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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2022 10:30am-11:01am AST

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and into orbit buy space x has landed in the us dragon capture splashed down off the florida coast of a 23 hour return journey from the socialist base station. full astronauts conducted hundreds of research projects during the 6 month mission. they also welcomes the 1st civilian crew to the space station recovery team will perform ah, without a there are, these are our top stories. news, humanitarian car doors are due to open to get more people out of your cranes proceed. city of mario full lot ukrainian officials say russia is still attacking me as a sell still plant, despite a ceasefire. already in fiji and see the super yard owned by a sanctioned russian business man for quest by the us. $300000000.00 vessel is believe to belong to solomon caramels, who made billions of dollars in fossil fuels. the white house that it will use every all 30. it has to go off. the russians suspected of corruption,
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police in israel and searching for 2 men suspected of a stopping attack in the central city of a lad. 3 people were killed and several others injured on thursday. attack happened as israel celebrated a national holiday. a nationwide strike is underway in slang, co, with millions of workers set to work on friday as the latest protest calling for the government to resign as it faces at work you can on crisis in 70 years. manella fernandez has moved from colombo, the trade unions that are behind the organizing of the strike say that it is very successful. i'm standing here in the heart of one of columbus mean commercial districts. it's a wholesale and retail capital. and if you can just see over my shoulder, it's almost sort of deserted. all the shops pretty much are shuttered and bear in mind this is very much an area that does millions of rupees or dollars worth of
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business a day. and everyone has extend this support to the strike lexington. the philippines will be held on monday with the poll that's being described as the most important in the country's history. the top 2 contenders of frontrunner fund san marcos junior and vice president lenny robledo. marcos is the son of former president. first san marcos who was ousted in people's uprising in 1986 powerful tornadoes have left thousands of people without power. in the u. s. state of oklahoma homes and businesses were damaged and wednesday night storms, which caused flooding and parts of the state and, and our console. officials are using drones to assess the damage. southern states have been told to brace themselves for yet more severe weather this friday upstate . now, with all the headlines this, i'll be back with more news here on al jazeera. that's after inside story use from al jazeera on the go and me tonight,
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out is there is only mobile app is. this is where with out is there is a mobile app available in your favorite capital. just said and tapped on it. and you opt out. it even means that you think of it and gang warfare in el salvador ever be defeated. the state of emergency has been imposed to curb fighting between rival gangs. what's the reason for the increase in gang crime and can the street be made safe? this is inside story. ah.
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hello welcome to the program. i'm hashem bala. he calls himself the coolest dictator. the world president a will salvador there year buccheri has also been responding to criticism of a crackdown on violent gangs. critics say the government's get tough approach being used to intimidate them, as well as to limit the civil liberties of or salvadorans. more than 22000 arrests have been made, says buccheri declared a state of emergency in march. international riots grew se arbitrary. russ are common and police routinely infringe basic whites. despite that will carry has an 85 percent approval rate. the highest of any leader in latin america. we're here from our gas in a moment. first, this report from john holland. this is the image that the out salvador government wants to transmit. another suspect to gang member of the streets,
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his tattoos giving away his affiliation to a criminal ban. ah, they were arrested more than $20000.00 people in the last month and a half as a seek to clean the m. s. 13 and barrier way teen gangs out of neighborhoods. they've ruled for decades. but this also is an image of the crackdown. one of many women sang goodbye to a husband or a son, as a disappearance of the salvador prison system. here are others. i love you, son. she sank in march after a murder spike, the country declared a state of emergency. that meant people could be arrested without warrant. the salvadoran congress has extended that state of emergency to late may, please continue to round up young men or mess inevitably along with the guilty human rights groups. i be innocent, have been taken martha and the loose, cold out da, 0 her sons. one of the latter he sells face must to hospital. she says and helps
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her get by now she's used a quarter of what she makes in a month at a market still to try me free him on getting a 2nd to present that under hinting offensive. but i don't know why the president is doing this to innocent people and people that aren't guilty, i can find someone's done something they should pay. but a not guilty. yeah, lee. she knows where he is. other women are going from prison to prison, trying to find their relatives, look at the crowd here. and the crackdown goes on in the italian district to well known as 13 stronghold. so just question and search everyone going in and out. but an overwhelming number of salvadorans approve of president night bu kelly's actions . muhammad, oh, we have stopped paying extortion. we're not being anything now. the gang members have been being seen. they have practically disappear, and business is flowing. people are no longer afraid to come to the city center and walk the streets. so many have suffered extortion rape,
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killing that even if some innocence have to suffer others believe that's a price worth paying if they can simply be free. the question is, if at the end of all the arrest confusion of brutality, this will actually work. john holman, out 0 to main rival gangs operate in el salvador, the mud r. salvatore gotcha is more commonly known as the m. s. 13. it originated in the 1970s in los angeles and is estimated to have $50000.00 plus members, both male and female in various countries. the enemy is the bar, you 18 or the 18th street gang. it also has its roots in los angeles and with a multi ethnic membership. more than 50000 strong. both gangs are estimated to make millions of dollars a year through illegal drug trafficking, robbery, and kidnapping, to name just a few in
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a long list of criminal activity. ah lettering in our gas in washington dc. catalina jimenez is president of washington office or latin america in manchester. calling harding is latin america analyst and director of latin for a consultancy and information service or latin america also in washington. d. c. hector silva. valley is a salvador and journalist and senior research fellow at the american university center for latin america and latino studies welcome to the program. carina. how should we characterize the wicked murders in el salvador, of an act of defiance by the gangs? the way of saying to the president that his, a 0 tolerance approach is not working. there are theories around why you know that we can last. so try and we saw this incredible spike in the
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number of opponents as committed initially by the members of what i think is clear . and what that, you know, we can reflect is that criminal activity, and the power of this is larry present reality, or perhaps because the root cause is of that by and it has no being addressed. when the country implements a, well, we call it in spanish, the manual manual due to a hard line item feast policies to address it is a security problems. the resource is often very short term and you know, this is because that create or that j. situational violence spread over a country are not truly tackling as well. what i, what i think we saw on that very tragic weekend was a situation that has not been sold. that could repeat itself this by the what is
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being applied right now, or perhaps because of the point is, is being applied right now in the need to have a solid to respond back when they're exposed to a comprehensive approach to addressed by in the doesn't focus so much at least you know, i feel the measures that do know going to different took ok collins. so you have president with kelly who has been saying for quite some time that it's because of his policy. his approach is toughness. when it comes to dealing with guns and gun crime, that there's been this decline, but actually you have this string of crimes taking place over the weekend. do you see it that way that the government has failed to address the root cause of the problem? i think that certainly ok, your goal. i mean, there is one theory, which is a website has come up with, in fact,
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what book alia, does he reach to deal with the gangs, to lower the levels of buyers for certain privileges, and that this is broken down, the counter spike. does that mean he's always like precarious denied. there's no public at it, but it does sound quite plausible. ready certainly the merger dos come down dramatically since, you know, since it was the. ready world round about 2015 was down too much love figure last year. but i think it's correct or the previous speaker said that the root cause is whether they maybe have not really gone into having spent lavishly, which is the thing that makes a popular with many out the door is he's avoided making any sort of structural changes. and if this deal that he supposedly made has
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broken down for whatever reason, this may be the, the gangs way, i guess is attitude. we'll talk about the root causes. we'll talk about what's happening, what the government is doing, how are these gangs? but in the mean time, hector, when you have 62 people killed on saturday, the most violent day in 20 years in el salvador. could you the, could this be a mess, but typically from the most aggressive all these guys, the n s. 13 saying that we are now gaining the upper hand as father salvador is concerned. yes, i think they have had the upper hand for quite a while right now, until now. i would say that in fact, my thinking is that the whole book kelly presidencies based in a pack of some sorts with that with the 2 big gangs. because these gangs have held
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territorial control over a great portions of the country neighborhood that would be bearable or the countryside, the big cities for 25 years now. and there hasn't been any government that has been able to address that. these gangs are pretty hardly embedded in the, in the social fabric of soluble. and the way that not just caliber will kill another policy, should have managed to deal with that territorial control is by making truces or packing with them. that's that, that's the, these packed, i think there are enough evidence this now that there's an on going back with the gangs. and that is so some somewhat fragile pack at some point. and i see what happened as, you know, said in the and the, in black. but that we can, is that the gangs were actually making
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a payment. something happened. we don't know exactly what happened yet with seeing that fact that had a ripple effect and the gangs that effectively those were begun saying, yes we are here, we hold the control of these territories. and if you don't comply with whatever we're asking, this is what, what's going to happen. ok, are perfectly capable of doing these any time currently now. so the president takes credit for why disc wives as an unprecedented decline in the streets crime in his salvador. while we all know that this is something that started in 2015 for years before he comes in to paula, should he take the full credit for this or this was the result of a political process thus thought and way before naval kelly. i think he takes grade one week and then he shows and the week after that he has to do something because, you know why he took credit for is no longer is no longer happening. i don't think,
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i mean, i think it made a very good point. i mean, gun violence in saudi is not a new phenomenon. is unfortunately thousands of civilians are being victims of, you know, and down by for their days now. and they do a part of the territory, etc. so the decreasing violence, it's just part of a cycle therapy to solve and comes with 3 environment. because the root cause is i know that there, so i think he can, they credit for a homicide. he with 0 homicide today, but then you know, each later he has to take that back because he says i increase in again. so i don't think the administration medically has been successful in using via ok calling. so for quite some time we have top salvador in officials coming out and
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saying that they have been doing all it takes to clean up the streets until an investigative media outlet. alfaro said, wait a 2nd, maybe those, some dodgy politics here. the government is now being accused of striking a deal with m. s. 13 and a mess. 18. what is it? what it implies? the have the government, all these groups to stop killing people in the meantime, do whatever they want to do. just to give credit to the president that he's doing good. well, that's a certainly some documentary evidence has been uncovered that some kind of deal of that sort was that was reached. and as i said earlier, the wrong theory is this sentence back because this deal has broken down for whatever reason. and this is, that's been said, this is making a statement that looking to attach the balance is one of the process whenever they,
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whenever they choose. and it's worth noting also that the fund crackdown has gone in for, in fact a reversion to previous governments. policy is a previous right when government issued i ran a party, has a policy called super heavy hand in which they flooded the streets with a roundly lapse in much the same way with the facts where no negligible in terms of a long term change situation. after this so that could potentially tarnish the reputation of a new book. kelly the fact that right after those revelations, by all fall, we saw the u. s. administration put in restrictions and imposing sanctions on top of all affiliated with the president. yes, and i think this is that the bell up in story because yes, in fact, this whole gang issue has put the ministration out with the wood,
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washington. i, you know, washington has been the traditional, i often follow a lot of time now. and one of the reasons that it has become bitter is because actually the investigation that the father put out west based in great part in investigations, but by joint task force of cell phone and officials from the us the patient is a seller so, so the u s is pretty aware of this and actually the u. s. has asked for the extra vision of 14 m. s. 13 meters and the telephone restriction, while he's 20 general guy that was named by the night that the supreme court has denied that. so d. c is, as i said, i develop the story and will, and kept, would, that will kill. and when this patient, adults with washington cohen, we have here at the very center of this debate is 2 of the most
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brutal notorious gangs in central america. they, monna sulphur through cher, or the s 13 and ill body, you 18 or the m. s. 18. why, why, why are they so powerful? in a place? small country like a salvador. i think, you know, a country and a half and truly with its legacy. you know, war as we know, a very violent, very tiny word, and unfortunately, you know, the process, the necessary process, the process of justice never being truly supported by default meant that, that came to by when i asked if you were ended it to dad. you also have a concrete, very, very troubling a portion of the comic indicators. i mean, aspects of special population. they think they might have communities and do not
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have access to education, united to basic advice and basic services. so clunky with that, you know, when you combine that we've, you know, what put them as part of time by the way, in society and she's having a very diaspora in this case, in the united states. and you know, it's also in the board that the nation number is to assist. you have a combination for this type of criminal groups to, to, to, to be one. and we know that the petition haven't gotten to the creation of the mattress in a word. but also to flourish and then combating a creamy environment with state. lindsey, so we start recipe for disaster and i think it's in the long run made these gums more about i see a point calling now when you have gangs which managed to set
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a power of armies in a place like a sort of other or maybe take advantage of the legacy of the country itself, violence, civil war and so on and so forth. you have other saying that this is just an excuse by the government, the clam down itself. just unexcused by a government trying to further clamp down on political freedoms and freedom of expression. just just for the president further consolidate his griffin bow. well, it's certainly a style just because he does seem self as the providential figure. he's a part of the populace anomaly, which we've seen in many different parts of the world when he was elected to 90. he just swept away the 2 traditional parties, which it a lot of personal following.
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and he cultivated his personal image. they did the reverse baseball cap, the constant social media. ready posts the traveling around dressing crowds and very much cost is that person brown? he was a former advertising man and knows all about such things. and yes, i mean there are indications that he finds a democratic control a way to replace judges with people who might be troublesome with people that have to when you look at the sequence in advance, in el salvador state of emergency followed by major reforms of the penal code which, which implies sentences of after 245 years in prison for gang membership and
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also how the new law which regulates the way social media operates, particularly when it comes to reporting on the crock. done on the gangs. people see it differently, see it as an attempt by the government to just build a dictatorship in a salvador? yes. i think actually i am pretty sure that the so called crack down on began what it is a crack down on democracy. but this has been the plan of now you will kill if he's a one. i think i truly think that he had a plan of that plan west to consolidate power amounts power over his overwhelming popularity. the 1st part of the plan was take control of congress, which did by popular boats and then take control of the of the institutions. and then what the script found has, has helped him do is precisely that is to finish the path in which he
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ambitious is himself to be re elected in 2024. and in order to do that, he needs that overwhelming popularity to stay. i did it as long as he's loved by the seller on people, he will be safe in power. and in order to do that, he needs to get rid of comfortable voices of critical gentleness or the political position. and actually, if you look at the other reforms, especially those to that, to the penal code. if there are a to, to, to silence those most current. we have running short on time here. when you look at the pattern of the gang violence, we're seeing the same pattern in salvador, guatemala honduras group splintering because of the fight over a territory. we see that the body of 18, for example, splintered into the southerners and the revolutionaries and something that has the potential is just to further create more violence and instability. is this
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something that a government like salvador tiny nation of 70000000 can handle, or this is something that really needs an american policy? yeah, i think you know, in general, in writing it in violence, especially when it comes to these type of guy that us i have not necessarily a broadening of one county. i have a spread to 3 or more countries require brought in comprehensive strategy. so i do think we may need, you know, something in that, that definitely things that country a, do you know, you need a comprehensive approach to tackle this type of gun violence. and that includes, you know, adjusted before a dependent investigation, community based intervention in those things could be discussed and debated if the president would please, you know, to experts to human rights. and i say she has an end to see the sense. but i don't think the president is missing, i think the president tweeting and that, you know,
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i mean say i'm asking more about work for other reasons beyond, you know, controlling and sure enough. and i know you can have a real fear in by ok colon, which should be the 1st priority in places like a salvador and central america. in particular. the need to tackle instability violence, aren't groups and drug trafficking or going because ultimately as long as those are there, the guns will continue to thrive. well, yes, not all intimately connected or the gainesville turn. am to any that raises money for them and extends the control of the local communities, whether it's on smuggling, drug, smuggling, extortion, i mean the, the extortion of the gas companies, for instance, is as prevalent throughout central america. and so that you know, they, they,
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there's no way of separating the. ready to the point is there like to our job is that about whether buccheri is going to listen to advice or suggestions. you know, master. he's actually defined the international monetary making bitcoin legal, kind a courtesy company in the well as a completely new country. and so when they, i met him, i promise you that this is a story that we'll definitely revisit on inside story in the near future in the mean time color. you know, hey man as calling hard in an actor silva about us, i really appreciate you and i thank you and thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further
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discussion. go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside. or you can also join the conversation on twitter. i have that is at ha and so i sort of on behalf of my and the entire team here in doha bye for now. a conflict between india and pakistan. pristine cap, 21. and what the kashmiris i missed on al jazeera, mainstream coverage of big stories, can sometimes deliver more heat than lights in a war tar scenario. there's always a push to simplify narratives. nuances is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war, the listening post, delve into the news, narrative, and dissect them. there's not our great deal of subtlety. we're talking about the
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barbarism that is unfolding as though we somehow unique. it's not unique covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera. ah, in with
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mm pool. ah, ukraine says nearly 500 civilians have now been rescued and. busy marable, whilst russia continues it shelling in the east? ah, hello there, i'm norah kyle. this is al jazeera alive from dough ha. also coming up. a search is underway in israel after 3 people who sap to death in the city of a lad. a nationwide strike control anchor off 2 weeks of protests against the government handling of the economic.


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