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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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diverse cultures and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera ah, one of the ukrainian civilians come under attack from russian bombardments with death and widespread damage in several cities. i'm here at their high school number 25, and as you told me, and that's actually just west of her capital p. s. and i'm here at what's left of the school. ah, 11 o'clock. this is al 0 life, also coming up another attempt to evacuate besieged. maria poll fails with ukraine
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and russia, both blaming each other to breaking a ceasefire. over a 1000000 refugees from ukraine have arrived in poland since the war started with millions more expected in the coming month. protest against the war in several russian cities see more than $4000.00 people arrested so civilians in several ukrainian cities are facing yet more uncertainty after another seats by collapse, russia and ukraine accuse each other of violating the agreement to help evacuate 215000 people from mario pole, and vote, nova russian troops continued to push towards cave, with fighting around the capital. intensifying, katasha. butler begins coverage now from the fif, a civilian volunteer in the northern ukrainian city of her pin on the outskirts of
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the capitol. finally, journalists are caught up in the moment. someone shouts for a dr. her. but it's too late for a family, had been trying to get away, leaving elsewhere in the city. russian shells destroy homes, frightened, people run for their lives. families and children caught up in confusion and chaos. i don't believe that money has years. russian troops of not yet entered keith, but they aren't far away. the convoy has encircled the city for several days. goods depot in a suburb is destroyed by shelling, but you cranes forces in the capital are undeterred and say they are ready for the worst. was you say latoya my, our positions are prepared, we've fitted them out. we're simply waiting to meet them here tools and then we'll change them out as well as any other units. victor is going to be ours. moscow's forces in ukraine are advancing from the north,
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east and south by land sea and in the air. the kremlin continues to deny targeting residential areas, but the grim reality on the ground tells a very different story. hundreds of civilians have been killed. apartment blocks, schools and hospitals hit. the ukrainian present says the black sea resort of odessa could be next. who's urged western powers to send ukraine more weapons when they were due to a bombard duarte, or this. they are planning to bombard odessa and the russians always used to come to odessa and they felt only warmth, only sincerity in odessa, and now bombs are coming against odessa, artillery, marseilles, this is going to be a war crime, a historical crime, william his lot. this man who doesn't want to be identified or also talks about alleged russian crime. he was working on a cruise ship in the caribbean sea when russia evaded his country. he's come home
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to fight, to be honest, i am scared. i was scared when i made the decision. i mean, this is the world like people are buying and, and there is, i mean there is a chance that they're going to get shot. i don't know injure or whatever. but as i said now, we are united and on the same everybody on the same risk lives are being turned upside down in ukraine, people having to make whole breaking decisions on whether to leave behind their homes and loved ones, or riskless safety by staying put one where you realize that the teams are getting but we decided to go even with studying and working at who software engineer the eastern city of how keys, when the russian shilling began. he showed me pictures of what's left of his office building and describe lead during the violence from my neighborhood, the attorney station. it's approximately 10 kilometers. we walk it for 2 hours or
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something and it was at the most caring experience in my life. but amid the fear and destruction, moments of resilience and joy, or phone defiance. thousands of people protested in the southern city of high phone, despite it being taken by russian troops last week. spirits are being tested in ukraine, but this is proof that they aren't yet broken. natasha butler just 0. the v. ukraine were local authorities in mary polled say, russian forces have continued shelling despite attempts to establish a temporary seas for the southern port. city has come under intense bombardment this week with many civilians killed the merit. mary pope has accused the criminal of lying to the ukrainian authorities about a proposed evacuation. just you have 9 year. what are the mature, horrible?
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what card you? they've been working methodically to make sure the city is blockaded, working methodically, to create humanitarian crisis. so the people are left without food, water, light, heating means of communication. and you record him with, well, we do not leave the shelter. the best we can get is maybe 3 hours sleep if you can call its label. sure, it's not possible to sleep during continuous shilling when planes flying over your head and missiles explode next to you. well, one of the 2 agreed evacuation codle's was to allow civilians to leave mary pole and head to the city for egypt shall strap it has more from near that city. now. another failed attempt to getting potentially hundreds of thousands of traps civilians out of the besieged city of mariel. we've been speaking to some civilians inside the city who say that there is very little electricity across the city. very little water. we seen pictures of people scrambling into what we understand are
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semi destroyed supermarkets and shopping malls, trying to gather as much food and materials as best they can protect themselves, keep themselves warm and fade as we understand it. under the thousands of them all living in basements living underneath their buildings. we've also spoken to ukrainian soldiers in the city. they sang, they accusing the russians of starting to shell, whilst the attempts to get people on buses and had to had started. simon, one of accusations being made by the wash and back separatists, the spokes person for the self to play. doh next people's republic militia saying that sam, the ukrainians, had started shelling 1st. now we were south of zap parisha most of the day in towns and villages along that route. we saw a lot more military along that route and we saw yesterday,
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craner soldiers be austin and take it in on bussey's, put into positions that trenches being dug a lot more common personnel carriers tanks and anti aircraft weapons. and it was around about the time that we were getting news that the, the attempts to get civilians out of mariel po, had failed. that there was an old mighty upsurge in shelling in that area. one village that we went to villages there told us that the neighboring village had been occupied by russian forces the night before. they saying that the russians just walked in to this village on opposed. so very why ring situation as a say in the besieged city of murray. awful. hundreds of thousands of people. yet again, going to bed very afraid to night. well, in the 2nd agreed corridor, the village, a bogus was expecting to receive people from the evacuated areas. it's now under
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the control of russian backed rebel forces from dynette, just a few kilometers from the latest front line. but it smith is there. in 8 years of fighting in east new crane, the front lines did not change. now in less than 2 weeks, separatist fighters from don yet can lou ganske with russian support are making significant inroads into ukrainian held territory. but it seems it's not benny's cisco mom, but i do know of her is that there is too many opponents, constant fierce fighting. we are under constant pressure, but i can't say we have suffered a lot of casualties, but our guys are under fire all the time. when we came here, we thought there wouldn't be much resistance. bogus is one of a dozen towns and villages to lu ganske and the nets forces say they've seized so far. the people here said they had no electricity, heat, or water for 10 days. they've only emerged from their bomb shelters for the food handed out by the didn't at school forties. foresee budwani, can you give me some flowers?
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this woman asks we've so many more women in the basement. she says. this village is along the humanitarian corridor that was supposed to allow people to leave the city of nevada, which is surrounded by forces from russia and in the front line has moved about sort of a few kilometers to my left towards vulnerable. but it remains a very dynamic environment. there is still a constant sound of shelling. so although they're supposed to be a sci fi, there is still firing, going on. and it's going to be an enormous challenge for the people who want to leave vulnerable to make it here. certainly along the road we came and on there was still clearly an active battlefield grad rockets landed just a few meters from our convoy as we headed to bull gas. the people here i've been living with conflict like this, the 8 years piece piece piece. we only want peace,
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these women say the don't yet military to hear it mainly fighting what it called ukrainian nationalist. that's a russian description. the paramilitary wants to distinguish from the regular ukrainian army. louis louis city. you can see how they follow the sci fi here. the head of the local administration tells me 10 days ago, the forces from done yet can, against recognized as republics by russia controlled only a 3rd of the territory considered part of that don bass region. they look to applaud back a lot more since then. bernard smith, era dominance, what russia says it's early hitting military targets and ukraine, but civilians have increasingly come under attack and hundreds have been killed since the conflict began so vast and try to get to me where to residential areas of the school have been hit the loud noise that
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awoke people here on friday morning still echoes in their ears. people were still in their bats when 2 rockets hid their neighbourhood and she told me at down 150 kilometers away from keith residence ran for cover as houses collapsed. you to the shelling larissa, so she got crushed to find medical treatment for her 3 injured children. the youngest of them being 3 years old, fidelity and is now. so something came down in our neighborhood. i don't know what it was, a bomb. it destroyed the whole street to people died young mothers, they have small children. we all lost our homes. all this is a gift from our brothers who became our enemies. this is serious roasting. nobody knows exactly how many civilians have died since russia invaded ukraine. some say 100 others thousands. the main threat coming from the sky. really, miss eyed strike was caught on camera on sunday just before it flattened to civilian airport, infiniti or
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a town that had been mostly spirit so far. ukrainian authority say there was no military equipment inside in the city center, she told me a not a civilian target. rocket smashed into high school number 25. there were no classes that day because of the war. a group of teachers were rescued from the basement where they were hiding after the air rates island went off at school, completely in ruins, and not a military installation. no ukrainian forces are nearby, despite denials by the russian government. this war is increasingly causing death and injury among civilians. people who just 10 days ago could not have imagined to become victims in a full scale invasion shaken by the attacks. many residents are moving out of the city, leaving squares empty and soft closed. but natalia's pal sofa says she is staying sale in my city. this is the 1st big destruction, and i saw it with my own eyes. there is no military object. as russia says,
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i thought it would be impossible to feel more have that it is possible. we will never forget this and we will pass this hatred to next generation. and so i am staying here. this is my land, my country. and even if they enter my city, i will kill them with my bands, nurses and on the edge residence of she told me, i have one request to the international community. krinski loaded them, did not support ukrainian society has been united. this is not only a threat to our country, it's a threat to the whole world. please close the sky. we can stand as human shields against tanks. but we cannot do anything against rockets that fall from the sky. and she told me the blue yellow ukrainian flag is still flying high at the city square, but with russian forces approaching from the north, may not be long before the city witnesses. a fierce fight for its control steadfast and al jazeera. she told me a to odessa now on the coast, the black sea. it is the 3rd largest city in ukraine, home to more than
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a 1000000 people. and it say significant port for the why the region with strategic pipelines, oil and chemical processing facilities, as well as major transport hubs. if russia manages to take the city, it would cut off ukraine's access to the black sea. i'm or luffy has mo, from at us. ha, though aly thought it out that involve harvey. we've been hearing sirens in odessa here where we stand. i know that the ukranian army says they've down to russian warplane. this comes after a statement made by the governor of odessa, who said that all the air defenses have been put into action along the black sea coast. these statements imply that a new batch of missiles and aircraft have been received by the ukrainian army in the city. at the same time, these statements may also explain precedents, zalinski warning, and how that russia may strike odessa using warplanes just on a bench. zalinski said that odessa has been warmly welcoming russian tourists for years. but now it's come under russian bombardment. hell. and he also said, if russia bombards the city for it will be a historical crime unknown and
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a war crime, i did the, the desa is the heart of tourism in ukraine. it receives millions of tourists annually. the majority of whom are russians. i mean, it's also important to note that the center of the city has not come under attack so far home. it's only the outskirts of the city that have been targeted, a locality zillow, but many ukrainians adjoining local defense units to protect their country from russian forces audible. hm. it visited a village in the ne pro region and east in ukraine, and spoke to one of those units under rows of eastern ukraine, their dose taking their children to safety. an endless log of cars trying to reach to close his border. it will take days in their dose thing behind to defend their country. like these men, we met near the village of men. they know the forest well. they usually go hunting here, but now it's time to dig trenches. philip sand bags and build bunkers in case the
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russian soldiers will come their way. ah, they're part of the locally formed territorial defense units. they include season men like any k, not his real name, who 1st joined in 2016, to fight the pro russian separatists in the east of the country garrison near priscilla. the piper that you're asking about our mood, if we really to defend ourselves after this treacherous invasion of ukraine, women, children, and the ugly suffering homes are bombed at night. of course, the army is very angry about that if we didn't provoke and we didn't want the school, they came to us and we ready to answer. he hopes that the russians could be slowed down. but these handmade spikes with similar positions are being built a bit all over the ne provision and has become even more urgent now to have them completed. because the region has become the 1st stop for those fleeing the russian
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advance from either the south or the north east of the country to honda. at the village, ludmilla is busy cooking 200 meals and the menu to day rest sonic a hearty soup that will be put in jars and taken to the checkpoints, and trenches where her husband is also on duty. for some of these women, this war is hitting close to home. acela's son in law, is in the regular army on a front line. she can't reveal who did that? my daughter is keeping busy, like me, just to not go crazy. it's our country. we have to protect it. we will leave by thought. what can i do? we are all in the same boat. and what can i see about the soldiers who came to our country to kayla and pretend they didn't know that they have been here for more than 7 days. and i still don't my, back in the forest, the territorial defense gets ready for the cold night ahead. the russians are still
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far away. but this is a war of mistletoe rockets that are devastating cities and villages. and here, there are no signs of modern weaponry. if could repel the onslaught for most ukrainians, the only safe way is to go west and get as far as possible. but of the hamid algebra in eastern ukraine. when a russia has worn countries against hosting ukrainian military aircraft, the defense ministry says they will be regarded as being involved in the conflict. mr. jim, we know for sure about. she couldn't combat aircraft that previously flew to romania and other border countries. we draw attention to the fact that the use of the input network of these countries as hubs for ukrainian military aviation with the subsequent use against the russian armed forces can be considered the involvement of these countries in the armed conflict. let's bring in my connor in washington dc. it might now the appears to be talk of poland,
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a providing ukraine with plains. what's the likelihood of the honey there is indeed, there is indeed the secretary of state has been talking to us talk shows. he's on a trip to europe that president. and he brought up the issue of poland, providing planes to ukraine, saying that there's been discussion with the u. s. to back fill the aircraft in poland. in other words, the polls move their craft into ukraine and the u. s. back food, those aircraft with its own supplies in poland. so this is a development. but at the same time, the secretary of state making very clear that no moves are going to be taken without full discussion among all the allies. this is the beginning of discussions with poland. poland itself may have to have discussions with nato on a broad front to discuss this whole issue as to whether or not to move planes into ukraine and the u. s. making very clear that it would backfill those pains. this is
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something that the secretary of state says has been discussed with the president and his cabinet. he also says it was a point of discussion between president biden and president lensky when they spoke on the telephone list. for the evening, but this is what entity by the what the secretary of state at to say we are on, we're looking actively now. at the question of aeroplanes, the poland may provide to, to ukraine, and looking at how we might be able to backfill should on decide to produce those but 2 hours of supply. those plants can speak to a timeline, but i can just say you were looking at it very, very actively. well, another issue that the secretary of state brought out was the issue of oil sanctions. now the u. s. has been reluctant to impose oil sanctions on russia. however, it does appear that there is now
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a beginning of discussions with the us and its allies in terms of imposing oil sanctions. certainly, and congress says be moves to do so. the is a bill under discussion to create a bill imposing oil sanctions on russia, which would be the instrument should the us decide to go ahead with such a sanction. but it's a politically sensitive issue already within the u. s. has been a marked increase in oil prices reaching the highest level since june 2008. and any moves by the by that had ministration, which would result in a greater increase in fuel prices would certainly have a marked political impact within the u. s. or it might thanks about my kind of in washington d. c. more than $200.00 children to be moved from an orphanage in se ukraine, after russian troops attack to nearby nuclear power station. they were in the town of zeppelin, yaeger, and such have been terrified by the sound of constant arid sovereigns. you are finished, director is travelling with them by train to bring them to safety in neighboring
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poland. what, you know, what should be put in a saying that he is doing something here, but he is simply killing people, simply killing people. i don't understand why the russian people cannot believe that we are being bombarded, that we and our children are being killed. it is very hard. i'm sorry, we don't want to leave ukraine. we love it is so hard. but unfortunately, we must leave. we really want to come back with our correspondence and buzz rob is following the refugee situation at the border crossing between ukraine and poland. and he's back to philly. poke randy the united nations high commissioner for refugees. it's very difficult to even listen to their stories. days and days of travel in the cold from their bomb cities to seek safety here in poland. i saw the same 2 days ago in moldova, in romania it's all over,
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but poland this is taking the brunt of this enormous avalanche of people. 1.5000000. as you said, just today we reach this terrible figure. and the what we also hear is that hundreds of thousands are on the move. so, and this is the prediction of the border guards here, who by the way, are doing a very good job. and they predict that the flow will increase not decrease in the next few days and perhaps beyond now, as you said, 1500000 people have already crossed. it hasn't even been 2 weeks. your prediction of 4000000 you were saying earlier might be too small in estimation, and it is a country of more than 40000000 people, a country that is currently under siege. what are your long term predictions for what might happen, or how much worse do you think it's going to get? is there any way to plan for it? it really depends on the conflict. if bombs continue to rain on cities,
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people will leave the yesterday or the day before i can't even remember in moldova . many people told me that they were leaving odessa all. this is not under attack because the sirens started the a resounding and they're so afraid that they leave. so it really depends on that. that's why it's so important. here is a lot of talk about humanitarian corridors. that's very important. we are in my organization like others are in ukraine, will participate in any such operation to bring any relief to anybody who is trapped in the cities. but we need more than that. we need is his fire. we need a cessation of hostilities or protests against russia's invasion of ukraine, have been held in multiple countries with calls for western pals to do more to broker peaceful into the violent min one in russia. more than 4200 people were detained at rand. 2 war demonstrations in several cities. they've barker post now
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from london, with a crisis in ukraine, deepening on a daily basis. concerns are growing here in london and in other european capitals about the direction of travel, of this incredibly unpredictable war. as you can see, the campaign for nuclear disarmament is out in force or the placards calling for a stop to the war. i come from lithuania, i feel like nato is doing everything they can. i do not necessarily think they should send they troops to ukraine. i'd leave just yet. i hope we can help with. i'm ignition support my me. i intelligence i'm from west coast. it's terribly painful. with crying every day, my sister there, my nephew in key, if you me, basement mom showed the city with family. and it's terribly painful, it's unbelievable. but people of ukraine are very strong. you know,
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if you think you think that western powers could go further than they have done, oh, definitely definitely in what way. but firstly, to stop the god coaches, the gas in oil from russia, because this is the most important, i think, i believe there is global disdain for russia's war in ukraine. this is catholic storm, a former soviet states, still heavily under the influence of russia. oh, this is the chilean capital santiago, where people are calling for an end to the violence. yes. in russia there have been courageous acts of defiance in multiple cities. this is saint petersburg. ah, and this is moscow where police are out in port another. the kremlin threatened to jail demonstrators for 15 years, and it's illegal to call the invasion of ukraine,
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anything but a special operation. oh, on the edge of red square, to protest to sing the ukrainian national anthem before being dragged away. so large numbers of russian suppose to the war and now fleeing back country squeezed by western sanctions and persecuted by the russian states. yet, many of these anti war demonstrators went over the edge of an a business that we may not be able to pull ourselves back from time. now say many of these demonstrators for western leaders to help broker but almost impossible political solution to help bring us all back from the bringing me fokker, al jazeera, london and protest against war being held across latin america to raise bowers at one rally in argentina. we're here in the center of when i cited were hundreds of people have gathered to denounce the war ukraine. people here are calling of
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latimer, poking a war criminal, and they're demanding russia, leave the ukraine even the most accomplish at, at 11 to get it like we have come here to support all of those who are suffering in ukraine. i have family and friends over there, and this is very upsetting after 2 years of the pandemic. and now this system, it is unacceptable that element, a message that will protest like this one are happening all across from latin america in mexico and other countries in the region. in the past years, russia has expanded its influence in latin america to investment through the distribution of the sudden v vaccine. doing the corona virus pandemic. among other things than leaders, we didn't have their own agenda and they have usage of the leverage of what the united states, the war in ukraine had divisive american. why their government running like with people what trying to remain under other countries like
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argent tina, are demanding an end to the war. pope frances is described the violence in ukraine as a war, rejecting russia's description of the conflict as a special operation. the leader of the roman catholic church says he sent to cardinals to ukraine to work towards peace. the pontiff call for return to negotiations more humanitarian assistance. ah. so this is our desert, these are the top stories and russian forces are continuing their pushed towards kiefer heavy shelling and said towns close to the capital. at least 3 people reported have died while fleeing the tanf open. civilians in the besieged ukrainian cities of maria, pole of villanova, are facing more uncertainty after another sci fi collapse. russia and ukraine accused each.


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