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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2022 5:30am-6:00am AST

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demick restrictions, as many as 600000 students abandoned the education system altogether. according to statistics from the world bank, the coven 19 pandemic has said back educational efforts in honduras by almost half a decade. issue the newly elected president of honduras, seal mighty castle, has promised to make a top priority. manuel that up a little al jazeera san piedro sula honduras. ah, village there, and these are the top stories. senior members of the u. s. military have arrived in poland as nato bolsters its east and flag and responds to russia's military build up on the ukrainian border. in total president joe biden is deployed nearly $3000.00 to extra american troops to poland and romania heads of state. a meeting in ethiopia had the african union summit with the recent wave of military coups,
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a civil conflict, and the koran of ours pandemic topping the agenda. block is also under pressure to push for a ceasefire and its host country, ethiopia. thousands have died there due to its conflicts with the to grind people's liberation front of a 5 year old who was trapped in a well and morocco. since tuesday has died, morocco's king announced rayon did not survive the 5 day ordeal. rescue has dug out a part of the hillside to be able to reach the boy. hush. mahabharata has been following the story. the words this concern a since a 2 days ago because there was always this question about whether the phrase body of ryan would be able to cope with the hoss conditions in a well, whether we're always concerned about the oxygen level, whether he will be able to respond and that was who was not. he was not really showing any signs that a were encouraging thousands of demonstrators across brazil are demanding justice
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for a con galleys refugee who was beaten to death. the killing of voice cover. gama has shocked the nation. he was killed at beachside kiosk in rio de janeiro and an a parent dispute about unpaid wages that he's released footage of him being attacked by 3 men, the 13 minutes hundreds of protest as have been rallying the u. s. city of minneapolis . after a 22 year old black man was killed by police officers, maryland was shot dead in his apartment on wednesday of the offices used a no no search warrant logs. family says offices woke him while he was sleeping, and in the confusion he reached for a firearm, police and canada vowing to crack down on what they call the increasingly dangerous protest by hundreds of truck drivers in the capitol, ottawa, roads in the city of been gridlocked for more than a week, as the headlines more news here on al jazeera right after the listening post, we'll see you next time for life. as will death athletes prepare for the winter olympics eating is bracing itself with the arrival of estimated 11000 people. kind
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of 0 tolerance corvette strategy work, and despite diplomatic play, quotes, which one is which again will be the latest date is 2022 winter olympics on al jazeera. ah, are you experience when it comes to science jo road and is not the climate change? one is a weird one, so which makes his podcast problematically one year after the military coup in me and my democracy has, di journalists are paying the price and the hash tags coming out of the o. p. a auntie dr. tell a story of a news and information factor. ah hello, i'm richard gisburne, you're at the listening post where we don't cover the news. we cover the way the
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news is covered. a new front has opened in the battle over content, moderation. turning our attention from facebook and twitter to the land of podcast ever heard of the joe rogan experience. it's an american podcast available on spot a 5 that gets bigger audiences than prime time television news programs do. rogan's format is purposefully on journalist stick free, willing conversations with his guests. sometimes he delves into topics like covered 19 vaccines and climate change interviews, but produce the kind of misinformation that can be dangerous. and that's provoked musicians like neil young joanie mitchell and india. ari to pull their songs from spotify. it's also attract the attention of a white house that wants the platform to do more to combat misinformation. rogan promises he'll do better, and spotify is now adding content warnings on podcast that deal with cove at 19,
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which has scientists wondering why the platform doesn't do more to correct that content before millions of americans listen to it. our starting point this week is the joe rogan experience for those who have yet to get a taste of the podcast. they call the joe rogan experience. here's what to expect. he keeps it casual that a joint there was back time rogue and share to join the lawn. musk i made it legal . right? totally. okay, back oh and marijuana and prepare for a stream of consciousness. conversation. yes, vice with profanity that we beat out, because rogan doesn't like mother. got some political social containments. sprinkle there, i've left on almost everything except on control. and with society going through the coven, 19 experience, a little science from time to time in some fake. i am very ro vaccine.
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this is not a vaccine. this is essentially a dream. joe rogan isn't trying to replicate what's already out there in terms of mainstream media or traditional news. media outlets. programs that include fact checkers producers, editors, anchors, joe rogan, really views his programming as an ordinary person. just having conversations with all kinds of people, kind of conversations, you may end up hearing, hire a local diner at the water cooler, or maybe even in your living room or to our dining table with your family. joe rogan has a responsibility to not just allow stream of consciousness or, you know, anything to be said unchecked, to copy out it and say, hey, this is, you know, a controversial view. this is outside of scientific consensus. this has been proven to be false. if it is false, to not do that, i believe is irresponsible. this really comes down to a question of what is a podcast is a podcast the news or is a podcast the conversation. if it's the news,
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then you have arguably restrictions on what can be said. if this is just a conversation, then we really have to consider the implications of saying to adults can't release that conversation to a wider audience without some babysitter entity stepping in to make sure that they don't say the wrong thing. ah, rogan made his name on television in the 19 ninety's, a committee and turned actor turned commentator for mixed martial arts fighting. he launched the joe rogan experience in 2000, not expiring. it is among the most popular podcasts in the world, around $11000000.00 listeners per episode. in 2020 the music streaming platform spotify, looking to diversify its content, made a $100000000.00 deal with rogan for exclusive rights natural expert. the podcasts
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range of guests is one of its strengths. it also exposes rogan's weaknesses as a host. he lacks expertise. so when a couple of doctors come off and promote conspiracy theories about post 19 and vaccines that have long been disproved, do you think there's any reason for someone who's already uncovered magnet knowledge? there's 3 studies well characterized 3 more than grade in showing harm. for when jordan peterson, a psychologist, spouts something nonsensical on climate change. climate. weird, so i will not because there's no such thing as climate climate and everything are the same word, rogan, a graduate of that tough guy, world of mixed martial arts. here just rolls over is not an expert on what the guess you're talking about. in this case, you heard him, peterson. came on and said that climate change isn't real because it's everything mean, how much does it actually doesn't mean anything to,
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to joe rogan. i mean he's he, let's see guy, he's like, well that sounds good and then they just sort of move on. but yet, jordan peterson, it seemed like a, a stone college student up one night studying for his midterms. that's what it sounds like. think twice about giving these jabs to your kids. doctor peter mcculla and doctor robert milan were problematic for a variety of reasons. they repeated lots of claims about the coven 19 vaccine in particular, claims that has been widely refuted. a lot of people who are vaccinated were feeling kind of disoriented and confused by these podcasts. i've spent a large part of my time during the pandemic explaining the science and explaining the data. and i found that this was essentially doing the opposite of that. it was breaking trust and causing confusion. jessica morality rivera is one of 270 scientists and health care specialists who signed a letter calling out rogue,
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demanding spotify. take steps to stop the spread of coven 19 misinformation, musicians, neil young and joni mitchell, among others, ordered spot afar to remove their music, saying they did not want to share a platform with rober. spotify countered by saying it will add a content advisory label to any podcast related to coven 19 the white house waited in welcoming the advisories, urging spotify to not just limit misinformation, but to fight it, got rogan appeared to take it on the chin. going on, instagram? disputing, some of the criticism for acknowledging poorly, he has to do better. so my pledge to you, he said i will do my best to try to balance out these more controversial viewpoints. but that is the same jewelry. who since getting into bed with spotify, as boasted when he can say whatever he wants, or asked him prisoner,
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or say whatever you want over, i'm not going to pull it. let me try something else bonafide, and they're the ones spotify never said a goddamn thing to make their amazing. rogan did not want to talk to us. however, neither he nor spotify responded to our interview requests. social media platforms like facebook and twitter have been under this kind of scrutiny for years for spotify and podcast in general. it's something that the part of that is just logistical. it's very easy to, to crawl through the content of twitter or facebook, instagram, even youtube because it has captioning and to flag various has a content where there be misinformation are seen as offensive when it comes to podcasts. there are so many of them, and you basically have to go through audio bit by bit to really catch and flag content. it's great that we looked at each other. we welcome joe rogan acknowledged
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in this video apology. comcast has started as a way for him to kind of have these 3 willing conversations with people he like people he found interesting and he felt acknowledge that it's basically gotten completely out of control if he is going to start venting his guests or starts during the conversations in a less controversial direction. that may satisfy some critics. but i think it may also alienate his audience, modify released a new platform policy and put a covert 19 audio warning label on any future episodes that mentioned cobra. 1900 is if they're saying your, your content doesn't matter as long as people know that it's objectionable, then we're cover. but i seems extremely unlikely that they'll kill the golden goose of podcasting. joe rogan for co misinformation, as long as the shareholders are happy. the subscribers aren't going anywhere my think nothing's gonna have the joe rogan's checks are
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a mixed bag. he describes himself as a socially liberal, libertarian, who supports universal health here, along with gunner on covert though, he has a pension for the scepter just one day after his instagram promise to do better, and do my best to make sure that i've researched these topics. rogan tweeted, an inaccurate royce, or story on either mexico and anti parasitic drug, a treatment for coven scientist say, there is no evidence that it works. reuters had already corrected that story. rogan later deleted his tweet without explaining why. as one analyst put it, joe rogan is in over his head, and he knows. but there's more to it than that we're supposed to be protective of l . b, g, g. people. logan provokes his all of this by hiding his beliefs and curiosity
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shouting them in question. was his choice of some questionable yes. and he keeps going. i don't want to like 0 rogan's response. i choose to believe him. i choose to also believe that he doesn't know what he's talking about half the time. the larger issue is that the user is now the media. people aren't relying on television news to get all their news. they get it from a guy like joe rogan file and everybody can build a platform and get to where he is. so the genie is out of the bottle and everybody's the media. it's been a year now since the military took back control of me and mar the subsequent unrest has left at least 1500 people dead. and much of the countries media silenced joanna who's is here with more. well, richard, as we reported back then, ever since the hotel overthrew mia mars fledgling civilian government last february, it has been cracking down on journalism. in the immediate aftermath, 5 news organizations,
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including medina and democratic voice of perma for rated and had licenses revoked reporters like nathan mon from coming media and danny fenster and editor at frontier me a mar spent months behind bars on fairies trumped up charges. 57 others that we know of remaining prison making me more. the world's 2nd worst jailer of journalists. others have paid for their work with their life. soon i, a freelance photo journalist is believed to have been beaten to death in military detention after covering a silent strike against a regime pre t, dim of burma news. international wit, published allegations of abuse is carried out by the security forces was reportedly abducted by the authorities and executed. reporting is especially challenging me a mars, more remote regions where the military often acts with impunity. many news outlets have gone into exile or now do their work underground, increasingly reliant and citizen journalists to gather information. then there are
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the internet, blackouts, and band and social media. the military has blocked facebook, twitter, and instagram, or primary sources of news in me a mar, and it reportedly has a new cybersecurity low in the work that will criminalize the use of the vpn. people currently rely on to circumvent such bands. in too many ways to media environment in me, a mar is back to where it was before him barked on the rocky road to democracy. yet many reporters, there remained determined to get the story out. thanks to going back to a story now that's proven exceptionally difficult to cover the conflict. anything between rebel forces led by the key gripe people's liberation front, the t t. l. f and federal troops under prime minister. i'll be off net just over a year ago when the fighting broke out into the ry. are these governments shut down the internet? cut, telecommunications bart journalists from the conflict zone and your total blackout
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that is still mostly in place. news like nature abhors a vacuum and one byproduct of the blackout is that online activists on both sides have been filling the gaps, sometimes shaping the news coverage. but activists are not journalists, many of them have agendas that can solely the information that they provide. the listening posts nick, me, your head now on the conflict into grey. and the activism that for better or worse is driving the coverage of the story and the terminology. me, it's october 2021 months before the fighting began in ethiopia. and facebook is the country's dominant social media platform. then the t p l. s. attack the federal forces northern command and to cry. and media blackout is imposed on the region. and something curious happens. infinite usage patterns of online behavior in the
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rest of the country begin to change. facebook share eventually traffic dropped from 66 percent to 40 percent. twitter, clams from less than 6 percent. to 44 percent. it was no accident, no mere market driven shift. it was activism almost immediately within a week we saw a massive uptick in the number of new twitter accounts that were registered and that were tweeting almost exclusively about the conflict in tea cry. a lot of these were sort of co last thing around different hash tag campaigns that were established by very young to grow and activists. and i asked when you look back the harsh stocks and all the mobilizations on a global scale, one gun certainly did use that. there was pre planning in starting a global campaign against the federal government and an effort to control the narrative. we knew why was looming because we have seen and heard the rhetoric that was being pushed by a data, been government,
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but we didn't know that it was going to be this bruton as a good day give them a dean is to guy and activists living in the diaspora amplifying hash tags about the conflict. helping those issues make the jump from social media into the mainstream. like the government's involvement of every trained troops in the conflict 1st before i would like to see a deadline as to when the air turn tropes and i had a malicious are supposed to withdraw from me. from grading the use of mass, rape is a weapon of more whereby women are also being gone great by military men from base have been national army as well as i'm had a militia and how in sanitary news coverage in the country is fueling as mackenzie is this kind of reckless comments and returning that are actually resulting in the my soccer in the days of our people, given him a dean doesn't work alone. she and fellow activist sets up an organization called i'm not to guy which uses what given him a dean calls an educated form of advocacy to get the world to pay attention to what
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is happening into god. what that means is we prepare premier tweets, we prepare panel discussions, we write articles and monthly or regular reports. that's how we try to push the issue of that to graduate, to say, to the international community so that they don't continue to be confused by the propaganda that comes from the e to been government. and it and its allies that were give him a didn't used genocide, it's a loaded term one that can have implications both politically and militarily. according to the 948 genocide convention, once the you indicated the genocide then member states are required to intervene. which hasn't happened in this case. the un has said that the conflict has been marked by extreme brutality on both sides. but it stopped short at the carrying a genocide that hasn't prevented the term from being used on social media. and if you scroll down, give them a dean's twitter feed, you will see the hash tag to create genocide being used repeatedly and all the way
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back to november 9th, 2020, starting just 4 days of the t t less launched at the attack. yes, i am one of the people who used the hash dr. greg genocide early on. and that's primarily because genocide is a crime of intent before november. first, we know what kind of rhetoric was being pushed by they to been government and it's f related media athletes. we know data, bank government was actively working towards to humanizing that people have to go towards other them with the data and community. so the genocidal intent is right there. genocide hash tag was used by many pains to raise awareness about their interpretation of events. and that has been really controversial because the government says that the existence of this hash tag is evidence of a disinformation campaign because they don't agree that there is a drug side going on. destination. on a global scale, the bailiff activists were able to to, to gate at the time, hob,
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help them control the narrative on with and media us with and read shannon recently tweeted, what's unfolding in ethiopia has all the makings of a genocide because you, you, that you can see that efficiently that the grand hind hash tag have attracted wider western media. attention done anything, but a content campaign was on the way in november 2021, a new hash tag called no more started trending. the organizers of this campaign say that they are out to set the record straight in november, we say, hash tag no more than no more false narrative is that support killers versus victims. no more media lies clear will much as a research in with the london school of economics and has been tracking the various hash tags associated with this conflict. much says that the data pattern of the no more campaign represents a significant departure from what we've seen before. what we see now is a much more professional and much more centralized effort to promote the hash tag.
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i think it was in early november, the highest number of tweets, but the no more campaign produced on a single day surpassed 500000. the highest number that we've tracked from the growing campaigns is have been about 200000. so it's a significant change in terms of this kind of campaign. this are paid activist is paid professionals. some of them are self proclaimed journalist. they're trying to create false equivalence between those at the receiving of the genocide and those who are perpetrating the genocide. the normal campaign was launched by galway and pin and silent testimony and they are trained both the fema, based in the us. we gave him the opportunity to respond to the allegation that they are backed by the government. we even booked an interview with a going on the day of firming she cancelled. we then made several attempts to reschedule that interview, but we stopped replying to our messages. we did however speak with babbage law,
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and if you can janice to went into eggs out in the us when the t p l f. lead the national government in addis ababa a rain last thing nearly 3 decades that was marred with oppression mass incarceration. and censorship was low says that he is not affiliated with the name of campaign. he does use the hash tag and puts its popularity down to genuine support among ethiopians at home and in the diaspora who have grown tired of what they call the mis reporting of this story. we to see a more truthful approach, a more balanced approach, rather than echoing the propaganda by one side, especially the live site and the other kids have been pushing out. we must ease twitter campaign. where does the information come about genocide and things like that? highly. but i don't miss sources. you can not report a story. highly sensitive story like in the side based on bass. so that's
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why i also support a movement. we taste no more propaganda, normal life. oh, how about no more media black out? in the 15 months since the fighting began, the government is only drawn to the international media. 13 mental window of access to to cry. when federal forces were in control of the regions capital mckelly. that ended 8 months ago removing mainstream news sources from the conflict has left the information space up for grabs, resulting in a social media, wove words and terminology. it's 1st off that the government allows for more voices to be weighing and they've tried so hard to constrain access and it's, it's not worked in anyone's favor including their own, because they're basically asking people to just accept them at their word. ordinary global citizens do not really know who to believe and who to address,
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so it's very critical that jonas's are allowed to access a to crying one. in order to, to make sure that this john said, a war is documented properly to, to make sure that perpetrators of the crime men are held accountable to this day. no one can say for certain if what is taking place in the region of to crime amounts to a genocide. but the red flags are there. the growing evidence that shows that the real victims of the school or the innocent civilians caught in the middle and journalists must find a way to tell their stories, whether the authorities get them in or not. and finally, back to me in march, the 1st anniversary of the military coup has put the country back on the news agenda. but over these past 12 months, for reasons ranging from the political to the geographical, me and mars power struggle has gone under reported. so we're leaving you this week with a list of recommendations where to go online if you want to stay on the story. for
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english readers, me and mar, now and democratic voice of burma are good places to start. then there was me and mar, witness a nonprofit organization that document state violence by getting the public to upload the evidence, videos and photos of human rights abuses, outlets like media, the chin when and development media group, all, stay mostly local and focus on coverage of me and more ethnic minority states which are under reported outside me and mar, there is burma campaign u. k. it relies on funding from the general public to push for the release of political prisoners and keep me in mar, in the news. finally, some of the people we follow on twitter way away knew the founder of the women's piece. network activist akins are among and many mug of human rights watch. they're all sticking with this story even at times when the international media are looking away was the next time here at the listening post.
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the gunnery, the conservation post office with bringing nature and people together to work with what life is my pleasure. my talk is leaking between the clock and that one unity in african marriage. you need to find a sub or do you go to the tune a as to teach the community that living with the one live. it's excellent alias, limber riding with las mice and bob boy on al jazeera. the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting this victims. it's devastating effects of plague every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens,
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britain's true colors. pop 2 on al jazeera. new zealand is a bird watches paradigm. but this south pacific nation has one of the worst extinction records on earth rights and other interviews. pres is, have decimated the nike bird population. the decline is still ongoing. if we let it roll for another 50 years, they will be much left to restore. now you zealand is leading the world with an extraordinary goal to why pat the countries worth passed by 2050. there is nowhere else on the planet like this. and we now have the technology, the well in the know here. and do you take those spaces? finally, after 2 days of 36 that we made our 1st k wait, both birds will join 14 other key, weak relief here in the last few mom. it's a vital step in saving while kiwi,
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which we're almost walked out across this region 2 decades ago. ah, my law, no dot one. does he mentoring? nice. i more guy on out here. ah, the 1st us troops meant to reinforce nato allies arrive in poland. his russia continues to mobilize near the ukrainian border. ah, hello and welcome on peach adobe. you're watching, i'll just hear a live from doha. also coming up. overwhelmed with challenges.


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