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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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is not sufficiently regulated, they don't want people to know what's happening on their classes. and when will society catch up? 10 people that i knew in high school that may see the same bull lines investigate toxic feed, social media and teen mental health on al jazeera. ah, relief her being reunited, relatives meet those free from barrier poll, but many others remain trapped to the city. still works complex surrounded by russian forces. ah, hello rob of jobs. they were like, we're headquarters here in doha. also coming up the volunteers rescuing people in easton, ukraine from relentless russian bombardment. despite the risk to their own lives.
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also violence or upstream prior to about get the rabbit underneath you. obvious capital with anger on your killing of 20 muslims early in the week. at the head of world press freedom day, joe, listen, uganda say it's becoming more difficult to report to to a government crackdown of dissent. welcome to the program attempts to evacuate most villians from the devastated ukrainian city of barrier poll. have been hit by yet more delays. russian forces are reported to started shelling b as of style still works again on sunday. following the evacuation of at least a 100 civilians, hundreds more still thought to be trapped there. now they've been on the ground for weeks in the dark warren of bunkers beneath the complex sheltering from relentless russian bombardment, with little food, water, and medicines, people evacuated were taken to the russian hill town. a bessy meadow moscow says 5075 to ease of chosen to remain in separatist areas,
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but the cold voice final destination is supple, richer, the only large city in the southeast under ukrainian control. that's for where hot abdel hobbies reports on the flu is the 1st safe transit point for those fling. shelling in air strikes, a parking lot outside a shopping mall. aptly named epi centre. all day long convoys of cars kept arriving. this one was the 1st of the day, la elena gilbert was born in russia. she could have left her hometown of mer, you ple earlier, but she didn't. i think it's just on my cell phone just a little i see him. i mean, all my relatives live in russia. they're worried about me. they asked me to go their eyes. i love them, but i wouldn't be able to go. i once turned it on and you are born to how can you forgive? there was the possibility to go to russia. there are 3 buses daily that go to then
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yet to cover. but many people want to go to ukraine and they don't know how to run . throughout the day they just kept on arriving mostly fleeing. places like her son, merely topple but of the ants and other places under russian control. some were on their last legs. do you am convoy with the civilians evacuated from the as of south steel factory is also supposed to arrive here. but just as those what made it out are going through barrow security checks by the ukrainians. those on board, the buses are being vetted by the russians. under the safe passage agreement, broken by the un, only women, children and the elderly are allowed to leave. about a 100 civilians were rescued from the steed works. they have been sheltering in tunnels and bunkers underneath the soviet a factory. tail and exhausted,
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they crawled out of the rubble in i'm calling from abroad to say it was fritz me to carry out some sort of special operation because people are under the rebel. we hear them talking, but we can't lift the slabs. you want to declare the rebel outside the bunkers, the block, the entrance, but we can't because of the shelling the convoys on the move. but as olean, almost jenko says, driving out of moore, you pull involves several hurdles gazelle in last, they kept us ever at checkpoints. at the last checkpoint, they pushed us back and told us to come at 7 a. m, with a promise that we were cross. he led us through the conway was huge. they were a lot of people, but only 25 cars made it. the rest returned back russian soldier was shooting in the air. he warned us that next time he will she to kill. russia wants to make sure soldiers hold up at the factory dole sneak out among the civilians. for those who make it. these are difficult but joyful moments, but too dull,
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still trapped and more you pull. these are dark hours where the end is difficult to predict. what up that hamid al jazeera, zachary jam? this is what's another vacuum for, mary paul had to say after arriving in john reacher. yet we couldn't use that initial oh, the nerves, we survive something that god forbid happens to anyone else. we need some long therapy. us and the children to it was a real risk, but they wanted to get from mobile. so we decided to worth it. i have other relative to still in mobile. perhaps one of my uncle is in his in courses. so i don't know where he is. so so we're waiting volunteers in easton, ukraine,
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putting their lives at risk to rescue people in danger of russian attack. villages and towns are being evacuated despite no agreement between or being in place with moscow. all the un correspondent charles transferred to the steamboat, the bus, taking evacuees to safety from the front line town of africa, our volunteer evacuation. dr. a. eagle come and have listened to directions from a contact on the front line. there will be a petrol station. you go straight off to the cross roads, you turn right. she says, we put on our protective vests and get on the bus you. it's an alice drive to the founder that goes through countryside. that so far doesn't bear the skulls of war. egos, church group got a call, the doctor 40 people wanted to be evacuated immediately. he has to move fast because there's been a low in the shelling. much much we feel we have to do some think because people have to live. it's as simple as that. when we go in, we are very anxious,
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but when we get people out, we feel joy, others being destroyed, buildings begin to appear as we enter town. the bus stops and we walked down into a nearby bunker. all in our fled shelling around the town of cremmit tossed with her 2 daughters, uva and maria. she says she is too afraid to leave the relative safety of the underground shelter. i have been watching these can attend to snap the children are terrified of the shelling shells are hitting buildings near our home. it's not as loud under ground that if the streets above a virtually empty russian shells have hit residential housing blocks nearby. people stop boarding the bus, some have bought their pets, sisters moms and dads, and the elderly. this terrified old lady told us, i'm so scared and i don't want to die,
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nor her emotion miss. i feel great relief. we live for more than a month in the basement. we are just so thankful. it's very scary. would just have to leave you a the bus races out of town before the shilling starts again. this is the 1st time the church of eric was received, a call from people desperately wanting to get out of these evacuation now 3 days, journey to a shelter in western new grade. there are ongoing evacuation efforts to various villages and towns happening across east in ukraine, but they are not negotiated by the us or agreed upon by russian forces. there is no safe passage for thousands of people like these channels out 0 of the cur, eastern ukraine. a teenager has been killed in a russian strike all the pulses of a death of the miss, all his residential building with 5 people inside the young girl was also injured
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and taken to hospital russian forces and increased attacks on the city in recent weeks. while it is nightly address, ukrainian impressive la vigilance expressed outrage at the odessa attack. when you're coming from your home today, the russian army launched another few rockets on a desa. they destroyed a hostile or killed a 14 year old boy wounded a 17 year old girl. she has a shell fragment in her body. what's the point? what for what tainted those children posed the russian states. the ukrainian officials say russian rockets have struck again. the important bridge near a desa, it's unclear if the remains open. it remains open to traffic, but the bridge forms part of the road and railing from odessa across the dentist. the river estuary is where to be hit twice in recent russian attacks. well, israel has demanded an apology from moscow to russian foreign minister, sir,
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gala ross remarks, claiming that adults hitler had jewish blood, rushes ambassador, was somebody for talks. a lot of walls is that the ukrainian presidents, jewish heritage doesn't contradict bosco's claims that the country is run by not sees the either the claim, but in his words, some of the worst anti semite, a jews, theories that hitler was part jewish. why they dismiss, rejected by historians, the chairman of israel holla calls the beauregard beacham, has called the remarks of horror and despicable and contrary to historical truth reference to the ukrainian korean government that the president the landscape, particularly as mad please. also, if the actually is the distortion of the holocaust than the gratian of the victims of the holocaust because the nazi mean, something like that. so it's something terrible. so we can then also the strongest,
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does the flows equivalent made by for the liver of another russian, a patient, not you energy ministers of met for an extra recession over russia, demands they pay for oil and gas it rubles, the blog says those conditions could be better than any circumstances, the energy commissioner has asked companies that are due to pay gas probe in a few days to consider other options. dominic came house ball for berlin. for years . russian fossil fuels have been a main energy source from much of europe on an average day, the e u bies, in as much as $1000000000.00 worth of coal, gas, and oil. but moscow is now insisting customers from what it calls hostile states pay for their gas in rubles, and of switched off supply to the bulgarians. and polls for failing to do so, forcing the you into an emergency meeting on energy security, many or banana companies. i try to make that next payment to cast them in,
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meet may and are trying to understand better, but they should do. and we need to give them the clarity that bank robbers, through their conversion mechanics managed by the russian public authorities. and a 2nd dedicated accounting cast from bank is a violation of the sanctions and cannot be accepted. in essence, this meeting deferred lasting solutions, leaving that option instead for a full e u summit at the head of state level. at the end of the month. the sticking point has been how to help members states who are most dependent on russian energy. so what they want to know who's going to take care of them is they're solidarity in the european union. it's one thing her solitary, when everybody storage is full, will there be solidarity with storage isn't full and that's germany. for example, has the biggest storage after ukraine. we know the problem and ukraine. they should step up and say,
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we're going to share with you what we can. the european commission has already said it wants to reduce its dependence on russian energy by 2 thirds this year. but the german government wants to act sooner, where possible agreeing to embargo russian cold from august and wanting to stop using its oil by the end of the summer, with gas to follow as quickly as possible. which means uncertainty for refineries such as sh, fit in eastern germany each year. it processes more than $11000000.00 tons of russian crude oil. it's currently majority owned by the moscow based company, but all sniffed in some ways. berlin's changing approach to russian fossil fuels has been a process, not an event. when the war started, ministers avoided encouraging embargoes. but as the conflict in ukraine has evolved, so to has their position here, dominant cane al jazeera in the german capital. while stella had here all al
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jazeera, at a blow to labour, organized as i was on warehouse workers overwhelmingly reject a bit to utilize a large while fossa barrier to control across the southwest region. off the us on firefighters say things will get worse before they get better, those stories after the break. hello there. let's have a look at the weather across north america and has one weather system pulls away. we've got another one coming in behind it. now this one's going to drop some heavy snow across more than areas of the rockies and dip temperatures down in places like way. oh me and colorado. now behind it, we are seeing dry conditions for much of the southwest that critical fire wildfire
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warning remaining. here we're going to see temperatures in san francisco and los angeles pick up by the time we get into the mid week. now we have got some wet or whether that's going to pull across the east coast, but temperatures here are also on the up. much of that rain is going to roll away from the great great lakes towards new england and eastern areas of canada. now we still got that warm air rising up from the gulf and as it meets those cooler conditions, we could see some severe storms or once again rolling across the south east. we could possibly see some tornadoes with that. they're talking about heavy rain as we had to central america. we see some of the heaviest falls for the bahamas and turks and the cake of islands in the days that had some of that pushing into cuba with thunderstorms in havana well towards the weekend. but for much of mexico, it's a fine and dry picture that should weather update. ah,
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one of the fastest growing nations in the cut over then development international should come with 3 of filling up from the world. one, it was gateway to world trade. oh, a book about kill watching, lisa. how rob, the reminder of all stories. the 1st group of evacuation from the besieged steel
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plant is not a poll have arrived in jeopardy of actuators. will be the best of women and children as well as the elderly. hundreds more still thought to be trapped. a teenager has been killed as russian forces talk to the residential area of the ukrainians. desa, rush, rockets, also tropic crucial bridge data port city. for 3rd time of the use energy commissioner rebuffed the kremlin to man holger payments related roubles despite threat of supply interruption. congress says the european company should consider other payment options. the violence has broken and city a few capital at a saba after boarding press to celebrate either the end of the holy. but the rabbit symbol slips protested through stones that government buildings and police responded by firing. take us as anger about the violence of the door of the country that has led to the deaths of bush lives in the city of god does not ethiopia
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journalists and build gas to has more from the south of this was an iep celebration that's been happening in this sob, may god open space square and named moscow square. hundreds and thousands of people do attend. they do not just occupy the space of the square, but the goal, they stretch all the way to, you know, some of the neighborhoods in the bully area. the push a bully and want from it. there was, according to the id, some of a police are, there were a young people throwing stones in light of what happened in the corner, a town of wonder, and i'm her region, which they felt that the muslims have been targeted. in particular, 21 was limbs were allegedly killed a why christians, they alleged and that's why they were throwing stones and really destroyed properties according to the ethiopian government. but the job and security decided
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to use tier guys who try to bring this up. a young people under control and there has been lots of people that have been injured. there hasn't been any a, you know, anyone that have died so far according to the german government. but there are many, many children that have been missing and the government and the local organizations on tried to unite this children to their families in what is should be a holy day for muslims in ethiopia, around 200000 palestinians of lot, either 15 by attending prize of the alex of most competent, occupied east jerusalem tension has been high in recent weeks following incursions by fall right? ultra nationalists jewish groups. now the phones of the spanish prime minister, paris under his and his defense minister had been hacked. government officials, they pegasus fire, which is made by the israeli n s o group,
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was used to extract information from suntrust as so at least once they haven't said who they suspect to responsible. high court judges are investigating the security breach of the government phase are also being checked and it comes just weeks after is revealed at dozens of political figures in catalonia, were targeted by spyware. the security generalised urging the military leaders of bacchanal fast so giddy of mali to return to civilian rule until he gets harish. made the appeal in the share of the 2nd day of a visit, west africa heals, urge debt relief, a greater investment to help african economies recover from the pandemic. goods harish were late to be people who fled violets in this hell region. nicholas hank reports not from senegal capital, darker, but good harish made his 1st stop. this region has experience a series of cruise in the last year, unprecedented numbers of coo onto new terrace,
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yet again has called for soldiers to hand overpower to civilians. whether it be in burkina, faso in guinea, but also in molly molly, hold to the biggest and most expensive un peacekeeping operation, costing a $1000000000.00 a year. but also the deadliest more un peacekeeping soldiers have died there than any previous mission. now he did not visit molly during this tour of west africa, but he did address the issues and the concerns that he has in bobby, a country that is under sanction from the west african body echo us on to sincerely in all honesty i seen with great distress, coo and molly, then with even greater distress. the 2nd qu, i'm convinced we need to keep engaging with molly. that's what we're doing. and i hope it will be possible to have an agreement between molly. an echo was to agree on an acceptable time for the transition period and that molly is reintegrated within the echo last framework. i don't comment on measures taken by others on what
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i want is molly to have the flexibility to agree with x, y, and bring back no morality in this country. and i'm sure it'll solve all the other issues. he also addressed looming triple crisis affecting people in west africa, food, energy, and finance. this he says, are or direct effect of the crisis taking place in europe, thousands of miles away from the african continent. he warns that the fall out of that may push a quarter of a 1000000000 people into extreme poverty. most of them right here in west africa says that that has also been made worse by climate change. extreme drought has badly affected countries in this a hell, specifically, new share in this is something that president bassoon, of nuclear addressed. news impose differ faster as if it,
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today's well compels us to face the effects of climate change that brings about recurring droughts. like the one we're experiencing now, getting to major deficit. all this happens in the context of rising cost of merging transportation already because of cov, it. and now because of the crisis in europe, fertilizing products have also seen the prices rise. it's a real nightmare for us today. the secretary general will meet those display to in the molly burkina faso nice air tri border area. people that have been facing attacks from i'm groups linked to iceland al qaeda, but also from climate change shall then move on to travel to nigeria, where, who meet the president hurry and do a few visit there. but make no mistake. the reason for his visit is to draw attention to region that is facing growing instability on multiple front, whether it be on the climate change front, on the security front, but also on food front with prices expected to soar as
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a result of the ukraine. russia crisis as a workers at warehouse in new york have rejected the bid to form a union. it's the major law the labor organizers, and it comes just a month after workers at a nearby factory voted in favor of unionizing. a 1st for the company in the us. what retail giant amazon is the 2nd largest employer in the us. gabriel. it's under follow event for smart side to the count in new york. this is certainly a defeat for the amazon labor union movement by nearly 2 to one workers at this amazon warehouse in new york voted not to unionize. certainly the mood was somber as many of the union leaders left this federal building behind me where the vote tally was counted. this is what a few of the amazon labor union leaders had to say. this is a very small battle in a very large war. so if jeff bader thinks he has won,
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he has not. if jeff bader thinks that we're not going to come back to l d j 5, and when it later i was disappointed, we're all disappointed about by the outcome. and l g j 5. but we're still optimistic about the moving going forward. this is all part of a broader unionization effort in the united states that we've seen in recent months and years. it's not only workers at amazon, but we've seen workers that as well at places like starbucks and apple stores as well, starting to unionize, or at least discussing the possibility of unionizing. now this was certainly a big defeat here for this amazon union efforts, but it comes a month after a big victory where workers at another amazon warehouse voted to unionize. in what was considered by many to be one of the most significant workers rights unionization efforts in nearly a generation. clearly though, on this most recent of vote, amazon spent millions of dollars trying to defeat this unionization effort. and
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clearly it worked. germany in uganda say it's getting harder to do their jobs because of the government crackdown on dissent. rights group say it's part of a long running campaign to silence critical voices. i am a toss a house. the story for these journalists waking again that is frustrating and sometimes dangerous. in march, the independent online t. v station was rated by security officials, journalists were arrested for what the government court fiber, stalking and offensive communication. some say they were tortured before being released on bail. anything in regards to broadcast with pickens, anything regarding to or office equipment from computers to even mia paperwork even receipts me everything with it's for you when i mean everything was taken. that's why we close because as move our own to find i'm sure you saw our
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team i you do as it seems i tell our reception, we do anything. right group the keys president. let me save you. government of silencing critics was saying he has been in power since 1986. the opposition say he has become increasingly authoritarian, cracking down and voices of descent and harassing independent media outlets that it causes that talks on july. i think shia fairly or to appreciate the critical that media plays in a democracy where the security and government tend to think that once generally. so media house curry, the story that in their favor the fighting them and again, it's them. they do not appreciate the going what is holding lead to account more by exposing much growth, misuse of office and power. again, as government says, it is not trying to muscle the press, but journalists can't be allowed to publish. false news, commit libel,
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and fuel incitement. they are not going to ignore a media how or general death because they are so you're talking about if dentists of grain, i'm the security forces going in there may not targeting that agenda, but some janice in uganda feel the state is targeting them and they say more needs to be done to respect people's rights to freedom of speech and expression. hartaman casa auditor, firefighters in the us are trying to slow and expanding, while it's affecting several southwestern states. hot dry winds fueling the flames across arizona, nevada, and new mexico, forcing thousands to be evacuated across the region. rob reynolds report, the biggest active wildfire in the us is tearing through drought stricken forests in new mexico, threatening homes, and forcing thousands of residence to flee for their lives. the smoke
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in the building with butternut because it was, it came on that point. that's when of course, making money. the fires are visible from outer space. firefighters are dropping flame retardant from helicopters and building fire breaks with bulldozers. a high school gym has been set up as an evacuation center. the fire has burned for nearly a month, destroying $300.00 houses and other structures. dozens of small towns have been evacuated in the rugged sun. great increase though mountains. some residence in las vegas, new mexico, east of santa fe, have decided to stay and fight the flames. themselves my home had predicted i went on my property the weather forecast doesn't hold out much hope there's a man coming out wednesday night and there's a really,
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really strong or it was a they don't contain it by wednesday. we're going to be really large. new fires also broke out in arizona and several other states. according to us agencies, wildfires, a bird more than twice as much land this year. as in the same period of 2021, rob reynolds al jazeera. ah, what's out there with me? said robin in doha reminder volatile stories. the 1st group of evacuated from the besieged steel plant in merrier poll. horizons operate, show those vacuum rated, were made basically of women children and the elderly. hundreds more are still thought to be trapped. a teenager has been killed out, the russian forces talk to the residential area and the ukrainian city of a desert, russian rock.


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