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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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daniel, as some of these could be quite severe, sop and of south america active through the amazon basin. and thunderstorms still stuck for that southeast corner of brazil. on monday at saint ceasing blue weather sponsored by cats, are i always ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm adrian finnegan. this is louise. i'll live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. high stakes talks at the un security council deed to deescalate tension al, to russia's military build upon ukraine's border. the african union has suspended the killer faso just a week after its military cool. attack and counter attack, the u. e. responds after who the rebels launch love
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a missile and threaten operation. deep inside u e territory and china 0 cove at 19 policy under prussia after beijing reports more infections among athletes, just days ahead of the winter olympics and sport canada stay on track to reach their 1st football world cops since 1986. any tiers, rivals usa to rain top of the standings for north and central america am therubi in ah, we begin this news our with the ramping up of diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis in ukraine, canada's defense ministers in care of meeting her ukrainian counterparts. the nato member has been providing military aid to the country. russia is continuing its military moves, as well as troops of ukraine's eastern border. it's readying fighter jets in the baltic region to the northwest. and in just about an hour from now,
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the u. s. and russia will face each other across the table where the un security council meets to discuss the crisis for the 1st time. our diplomatic editor james base is at the united nations in new york. he's with us now live, james. the u. s. has called this meeting, why now? well, i think one of the reasons is that they want to control the circumstances of the meeting because there is an important thing that happens on the 1st of february, and that is a change of the presidency of the un security council. currently. it's no way and on the 1st of every which is tuesday, it's russia that's taking over the presidency. now that doesn't mean they can block a meeting. any council member can call a meeting, but it gives them a little bit more control of the situation. a little bit more control the gender, little bit more control who can brief the security council. so i think it was decided by the us and its allies. it would be a good idea to get this meeting in. wal, nowhere is the president before, for
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a whole month, russia takes the presidency. there was a big question though, in a couple of time when the counsel ambassadors arrived and they'll be coming this way where i am right now down down the corridor and into the security council. you can see through that will vote will lead me to take place straight away all. will that be something called a procedural vote? will russia trying to stop this meeting happening? that's a possibility. russia has said it doesn't think this is right that this meeting should to take place. it doesn't see any threat to international peace and security currently. and it may try and challenge the meeting that would happen at the very start of the meeting. and then we see how the other members, the other 4 team members of the security council stack off. now i'm told by diplomats that the u. s. and the european countries and the u. k. if they believe they've got the votes, they've got the 9 votes. you need 9 votes to win a procedural vote in the security council, there is no veto in a procedural vote. but we could see
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a moment to some drama before we see the main meeting, which is going to be a pretty fair theatrical and dramatic meeting of the security council meeting. then does go ahead, james, what could we expect to come out of it? well, in the end, nothing because we've seen this movie before, back in 2014, when, when russia took crimea, and the ultimate problem for the security council. and those don't want to force russia not to take any military action and want to condemn russia's actions. is that russia is a permanent member of the security council. it's all the time on like some other members that rotate. and if you're a permanent member, you get a veto on any action. the reason to have the meeting, if, even if you know that there's a veto at the end of this, the end of what might be a long road is to the issue. and i think to show russia that the world is against it. but of course,
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we'll have to see how the other members of the security council stack up and what they've got to say about this. and some of the african countries will be interesting to watch. india, i think, would be very interesting to watch what western diplomats some, some of the year a bit on the council of the west has been somewhat disappointed with india, citing a little time with china and russia and also listen carefully to what the chinese and bastard is going to say because of course russia needs the support of its allied china. but of course also we've got the beijing olympic starting in just 5 days time. does china really want a major military offensive starting when it's about to preside over the olympics template to get it to jamie space reporting live from the you and in new york? james, many thanks. and date the u. k is prime minister, boris johnson says that he plans to speak to president putin. this week. i will urge him to de escalate. we really will need to step back from the break and i think a rush, and he said that from the bring,
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i think that an invasion of ukraine in any incursion into ukraine, beyond the territory that russia has already taken in, in 2014 would be absolute disaster for the world, but above what it would be disaster for russia. well, that's bringing out a 0 torso jibari who's that live in moscow, forrest the u. k. a threatening to bring in sanctions against russia. what's been the reaction to that bad? also? well, according to the foreign ministry and the kremlin here as they are using the words alarming and counterproductive, they say any kind of sanctions imposed or the threat of sanctions are really not to the best interests of not only an companies they're trying to target here. but also, british companies will be as suffering as well. it's not only that they will be targeting russian companies, but also there are a lot of british investors in russia. and they will also feel the,
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the wrath of these sanctions, if and when they come. we've also been hearing from the foreign ministry, a spokesperson, who said that this kind of rhetoric coming from a downing street is not really conducive to any kind of dialogue of we've just heard in the past hour that according to the foreign ministry, the british prime minister boris johnson will be speaking to vladimir putin later on monday. of course, they will have a lot to discuss because of the officials in london have said that they are looking at possibly a sanctioning and confiscating properties that belong to russian oligarchs. in the u. k. and that is something of course the russians have said is very, very alarming. we also believe that the will be a discussion between the russian foreign minister, astorga lover of and his american counterpart, anthony lincoln on tuesday, where the dialogue will continue. of course, there seems to be more of an effort to keep the lines of communication open. but
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for the russians, the kind of rhetoric that's coming from london and washington is alarming. and they say that it's not really conducive to try and de escalate the tensions for their part. they say they are only carrying out maneuvers within their own land and they're absolutely within the right to do so. if congress, you have to remember that there were military drills that took place in april of 2021. that according to analyst here, there were larger number of troops build up a building up around ukraine. and there was not this kind of reaction. so the russians are saying this is just a, a situation that's been blown out of proportion and misrepresented by western narrative out. there is dawson jibari, they're reporting live from moscow door. somebody thinks, dude it with an he is al, from al serra still to come on the program, a shot from space. north korea's latest miss. our launch puts us tariff re within striking distance. growing gas worries tension with russia may push europe to look for new energy suppliers. at
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a celebration worth waiting for. rafael nadal enjoys the spoils of his victory. his history making victory. father will be here with that a little later. this was ah, the u. k. government says the prime minister boris johnston has received an update held the reported to lockdown gatherings held at his residence. some of its findings will be with withheld because of a separate police investigation into the reported rules breaches. johnson is expected to make a statement later on monday he's faced calls to resign. let's go live now to london out there as paul brennan is outside number 10, downing st. paul. the prime minister then has received an update on su grays report . what does an update mean? well, an updated something short of the full report that we were expecting. it's due to be published on the gov dot u. k. official government website. we've all been
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pressing refresh on our smartphones to see whether it's been published yet and it hasn't as i'm speaking to you. but in for speculation, suggests that sue gray will talk about a drinking culture within number 10, down the street behind me. a lack of leadership and but her reports parameters did not extend to whether or not forrest johnson or any of his staff broke the actual law. that is for the police to decide and questions about whether he broke the ministerial kurt, again, that's for a different watchdog body to graze report such as it is going to be published. it was more about exactly what happened. there was a fact finding mission. it will stop vincent really sure to wear many people expected it to because of the extraordinarily related intervention late week of the metropolitan police. who asked su grey to steer clear of 8 incidents here at downing street because they were investigating. and they didn't want that investigation to be prejudiced by su grey's report, potentially contaminating witnesses. so for many people it's an unsatisfactory
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conclusion to this. however, the fact that it's an update does hold out the possibility that su grey may publish a full report at some point in the future. will the public get to see this update downing street had said that it was go to publish the that the full report when that was completed, this was before the police investigation was lost. what about this update? but well, except me promise that they'll publish. what sir gray has given them in the current form this update? i had a briefing at a lobby briefing this morning. the prime minister, official spokesman, was rather kind of evasive when asked about whether the full report might one day see the light a day. he didn't give a, a clear answer to that through a definitive yes. that said something will be published at some point during the course of the afternoon as far as johnston, as you to give a statement before parliament at around $330.00, gmc this afternoon in order to sort of tell m p 's exactly what the report
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says and what the update says, and frankly, it's what the m p 's, how the m p 's react to it, which be crucial to both johnson's faith. it sounds like there's a party that going on right now. pull what, what's the noise? there's a yeah, a man with a p, i. i, boris john. that person who doesn't like bonus johnson who's playing at boris johnson. bye bye on are allowed p. a system is one of the protectors down the end of down the street. i pull money, thinks the date out there's pull print on their reporting, live from dining street. there's been another escalation and emmons, 7 year war, who is the rebels of attract the united arab emirates with drones and missiles the you a says that it is, dissented one ballistic missile early on monday. i'm 30 minutes later at destroyed a missile launcher and who's the control jobs province. i'll just say there's mohammed. i'll have reports. the target was clear, united arab emirates, striking back against host the missile bases. and the man is the latest retaliation
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of debris from a hopi missile attack. earlier on monday landed in a remote part of bobby mobile. i doesn't know how not critical installations and abu dhabi were targeted by a number of ballistic missiles. also, the inward of dubai was targeted by number of drones. the operation by the grace of god hid its targets with high precision mirth or visual se, airports operating as normal. and the healthy did not have an impacts. ah, but the strike coincide with these really presidents at 1st visit to above. and at a time of increase the fighting between the hoses and the saudi quality in yemen. we reiterate that the enemy state, the united arab emirates, will remain an unsafe country so long as they continue with the belligerents against our beloved human people. and this month, how they don't strike on the 8th capital killed 3 people. on sunday,
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the us state department urged america to reconsider any travel to the united of emeralds, siding threats of missile attacks. the situation is becoming more dangerous because the nature of weaponry that's being used in these attacks is becoming more depth. and that's all the more reason why one hopes that the parties will be able to find some way to resolve this contract this conflict. but diplomacy has yet to solve this original conflict that has been going on for years and gated the world's worst human italian crises. mama's law bob lisita, santa north korea has released photos as proof that it conducted its most powerful missile test in 4 years. it's the latest on a flurry of missile testing activity, as long as it was under chappelle reports. the latest image is released by north korea are striking on sunday, a test fired and intermediate range,
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ballistic missile, the house on 12. that is nuclear capable. it reached a height of 2000 kilometers, taking pictures of the korean peninsula along the way. but it has arranged 4500 kilometers far enough to reach the u. s. territory of guam. but it's not the most powerful ballistic missile and kim jong earns arsenal. in 2017 north korea tested the last song, 14 and 15, the latter of which could in theory, reached the continental united states. and in 2020 it showed often even larger icbm, which hasn't been tested yet. the crew spent a lot of time, an investment in the past 23 years, certainly during cove, it in developing some of its missile capabilities, and that, that is a line very closely with a 5 year weapons planned. the north career announced at the beginning of 2021 with the aim to develop capabilities that will enable the north korea to fight a model, a modern conflict. yeah, us want direct talk with north korea. we've offered this over and over to,
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to the do p r k, and they've not accepted it. so the question is, what's can germans game plan? so not aren't actually really putting for much right now, right? i mean, they have to actually show up in order to strive to deal with the buyer on. so i'm actually again, i credit surprise with a paste the task because my sense of the bind people willing to talk if the north koreans shop it was north korea 7th missile test. in january, a new record itself imposed moratorium on missile tests appears. well, and truly at an end and her chappelle, l 0. mason richey is north korea specialist, an associate professor of international politics at hancock, university of foreign studies. he says, these latest launches could ramp up the arms race in the region. one of the things that north korea wants to do with the tests and demonstrations, not only of this i, r b, m, but even of the the tactical guided missiles that we've seen recently as well as
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the cruise missiles is to, to underline the fact that it's not going to be clear eyes that it is to be treated as a normal nuclear weapon possessing state. and i think to some degree, having these dramatic pictures taken allegedly from the missile while the place sort of underlined technological capacity and sort of grab mind share where people think themselves. oh yeah. and or 3, that's, that's another country that has nuclear weapons. and the more that happens, the more north for you gets normalized as a nuclear weapons states. and the implications for regional security are not good. because the more than northridge normalized as a nuclear state, the less credible us extended nuclear deterrence looks for south korea and japan, which over time might decide that they themselves need to develop their own nuclear capability, which would juice up and already under way arms rates in
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east asia also missile defense comes into play as the u. s. and south korean japan might begin to think about how they could integrate their missile defense. just the push back in for 3. this would be considered provocative to china, which would probably respond in its own way, which would therefore also again use up the already continuous rivalry between the us and china and the region. just a few days now before the winter olympic games opened in beijing and athletes have begun to arrive. but under strict covert 19 protocols, team members, coaches support staff and media are in an empty bubble to keep them separate from the public. they'll be tested daily. on monday 37 new cases were reported among the arrivals. brings the total now to well at least $176.00 from athletes have already had to withdraw from the games. i was here with katrina. you reports from aging. chinese authorities have pledged to deliver safe and secure winter games, but they're struggling to contain the mounting case numbers of covered 19 within
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the bubble. so according to official information about 7000 people have arrived in china, head of the games. then already 176 people at least have tested positive. now, officials here trying to come many concerned saying that there is no outbreak within the bubble, per se, and the catching most of these infections at the airport. now there is a very rigorous system in place to try to keep tabs of people who do have covered 19, not only 2 people have to register the temperature every day for 14 days leading up to their flight to china. they have to test at the airport and then every day they are in beijing, they have to start the day with another curve at 19 test. what that's done. it's created a very tense environment within the bubble athletes and the support teams of terrified of catching curve in 1900. because if you do test positive, you will immediately be separated in quarantined and you will only be allowed to
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return to normal routine once your test negative twice. so there is a very big chance of completely missing out on your competition. and that means 4 years of preparations would go to waste. but unfortunately, already a lividity and snowboarder, swedish skia, and a russian by athlete have been among those who have tested positive. a cabinet minister in hong kong has stepped down off for attending a birthday party. despite a government, coal for people to avoid large gatherings, casper sui, was the home affairs minister at a rising figure and the prob, aging political party, the d. a. b. the celebrations become a source of embarrassment for hong kong. chief executive carry lamb among the $200.00 guests wrapped the policy, but more than a dozen top politicians, including the cities, police, immigration, and anti corruption chiefs, full gum guy. his conduct has brought the hong kong government into disrepute and he and his action has so caused a negative
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a perception by the general public in relation to the conduct of principal officials a we have high expectations and requirements and these officials a shoot of so the highest standards of personal conduct and integrity at all the time. and they should promote and support these principles by leadership and example. on the african union as suspended became faso following last week's military crew. the move comes out of talks between view and officials, military rulers, west africa, block echo was, had already suspended the country, san bed. nick has worn out from walker to group pool. right now the suspension people are saying largely symbolic. and the idea is to see what sanctions are they will impose if they do and the severity of the sanctions could range from economic to travel. really, depending on what i'm being told of what the military leaders are saying, what they're willing to do, what they're not willing to do. so it seems like they say assessments are being made right now. there's lots of talks that are going on today and saturday. i and
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in the coming days and then you know how the suspension and if there's things and how they play out, it, it'll depend on how he talks go. there is a delegation from the west african regional blog here today on monday. i and also someone from the united nations was african office for the zeile as well. who's also here, they're going to be speaking to the heads of the miller. and we hope to have more information in a couple hours. if they, they can announcement today. there have been a month to month frustration growing from the population and in the military armed conference in the country that has just been taking over the country, killing soldiers, killing the armed forces. displacing more than a 1000000 people. and people have become really frustrated at the previous government inability to stem that violence and to fix the situation. so there were lots and lots of protests leading up to this. and then, and then they culminated with the to last week for 2 goals. prime minister has one 3rd consecutive term in office until the acosta is promising to govern for all
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portuguese, as the economy struggles to bounce back after the pandemic odyssey was adam rainy reports from lisbon. prime minister antonio casa, has led his ruling socialist party to a land side victory that few people here saw coming. it really freeze him up to get to work immediately without having to cooperate with other parties in parliament and try to get poor children economy up and going after years have poor performance . the a stunning mandate. prime minister in 20th cost. as ruling socialists have won a majority of people in portugal, snap election. it's a feat you could have imagined coming into the election pre election pulling had them nearly, even with the 2nd place center, right. social democrats. the election was triggered when other left his parties voted with right wing parties to kill the 2022 budget. that put cost us rule at risk until he pulled off sundays victory. the socialists will have the votes now to
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pass the budget for him if he thought it was a victory of humility, of confidence, and forced ability. firstly, i want to say thank you to all the portuguese for the example away. the electoral campaign took place for the civic way that these addictions took place in such a difficult moment for all of us. his main rival, really rio, the leader of the center, right? social democrats acknowledging defeat and implying he may step down his party leader bank while he's on the phone with the socialist party governing period of 4 years. i sincerely don't see how i can be useful in this framework. the party will decide, but i sincerely don't see how i can be useful in this context for 4 more years. the the far right wing party, shaker, or enough also celebrating they received the 3rd highest number of votes. the 1st set showing for far right when party, since the rival of democracy in 1974,
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a sign of the traction populism hold after 2 years, have pandemic pain. one of the problems that we have, and this might explain a little bit why this read doing party is rising, is this particle is not growing as the other comes in to be a union and it's getting backwards. now it's the 7th. who was country in the $27.00 is due to be in union. dawning protective gear poll workers even received, covert positive voters who left isolation to cast their ballots. and what many saw at the most important election in decades? the election was really defined by the pandemic people. we spoke to say they've been struggling the past 2 years after many years of poor performance. and they'll be watching. and sonia cost a closely to see if his government can indeed get the economy going quickly. and if they can effectively manage billions of dollars of e u recovery and resilience funds,
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at least 19 people have been killed in brazil after heavy rain caused flooding atlanta slides across south paula state. around half a 1000000 people have been forced from their homes over the past 22 days i was 0, stephanie decker reports. you can just about make out the road. parts of some palo state or underwater, of to 2 days of torrential rains. rescuers now having to use boats to navigate above the roads. the rescue efforts continued through the night. thousands of people have been made homeless due to the flooding. b o, i'm feeling. unfortunately, it's been raining since yesterday, and it's flooded over other parts of the river. it hadn't flooded here until now was started flooding, and it has just started to go down and she, they've also been landslides, causing a number of deaths as homes collapsed, the earth giving way under the force of the reins. this government hand out video
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shows the devastation from above. some paolo's, governor announced almost $3000000.00 in aid to help those affected directly. ah, i came here to see the current situation and the effects and intensity of the rain . but sure, also, unfortunately of the lance lives, victims and fatalities. here in this region at g mail for his you. brazil is seen various incidents of severe flooding since the rainy season began in october. the rescue efforts and now switching to a clean up effort. images like these a reminder of just how powerless we are in the face of nature. stephanie decker, al jazeera people living in south florida, woke up to an unusual size on sunday, after temperatures, dip below freezing, that the national weather service war and the public to watch out full stunned iguanas falling from trees. the cold blooded lizards could weigh more than 7 kilograms, measure a meter and a half in length. they usually wake up and warm up in sun life, but
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a stiff and immobile in cold temperatures. hence, from falling out of trees, a cold snap in 2010 wiped out large numbers of what is an invasive species. so why is it so cold in florida? what arctic air has made its way? as far south as the caribbean? is jeff with the world whether update their feeling that chill across florida and the caribbean. hello everyone. this is how the temperature started on monday, just 5 degrees, and then at that is a new all time record low temperature, $5.00 to be exact off to florida right now. and this is some of the coldest air we felt in miami, in more than a decade, 7 degrees for the state, capital tallahassee, for let's talk about the active weather right now. we have concern over these storms bubbling up along the gulf coast of texas around houston. could produce powerful wind hail and even the threat of a tornado off to the northeast. much commer after that snow storm dumped 60 centimeters in boston, 40 centimeters in monk to new brunswick. just
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a few clouds drifting around here was found. we go and we'll see more sunshine for vancouver with the high 6 degrees temperatures will come down, snow rolling across the canadian prairies and the northern plains, up to the west coast of the u. s. and it's quiet here. plenty of sunshine in the forecasts. los angeles, at 19 degrees and back to the caribbean, we go some storms bubbling up here over his spaniel as some of these could be quite severe. the top end of south america active through the amazon basin, and thunderstorms still stuck for that southeast corner of brazil on monday. that's it. season. just ahead here. all that is, i will take a look at what russian president vladimir putin could be planning after amassing 100000 soldiers on the border with ukraine. the wells biggest streaming platforms. spotify takes action after a growing dispute over cove at 19 misinformation and its sport. the cincinnati bengals produce a shock upset to reach the superbowl final for just the 2nd time in the history.
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ah, with the story of zimbabwe in ha, what's his? she is always told from the perspective of the great man, whether it's david livingston, all robot mcgarvey. my responsibility is to tell, is involved in story, in a way that it hasn't really been told before. ordinary everyday life was involved
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with the people. i'm writing about patina, kappa, out of darkness. my zimbabwe on al jazeera lou. ah, hello again, adrian for the get here in doha, with the views out from al jazeera, the headlines diplomatic efforts are continuing in an effort to resolve the attention of ukraine. the u. s. russia will face each other in the coming out. when the un security council meets to discuss the crisis, the u. k. government says that prime minister boris johnson has received an update on the report into lockdown gatherings held at his residence. some of its findings withheld due to ongoing police investigation,
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and yemen. scoop the rebels of the u. e that they're planning war strikes after launching. they say we're miss solomon wrote a tax on monday morning. the u. e says the attack was intercepted, but it launched retaliatory action in yemen for russia's president vladimir putin. the issue of ukraine is much more than just nato's potential expansion. eastwood's . the fall of the soviet union was a huge setback for moscow. and its influence, which makes keeping ukraine at its people close, essential. but at smith explains, as a bottom put in commemorated those who died in the siege of leningrad in the 2nd world war. his military at all but encircled ukraine. the russian government is repeatedly set. it has no intention of launching an invasion. but the option seems to be that philosophically were usually bad at predicting war. we usually get it rock either. we think it won't happen, but it does, or we think it will happen,
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but it doesn't. and we were surprised when potent moved into crimea in 2014. we were surprised when russia moved into georgia in 2008. we were surprised when russia moved into erie and 2015 this time potent is giving us weeks of notice. so maybe he's got something else in mind. well, putins views on ukraine, a well known figure. so he's often repeated them numerous spoke with you. we cannot be concerned by the prospect of ukraine joining nato because it will lead without a doubt to the deployment of troops. military bases and threatening us with battens there. when the soviet union broke up in 1991, russia lost control of 14 former republics. the loss of ukraine was the hardest to swallow the grain them. as i see it, ukraine is the key factor in the failure to reunite the soviet union. i don't mean that literally, but important attempt to re create a certain unity or union based around the republic. ukraine is an interest in this,
4:34 pm
and that remains a major problem with which putin has tried to keep ukraine close before in 2013 under russian pressure. then president victor again a co which rejected closer ties with the e u. that prompted nationwide protests resulting in the cove which is down full month later, putin annexed crimea will go search and see to long term goal. and his lease is rushes isolation west at non western development. and this sense ukraine, which is closely connected to russia culturally, is a window to the west. and i so is an eyesore for food grain are plenty of food has described russians and ukrainians as one people who share a single historic and spiritual space. he doesn't want to lose that connection, though that might not be the view of many ukrainians. bernard smith al jazeera,
4:35 pm
let's forget russian, says analyst vladimir sought the calls from moscow, good, heavy with us. so what, in your opinion, russia's intentions regarding ukraine. what is this military build up on the board of for dawson, at my a dean, actually, and there is no question of any aggression on behalf of russia any russia's intention to invade ukraine or to make even in cushions. i think that the whole question is revolving around the issue of expanding the nato and the probable participation of ukraine in the enlargement of states. this is one thing, another thing i think that this is the controversial question of puting i. u . s. and nature, medium and shot, arrange miss styles only ukrainian to the target. this is the question which is very much warren, moscow and moscow doesn't want to have for these miss. i also practical on this
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board because the flying time than that will be 3 to 5 minutes. and this is a serious question for moscow and another. another thing also is that if you remember back in history are these marseilles can't come could, could resemble the situation which was when the soviet union was existing in 1982 in 1008. your free nater decided to put a medium and shot a range on the a russian western border in native country. so and russia and the soviet union retaliate. so i think this is not the question of a your, it's a lation from russia about a question of a security situation. so this ongoing military presence on the border with ukraine is all about president putin trying to force concessions from the west over nato. ah, you, i says so, but actually not only concession. so another thing that russia would very much like that ukraine. i received news, you will resume the no,
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it's but dissipation in the men sca format negotiations. and i think that this question would be discussed, probably if that will be another, a summit between president putin and president biden. so another le security situation, but also the situation in general. i mean, when i'm saying in general, i mean that, ah, russia actually would like to have little la guarantees, but also to be sure that it's east, a neighbor is not hostile to, to where i mean, why is russia so opposed to neighbors becoming part of native nato, you talk about them being hostile. nato would argue that the troops, imbeciles, are only on its eastern boundary as a deterrent. and for the tense, that defense purposes only against an expansionist russia, while actually russia is not so sure at all, that's and they are. of course, it's not that the policy of 1st so called expansionism actually, ah isa,
4:38 pm
forcing the west that to declare russia. russia thinks on the why she goes to russia. russia thinks that these, these, these are aggressive plans against a russian, i identity against russian security. so i think that on, at the end of its, i'm, a russia would like, as i said, as a friendly ukraine, not the county which will be participating in any plans which are a rush of things. so it can be in the nature of countries might good talk to you so many thanks to the to being with us. let me so think of their live in moscow. thank you. the stand off between russia and ukraine. has europeans, worried about their fuel supplies? a 3rd of europe's natural gas comes from russia. and if there is conflicts, europe would have to turn to other providers. dominic cane report some from germany . this is the am or natural gas installation in central russia. one of many such
4:39 pm
plants is product is pipe to destinations in asia and europe, all of which generates an export revenue of more than $200000000.00 a day for the provide a gas problem. the greatest single market is germany, closely followed by other european countries. cumulatively 128000000 cubic meters of gas flows to the e each year, representing around a 3rd of its annual impulse. but what would happen if the ukraine crisis became more war and all of this was suddenly switched off. it's got it, so i don't have, it could be an interruption. gas light was all, however, we're watching. government should weigh carefully whether we're really wanted that it was possible to put europe under pressure. you would eventually turn to liquid gas from other country. mother thought. if liquid gas or l n g is a solution, there are a few of these potential suppliers, most notably the us and the state of qatar. while neither could fill the shortfall
4:40 pm
of so much gas immediately, one analysts told me, catherine might be able to provide a more medium and long term solution. that guitar is indeed, did supply europe with a lot more gas in the past. but given the fact that the europeans were not very fond of the way that the contracts are structured, kotor pivoted to asia and now supplies from most of the gas to them rather than the europeans should be some se, reconsideration on the european end when it comes to the contractual elements and their compatibility with european energy law, then that this might actually change the situation. and he's from a medium to long term. from the geopolitical perspective, there are increasingly loud voices in western europe who don't want to be so dependent on russia for the energy supply in full. but here, because we have to build a foundations of ours over into which means more independence from russia. when i look at are important terms of oil and gas to get, we are not independent from russia. this won't happen overnight. i don't know, he,
4:41 pm
you leaders have been clear that a russian active aggression against ukraine would have dire consequences for president putin and his country. it would mean an end to his hopes of switching on the north stream to gas pipeline. depriving him of tens of billions of dollars in revenue, and depriving the you of hundreds of billions of cubic meters of russian gas. the few in berlin is such a price is worth paying if it can deter moscow from invasion. ministers here don't want to arm the craniums. they believe the most potent weapon against putin is sanctions. no matter the cost dominant cane al jazeera in the german capital. so how could washing gas be replaced, lynn? the coming hours casarez lita is to meet with you as president joe biden, for the 1st time at the white house to stand off between russia and ukraine. european gas supplies and also afghanistan are some of the issues likely to be up for discussion. alan fisher has more down what to expect from being almost frozen
4:42 pm
during the early days of the trump presidency. cutter has become a key player for joe biden and his white house, biden's foreign policy is rather shaky. he needs support not just from large and powerful countries of european states, germany, et cetera. he needs support from smaller but capable allies. it was cut out that hosted talks with the taliban and do ha, it was cut the plate pivotal rule as the united states completed its chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. it has an important link to iran, as talks about the new nuclear deal continue. and then there's energy, as the u. s. faces off against russia and ukraine. it's promising haunch sanctions against more school, if there's an invasion. but those sanctions could be limited in support. the president put in turned off the gas supply to europe in the middle of winter. in retaliation, the u. s. leads another supplier, and that's what cut off, and it's liquid natural gas comes in. cover is in
4:43 pm
a very good position to supply l. m g to and to do it strategically. now it's not just for sale. now you can see in europe, there is an effort to use the production and distribution of country. a gas in a way that strengthens the global coalition to say to russia. no, you can't engage you. correct? that's not. no, that's not ok. it's a very important role for clutter to play many of the afghan victories. i think i talked to be processed. and this home of massive us base. it will be the center of any fresh operations in afghanistan cuts are a central, not only in managing all the wounds left by in the k arnik, american withdrawal. but by the discussions we're gonna have to hast to alleviate and mitigate, address one of the worst humanitarian crises on the planet and helping the joe biden has signaled he doesn't see. the middle east is a priority, but he needs strategic partners in the region and cutters. amir wants his country
4:44 pm
to be in the prime position to strengthen its image as a key regional player. alan fisher al jazeera washington in pakistan, gunman the have killed a christine priest in the north western city of per shower. father william said i was shot multiple times, another priest was injured. no one's claimed responsibility for the attack. members of the christian community had previously been targeted in the shower chinese naval vessels carrying disaster relief supplies of departed for tongue up in the south pacific of 1400 ton shipment includes food, medical supplies, tractors, and temporary housing target. still recovering after a volcanic eruption and tsunami that struck earlier this month. a delivery and distribution has been slowed by the countries strict pandemic restrictions. so the, unless the you, we were short on time preparing for the misha was, and the voyage is long. the loading is heavy and the requirements for the epidemic
4:45 pm
prevention are high with we fully anticipated various complex situations and carefully planned the operations to make sure that the relief supplies are safely and quickly delivered to tonga on canadian truck drivers and thousands of anti vaccine protests is shut down the capital ottawa for a 2nd day on sunday. they're against cove at 19 mandates including one that requires truckers to be vaccinated across into the u. s. in solidarity drivers in the western province of alberta, closed their border with the u. s. prime minister just in trudeau and his family have been moved from their home for their own safety. and in belgium, people march to the capital brussels to protest against corona virus restrictions. they say that vaccines must remain optional. the government east, some rules earlier this month, but people wanting to access public spaces must have booster shots. after 5 months . us based music streaming sites specified as announced,
4:46 pm
new measures to combat cove at 19 misinformation. it follows a decision by several high profile musicians to remove their music from the platform in protests against a podcast who's been accused of spreading falsehoods about vaccines. julian wolf reports signing with its highest paid podcast personality. spotify has chosen to keep joe rogan show on the platform as it attempts to tackle the growing backlash over his controversial views on cobra. 19. the company has announced plans to add an advisory to any podcast episode, discussing the pandemic, directing listeners to the latest information from trusted sources in health and science. but despite an open letter penned by hundreds of health professionals calling on spotify to moderate misinformation, and a growing number of celebrities raising concern, including the duke and duchess of sussex, who have a 25000000 dollar content deal with the platform. some say it's an issue that isn't
4:47 pm
sold in silencing one voice. there's a misinformation challenge tied to joe rogan in particular, but there's also a broader mas information problem, i think, in this entire ecosystem. that is a lot more challenging simply because it is so decentralized and there isn't really one platform. there isn't really one player involved who can take the lead and moderating. it's very decentralized. you know, you basically could be playing effectively. lack of all the fall out began when rock star neil young accused rogan of spreading misinformation while offering spotify an old maiden. remove his work or the comedians. the singer joanie mitchell soon followed, announcing her solidarity with young and while the streaming service says it has removed more than $20000.00 podcast episodes that cover cove. at 19 since the start of the pandemic,
4:48 pm
it fell short of ditching one of its biggest stars. after it's exclusive 2020 licensing deal that netted rogan, more than a $100000000.00, gillian wolf, al jazeera joe rogan has responded by posting a video on social media apologizing for the controversy. do i get things wrong? absolutely, i get things wrong, but i try to correct them whenever i get something wrong, i try to correct it because i am interested in telling the truth. i'm interested in finding out what the truth is. if there's anything that i've done that i could do better is i have more experts with differing opinions, right after i have the controversial ones, i would most certainly be open to doing that. and i would like to talk to some people that have the differing opinions on those podcasts in the future. in chile, thousands of protests as of gather to voice their anger against undocumented migrants who are mostly from venezuela. they blame them for a rise in violence of the chilean city of kiki and on demanding more security,
4:49 pm
the national organization for migration estimates that may be 1700000 migrants a currently in ga china space agency is released new footage, showing a glimpse of mas as polar ice caps, the pictures show the chan when one prob, flying above the red planets north pole, the permanent ice caps that you could see, ah, mostly made of water. the china has been catching up with the us and its exploration of mass becoming the 2nd country to land rover back in july. just a hat here. all that he saw in sport egyptian, psycho mohammed sala keeps his country on course to win an 8th african title. ah
4:50 pm
ah ah ah
4:51 pm
ah. talks for his foreign adrian. thank you so much. adoption striker mohammed sala has kept his country on course to win an ape. african title have gone a gold down in their quarter final against morocco. the liverpool for rec, wrapped a 2nd half equalizer. with the game level at $11.00, it went to extra time. a running cross from cell and the 1st added periods produce the decisive goal scored by tries again. he won the final score, e jones will play host cameron in the semi finals. the tournament is tough for everyone and stuff in for us in the beginning until we just set up an i think an idea thought of they've been the best team in a group stage the last so you never know in any game. so until it's time to focus
4:52 pm
are gonna come around and yeah, we'll go from there, i think the player to get everything today, the player give everything each game. and hopefully we will just study on on when it fell as strike partner at liverpool, sodium on a was the architect of santa goals. opening goal against equitorial guinea is past set up from our ado for the opening goal. and this last 8 tie, the game really came into life in the 2nd half equitorial guinea had back with an equalizer for a defensive mistake, allowed senegal to regain the lead. chillik yo tay, with that goal for africa as a top rank team. a small sar wrapped up a $31.00 win for santa go. it's burkina faso next for them. that game is on wednesday. we've been speaking to football journalists. ma hm is our he who's in cameroon, covering the of, and he says there to stand out teams remaining and the tournaments permit has to be to paper. it's the host, cameron who are probably the most valid side in this trade. him in the play,
4:53 pm
the best there to strike 1st december car carl taco, it can be have 11 goals between the 2 of them that particular chasing that single term and go score record of 9 goes by on by 974. so they are very balance in terms of re, striker's experience defenders and rigorous mature. but synagogue senegal are probably the best side on paper, not just in africa, but they're probably a top live top tension on paper in the world. you're less excited. my name is mila . sir, who is now joining the team, interest i got to get kind of the band or very, very good on papers. the only issue it's gonna go is that it had some problems winning finals, and you just wonder if they can make it to another finals. will there be a sort of psychological or mental block that's going to stop them from when and get again after that 1st week of football which wasn't the best? it's tournaments really kicked on that were getting recalls good possession play. and i think the profile of the tournament, it's important for this profile the tournament to look good because you have players like side your money. that's pure,
4:54 pm
i'm really bumming more and more on africans upcoming. interested in this treatment . so i'm pretty happy that as of the 2nd round of the group stages, the level of play has really risen. the canada boosted their chances of reaching the 2022 world cup and kept our on sunday the seal. the 2, if no home went over rivals the united states was don't means candidates have the standings in the final round of congo camp qualifying for games to go there looking to reach the final for the 1st time since 1986, you were faced seconds after that i don't know about pretty natalie danbury, about 21 of the. 6 6 as you can tell, there's plenty of excitement in panama over their chances of making the finals. they beat jamaica $32.00 on sunday result, that means they set forth and the standard mexico had
4:55 pm
a disappointing time at home against costa rica. they were held to a goal, a straw at the tech stadium. so that result leaves mexico in 3rd and costa rica in 5th. the top 3 will automatically qualify for the cats are 2020 to be 4th place team will events to an inter confederation play off routes that mark international . christine erickson has joined premier lee club, bradford 7 months after suffering a cardiac arrest during a european championship game. the 29 year old who collapse during the match against finland, signed for the english side as a free agent for the rest of the season. erickson received lifesaving treatments in front of shocked fans in copenhagen form i taught them. and inter milan player has since been fitted with a heart starting device known as an i. c. d. erickson has not played a competitive match since his colon. this is godaddy bangles will face the l. a. rams in super bowl. 56 after both sides. produce stunning. come back when there and
4:56 pm
i fell conferences of angles came from 213 down to stone, the kansas city chiefs. when they asked the championship 2724 castles had been heavy favorites going into the game next out. on booking their 3rd successive super bowl appearance mangles with never won a super bowl title, will face an se champions. the i lab ran super bowl happens in early on february 13th, special team, you know, special team that's capable of doing special things and we believe from the get go, whether people with us or not, we did. and so we're not surprised. this is were meant to be and i'm probably does not walker roughly dal is still celebrating a day after making tennis. history of the australian open sunday. the spaniard claimed in record 21st grand slam title. and 35 year old one. the australian open for a 2nd time by beating daniel met the dev, down made a stunning come back from being to set down to win the title. and 5 said, well number 5 says he,
4:57 pm
the victory was unexpected. that satisfaction is just impossible to describe now. for me, it's just amazing to have this dorothy, with me, i tried very hard letting go my career. he in australia finally, was probably that the most unexpected, the year for me in order to achieve one more time this, the beautiful grove you know, so. so, but hobby and bessie hamilton is through the elimination round of the 1st event in the world surf leak season. in her native hawaii, a 31 year old who lost her arm and a shark attack in 2003, competing on the tour for the 1st time since 2018. she was given a wild card spot under 17 champions, stephanie gilmore had to pull out after contracting cobit 19. hamilton has sat up around as 16 clash with a live champion, carissa more. okay, and that is all your sport for now. adrian, back to you. about effects and age. okay, but to do it for,
4:58 pm
but he's off. thanks for i motioned it to your company, but of course that he's not a storm. i'll be back with a full bonus reviews for you just a moment. ah . in a series of original documentaries or 0 correspondence, explore the stories which have marked their lives and careers. gabriella, these on the covered the tragic story of 2 reinforced activities, brutally killed fighting. the devastation brought about by loggers and ranchers returning to the amazon gab router and how the campaign for sustainable development brought them on. a commission close with those who sought to profit from the forest destruction of his year correspondence stories of life and inspiration. as series of short documentary, he's from around the world that celebrate the human spirit. against the odds
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with al jazeera, select change makers, m each and every one of us at the border responsibility to change our personal space for the mirror. with we could do this experiment and if by diversity could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, louise, incredibly rare species are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here. and jenny, these people begun to collect the thing to get the same. the re saying, mr. extremely important service that they provide the city. i don't we,
5:00 pm
we need to take america to trying to bring people together trying to deal with people who can left behind. lou with a $100000.00 russian soldiers, a master ukraine's board of the un security council is to hold a crisis meeting. ah, hello again, i'm adrian for again. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up the long awaited trial of those accused of assassinating burkina faso as president thomas and kata is suspended from last week's been a free cru. britton's prime minister bars johnston receives a report from the investigation and to lockdown, gather.


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