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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ah, oh, shatter official, and on the journey with this is al jazeera ah 11 o'clock, this isn't news our lie from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes civilians freed from a procedure deal plan tomorrow pole, head to safety. health during, during weeks of russian, bombardments. i'm out of the law. me does up morisha, but is civilians evacuated from the as a spouse, the factory and where you both are expected to arrive. we report from easton ukraine, where russian forces are making steady advances ahead of
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a major push. and the don best region. deed celebrations, turn violent in ethiopia will be live in addis ababa. and welcome back to music visitors from 60 countries of free to fly in again, 2 years of conclusion in sport highlights from the n b a. playoffs as the conference. and we finally get underway. and in tennis, the games biggest names speak out against when wouldn't decisions have been russian and better. russian players say russia has reportedly resumed shelling in the as of style still works. in mario poll following the evacuation of civilians, ukrainian president vladimir zalinski says about a 100 people have been freed. after being trapped in the vast complex for almost 2 months are expected to arrive in the ukraine in controlled city of separation. in the next few hours, alexi brian has
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a diesels crawling out of the rubble of maria poles as of style steel plant and finally on their way to safety. these people have been sheltering and bankers and tunnels underneath the complex, as it came under continuous bombardment by russian forces. i mean, we've been waiting here for 2 months. they tell how they were running out of food the the will say, other children always wanted to eat me. you know, adults can wait for food stamps with the man. filming this video, released by ukraine's, as of battalion says, they're trying to get people out while the russians aren't shooting. the evacuation was part of what the united nations called a safe passage operation during a temporary cease fire agreed by russia and ukraine. honestly managed to day, finally, we managed to stop the evacuation of the people from as of style. after many weeks of negotiations and many different meetings, people calls countries,
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proposals. finally, there was not a single day that we didn't try to find a solution to ensure the safe rescue of those people up to a 1000 civilians and 2000 ukrainian fighters. i believe to have ended up inside the plant surrounded by russian forces in the last ukrainian held territory. and the port city people who were evacuated, spoke of the terror they experienced and of having to live in darkness for more than 60 days. it go down from when the shell started landing out of a star. i thought my heart would stop and i would not survive it. a ukrainian commander still in the bunker. it says there is not enough water. and the air smells of decomposing bodies. you're medusa! sure, oh, glad separate. all right, so i hope the evacuations will continue for what hope our government and a 3rd party, the un mission, the red cross will all try to evacuate all civilians, not only from the plans, but from mario colon general. i also hoped to evacuate all the injured and killed some who have accurate all soldiers who are here now. i will. some of those
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evacuated when to the russian held village of busy men, others hated to ukrainian territory, the city of separation. maria, pull authorities, say, a 100000 people remained, and what's left of the city with hundreds more below ground at the steel works. a factory that's become a symbol of ukrainian resistance. alexia bryan al jazeera mo, some evacuees were expected to be taken to the city of february jer, which is where we're going to now order abraham at or corresponded to joins us live from there, and how to bring us up to speed with the latest. and when are we expecting the evacuation to arrive? well, that's a very difficult question to answer. now, if we're talking about the evacuees found the as of style steel factory, we do know at this stage, according to the region administration, he ends up parisha that the convoy has left mar, you pull,
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it's on root is still in russian control territory hasn't crossed that last checkpoint, that would bring them on the ukranian side so that should they take a while still along the road. they are russian checkpoints and that the each checkpoint as we understand it are they are going to be searched over and over again. now, they are many evacuations that are due to happen today. the u. n. has been negotiating with both the russian defense ministry and the ukrainian events ministry to also evacuate civilians who are not in the steelworks. those who are left behind in moore, you pull it has put or indicated that this jew meeting points outside of the it is the city of for them to join. then a convoy to come here to you. and as they told me in the past days that they could bring up to a 1000 people out of money, you pull and then there is also the evacuation carried out by this city council of
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mar. you pull that the meeting point for that was by the port are the cities to council says it is going according to scheduled. but so far what we have seen arriving here is convoys of cars. but people are getting out on their own initiative from are you pulled from hassan and from but other embattled area. but those are people who had organized themselves with volunteers and made their way here. those big convoys were still waiting for them. right. and is quite an operation clearly, where will the evacuees be sent after they arrive, where you all well, that's really on a personal basis. some of them want to go and join family. they have somewhere around the country. some of them want to go west to live even yesterday i was picking actually to a mother with her 2 children and her,
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her mother. and she was saying that she actually wanted to leave the country for a little bit, get a little bit of rest. it's very difficult for these people because you have to remember that no men of fighting age is evacuated and the russians are making sure that that does not happen, especially when it comes to the as a style as deal factory. but so either torn families and these are people who, when they arrive here, they get in that tent behind me, they get whatever they need. there's close this food, the old kind of supports they can get are they could go if they wanted to in a, one of the reception areas. some schools have been set up to bring in displaced people so they can live there few days. but then they have to move to have to keep on moving to make place for those the others to keep on arriving. but there is not one place where they're just being taken and they just stay together. it's really on a personal basis or product or back with you. the day goes on. how to handle hammered . there, thanks very much. so what is the impact of war on civilians trapped in bunkers and
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cities facing constant bombardments? we're joined now by you live or a very over who's in bucharest. eula escaped the occupied city of kirsten a few days ago, eula, at what you and countless others are going through something we cannot imagine. so we thank you for speaking to us and helping the world appreciate what is happening in ukraine or perhaps paint picture 1st, if you would, what was your life like just before the invasion. what were you expecting to do? what your plans? well, the, her, the way the way should i remember clearly the night before the 24th of february i was laying down sleep and thinking so much so wow, i have so much things to new this week. i need to go to my university. i need to do my or who to english for a little want. 8 i need to do my session in the, in the library with my friends where we play, don't people talking and i need to. 2 go to the missing for another job. i want to
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get the morning. i have a pretty normal life. the city was really no i did was why it's not a big was happening there each other and then it all changed then something changed? yes, i remember waking up, my mother came to my room and say like julia wake up, were started. i turned off walk and looked out the window and see a big amount of fire building up around the area behind the cd. and i was thinking, oh no, it's come live to close the place to come in our thinking. i remember that what was life like under occupation? what was it like living with the, with the russians? what was happening? oh, was happening a lot of things. so firstly, there were a lot of wall meters, i remember staying in my basement for hours at a time, and mo,
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and i remember sleeping there and staying there was kids giving them all the opportunity. i can to make them not hear the noise of one beats because it was really close to our apartments. oh, when ever. and when the russians came in the city and they made some checkpoints around the city where they were looking on old, the documents of mans and women and eve. and they checking their phones there, sometimes getting people naked, to chat for any tattoos. and if they see that too, and people are seeing on or no, no, i'm not thinking boards anymore, they're getting people sandpaper and making them scratchy, they're there to use off with the sent hipa. well, sometimes people were kidnapped or me if people were poor ukrainian thoughts and saying yes, i'm like a great day. we're not murdered. firstly, they were kidnapped and made you will suffer with electricity. a breaking balls
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with shunting in the arms and lamps are just not too just to stop for as much as they can. possibly some of those people are dead right now. they caused to an ability for food or medicine to come and do. for example, my grandma, she suffers rom, perkins on desist. she is in a great thing right now. she cannot walk or move just because she for dose last year is no longer able to get her medicine could. so disturb me, as i say, unimaginable. you have managed to get out your in bucharest now as i say, but you had to leave loved ones behind who did you leave behind? i love behind my father and. 6 my grandma, our grandma, they're both really and so that's why my dad decided to stay. so we will be for the to be there to leave for me and my mother and my father is taking care of my grandma,
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who is not able to walk. he searching for pills all the time and are you in touch with him? are you able to speak to them 1st firstly? yeah. been in touch by your russian day in harrison and some part of the. 2 region, they brought all the work and all the connection wires, so there is no, not every single sign all to talk to them. it was the 30th of april at 7 pm, all network and the connection was cut off and we had no ability to hear from them from the point i remember calling to my grandma and this day as well. and she was saying, but she will, will please fine, but something will go in there and i don't know what's happening right now. so it's really disturbing that we've run out of time. but thank you so much for speaking to his radio. you become a re unite with your family soon and you can return home and,
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and rebuild from this, this tragedy and chaos. thank you. thank you. care to explosions, have been heard in russia's belgrade region near the border with the cray. no casualties have been reported for a fire at a military site there on sunday. similar fires and explosions at russian military bases have raised suspicions of sabotaged or attacks ukrainian forces. while russia is intense via tax aimed at seizing more territory in easton ukraine. and that is the new frontline, the town of adoption, pia was targeted on saturday. 7 people were injured when a residential building was struck. it's enough from charl stratford, who has more on the east new fence from that town of pia. the russian missile slammed into the grilled only meters away from this block of flats who knows how many people would have been killed if it had been a direct hit. another attack was pulled vladimir putin so called special operation
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in ukraine, wrecking civilian lives. even from doors deep inside the building buckled on to the force of last. good miller has lived here in the eastern tailed of the propeller for more than 50 years off by his crafty sin whom i live here alone. as my husband was killed mining coal and my son died. i had gone out for a walk when it hit. i know how like he, i am to be alive, but i have virtually nothing left. how can i live on? i don't know. that old firmly portrait lies among the rubble books. her deceased husband used to read, stand to be destroyed. bookcase family members have come to help. look miller clear . the debrief olga holds a chunk of shrapnel. she failed on the sitting room floor floor. there was the j b m. why did they hit here?
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this is a residential apartment block. why, for what are the tanks? here are the soldiers. this is not a battlefield. we have a school here and kindergarten. civil defense teams attached policy sheets to one of luke villas, destroyed when those other residents throw the remnants of their belongings on the pavement below. only 7 people suffered minor injuries explosion. it's incredible that nobody was killed in this attack. and it comes at a time when, according to the ukrainian army, russian forces are preparing for a major offensive. and they are increasingly attacking areas like this one well behind the front line, close by a vast crater scarves, the woodland, where another missile exploded. the cranium military says russian forces a gradually increasing the intensity of their offensive and eastern ukraine. tattered wallpaper hangs in shawls from lou miller's kitchen wall. she says she
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hopes the ukrainian army can keep russian forces back. and she doesn't know what she will do. if the comb shall stop it, al jazeera, the little pillow eastern, you cried. well now european union energy ministers, a juice, hold, an emergency meeting after russia, cut deliveries, of gas to poland and bulgaria. some you member state to try to phase out the blocks reliance on rationale, gas impulse. the u gets 40 percent of its natural gas from russia, a more than a quarter of its crude oil and rushes biggest you customer that's germany, aims to be fully independent of rational impulse. later this year it's already reduced them from 35 to 12 percent. but it remained to be consumer of russian gas, but banning russian energy is complicated. not everybody is onboard hungry, relies heavily on russian gas and oil supplies and is resisting a ban over concerns of economic damage. other countries taking large volumes of
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russian gas and they include actually australia and slid back. yeah. so let's try to unravel all of this dominant cane, joined his life now from berlin. so dominic it is a complicated is no. tell us more about this meeting. what do we expect to the aim behind this meeting pretty clearly is to provide support to those 2 countries. you're talking about their neck to the polls until the vulgarians, who had their supplies of russian gas halted because they were not prepared to pay the russian provider in roubles, which was the demand that had been placed on many differently. you countries who are recipients of russian natural gas. that's the aim. the question is, what measures could really be brought in to try to provide any degree of security remembering as you were just pointing out to us there quite how dependent all sorts of different countries off on russia, 4 different sources of energy. be that coal,
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be that gas be the oil? so people talking about sanctions, embargoes and that sort of thing. the question is, what really material will come out of this meeting right now, but the intention is clearly to provide security as far as possible, but we wait to see what exactly what form of concrete measures there may be. and what about this, why to push from berlin to reduce reliance on energy from russia overall, they're talking about right. germany is concerned by the end of the year. and that's a big ass. the interesting thing here is that you might look upon the way the german government has been dealing with its dependency on russian energy as a process, not an event. whereas some countries were very quick, not just to impose sanctions on specific russian individuals, russian financial institutions. but also to embargo oil, gas, coal,
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that sort of thing at the start of the war in ukraine. the german government was a lot more careful about the wording that it used. the policies that had brought in, but over the course of the past few months, the level of criticism on germany from within germany, but also from without, has grown and grown and grown. and as a consequence, we've seen this government composed to 3 different parties coming up with more rhetoric, really sort of heating up the language they use and saying, okay, well now is the time to get out of certain things, which is why earlier people talked about getting as of oil, germany that is getting out of its dependency on oil by the end of the year. well, now that's going to be by the end of the summer, we know that the german view of our coal from russia equally get out of it as quickly as possible. gas is the real issue. so much gas comes here from russia, but immediately to switch it off would have a really, very serious effect on the economy. says the government here,
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there are still people who say to badges do it anyway. the question for this government has been, how do we deal with the way we're being criticized post act externally and internally? and so now they've started to front up as it were and say, okay, these are the time tables. this is what we can achieve. this is what we'll do, and they are speeding it up all the time. all right, we'll see how the meets mccrass's at dominic. thanks very much, dave for that. don't that came, we'll do that for berlin. warning, pres, celebrates, eat, have ended in violence in ethiopia, capital of addis ababa protests to threw stones at government buildings and police who 5 pack with take us. let's get the very latest. now with, if you can, journalist some, you'll get to choose who joins us live from the capital of i'd us up of a system 1st, we'll just stay, give us an update of what's happened if was an iep celebration that's been happening in their sab mega, open space square and named moscow square 100. since thousands of people do attend,
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they do not just occupy the space of the square, but the goal, they stretch all the way to, you know, some of the neighborhoods in the bully area. the push a bully and quiet from it. there was, according to the, at the some about police are there were a young people throwing stones, ah, and a light of what happened in gondor, a town of wonder and i'm her region, which they felt that the muslims have been targeted. in particular, 21 was limbs were allegedly killed by christians, they alleged and that's why they were throwing stones and really destroying the property. according to the ethiopian government, but nature ben security decided to use tier guys to try to bring this so you know, up young people under control and there has been lots of people that have been injured. there hasn't been any you know, anyone that have died. so far,
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according to the japan government, but there are many, many children that have been missing in the government and the local organizations on tried to unite this children to their families. and what is should be a holy day for the muslims in ethiopia. all right, so i will leave that thanks very much. indeed. if you have enjoyed some kind of giving the letters from you. okay, thanks a lot. well, muslims around the world, the celebrating the 1st have l fits, marking the end of the holy month of ramadan. thousands of palestinians of attended press of the most compound attention had been high and recent weeks following incursions by far right? ultra nationalists, jewish groups, stephanie deck reports now from the entrance to the next a compound in occupied east jerusalem. the mayor is about to take place were outside the entrance of the lock, some audio compounded lions gate. and as you can see, it balances and thousands of thousands of people had been arriving here throughout
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the morning, starting from around 4 o'clock in the morning. now making our way inside the compound to carry out their prayers to none with net and we always prayed to god for peace and lift the suffering of our youth. and we had a lot of people killed many martyrs. sadness is killing a hot spots. it's thanks to god who gave us aid to celebrates with happiness and to also pray for peace with a small misses jamini. so he'd prayers have finished and have paul sto without incident. you can now see the large crowd making their way out of the alexa most compound, they'll be heading home, spending the next 3 days celebrating ead with their families that have been tensioned here over the last couple of weeks, particularly when it comes to the access of the far right ultra nationalist, jewish groups accessing the luxembourg compound and calling for the right to prayer, sometimes even actively attempting prayers on the site. this is forbidden,
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under the status quo, which is agreed upon between israel and jordan, which is the custodian of the site. and seen qsi provocative to palestinians. interesting on the political level, jordan, israel will be meeting after he'd to discuss this exact point. you've also had math liter. yes. in war add to that same deluxe is a red line, and this can no longer continue, but away from politics. it's a day that's paused very peacefully, tens of thousands, making their way here to attend 8 prayers. as we said earlier, now we'll be heading home to celebrate with their families. it easier has the world's largest muslim population in thousands have attended press outside to carters main mosque. millions also traveled to the home towns to celebrate. that's after the government lifted about on people traveling home for 8. 0, if somebody in turkey, many worshippers took part in the dealt with them in the historic highest fear most across her large houses, the outside in afghanistan, poverty,
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acute hunger and unemployment to make it difficult for many muslims to celebrate it . that's of this not from south. it's not a holiday for afghans waiting by the roadside hoping to be given a job. 40 years of war, economic decline, severe poverty in the west drought, in decades as force many afghans on to the streets, not knowing where their next meal will be. oh, wrong them has been without work for months. the bricklayers resorted to begging out of desperation, while his children tried to sell plastic bags or what i can a garden by guided garden, i used to in good money, but now there's no work. the change of governments made the situation a lot worse. when we go door to door, asking to help with kicked out, but sometimes i'm just looking for a piece of bread. while our comfortable clinically the taliban takeover of afghanistan last august, forced nearly 3 quarters of
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a 1000000 people from their homes. you ins. refugee agency says the country is facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis. enemy go, mike, but i you his line to the pockets of the occupiers, the u. s. and politicians for more than 20 years. and now the aid they're giving like a sack of flour or 5 killers of oil, can't cure the pine of our country. we want them to assist by providing job opportunities and economic relations. afghans are drowning in the oceans to get to europe and dying in the snowy mountains of turkey, just to find work. the united nations estimates that more than half the population 24000000 afghans are facing acute food shortages. that's a 30 percent increase from last year and one step away from famine. you know, when you meet people like i have one, i'm out across the country that have tell that tell me that they've never had to
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come to job yet p before for food assistance, their lives have just been devastated with the loss of jobs. ah, you know, unable to feed their children, i've never seen a to ation deteriorate as quickly as up the scale that i have witnessed over the last it to 9 month last month you launched the largest 8 appeal ever for a country is more than 5000000000 dollars m u n appealed last week to the 900 states and it's freeze on i scanned for an asset agency saying they don't receive international support soon enough gun, histones hunger crisis will go from bad to worse. and then they'll have to choose between who get one layer of bread or to sort of hide its al jazeera stella had here. now desert the family of a man whose life in spite of hollywood films accuses rwandan authorities of torture . we'll have the government's response plus indigenous people in the philippines
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appeal for help to save the ancestral law and engulf attendance finished to the mexico open. we've got the highlights, making support, jazz. ah, i think the word disappointing might be used for many in europe to days whether it's cloudy, typically is dr. kelly wet, for most people, at least not in the north. now does it warm nor cold. so darcy overall picture that 17 in london about 16 in stockholm. but if you look for the south in the particular, i'm thinking of spain and portugal. my attempt is dropped several degrees in the last 24 hours and rain is now on the scene. so if you close it and just jump ahead a day, the still rain there. pretty stormy weather potentially in the western medicine barracks showers or overcast wet weather right down to south goes to malaga.
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italy's look a little bit went, there is rain through france, but is snow, but not that much doubt, the top of the peaks of the eastern alps and it's a little bit dryer in croatia, but the still rain around that's true in greece, but the driving force of what was in eastern europe for, lisa se, is this low here. my back on the monday forecast here. i want to show you once again the strength of wind and dusty the sandstone likely in, for example, libya and then egypt. of course, the sand all the way size, but the sees no shout that we will watch for in west africa are making their way up into what has been a very hot sa hell attempts is in the middle to high forty's recently, that'll be dampen down because a significant jazz now, a long way north ah. on counting the costs, the world's richest man is buying twitter. so what will e law must gain warnings that a huge build up of death in the world forest countries. we should put the bill. and
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paul is running low on foreign currency reserve is an economic crisis to make company the calls on al jazeera african stories from african perspective, short documentaries, from african filmmakers from ivory coast, just to last year from chauffeur to acquire rode the bus for fun for his school year, just to ask if i'm still a new thing for home and south africa, tina i would change and it showed me that i'm actually tracking and fire with africa direct on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you've seen with news and kind of for that matter to you, lou
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ah, ah, i forgot you watching al jazeera, a reminder about top stories, and about a 100 civilians have been freed from a proceed still works. maria, pull of the hiding underground for maybe 2 months. the you and the red cross, a coordinate to be operation with ukrainian, and russian force to explosions have been heard in russia's belgrade region near the border with ukraine. no casualties be reported as follows. of far military site the on sunday morning pro celebrates he, he'd have ended in violence and nuclear from capital of either cyber returns to threw stones at government buildings and police and fraud. but with tear gas pensions. of also, the death of muslims in the movies had gone down last week. not the family remind his life and spider hollywood film, surrey,
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the rwandan government for $400000000.00. the lawsuit filed im united states says that paul russo said begin at was learn from his home in texas to be imprisoned and tortured in kigali rhetoric. getting b as this report pulled recessive again as seen hearing caught him or when the last year is serving 25 years in jail, for terrorism rights groups and observe his say his trial was a sham. now his family, assuming the ruins and government in the united states for $400000000.00 the way that a want and government has tried to discredit his, his work and his name and all the great things he has done with the war over the years has hurt us and all a lot and we've done everything that we can to continue to stand up for him to continue to advocate for him and to bring more people on to other voices to this campaign. recess of again i was living in exile in texas, when his lawyers say he was lured back home against his will. 2 years ago, ruined as government admitted, he was deceived into boarding the plane. his lawyer says he was kidnapped last
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february. there one, an attorney general johnson, the ca admitted that the one the government did this, that it didn't paid for the plane that was used in the kidnapping. and in the united states, sovereign countries like rhonda and immune from sue's when they engage in acts like torture and kidnapping. recess, a beginner was made famous by the hollywood film hotel rolanda. without that shelter, every one of them would almost surely have been killed during those weeks and much of merciless ter he told the story of how he saved hundreds of lives in the hotel manager. during when those 1994 genocide, he then fled into exile and became a vocal critic of ruined. as president polk army, setting up a foreign based opposition group. the government is not commented on the low seat. but despite the civil case, the 67 year old is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison, victoria gate,
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and be al jazeera. all right, let's get the rwandan government's perspective on this genius now from google is yolanda manella. she is the government's spokesperson. welcome to the program, yolande mcclure at 1st of all, what is the government's reaction to this lawsuit? well, the civil suit that justin fired up in the us is the baseless and it's frivolous. that is the family, say the recessive beginner was nerd. tricked and abducted. his human rights have been abused and violated. he's been tortured. i'm receiving no medicine. what do you say to that will much and grant he was united because he's a subject of an arrest warrant. he was part of a law enforcement operation a to you, i had to wonder where he was arrested and he was charged with very serious charge of the long side 20 other co accused. they received a transparent and fair trial where very comprehensive and overwhelming evidence was
1:35 pm
presented, and he was convicted of leading, supporting an armed group, made up of jealousy, dead from the r c, who killed wanda's at least 9 of them. the youngest of almost 13. and he is now serving 25 years in prison. so the government has, has adhered to civil molding. the government has adhere to normal international rules of justice in bringing recessive beginner from the united states to rwanda. he chuckled all this on volition, no laws who can though to national or run and laws will. brooke, you say he was not good ducted? he wasn't loose. no kid, nothing goes. no abduction knows no torture. he's been treated well, ma'am. as we treat all our suspected prison and prisoners, why didn't the government go through the normal processes of extradition with the united states? what we had several options are available to us and this is what we we chose to do and it worked. we have
1:36 pm
a responsibility to keep our citizens safe. and after this very serious attacks her runs were, were killed. we had to, to, to do what we needed to be done to getting legally to wonder, to face trial that this is what happened. this is becoming a real p r. problem for your government, isn't it a several human rights organizations? the u. s. state department, they've expressed that concerns to about the trials furnace belgians, foreign minister says at recessive begin, it didn't receive a fair trial. the european parliament said it strongly condemns a conviction. and now, now the government's being sued in this lawsuit, and that is going to bring you a whole lot more bad publicity, isn't it? well, it's a different driven a slow sort and will defend our ourselves against this. this is not about p r. this is about safety and security for on guns. this is the responsibility that we take seriously. he versus a beginner was charged alongside 20 others in a fair trial that has to do with our national security. this is much more serious than just the p r. excellent. but then, you know,
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you'll have statements like this from the human rights, what you call the trial flawed and emblematic of the governments overreach. and it's manipulation of the justice system. hello all reach the human rights watch. i don't know who they are accountable to the not the they're not the only ones are they. we've got the you a state department as well. the state department, european parliament, the a, the foreign minister of belgium. freedom house group is another one. we have to hold or 3rd turn regimes to account when they use tools like trans national repression. and when they take political prisoners simply to target in silence their critics are, you know that they're not alone voice. are they in any way? well, they have to understand that that we have to keep iran unsafe and we use our codes to do this. everything was done legally using our we followed all our national laws . no international laws were broken. we had the right to arrest people who threatened want and safety and well being. and this is what we did. this is what recess of again was, was charged and convicted with. and he's serving
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a sentence for the crime that he committed along the 20 other suspects. what do you say to his firmly who say that his human rights, violet of human rights are being violated? that he's been tortured? i tell them that these kinds are not victimless, but the voice isn't that ordeal of the of the people who lost their lives, who lost their well being, who are living permanent injuries also matter are due 195 that into individuals who who filed a civil suit in run, in courts for compensation against the crimes were committed against them. so are you, are you saying there, are you saying that that recessive begin as human rights are not being violated? that he hasn't been tortured, although it's justified that took the husband, so he's very well cheat and he's been very well said here he went to a toss, pint or, and fair trial in which admittedly,
1:39 pm
he refused to participate in it. but that's his prerogative. it doesn't change the reality of his trans or current. at that every does was was given in court overwhelming evidence, including evidence that was provided by belgium, judicial ortiz, who $60000.00, yolanda magland, $100.00 her. when we have elizabeth not that little statements. busy or we are, i'm sorry, we've run out, i will have to leave it there for now. do appreciate you come on the program. thanks very much. me thinking that so you'll end of mac alone from the government to ruined. now the un secretary general has called for a return to civilian rule and bikini fossa, gideon molly, all 3 recently experienced military coups attorney guitar as, as in west africa oversee senegal, niger and nigeria. he also wants debt relief and greater investment to help african economies recover from the pandemic. gutierrez has set to meet families affected by violence and instability in the sol region. nicholas hak has more now from deco inside this bakery and downtown the car is a long queue of people trying to get
1:40 pm
a loaf of bread. more q is here to at the pumps. in this gas station for the visiting un secretary general antonio terrorist, this may be the beginning of the consequences of the russia ukraine crisis, more shortages of fuel rising prices of commodities. and he's warning traders not to hoard these basic commodities. because this would have drastic effects on people here. 41000000 people are need of urgent humanitarian assistance. this is a how many of them suffering from acute malnutrition. g, please your flow. i have said several times that we need to reform with the global financial system, which is model bankruptcy. it was designed by the rich for the rich puts in this emergency situation, we should use all the mechanisms available to benefit developing countries, especially in africa. on general terrorist is meeting president like you saw was also the chair of the african union and they'll be discussing the setback in
1:41 pm
democracy in the region. there's been a number of who is whether it be in molly for keener products or more recently. and then guinea, they're the military leaders have just to know that they want to stay in power for another 39 months. he'll be visiting new air and jerry next but not malia home to the biggest and most expensive un operation. tensions are rising there between you and human rights investigators and the 1000000 authorities over allegations of torture, extra digital killing from mali enforces as well as russian fighters linked to the wagner's. and the reason for his visit is also to remind authorities here and also the millions of people that are suffering both from humanitarian crisis and displacement of the need for the us presence in the region. increasingly there will be more operations here. far in the philippines is killed. 8 people including
1:42 pm
6 children, others were injured in the early morning, blaise and university campus in the capital. manila, emergency services are investigating the cause. a territorial dispute that lead to violence against indigenous acts miss and the southern philippines has highlighted the dangers faced by environmental defenders. please say the group was trespassing and ignored a warning shot, and jamal allan doug reports now from american non province the oxford swat, the mex administration after upcoming elections, to offer them greater protection. so by yourself, they are from them. a noble pull indian tribe considered one of the very 1st inhabitants in the southern region of indian now. but that orlando anglo and his clan have lived on this road site for many years now. they hope to take back more than a 1000 hector's of land. now privately owned that once belonged to their ancestors . they were shot at bay gun men, despite having written government permission to reclaim their land. shall either
1:43 pm
del, socorro was shot together with 3 other men or both. i mean adding me. now good though . now the gun men came from nowhere and started shooting at us. when i fell in love, i thought, what sort of life to relieve or learn more of elizabeth bowes, ellen oh, we've been around for 5 years. who believe that to the 3rd, this administration to help us? no one is here to protect us. people here don't see us as a human beings. to them, we are go beach or see them. a novice were also attacked a 5 years ago when their leader were now to allow, was shot dead. his killing remains and resolved. the story of my noble will a new and this a story that is repeated many times over. according to the international group, the global witness, the philippines is the dead, the country for land defenders across the asian continent, and men to now holds the highest number of recorded killings. when president
1:44 pm
rodrigo to 30 was worn into office in 2016, he vowed to defend the point of indigenous peoples and the environment. but at least the $160.00 environmental defenders were killed. between 20162020. a shocking increase. say many, even for a country long accustomed to violence, the tribes people killed often spoke out against illegal logging, mining and damn projects. climate change is also a threat. extreme where there also devastates bonner obo community. and many filipinos hope that after detector retires in july, the next administration will shift its focus and protect indigenous peoples considered by some here to be the last line of defense against climate breakdown. jamila dog and i'll jazeera book hidden province southern philippine to new zealand, which has opened his borders to tourists for the 1st time in any 2 years,
1:45 pm
travellers from about 60 countries can now visit without having to isolate or florentine they will need to be vaccinated against corona virus and test themselves after they arrive at new zealand imposed some of the strictest lockdown measures in the world. of the pandemic. started in 2020 enough from rebecca ingram, who's the chief executive of tourism industry. author here. and she's, she says it's great news for the industry, but it will probably take at least 2 years to fully recover. we are hopeful that our high vaccination places in the health respond, but we have heads over the last 2 years, will provide us with additional resilience as new cobit variance naturally image. undoubtedly l health response and the deal and pipeline. but it also had a significant impact on the tourism industry. tourism new zealand was number one in 2019 and employed about 225000 movie islanders and that now down
1:46 pm
65000 though they are at 65000 museum. that is, who were employed in tourism in 2019 and now not a 3rd. this is a fantastic opportunity for us to rebuild and also provide opportunity for you to live work in a joy country like many countries in the world. we are experiencing innovation at the moment em members of tourism industry out here who i represent very much focused on offering those people who choose elan for a holiday. once in a lifetime experience. and we can't wait to welcome people back and to give people the sort of new zealand welcome that we ask for famous for content says it will begin the world's longest non stop flights from sidney to london in 3 years time lines or to 12, a $350.00 jet for the ultra long whole service project. sunrise passengers will be in the air for around 20 hours for the 17000 kilometer journey direct flights from
1:47 pm
australia to new york also planned. we have sport coming up off the brake included the n b a playoffs. as the warriors get one of those dollars injected game, the $75.00 ah
1:48 pm
ah ah ah, let us get on board his drama. thank you, nick. we start with tennis on the biggest names in the sport of criticized at wimbledon decision to exclude russian. i'm better russian players from this is tournaments fast up let's hear from well, number one, no joke of ich speaking at this week's madrid. master's. i think it's,
1:49 pm
it's just not fair. it's not right. but it is what it is. you know, they are entitled to make to make the decision. and now i guess it's on player council that the tour management to really decide along with the players. what is the best solution in the situation where they keep the points, protect the points, take away 50 percent of the points or whatever we had in the last couple of years. because of corona, i found that i said this to spanish media. wimbledon just took that decision, the most drastic position they could take without taking everything into account. the government did not force them to do it. i think it is very unfair from my russian teammates, my colleagues, it is not their fault. what is happening in the moment with the war and murray is also a to time at wimbledon champion. he said, i'm not supportive of play as a getting band. i feel for everyone i feel for the players that can't play. and i
1:50 pm
don't support one side or the other. when i joined by john, whether i'm from the tennis channel, john, what all the chances of play a power of forcing one button to overturn the decision? i don't think that the chances are particularly high and i think we'll then probably new going in there was going to be some blow back from the players but not enough to impact the event. well that has been very firm about this and they've, this was about 2 weeks ago. they may just announcement they've stuck by it and i think they're banking on the fact that there will be some criticism. there will be some angry players, but not so angry that it will cause them to, to rethink their decisions and speak to mental health plan on a regular basis. do you think they'd be willing to go a step further and we call that home? it's yeah, i don't, and i think this is a really lay, bare sort of tennis is our structure and who holds the cards and the truth is, wimbledon is prominent, prestigious event. a number of these players have all sorts of economic reasons to
1:51 pm
play, not just the prize money, but all sorts of bonuses. keep in mind that 2 of the players we've talked about natal brokovich are chasing history. they're in the race to be all leader at baker one. so i think there's outrage, but i don't think there's so much outrage that they would ever boycott it is that individual sport at the end of the day and there's just too much at stake to, to risk missing wimbledon over principal. ok, so you don't think that the play a power will have much in effect then better. what could the russian and better russian play as they could? they appealing cool. is that an option? you know, it's been discussed, but i think part of it is just standing. where would they even bring food? i think there's also a larger question of the optics. do you want to be in a lawsuit against wimbledon? if you're a russian player or a bell russian player, especially the backdrop of this or that. so many of us are, are so opposed to, i think it's an interesting sort of, you know, it's
1:52 pm
a great law school exam question. how would they go about challenging legally? i don't think that's going to happen for a variety of reasons. not least. it's just bad optics to be in litigation against the most prestigious event of the sport. and the men's and women's tolls have been pretty violent. and with one but its decision had deciding whether to impose penalties on wimbledon. just give us an idea of what the penalties could be. it's just hard in sort of the balance of power. i mean, it sounds crap will that hold all the cards? players are not going to miss wimbledon. there might be some way. as you heard about jose, mitch talk about where maybe some of the writing points for wimbledon will count towards the rankings. but in terms of real punishment, there is very little that the tourist can do, though they're all that by this been russia, ukraine, whatever, you know, february 24th. i mean this has been an option. and tournament up up your program. it has declined this option of banding, russian players. not until wimbledon. so i think this is
1:53 pm
a surprise to have and it's obviously not gone over well with the players, but ultimately wimbledon is wimbledon and it, it holds all the cards here. i say when, when and how it's all the cards, but you think of the w t a and a t p. need to do something about that in the future. i do, and i think that's something that bill needs to figure out a way so that this doesn't happen again. but again, you see the 4 major event, please. the 4 majors, the 4 grand slam, they are, those ports 10 polls and this is another indication that they've clearly and they knew this. they knew where they made a decision. they knew that this was an odd with both tours and they basically said, we will let the market determine what players are going to be. well then, so it's, it's a pity that we're going to attend the 2 tours and the players. but at the end of the day, we stand by our decision, we're backing on the fact that the players are still going to play. and i suspect that's what's gonna happen. so more than that from the tennis channel, thank you very much for your thoughts. anytime and be champions at milwaukee bucks
1:54 pm
have the honest answer to come home on their side and what do other teams have while a tough time trying to stop the greek safest. all the books made a winning thought to the eastern conference, the semi finals that facing the boston south at $512.00 and $2.00 companies showed it was at both ends of the court, recording a triple double. that's 24.13 rebound and 12 is this. and there was also room for some magic in the final quarter with this move, setting up himself fiscal off the backboard games, who is on tuesday in the best of 7 series on the ball. and i was like, oh crap. going just stuck. you know, then it's a buy board, you know, like another god bless you, the ability to be able to jump jama, go get it again and i was able to play over in the western conference, the golden state warriors had won a vast of ejected late in the 1st half against the memphis grizzlies. this was rude,
1:55 pm
a flagrant foul of the referees, but the war is over came the set back. they would down by 2 with less than 40 seconds remaining. before clay thompson took golden state in the lead. memphis had one final chance to win the game, but jom around couldn't find the target the ball in the hands of moran. so of course i was here on the road to start a series and you get a guy j mon said into the lock room that i want to see to it's not good game. i big a deserve that obviously go motion arise out of it. know china stay locked in and you know, deal with the circumstances and give ourselves a chance to win golf our while number 2, john rom ended what he called a stressful weekend by winning his 1st title. in nearly a year, the us open champion had a short lead going into the final round of the mexico open. and despite a couple of buddies on his front line,
1:56 pm
he was caught by american tree randomly with tiny feet out and cut. the spaniard picked up his shots out the 14th to take the outright lead and dave that hosting a few under rounded 69 to finish a shot clear may replace up 17 under its wrong 7th. pga title at the mexico. i know i could get it done again this we want to do it as spoken, the length of the important so debbie, an impact on the golf and how i play because of him nowadays, we have a much bigger reach with b, j to become a bigger tore and the social media well, why stars bigger than than they were in the past. and i feel like i can make some impact to mexico as well. ac melana edging of a closer to their 1st is theory out title in 11 years. the defending champions in similar to doing that bit to keep the pressure on milan up on sunday. and you're in siena and just on the on look to be heading federal roughly, i want it for the league leaders,
1:57 pm
minutes left for the relief of the home found that it was over to insert. sorry, martinez missed this penalty that he put in the rebound to school. that is, i physical and that's when when it way it's amazing. they trial ac milan by 2 points with just to me games to go. the race to finish and talk for the premier league is also going right down to the wire with all sudden tottenham backing it out for the final champions leaks fault. rough against less than 2 goals from the men help them to 831. when coach antonio called it a vital 3 points as they went to love also in the table, but make a lot of side responded by painting west time to one. defend gabrielle heading off new winner as they need backups. 8 buzz into full asbell at sea points. a heads offend no funding rivals. besides a plate shall that next? wait. that is all ill sport. now i'll have more later. nick jammah. thank you very much. we will see you later. i fully will be here in
1:58 pm
a couple of minutes river full half hour of news, but i'm big. it is good. buffalo ah ah. journalism is under siege in the digital age. surveillance threatens to stifle price premium, online violence and dangers, the safety of journalists, the spread of disinformation, corrupt public trust in the media. truth becomes
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a casualty. journalism on the digital siege will press freedom day, 3rd of may. 2022. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek gods hidden beneath the waves for millennia, until a palestinian fisherman on earth, the priceless relic. the story continues, that as the world's attention was drawn to casa mysteriously, the deity disappeared once again. the apollo of casa on a jessia used from al jazeera on the go and me tonight out is there is only a mobile app, is that the, this is where we dissects analyze, and you have to find what thing. and i guess going from out is there is mobile app
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available in your favorite app. still just set for it and tapped i made a new app from al jazeera needs that you can get it. ah, civilians freed from a be see steel plan deniable had to safety. after enduring weeks of rush and bombardments, i'm out of the law. me does up a region where the civilians evacuated from the as a spouse. the factory where you both are expected to arrive. ah, i'm 40 back to you, boy. you're watching al jazeera alive from doha. also coming up each our federal celebrations turned violent.


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