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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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is unfolding as though we're somehow unique. it's not unique covering the way the news is covered. on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what moves winter been used in current calls that matter to you, ah, relief at last reunions for people freed from the besieged ukrainian city of maria pole, that many more remained tracks. and were with volunteers rescuing people in eastern ukraine despite the risks to their own lives. ah, hello there on the stars the attain. this is al jazeera live from door ha. also coming up. doing all they can to save their homes. wildfires spread farther across
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southwestern states of the us, the violent cracked down by me and mas military junk that we talked to a journalist and forced into exxon. oh, there we go. we got our 1st glimpse of it. and course as it fell from space, we'll explain the latest rocket mission that's got expense excited now attendance to free, more people hold up in the ukrainian city of marian poll, have again hit delays. russian forces are reported to a resume shelling the as of stylus tail wags. soon after the evacuation of at least a 100 civilians. now some of them made it as apple rizza, the only large city in the southeast under ukrainian control from their hot algo meet reports. them is the 1st safe transit point for those fleeing shelling in air strikes, a parking lot outside a shopping mall. aptly named epi,
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cedric all day, long convoys of cars kept arriving. this one was the 1st of the day. la alina gilbert, was born in russia. she could have left her hometown of my you, pl, earlier. but she didn't. i think it's just from when i said, i'm just looking to see him. i was all my relatives live in russia. they're worried about me. they asked me to go their eyes. i love them, but i wouldn't be able to go. i once turned it off and you are born. how can you forgive? there was the possibility to go to russia. there are city buses daily that go to the next summer. but many people want to go to you cream and they don't know how to go throughout the day that just kept on arriving mostly fleeing places like her so really topple but at the ants and other places under russian cont, some were on their last legs. do you am convoy with the civilians
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evacuated from the as of south steel factory is also supposed to arrive here. but just as those who made it out are going through pharaoh security checks by the ukrainians. those on board, the buses are being vetted by the russians. under the safe passage agreement brokerage by the un, only women, children and the elderly are allowed to leave. about a 100 civilians were rescued from the steed works. they have been sheltering and tunneled and bunkers underneath the soviet era. factory. pale and exhausted, they crawled out of the rubble in um, brilliant, rubber floor to take was puts me to carry out some sort of special operation cuz people are under the rebel. we hear them talking, but we can't lift the slabs. you want to clear the rebel outside the bunkers that block the entrance, but we can't because of the shelling the convoys on the move. but as alina most jenko says, driving out of murder,
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you pull involves several hurdles gazelle in last, they kept us forever at the checkpoints, at the last check point, they pushed us back and told us to come at 7 a. m with a promise that we were cross. let us through the conway was huge. they were a lot of people, but only 25 cars made it. the rest returned back russian soldier was shooting in the air. he warned us that next time he will she to kill russia wants to make sure soldiers hold up at the factory. dole sneak out among the civilians. for those who make it, these are difficult but joyful moments, but to dull, still trapped and more you pull. these are dark hours where the end is difficult to predict. what up that hamid al jazeera? separate jack? while meanwhile volunteers and eastern ukraine risking their own lives to rescue people in danger of russian attack, villages, and towns they are being evacuated despite no agreement being in place with either
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moscow or the un correspondent charles stratford and his team boarded a bus, taking people to safety from the frontline town of obviously africa, our volunteer evacuation. dr. a eagle coming live listening to directions from a contact on the front line. there will be a petrol station. you go straight off to the cross roads you turn right. she says, we put on our protective vests and get on the bus you. it's an alice drive to the town of that div come through countryside. that so far doesn't bear the skulls of war. eagles, church group got a call that up to 40. people wanted to be evacuated immediately. he has to move fast because there's been a low in the shelling chart. we feel we have to do something because people have to live. it's as simple as that. when we go, when we are very anxious, but when we get people out, we feel joy, sweet, destroyed buildings begin to appear as we enter town. the bus stops that we walked
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down into a nearby bunker. well, in a fled shelling around the town of cremmit source, with her 2 daughters, uva and maria. she says she is too afraid to leave the relative safety of the underground shelter from what she is going to send it to. madame. all the children are terrified of the shelling shells are hitting buildings near our home. it's not as loud underground. the streets above a virtually empty russian shells have hit residential housing blocks. nearby. people stop boarding the bus. some have bought their pets, sisters moms and dads, the elderly, this terrified old lady told us, i'm so scared and i don't want to die, though her emotion miss, i feel great relief. we live for more than a month in the basement. we are just so thankful. it's very scary. would just have to leave the bus races out of town before the shelling starts. again.
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this is the 1st time in the church. her was received a call from people desperately wanting to get out of out the of these evacuation. now they say 3 days journey to a shelter the wisdom ukraine. there are ongoing evacuation efforts to various villages and towns happening across east and ukraine, but they are not negotiated by the un or greed uphold by russian forces. there is no safe passage for thousands of people like these. charles stratford al jazeera at the of co, eastern ukraine and, and teenagers been killed and a russian strike on the port city in odessa. and miss, i had a residential building with 5 people inside. a gal was also injured and taken to hospital when you're a, his gun innocent your whole today, the russian army launched another few rockets on odessa. they destroyed
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a hostile or killed a 14 year old boy wounded a 17 year old girl. she has a shell fragment in her body. what's the point? what for what tainted those children posed the russian state. moving on and a severe storm that's fort tornadoes is ripping through the us state of oklahoma warnings have been issued for several towns in the east of the state and a neighboring arkansas media have reported. winds of 90 kilometers an hour and hail the size of golf balls. at least 7000 residents are without electricity. wildfires on the problem elsewhere and the u. s. hot dry winds are feeling the flames across the south western states of arizona and nevada and new mexico forcing thousands of evacuations from reynolds reports. the biggest active wildfire in the us is tearing through drought stricken forests in new mexico, threatening homes and forcing thousands of residents to flee for their lives.
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the smoke in the valley was still butternut because it was, it came on that point. of course making money. the fires are visible from outer space firefighters are dropping flame retardant from helicopters and building firebreak with bulldozers. a high school gym has been set up as an evacuation center. the fire has burned for nearly a month, destroying $300.00 houses and other structures. dozens of small towns have been evacuated in the rugged sun great decreased stone mountain, some residence in las vegas, new mexico, east of santa fe, have decided to stay and fight the flames themselves. my home had predicted i went on my property. the weather forecast doesn't hold out much hope there's
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a man who is coming out wednesday night and there's a really, really strong or it was the they don't contain it by wednesday, we're going to be really large. new fires also broke out in arizona and several other states, according to us agencies, wildfire as a bird more than twice as much land this year. as in the same period of 2021, rob reynolds al jazeera, now journalist, forced to exile, is highlighting the violence and persecution faced lie people in man law, as well as mark's press freedom day. he is one of many who fled the country. since the military seized power last year for his safety, we've hidden his identity. i impact learn more young i go on. i'm an editor for catching news group, which reporter news from catching state to people across me in march and around the
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world. john lewis, you know, and is at school. i was inspired by stories about how journalism has changed society. journalism is a change making. it raises awareness of injustices elevates the voices of marginalized people, report to me, resumes, and i am hooking up with me. and mars military took control on february, 1st, 2021. okay. or where test routed around the country. the army responded by cracking down on demonstrators. the media was not silent, so they turned their attention on us. why go? she garland, the military, detain journalist on their offices, took their belongings, that it was a serious situation that said, we worked discreetly and strategically. if the military is unable to find who they weren't, they may target family or friends rob. at the time, i could not sleep or eat actually, it was mentally, extremely stressful. young alumni. after much deliberation,
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we decided to relocate to thailand. most journalists who report the truth or so flipped the border regions. yet in toggle, i can confidently say in may ma, now there is no freedom of expression. even when someone shares something on facebook, they can be detained when you long, long. so now information is more difficult to obtain and verify. freedom of expression has been lost because people are fearful speaking to the media. i work in thailand as a journalist, covering issues in mamma, catching story talk on the my visa status does not reflect this doctor. thus for safety doors must be put solely for margaret. was wrong, ah wish if we are found the way be shut like a mirror, but we would be detained, or possibly deported to married him for days that causes me great concern miss alamba. all stella had here on out there and nothing. i mistake that feeling more
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anger and china's private head. biggest city. oh, in india is one of the latest countries in the wound when muslims are knocking stones at the ease holiday. hello. they will have a look at africa in a moment. the 1st in the middle east and we've seen some pretty unsettled weather here. with a number of sandstorm sweeping in across the la event, we had another one in baghdad. and we could see another one of those on wednesday, thanks to strong a winds at a pushing that sound across further east. now it is wetter up in the north for places like turkey. and as those conditions do edge further south, we are going to do some dramatic drops and temperatures for places like jerusalem.
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if we have a look at the 3 day, it's been extremely hot. here we are going to see a dip right down. by the time we get to thursday, the skies will remain pretty clear. now we are going to see the heat build across the gulf states temperatures touching up into the early forty's. that's in contrast to what's gonna happen across the north of africa. we're gonna see temperatures dipped down for both the northwest corner and the north east, thanks to unsettle conditions, working their way east, with lots of dust kicked up thanks to those winds, blowing across libya for the wet to whether we have to head to that central band of africa, we are seeing the rain, the season rain pick up for the horn of africa. some welcome wet relief here. but further south, when it is pretty bone dry with cape town, and johannesburg, seeing temperature's pick up ah, on counting the cost, the world's richest man is buying twitter. so what we'll a loan moss game board is that
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a huge build up of debt in the world. forest countries, we should put the bill and the poll is running low on foreign currency was this is an economic crisis who may come to the cost on algebra. there is no channel that covers world use like we do. we revisit places to stake deserve really invests in that. and that's a privilege. as a journalist. oh, a hello there i'm home. let's remind you about top stories here. the sound, the 1st group that evacuated from the besieged feel plans in the ukrainian city of mary. a poll has arrived, ends up all region. and mostly women, children,
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and the elderly. that's hundreds more still thought to be tracked than tornado has ripped through the us stage. oklahoma with warnings extending to neighboring states, media have reported. winds of 90 kilometers an hour and hail the size of gulf. meanwhile, firefighters in the us trying to flow ablaze, affecting several southwestern states. hot dry winds fueling the flames across our zone on nevada and new mexico, forcing thousands of evacuations across the region. and more now on the ukraine war and energy ministers of met for an extraordinary session over russian demand, they pay for oil and gas and rubles now the blog says those conditions cannot be met under any circumstances. the energy commissioner has asked. companies do should pay gas prom and just a few days to consider other options. dominic cane reports now from berlin. for years. russian fossil fuels have been a main energy sauce from much of europe on an average day, the e u bies,
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in as much as $1000000000.00 worth of coal, gas, and oil. but moscow is now insisting customers from what it calls hostile states pay for their gas in rubles, and of switched off supply to the bulgarians. and polls for failing to do so, forcing the you into an emergency meeting on energy security, many or banana companies. i try to make that next payment to cast them in, meet may and are trying to understand better, but they should do. and we need to give them the clarity that bank robbers through their conversion, mcneese managed by the russian public authorities. and a 2nd dedicated accounting cast from bank is a violation of the sanctions and cannot be accepted. in essence, this meeting deferred lasting solutions, leaving that option instead for a full e u summit at the head of state level. at the end of the month. the sticking point
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has been how to help members states who are most dependent on russian energy. so what they want to know who's going to take care of them is they're solidarity in the european union. it's one thing, her salad airy when everybody storage is full. will there be solidarity with storage isn't full, and that's germany, for example, has the biggest storage after ukraine. we know the problem and ukraine. they should step up and say, we're going to share with you what we can. the european commission is already said it wants to reduce its dependence on russian energy by 2 thirds this year. but the german government wants to act sooner, where possible agreeing to embargo russian cold from august and wanting to stop using its oil by the end of the summer, with gas to follow as quickly as possible. which means uncertainty for refineries such as sh, fit in eastern german each year. it processes more than $11000000.00 tons of
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russian crude oil. it's currently majority owned by the moscow based company rosen shift in some ways. berlin's changing approach to russian fossil fuels has been a process, not an event. when the war started, ministers avoided encouraging embargoes. but as the conflict in ukraine has evolved, so to has the position here dominant came al jazeera in the german capital. now the phones of spanish prime minister, padre sanchez, and his defense minister had been hacked. government officials say pegasus spyware, which is made by the israeli, and a so group was yours to extract information from sanchez's phone at least once. and comes weeks after it was revealed, dozens of political figures in catalonia, were targeted by spyware. while the un secretary general is urging the military leaders of bikini faso guinea and molly to return to civilian rule. antonia gutierrez, made that appeal and is an on the 2nd day of
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a visit to west africa. he also called for debt relief and greater investment to help african economies recover from the pandemic. could her as will laser meet people who've fled violence and left the hell region. nicholas hoc reports now from senegal, capital decor, whether you and chief made his fast stock. this region has experience a series of cruise in the last year, unprecedented numbers of coo onto new gutierrez, yet again, has called for soldiers to hand over power to civilians. whether it be in kina faso in guinea, but also in molly molly home to the biggest and most expensive un peacekeeping operation, costing a $1000000000.00 a year. but also the deadliest more un peacekeeping soldiers have died there than any previous mission. now he did not visit molly during this tore of west africa, but she did address the issues and the concerns that he has in bobby, a country that is under sanction from the west african body echo us on to sincerely
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in all honesty, i seen with great distress the coo and molly, then, with even greater distress, the 2nd cou. i'm convinced we need to keep engaging with molly. that's what we're doing. and i hope it will be possible to have an agreement between molly and echo was to agree on an acceptable time for the transition period. and that molly is reintegrated within the echo. last framework. i don't comment on measures taken by others on what i want is molly to have the flexibility to agree with x, y, and bring no morality in this country. and i'm sure it'll solve all the other issues. he also addressed looming triple crisis affecting people in west africa, food, energy, and finance. this he says, are or direct effect of the crisis taking place in europe, thousands of miles away from the african continent. he warns that the fall out of
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that may push a quarter of a 1000000000 people into extreme poverty. most of them right here in west africa says that that has also been made worse by climate change. extreme drought has badly affected countries in this a hell, specifically, new share in this is something that president bassoon of news year addressed. news impose faster is if it, today's well compels us to face the effects of climate change that brings about recurring droughts. like the one we're experiencing now, getting to major deficit. all this happens in a context of rising cost of merging transportation already because of cov, it. and now because of the crisis in europe, fertilizing products have also seen the prices rise. it's a real nightmare for us today. the secretary general will meet those displays in the multi burkina faso nice air tri border area. people that have been facing
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attacks from i'm groups linked to iceland al qaeda, but also from climate change shall then move on to travel to nigeria, where he'll meet the president hurry and do a few visit there. but make no mistake. the reason for his visit is to draw attention to region that is facing growing instability on multiple front, whether it be on the climate change front on the security front, but also on food front with prices expected to soar as a result of the ukraine. russia crisis, a violence broke out in east european capital at isabella after morning. prayers to celebrate ede protested, threw stones at government buildings and police, who responded with tear gas. people are angry about violence in the north of ethiopia that's led to the deaths of muslims, and the city of gondo, all muslims around the world are celebrating the eat fish are holiday. knocking the end of ramadan with the easing of pandemic restrictions. mass prayers and mosques and celebrations are again a hallmark of the holiday,
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though about manly reports daybreak and serious it lip city pres, month, the end, the islamic holy month of ramadan and the completion of a month of forcing from dawn to dusk. 1 ah, but you don't fit, it is a time the celebrations and to spite in the city. this be rocked by civil war since 2012 but for some of the countries rebel held northwest. it's a solemn occasion. oh, in this historic mosque, in cairo, people arrive on mass for pres, under lot in numbers than have been seen in years due to the pandemic. again, laid on of course, eat prior as a joyous were so in the past couple of years, we couldn't enjoy it because of quarantine on a night time coffee. but this yes, different the day is celebrated with balloons on traditional ice free quote. cap
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muslims usually break the ro, madame forth with the 1st fighting of the crescent moon. for most, this fellow monday in india. this was fully to the next day. leaders from the u. s . and counter sent that best wishes to more than 2000000000 muslims across the world. mozy mergers in my administration have key roles and tracking the climate crisis. rebuilding our economy, shade, guardian, r e, o. restore in our alliances, and so much more. after 2 hard years. this ramadan and this ead has brought everyone back together, rushing muslims and catherine city accept a holiday like through many across the world with prayers, new clothes, food and festivities. even though the worn ukraine has caused a search and food prices, yet almost almost one issue, i think that muslims around the whole world of trying for people need is the welfare of the families for a peaceful largest. this is lovek holiday,
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is the time to gather and celebrate. and now, so many can for the 1st time in years, laura burton badly al jazeera, near video from china's largest city, has triggered another public outcry as it battles to contain coven 19. now it shows a body bag being removed from a hearse and shanghai. the man inside it was about to be taken to his own funeral. when workers noticed he was actually still alive. he was taken back inside a care home. the local government has confound the incident and the nursing home has apologized for their mistake. while c, steve sang, is the director of the china institute at the school of oriental and african studies. he says the government's coven! 19 strategy has overlooked the needs of residents. well, from what we can't hear, foods are so media. the anger is very,
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very strong. anyone tensed people are very upset and angry. not only because they are being locked up, but also because they are not getting essentially supplying nice to meet life lest unbearable when one was locked down in the 1st instanced, war hun receive support from practically all over the country. when cities are locking dungy this year, they are supposed to manage it on their own. and the central government is not willing national resources to support them. it is clearly damaging to the overall reputation of the competence of the communist party in general terms. but it is not going to be very damaging to shooting things. and so, even though the serial co policy is a shooting being policy and he is he who is responsible for the chinese government
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will make sure that the claims will be pinned at the local officials, 40 implementation of the policy not on the policy itself. and certainly not when she jumping and the one who challenge that will be suppressed or hundreds of people has gathered outside the us. supreme court. following a leaked draft opinion that it's poised to overturn a ruling which legalized abortion nationwide. the justices are expected to issue their ruling on the case by early july. you're watching live pictures now from outside the supreme court. now neither the supreme court nor the wife house has commented on the authenticity of the lease draft. we'll have more on that for you here on out there as we get it. now, a space mission with a wild 1st difference can we have looked up. ah,
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new zealand based rocket lab has launch sits electron rocket taking 34 satellites into orbit. but it's what happened on the way back to earth. it's unique. the rocket was captured as it fell, using a customized helicopter and a parachute. the venture was only partially successful though, because the rocket was later dropped into the pacific ocean. while i spoke to amy thompson, she is a contributor at space dot com and she explained the significance of what the company's achieved here. as the rocket was falling through the atmosphere, it was outfitted with some parachutes that were helping to slow it down enough that the helicopter could hook on to it. and although there wasn't something quite right with the connection and they had to drop the booster, it's still a significant milestone because this is their 1st attempt. and they were you partially successful, which is amazing. salt water is very corrosive, and i'm damaging to the parts that the rocket is made out of. so they want to try
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to minimize the exposure to salt water as much as possible, which is why this mid air catch was invented, you know, so that, that would avoid the booster falling into the ocean at all. and instead they would, i'm sort of drop it on to the deck of a ship. if you look at space acts, which is the only other company right now that is reusing rockets. the 1st stage accounts for probably about 60 percent of the cost of the rocket. so that's a significant savings when you're talking millions of dollars. ah, hello, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. a group of civilians who escaped the besieged, ukrainian city of maria pole have arrived in the upper risha city. they are expected to be followed by a group of around another 100 people who are trapped from 2 months and the vast.


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