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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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church is an institution with dwindling relevance in their lives, of faith in freefall. here in poland, jonah whole al jazeera war, so raphael nador has made tennis history. he beat danny met with f in an epic, australia open final to claim a record breaking. 21st grand slam title in a match the last more than 5 hours. the spank stage. the stunning come back. after losing the 2 opening sent to beat his russian opponent. this is miss l 2nd. title, the melbourne. after his victory there in 2009 ah, 1730 gmc, you top story so far today here on al jazeera to northern islands where people today marking the 50th anniversary of the bloody sunday killings when 14 anom protesters were shot dead by british soldiers. it was one of the darkest moments of
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what became known as the troubles. families of those killed gathered for a memorial service and the walk of remembrance through the city where the killings took place. there is a long road ahead and many more hills to plain, but let's not allow any of that to hold us back from doing what in our hearts we knew needs to be done. clothes with the same spirit that sustained the bloody sunday families across 50 years. we will little by little succeed in lifting our city to greater heights of hope and that my friends will be testament to the struggles of those who have gone before and the legacy for those who will come after voting is underway in portugal. snap election with no party expected to win an outright majority. the ballot was called by the socialist government after its coalition partners, switch sides and blocked spending. bill political tourism dependent economy has
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been badly hit by the corona virus pandemic. the next prime minister will be responsible for managing a $50000000000.00 e you recovery package. north korea has testified what's thought to be as longest range missile since 2017. so i was curious military since the intermediate range ballistic missile was launched from gigantic province sundays launch with young young's 7th this month. the us in japan say north korea violated resolutions as laid down at the un incident. one protested was killed to day during demonstrations against the military and the capital cartoon. demonstrators had been rallying the 3 months since the military takeover. security forces 5 t a guess and rubber bullets, while processors were heading for the presidential palace. those are your headlines . the news continues here on al jazeera, after inside story. i will see you very soon until then. ah,
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a fracture at the hertz, a french fall white politics, marilla pen tells party members. they are free to leave. after bitter personal rivalries burst back into the open, could it give momentum to an even more radical candidate ahead of elections? this is inside story. ah, ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm danny navigator in doha party defections and family and fighting or threatening one of the most recognizable faces in french for right politics. marilla pan has told
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supporters to quit. now if they want. after 2 you parliament politicians left the national rally movement. and now her niece, who's popular among right winger, says le pans rival eric some more. it would make a better presidential candidates. the parent and a more are battling it out to face the current president to manual my call was expected to run again in april election to proceed, aclu ongoing. i think once again, we can switch sides, but should be done now because we have 70 days remaining b for a major event for the future. and having people who pretend to behave while they haul is elsewhere is that it is a total lack of dignity and respect. was all our supporters who are fighting with all their conviction with heart, with courage, but also towards all our voted to whom we should have an attitude of loyalty. more family feuds are nothing new in the pan dynasty marine has cost with her father, john marie since 2011. when she took control of what was then called the national
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front. 4 years later she threw him out of the party. he co founded after he repeated false and inflammatory comments about the holocaust. in 2017 marina pan was decisively beaten by him. anyway, my call and they run off presidential vote. and since then hardliners and her party believe she's drifted too far towards the mainstream. and they prefer air exam more . this month he was finds more than $11000.00 for hate speech over remarks he made about young migrants. ah, let's, i'll bring in our guest. joining us from paris is missy reagan. if his associate ologist and professor at the university of paris 8th and brussels, peter clipped a editor of brussels report you and from saint malo and northwestern france we are jack ra long. who's a senior research fellow at the global policy institute. welcome to the inside story. thanks so much for joining jack alone. how big a political blow is it for marina pen when her niece,
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mario says that the far right rifle erickson more is a better candidate describing her and lacking logic on vision. yeah, it's a big blow to nathan. definitely because it shows that many people seemed at marina then as no chance of winning the selection. and because as 1st, 1st time she has been a candidate that she has no future. and already we can see that some of the senior members, not many at the moment, but many are thinking not, not media declare themselves are moving towards 0, think ease a better prospect for the future. because when he bore on the far right, i've integrated the fact that they will not with the selection and that my comb or is probably going to read it. and after that is time, it will be, it will need to toronto recon position of debris,
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good landscape after that add day, want to position themselves in order to create a big fall right party, including members of the foreigners, tional and dirt re conquests. movement of it exam, who and you can think even that they can see and then next, but then she'll need her next candidate in 2027 her that they're thinking of money or money. shandra bend is she's a galler for already started. we can field at dirt plates are movie and that sir, they're thinking more different are game is up for the selection and your thinking more of what after. okay, let's put some of these thoughts to peter over in brussels. so do you agree that the path is losing, sorry for voter base to other candidates? like as i move, i mean the latest pulling that i've seen at least is that as a more, as pulling right now at 11 and a half percent. well absolutely,
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and he has been falling a higher before. the thing is he still has not officially declared. he still needs to secure the support of $500.00 mirrors, the signatures actually, and that's still taking a bit. he's confident he will get them. i'm not sure how certain that is, but that's an important factor. now i think the big difference between le pen and some moore is mostly actually on the economics. a pen has managed to convince the all the left wing electrodes, for example, in the what they called the rust belts in the north of france, in bed, for example. whereas moore is somebody who is more popular among the center rights whose economic discourse is more in favor of free market policy is not always, he can be protectionist as well. he's french, after all, but i think that's a big difference and,
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and that's also the reason why some people believe that he has a better chance done then le pen, because they think he's able to also reach out to some center, right, voters. so if it would be a run of 2 more crow, i don't think he's completely without a chance actually because of that. okay, now sarah, over to you, i mean this in fighting within a marina pans party is, is nothing really new, as we've been saying. but how does that impact her chances in the upcoming election? well, 1st of all, i would like to maybe refrain the conversation we are having. we're not so much talking about, you know, the business. as usual. there are elections in france. we are speaking of the over common sasha isn't in front, which is much more and you're absolutely right and that is, or that is what we are going to get into. but 1st i just wanted to get your take on how this impacts the election. so i think that doesn't
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really impact what it in fact is the future of my knowledge. i live in. i think she's already playing the next game, which is 2027. and this is what i told to your journalist when we spoke. and because of that, she knows that she'd better play the sim card done her own scar because our home doesn't have much of a chance to, to get to the 2nd round. ok, and now onto your important point that you raised and that is the rise of far right parties in france. an era how strong is in front is the right wing political movement. i think it has always been, and it's about time that we stop calling them extreme right or far right. it's a fashion that never really disappeared from the french political scene. it was there as a stronger that war since the,
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the end of the 19th century. and how come back through the loop. and father urge will not open an interesting me since then 984 since he started to win elections. there was this way of promising his position, his presence by non mentioning that his this has to do with a long history of fascism in france. so what, so concerning right now is the fact that this has become completely accepted, completely accommodated in the, in the french political spectrum. and nobody really wants to measure and to weigh the real influence and the rain danger that this and tails for the french society in the decades to con jack or law, a 3rd of the electorate are saying that they are planning to vote for a far right candidate, how do you explain the rise of the far right and what do you put it down to might
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be coming from quite a while. now sir, i said to come back. now. the come back is, as has been there already, even before her are you and her far i'd say are nearly with mine le pena to close to 20 percent. and that within the republicans there was a very strong, a strong brand or so. oh, are free obsessions? you know, is security immigration and he's some distract, has been present into a government right among deliver bigger. i lighted by someone in x u t will, can 2nd devote to desire to choose the candidate beander b i and are valuable because so dis, hard, right? brand close to the far right to the national front, as been there for many years. don't forget that the campaign of sherlock in 2002
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was based on that. and that's how, that's why that's what brought to depend to the 2nd round mystery of re one surprise that image it just spun. so this thing is debt. and that's why what's happening at the moment is quite interesting. if or if my call was to win or do next election is seems to be in a fairly good position, but it's a dot. now we have to wait 7 days for the 1st run then door, right? we'll have to ask directly, good, could be in be pro and could explode because we can see at the moment, within the republican movement, you have 2 brands. and one is quite tempted to ally with the far, wide, with people exec will. and melinda bent up to now, this been what it called, according to sunny day, the senator record, a war between the 2. but now we think that this war is becoming or is,
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is becoming filler and fina, and that many people and us, why da 0 project is there 0 in this, be diggs does a dog by the and so much as a real composition of da, right? he was to her kind of shapeless, right? which includes people from his cap and from out of bed. and many people are coming from the right of the republican party. so that's what is at stake at the moment. the future of the right and could we have a bigger fusion between many republicans and the right. why the soft republicans would probably be tempted to go more towards michael. so is the continuation of the, the car, the wrecking border. my co, roche in 2017, is already smashed de left, smashed a writing part, but it is of progress. it is
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a process which is a carrying on and which puts an end to what we've known it a fit for a public good left, right, divide right. could now lead to more a saw right. okay. center, right, seater, that heaters you take on this and specifically on someone like air exam moore, who as you are very well aware, described by some as, as the donald trump or a france. i mean, is it that his ideas appeal to a part of the electorate, peter, or are people then fed up with the status quo? well, i do think he's innovative in the sense that he has a different take compared to marrying the pin. first of all, a very important thing about the mood is that he's an immigrant himself. he's a jewish immigrant from algeria who is you could say perfectly assimilated in france. and i think this is important to understand his program because what he's
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really keen for is to tackle this kind of parallel societies that you have not only in france, but in many, many european countries. and i think that that's a problem, that many people from the left to the right recognize as, as an issue. now, the solution for that, according to the more, is let's say, the traditional approach of the french state, which you could argue in some respects is quite a to retiree. and i think it's too easy to brand us as fascist. it's, it's not a precise label. i think he makes some, some good points also from a civil rights perspective. for example, he wants to strengthen the property rights of people that are the victim of squatters. but indeed in some respects, you could argue that he goes too far. for example, he has previously how you made with my radical comments peter?
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yes. so for example, an example that's often cited is that he, once it's to be illegal to give your child a name that is not on an approved list 1st name. so he would allow people to keep their surname to refer to, to be able to refer to their routes, but to adopt to force them to adopt a french name of french 1st name in order to stimulate assimilation. now, i mean, i think you can put very big question marks with that proposal, even if that was already law in france before until the early ninety's and even and in some other countries you have similar regulations so. so that's, that's indeed i think, problematic. i think he has this typical deep belief in the power of the states to promote things like assimilation, which i think is a goal that many people agree with. but that's, it's perhaps naive to think that with the, the power of the state,
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you can achieve that. i mean, the reason for the lack of integration off of migrants, not only in france, but in many european societies. mean, did this go much, this goes much more deep than right? or simply the lack of, of state action as you morris, at least. let me, let me just bring an a seat or because a 0 excuse me. i did see you shaking your head as peter is speaking, go ahead. i can really disapprove with everything that has been said and actually lies very good example of how i can the day things more into the field of politics is being done just before i spoke. i mean, saying that, you know, he's having this quite acceptable proposals and that this is not fascism. of course, it is. and fashion that has been elected time. and again, not only in the us a few years ago, but also in germany and elsewhere. so how can you say this is not ashes? and the fact that he would say that muslims is not any random 1st names that are
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supposed to be banned from france is muslin 1st name. so the fact that he, he's not an immigrant, by the way. if i may just suggest that he was part of the root patch, radiation of french jews from algeria at the end of the julian war for independence and in an anti colonial war. so it is more knows exactly what it means to have a christian 1st name because this was imposed on his community the jews so that they can be assimilated to the anti symmetric european frame. so i mean, you know the squad strange that you would just say that he's are in good ideas right here and 0. i mean, i'll just put the ending, excuse me, just let me finish because these 2 men have spoken very long sir. ok, ok, go ahead. go ahead. so. so, so yes, please. so what i want to say is that the move is bending the reality to resume
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post 1st and to zone goals. he is not trying to be constructive in, in, in way in a society that is multicultural, which he refuses to estimate, which is also very open to good through many different kind of religions and, and experiences and culture. and this is working much better than you would think, but allow me much. ok, we've heard you allow me. just allow me for a moment. let me put this to you. i mean, let's just, if we just don't focus on some more, but focus in fact on a lot of the candidates who have promised to take tough lines on immigration and security in front, this is according to an ip. so school majority of people say they don't feel at home like they used to 62 percent. there are too many immigrants, 64 percent of people felt like, and there is a need for a strong leader to re establish law and order and a sera. so this is the general feeling amongst some people who have been pulled in
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france. yes, that's interesting. that they would want to, to appeal to a more order society in the past years. most of the disorder that has happened during the mandate and the term of emmanuel mac, who were due to reforms that are neil liberal such as the reforms for changes for retirement and the yellow vast. these are not immigrants that were on the street fighting for their rights, and this is where the, the state has a strong, very hard on them in order to get to prevent them from expressing their rights. so if this is disorder, then it's disorder that is being brought by new liberalism and not by immigration. ok. so if they are against immigration, this is a general trend in europe. it's not, it's not specific to french people. and this is something that is being opposed by
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all international organizations, such as the united nations, the european tribune, all for right. everybody is asking why friends is acting so harshly on immigrants. so now they're, there. we are at the crossroads in order to understand whether friends becomes this more and more racist. and some i see in the exception is about or if we're are to move to a more open society. ok when it comes to a new election. thank you for bringing up your because let me put that to peter peter. if we look at the possible scenarios going forward and let's say of course, president micro himself hasn't announces official candidacy, but should he win a 2nd term when it comes to france's relations with the e u. what we see under a micro presidency more if the same oh, well, yeah. so if micron gets selected,
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he's of course let's say the most pre repeating of all the candidates. i think he's gonna try to consolidate some of the initiatives that have happened under his watch . for example, the recovery funds so more, more centralization of power. maybe he's going to try to have a pen european election law with european election lists. if for the mood or le pen would be elected, then it would be different. but i think in both cases, they have already, at least in the case of le pen, dramatically watered down and used to be against the euro. she has no longer defacto mood has also made clear as far as i could figure out because it's still early days to know what the exact exactly once he has sort of pledged not to to deal too much with the use so. so even with the more i think, yeah, he would definitely block more centralization of power at the level. but i don't
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think he's going to focus all that much on the you. he's going to focus his efforts and policies domestically on the issue of, of integration of migrants, which is not, which is his number one. ok, political political issue is accurate are in your opinion, if you look at an air exam, more presidency, for example, i mean, just add on what to peter was saying, he said that he will not advocate for facts it. he'll try to renegotiate the sang an agreement, but if necessary, he says he'll withdraw from the european commission convention. excuse me, on human rights. that's according to reports. i mean, is this something that's going to appeal to voters? and yes, we're here to room and see should bridge zip, who will not be the next president of france? no, we the marine robin. that is a fact. i can tell you now that they have no chance whatsoever. the only one was a chance of beating for emanuel michael is really big. chris ok, and that
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a chris is doing a balancing act between c o t, an appealing or saw making a school speech about you migration. the sam insecurity says helen, as high as marina pan. right now, they look at since polling as high as marine la pen right now. yeah. no big deal. now for the selection, what about just is who is going to come? second after michael mccaul will come 1st. the 1st from now the game is about will gums single. will it be married? zamora will not come single, continue that. so now the game is between my la bed and that olympic okay. it's in the interest of mary, of a very because that is a move pours as high as possible because it will take voters of mary le pen, which is not actually quite a case open. melinda been, is fairly stable at about her age, 18 percent,
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with very big reza 16 and her off. so ok, let me just bring unless they are for a final word because we've run out of time to see right. a final word to you. are you optimistic about the future of french politics? no, i'm not really optimistic, especially if we can, if we can, are accommodating the reality of racism that are leading the ideas. and the, and the agenda is our petitions in france. i think we are in a very bad shape and probably for not only the selection, but if it moves on to the far right and to the fascist ideas there can be accommodated, then it might be also be a very hard time in 2027. okay. i'll leave it there. thank you so much for joining us. no sir. again f o peter cliff as jacqueline, we thank you for your time. thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion. you can go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story to join
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the conversation on twitter, or handle as a j inside story for myself in the whole thing here in del how, thanks for watching and bye bye for know. ah, ah, for quite a few decades casa, has been dealing with political and economic turmoil. and its people struggled to access essential needs, like adequate quantities of potable water, a sufficient number of beds for pregnant mothers,
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and limited access to up to date information for students. and in the huzzah, the ground water is not sufficient to meet the daily needs of all of its residents . this led to the development of the new water treatment facility in han, eunice slowing down further pollution. the extension of, as if, as medical facilities was accomplished to provide expectant mothers with a safe and reliable opportunity to get the care they needed. the kuwait library at the university college of science and technology is not only a repository of knowledge but an access point to the world. beyond the karone of iris has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins.
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