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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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the cohens must have agents atm on al jazeera ah al jazeera. with little lou efforts to evacuate people from the besieged, ukrainian city of mariposa, fail, come through ports of shelling alone. the escaped corridor. ah, 11 o'clock. this is out 0. live from dough also coming up. the united nation says 2000000 people have now fled to 15 ukraine. most of them women, children,
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and the elderly pilot offers to send all its soviet era, make 29 fighter jets to a u. s. air base in germany to allow them to be connected to ukraine. and the u. s . pansy in port of russian oil as western nations move to reduce their reliance on moscow's energy sources. so in a desperate attempt to evacuate besieged areas in ukraine is underway. it's russian forces continue their advance, and the northeastern city of semi fighting has mostly stopped and buses are leaving . but ameria poll people remain in limbo off to russian forces were accused of once again shelling humanitarian corridors. 2000000 people have fled ukraine since russia's invasion began almost 2 weeks ago. charles ratford begins our coverage now for more to give in easton ukraine. the buses, it's south towards mariel, pull the latest attempts to evacuate thousands of people trapped in the besieged
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port city on the as of see mary, opal has suffered some of the worst fighting in recent days. the russian army and russian back separatists fighters have reportedly surrounded the city where the dead bodies lie in the streets without this, right? we don't have electricity went, we don't have anything to eat. we don't have medicine, we got nothing around. and one of them, i mean, you know, everything is mind. the roots out of town or being shelled, says the policeman. at the moment, negotiations about leaving, which security have failed. trust me. i have family at home and i am also worried about them. he says, order. unfortunately, the best security for us all is to be inside the city on the ground, one and in shelters approximately 200 kilometers north. in the town of all a cave,
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the buses meant to rescue the people of marable and stopped. russian army positions are only 10 kilometers from here, drivers, some which, family and marable told us, they'd heard reports of fighting on the root is lindsay of. there has been no connection with the city for days. i haven't been able to get in touch with my wife and sister for 5 days. we've tried to get to murray up or twice already. this is our 3rd attempt to. we don't know if it will happen. ah. after a more than 2 hour wait, a convoy, coordinator ordered the drivers to get on the buses and leave. so the buses are now turning round this after, according to the coordinator of the convoy. there are reports of heavy fighting on the initially plan route to murray. awful. a group of drivers struggled to start one of the vehicles. one told us he didn't want to die. let's move on to this way
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because it's been shelling there were that as go through. ha. isn't it the chick point? let, let us go further because of the shilling. we don't know way we're going now. the convoy headed out to want to keep moving north east. another attempted evacuating thousands of traps and terrified people in murray or pool, had failed. charles strafford al jazeera or a cave, easton ukraine. well, one way for people to escape the fighting is to travel ease through maria, pull into turkey, controlled by russian back separatists. and not many have dared to make the journey . as bernard smith reports now from the nevaeh's oscar region, these ukrainians left mary off old with just the few belongings they could pack in a hurry, which wasn't much. what was weighing these people down was the memories of what they've seen and what they've left behind. they've left a city of half a 1000000 people surrounded by forces from russia and don. yes, people who are now their hosts. nick describes living under shelling for 10 days as
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he made his way out of the city with his wife, child and mother in law. got them virtually in the world. we got into our car under constant sharon valley. there was no corridor. we had no help. we just drove, we went from one village to another, spent 4 days in the cellar, less than 5 days in the shed, with no water, no guests, no electricity, no internet. the journey from mary awful east to this village would have taken just 45 minutes in peacetime. bertha was a while ago. we survived his best because it was only now that we are safe. go into work out what we are going to do next month. so few people seem to have made it out of money up all because according to the don't yet, separatists, the as off battalion, the whole, the city is not letting civilians leave as all as a far right power, military, neo nazi group, now integrated into ukraine's national guard, the group in return accuses the russians,
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violating the humanitarian cease fires. considering the size of morocco, just really a handful of people have made it here. an indication that despite the promise of a secure humanitarian corridor, many people are still too scared to leave. bernard smith, alger 0 nova off region, or poland says that it is ready to transfer several, find the jets to usa base so they can be used by ukraine if needed to make 29 jets . they're on standby to be deployed to ramstein, at least in germany. opponent says, the move is immediate and free of charge. the u. s. says polish decision was made independently, ukrainian officials who pleaded with western government to provide warplanes to fight against the russian invasion. and let's get more in this with my cana, who stand by for us in washington dc. so mike, caesar take the americans by surprise a bit where, where are we with this offer of polish mix? well taken by surprise is very much of the phrase i am
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a senior state department official has said on back ground that they had seen of the report from the polish government, but they got nothing to add at the stage. that is diplomatic speech for we've got nothing to say. and certainly the under secretary of state, victoria newland, earlier in the day was giving evidence at a hearing on the capitol hill. she said that there had been no discussion about the exchange of aircraft or the movement of air craft to a u. s. air base in germany with the poles. now we do know that in recent weeks, the secretary of state has stated on a number of occasions that there are discussions underway with the polish government in terms of the us back filling and polish aircraft that may be given to ukraine. but it does appear from the reaction here within the us is that there's been no discussion whatsoever about the u. s. being the vehicle to transfer those planes about polish aircraft being transferred to
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a us base in germany and then moved into ukraine. so basically that appears to be complete surprise on the part of u. s. administration officials to this polish announcement and also some talk of patriot missile batteries being set up in poland. yes, there has been discussion about their turn. no confirmation back to the biden administration is on record as saying that it will do what it can to support. it's for with natal partners that may well it would be within its pate nato brief or to provide such missile defense systems. so certainly that would not be an unexpected move, given the amount of logistics and personnel that the u. s. has already moved on to nato's eastern flank, in support of its nato allies. the movement of missile batteries may be part of that type of process, although as i said no confirmation from the department of defense at this point. yep. or mike, thanks for that. update. mike, hanover in washington, d. c. well,
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with russian forces advancing on the capital, kiva, ukrainian soldiers are helping with efforts to evacuate towns around the city. natasha butler reports now from lived in western ukraine. i his little comfort in war, but some people are doing all they can for 3rd day ukrainian forces evacuate people from air pin on the outskirts of ukraine's capital keith. it's a precarious journey. russian shelling is never very far away. european of st. louis, the king of scorpion has been constantly shall your plains bombing russian soldiers or projects at home. there is no electricity, like water, no heating, and the temperatures going down. we had to go to the chill it my does if we hadn't, i hadn't, and russia. so much i hope the war will be over soon. one of the can sheets of people are all say, fleeing sumi, east of cave after russia and ukraine agreed on
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a temporary cease fire in the area. days of russian shelling have flattened parts of the city. this is what is left after an overnight attack, killed more than 20 people, including children in their homes. moscow's offered once again to evacuate people from a number of other cities, but only if they go to russia or belarus for ukraine's president. it is a proposition steeped in cynicism, but they ensure that a small corridor to the occupied territory is open for a few dozen people. not so much to russia, but to the propagandist directly to the television cameras. so they can say this is who saves people. just cynicism just propaganda. nothing more. rushes military says this video shows is tanks. ne keith. when the city people are scared, daily life has moved underground. intense times, the vulnerable, often suffered almost every day. more children arrive at this orphanage from
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different parts of ukraine. lorna tells me the invasion, adds another painful layer to already difficult childhood on the pickup special. the 1st group that arrived her is from last a chance. there were many very young kids. among them they were traumatized. anxious when the siren sounded. they would get really scars. lister was in the children have been brought here to escape the russian shelling and the fighting. but some of them were already victims of war. these children of from eastern ukraine where a war against russian back separatists started 8 years ago. young lives that have never known a world without conflict. nastier is from keep a typical teenager living in on typical times. my uh sister, i'm my sister and i couldn't sleep at night, relieved in an apartment as i was born, been all the time. so we took integration train to here was my boy ha, solidarity seems to be everywhere. ukraine,
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as does defiance. protest is in the southern city of chaplain co till russian soldiers to go away. oh, people want the conflict to end. they want the killing to stop. families are being shattered futures last ukrainians. wonder how many soldiers will sacrifice their lives for no one here wanted. natasha butler al jazeera live if ukraine cilla head here on al jazeera mcdonalds, arrived in moscow 3 months after the fall of the bed. and we'll now the golden arches closing for us and bitter goodbyes in the bitter cold craniums q. the remaining ah
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now remembering it's early march, the out to care is still around and it comes down through the rockies somewhere. very cold cast, for example, minus 13. you see just a reminder. it's still winter here of course it's not warm and moist. my the to come together, you tend to get violent weather, but it's quite a good separation the moment. so the volume weather will be in the phone with on the still not too badly. i don't think as the cold tucks in on the east coast, further west and up in the mountains, it's really, really cold. but a bit of contrast here in new york, we're down to 4. it might be sleepy or snowy for time when say them back up to 10 degrees in the sunshine, back in wyoming, in casper minus 13 down to minus 20 or by night snowing on wednesday. and then it warms up 2 bodies, sorry, minus 6. if you like, but that really is well below where it should be is tell you that the cold is gotten to infiltrate south and east once more not reach the southern states. you'll notice, in fact, it is, it's been quite too humid and sherry recently in the bahamas,
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added hispaniola the shouts continue in dominican republic. but there is flooding in the north coast which is disappearing the shout. i will keep going light, so they are the heaviest ones. offer the south, the seasonal right. really from peru eastwards into amazonia. ah ah, the shake hum odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w. w. w. dot h t a dot q a slash e n. ah, ah
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ah, i forgot what she al jazeera, a reminder about top stories to saw and the civilian evacuation of the besieged port city of morrow. pole has been cancelled for a 3rd time. empty bus is trying to reach the city was seen turning round, falling reports of russians. shelling along the humanitarian corridor. fighting north of cave is intensifying. his russian forces pushed towards the city, credit soldiers, a helping evacuation efforts around the capitol. military expert say russia could attack the capital within days and poland says it's ready to deploy. oh, it's making $29.00 fighter jets to the ramstein at base germany pushing them at the disposal of the united states. but the move has been described as untenable by
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washington a. let's take this all. we can speak to p. j. crowley. he is a former us assistant secretary state, joined us from alexandra near washington, d. c. p. j. curly. welcome to the program. so this offer, since we're taking the united states by surprise, we're just harry. in fact, that depends gonna say that this idea is not tut or what you make of it all. well, i think it has been the subject of discussions between polish officials and us officials, you know, but there it raises some, you know, both legal and operational issues. you know, the legal issues are, you know, to the extent that poland wishes to donate these aircraft, to ukraine through the united states. you know, can the united states legally accept them? and then, you know, if they, if that legal hurdle is, is, is, is surmounted then how in fact you get them from ramstein air based in germany,
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you know, to ukraine. those are the legal issues. think operationally, you know, a concern about nato is that poland is potentially giving away part of a chair force, which under a worst case scenario would, would put, pull it at some risk, you know, should be complex bill over from ukraine to nato territory. and the idea and written nationally, or the one that we've talked about yesterday at least, was that opponent, they would get the planes to ukraine. well, yeah, and i think today the surprise is simply the mechanism that the polls are suggesting. everyone wants to try to find a way to help ukraine sustain it separate against russian forces. the question is how and you know these kinds of things that are normally worked out through over months and years. the challenge now is, can you try to work through these details in days and weeks?
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it's interesting because some experts are expressing skepticism about how decisive the mig 29th would be. particularly as russian forces have substantial anti aircraft systems. was to the extent that that ukraine pilots are familiar with these aircraft. it does it add to their capability? you know, one of the challenges is okay to the extent that poland is able to transfer these jets, what do they get in return? you know, f sixteens would be the logical choice, but, you know, the united states is, is the process of phasing out the f. 16. there's a fixed number of airplanes, and right now, none of them are slated for poland. so i think this is where the, the polls operating under one time line in the united states is just trying to figure out, you know, if we can do it, and if so, how and if, if, how,
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how long would it take? and also the thing is that any of these moves could be perceived by vladimir putin as being aggressive acts of war. certainly if, if you, it keeps somehow polish aircraft and up at the disposal of ukrainian pilots. and they result in significant russian casualties. that's going to draw pollutants attention. i mean, look, obviously he's quite aware that there's a significant amount of military stocks already being transferred by european countries and the united states. you know, to ukraine. the challenges, once you make this kind of arrangement, this public, it almost bags or the risk is the bags, some kind of rush response, right? it's an incredibly complex but immediate problem and situation,
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which according appreciate that thanks very much for analysis. you're quite welcome . well, fighting north of keith is intensifying is russian forces pushed towards the city, steadfast and travel to the capital. and she reports huge traffic jams is great numbers of residents flee while traveling to key a few. see this whole continuous stream of refugees leaving the capital going the opposite direction. there is a non stop row of cars, a huge traffic jam, basically from the whole of the west of ukraine to the capital right now, people trying to flee the violence, the bombing to continuous shelling here in the capital also around the capital. but the people are not going very far and not very fast because they're really simply stuck. the infrastructure doesn't let them flee quickly enough. so people are really spending denied in cars next to fuel stations. the fuel stations have enormous long queues as well because people are viewing for fuel. that is very hard
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to get. there's not enough fuel in these battle station. so data quite some chaos. a lot of those checkpoints, people are very nervous, the security services are very nervous that there might be advance forces that might be what they call sub to us. russians who are ready here who might commit attacks and when you get to the capital, the 1st thing that you notice is this eerie silence. people have left, it's a city of normally $4000000.00 people, but it's equally quiet. the only thing we hear here is church bells ringing. mcdonalds is temporarily closing restaurants across russia and a stand against what it describes as a human suffering in ukraine. 30000 people turned up when the 1st restaurant opened in moscow back in 1990. the arrival of the u. s. fast food chain signal change for the soviet union to open up to the west, mcdonalds as it will continue to pay at $62000.00 employees. while the restaurants
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are close. you as president joe biden has announced the ban on russian oil and gas imports. the move follows please by the crating president for the miss zalinski to cut off moscow's energy exports. our white house correspondent can be health reports now from washington, dc. it's a major escalation of u. s. economic sanctions against russia for its invasion of ukraine. on tuesday, u. s. president joe biden went after president vladimir putin's most lucrative industry. we're banning all in ports of russian oil and gas in energy and means russian oil no longer be accessible us porch to the american people will deal another powerful blow to prudence warmish. the decision by president biden to bad russian energy imports into the united states, follows pressure by the us congress, and pleased by ukrainian president vladimir zalinski biden acknowledged. the latest
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sanctions could cause a spike in us gas praises consumers are already paying on average more than $4.00 a gallon up from $2.77 just a year ago, due to high inflation. as the economy recovers from, the coven pandemic says prune began as military build of ukrainian borders just since then. the price of the gas, the pump, an american up to $0.75. and with this action is going to go up further. the white house is directing the release of some of the us strategic petroleum reserves to tain prices and compensate for loss supply. but the white house maintains high gas prices might also encourage you as consumers to switch to green energy and electric vehicles. but this analyst says the united states is nowhere near ready. the biggest user of oil in any country is transportation and transportation depends on
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having things like electric vehicles and hybrids vehicles. those vehicles represent a roughly small part of the fleet. the fleet turns over slowly. so we're really kind of working by years. that's why these latest u. s. economic sanctions against russia may be symbolic, designed to hurt putin financially. but mostly politically, president biden is sending his vice president carmella harris to poland and romania this week to reinforce support for ukraine, but also to reassure nervous allies. fearful that russia could turn its aggression on them. next. kimberly hell kit al jazeera, the white house. well, the united states is now looking at possible oil deals with venezuela, iran and saudi arabia, as it seeks to curb rising fuel prices. but that would mean easing some of the sanctions against caracas inter on a latin america editor lucio newman post now from santiago. very few may be
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benefiting from the crisis in the ukraine. budman as well as president nichol, asthma. udo may just be one of them in a televised address. he said that if venezuela's crippled, state oil company really base, i was able to get back to normal. it would be in a position to turn out as much as $3000000.00 barrels of crude a day. he says that this would be a contribution to peace and to quote the stabilization of the global situation right now. and that's where what had been a secret meeting between a high level white house delegation and the president of venezuela over weekend come when the president said that the meeting was held in his office and quote that the 2 lovely flags of the united states and venezuela stood side by side united as they always should be. we had a meeting that i would describe as respectful,
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cordial and very diplomatic between the delegation of the government of the united states and the government of venezuela. i preside on our side was doctor george rodriguez. well, you know, of dialogue and my wife, sylvia. they witnessed everything discussed of mutual interest. it was an ample agenda. at the heart of that meeting in caracas was the subject of oil president. my little is asking that denied and states return. cit. go a subsidiary of the venezuelan state oil company based in the united states, which had been one of its biggest money earners until the united states slapped harsh economic sanctions on their way. sat, which is the state oil company based both in venezuela and abroad. and that is also asking that the united states to relax or eliminate all the sanctions that would be placed on any one else who trades with venezuela in exchange. the united states is asking for guarantees of democratic and transparent presidential elections in 2024 in venezuela. now, president,
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my little continues to be the biggest and most important ally of president bruton, of russia, in the americas. and his regiment continues to be very, very supportive, but he is a practical man. and we understand that these talks with the united states and delegates, and the president of venezuela are expected to continue very shortly. more than $290000.00 ukrainians have fled to romania since we started the invasion. now the government bluecross has approved legislation allowing ukrainian children to enroll in local schools are up to 100 that spoke to refugees along the remaining ukrainian border in the bitter cold waiting, an acute can feed longer than it already is. there is a story of people being awarded didn't expect mothers taking their children across the border. family is being torn apart as men between the age of 18 to 60 are not allowed to leave ukraine under martial law. marina, at diversity,
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who's traveling alone with her 12 year old son, stayed in keith for as long as she could. didn't of course, have another point. you can get a little we stayed because we thought the wood and the tiny moment. it was relatively quiet in our way we heard the bombing, but we didn't think it would get to us until very last moment. were real last we had to escape when we had miss house flying over our head. despite the warnings, few believed award breakout until it actually happened. they tell about how they were caught off guard not expecting to become refugees. and in the mid, a group of indian students who arrived in how to keep only 3 weeks ago to start medical school. it was around 16 days. we were like, we timed out, no will we know war and they were there, i just argue and all. but suddenly this happened and viva of you all went to the bunker and we had to, you know, we had a really hard time. there were no facility to which we, oh,
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we could skip from there. so are we decided to go buy food we traveled? i guess 30 kilometers by foot and finally breezed. boy i and then we managed to move from there with the buzz a little further down the line. yeah, my husband is trying to cheer up. these are the last moments they would be together as a family, until who knows when she is afraid for me says, but i think she would be bored without me. she will have nobody to neg, they have travelled for 3 days, some zeppelin jar in the east where the russian army is advancing. yep. os, most of the guys at the law. i woke up at 5 am because i heard a huge, loud bang. i thought something fell down from the shelf from the room next door, but the airport was being bombed her. rou. slona made the same journey, leaving behind her husband, sister nieces and nephews. she's begging them to move fast before they get caught
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up and are fighting. she's upset that your life has been up ended. it was a good, simple one. and she had plans for the future. and she rejects russian president vladimir prudence claims that civilians are not being targeted. you that the new proverb let's do. this is not true. it's full scale, we're being annihilated. people are dying, children, elderly, everybody, we have to run by foot as soon as there was an opportunity. it's not true, they're killing us. many of the people here are russian speakers, those booting claim this war is aiming to protect. they became victims of a conflict that started in their name. what does that mean edges you're alone? the ukraine romania border. ah.
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so this is our desert. these are the top stories and the civilian evacuation of the besieged port city of morrow. pole has been cancelled for 3rd time empty bosses trying to reach the city was.


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