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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] oh, a protest outside the usa bream court after an unprecedented leak suggest justice is good. overturn roe v wade case that legalized abortion? ah ha. you're watching al jazeera alive from do how with me for the back table, also ahead. a group of people who escape the besieged, ukrainian city of merrier, full reach safety ins. oper, reacher. we are in east and ukraine than you frontline in russian effect of rushes
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offensive where shelling continues and people are desperate to get out about 2 weeks now. i journey to with and on world press freedom day. we meet the uganda and journalists force on the air they say doing their job is dangerous. ah, thank you for joining us. we begin with a possible threat to a landmark abortion law in the us. protests have been held outside the supreme court, after league suggesting justices could strike down the keyboarding room. the top court has been considering whether to overturn the 1973 judgment known as roe v wade, that legalize the procedure across the country. neither the supreme court nor the white house have commented on the authenticity of the leak justices are expected to
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issue their ruling in june. i absolutely have to be out here because this is something that affects me so personally and, and hurt so much to know that has might be ripped away from me. right. right. i feel like i really don't have any way for like i don't, i can't have the, i'm born are human and we've been telling them in math to the tune of millions. and so i have no words or there's in plenty of reaction to the leaked draft with us house speaker nancy pelosi saying that if the report is accurate, the supreme court decision would go down as one of the worst and most damaging decisions in modern history. she said it would be the greatest restriction on of rights in the past, 50 years, not just on women. on the republican side, the senate for arkansas, tom cotton says, the supreme court and the department of justice must get to the bottom of this leak . he adds roe v wade was gregory slee wrong from the beginning,
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and i pray the court follows the constitution and allows the states to once again protect unborn life. several conservative states have recently joined a growing push to restrict abortions. oklahoma, the governor has signed a near total band. the only exception is a medical emergency. kentucky has banned the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy though, the law is yet to come into effect. it could force a said to remaining abortion providers to close texas that lot abortion after 6 weeks, one woman was arrested for murder after allegedly carrying out a south induce abortion though the charges were later dropped. peter matthews. he's a professor of american government and political theory. he says, if the abortion law is overturned, it will cause a politically divisive earthquake across the us. there's never been a draft really ever leak before. ruling can change in the process before they make the final. the final ruling and vote which could happen a few months from now,
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weeks from now. so this is very unusual and it is. the court does allow the states to ban abortion will be even a double, or people will believe major political repression and human repercussions. we will be up to the states to the side and we got the telephone. you will keep illegal here. but other states like texas and others, the read space are pretty. the $21.00 states are waiting with legislation, be the restrict motion for the bed and all together. right? enough is point waiting for this kind of a decision. and the leak is actually cautioned everyone now and what woke up because we had a sense and it's cause a lot more attention in division, but it has to be exposed to what's really going on here. so we're in very precarious terms, right? this in this case really definitely affects in the midst of that are coming up in june primaries and november general action. because many, many women as friends of women are supportive of choice for women to make will be galvanized voting and deciding more people in the congress that will pledge to keep
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abortion legal. would pledge to actually make sure that that's a lot federal law that we're trying to, they're looking for this is this particular decision has actually made sure that more people tried to vote on both sides. but i think why maybe some numbers, 66 percent of american people oppose overturning will be weight. well, the 30 percent support overturning it, so that division is gonna show up the election coming up. and early i spoke to shana, so want to as a politician and a member of seattle city council, she says pro abortion activists need to go on the offensive. the people who are outside the supreme court are saying this. the victory on roby wade in 1973, was a landmark historic victory for abortion rights. and if this is undermined, then it will be a historic setback, and that is why we have no alternative, but to push back against it. we need mass protest. i completely disagree with a legal, you know, you called will be wait a decision that invented a right mention nobody in the constitution. let's keep in mind,
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this was the constitution under which slavery was legal, and only wealthy white men had the right to vote. so let's not bad as i can thank. let's hold human rights a psychos then. and let's also keep in mind that merely do hold of americans today support will be waived and 72 percent of americans oppose overturning adobe rate. and in fact, support for the supreme court has fallen dramatically by 515 percentage point to the last 2 years. if you look at history here, we wade itself was one in the 1st place to mass p. s a working people. and in fact the supreme court rend ruby reed was one in 1973 was also majority republican. in fact, 5 of the 7 justices who would say abortion rights about i'm really public and, and yet women and working people, adults i wanted because it was mysterious pressure of mass movements during a time when we had the anti walk. good, right? environmental and civil rights movement. it's
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a reminder of what needs to be done today. so we need mass protest in hundreds of cities across the nation to defend roe v wade. and we also need to go on the often so today's mass protest action for the war in ukraine now in more than $200.00 civilians remain at the huge seal plant in the ukrainian city of mario paul. according to the cities, man, russian forces reportedly started sharing the plan soon after at least $100.00 civilians were evacuated on sunday. the group is on its way to japanese asia, along with other evacuees from the city. oh, dab del hamid's reports from chapel, leesha. them is the 1st safe transit point for those fling, shelling and air strikes, a parking lot outside a shopping mall. aptly named epi centre, all day long convoys of cars kept arriving. this one was the 1st of the day,
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la alina gilbert was born in russia. she could have left her home town of mer, you ple earlier, but she didn't ask you something. i said, i'm going to hold receive money. all my relatives live in russia. they're worried about me. they asked me to go there. i said, i love them, but i won't be able to go. i once turned it on and you are born. how can you forgive? there was the possibility to go to russia. there are 3 buses daily that go to danielle through summer, but many people want to go to you cream and they don't know how to go. throughout the day they just kept on arriving mostly fleeing places like her son merely topple but of the ants. and other places under russian control some were on their last legs. d, u. m. convoy with the civilians evacuated from the as of south steel factory is
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also supposed to arrive here. but just as those who made it out are going through thorough security checks by the ukrainians. those on board the buses are being vetted by the russians. under the safe passage agreement, broken by the un, only women, children and the elderly are allowed to leave. about a 100 civilians were rescued from the steed works. they have been sheltering in tunneled and bunkers underneath the soviet era. factory bail and exhausted. they crawled out of the rubble in abilene from abroad to take was it's me to carry out some sort of special operation because people are under the rebel william. we hear them talking but we can't lift the slabs. you want to clear the rebel outside the bunkers that block the entrance, but we can't because of the shelling the convoys on the move. but as alina most jenko says, driving out of murder, you pull involves several hurdles. gazelle in last they kept us will ever, at checkpoints. at the last checkpoint, they pushed us back and told us to come at 7 a. m with
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a promise that we were cross. they let us through. the convoy was huge. they were a lot of people, but only 25 cars made it. the rest returned back russian soldier was shooting in the air. he warned us that next time he will shoot to kill. russia wants to make sure soldiers hold up at the factory door, sneak out among the civilians for those who make it. these are difficult but joyful moments, but to dull, still trapped and more you pull. these are dark hours where the end is difficult to predict. lit up that hamid al jazeera, zachary job, or volunteers in eastern ukraine are risking their lives to rescue people in danger of russian attacks. civilians from villages and towns are being evacuated, even though there is no agreement in place with moscow or the united nations. a correspondent char stratford, and his team boarded a bus, taking people from the frontline town of ab df car to safety. pre our volunteer
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evacuation driver, igor comer live, listened to directions from a contact on the front line for you. there will be a petrol station. you go straight off to the crossroads. you turn right. she says, we put on our protective vests and get on the bus route is an als drive to the trail of abdul. go through countryside that. so for doesnt by the skulls of war, eagle's church group got a call that up to 40. people wanted to be evacuated immediately. he has to move fast because there's been a low in the shelling so much. we feel we have to do some think because people have to live. it's as simple as that. when we go in, we are very anxious. but when we get people out, we feel joy. not those weak, destroyed buildings begin to appear as we enter town. the bus stops and we walked down into a nearby bunker all in our fled shelling around the town of cremmit tossed with her 2 daughters, yuba. and maria,
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she says she is too afraid to leave the relative safety of the underground shelter . i punch in these cabinets and it is not added. the children are terrified of the shelling shells are hitting buildings near our home. it's not as loud under ground that if the streets above a virtually empty russian shells have hit residential housing blocks nearby. people stop boarding the bus, some have bought their pets, sisters moms and dads, and the elderly. this terrified old lady told us, i'm so scared and i don't want to die. no hurry mobile smith. i feel great relief. we live for more than a month in the basement. we are just so thankful. it's very scary. we just have to leave you a the boss races out of town before the shelling stultz again. this is the 1st time in the church. her was received
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a call from people desperately wanting to get out of the of these evacuation. now they say 3 days journey to a shelton west. the new crime. there are ongoing evacuation efforts to various villages and towns happening across east in ukraine. but they are not negotiated by the un or greed uphold by russian forces. there is no safe passage for thousands of people. like these. charles stratford al jazeera at the ymca eastern ukraine. the gap now the eastern region of the hands, his urging people to evacuate. as russia shelling intensifies this historic school in least janski's caught fire after it was hit on sunday. then the hands, military administration says it's regarded as one of the best institutions in the region and the building is more than a century old. cilla head on al jazeera and the battle in the us to control wildfires that seem to be on trying to become the largest and most destructive in new mexico. oh,
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there we go. we got our 1st glimpse of it and the latest re usable, walk at mission that's capturing much attention. ah, it's been very wet in vietnam the last 2 or 3 days and there's no real ceasing that . but the real white top try the real heavy rain bearing try to paste, be focusing now on north and sumatra as the orange top. so that's the very wet stuff, is likelihood of pretty heavy rain, i think in northern news on and maybe in the south of the philippines. elsewhere is pretty seasonal stuff. the heaviest may be in western bornea. good part of job is much dryer than of late tropical australia is also dry. that australia is change of season would be smelt. now this picture in the bite is all shows that think they
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want to turn wintry not immediately, but the air is getting cold buffer. so suddenly breeze you see. so while we start off with teens on wednesday in adelaide and melbourne and about low twenty's in purse, this gets colder, may be on the tops, the mountains and east victoria, that might be some wintry weather if not now, then a couple of days time that rain spreads up, nothing like as cold to brisbin to give a sundry day in new zealand sit pretty. it's a slow moving area of high pressure, which means that things going to change might be chilly mornings, but it's sunny by day and to be honest, mostly dry. ah,
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[000:00:00;00] a a with lou. the me. welcome back. i top stories on al jazeera protests have been held down to the u. s . supreme court after league suggesting justices because dragged down a key ruling on abortion rights. the top court has been considering the judgement
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known as roe v wade that legalize the procedure across the country. and ukraine attempts to free more people from the besieged city of merrier, or has been delayed. russian forces every 40 to every whom sharing the as of the way shortly after the vacuum of a 100 billions from there on sunday in other world use. molly's military leadership is ending defense agreements with france in a television announcement. the military government accused the former colonial ruler of flagrant violations of national sovereignty. relations have worse and since to military cause within the past 2 years, front end of its joint operations with money and forces last june and amounts to withdrawal of all its forces in february. after failing to stop attacks by article sling to al qaeda. and the situation in molly was one of the topics discussed during the un secretary general visit to new share antonio terrace, one that attacks in africa. psych region are no longer a regional issue, but
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a global threat. he called for resources to help and the violence that there is also assured leaders that the un top priority is to see peace and stability in the area. the chiefs is also visiting finnegan, the share, and nigeria on is to day trip to west africa. nicholas hark report, some kind of gallons. capitol, the car where gutierrez made his 1st stop. this region has experience a series of kuth in the last year. unprecedented numbers of qu, onto new terrace. yet again, has called for soldiers to hand over power to civilians. whether it be in kina faso in guinea, but also in molly's molly home to the biggest and most expensive un peacekeeping operation, costing a $1000000000.00 a year. but also the deadliest more un peacekeeping soldiers have died there than any previous mission. now he did not visit molly during this tor, of west africa, but he did address the issues and concerns that he has in bobby, a country that is under sanction from the west african body echo us on to sincerely
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in all honesty, i seen with great distress the coo and molly then with even greater distress. the 2nd qu, i'm convinced we need to keep engaging with molly. that's what we're doing. and i hope it will be possible to have an agreement between molly. an echo was to agree on an acceptable time for transition period and that molly is reintegrated within the echo of framework. i don't comment on measures taken by others on what i want is molly to have the flexibility to agree with x, y, and bring no morality in this country. and i'm sure it'll solve all the other issues. he also addressed looming triple crisis affecting people in west africa, food, energy, and finance. this he says, are or direct effect of the crisis taking place in europe, thousands of miles away from the african continent. he warns that the fall out of
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that may push a quarter of a 1000000000 people into extreme poverty. most of them right here in west africa says that that has also been made worse by climate change. extreme drought has badly affected countries in this a hell, specifically new share. and this is something that president bassoon, of nuclear addressed. new them pause faster as if it, today's well compels us to face the effects of climate change that brings about recurring droughts. like the one we're experiencing now, living to major deficit. all this happens in a context of rising cost of merging transportation already because of cove it. and now because of the crisis in europe, fertilizing products have also seen the prices rise up. it's a real nightmare for us today. the secretary general will meet those displays in the multi burkina faso nice air tri border area. people that have been facing
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attacks from i'm groups linked to iceland al qaeda, but also from climate change shall then move on to travel to nigeria, where, who meet the president hurry and do a few visit there. but make no mistake. the reason for his visit is to draw attention to region that is facing growing instability on multiple front, whether it be on the climate change front on the security front, but also on food front with prices expected to soar as a result of the ukraine. russia crisis, beijing is pressing ahead with moscow over 900 testing for its 22000000 residents. the chinese capital isn't completely locked down, but restrictions have been tightened for the 5 day labor day holiday that runs until wednesday. if the song is the director of the china institute of the school of oriental in african studies, he says, the chinese government strategy has overlooked the needs of residents. well, from what weekend?
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here, full social media, the anger is very, very strong and tensed. people are very upset and angry, not only because they are being locked up, but also because they are not getting essentially supplies to make life lest unbearable when one was locked down in the 1st instanced will receive support from practically all over the country. when cities are locking guns this year, they are supposed to manage it on their own. and the central government is not mobilizing national resources to support them. it is clearly damaging to the overall reputation of the competence of the communist party. in general terms, what it is not going to be very damaging to shooting things and we felt, even though the serial co policy is
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a shooting thing policy and he is he who is responsible. but the chinese government will make sure that the claims will be painted at the local officials for the implementation of the policy, not on the policy itself. and certainly not on shipping. anyone who challenge that will be suppressed. and a new video from shanghai where people have been in lockdown for more than a month has sparked public outcry. it shows funeral home workers removing a body back from a hearse. the elderly man in side was believed, have dined it a care home. he was bound to be taken to his funeral when workers notice he was still alive. local government confirmed the incident and the care home had apologized for the mistake. australia, central bankers increase interest rates for the 1st time in more than a decade. it says the high case aimed at curving inflation that climbed high and
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faster than expected. the rise of 25 basis points spoke to debate about the health of australia as economy just 2 weeks before federal elections. people in some us face on a low top to severe weather warning was issued for parts of oklahoma and arkansas. tornadoes and winds of up to 90 kilometers in our rips through the region hailstones. the size of golf balls have also been reported. at least 7000 people are without electricity. and in the south, west of the us wildfires are threatening homes. hot, dry winds, fueling flames across arizona, nevada, and new mexico. thousands of people are being for c vacuum, eat rob reynolds. 3 fourths. the biggest active wildfire in the us is tearing through drought stricken forests in new mexico, threatening homes, and forcing thousands of residents to flee for their lives. the smoke
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in the valley was butternut because it was, it came on that point. of course, making money. the fires are visible from outer space. firefighters are dropping flame retardant from helicopters and building fire breaks with bulldozers. a high school gym has been set up as an evacuation center. the fire has burned for nearly a month, destroying $300.00 houses and other structures. dozens of small towns have been evacuated in the rugged sun gray decreased stone mountain. some residence in las vegas, new mexico, east of santa fe, have decided to stay and fight the flames themselves. my home had predicted i went on my property. the weather forecast doesn't hold out much hope there's a man who has come in when the night there is a really,
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really strong or it was a they don't campaign in my wednesday going to be real trouble. large new flyers also broke out in arizona and several other states. according to us agencies, wildfires a bird more than twice as much land this year. as in the same period of 2021. rob reynolds algae 0. to say is world price freedom. day journalist senior gander say it's getting harder to do their job is because of the government crackdown on descent. arise group say it's part of a long running campaign to silence critical voices. herriman tacit reports for these journalists waking. again, that is frustrating and sometimes dangerous. in march, the independent online t v station was rated by security officials, journalists were arrested for what the government court fiber, stalking and offensive communication. some say they were tortured before being
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released on bail. anything in regards to broadcast with pickin, anything regarding to or office equipment from computers to even mia paperwork even receipts me everything with it's for fuel. i mean everything was taken. that's why it was closed and it was as moving around new fine. in fact, i am sure you saw our team as i do as it seems, i'd have reception, we do anything. right? group the keys president julia mas, 70 government of silencing critics, was saying he has been in power since 1986. the opposition say he has become increasingly authoritarian, cracking down on the voices of descent and harassing independent media outlets that he causes that talks on july. i think shia. very appreciate the critical that media plays in a democracy where the trinity and government tend to think that once generally. so media house carries the story that he's in their favor,
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the fighting them. and again, it's them. they do not appreciate the going what is holding lead on to account by exposing much growth, misuse of office and power. again, as government says, it is not trying to muscle the press, but journalists, county allowed to publish false news, commit libel, and fuel incitement. they are not going to come to ignore the media, how or generally, because they are. so you're talking about if there is of grain, i'm the security forces going in there may not targeting that agenda. but some janice in uganda feel the state is targeting them and they say more needs to be done to stick people's rights to freedom of speech and expression. how to melissa auditor. now a space mission with a world 1st difference. then we have left off, ah, museum based rocket lab has launch its electron rock. it taking $34.00 satellites
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into orbit. but it's what happened on the way back to earth that's unique for rock . it was captured as it fell, using a customized helicopter and parachute. the venture was only partly successful because of won't get dropped into the pacific ocean. emmett thompson is a contributor. it's based on com. she explains the significance of what the company's achieved will stay with that love him. as the rocket was falling through the atmosphere, it was outfitted with some parachutes that were helping to slow it down enough that the helicopter could hook on to it. and although there wasn't something quite right with the connection and they had to drop the booster, it's still a significant milestone because this is their 1st attempt and they were partially successful, which is amazing. salt water is very corrosive, and i'm damaging to the parts of the rocket is made out of so they want to try to minimize the exposure to salt water as much as possible. which is why this mid air
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catch was invented, you know, so that they would avoid the booster falling into the ocean at all. and instead they would, i'm sort of drop it on to the deck of the ship. if you look at space acts, which is the only other company right now, that is reusing rockets. the 1st stage accounts for probably about 60 percent of the cost of the rocket. so that's a significant savings when you're talking millions of dollars. ah, her again, i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al jazeera protests have been held outside the u. s. supreme court after league suggesting justices could strike donna keyboarding on abortion rights. the top court has been considering the judgement


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