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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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ah ah ah a village in eastern ukraine in the line of fire, where residents live in constant fear of russian shelly. ah, i'm how much of jerome this is al jazeera alive from door ha. also coming up at least 10 people are killed and many more wounded in a bomb attack on a mosque during friday. prayers in the afghan capital cobbled from tennis icon to prison convict. former champion, boris becker, is jailed in london for secretly stashing cash to cheap bankruptcy lawyers.
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temperatures break records in parts of pakistan and india with new deli recording the 2nd hottest april in more than 70 years. russia's military campaign in ukraine is primarily concentrating on the industrial heartland of the countries. east. key if says moscow's offensive has become more intense. the don beth region has seen fierce fighting with these 2 towns taken by the russians. there also heading towards the mon and proportionate with ukrainian troops descending the tooth. this defending the 2 cities. the village of mary inca is now on the worse front line of the east from where charles stratford sent this report. lloyd you 2 year old roy isa is blind in foam and terrified. she sits crying on her bed in this makeshift shelter,
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shrapnel for michelle ripped through her leg, while she sat at home in the eastern ukrainian city of money anchor. mercedes law. thank god, we're alive, they shall, every half an hour, shrapnel hits everything. we climbed out of the rebel, grabbed what belongings we could then lifted mom out. we found a wheelbarrow and put her in it and pushed her to the road where a volunteer rescued us. in a nearby village, people waited a food distribution point too many have either fled or been rescued from the shelling and muddy inca volunteer from a church group. hands out plastic bags filled with a few. essentially, ludmilla shows us what's inside aboard. we live off canned food and what we can grow. we have no money because we can't walk. we can't work anymore. this is how we survive. further towards mary anchor. as the sound of shelling echoes across the
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fields, signs of the fighting begin to appear. houses badly damaged, abandoned, a school destroyed. we drove further and into our income. was the sound of artillery for an occasional small arms fire. russian forces close we can hearing what sounds like the mortar, fire in the center of the city. what we do know is the russian forces control positions just a few 100 meters in that direction on the other side of the river. another shell there. now we also know that the russians laid danes, he barrenca, and the early stages of the war, ukrainian army had since said that they have now pushed them back. we moved back
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out of tale and see black smoke rising or letter helps her wounded mother into a taxi to take her to hospital. it's doubtful. where are you, sir, who ever see her home again? or shall stratford al jazeera murray inca, use the new grade. ukrainian president followed amir zalinski says the situation in the don bass region and the city of harkey is challenging but that his forces are fighting back. discuss a glitch in the situation in kirk, he region is difficult, but our troops and our intelligence have important tactical success. the occupiers are doing everything to destroy any life at the dawn. best territory senior constant, cruel bombardment, lying and constant russian strikes on infrastructure and residential areas. i state that russia wants to make this territory uninhabited to that's why that offense of our land and our people is literally the fight of our life. when a boy hundreds of evacuation have arrived in the ukrainian city of harkins,
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they were forced to leave the nearby village of risk colors over. the area has been under russian seed for more than a month. ukraine's 2nd big, biggest city harkey has endured almost daily shelling since the war began. lulu hurting a lunar through another which our house was burnt this night. the house burned and all that was inside. we have no place to stay. it is scary. what he blew a hide in the basement, it was horror. the baseman was shaken from the explosions. lewis screaming will a crime, and we're praying to god what like another russian attack on ukraine's capital could happen at any time. that's according to the city's mayor. officials with you in chief antonio terrace. say he came dangerously close to a missile strike, while on his 1st war time visit to the country hood abdul hamid winter. the sight of thursday's attack. you can see behind me the rescue. oh workers and, and the repair, the emergency service actually sifting through the rubble. now, earlier this morning they did find a body of a young woman. she was
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a journalist with radio, liberty, and she, she was buried under this trouble somewhere here in this apartment block. and we are really in the city center of a key. now this attack happened just after president zelinski had wrapped up his meeting with un secretary general antonia a good terrorist. the 1st reaction really came because of that missile attack here in downtown keep with many members of his government and president zalesky himself again, underlying the fact that russia did not have any respect in their view even towards do un secretary general ad and making a point that it was, this attack was done purposely and very well timed to coincide with his knitted, not that witnesses ahead of his visit, not only because of the timing and the way he decided to go to moscow 1st and come
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back here. but also because of the role of d u and so far it has been a lot of frustrations in the weeks leading to the war. and there's been a lot of frustrations throughout the war were 2 months in many other leaders have showed up here in cave and then he comes at the back of it. so certainly a difficult position for the secretary general who is trying now to just push forward. do you mind italian track? russia has for the 1st time claim to have launched missiles, a ukrainian military targets from a submarine. the you case defense ministry had already warned that moscow could still hit ukraine from the black sea. that's despite the sinking of the mosque for battle cruiser. earlier this month, the naval flagship of the black sea fleet, a bomb or a mosque in western cobble during friday. prayers has killed at least 10 people and injured many others. and afghan interior ministry spokesman said the blast was at the alif us, i have mosque around to pm local time. it's the latest and
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a series of attacks targeting africa and places of worship and civilians during and i'm a lot of him, the more. and what i've done with you about all my than it was a number of taliban members inside the most to involve me withstanding, to finish that ship within a few minutes, an explosion occurred and i was covered with small pieces because again, bill our, our re, is an afghan journalist based in toronto, he says the number of people killed could be much higher to the residence in that area. and dr. is in some hospitals and an official with the health ministry. quite tragically, the death toll is quite higher than what the taliban have constantly been trying to found play instead of focusing on providing security. what we have to remember that this mosque was also housing, this sophie shrine. and the attack took place after the prayers during the meditation period. so people from very far away provinces and also come in because
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this was the last friday from a very popular with sophie's and quite frankly, those cold or young ones, villians women and children are among those killed in wounded. and i have been monitoring the social media because you have relatives of the victims writing. they've lost family members speaking to the spokesperson for the taliban police chief. he actually constantly told me that the figures could change that they were trying to reach out to various hospitals to find out exactly what has happened. but we clearly see the thought about lacking a security strategy. why that could really protect lives, one that could really protect the sort of attacks from taking place on very regular basis now. still had on al jazeera,
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hundreds killed and thousands display center violence and gulf, one of sedans, most volatile regions, and allegations of human rights abuses and the use top order agency. while the un warns thousands of my rents are dying while trying to get to safety. ah hey there, good to see. you're welcome to your world weather report. let's begin in the middle east. we had another as dust storm in box dead. the energy of that weather front moving further toward the east. it's now plaguing western areas of iran. we'll touch on that in a 2nd. some sand and dust being tossed up around the northwest of saudi allah may get to 40 degrees, otherwise hot sunshine, across the gulf in we're going to turn up those temperatures and doe have, for example, over the next few days. up to 39 degrees on monday, we've had high heat through pakistan. so this is in bold pon,
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over the past few days about 4546 degrees, people in the hospital trying to get whatever relief they can. and i think we're still going to see days of about 4546 in milton. over the next little bit. there's no showers stretching from tedder on right into sharon, her temperature round 2526. we've also got what, whether through central parts of turkey around the capital region in ankara. central africa looks like this. our usual storms come in and going through this area, western side temperatures around 30. and if i take you towards the south, more rain for flood stricken areas of course, zulu natal, this includes durbin, but by sunday it's out of their cape town, 18 degrees on saturday, but give it a bit of time. it's going to be 30 feeling more like summer. by the time we head toward monday. that's it. we'll see you soon. ah. i think in story from english. i'm a marine biologist advisor when short documentaries from african feel. i'm going to
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do that from south africa. ethiopia and nigeria, we built over some stuff in this classroom. she saw this as my, and my role africa direct on al jazeera lou. ah, you're watching all the 0 a reminder of our top stories this out. ukraine says russia has intensified it's offensive in the east. there's been fierce fighting in the don bus region. ukraine's president has described the situation there is difficult,
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but says his forces are fighting back. at least 10 people have died in an explosion at a mosque in the african capital, coupled many more were wounded in the powerful blast during friday. prayers is the latest in a series of attacks during it i'm of on targeting places of worship. former 6 time grand slam tennis champion, boris becker has been sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison by british court. the 54 year old german was found guilty of hiding millions of dollars worth of assets to avoid paying his debts. john a whole was at court inland. boris becker arrived at court for sentencing, wearing a tie in the wimbledon colors. he won the championship 3 times among 6 grand slam titles in a tennis courier that had earned him more than $50000000.00. now bankrupt and convicted on charges of concealing his assets from investigators. becca. would listeners judged deborah taylor sentenced him to 2 and a half years in prison. he must serve half of it before becoming eligible for
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release. i accept the humiliation you have felt. she told him, but you have shown no humility. the sporting legend turned coach and commentator has led a colorful life with vast earnings fueling a famously lavish lifestyle and then paying for a famously expensive divorce. seldom far from the tabloid headlines. becca father, a daughter after a casual encounter with russian model and waitress angela irma cova and london restaurant in 1999. by his own evidence, child maintenance payments, and disastrous financial mismanagement, contributed to bankruptcy. in june 2017, the court found that becca kept spending and used deceit to hide what was left more than $3000000.00 in cash and assets. at trial the jury had heard in his defense,
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the becca had relied on insolvency lawyers signing papers. he hadn't read and failing to understand his responsibilities. the jury instead found his actions, deliberate and dishonest. it's not the 1st time becca has had a brush with the law in 2002. he was handed a 2 and a half year suspended sentence for tax evasion in his native germany here in the country. he now calls home morris back up. he's going to jail. jonah hall, l $20.00 saw the crown court london, a security guard and an israeli settlement in the occupied west bank has been shot dead. the israeli military says palestinian gunmen opened fire in the aerial settlement between amolla and nablus. and then for the same, all settlements are illegal under international law. earlier extra israeli police were deployed locks, a mosque and occupied easter islam. worshippers gathered there in the 10s of
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thousands for the final friday prayers of my boss. emotions are running hard because of weeks of confrontations between israeli forces and palestinians near the mos compound. meanwhile, hundreds of people in garza took part in demonstrations to mark international. good stay was ruthless the day. that's when people around the world protest against israel's 55 year occupation of palestine. you'll notice that you had reports from god. oh, national day was close. i took the last friday in run. the dog transmits here in the middle of harrison that i'm not just clean up so much, but across the policy. okay, do easy living because this chris, the sent you that all, that's a good night. and you escalation between garza and israel, you're planning to have that has called out the people for a practice today. here is because it's trip to show the support and tell the day teacher lapse in math and did it people in the lead. i am well, how about it? so i, lia any israeli attempt to make any sacrifices or to impose identity or sovereignty
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over alexa is a battle not just for the palestinian people, but for the entire nomic world. and the resistance will make is rabies pay a price for any escalation towards alexa, while the policy infection is in ga brief, stated that there are in the state has been very the case of any escalation by being really courses or any. ringback cruz's so it's an upset why. why are these really forces or sectors and they are continuing to support and defend it up to most andrew to live with all late in yemen, people have gathered in the capital sonata rally and supportive palestinians. they've come together to mark lakewood state a palestinian solidarity day held every year on the last friday of the month of ramadan. similar marches and events had been held elsewhere in the region. the british virgin islands, premier and port official had been arrested in the u. s. on charges of conspiring to traffic cocaine and launder money. da agent said miami area airport took andrew
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fay. he and oli on vien maynard into custody on thursday. they allegedly agreed to accept money from undercover agents, posing as mexican drug traffickers. for he and maynard were to inspect a plane carrying $700000.00 that they would receive and exchange for facilitating cocaine ships. more soldiers are being sent to sir dan's western dar 4 region after inter communal violence in the past week. fighting between arab and non air of tribes has killed more than 200 people and displaced thousands. i'll just here as hebrew morgan has more this is what the town of good nick incidence west star for state looks like now. where home wants goods, ashes now remain. some tried to find belonging to salvage, while others sit and wait for help to arrive after they lost everything going on, they attacked us during ramadan. people now have nothing, not even food to eat. they burned down homes. it's the aftermath of fighting last
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week when ethnic arabs from there is they got tribe launched an attack on clinic authority state within retaliation for the killing of 2 of their private men by men . from the non arab massage, the tribe which dominates clinic, the initial fighting, killed 9 people, and wounded more than a dozen. then it's escalated killing at least $213.00 people. and entering many more, it lasted for 3 days and reached the state capital janina. many who were already displaced by the door for a conflict which spotted in 2003 were forced to move. once again, survivors blamed the paramilitary rapid support. for the attack, you appears to show members of the paramilitary group hours before the attack on clinic. donald said, it gives them homeless gum. the rapid support forces came and burned us and killed . they ripped bodies and left women as widows and burnt all we have. we can't stay like this. how did the government should do its job and protect us if they can't?
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and then we can't continue living like they go to. the fighting is the latest in a series of attacks in west are for that has killed more than 400 people in the past year alone. it's the result of long standing tension between arabs, unknown arab tribes, over land and resources. here official stand in front of a mass grave for victims of the latest fighting with us of cities. we regret what we see, but don't agree on people saying they want to leave. will provide 8 a medical assistance to the people here and in the capital. and will form a committee to see to those effected those last belongings will be compensated. but those responsible for violence must be held accountable. a peace agreement was signed in 2020, between the government and rebel group in the region after the overthrow of to them . then government, but local officials say things are still the same, lined up you. when did was a change in government in 2019, we thought there was a real change that with and the bloodshed caused by the former regime. but west are
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for, has been witnessing violence since 1995 until now with no change. military reinforcement has been sent to separate the 2 sites. but for the people of clinic that reinforcement comes too late and little remains to be protected. he but morgan august 0. how to me the head of the ears border agency front tech has offered to resign. after allegations the agency has been involved in the illegal pushback of migrants. the board of the european border and coast guard agency is set is yet to accept the resignation of executive director for police legit and investigation by several media outlets alleged that front tech has been involved in the push back. so at least $957.00 asylum seekers in the gnc. between march 20, 20, and september 2021 pushback. contravene international refugee protection agreements? the c crossings to europe are deadly. more than $3000.00 migrants and asylum seekers died or went missing last year, after being packed on to flimsy boats. this year,
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more than 550 people have met the same fate. most are thought to have disappeared in the central mediterranean land roots through this era desert or remote border areas can be even more dangerous. around 1750 people are thought to have died between 20182019. we don't have more recent numbers because of the pandemic. survivors are reported sexual and gender based violence. of the 2021 total. 1924 people were reported dead or missing on the central and western mediterranean roots. while an additional $1153.00 perished or went missing on the north, west african maritime route to the canary islands. the number of deaths reported in 2020, where 1544 for the 2 roots. alarmingly since the beginning of the year, an additional $478.00 people have died or gone missing at sea. most of the sea
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crossings took place and packed and see where the inflatable boats, many of which capsized away deflated, leading to the loss of life. millions of people in south asia are struggling to deal with a heat wave that's only predicted to get worse. power outages in india and pakistan have made it even harder to cope with record breaking temperatures on friday and daily reported its 2nd hottest april in 72 years. elizabeth problem reports from there. labor was a new deli work through temperatures above 40 degrees celsius to construct and the new parliament buildings. like many street vendors, an auto actual driver's here they make up some of the 75 percent of india's workforce who work outdoors muslim label. we have to go outside to work. it's very hard. when the water becomes too hot to drink, we don't even have enough water. a heat wave has gripped many parts of india for weeks. that's off the nation. so it's hot of march since reco again,
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a 122 years ago. the higher than usual temperatures have led to demand for electricity reaching and all time high this week and power costs and several states . deli regional government has told people to expect power outages of metro and hospitals because of a shortage of coal power plants. the indian government has cancelled hundreds of passenger trains to rush coal to thermal power plant around the country. the intense heat has also affected wheat crop with some agriculture experts predicting this year's yield will be 25 percent less that could have international implications. india was planning to help sold a gap and global wheat supplies left by russia and ukraine. we also knew that 55 countries were dependent on the coming from the reason and 55 is not a small number. so if you can be standing along with another 50 fiber looking for you know, be supplies next to us. so i think we have to be very watch when you've ologist say
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the severe weather as part of the reoccurring trend you not the temperature. so when you get the weather event, they become more frequent than more intense. and when they happen, they last longer. so we're definitely seeing a shift in the trends to more intensity were happening, and this, the, well, the end, the meteorological department says he 12 conditions will continue in several regions of the next 5 days. but there's little the spice expected afterwards with may and june. usually the hottest month of the year. elizabeth baron m al jazeera new daddy focus on climate change minister says the country's gone straight from winter to summer without a spring season. our correspond, come hider is in pakistan's, capital islam abad. with more that said to human life, from what is happening because of the effects of global warming. last year, jacob abroad shore record temperature of $52.00 says that over
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a $126.00 fahrenheit. and the doctor and medical expert warned, i did this for a long for a few hours. molded would lead to organ failure. so indeed they did. their diag guy says the government has to come up with elaborate blind. some of them are already in progress. dieter project edwin, take at least a few more years that hydro fall off, bosh are damaged under construction. and when sharif shall i should leave to go, we're at the new prime minister, one of the foot places he with the date, was that basha dime bug? it's on it bending down, but degrand take dine. the other thing that bugged on has to wean off totally, all from coal because of the conflict in ukraine at the pricing of fuel have skyrocketed. and i did for think many more countries in south days. you are to start thinking about burning goal again for data,
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definitely not an option. now the large government had started a very ambitious project. and one would hope that the new government with gary on brady and dagwood massive tree plantation across the country. this week, buddhist and south korea are marking the lowest lantern festival. there re celebrating the upcoming birthday of buddha on saturday, tens of thousands of people march through central sole with colorful lanterns, an artist who was helped to bring a new life into the 1000 year tradition tells al jazeera his story. tatum, a ton. my name is tony. young, i am a lantern artist, computer worker in nevada, prepaid and i started my work in 1998. i studied art in college. i've always thought about tradition and mortality as well as social realities. tongue tongue, judging our lanterns, had the potential to expand even though it were still in a traditional format. it had a unique place. as i studied traditional technique and spread,
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it occurred to me. those were the ones that dominated in one era. and they were the most in order at the time it was a good decision to bring the lot of leonard festival into the arms of our city, just again and getting the festival recognized as an intangible culture. heritage of humanity by you nefco wasn't achievement. however, in the process of pushing for this recognition, i think the festival got caught up in a lot of formalities. we've got a 100 years old and cranky moon, the greatest strength that has allowed a lot of length of festival to pester for a 1000 years is because it constantly breeze with the people. because if we want to continue taking this tradition into the mainstream culture of our time, we will need to consider how the tradition can communicate better with today's society. i believe that is the essence of tradition when you got you couldn't have been through the covey, 90 pandemic around the upcoming buddhist birthday. many people will feel
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a sense of liberation at this time. i believe you also need to look back ebony among lent up pieces that i installed this time is a candle shaped light, half candles represent individual wishes the piece represent 3 fires in one house. it seems that we are bonding as one part. it says its own color and temperament. we have seen a lot of heat and cold heartedness during the damning channel. i think this stems from a lack of respect for each other. if we are one community, i believe we should recognize and respect each other and make a wish and become one pretty flame. vietnam has launched a new attraction for tourists with a head for heights. it's the world's longest glass bottom bridge, surpassing a 526 meter structure in wyandanch china. the glass, bottom bridge, and northwest san la province can support up to 450 people at
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a time while giving people a spectacular view of the lush jungle. far below. a tiny town in southern brazil has just decided to upstage its bigger cousin. rio de janeiro with one of the largest statues of jesus in the world. officials and income tando have built this much bigger version of rio's famous christ, the redeemer statute. there is, is called christ the protector and stands 43 meters high compared to rio's, 38 meter high sculpture. they hope it'll improve the town's fortunes by bringing in more taurus. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. ukraine says russia has intensified it's offensive in the east. there's been fierce fighting in the don boss region, ukraine's president volota mars lensky says the situation there is challenging, but that his forces are fighting back. just president.


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