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tv   101 East Love And Faith In India  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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retiring from the game today, i'm here in front of all of you having this therapy with me and the you really don't know how, how much i tried to be here. i hear you just amazing. with this trial, the doll has beaten roger federer and novak joke of each in the race to a 21st grand slam title. for now he has the legitimate claim to being the greatest of all time. so hale malik al jazeera ah papa, they are. are these are the headlines? the united arab emirates says it is intercepted, a missile fired by haughty rebels, and it's launched a strike in yemen in response attack. as the 3rd in recent weeks of a headlines, the u. s. urging north korea to join direct talks after it conducted its 7th
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missile test this month. north korean military fired a medium range missile on sunday talks with a us store back in 2019. we are open to having diplomatic discussions. we've offered this over and over to add to the do p r k, and they've not accepted it. but we're absolutely open to a diplomatic engagement without pre conditions. our goal is to, to, ah, in the ad threatening actions that the dpr k is taking against at their neighbors, portugal prime ministers, one 3rd consecutive term in office, antonio costa and the ruling socialist secured. a parliamentary victory, a majority, i should say, in sunday's snap election. and he's promising to govern for all portuguese, as he proposed to take on and economy struggling to bounce back from the pandemic. u. s. senators. so they are close to reaching a deal on sanctions against russia to prevent a possible attack on ukraine. the hoping to move a bill forwarding congress,
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senators, believing it is unlikely, the un security council will take action when it meets on monday. gunman in northwestern park is done of ambushed a car with christian priests, killing one, wounding another, and once claimed responsibility. but attacks in the shower region in past weeks have been claimed by the pakistani taliban. a sci fi with the group broke down last month. starting at land slides in brazil's largest state of killed 19 people. more than half a 1000000 in salt paulo were forced to leave their homes. buildings have been destroyed and major home highways blocked, and canadian truck drivers and thousands of van t vaccine. protesters shut down the capital outward for 2nd day on sunday. and rallying against coven 19 mandates, including one that requires truckers to beat vaccinated if they're crossing into the united states. and with that, you are up to date with the headlines on al jazeera, coming out next $11.00 east, and counting the cost of rough knowledge of the year after bull run is barriers
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sentiment in stock market here to say the price is on assets 10 year high where the cost of the cooking become even more affordable and nigerian petroleum minister on reforming the nations oil sector counseling the cough on al jazeera. why in india, a conspiracy theory is taking hold, let it go way up and up with what one is as are they got a nationalist group say mostly men are carrying out a sinister plot to create an islamic republic. and they say they'll do whatever it takes to stop the so called love jihad, sometimes with deadly consequences. i said it gets them to the letter i think upon don't go to the degree they fit them for medical or daughter. leg is for fighting a gamut or by the jelly with there's no evidence the conspiracies real. but strict legislation outlawing forced conversion by marriage is now in place in states
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across the country. they let to let you go outside and can they gotta make a mess up with my new i'm a leg up and a slightly one on one east investigates how love is being weaponized for political gain in india. oh and then for this young indian couple picnics in the countryside, but the only way to escape the pressures of home and society. ah, a young woman, ethical mother is him a partner or boss mueller was mostly in india today. such relationships can be different. ah,
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a few weeks after the picnic and missing his cousin, some showing us the real good tracks. but he found his 24 relative dick kim, door to door, to door neighbor, minnesota. where to go put it would take them up with that thought i get out if bad at that was skagit hit beside him and they got the body. get o at this disembodied hit the as a foot old doug. anyway, these are full fully. so get a 10, we'll get it is 30 the acidity to sick which melody my meg years. so said ne gave was the bondo. i had co fillum ball medical door there. here. so said in a gamma debate, it was totally murdered, yelling before his death or bars, received threats demanding she bri company, shred them as a vicious la domain is it, but others go call, started kam k r bus to 30 melinta, or a bow together glitter kids shoot them and get a little kinky. too good,
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chick exit. now your gang will get i will later did the kci your door. don't about him abandon, he lincoln assert, legally they get the government met i, tessa. bad against the shaddick of 60 league. neil of his own, anita day. i that a so again, just to be said milk mil, getting it though and got all politicians can be a in a bag onset fit and gunners, tortuga, it could come late. so you got a day thought i had bill. got they got me did election. i get let's see. to will da, did i give out a day? it's clear could yet they expose cadillac they was him. would demit a michael, him name won't have an idea found he lives in the guy. look at bonham. 40 police investigators say the members of local hot line, hindu nationalist group were behind the motor. and that street, those parents had paid in $6700.00 to get our boss out of her life. so we are here at the big alcord complex and we have to see if we can interview
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with the president of the sheet. i'm seeing. i understand now that's the hindu, right. being organizational members, i've been accused and arrested by the police related to the school. so he's gonna try and see if we can ask him a few questions. i know a little bit a little bit with what i've got about these. com. thank you so much. we'll for you see you got this. this is alyssa supplemental violence case manager that i have what i bought a medical we what i cabinet bought. sorry, a sienna, a notorious for targeting religious minority, adequately into the optical. whatever given interface is he loves you happy case manager, but i, i think my eyes have go to enable up. my nice, how will i let a plea? mob from i did my father double homeless with me. oh, he's out of here. it's on a but i thought that a glad you got the renewal at mobile phone and i will not be back. did i that he
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gonna cut off on the why? who stole it off when i saw him look, he get some idea. but again, if we still up for him, some ladies got a while like he's new and i don't know when i was on a minute. give me a leg. oh my god. when i've given you, he got off the the data. yeah, i got up. i might have 5 iowa on what i yeah. jamante lee, i'm on. i'm on a monitor. yeah. so i'll pull. i was hopefully it will up. i bought my to buy a humble i on i will not me but this easy as he gives it a quality it was let. okay, got it. got here. he get. this will actually go over data where yogurt vanity is here, while i was up with what i have on my, what about an able to wrap my middle, my little boy on my money. what's involved with people with what happens with yamaha rama condo, scott, maybe the leader of a fringe hindu group. but his views on interface relationships are locally shared by some of the most powerful men in india. men like you'll hear that they're not the bgp chief minister of india's most populous state with their probation and 7
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widely tipped as a future prime minister of the country. and i feel i think in others repeatedly said that so call love you. hug is a major threat to indian. induce we contacted his office for comment, but he did not respond to our questions. i'm at the thought, but i he loved the hot, there's a club and but if i do say what buddy do what? i skip the chip. a barbara ross. dear girl, i love to help you. number is mit package bullshit. we go by, look up offer and what was the thought of it on the stomach? grandma was delightful, but i'm not got dinner. i think dinner is a key example of how divisive islam of phobic, conspiracies like love jihad had been used for political game. his right has made with the british the epicenter of vigilante action in so called love to hug cases. we've come to the city of sancho to visit a special training campaign. run by the budge on a hinder youth organization with links to india's ruling party. the b j p
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o. 7 in response to questions from one to one east, the national vice president of the pgp by joint ponder. he said the party was inclusive and had no problems with into faith marriages per se. but also said that many mostly men would deceptively marrying in the women. his claims were amplified by couple of mordor who, that a, who runs this by jungle camp by a line. not graphical err, mr. line. i've got all a exactly kevin with jack. yes. okay. got it. yes. big yes. code this egg. august m m a diskin with a lovely. how did you go to my obvious when them out of you will be didn't put it the didn't say nothing. he loves the odd naked. nobody has hurt him to head the door job patch off. but guess in the stand, almost luminous when i had him do not give way up and i put him down for soccer. what only decided he got on say he does. that's coming up on the upper chip. i got organisms and no one ever called me is caliah. hm. but it'll be like
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a cardiac of thought so much. we'll talk about it. what affiliate one him sooner to go as he got there, he ought them to accept it. on the head of the article and i want some good java to put up there. but it is emily, the him will dedicate this be a little who that we've had eager to think was easy. but up, because this is shelby snack you up and down with that. yeah. we're gonna do it. if you will, up us may push it. isabella comes in there to live on the liver label. job anymore. did you 7 go to the muslim level. get us had to go to the other bullets outside of all the scope about something up there could be a little bit different. i think it was seamless from one of the i got that. i think women as baby making machines, objects of conquest to be monitored and controlled. are good if love jihad sounds extremely patriarchal. well, that's because it is. love the other half a bottle rocket. get the booster assembled. i had another guy out. bo mccullough, what am i that would be love, america or somebody can them to contact our body. we are the up watching. got up
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the air. god body, mom and dad. you all got at the air club, muddy. my a liar, gym my got the air clobber. 71, begin the sub dylan. again. they got the air in 7th. hello hon. good lot of all of us get out there yet. your loved the are the back that board the board, us for the and yet go back the other. i scott, some someone will cut out on a guy us have you go pathology. you who to have you. so kinda muslim elected melissa could the ne, but owl wall of, of that, he got $72.00. he's a yoga cabinet, is it? he's or you'll get 56 is order in dog a get than it is her or the yellow. you're not above odd to just in the buck road in the what ask look at them can actually it, he had a board but offered in the disconnect. kodachi of, according to the latest census hindus make up almost 80 percent of india's
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population and only 14 percent of indian muslims. inter religious marriages are extremely rare. 99 percent of indian wid within their faith or the little the aggregate is other than what they tell me that they didn't get an idea of what it meant to come with. what he was going to say would you like to be a little bit more than a monitor with you about them? i think if you need to just sit, i'm going to get documented about the motivators i'm about a month ago. but you know, if i want you to do the job well, you probably want to tell me what this is. this regard with this young model and what was going on with it. but it is how much somebody take
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a look and we are sorry that i make. i don't get some you can just i live on the 1st one in order to better understand the origins of so called love jihad, we had to care to meet mohammed. so he found of independent youth outlet to use thing it as a threat to community harmony. so he'll in his organization have been tracking the evolution of the conspiracy for more than a decade. push for them or not in the summer that anything to do with it. until it over to the other one, the political will not for them will do up as a monday to carry that on the line for them we're going to do news has reported on how the 1st rumors of so called love, she had appeared on hindu nationalist website and within popularized by mainstream media. they've also reported that most alleged cases of love, she had, were actually consensual interface relationships. now the hardware and the fact factor in finding a well, at an article sir, ah, well, i have been named, are you still signing? look up the number of
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a theory in the day and the good of an anomaly factor can read your sample on the la moda. been don't hardly even to put it in and they follow the direct some later . not has the saudi over. you hadn't been there, but i would gladly either either with you. i need, i need help me. so he says that hindu nationalist parties like the b to p, have consistently struggled to make a political impact in care law. which has made the state a laboratory for them to test out divisive political strategies. let the dead ashley able for conduct that they came sango video mckyrie bit on her lap with a step by it down and loads had issues for now. the current amount of them actually hearing a little collab on the lake a couple going to do, but the lake, a laundry. shing liquidity. i know near melinda, co animal care left, coming originally, the bugger from doug. what he killed care local and them started it noted that day or put them in that are in the late father nominee today. moly, gov or gushing latoya heineken that nemo might be the guy cl number come. bishop hero states across india have enacted new anti conversion legislation or the last
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couple of years, which the party claims it is doing to protect women against fraudulent conversions . the state which is most rigorously enforcing this new legislation is with the probation. a strict anti conversion law was passed here in 2020. although the state claims it is not meant to target any community in particular, the numbers speak for themselves of $86.00 people charged under the law is 1st month 79 when muslims, human rights lawyer must have commands as a law follows a pattern of legalized discrimination against muslims in at the probation accusation that the beach repeat denies. are the other audio, donna's hype, saudi was limited. again, i think it does it logos in the old little j laguna yada. when it arrives, you a better go up ceiling in lieu of a year that it has had the other the are, those are love java audio player with ada pulled up or cited them level
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a be a political did live in logan or some of us go someone go there almost was whatever, quote another i guess, i guess. all right, a piece of us and i guess a gather 9 of year m. s observed for much roof. it means fighting for his communities right in court. today. he's meeting a client from a pivotal case. jackie's possibly the youngest person to be charged under the converse law. his family say he was 16, but he was arrested and sent to jail for 6 months without trial. okay, please say he was trying to up duct and convert a look of major, getting me evicted to start giving the heads up. and i'm so that is look you up nice with the fact that i see a new plan was to show up, but i gotta get a,
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get them around. he goes to the shock. it denies the allegations that i and the smell, those that are the colors that i know by the end of them, that if you can make them feel if you think them to the what know what to plan with medical that the to do. and then again, he gave medicaid which i came to lead a tour with with any of them in a i'm sick again agenda, but they then got to learn. he grew up on good. can they got that many of the men
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fed up with my new on the leg up when you suddenly need name and login with a game, maybe without going by phone anymore. my me. but it's that with a little that had done that a good a i don't see them in the night and she's like, i mean with never long distance, which is in the next that in just to let him in the source anything. he said, and the
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shock give was jailed despite the girl clearly stating to local media that she didn't know and that he made no attempt to change religion. the technical t if convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison. his mother shonda says the family is devastated by the accusation of somebody. my hon. get off them on at the moment. let's get that done. they get the stamp collected the money. put the put us on the not because i read a couple of them on the shockey minister, trouble 5 hours to attend monthly quote,
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sessions or his bail could get cancelled as an apprentice. well, they're working in another state. he was just $65.00 a month and the trial is crippling him from the to date after i was awaiting the other side, once again failed to show up. even if shockey is cleared, it could take him years to be acquitted level for many poor people navigating india's legal system. sometimes the process itself is the punishment. yes. all right. he met jasmine for his magazine that i used to deal with it. so the liberty was i wouldn't use it for today. you can please probably attend lilia. yup. as it was me them out with the rid of you get a little we got a new policy about the game strongly if i were to leave me here. melissa. megan was just, it's been us on the camel,
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isn't the only one fighting back to home. and some of the news i'm getting up here and show me an interface couple from care law who have become activist against so called subject a couple face harassment from international trolls after their names are posted on a carolyn government website. their activism led to the government, scrapping its policy of publishing names of into faith merge applicants online. basically might be the best for me to do. it's not as easy for most of the company who i get didn't feel right because that is, that is a dog. so if i do show this also, it's not just if i did but you know, most of the debate and then says, i want to make sure mean chosen married to the special marriages act, which allows into faith couples in india to read without changing their religion. but the act has controversial provisions. couples need approval from marriage officers and they must wait at least 30 days to get it. during this time,
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the names are publicly displayed, making them potential targets at the ranch means names and addresses, but published on social media. and they will put on so called love to hard list circulated on what they have basically said that all women are night, no one can you debris, they can be, you feel manipulated and they can be brainwashed. this is a very the, and that's really all right because, you know, you called your life i so as a go as a growing up girl. and as a woman, you are constantly living in a very extremely patriarchal society, which is always having a baby miss. lindsey, really looking at your group right click so and you've constantly fought on this. you know, you're fighting, you're fighting and you've gotten somewhere. and again, when you are the, you want to decide who your partner for life should be. again, they have if you think that nor you have noise and because you can't, you don't,
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you are not intelligent enough to make the choice. let us speak the operator and you decide it's not only by the way also posted about what happened to you, and that is why you're using our applications be be able to intimidate and in to feel a lot of interface. couple who might have wanted to go through this process, which was the only the few. yeah. that, that feel right. and that is why we decided that, ok, this has to stop because maybe part the acknowledging privileges one. but what do we do with the privilege that we have? because right, we wrote about it and hon minister brought a change, but we don't want to stop there because it's not just the problem of, you know, having these applications on a digital space. it's about the act in itself and how it basically infringes into freedom of maximal ellens. which is why you filed a petition in the supreme court to amend the special matter act. then you don't have the 30 day close in any other matters. act. why only fighting the faith
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company, if successful us petition could have a radical impact on the fate of hundreds or even thousands of inter faith couples across india. currently, in order to get married, many of them have to run away from home and go into hiding. they must wait months for the marriage applications to be approved. this young couple is one of them. they've just arrived in new delhi after running away from their homes and carola, in this case, it's the boy who is hindu and the good muslim court. but given the widespread opposition to interface marriage amongst both communities, they still face a threat to their lights, very low, seen so it was 70 years. and you late to continue is forever. then we have to take such a risk and is your day situation when the girls parents found out about the relationship,
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they tried to possibly marry her to another man. i am after they met com. they normally be on me when they come with the people to try to help him because he's from and so me game safer place. you think it is 5 of them and i do have currently hiding in the offices of done on a daily basis. and geo that supports interface couples on the juice. special marriage act, since they respect each other, each other's culture, celebrations, and every whole thing. slake grand guitar has picked each other so he won't come out of it for, for the purpose of marriage. so we chose,
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she mentioned i, the couple will need to be in delhi for at least 2 months. it's too risky for them to stay in this office so they will soon be moved to secure government safehouse. i civic pals that founder is now campaigning for the establishment of safe houses for such couples across india. he wants the young lovers from care law to help with the campaign. you have done a civil marriage. is it correct or incorrect? yeah, you feel correct if we can. why there is a hesitation that what we have done and we're talking about it is wrong. it should be removed if you're, if you're thing that it is not only limited to us, this message should also go to do not to the couple is to also to the society and those people who are stopping such kind of relationship it can be only possible
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if we talk about it, it's like we tell our story in our words. and those people who are, again said, should this constitution of india, the constitutional rights given in india, rather than making a religious respect the decision taken by a female and female educated women. that is the message a message that is often drowned out by deceptive and dangerous conspiracy, theories like love jihad, this brave young couple though are antidote to the hate and division as they fight for their right to choose their life. partner prove that india is different communities can be united by the
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ah ah ah ah, education is the beacon that likes the future of any society, but for those who live in abandoned places, getting an education takes inspiration and determination with head to live in the
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remote areas don't have electricity, tv, or computers too short films show how a love of learning finds a way ha, select on al jazeera. ah, is i 600 hours g m t here on al jazeera camels, santa maria? these are the headlights, the united arab emirates says it is intercepted a missile fired by hurty rebels, and it's launched to strike in yemen in response. the attack is the 3rd in recent weeks, or from mohammed al, apart in santa. now we are witnessing another cycle alliance between the whole fees from one side and also the solid caution. the thesis boost persons, especially army spokesperson or send a message or a statement about.


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