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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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i care about helping us engages with the rest of the world. we're really interested in taking you into a play you might not visit otherwise. it feels that you were there. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm sam is a dan. this is the news. our live from dell ha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the situation we're facing in europe. it's urgent and dangerous. and the stakes for ukraine. and for every you and member state could not be higher. the stand off between russia and ukraine, take center stage at the u. n's, most powerful body is diplomats try to deescalate the crisis. firstly,
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i want to say sorry, i'm sorry for the things we simply didn't get right at all. so sorry for the way that this matter has been handled. a prime minister apologizes after a u. k. inquire, a fine staff parties at his residence during the lockdown were a failure. yemen, so he rebels target the u i. e again, provoking counter attacks. and his fault, the confederation of african football is confirmed. the lemay stadium will be used to host the cup of nations final in camera. and then us being reopen, just days of the 8 people died in a crush outside the stadium. ah, the crisis side, the border between ukraine and russia is taking center stage un most powerful body
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top diplomats from russia and the u. s. and the allies been facing each other at the security council were member states, meant to discuss the situation. russia has a mass, tens of thousands of troops on its board with ukraine. but moscow says it's not planning any invasion. we live with our diplomatic, get it to james bay's that the un headquarters in new york and just a bit of also got to meet in those jabari in moscow. but 1st, let's hear what was said at the council. the situation were facing in europe. it's urgent and dangerous and the stakes for ukraine and for every un member state could not be higher rushes action strike at the very. busy heart of the un charter. in addition to military activity, we've also seen a dramatic spike in cyber attacks on ukraine in recent weeks. russian military and
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intelligence services are spreading this information through state on media and proxy sites. and they are attempting without any factual basis to paint ukraine and western countries as the aggressors to fabricate a pretext for attack. you could choose other drugs. i would like to put a question to u. s. colleagues, where did you get that figure of 100000 troops deployed as you stayed on the russia, ukrainian water? that is not the case. we've never cited that figure. we've never confirmed that figure, but you'd like, you know, just, i just wanted let you know that, you know, it's difficult to explain why a colleague from the u. s. and a number of other countries are actively pumping ukraine with weapons that i, munitions, and talk about this a great price. we are well aware of russia's history of ploys and provocations. and we will do everything possible to prevent another minute type of occasion by
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russia. once again, i have clear instructions from my government to reader aid to de, the absence of any aggressive intention as well as ukraine. strong commitment to peace similar go onto the parties concerned should processed in seeking to resolve their differences through dialogues on negotiations. what we urgently need now is why it's diplomacy, but not microphone diplomacy. this is the view point held by many members of the council who has also made andrea lynn to to was this. and regrettably, the us do not accept such a constructive proposal or diplomatic habits. a james base been watching all the action at the united nations security council in new york and james, those statements. just underline how deep the diplomatic divide is.
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2 very different narratives. you heard that from the us ambassador from the russian ambassador, the russian master saying there is really no cause for concern russian troops or in russian territory. they are not threatening anyone, and this is not a subject for the security council for us ambassador saying this is why the security council was set up at the end of world war 2 to deal with issues like this to deal with threats to international peace and security before they become actual was and you have the other members of the security council, some clearly on the side of the us, china, as you heard, they're pretty much reflecting russian talking points. but the others, i think of the interesting ones. how does the rest of international opinion line up on this and most other countries saying that they wanted more diplomacy more talks more diplomacy? this was an issue that could they felt be sorted by diplomacy. and it's worth
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telling you that at the start of the meeting, russia tried to block the meeting. it said this was not a fit subject for the security council. so they called the procedural vote. and in that procedural vote, the meeting went ahead because the us got 10 votes, but there were 5 votes to by russia and china for the meeting, not to go ahead and the other 3 from gabon, kenya, and india abstaining, showing that the international community has some doubts about this issue and showing that many countries do not want to get drawn on either side on the russian side or on the nato. us side in this war of words as it is at the moment. and james, this was obviously an attempt to ready to speak to international public opinion. but nevertheless, where does this security council action go to? where does it end? what we know, what happened in 2014. so if russia were to invade ukraine as the u. s. f,
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as it's going to do, then there will be more security council meetings, but no security council action, i think is likely. and that's for the simple reason that russia is a permanent member of the un security council. it has a veto, so it can block any action. also worth noting to 2 things. one, russia takes over the presidency of the security council from tuesday that it's the president for all of february. and then the other thing, which i think is worth noting, you heard the chinese ambassador speaking is that of course, the beijing winter olympics start later this week. that may seem a completely different subject. but it's not because i, there are many observers that believe that with vladimir putin believe to be going to the start to the opening ceremony of those olympics. there's no way they'll be any military action this week. and with those olympics being the centerpiece of beijing's events for the year, the, the big event, they care so much about many believe that russia would not launch any military
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action while as an picks are taking place. that takes us to february the 20th i let's thank james bass that continue this. now with hood abdul hamid. she joins us from a, a very snowy kia despite the, the horizons being very clouded and, and muddied at this point. a lot of meetings still and diplomacy set to take place this week. tell it take us through or we can expecting here. well, it's certainly fill that cave at the moment is the center of europe. today we had the greek and swedish foreign ministers here and then tomorrow, british prime minister boys johnson will be coming and he will also he and then the bullish prime minister is also coming. and then towards the end of the week, you have that your is president regime and who's also coming here to give to a flurry of ongoing diplomacy, diplomacy, which actually the ukraine,
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a mckinnon ambassador in new york, a just during that meeting a, do you and said there was a, was the path that ukraine wanted to follow. i mean, he was basically there bleeding ukraine's position in an international arena, positioning itself saying, well, you know, according to our intelligence there, about a 130000 russian troops amassed on the borders with ukraine. he was referring not only to those along the border with eastern ukraine, but doors at the north are in by roost at the moment for some exercises that are going to happen next week at some point. and then he was also pointing the finger to the russian tubes that are in the annex peninsula in crimea, and also those in the black sea. so from ukraine's point of view, that number is much bigger than what we heard from the us ambassador to you. and
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she was talking about a $100000.00 troops, even though russia says that both those numbers are incorrect. so certainly ukraine and international arena trying to plead his position by doing so, it gets more and more support and that support is not just a show of solidarity among politicians, but this actually concrete support underground, military hardware pouring into this country and nearly daily basis from you came from the us but also from last year, from poland, from a variety of countries, all major countries. and that comes is not only military hardware, but is also military personnel that are here in the capacity of trainers at the moment and advisors. but those are still military personnel and then you have ukranian leaders speaking to ukrainians, telling them something a bit more tone down, telling them that this is not the moment to panic. that as long as diplomacy is
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ongoing, well, the level of thread is lower than that. this is not something new. the country has been going through this for the past 8 years. that, that level of truth. and we heard that from presidents lensky just 2 days ago. the $100000.00 that everybody's talking about. well, the had that back in 2021 and no one reacted like this. he was actually pointing the finger at the international media saying that the media was causing panic among people. yeah. yeah. the he was really frustrated. president zelinski, i think he's in a very difficult position because regardless whether there is an escalation or where there is a, whether russia crosses the borders or not. well, the country is already feeling the impact of this crisis and economic impact according to the president, some $12500000000.00 had already left the country since the beginning of the year.
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he was worried that more will leave the country as this crisis continue. and then there's also an impact on the society itself. you must remember a large part of the population here that speaks russian and communicate in russia. that doesn't see russia really as the big enemy and the it is concerned about what will happen next. we spoke to many families who told us that their families have been basically ripped apart, that they don't speak to the uncle's old cousins anymore. does some of those speak to their parents any more? because of the different political situations? all this puts you quinn in a very fragile position. and i think also president zalinski wants to make sure that the crisis is about ukraine. and that every, any decision is going to be taken will involve ukraine. and it's not something that's going to go out of his hands and control of it will go into the hands of russia and to us, and they will decide alone to fate of this country. all right,
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hold on the hum, even care of we go over now to moscow, the russian capital where those to jabari jones is from is not only a busy week of meetings guarantee. every also got some diplomacy set up in moscow. take us through that. certainly there was supposed to be a phone conversation held between british prime minister boris johnson and russian president vladimir putin. but because of the ongoing events unfolding in the house of commons in london, the british prime minister says he's postponed that phone call for a later time and a date. but we are expecting the russian foreign minister survey lover off to hold a phone conversation with his american counterpart, anthony blank, and on tuesday where they will discuss where things stand at the moment between the 2 sides. of course, the response from the u. s. government was given to the russian authorities on wednesday evening when the u. s. ambassador to rush
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a hand delivered the american response to what the russians had asked for in terms of security guarantees. now the russians say that nato is expansion is a direct threat to this country, and they want some kind of written guarantees, legally binding guarantees from the american government. that nato will not accept any more members because they believe that it threatens their security. the russian basset, or to the un has said this evening that there is no base for the hysteria that is being created by the american space. because the russia has no intention of invading ukraine and when it comes to carrying out their own military exercises. what the americans are actually doing at the moment is interfering in this country's internal affairs. that they had these exercises and drills on an even larger scale last april, alongside the border with ukraine. and they didn't have this kind of attention and concern from the international community. but now for some reason, the americas of building this narrative that there is certainly a cause for concern. and they believe there to be an award that is imminent. that
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is something the russians are denying, and they continue to deny, but they really have their own demands from nato in the u. s. and that is that this 30 member body doesn't expand and further not only that, they want the alliance to go back to its 1997 membership levels where there was 14 less countries. the russians believe that nato's expansion and to build up around this country is a cause for concern and they're carrying out these military drills for their own security. the joint drills that are supposed to take place with bell roost in the north of this country are at their request of the bell russian government, according to the ambassador to the one from that country, were heard this evening. all the information about that 10 day military exercise is on their defense ministry website. there is nothing that is hidden from the international community about the military drills that will be taking place between russia and bell, russo on february 10th, and they are doing it for their own security as well. so there is
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a sense that this rhetoric and dia, and discussions about what russia is doing is being used to create this hysteria by the american government. and the russians are saying that this is unacceptable and the filter jibari from moscow. now the amir of cancer is in washington to discuss a possible role for the gulf state in cushioning. the economic aftershocks were potential russian invasion of ukraine shift to mean been hammered, and fanny will meet president joe biden in the coming out. i thought could step into supply gas to west in year if russian supplies are disrupted because of the conflict. for more on this, let's bring in alan fisher joins us from washington, d. c. so allen, we got to talk about the issue of gas and how cut might play some kind of role in helping with gas security. what's going to be discussed along those lines? well, the 1st gulf leader invited to the white house as joe biden became president. there's
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a lot of things that the categories have. the hands on lever is at the moment, and one of them, of course, is liquid natural gas. now, joe biden is aware that is the russian troops cross the border into ukraine. he will impose sanctions immediately. he's concerned that in retaliation the russians might turn off the top of a gas supplies to europe. the then need to find the alternative suppliers. and obviously the co tardies would be top of the less given their resources. and know if we don't have the facility to be able to plug the gap that the russians would remove, but what they can do is talk to their suppliers. see if there's some wiggle room, see if they can start diverting some supplies to europe at that. obviously will be done with an agreement and at a cost. and so that is going to be one of the things that will be discussed in yuvalar oval office meeting in the coming hours. also some unfinished business related to afghanistan between the us and cut out so on the agenda for that both almost 6 months since of course the u. s. was involved in that key arctic. busy
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withdrawal from afghanistan, they recognized the part that a cut are played and helping to facilitate that withdraw. the carry still have communication routes to the taliban to and what they also have our thousands of people on an air base in katara, which is a u. s. air base, but they are housing at thousands of refugees that need to be processed. so they're going to talk to the americans about speeding that process up normally take somewhere between 2 and 5 years. the categories don't want that sort of distance. so they are looking to try and get this done in months rather than years. and they'll be putting pressure on the americans to do that. the americans have said they want to speed up the process of already committed millions and millions of dollars to do it. and so the categories want to see that process move quicker, or i will leave that thanks so much. allen fisher play the more still ahead on the news. our including china, 0 cove, 19 policy on the pressure of aging reports,
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more infections and my athletes just days before the winter olympics, pakistani police widen there, man hunt, looking for the gunman who killed a christian preschool for sharon and in small to winning, come back for the surface getting used to overcoming the odds and ends here with that story. aah! britain's prime minister boris johnson has once again said, sorry after findings from an investigation into parties at his official residence during locked downs, were made public. a report by a senior civil servant says they have been serious failures to observe the standards expected of senior government officials. johnson told them piece he accepts all the reports findings, news marker has more from london a failure of leadership behind the famous black
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door, sue grey's crunch findings more biting than expected. the report talks of high standards not being met by though setting the rules of excessive alcohol consumption in the workplace and gatherings without clear, authorization or oversight. some behavior, she said, was difficult to justify, against the backdrop of the pandemic. ah, were nothing overly critical of johnson himself. it's perhaps not the big take down . his rivals hopeful, a contrite prime minister, appearing in front of parliament, promising to overhaul downing street and clean up government. but no talk of stepping down. i'm sorry for the things we simply didn't get right and also sorry for the way that this matter has been handled. i get it and i will fix it to the people of this country. i know what the issue is. yes. it whether this government can be trusted to
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deliver. i said to speak, i guess we can be thought to grey had been planning to release a full report until london's metropolitan police stepped in calling for her to pare down her findings while they carry out their own criminal investigation into 12 gatherings, including an alleged party and jumps into flat for johnson's opponents. it isn't just about what's in the su gray report, but what's not in it for his fears, his critics, they will have to wait for the results of the police investigation to find out more about the most serious offences that could cause the most harm to johnson's political career, the results of that investigation could be many, many months away. even now, he is hiding behind a police investigation into criminality into his home and his office, the british public on fools. they never believe a word of it. they think the promise to should do the decent thing and resign yet.
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the pro is not just the opposition that's been ramping up. pressure on johnson, some of his own. m. p. 's have been quietly plotting against him. thank you. other familiar faces determined to hold his actions to account what the gray report does show is that number 10 downing street was not observing the regulations they had imposed on members of the public. so i thought my right on boyfriend did not read the rules or didn't understand what they meant and others around him. well, they didn't think the rules apply to number 10, which was it monday. so a flurry of announcements by number 10 on the economy breaks it and you crane. this is a government, eager to steer attention away from recent scandals. but when it comes to party gate, there were still more truths to uncover heads, including the prime ministers may yet roll, if enough members of his own party decide it's time for him to go. need bach. her al jazeera, westminster, or poll brennan is at whence minister in london been
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a busy day. there was at leave barbara johnson what he survives. and certainly if you'd asked me 2 weeks ago whether it was likely he would survive then back then it looked extremely unlikely. but the fact that this extraordinarily belated intervention by the police meant that the details of at least 8 of the alleged gatherings here at downing street could not be included in any detail ensued. grey's report meant that the critics of boris johnson had very little to pin on him. sir grey's report more of a general understanding of exactly what went on in down a street rather than detailing the specifics of each individual encounter. that said, there were some strong words, as we heard a news report there from sue gray about the overall culture in dan extreme didn't directly say there was a drinking culture, but she said excessive consumption of alcohol is ever a good idea in a professional workplace. and of criticism of leadership or
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a lack of leadership. and it was a very bullish performance by boris johnson in that parliamentary exchanges that you saw. but what i would say is that he's not out of danger just yet. there were enough conservative and peace from his own side who were expressing their concerns about what had gone on and what may yet come to pass and to be revealed. and to give him pause for thought, and he's going to be talking to those m p 's in a short while over there in parliament trying to get them on side. keep them on side and make sure that he doesn't face any further rebellions in the short term, at least, but in the long term or the medium term that can't yet be ruled out. all right, and at the center of this, the report that came out by su gray, take us through a little more detail about what's in then what kind of damage control the prime minister can have to deal with. over the coming days, i'll take you to one specific man. it came out both in the report and also in the
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debate that followed. afterwards, there was a gathering app downing street in november of 2020. it's listed in su, grades, report, 13th of november. it happened in the prime minister's own flat. now, on the 8th of december 2021. from as far as johnson came to parliament said know that there was no party on. busy that particular date. now, if the police investigation is ongoing and could take weeks, perhaps even months, finds that there actually was a party then force johnson will have been found to misled parliament in general. that's a breach of administrative, real code. and that will be a resigning matter. so that's what i mean by there. are nuggets within that? sue? great report that could yes. what's the, what's the prime minister by his own petard to use the phrase that said though, he disappears off tomorrow on a foreign tripped, and he will think that he's probably dodge the bullets here. there was some cartoon in the sunday times yesterday which had him portrayed him as a kind of slippery, pitiless, slipping through the grasp of the police officers that was tumbling over themselves
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to try to grab him suddenly at the moment that appears to be precedent or i will leave it apple brendan now there's been another escalation and you haven't 7 year war. if the rebels of attack the united arab emirates with drones and missiles, the u, a e says it's in deceptive one, but the stigma salary on monday and 30 minutes later destroyed a miss how launcher and how to control dove province. home, the lifetime for forts the target was clear, united arab emirates, striking back against host the missile bases and the man, it's the latest retaliation after debris from our host. the missile attack earlier on monday landed in a remote part of bobby. what of why does he know how not critical installations in abu dhabi were targeted by a number of ballistic missiles? also, the inward of dubai was targeted by number of drones. the operation by the grace of god hid its targets with high precision emergency or visual se,
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airports operating as normal. and the healthy attack did not have an impacts. ah, but the strike coincide with these really presidents at 1st visit to above. and at a time of increase the fighting between the hoses and the saudi quality in yemen, we reiterate that the enemy state, the united arab emirates will remain an unsafe country so long as they continuously belligerence against our beloved human people. and this month, how they don't strike on the 8th capital killed 3 people. on sunday, the us state department urged america to reconsider any travel to the united of emeralds, siding threats of missile attacks. the situation is becoming more dangerous because the nature of weaponry that's being used in these attacks is becoming more depth. and that's all the more reason why one hopes that the parties will be able to find
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some way to resolve this contract. this conflict by diplomacy has yet to solve this original conflict that has been going on for years and created the world's words to human italian crisis. mom in law, bob al jazeera, some odd will still ahead an al jazeera a shot from space. north korea is late. is this our launch puts us territory within striking distance? sport canada, closing in on their 1st football world? couple periods since 1986. ah. ah, look forward to burritos, guys the with the sponsored by capital airways. let's go with your weather update for the middle east and africa. hello everyone. we do have some disturbed weather
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across the levant and western areas of the bronze gold touch on that coming out. but 1st i'm going to take you to the golf wins are gonna switch around here. so 1st southerly flows, so that pops up the temperature and door to $26.00. and then look at this. they're switching out of the north. that's a small. so that's going to swirl around sand and dust, especially when you consider when goes to 40 kilometers per hour. there's that sound and does for eastern saudi into buffering. and cats are now off. the pakistan things are looking good in the south karachi, $27.00 degrees con, mostly through i've gone, it's done and there's that disturbed weather rolling cross western areas of iran. we have a developing disturbing cindy, adriatic sea. so that's going to strike grease with some showers or rain to for western turkey. and this includes is stumble with a height 12 degrees. no question if we'll see flooding, but just where and how much across mindy and south africa, with all this rain falling. that's at the start of the week for us on tuesday, but toward the end of the week we've got an incoming tropical storm. this is
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pulling away from maricia se, and we'll slam in some madagascar and produce some quite severe flooding that you're up. they will see soon take care. oh, the weather sponsored by katara always. there was a time when the oc tangleridge, the floors were enough to sustain life in the northern canal, desert all year round. but as change, we followed 3 men in different parts of the angle, jim, as if he's drowned, wild animals and man may threaten that confident, quite a survival risk in it, but swung on out of the world of high frequency, shared trading, exposed. i had this engine there was basically trading it could a last $30000000.00 was a terrifying experience. how artificial intelligence has raised the stakes and
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risks on the money markets. as markets go faster, faster, we're opening up the possibly for an instability, for no, no use with money bought on al jazeera ah ah, or come back here watching al jazeera, as recap, our headlines, our britain's prime minister bars johnson as again apologized after findings from an investigation into parties at his residence during locked down, so made public. a report says there have been serious failures by senior officials . stand off between ukraine and russia has taken center stage at the un security
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council top de flats from russia, and the u. s. accused each other being responsible for the ongoing crisis. moscow has a mass troops on its border with ukraine, but says it's not planning to invade. premier of carter is in washington dc to discuss a possible role for the gulf states and cushioning. the economic after shots from potential russian invasion of ukraine shook to me and been hammered, and fanny will meet president joe biden in the next hour. all right, to talk about the cutlery a mears visit to the us. we have samantha gross, she's the director of the energy security and climate initiative at brookings institution joins us now from washington, dc. good to have you ever so how pivotal a role can cut a play in cushioning any fall out from any, any conflict between russia and ukraine when it comes to gas applies could be really important. i mean,
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the united states recently passed katara is the world's largest and natural allin t exporter. and a lot of that growth you've seen in the united states has been trying to fill in for an already tight market in europe. and so there's hope that the guitar you can find some extra gas, should conflict in ukraine, interrupt european gas flow. however, there's a question about whether or not the guitar is concerned that much gas based on long term contracts that they have with their existing customers. and that sideways nice . there was going to be my next question is how long does it actually take to to make those kinds of changes in supply in the market, the size of europe? how long does it take to replace? frankly, i think it's about 40 percent of your pipeline gas applies, but i actually don't think it's possible if the russians, if this conflict should really escalate and the russians completely turn off gas supply to europe. it's a bit more than 40 percent of their total supply here,
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right. i don't think it's possible to replace all that gas. there's not enough extra gas in the world. and so if it's completely shut off, you're talking about situations of actual shortage in europe. however, you can certainly help with ellen g from, from additional producers from the united states, from katara, perhaps from others. but replacing all of the russian just simply isn't possible. okay. what sort of time scale, though, we talked about even if we just wanna get the bare minimum in some actual you know, people don't suffer too much. you know, that could happen pretty quickly. that's just a matter of how long it takes to negotiate agreements to redirect cargoes and to get them there that had happened in a short as a week. i would think so. it's certainly possible to get gas there. the question is, how much gas is lost and how much can be replaced? i was wondering what is the long term picture look like?
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will these tensions lead to long term changes in the supplies supply gas for europe? sort of an awkward in between period. if you look at europe's climate change plans, they will be dialing back their use of natural gas in the power sector in home, heating and, and other sectors. so over the longer term, there's certainly a desire to use a lot less gas, which takes care of the russian supply problem. however, in the, in between time, europeans, native gas production is declining and so brushes becoming more important in the short term. so is this question of how hard to you work to diversify, a fuel that you're trying to get out of any way. but right now, europe is ill challenge to with energy security, with respect to gas and the on the energy transition hasn't really made much of a difference in supply or in demand. yet, in fact,
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perhaps it's gone up. as for instance, germany is that john has nuclear plants and others have moved away from oh, interesting and good talking to you. thanks so much, samantha, grosser my pleasure, thanks for having me. on us got more on this topic with matawan, bashar al jazeera senior political analyst joins us from paris. what kind of a gas plan to expect to emerge from this meeting between joe biden and the mayor of casa? well, certainly in any bilateral meeting there are, there are 2 agenda for 2 precedents, right? need those, clearly the united states wants to see what its options are if and when the crisis gets out of control. what we know from record is that the russians do not cut off their gas supplies. the last 2 crises in europe, the russians continued with their gas supply chain and germany, i think new, that was the question is whether there's an amount of pressure on the pins to cut
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from then end of the, the receiving or over of russia gas. and hence, find an alternate that would be the use of nato on that gas weapon if you will. so we're not exactly sure at this point in time, whether it's going to be russia or the west that's going to be using gas as a weapon, but certainly widen, is trying to find out how i think for the cutter ease. it's important that the united states, if it really insists on that, that it will be the inter luca term for that japanese. and the koreans will receive much of that. the liquid hyde natural gas from cutter, but the thing i'd states makes the calls are to, to, to japan and korea to you not to ask them if they would, in fact be able to do without all of that gas coming from cutter. because that's not exactly, i got a decision per se. we know here in europe or when, when,
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when england neither does, you know, some extra garza, it was johnson who called the dad that got the reason he got the gas he wanted. so, but in a situation i got more complicated clearly that required the meeting. but once again, i think that the countries would also have something on their mind including what is going on in the middle east. and they're all where there was an afghan stan, iran know, the golf. yeah. man and so on, so forth. there's lots of things to be discussing on the agenda and how much of an evolution can we say is taking place in the car, 3 diplomatic position and strength, given that this was a country that was facing itself just a few years ago, a blockaded and now is being called upon to potentially help with a different sort of economic locate. it's an amazing development some, it's an amazing development in international relations. it seems like we are 5 years and 5 millennia away from the 2017 relations
9:39 pm
when they were at their worst, between the united states. and now we all know the cut. i was just very small country. yes. and rich country, but somebody small country, it's small country but with big gears and long gardens. and in many ways it did have and it doesn't have a chance on in a number of issues. just before then, of course, arrived in washington, the foreign minister was already in in toronto, and he was already in washington before the us in washington. there's the rule that the americans have been quite appreciative in their 4th strategic meetings with custody is about the role in goodness that was a key role of accounts. and of course, that is the issue of yemen. worst tragedy in that part of the world for the last, i don't know how many years and clearly that got there. you have a perspective on that issue. being a golf corporation, council member. there's all these issues and as i said, the car things are small country, but they have the gears and i think they have a perspective that's good to have that regional perspective. heard in washington as
9:40 pm
why haven't makes a decision on a number of fronts, whether it's in the cranium font or whether it is on the golf font, or whether it's always on the nuclear. i think there's lots of discuss investments or i always good talking to you. thanks so much mom. shara north korea's released photos as proof, it conducted its most powerful missile test in 4 years. it's the latest in a flurry of missile testing activity. xander chappelle explains the latest images released by north korea are striking on sunday, a test fired and intermediate range, ballistic missile that was on 12. that is nuclear capable. it reached a height of 2000 kilometers, taking pictures of the korean peninsula along the way. but it has arranged 4500 kilometers far enough to reach the u. s. territory of guam. but it's not the most powerful ballistic missile in kim john urns arsenal. in 2017 or 3 attested the pos on 14 and 15. the latter of which could in theory,
9:41 pm
reached the continental united states. and in 2020 it showed often even larger icbm, which hasn't been tested yet. cru spend a lot of time, an investment in the past 2 or 3 years. certainly during cove, it in developing some of its missile capabilities and that, that is a line very closely with a 5 year weapons planned. the north career announced at the beginning of 2021, with the aim to develop capabilities that will enable the north korea to fight a modern, a modern conflict. yeah, the u. s. one direct talk with north korea. we've offered this over and over to, to the do p r k and they've not accepted it. so the question is, what's can germans game plan? so not aren't actually really putting for much right now, right? i mean, to have to actually show up in order to strike a deal with the buy and the on. so i'm actually again, a credit surprised, but with the pace of the task. because my sense of the buying people are willing to
9:42 pm
talk. if the north koreans shop it was north korea 7th missile test in january, a new record itself imposed moratorium on missile tests appears well and truly at an end and her chappelle al jazeera gunman and pakistan have killed the christian priest in the northwest and city of shower, all the william said arg was shot multiple times. another priest was injured, no one is claimed responsibility for the attack. members of the christine community have previously been targeted and push our come on high that has more from islam of the take care to do for their growth progress on i don't. busy know height and state of alert, often targeting of a senior christian bridge and the video for gun down by 2 people writing a motor bike. there was a gun badger recently and fish were also in ridge a number of islamic stairs quarter sawn fight. jared were different, of course,
9:43 pm
indicate that they are now trying to dog inside buckets on it. read the christian faith. killing of course, has fog wave of broadcast by the minority christian community and the capital of the hive of book. while providence dick glowed the missionary gold and protest your day, that the forces of god saying that they will render pope or great day of what was in our young badges recently with a number of islamic quarters on fighters in that video for the military. d for dog doing it more district and on to boost the morale of georgia. adoption of their men were killed in an attack which appears to have come from across the border budget on god says send a message to the bronze dollar bond that they want more action against the group you're doing out. one story. the african union has suspended became fast. so following last week's military coup,
9:44 pm
the move comes ahead of talks between un officials and military rulers. the west african block echo us has already suspended the country. med nick has more from what could do right now the convention people are saying largely symbolic and the idea is to see what sanction they will impose it if they do. and the severity of the function could range from economic to travel. really, depending on what i'm being told of what the military leaders are saying, what they're willing to do, what they're not willing to do. so it seems like they say assessments are being made right now. there's lots of talks that are going on today and saturday, and in the coming days. and then you know how the suspension and if there's things and how they play out, it will depend on how to talk, go. there is a delegation from the west african regional block here today on monday. and also someone from the united nations with african office for the style as well is also here. they're going to be speaking to the heads of the military dash, and we hope to have more information in a couple hours if they can announcement today. there have been
9:45 pm
a month to month and frustration growing from the population and in the military arms compet in the country that has just been taking over the country, killing soldiers, killing the armed forces. displacing more than a 1000000 people. and people have become really frustrated at the previous government inability to stem that violence and to fix the situation. so there were lots and lots of protests leading up to this. and then, and then they culminated with the to last week. paul, 2 goals primary says one, a 3rd consecutive term in office antonio cost as promising to govern for all portuguese, as the economy struggles to bounce back from the pandemic. adam raimie reports from lisbon. prime minister antonio casa, has led his ruling socialist party to a land side victory that few people here saw coming. it really freeze him up to get to work immediately without having to cooperate with other parties in parliament and try to get poor children economy up and going after years have poor performance
9:46 pm
. the stunning mandate prime minister and 20th cost. as ruling socialists have won a majority of people in portugal, snap election, it's a feat you could have imagined coming into the election pre election pulling had them nearly, even with the 2nd place center, right. social democrats. the election was triggered when other left his parties voted with right wing parties to kill the 2022 budget. that put cost his rule at risk until he pulled off sundays victory. the socialist will have the votes now to pass the budget firm of the thought, it was a victory of humility, of confidence, and for stability. firstly, i want to say thank you to all the portuguese for the example away. the electoral campaign took place for the civic way that these addictions took place in such a difficult moment for all of us. his main rival, really real,
9:47 pm
the leader of the center, right? social democrats acknowledging defeat and implying he may step down as party leader bank, while he's on the phone with the socialist party governing period of 4 years. i sincerely don't see how i can be useful in this framework. the party will decide, but i sincerely don't see how i can be useful in this context for 4 more years. the far right wing party, shaker, or enough office celebrating they received the 3rd highest number of votes. the 1st set showing for far right when party, since the rival of democracy in 1974, a sign of the traction populism hold after 2 years, have pandemic pain. one of the problems that we have, and this might explain a little bit why this writing party is rising, is as possible is not growing as the other comes in to be a union and it's getting backwards. now it's the 7th poorest country in the $27.00 is due to be in union. dawning protective gear poll workers even received,
9:48 pm
covert positive voters who left isolation to cast their ballots. and what many saw the most important election in decades? the election was really defined by the pandemic people we spoke to say they've been struggling the past 2 years after many years of poor performance. and they'll be watching. and tony cost a closely to see if his government can indeed get the economy going quickly. and if they can effectively manage billions of dollars of e u recovery and resilience funds. now there are just a few days to go before the winter. olympics games opened in beijing. nath leads have been arriving on the strict code with 19 protocols. team members, coaches support, staff and media are in an elim picked bubble. keep them separate from the public. they'll be tested daily. on monday, the 37 new cases were reported among the arrivals. that brings a total to at least
9:49 pm
a $176.00. some athletes have already had to pull out of the games. katrina, you as well from aging. chinese authorities, a pledge to deliver a safe and secure winter games, but they're struggling to contain the mounting case numbers of covered 19 within the bubble. so according to official information about 7000 people have arrived in china, head of the games been already 176 people at least have tested positive. now, officials here trying to calm many concerns, saying that there is no outbreak within the bubble, per se, and they're catching most of these infections at the airport. now there is a very rigorous system in place to try to keep tabs of people who do have covered 19, not only 2 people have to register the temperature every day for 14 days leading up to their flight to china. they have to test at the airport and then every day they are in beijing, they have to start the day with another curve at 19 test. well that's done. it's
9:50 pm
created a very tense environment within the bubble athletes and the support teams. i'm terrified of catching curve at 19 because if you do test positive, you will immediately be separated and quarantined. and you will only be allowed to return to normal routine once your test negative twice. so there is a very big chance of completely missing out on your competition. and that means 4 years of preparations would go to waste. but unfortunately, already a civilian snowboarder. a swedish skier and a russian by athlete have been among those who have tested positive still had an al jazeera fighting for an olympic place. find out what it takes to hit top marks in sports of fencing. ah.
9:51 pm
a full ah
9:52 pm
ah, why it's time to catch up on all the sports news with andy. thank you so much, sammy, well, the confederation of african focal is confirmed. the alleged by stadium will be used to host a couple of nations final in camera. 8 people died during a crush at the very last week. cameron's falseness at stadium workers have been overwhelmed by surgery. people outside the ground before a match, the stadium also stage, the host nation against you on thursday. no children under left hand. now the other last 4 games between 15 a facet in senegal, we've been talking to football, writes, and mahumphreys i for me, it has to be to papers the host, cameron,
9:53 pm
who are probably the most valid side in this trade. him in the play, the best there to strike 1st sample because it can be have a loving course between the 2 of them that particular chasing that single term goal . scoring record of 9 goes by on by 974. so they are very balanced in terms of re, striker's experience defenders and rigorous, mature. but cynical senegal are probably the best side on paper, not just in africa, but they're probably a top live top tension on paper in the world. you're less excited. my name is mila . sir, who is now joining the teams interest that got to get carried to the battery. there are very, very good on papers. the only issue with clinical is that it had some problems winning finals, and you just wonder if that can make it to another finals. will there be a sort of psychological or mental block that's going to stop and we'll get again after that 1st week of football, which wasn't the best, is tournaments really kicked on never getting greek was good possession play. and i think the profile of the trying to make it's important for this tournament to look
9:54 pm
good because you have players like side your mind. that's pure, i'm really bumming more and more on africans upcoming. interested in this treatment . so i'm pretty happy that as of the 2nd round of the group stages, the level of play has really risen. ah, now canada have boosted their chances of reaching the 20 twenty's. he woke up in castle on sunday. they sailed to no home when over rivals united states. the result means candidate for the standings in the qualifying group with full gangs to go looking to reach the fonts for the 1st time since 1986. the usa still 2nd in that table, despite this difference, english primly seen edison of appointed frank lamb called as a new manager, the former chelsea boss assigned a 2 and a half year contract and 5 refill benita. earlier on this month, the club is just full points, clear of the relegation. we know where it is cobb once debate want to get to,
9:55 pm
but we know 1st and foremost from the challenges that are in front of us right now in terms of lead position. we have an f, i kept going next week and so i want to get to work very quickly on that to, to deal with the short term. and of course in the back of my mind, wife, a long term vision of the cop. now cats, i was pushed to become a focal point. the global sport will take light to this year when a host, the football. well cut right now, the olympics for fencing is taking center stage. les hot reports the solute before the duel. these international athlete turn pattern, trying to gain points in a series that could take them to the olympics. and this is all about point. first them, it's not about the metal, it's about point 15 where you are. and so the higher the level you have, the more poorly you get to thought of god alone. this sport dates back to ancient egypt. but as volved with the invention of electricity and touch censored suits. without the lights telling you which player got the point,
9:56 pm
it would be nearly impossible to follow from the stands. the thing about fencing is if you blank, you can miss it. it's one of the most complicated sports under sin and it's one of the least watched events of the olympics because scoring points comes down to a single point on a sort o. and it's all about timing. so it's a 20 for 2nd. i have to be faster than you are. and so to all about speed in this, this weapon. for margaret, the good even 70 fencing has always been a passion. she used to compete for italy, but now represents the usa. after getting a college scholarship and an american passport, everybody had a meal over her point. i do, right. i saw that corbett here and there was a big sovereign. so bang, we're getting there. no spectators were allowed at this event. in the governing body has even tried to stop athletes from screaming during the matches. as
9:57 pm
a way to help reduce the spread of coven maintain, even with no audience, their love of the game keeps them focused. sometimes in life you have to advance. you have to make an attack, you have to go and pursue some goal. sometimes you have to wait a lot of it or you have to just retreat. and so really fencing translate into this was a life and it was for the really challenges you're going to think a better and to think faster. and sometimes in life, winner lose. you have to get back out there in fight. again. we are hurting. i'll just euro doha. and bethany hamilton has made a winning returns the world serf league in hawaii, the 31 year old. he lost her arm and a shocked track in 2003, was competing on itself the 1st time since 2018. she's given a while calls for the 7th time. will champion stephanie gilmore had to pull out of the contract and covered 90 of next for her. she'll be taking on olympic champion. kristen. okay, facebook looking finance. sammy, thanks so much and the well,
9:58 pm
that's it from me for this news hour, but the good news is long. taylor is back with another full show from none the so stay with us. ah. in a series of original documentary algebra, or correspondence, explore the stories which had marked their lives and careers. gabrielle is on the cover. the tragic story of 2 rain forest activist, brutally killed fighting the devastation brought about by loggers and ranchers. returning to the amazon, gabriel learned how their campaign for sustainable development brought them on a collision course with those who sought to profit from the forest destruction. or
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jesse or correspondence. the 35th meeting of the african union will see heads of states discuss coven 19 in the conflict in ethiopia with climate change, but keener faso and other west african cooper high on the agenda. can they deliver a unified response to the regions mounting challenges, special coverage on al jazeera in south korea military service is compulsory but some refused to take part one at one eigth leaks those dodging the draft on al jazeera, a war in afghanistan is now all will non taliban figures make up a part of that american youth can only fall within the taliban and believe that there will be
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a powerful itala baldessari inside story podcast. i frank assessment of the days headlines subscribe. now however you listen to podcast. ah. ready to the u. s. in russia trade val blows at the un security council as the military build up at ukraine's border. take center stage a. lauren taylor. this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up fears of war in europe. res, concerns over the future of the continents gas supplies could cut out. he thought of a solution claims of parties that the u. k. prime ministers residence during lockdown an official investigation.


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