that russian forces are trying to push into was cremmit source and they bring savanski from the north. we drove north towards the russian controlled city of museum. we discarded blood soaked bandages, and a stretcher, wounded, ukrainian soldier had been transferred to an ambulance. only minutes before us really so much in a pretty big show. when all calls go along the road, they start shutting. is it an issue? any ambulances, civilian vehicles, you say it doesn't matter. ukrainian soldiers hiding the forest from russian drones
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above. artillery shell casings, litter the ground. the soldiers won't let us film, but they claim they have repelled 3 waves of russian attacks in the last week. they give us this video, they claim shows them retreating from russian artillery far you'll say they are now holding in the defensive position. what they currently called do is stop cities like criminals from coming under russian attacks. charles, dr. alger 0 crematory, are returning to the u. k, where their governing conservative party looks on track to lose heavily in local elections. forest. johnson's party has lost control of several crucial areas of london arrivals. labor and the liberal democrats have gained ground. without is the 1st major test for johnson of the sampled party gates scandal in the war in ukraine . andrews sentence is in westminster era. andrew,
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how significant are these local elections then? well, they really are a temperature test on the public of britain in terms of what they view the government as what they view the leadership to be in terms of its quality and generally a snapshot of how it might be with a general election a right now there is a surprise because westminster city air has been taken by labor. that's a 1st time it's a move from the conservative party. it goes all the way back to 1964. mrs. thatcher, margaret thatcher regarded this counsel as being a model counsel, also ones with another barrow that's been taken by labor. the london has really had a big we're not really a routing, but certainly made a big impression elsewhere in the country. not quite the same. modest gains by
1:37 pm
labor, but really what is the position for the conservative party and its leader right now? what's the view from within? alex steen has experience of being the chief of staff with david cameron when he was in opposition. a. he is a known analyst expert on the conservative body. what do you say to the state of the party right now? we're about half way through the results. now, what do you say? we don't yet know what the full picture will be. but on the on images we've seen thus far, and the results are seen as far my andes. this is nowhere near the kind of movement in favor of the labor party and will position more broadly that people what rejecting in advance of this election, undeniable. and i won't sugar coat it, you'll write london results were bad for the conservative party. and we can talk about why that might be if you want, but more broadly in the country. very modest changes in results from the last 20, which the pose in 2018. and then if you compare it to the general election result we had lost in 2019. this doesn't hook kissed armor number 10,
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not anything near it. so if you're using these elections as a barometer for national election results, the, the answer is if you're a labor party supporter, you'd come shorts. but there's no escaping. is there that the reputation of the prime minister barak johnson, the whole issue of party gate, with his apologies, followed by blaming someone else to what happened at the faculties being, find the fact that it's not over yet for him. that could be more action taken the place of suspended any more, announced mr. let this election take place without any influence. so really, there is criticism out there for the prime minister. is his position, say, a number of our newspapers spent the last week of this campaign, putting similar accusations about kia starr mother leader, the labor party on their front pages. so i think a lot of people will view that party, good stuff and say they've all been at it. if you want to think about the prime minister's position, you've got to accept both sides of the coin and the positive outside for the conservative party is the prime minister's perceived standing over his leadership
1:39 pm
with the conflict in ukraine has been such that i think if that if he'd not been seen to have been successful in that, we'd be looking today at a set of results quite considerably worse at for the conservative party than they've been. you've got to accept the leader you have in mid term. i think he's the right man for the job and in my view, he's improved these results because of the perception of the strength of his leadership. labor is saying this is a turning point and this is going to be a model for the future. they will build on it, and really as far as the primary is concerned, he's lied, he's not being, he's not being treated as a credible figure anymore. briefly please. what you say to it may be a turning point, but it'll be a lead. it's only point and kissed arm as leadership on these numbers is not going to be prime minister alex dean's assessment there from the conservative viewpoint on this situation. more results to come, not just from england, but scotland and wales as well. thank you. angie simmons in westminster, they're a son of an as to the philippines leader is favorite to become the countries next president burton and marcus junior is riding
1:40 pm
a wave of popular support despite the notoriety of his late father, lawrence louis reports, not from manila, these are replicas, of some of the jewelry belonging to imelda marcos, part of a stash. she tried to smuggle out of the philippines. after her husband, president ferdinand marcus was ousted in a people's uprising in 1986. the artist, p. o. a bud was partly inspired by his parents who were anti marco's activists. the marcus, his vast collection of valuable paintings, are also on display, reproduced on post cards. visitors, i encouraged to take some home away to reclaim what the artist says belongs to filipinos. it helps us to remember what the marcia long period was about and how the marcus's use art and culture. oh, how they acquired an ostentatious collection of objects that supported
1:41 pm
their idea of what their life should be. the manila film center is seen as another testament to marco's excess, just 2 months before its grand opening. in 1982, there was an accident at the construction site. emergency workers were barred from entering the area for 9 hours, and then marcus administration ordered a media blackout. it's estimated at least a $160.00 workers were killed, buried in concrete in la one. what our lease is an example of how the americas family do not care for people's lives, especially the workers. one of the most horrible things is they did that even spare time to retrieve the bodies. they just ordered construction to continue. despite the tainted legacy, ferdinand marco's junior, is the front runner to follow in his father's footsteps. the kind of politics that we are, it's not much of a system to begin with. it's just the, you know,
1:42 pm
a choice between different political families and personalities. so while mark was, may be an elite himself, he is not seen to belong to the same group of elite that has ruled the philippines in the past 30 years. other analysts say, junior's rise can mostly be attributed to a disinformation campaign which aims to re cast the rule of marco senior as a golden age for filipinos. if marco's junior succeeds, it would give him wide past over government agencies task to recover as much as $10000000000.00 stolen by his father during his 20 year rule. florence lee al jazeera manila. there's been another nationwide strike in sri lanka, the latest protest amount in the government's resignation or millions, stayed away from work on friday as anger mounts against the worst economic crisis in 70 years had been months of haircuts, shortages of food, few medicines,
1:43 pm
woman now fernandez, joins us now from the capital colombo, so we're tear gas fired outside parliament. we understand yes, that's the latest that we're hearing literally within the last hour or so. or there are unit university students. andrew testers who are literally are camped outside the entrance. are we into parliament? the sort of got there last night. there were tensions, there was tear gas and water cannons that have been used last night or but or again, we're hearing that the tear gas has been brought out once again by the riot police who said that the protesters are blocking the entrance way to parliament. so quite a lot of tensions. they're subsequent to that. we heard that opposition parliamentarians ah, who are obviously that is parliament session. that on that while our parliament was going on, that they had marched to the speakers office to protest,
1:44 pm
the sort of treatment of protest says and there had been a lot of tensions out there. and the next session of parliament has been fixed to the 17th. however, as you can probably see around me, i am at the central railway station in columbia, the fort river station. ah, it is a sort of a, one of the key locations that has been affected by the strike by trade unions that has pretty much brought life to a standstill in and around the capital colombo, as well as the other parts of the country are. people are trying to catch a train home, or there are a few trends that are, will be man by retired drivers and things like that. but by far and large, most government services down to its knees because of the strike called by trade unions. there, key demand for president got arbitrage, boxer the prime minister and the cabinet to go or more resign manella. you mentioned convent there. what's actually happening inside and politically. so
1:45 pm
basically the 3rd party is the government as well as the opposition are trying to sort of assert their power in parliament or the government keep saying that it still holds the majority, but the opposition, doubting that they have brought a no confidence motion against the government as well as an impeachment motion, but the issue is whether that's going to be taken up. so a lot of sort of a horse trading and wrangling going on. but the question is, what's going to happen and how the government, or will the government be able to prove its power still within the parliament? renelle fernandez, live in columbia for us. thank you for that. record heat wave in india has increased demand for electricity and lead to power cuts. the crisis is, highlighting is dependence on co imports as power stations faced the biggest shortages in 6 years. these with her on him, reports from new delhi mahash command was supposed to start preparing his fields
1:46 pm
for planting rice 3 weeks ago. but this is the 1st day that the water supply has come. after weeks of power cuts resulting in a lack of water. mahash doesn't know how long to day supply would last. damn go kit plan i. we bought a boat, but we have to tell the field ad manure used the tractor. and for all this we need regular water supply from the time it's soon to. it's all this, if there is irregular supply, either the quality of rice will deteriorate when all the blonde will die, the farmer will suffer if any of this happens funny miller. homes and businesses have also been suffering power cuts for weeks. this hospital and also for the has been without, alack tricity for at least 6 hours a day for some staff to use diesel generators when the price of the fuel is at a record high also, but it's on a girl did really good. we'll get all of them to the laboratory. we are spending more than $150.00 every day on diesel. we're not passing the burden on to the
1:47 pm
patients right now. but if these power outages continue, will be forced to increase patience. fees to come about. the costs are due to a severe shortage of coal at power stations. experts blame the huge demand for electricity during a heat wave coupled with bottlenecks in transportation and sky rocketing prices of imported coal with climate change exacerbating heat waves, environmental as say, the answer to meet rising electricity needs. isn't to open more coal mines as india's doing, because that will increase greenhouse gases the trap more heat. 70 percent of india's electricity comes from coal fired power stations. analysts say the latest crisis is a reminder to invest more in green energy. when i say renewable energy, the whole ecosystem needs to be there because renewable energy is intimate then so, so far, again, we rely on imported models and says for, you know, building up. so look at fast to be or when capacity. so we need to bury across the
1:48 pm
value chain. the international atomic energy agency says demand for electricity in india is expected to increase more than anywhere else in the world over the next 20 years. as the country develops, as ma hayes uses the scarce water to clean himself and cool off, he says his livelihood depends on the supply. continuing to flow, elizabeth koran and al jazeera new delhi, hong kong only leadership candidate. john lee has held a campaign about it, even though he's not in an election rates. former security official will be chosen to the, the global financial hub on sunday. if it's his residence, have a limited say and who leads them? candidates are selected by election committee stacks with pro beijing loyalists. they've been for chief executive since the city reverted back to chinese governance . 1997. they've been reprisal attacks in columbia after a drug cartel boss was extradited to the u. s. to face trial. members of the clan,
1:49 pm
they'll go for burned more than 30 trucks and buses across northeastern columbia. security forces have been deployed the head of the gangs known as a tony l faded, not guilty to drug trafficking and other charges in the u. s. federal court on thursday us senate majority, the chuck schumer says they'll vote next week on whether a women's rights to an abortion should be protected by federal law. demonstration software leaked draft opinion, suggested supreme court justices of toys to a verse, a landmark ocean munich road versus wade has stood since 1973 and guarantees national access to the procedure. about half of all your states are expected to ban or limit abortion. if the ruling is overturned, are coming up in sports with leah and latest from china. cupboard 19 was forced to postponement of the asian games.
1:50 pm
ah. a
1:51 pm
whole lou. aah! was time for the sports. his me. thank you kerry. this year's asian games have been postponed because host china are going through another outbreak of coven 19. the games were going to happen in september, less than 200 kilometers away from shanghai, which has been under a strict lock down for weeks. while local organizers said they were ready to host to thousands of athletes, the olympic council of asia decided it was best to delay it by a year. our correspondent, katrina u is in beijing and sentences report. the asian games were scheduled to be held in
1:52 pm
the southern city of hong jo in september. now this is a major international sporting events. second only in size to be summer. lympics organizes here in china. we're expecting about 11000 athletes representing 44 different states. and territories, but they now on friday that this is, that would be indefinitely due to the carbon degeneration here in china. now, how joke the host city is only a few 100 kilometers away from shanghai, china, commercial center, which had been locked down for about a month. now it's currently the empty center of tried his worst outbreak scene since the beginning of the pandemic there in dozens of cities across the country affected currently by heavy restrictions as trying to try to get this outbreak under control of following it 0 tolerance, corporate policy. now the agent game is not the only international sporting event to be cancelled in china this year just yesterday. the organizers of the world
1:53 pm
university games which are usually held every 2 years. and now that that, that will also be postponed. and that was planned for june and july in the chinese city of china. do. it's been postponed now. the 2nd time i talk to frankfort will meet rangers in europe. a leak final. neither team has won a european trophy in decades. frankfurt beat, west ham, and the 2nd leg of their semi final, the premier league sides spent most of the game with 10 men. after aaron cress well was sent off with 20 minutes rough l. bray's goal and the 26 minute helping. frankfort. 231 aggregate when fans of course, went wild after making their 1st year p and final in 42 years. very. but you can consider the can suddenly the whole pitch was full and simply trying to find out players because i just wanted to congratulate them. and that didn't turn out to be too easy. but so that when we stood in front of our fans was singing and
1:54 pm
celebrating, the really brings you in and we felt these great emotions. so i enjoyed it. my kids were there with us on the pitch, so that was lovely. so to sum it up, wow, again and scott aside, rangers overcame me 1st leg deficit to be our b lead leipzig in 3 to on aggregate to reach their 1st european final. in 14 years, john lindstrom scoring the winner in the 81st minute rangers last lifted, a european trophy 50 years ago. they were coming in as like so with so much speed and so much so much power. so i knew either goal, you know, would be decisive at discordia, to administer the vote for john gave us her. not only the belief, i think there really was already there, but you know, the energy and power to, to play the less minutes. ah, you know, it's a very proud. ready for, for the performance of my, of my team, the interaction with defense today was amazing in tennis,
1:55 pm
rafael natal insist that he goes into this quarter final at the madrid open. later on friday, as the underdog, the $21.00 time grand slam champ will meet spanish, teenager carlos al cortes, who many predict to be his successor, the 19 year old entered the top 10 after winning 3 titles. so far this year middle is plain and his 1st tournament since recovering from a ribbon tree. if somebody could only if you could let them than i think the right now, he's better than me and has good momentum. he's in a better state of mind and more fit. i came here without praying. i'll try to win, of course, but for me, the most important thing is not who's better now, but who's going to be better in a few weeks time at the french open? also on friday, the 1st ever miami formula, one grand prix will start with the opening practice session. around a quarter of a 1000000 fans are expected to pass through the gates over the next 3 days. the 19 corner 5 and a half kilometer long circuit is expected to be fast and the driver say they can't wait to get out on the track. the facilities here on the track army amazing soldier
1:56 pm
with really looking forward to try the to try the truck on friday and then to see how many funds will be there. i've heard it is going to be food will hold 3 days. so it's going to be tight. i haven't seen the dragon. i've only driven it on the simulator. good. yeah, looks right. i mean, i'm just looking forward to actually driving in real live on the and see how, how it feels like how the grip is like to major league baseball now. and there was plenty of late drama in the game between the new york mets and the philadelphia phillies the mets. waiting until the 9th any to turn around a 7 run deficit to secured their biggest come back in a quarter of a century when it gets because of the seller feel very sad. oh, i love deep love center back to the water. oh no.
1:57 pm
in the n h l. playoffs, the new york rangers have come back to tie there series with the pittsburgh penguins seller plays from our tammy panorama and frank by the ronald help the rangers to a comfortable 5 to win game 3 is on saturday. back in pittsburgh and golf former masters champion, sergio garcia says he wants to leave the pga tour during the wealth or excuse me, the wells fargo championship. the spaniard shouted at a rules official saying he couldn't wait to leave in just a couple of weeks. garcia has asked to be released for the 1st ever event of a new series that is backed by saudi arabia. but so far in this current tournament, garcia is 4 shots back. ricky fowler had the best shot of the day after losing his original ball off the t. he then hold out to limit the damage to just a bogey at the 6. but australia's jason day who reads after a 7 under par round of $63.00. that's it for me. hands rack over to carry
1:58 pm
a i thank you very much. indeed. that's it for me. for this news out ah ah and use from al jazeera on the go and me tonight. out is there is only a mobile app is left to you. this is where we dissects analyze. i'm fine with from algae. there is a mobile app available in your favorite app store, just that for it and tapped i made a new app from out. is there
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a new at you think it it african story from african perspective. short documentary from african filmmakers from ivory coast, just to lecture from a chauffeur. the bus for fun, for a new thing for home and south africa. tina i would change and it shows me that i'm actually tracking and fire with africa direct on al jazeera. how and why did hooton's become so obsessed? with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals in human rights abusers accountable. they're going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house in 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about vi american today, your weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. on may, 9th, the philippines will vote to elect
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a new president to replace the rodrigo character and more than 35 years in the country, emerged from his father's dictatorship, could front runner gordon at martha's junior. the top fog, as the men of being both join us for a special corporate. are now the 0. ah ukraine says nearly 500 civilians have now been rescued in mary apple while russia continues it shelling in the east. ah, there are nora. kyle: this is al 0 live from doha, also coming up. but on the cell, the front lines where russia appears to be fighting, to carve out a new land corridor. crimea also had a search is underway in israel after.


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