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tv   Witness Waiting For Invasion  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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to sierra i care about healthy us engaging with the rest of the world. we're really interested in taking you in to a place you might not visit otherwise and feel as if you were there. ah. hello, i'm down, jordan and dough. with a quick reminder at the top stories here on al jazeera, the united states is impose new sanctions on russia, cutting off 2 large banks from western financing. it comes after president vladimir putin recognized the independence of 2 separate has held areas of east and ukraine . u, a sector of state antony blink and has called putin views disturbing and says he's canceled this week's meeting with his russian counterparts again ab, ron allen, fisher reports from the white house for weeks. he's warned of sanctions no faced with what he sees as russian aggression in ukraine. job bite and his act it were
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implementing full blocking sanctions on 2 large russian financial institutions. v b and our military back were implementing compress, thanks is on russia's sovereign debt. that means we've cut off rushes government from western finance. it will also impose sanctions on russia, the leech and their family members. they share in the club gauge of the kremlin policies and should share in the pain as well. the president has spent a lot of time with his national security team over the last 48 hours. they insist they've covered all possible moves for moscow. and the next step by vladimir putin will dictate for the u. s. reaction bite and still hopes for a diplomatic solution. but there was a wanting to the american public and extended crisis might hit them in the pocket. defending freedom will have cost for us as well. and here at home, we need to be honest about that. one expert says it makes sense,
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the bite and hasn't thrown everything in russia, they sadly leaving a diplomatic off ramp. they, they need to keep, you know, part of their powder dry. to see what his next move is. this, this gross violation the go further violation of ukrainian territorial integrity. there has to be a cost for that. whether the euclidean foreign minister has been in washington part of the international medical round of top level talks. he's been meeting defense, secretary lloyd austin at the pentagon. he says the russians have tried to split the west with their actions. something that has failed. and i have never seen a no more united. the more resolute standing firm is one alliance in support of ukraine's right to defend that sovereign territory. it's 2 years since then, candidate biden tweeted out that vladimir putin would be reluctant to take any aggressive action if he was president. because he's gone to, to tour with them. in the past,
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he toted his foreign policy experience. he's going to need all that experience. if he's to reach a diplomatic solution to what is a growing military crisis, allen fisher al jazeera at the white house. meanwhile, the un secretary general says any russian troops deployed to easton, ukraine would not be peacekeepers as president putin as claims when troops of one country entered the 3rd. he thought he of another country without its consents. they are not impartial peacekeepers. they are not peacekeepers at all united nations in line with the relevant security goslin general assembly resolutions that's fully behind the so for entity, politically dependence. and that it's all the integrity of ukraine within its international recognized both of those. we are continuing to support the people of ukraine road, many federal probations and human rights efforts. at this critical moments, i called for an immediate cease fire and the re establishment of little of law. we
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need restraint and reason. we need the escalation. now. moscow's parliament does approved a former request by president putin to allow the deployment of russian forces abroad. a decision by the upper house of parliament takes place immediately. nato says it's yet another sign. russia is planning a full scale attack on ukraine to break away ukrainian regions at the heart of the current turmoil on your hands. and don't yet. germany is stopping work on the finishing touches to the nord stream to gas pipeline. the $11000000000.00 project was supposed to double russia gas applied to europe. the german chancellor of sholtes says the undersea link needs to be reassessed because of what russia is doing in the ukraine. you and you cable, turn out sanctions against moscow. what those were the headlines that he's continues, he announces hereafter witness special events watching ah
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a a a a i s o n ah a n okay. is a threat to the security of all your gen continent. that is why we took action to strengthen our security. well, we have seen that during the last year is the moral start to russia illegally annexing crime. young and continuing to d, stabilizing east on ukraine, and therefore nato has to react. and that's exactly what we're doing.
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up with him. did it be clever though cushman being the law business? i'm so cool. august getting up. i did a business or aspire to will not but a shower to my stepson does not get bill. monica shouted, i'm slowly getting well, he said than does look stress it though. second. lebaron marsh. either marcella. oh was it tell democracy stuck again closer to canada. scott, it's taking in a house to to get on. mano not
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or still us give it with key the to citizen with flow. super duty. yes. law pharmacy. i did build up with ritual with me now, right as a weapon of war, lisa very deep scar, a scar, so rule that the victims men and women can barely talk about it. ah, the only witnesses who can help to bring about justice al jazeera follows human
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rights campaign, is in investigating rate. since the 2011 revolution, libya unspeakable crime on al jazeera, the latest news as it breaks. authorities tell us that brutal violence like this one in the honduran capital, or just the tip of the iceberg in a far more complex security situation. we detail coverage. this coastal vinegar in y is one of the worst areas here in the province of all from around the world. things seem very normal in the 1st day. people are still going to work to school the self restaurant a coveted beyond well taken without hesitation, fulton died for power. it finds out loud logs. new babies were dying. i did not think of a wish. it's neglect and babies to death. beeble empower,
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investigates, expose days and questions to the used and abused have power around the go on out there. ah ah, hello, i'm dan jordan to have with a quick reminder, the headlines here on al jazeera, the u. s. is imposed new sanctions on russia, cutting off to key banks from western financing. it follows russia's recognition of 2 separate is held areas of eastern ukraine. he said in upper rationale to take more territory by force in my view. and if we listen to his speech last night, and many of you did, i know he's a, he's setting up a rationale to go much further. this is the beginning of a russian invasion of ukraine, as he indicated and asked permission to be able to do from his duma. so let began
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to so i'm going to began to impose sanctions in response. far beyond the steps we and our allies and partners implemented in 2014. and if russia goes further with this invasion, we stand prepared to go further. as with sanctions or your sector state, anthony blinkin says he's canceled a meeting with his russian count about sergey labrons. this was supposed to happen on thursday. president putin's deeply disturbing speech yesterday. and his statement today made clear the world how he views ukraine. not as a sovereign nation with the right to territorial integrity and independence, but rather as a creation of russia and therefore subordinate to russia. it's a completely false assertion that ignores history international law and the 10s of millions of patriotic ukrainians who were proud citizens of a free and independent ukraine. mean all the you and 2nd general says any russian
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troops deployed to easton, ukraine would not be peacekeepers, as putin has claimed antonio teddy says moscow has violated the territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine. russia's parliament has approved a request by president putin to allow the deployment of russian forces abroad. he decision by the upper house of parliament takes effect immediately. nato says it's another sign, rush as planning a full scale attack on ukraine and germany's pausing work on the finishing touches to the north stream to gas pipeline. the $11000000000.00 project was supposed to double the rush of gas applied to europe. the german chancellor ala short says the under see link needs to be reassessed because of what russia is doing in ukraine, e. u and u. k. have also now sanctions against moscow. so those are the headlines and he's continues here now to sierra after a witness statement. that's what i cannot yet march on. i just either
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south korean vote in a presidential election, but i scandals in controversies overshadowing policy. people in power as here as investigative document. the program looks at the use and abuse of power. nato conduct the biggest military optic exercise in the cold war with 35000 troops from 28 countries. climate and antics explores lessons learned from the global h i. v epidemic. and how that would help fight coven 19 after recent to mil 5th, period vend site makes it empower hong kong goes to the poles to chief executive march on a jazz eda move ah wow!
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so i get this the ball on those 30 at the was near the is low net the job was kind of though you say the work, your young people are but the tears because will go figure it all. nurses it is. mom's was morning as mask. they well one bed he would, he cares, bianca, motivator, all that other fish, lester, the awesome new young underneath. asti clock out most of the building and then all of the kicker to
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flood of a
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with any new tour. yes. what is that community? what a one p s. a directive inches. to stage a play i to empower the winning a and redefined status in society. missy, that nigerian women walk. witness on algebra with hello the weather,
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sloshy set fare across the middle east, as per usual, clear skies coming back in for the time being missing some snow recently in afghanistan. that's pulling out of the way, brightest guys coming back in behind. really making way for the next system which will ease its way over to was a levant, as we go on through were thursday spec to see some heavier showers, longest spells afraid sliding into that western side of syria easing across lebanon . just easing down to water is where i wanted to show us to, to northern parts of saudi arabia. hearing caught our tend to just started to pick up east falling lighters and make our way through the week a pleasant 26 celsius here in doha. then by thursday afternoon and beyond, lottie, dry to around the horn of africa, plenty of showers into central parts of africa, receipts and flooding racing into southern parts of the democratic republic of congo, or showers sliding their way across. c, a central belt and just notice we have our tropical cyclone that's going to continue bringing some very heavy rain in the next couple of days starting to weaken. but it's still a lively storm. and in terms of the rain,
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that's where we have our major concerns. 500 millimeters of rain is possible over the next couple of days. flash flooding, landslides damaging winds coming through here it will, grassy slide its way further southwards easing out by thursday. but what's the weather to the north? ah. join the debate, they a race of like people from the american and global story was very powerful on an online ad. your voice, the comment section is right here. join our conversation. we had unprotected when everyone is protected. it does not apply. being nationalistic about those, you just look at it in a very different way. say that perspective men and men meeting each other and they don't have any solution. let me put it clear for you this dream on al jazeera. did you know you could watch out as they were english streaming live on like youtube channel?
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last thousands of off grow grams award winning documentaries. and in depth news reports subscribe to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah. we've cut off rushes government from western finance, the u. s. and allies and violet flu of sanctions against russia, of his actions and ukraine, and hold back all the toughest penalties. as president vladimir putin is given, parliamentary approval to use military force outside of russia. ah, hi there, i'm kimbell,


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