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and they pose no threat either from a european partners or a neighbor in countries before republic, a bell rook is continuing to uphold unswerving me all of its obligations under international regional treatment and treaties rather on arms control. incidentally, all information about the forthcoming military drills is fully available on the official side of the republic of belarus, defense ministry, just a few days ago on the 28th or january, the president of the public. belarus. alexander kush anchor responding to questions they stated the way that was much more is only possible into could thank him stamps . asthma if there is an attack on beller as or if there is an attack on our ally, the russian federation responding to the different insinuations against miller roses. regarding any thing to do with a domestic ukrainian situation. we'd like to remind you that belarus is prepared to
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continue to provide all necessary assistance to settle the conflict in ukraine. this includes through setting up all necessary conditions for the work of the trilateral group and for negotiations in any possible formats and options. today, many people in the world are talking about the need to have a broad dialogue on issues of international security in an initiative holding this kind of dialogue under the conditional name, helsinki too, especially stupid put forward by the presence of l risk. alex, i'm going to show you some years ago now. and this idea unfortunately has not yet been implemented. republican barriers since the want a swift settlement of the regional crisis, securely on the basis of dialogue and mutual respect. thank you. i thank the representative of belarus and i gave the flaw to representative of poland while the
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president, among general excellencies, poland, is grateful for convenience. today's meeting on the security constant we are, we are increasingly concerned with the russia continuous large scale military build up on the board with crane both in the territory of russia, but also in the territory of dealers, including continuous red deployments of troops, repositioning of neutral hardware an offensive weapons. we cannot keep quiet because what is happening in our neighborhood constituent seed with threats to international peace and security. reaching far beyond our region and continent, the current secure the situation. the eastern europe unfortunately follows a pattern of precedence with the russian federation and being that the subsidizing actor in the region, at least since 2008 and the were in georgia, 2014 and the leg extension of the crimea can use it up as we speak the frozen conflicts in east on ukraine, in ga,
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breakaway regions of value in the pas. yeah. and it was nice, john region of the republican, moreover, are on our resolved undermining the stability and regional security of this part of the world. madam president, we cannot keep quiet because what is happening in our neighborhood constitute constitute the outright violation of the fundamental principles enshrined in the un charter. poland deep yet harris, the principles of international law, such as so vernita entered the integrity of states. the availability of frontiers and then use or threat of force. and we cannot, and we call upon all member states to act in the same spirit. we know very well from our country's history that the political order based on the spheres of influence brings no positive results. it is here in the united nations, when where it is our duty to protect the principles of international law, shall be condemn. and this threat of use of force and work together to dismantle
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spheres of influence in order to maintain peace. while these at stake today, it's not on the subordination of ukraine and the creation of the so called buffer zone in eastern central europe. the real thing, this threat is to shake the very foundation of the security architecture in europe by undermining such tenants as of international lawyers on and viability of voters and the freedom to choose one's own security arrangements among others. unfortunately, this may have a global impact. and contribute to the duration of international security, not to mention the possible commit ivan crisis and there are no and other revisions . bobbers which may follow the suit. madam president, pollen deeply. beliefs in the power of preventive diplomacy, holding the chairman should be in office of the organization for security and cooperation. europe. we send open to facilitate talks on duty and security within the organization. i see can provide the right venue to discuss matters of concern
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because of being the broadest of the regional formats. we call for constructive engagement of all participating states in order to find a peaceful solution to the current crisis. let there be no doubt that the current status quo is not the solution adult. living in a constant fear of another frozen conflict is against the commitment of the these united nations, the practice tolerance and lived together in peace with one another as a good neighbors. with winter olympics, just less than a week away, let us whatever we can do what we can to maintain the olympic peace in the eastern europe. and i thank you. i thank the representative of poland and i give it a snore to the representative of literary. now let him present my leadership that speaks his own language and has its own representatives. the words we heard
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a short while ago from the ukrainian ambassador united nations and what was no doubt a rebuke to the russian ambassador for summarizing as moscow sees it, the position and the statements of ukraine's president. let's bring in our diplomatic editor, james baynes, he joins us now from the united nations. it was clear from that rather strongly wooded speech by friends and bassa. there's some concern in ukraine and that their voice is getting overlooked in all of this. they want to make sure that they have some control over the narrative. absolutely, and he's reflecting things that you've heard from president landscape in recent days. things that i think may slightly of the u. s. and some of its allies that, that in this occasion when they believe they are very much sticking up for ukraine . ukraine, you've got a slightly different view from those that feel that they are defending ukraine's
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interests. but certainly, ukraine is still very concerned about what might happen with regard to russia and the possibility of a war and a possibility. you got military build up being something that becomes a military invasion. clearly, you also then heard the buster of bella, bruce, which is very much these days aligned with russia. may he clear that those exercises that are being carried out, which the u. s. say, going to have as many as 30000 troops or not a risk to any one. they say they are just military exercises, and they are defensive. but clearly, nato and the u. s. wanted this meeting to show the world that there was a threat to international peace and security some a short time ago. the russian ambassador actually left the meeting. i ran downstairs with a group of reporters and we spoke to him to try to get some clarification on the russian position because its, you say, as you've heard,
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he said that there is no proof that russia is launching any sort of military invasion, any sort of military incursion, he says that the u. s. are coming up with words because they want that to be the case. so i put to him whether there were any circumstances in which russian troops would cross the border into ukraine. even if those talks with the west on security in eastern europe went the wrong way. and he said to be, well, don't link it with the talks because they're separate things. and so i put the question again, are there any circumstances in which russian will enter ukraine? he said no, there aren't in a long answer. and then at the end of the long answer, he added. but of course, if there are provocations, then anything is possible. so i don't think the russian position has changed in any way. what countries like ukraine, like poland. now lithuania, baron buster, speaking to the security council on behalf of the baltic states,
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what they want. is it clear guarantee that russia is not going to launch minute traction? and the proof they say for that will be for russia to start disbanding, those forces that they say surrounded around ukraine, a $100000.00 troops. currently, according to the us ambassador with $30000.00, they believe going to be in bella roost, the russian ambassador making clear that he doesn't believe those figures are accurate. he said rushes, never announced the number of figures a number of troops. it's got currently out there. and i said to him, well, is it 100000? and he replied, i don't know what the figure is and so i then followed up, well, clearly you can't say it's not a 100000 than jane who just gone 7, t in 100. jim t james, so perhaps for our view as joining us and put this all into perspective, this is a meeting in the security council. it's not going to end with any kind of resolution. we should of course, remember that russia is a veto holder in the security council. it's
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a meeting where we've seen the very polarized situation. we've seen very, very different narratives of what is going on with regard to ukraine and russian moves around ukraine. russians saying, these troops, the russian troops are in russia, they're in russia's territory. there is no reason for the un to meet on this issue, the usa, just by having this number of troops. it is a threat to international peace and security. and the security council needs to discuss it, russia, the beginning, tried to have a procedural vote to stop this meeting because it said it was not the sort of thing the security council should be talking about because there was no proof that was that that was any threat to anyone, and in that vote, the u. s. prevails it got it. got some 10 votes out of the 50 members of the security council saying the meeting should go ahead. but the idea of this meeting was to get the whole international community apart from russia and perhaps china on
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board with the threat that russia poses. the u. s. says russia poses, and it was clear that there were some council members, 5 council members, russia and china, and 3 others. gap on a kenya and india who were doubtful whether this should be a security council meeting showing that the whole aim of this meeting to convince the entire international community beyond the security council, the whole 193 member states of the united states of the united nations, the u. s. may have a bigger task there. ahead of it. all right, let's thank james bayes for that update on what was happening. i think that security council resolution school council meetings over now what we can go over the hood, abdul hamid joins us now live from the ukrainian capital kia. and just to put this into perspective, a lot of you know, hot speech is going on at the un security council, but yet the diplomacy continues. take us through what we expect.
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well, the diplomacy definitely continues in this week. there's actually a flurry of a foreign leaders coming here to care. today. we had the foreign ministers of greece and sweden tomorrow, for the prime minister of the u. k. boris johnson will be here and, and also the prime minister of poland be here. and then on thursday, we have turkish president, elder one also coming here, he's trying to find a way to me. jade actually between a russia and ukraine. so certainly a lot of ongoing diplomacy. also, everybody looking towards that meeting in berlin in 2 weeks of the normandy format, which includes france de, u. k, ukraine and russia. there was one last week, but there were at that quite a low level of representation. so we have to see if there's going to be a higher level of representation in that one. but we did hear from the ukraine and ambassador saying that as long as the diplomacy was going on,
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ukraine was on board. however, he was also sounding a bit alarming. he said, you know, look up my country, it is surrounded by old from all sides by russian truth. he was referring to no ones along the eastern border of ukraine. but then he also pointed the finger, the ones that are currently in bella. russo heading to bella ruse. dot's officially, according to both moscow and barrows, are because of some joint exercises that will happen next week at the end of next week. and then he also pointed to the fact that there was more russian troops in the annex peninsula of crimea. so he said to put all of this together, according to our intelligency grinning intel, it is about a $130000.00 or russian troops or surrounding really ukraine from old size. that is a message that has been ongoing. and that there's a message that ukraine wants to give because it, so getting in return
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a lot of military support from nato countries. borland has announced today that it was good as provide ammunition. it also has sent some as semi trucks for humanitarian aid, the u. k. have been bringing in some anti tank javelin missiles, the u. s. has his 4th shipment that has arrived also from that $200000000.00 defense 8 packet. so ukraine is getting a lot in return. they are also on the ground trainers from the u. k. from the u. s . are they our military men, they here to train and advise, but there is a presence already on the ground here. so you quinn is getting a lot out of this in the long run. even though you do also feel when you hear do ukraine ambassador at the end of the day, it is diplomacy that should prevail. and ukraine is saying that is willing to on to
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go on bout, go down that path as much as possible. we heard him say that the ukranian president, as the lensky had said, and he did say that several times on the bus that he was willing to meet russian president vladimir putin. while the response from russia so far was yes, you can come, we can meet, but we are not discussing the issue in dumbass or in crimea. so that's a nonstarter for the ukrainians here. as a certainly a very complicated situation for the country. ukraine obviously sitting there in new york trying to get as much international support as it can while at the same time telling the people here ukraine is do not panic. war is not coming. not yet at least the threat is at the lesser level. now as long as diplomacy is ongoing. all right, thanks so much what i've done i made. let's take this to dosa jibari in moscow. show you it listening read also to walk tom. oh to was sang key of about what the
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starter a nonstarter issues are. maybe you can elaborate a little bit on what exactly then we understand that the, the core issue is the presence of a to see possibility of the presence of nato troops in ukraine, as well as now also the issue of the nato present. so the presence of certain types of miss howes elsewhere in eastern europe, right? those are the sorts of issues that the russians want to see. some compromise on yes, the russians has said that they will not accept a nato expanding any further eastward. that was the demand that they made and the americans have no, they said the russians has said they want some kind of security guarantees from nato and the americans about their concerns because it's a threat to their security. they got a written response from the americans last week on wednesday evening. the u. s.
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ambassadors, russia hand carried the official written response from the american government to the foreign ministry. and we are waiting now for president vladimir putin to officially respond to what he's gotten from the americans. but it appears he's been saying, as well as other officials that the americans have ignored the core issue that is at the heart of the dispute at the moment between the us and russia and that is of course nato's expansion. they said that there's been some good ideas put forth by the americans on secondary issues, but on the core issue, that is the possibility of ukraine joining nato. the russians are not satisfied with what the americans have said, but still they are open to the concept of continuing the dialogue that is ongoing. the russian foreign minister survey lover will be speaking to his american counterpart during a phone conversation they are due to have on tuesday. the secretary of state
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anthony blue can of course met in person with survey lab rob in geneva last week. so there is so very much ongoing efforts to continue the dialogue, the russians say, this kind of rhetoric from the american, especially this evening that the un security council is what the russian ambassador said was megaphone diplomacy. that is to create this false narrative and really blow things out of proportion when there was really no cost concern that the russian troops alongside the border with ukraine are there to carry out military drills they have as they have in the past and nothing new in that situation, so there's really no reason to be alarmed. we'll leave that door for giovanni. the crisis and the border between ukraine, russia is taking center stage as you'll know for the fall coverage, right at the u. n. most powerful body, russia, the us, facing off with each other. we saw a few times the security council were member states. but discussing the situation,
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russia has a mass, tens of thousands of troops on its board with ukraine. that's the backdrop. but it says it is not planning to invade. is what the main players have been saying. the situation we're facing in europe, it's urgent and dangerous. and the stakes for ukraine and for every us member state could not be higher rushes action strike at the very. busy heart of the un charter. in addition to military activity, we've also seen a dramatic spike in cyber attacks on ukraine in recent weeks. russian military and intelligence services are spreading this information through state on media and proxy sites. and they are attempting without any factual basis to paint ukraine and western countries as the aggressors to fabricate a pretext for attack could choose. i don't want, i would like to put
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a question to i, u. s. colleagues, where did you get that figure of 100000 troops deployed, as you said, on the russia, ukrainian water? that is not the case. we've never cited that figure. we've never confirmed that figure, but you'd like, you know, just, i just want, let, you know that, you know, it's difficult to explain why our colleagues from the u. s. and a number of other countries are actively pumping ukraine with weapons and munitions . and talk about this a great price. we are well aware of russia's history of loyce and provocations. and we will do everything possible to prevent another minute la type revocation by russia. once again, i have clear instructions from my government to reader aid to day. the absence of any aggressive invention, as well as ukraine, strong commitment to peace, him and go onto the parties concerned, should processed in seeking to resolve their differences through dialogues on
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negotiations. what we urgently need now is why it's diplomacy, but not microphone diplomacy. this is the view point held by many members of the council who have also made andrea lynn to to was this. and regrettably, the us do not accept such a constructive proposal. a mar, gelati is an honorary professor at the u. c. l. school of love only can east european studies, he joins us now from london. good. have you with us if you mean listening into those speeches at the un security council. it sounds like both physicians or the positions of both pretty polarized right now. very much so and in some ways, i mean that reflects really what this session was all about. of course it wasn't going to lead to anywhere. there was going to be no meeting of mine's instead. this
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is precisely an opportunity on the united states as point of view and ukraine's to try to precisely paint russia as the aggressor in front of the course of global opinion. and likewise, the russians were just from the trying to push back can suggest that this was actually a non story that nothing was going to happen. and that it was just simply united states, if it should be demonizing, russia. in some ways, we knew exactly what was going to be said long before the speeches were actually made. and it's more a question all how this is going to be interpreted and responded to by the other attendees. how do you see it's being interpreted than received by the rest of the world? well, the interesting thing is precisely that when, when it comes to, to europe, we pretty much knew what of the poles. and so we're going to say, what's interesting is that we have china, frankly criticizing what we regard as megaphone diplomacy. we have india,
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we have gone or we have countries actually elsewhere that are clearly not so taken up in the drama, what's going on. and in stay thinking of just just sorted out, i think it's really quite an interesting example or what is a very, very dramatic crisis in terms of european security. actually has striking the little residents outside of europe, broadly conceptualized and north america. so i think the already, i mean, everyone frankly would rather this got settled in some kind of diplomatic, if not particularly amicable way. and certainly if the russians do actually launch some unprovoked wine and military intervention, they can expect to be criticized for it. but i think it might also represent something of a sally, teresa warning to the united states, not to assume what is important. 8 is important to everyone else across the world.
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you talked about a settlement, is there a way to see any kind of diplomatic formula that could represent the compromise of both sides, both sides of kind of the trying this as this is a stand for the survival of their sovereignty. insecurity as the way you see that that's the way the moscow also explains its position is and the problem is that am keith is obviously absolutely justified in regarding this as, as crucial, almost a century existential struggle. but also, unfortunately, president cotton and his allies also regard this as crucial to the survival, not of the russian state of russia as a great power. because they genuinely do regard nato, rightly or wrongly as a hostile force. however, at the moment we shouldn't be surprised that everyone's positions are pretty maximum of this. i mean, that is actually the nature of the starting of the diplomatic haggling process, particularly in the russians, have presented their wish list to what they want,
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which they must have known was ridiculously over ambitious. but again, it's a starting point, and this is why it's so important that conversations with the u. n, but also more broadly in circles, normandy format of ukraine, continuing dialogue between the united states and russia directly. this is why it's so important that it continues. because the moment our problem from the point of view of the west is that they had no idea ultimately what his putin's real appetite to risk. and what would he be willing to accept. and it's only through conversations that this will actually begin to be teased out. so although yes, the, the rhetoric is often really quite scary song as the dialog continues. then we have reason for hope. thanks so much for your thoughts on that one. how british prime minister boss, john says, once again said sorry, after findings from an investigation into parties at his official residence during
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lockdown were made public. a report by a senior civil servant says that being serious failures to observe the standards expected of senior government officials. johnson told them he's, he accepts all the report findings, i get it and i will fix it. oh, i won't too soon to the people of this country. i know what the issue is. yes, it whether this government can be trusted to deliver. and i said to speak, i guess we can see if we can be trusted to deliver. we said that we would get ready . it done, mrs. vega and we do all the countries opposition? leader said johnson had insulted the public's intelligence. he once again called on him to resign. our national story about cope is one of the people that stood up
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when they were tested. but that will be forever tainted by the behavior of this conservative. why? by routinely breaking the rules, he set, the prime minister took us all for cold. he held people sacrificing content. he showed himself unfit for office. his desperate denial since he was exposed of only made matters worse. ra can come clean every step of the way he's insulted. the publics in telegraph pole brown joins us now from westminster in london. we had quite a hot session there in parliament. where does this all leave? forest johnson. well, he's not out of danger yet. i can say that although sir grey's report certainly wasn't the knockout, punched that many opposition and peace hoped that it would be. an it's fair to say that some of the fury and exasperation that had been expressed by boris johnson's
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own conservative m. p 's a week 2 weeks ago, has certainly dissipated. but there are still problems there for morris johnson to answer despite the fact that the police investigation is going to take weeks perhaps even months. and attention is focusing on one particular gathering. on the 13th of november at 2020, which was embarrassed. johnson's own flat. now, on the 8th of december 2021, he came to parliament and he insisted there had been no party yet. that is one of the gatherings that has been investigated by the police. so if the police investigation comes back with the outcome that there was indeed a gathering. and perhaps, even boris johnson may an end up with a fixed penalty, fine for breaching corona virus restrictions that were in place at the time. that will really put a question mark over exactly what boris johnson's future will be. he was asked that question in parliament as to whether he would resign of the police came to that conclusion. he dodged the question. they said we must wait for the outcome of the police inquiry. but it's fair to say that this is not over yet for the prime
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minister. all right, so you, you referred there to the rapport weiss who grays not the knockout punch. just how damaging is it? well, it is danger because it really goes to the heart of what the overall culture was at a down the street during the relevant period. i mean, some of the, some of the phrases leap out at you, the sort of behaviors surrounding these gatherings was difficult to justify. she said, at least some represent a serious failure to observe standards. there was a failure of leadership and of judgment. now, brit johnson has tried to answer those criticisms by saying he's going to totally restructure the way number 10 downing street operates, he's gonna appoint a new private secretary. it's a permanent secretary and, and also create a whole new department. it will be the office of the prime minister because the one of the criticisms was downing street as a structure has become to sprawling and to lodge. but whether or not that is enough to get around the, the, that the anger that that remains and the residual anger that remains,
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remains to be seen. he's speaking with his own conservative m. p. 's to night, to try to boss or support. all right, all brandon there update the us on the situation facing the british prime minister, boss johnson. thanks for that. ah. all right, let's take you through some of the headlines here on our j 0 now, or the crisis at the border between ukraine and russia. that's taking center stage at the u. n's, most powerful body, top diplomats from russia and the u. s. and their allies been facing each other at the security council member states. we're meeting there to discuss the situation. russia has a mass, tens of thousands of troops on its border with ukraine. moscow says it is not planning to invade his what washington's ambassador told the council.


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