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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2022 2:00am-2:30am AST

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ah. ready ready we are ready, no matter what happens. the u. s. president warns russia as the you unsecure to council discusses the military sounds off on the border with ukraine. ah, no money inside. this is out. is there a life? and i hope so coming up. a step ahead in us council relations washington announces it will designate doha as a major non nato ally. i'm sorry for the things we simply didn't get right at all, so sorry for the way that this matter has been hung. the british prime minister apologizes often the official investigation and to parties ask his residence during
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lockdown, finds failures in leadership and judgment. on the year, on off to military career, toppled a civilian leadership in myanmar. we look at what lies ahead, the country. ah, we already know my so what happens that is the warning from the u. s. president to russia as a 10 standoff continues only ukrainian border. j bought in was speaking on another day of intense diplomacy aimed at defusing. the crisis with the u. k. edging moscow to step back from the brink of invasion today, the united nations. we've laid out the full nature of russia's threat to ukraine sovereignty and the territorial integrity of ukraine, as well as the core tenants of a rural based international order. and we,
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we continue to urge diplomacy as the best way forward. but with russia is continuing this build up of its forces around ukraine. we are ready, no matter what happens when members of the united nations security council house, the 1st time discussed the washing true build up on ukraine's border. but there were deep divisions over who is to blame and whether the meeting should even take place. on the plastic edison james space has more from the un headquarters in new york. the security council heard 2 very different arguments about the situation in eastern europe. the u. s, which called this meeting, says the russian military build up around ukraine is the largest mobilization of troops in europe. in decades, rushes aggression to day, not only threaten ukraine. it also threatens europe. it threatens the international order of this body is charged with upholding. we continue to hope
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russia chooses the path of diplomacy over the path of conflict in ukraine, but we cannot just wait and see it, but russia's ambassador vaseline benzene says, all his country's troops are on russian soil. they're not close to the ukrainian border. and there's absolutely no proof of a threat from them. he says the us and nato, we're whipping up tensions as though they want there to be a war. outside the council chamber, i pushed him further on this. are there any circumstances in which russian troops would cross the border into ukraine? can just be clear for it i, i am not the person to decide whatever happens, but we never, i said it in my statement that no russian politician or, or even a public figure ever said that we are planning to take your grade, was a clear answer it seemed, but then he added this with will not exclude provocations from, from ukraine inside the separatist. republics,
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they say they have information that such provocations may happen. russia had tried to prevent this meeting by calling a procedural vote at the start. 9 countries supported the u. s, but russia was joined by china and objecting to the session and 3 other security council members, gabon, kenya, and india, abstained. the meeting went ahead, bought the procedural vote. and the comments of many of the non western members of the council should be noted. the u. s is aim here, was to galvanize international opinion against what it says is the russian threat. but to achieve a broad international consensus, it still has more work to do. james bay's al jazeera, the united nations. well, how that a doll, hamid has more from keith on ukrainian reaction to the un security council meeting at a foreign minister. jim was speaking to ukrainian media and the message there was the
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level a threat is actually not very high at the moment because diplomacy is ongoing. and then a few days ago we heard from president zalinski, very frustrated. president zalinski who had a very lengthy press briefing with the air, mainly american media. and he was trying to say, well, tone it down enough of that panic and near enough of that in his words, hysteria. this is not good for this country because the country is already feeling the impact of this crisis, perhaps not militarily, but economically. for sure. president zelinski said that $12500000000.00 had already left the country since the beginning of the year. and he was wondering how much more were leave. he said, the country couldn't sustain that. are there's also an impact. i did add in the society in the communities. this is a country where a lot of people speak russian does, is a lot of countries where many people don't look at russia in
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a hostile way. and we spoke to many people who told us that their families were basically torn apart, that they had some people who were some of them were actually supporting the government in gave some of them a, did the act. it did support a russia or didn't see russia in a bad way. so it is causing a lot of problems at many different levels. and i think the message definitely that you hear from leaders here in ukraine is stopped by making the war is not there yet . we've been living under this threat for the past 8 years. we've seen this happen before. this is not yet the time to be concerned. or u. s. president joe biden has told cut us a mere shake to mean been hammered. al tani, that he will soon designate the golf state as a major non nato ally. the leaders have been meeting at the white house to discuss a range of issues, including a possible role for casso and cushioning. the economic impacts off
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a potential russian invasion of ukraine. alan fisher reports from the white house a warm welcome and bitterly cold washington day for the 1st gulf leader to visit the white house since joe biden, to cover cutter has become a key partner on several issues impacting the u. s. this past year, a partnership of color was, has been the central to many or most vital interest. i thought it was a key player during the u. s. withdrawal from afghanistan still has communications with the taliban and whose thousands of refugees who still have to be processed before they move to america. with additional assistance on iran, yemen, the palestinians. the president has decided to give pattern special status, and i am notifying congress that i will designate cutter as a major non nato ally to reflect the importance importance of our relationship. tasso becomes the 18th country to be given the ally status. it provides imported
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benefits in areas of treat defense and security cooperation. the ambulance is katara was and is happy to help a country that has been an ally with for 50 years. we're very proud that we manage to evacuate tens of thousands of people of an, of an understand of course we have other issues as well that we're going to talk about the equal rights of honesty, people and other issues are in the region. so you know, we're very happy and proud of this great relationship. rushes build up on the ukrainian border continues to be the most urgent issue for the white house. if moscow decides to invade sanctions will follow. there's a what a russia will respond by shutting off gas supplies to key european allies cut out could help develop supplies of its orn, liquid natural gas, to ease the pressure a near by the guitar. the purchase of $34.00 new boeing free jets was signed with an option for 50 more passenger liners from the american company. cut i was through a note in the early days of the trump presidency. but katara officials insist it
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has been a steady and reliable partner for the united states in an unsteady part of the world and with its links and connections. it could help solve some problem issues for the united states and its president. allen fisher al jazeera at the white house as camel unless we can speak to hillary man leverett, who joins us now and skype friend, mclean, virginia. she is c e o of strategic and political risk consultancy fan. and the former, he was white house and state department official. thank you for your time. only 18 other countries, i believe, have been granted bas ally status by american presidents. what does it tell us about how the u. s. v is cattle it's. it's an important recognition by that in the united states of the, the role that country plays in the world in the region. first of all, in the middle east, in terms of what country has done to help problem solve diplomatically some of the most intractable problems in the region. in terms of energy security got or places
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you very unique role in the world where they have liquefied natural gas, where other countries relock must rely on pipelines. cancer can, can ship it anywhere in the world, providing a country with a unique status for energy security. so the united states is seen cotter time and again step up to the play and be a vital country for stability and security in the middle east and around the world . so for the united states, it's really a long overdue recognition of, of gutters role. there's not that much practical impact, but it will make some investment in some technology transfer easier. but the real importance is the honor that it bestows the respect that it bestows. and in some ways, the united states taking sides in a region where alliances are often or rivalries are often, are often very deep. so to give, to,
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to bestow this otter on gutter before doing so, or doing so without us. similarly, giving this honor to, for example, saudi arabia or the united arab emirates, is an important signal, diplomatically that the united states values the relationship with gutter. and if there were a problem again, like there was in the trumpet ministration that the united states might take on her side. it's not legally obligated to do as it would be for a nato ally. but the signals are very, very strong. this close the relationship between cat on the u. s. it's only really developed in a very short period of time. why do you think it's come about? well, the, the relationship has been closed for a long time. i worked initially in the white house during the clinton administration and the relationship became very close there, particularly when the current him years father 1st became a mere,
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the relationship was very, very close between the clinton administration and culture. from that time in the 1990s it's, i think it's, it's been a continuously building, deepening relationship with just some bumps in the road. for example, during the 1st couple years of the trump administration. the, the problem in some ways for cancer is that cuts are really puts its neck out in a way to be there on important issues on controversial issues. whether that's iran, afghanistan, the palestinians, and some administrations value that more than others. but what this designation will do, it will insulate. gotcha. in some ways, from some of the criticism it sometimes takes because it's a, it's really vital diplomatic role in controversial issues that not everybody supports ok. really good to get your time. hillary man leveretts speaking to us, laugh from virginia, seo of strategic. thank you. the you came in
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vol, inquiry into government events during locked down has found serious failures and leadership and judgment. it said some of the gatherings should not happen allowed to happen. but it has left some questions unknown said including whether prime minister boris johnson, missiles, parliament, ne vanka has moved from london. a failure of leadership behind the famous black door, sue grey's crunch findings more biting than expected. the report talks of high standards not being met by though setting the rules of excessive alcohol consumption in the workplace and gatherings without clear authorization or oversight. some behavior, she said, was difficult to justify, against the backdrop of the pandemic. ah, were nothing overly critical of johnson himself. it's perhaps not the big take down . his rivals hopeful, a contrite prime minister, appearing in front of parliament, promising to overhaul downing street and clean up government. but no talk of
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stepping down. i'm sorry for the things we simply didn't get right. and also sorry for the way that this matter has been handled. i get it and i will fix it to the people of this country. i know what the issue is. yes. it whether this government can be trusted to deliver. i said to speak, i guess we can be thought to grey had been planning to release a full report until london's metropolitan police stepped in calling for her to pare down her findings while they carry out their own criminal investigation into 12 gatherings, including an alleged party and jumps into flat for johnson's opponents. it isn't just about what's in the su gray report, but what's not in it for his fears, his critics, they will have to wait for the results of the police investigation to find out more about the most serious offences that could cause the most harm to johnson's
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political career, the results of that investigation could be many, many months away. even now, he is hiding behind a police investigation into criminality into his home. but his office, the british public con, fools. they never believed a word of it. they think the promise to should do the decent thing and resign yet. the pro is not just the opposition that's been ramping up. pressure on johnson, some of his own. m. p. 's have been quietly plotting against him. thank you. other familiar faces determined to hold his actions to account what the gray report does show is that number 10 downing street was not observe and the regulations they had imposed on members of the public. so i thought my right on boyfriend did not read the rules or didn't understand what they meant and others around him. well, they didn't think the rules apply to number 10, which was it monday. so a flurry of announcements by number 10 on the economy breaks it and you crane. this
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is a government, eager to steer attention away from recent scandals. but when it comes to party gate, there were still more truths to uncover heads, including the prime ministers may yet roll. if enough members of his own party decide it's time for him to go. need bach her out to sierra westminster. fill ahead on al jazeera campaigners call for an end to a deal between the you and libya saying if compounded the sufferings of my was refugees. and we gauged, made an offer as it has become the 1st country to enforce a coven nights and vaccine. ah ah, here's her headlines for the america for the 1st of february. hello everyone. great to see use those storms that were across texas. now shifting into louisiana.
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temperatures have pops up again in miami after that cold spells from the cold stare in more than a decade. your overnight lows recovering, as was so low of 20 degrees on thursday after the northeast, the south facing winds ramping up those temperatures. so we're going to see the snow melts in boston, for example, where he had just picked up 60 centimeters of snow from that, nor easter, more sunshine in the forecast for vancouver, but temperatures are coming down. we've got a cooler air rate across the canadian prairies and the northern plains, off to the west coast of the u. s. things looking calm and settled here. los angeles, we've got you in for a high of 19 degrees on tuesday. central america looks like this. we had a record low temperature in havana, your temperatures are bouncing back is while both by day and night. so 27 by thursday, that is above average for february. we've seen some pretty strong storms through the pay ruby and andy's right into the amazon basin. and those storms that were
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parked over a cell, paulo has now shifted to rio de janeiro on tuesday with a high up 31 degrees. that's it. so you said, ah, there was a time when the octagon got rid of floods were enough to sustain life in the northern california desert. oh you ran what. 2 us changing, we followed 3 men in different paths and go down as if these drowned wild animals and man made threat, the constant fight for survival. briskin it botswana on algiers. ah ah
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ah welcome back your watching out. as a reminder, if our top story is this, our, the un security council has dismissed the russian shoot build up on ukraine's border for the 1st time. but there were deep divisions over who's to blame and whether the meeting shouldn't even take place. the u. s. as designated cats are, as a major non nato ally, it follows the missing between president joe biden and catherine near shaped mean been attorney the u. k prime minister has been grilled in parliament after the release of a preliminary report and the claims of parties held at the heart of the u. k. government during corona virus lockdown voice johnson apologized and promised to re shuffle stuff. we sat and now to our top story, the ukraine, russia tensions for president vladimir putin. the issue is much more than an
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attempt to stop native's potential expansion east. it's also about historic national ties that were 1st threatened more than 30 years ago by the breakup of the soviet union. bernice smith explains as vladimir putin commemorated those who died in the siege of leningrad in the 2nd world war, his military had all but encircled ukraine. the russian government has repeatedly said it has no intention of launching an invasion. but the option seems to be there, philosophically we're usually bad at predicting war. we usually get it rock either . we think it won't happen, but it does. or we think it will happen, but it doesn't. and we were surprised when proof moved into crimea in 2014. we were surprised when russia moved into georgia in 2008. we were surprised when russia moved into syria in 2013. this time putin is giving us weeks of notice. so maybe he's got something else in mind. do you well put his views on ukraine, a well known producer, he's often repeated them. numerous spoke with miss beat you,
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we cannot put, be concerned by the prospect of ukraine joining nato because it will lead without a doubt to the deployment of troops, military bases and threatening us with weapons there. when the soviet union broke up in 1991, russia lost control of 14 former republics. the loss of ukraine was the hardest hill to swallow the grain. as i see it, ukraine is the key factor in the failure to reunite the soviet union go. i don't mean that literally, but important attempt to re create a certain unity or union based round the former republics. ukraine isn't interested in this issue and that remains a major problem happening with what you're not. putin has tried to keep ukraine close before in 2013 under russian pressure. then president victor yanna cove. ich rejected, closer ties with the e u. o that prompted nationwide protests resulting in the on a cove which is down 4 months later, putin annexed, crimea will go sergent celia,
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long term goal shooting, and his lead. second is rushes. isolation in west, at non western development, in this sense, ukraine, which is closely connected to russia culturally, is a window to the west and are so, is an eyesore for food was due grain. oh, let me putin has described russians and ukrainians as want people who share a single historic and spiritual space. he doesn't want to lose that connection, though that might not be the view of many ukrainians. bernard smith, al jazeera, a u. s. state department official says in direct talks between washington and iran on the 2015 nuclear agreement on entering the final stretch. negotiations have been taking place in the austrian capital vienna. they are named us official says all sides have to made tough political decisions to return to the agreement. iran mon
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sanctions lifted in return for limits on its nuclear program. the saudi led coalition in yemen has been targeting who the positions in the capital santa comes a day off to rebels, launched a failed attack on the united arab emirates. it was a 3rd attack of its kind in 2 weeks. and rebels have wound the u. e. that planning more strikes, the em rossi defense ministry says a ballistic missile was intercepted early on monday. the keynote fast. those military genta which removed president roche cowboy from power last week, says it will restore parts of the constitution and install lieutenant colonel paul henry dominga. as transitional president, the announcement comes off to the african union, suspended the country's membership until constitutional order is restored. it's also been suspended from the regional block eco s, which is warning of possible sanctions. amnesty international calling for an end to
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a 2016 deal between the e. u in libya, which has seen my guns desperate to reach europe, turned back and held in di conditions. the rights group says in the past 5 years, more than 80000 people have returned to face arbitrary detention. and the trustees, including false labor and sexual abuse, the highest number of interceptions will last year with european support. the libyan coast gone, captured more than $32000.00 refugees and migrants. the you and says more than 12000 people are being held in 27 prisons on detention facilities, thousands more held a legally and secret facilities. some of them run by armed groups. but here's a palace is a research of migration, an asylum at amnesty international. he says that he could be seen as complicit in enabling rights abuses. there is he tuition in libya has been appalling for refugees and migrants for a number of years detention centers where people are taken after being intercepted
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at sea. europe south are notorious for the treatment of people, people who are not totally arbitrarily the same that for a prolonged period of time in a falling conditions, whether also exposed to torture and other treatment, sexual violence, forced labor and even killings. and even outside of detention centers, the situation for a producer migrate and remains incredibly dangerous. and this is why you would ups actions to support the be and course in the past 5 years range the to the level of complicity in these abuses we have seen from europe for meter is particular very concrete actions being taken to enable the coast guard to intercept more and more people. we have seen the tele with you miami, giving them a new speed votes and you leave, you search arrest your region,
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the coordination center and so on and so forth. on the other side, when it comes to the protection of the rights of f, which is a magnet, and it's only woods that have no actions. we need now you to p and government really to change approach, suspend any forms of cooperation. dropping people in a situation of danger and do more to address that you might taya needs kind of as prime minister says his government will not be intimidated by truck drivers and anti vaccine protestors who have paralyzed the capital city for full day. justin today made the remarks after announcing he is contract said kind of 19 is working from home today, says he will not meet with the purchases to say they have no intention to austria will become the 1st country in europe to impose a mandate for covert 19 vaccinations on friday. those who don't have an exemption and refused to get vaccinated faces $670.00 fine. step fast and reports
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as the 1st country in europe, also making a far reaching measure to boost its explanation campaign mandatory vaccinations for adults who are fit enough to take the chap is a country virtual decision which will be widely watched here in europe, where a magical ethical debate on the topic is ongoing with 75 percent off as one of the lowest vaccination rates here in europe and the government hope and says that vaccination will be the key to open up society and put an end to continuous locked down. so people can go back to normal life as soon as possible, but cryptic phase number 3, fascination only 2 more divisions in society and won't work for the 1st time. and 2 and a half months and facts unaided, people can go back to the street. they were not allowed to leave their house as before unless they had essential business, but even to day they can go into shops or restaurants. the government in austria has partially lifted the lock down because despite
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a spike and infections hospitalizations remain low the last week. and there was also again, demonstrations here in vienna against covert restrictions. and similar protests we've seen across the western part of europe. and now with this mandatory vaccination, there are concerns that these protests will only grow bigger exactly a year now. since man, mars military sees control and estimated 1500 people have been killed by security forces and 9000 arrested in protest against military rule. but as florence louis reports, resistance is still strong and has been taking different forms. now media demonstrations is the military to power, have now been replaced by smaller, sporadic protests, protest as march quickly through yang gone before dispersing to avoid arrest. others have taken up arms training alongside ethnic armed groups in jungle camps.
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they are part of the people's defense force and armed resistance group set up by the national unity government. a parallel government formed by exiled lawmakers and others opposed to the crew. the military has declared these groups, terrorist organizations, it's a very poor. ready a national navy on april understand these are some of the fence forces this offering them to find those. these are more 02 empty military and cool. the people, what is the villagers. ready a bill passed a law was in the family. the un reports, the military has continued to launch attacks on civilians including air, an estimated 400000 people have been internally displaced since the crew. diplomacy has not yielded any results. the military has failed to implement a peace plan negotiated by the association of southeast asian nations. last april.
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does not progress in, in mediation all um or any kind of negotiations precisely because the military is not interested if they were interested in genuine negotiations and then it might be space for that to actually take place. but such is the level of mistrust and anger and frustration that so many people feel aren't that many now say that it's, it's, it's past time for any negotiation. the myanmar military has not responded to algiers request for an interview. some western countries have imposed targeted sanctions on june to leaders and military linked corporations. several foreign companies are withdrawing their business interests from young, but none of that seems to have deterred the military. some analysts say the conflict is likely to dragon need aside.


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