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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm AST

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storage sees rules, sir. now flying haitians back home. there is no president, crime as high students can't go to school, there is no work. the economy is down. people can't put up with that. deportation is not good for us. ah. 50 years on off the bloody sunday, northern ireland remembers one of its darkest moments as victims still search for answers. if fuller, i still miss my father. i wish i had a foller through all my upbringing. ah, hello, i sammy's a them, this is out is they are alive from dell also coming up heights intentions on the
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korean peninsula, young ang tests, what appears to be its most powerful missiles since 2017 voters go to the polls in portugal, snap collection but the spittle optimism for a clear winner al jazeera gets rare access to separatist controlled, eastern new crime with the scholars of war. still fresh used to live in this neighbourhood, a true afraid to return because of the sporadic shilling. and now increasing phase of a potential renewed conflict. ah, now i know that island people ahmad king, the 50th anniversary of the bloody sunday killings when british soldiers shot dead 14 unarmed protesters. ah,
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oh, it was one of the darkest moments of what became known as the trouble. the secretary and conflict lasted more than 30 years. families of those killed have been gathering for a memorial service and the walk of remembrance through the city where the killings happened. there is a long road ahead and many more hills to play, but let's not allow any of that to hold us back from doing what in our hearts we knew needs to be done clueless with the same spirit that sustained the bloody sunday families across 50 years. we will little by little succeed in lifting our city to greater heights of hope and that my friends will be testament to the struggles of those have gone before and the legacy for those who will come after 100 chappelle has more now you this photograph was taken back,
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it's been 50 years since kate last saw her brothers from his guitar to music on the radio, sorta at the age of 19 william was killed by the british army. his death became part of the cover up by the british government. that absolute left should never have happened. and, and even at that, i should have been dealt with a long, long time ago. at shouldn't have been covered up. well, always muslim. always muslim. the on january 30th, 1972 british paratroopers open fire normal civil rights demonstrators. they were protesting against internment without trial and discrimination against catholics. the minority community who wanted northern ireland, out of the u. k. and for unity with the rest of ireland, dennis, bradley witnessed it all unfold. i remember standing here ideally in the young, a group of people's coming was a body carrying a body,
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running towards that. and seeing that a young, a young man was very badly injured. the victims, 7 of them, teenagers, were branded terror kates, to expose the army cover and for the families to receive an apology from the u. k. prime minister, david cameron in 2010 the violence that day led to a surgeon recruits to the provisional irish which fought in arms campaign against british troops and police trying to force the u. k. to abandon its control of northern ireland. the conflict known as the troubles continued for more than 30 years of sectarian violence. also involving pro british loyalists paramilitary organizations were then 3500 people died and thousands were injured and estimated 10000 bombings were carried out. but none of the 18 former paratroopers who carried out the bloody sunday killings as to trial the family say they will never give up.
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and the fight to justice and accountability were the people who took up the muscle . and one of the people who expose the british army and the british government for what they related blood is something, not their version. and it's very important that we will keep the school now until the next generation of grandchildren will keep this on. however, we'll keep the story like 50 years on the families are still waiting for answers and a day in court. and to chappelle al jazeera tony dr. his father was killed in bloody sunday. tony is now the chairman of the bloody sunday trust. i spoke to him earlier and he began by explaining how british power troop has targeted civil rights marches that day. they could clearly see if they weren't armed and might be the shops because they were because they were because they were, they were ellison civilians. the british army murdered 13 people in the space of around 20 minutes with the physical constraint other
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200 square yards. so the place where i'm sitting in the museum of free dairy, which is belt, adjacent to the face of somebody which was currently bar of 20 miles on this day 50 years ago. in the space of a few minutes and 200 yards. i think your whole life must have changed upside down . right? yeah. my knees. so stopped in many ways. i was rather father. i still must my father. i wish i had a father through all my upbringing recently itself was a water shift in the, in the psyche, a few months of the people of the city of the old. and that's for many people after
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billy sunday and after the ladies that were told to show the dead decided that people, methods are and i give it a metal indicator, members of the irish public army. and the days, weeks, years after sunday. and i like what, how was it society, we meet the terrible, what happened because the conflict which was only, and just station sort of periods even up to up to the end of a few $71.00, became worse exacerbated. and i would say to hundreds of thousands of people lost their life because of sunday. can you heal without their being accountability? no. shall they is a matter of unfinished business. no soldier has been convicted according to
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what the doctor. so they are the individual killing that took place update. so justice, and many respects remains to be don't legal just as a criminal justice, a certainly something which hadn't happened and inspect my father's if or the dance of the, our man. it's clear that this data story of going to show the end over north korea has 5, what appears to be the most powerful mythos and 2017 south korea is military says the intermediate range, ballistic missile was launched from cha gang province and landed outside japan's exclusive economic zone in the sea of japan, japan and south korea tracking the missile as it reached an altitude of 2000 kilometers. it took about half an hour to travel from 800 kilometers. is the 7th
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launch this month and appears to be the most powerful miss el tested since 2017 most soon after the launch south korea is lead and when j and held an emergency national security council meeting, he says, showing young is coming close to destroying a self imposed moratorium on this all tests souls, ally washington is urging north korea to refrain from such provocations and engage in talks. japan has condemned the launch, then it says it violates the un security council resolutions that's on the knees. it's unacceptable that north korea is significant advancement of its missile technology is posing a threat for the peace and safety of japan and the region. the consecutive missile tests are also great threats to the international community. voting is on the way in portugal snap general election with no party expected to win an outright majority. the ballot was cold by the socialist government after its coalition
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partners switch sides and blocked spending. bill portugal tourism dependent economy has been badly hit by the pandemic. the next prime minister will be responsible for managing a $50000000000.00 you recovery package, either reiney reports from lisbon, green grocer, pedro gomez says his business, one of small margins has gotten even tougher the past 2 years. right now, businesses are being strangled by higher taxes more than ever. and it's been hard to cope with that. and ever since cove it had, it's been crisis over crisis. and for small businesses, that's, that's heel. and really hard to deal with. bouncing back from the pandemic is the top concern for many voters? prime minister antonio costa over saw one of the most successful vaccination campaigns in europe. and the government has helped to bring unemployment down to
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prepare demik levels. post so cost a socialist holding a slight edge of the social democrats. few voters though are fired up. he said it made me pretty. i don't have a lot of hope in the election. i'm still not sure which party to support. maybe it's better if we have a correlation. when voters go to the polls here on sunday, they could end up electing a new government, whether it be on the left or the right that further polarizes portuguese politics rather than bringing parties to the center. that's how political scientist, antonio cost a pinto, sees it. the 2 major parties will face basically the same type of challenges. if the socialist, when they will have problems and negotiated with their left, the communist and the left are in the block. if the social democrats wins, they will have problems in negotiate with agreement with the radical right tween hawkins is a party expected to make games on sunday could be shaker. a far right wing party
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form just 3 years ago. currently holding just one seat, a could win as many as it doesn't, according to polls. call adam raimie is at the polling station in listen, joins us live from there. so does it look like the country going to get a clear women now and pretty? government doesn't seem so, sammy, everyone we've been speaking to says they think they're going to have this kind of middle of the road results. of course, we're only halfway through the voting day and we can see a steady stream, perhaps slower, right? now that's pulling station because it's the end of lunch time here in portugal. but the story kind of summed it up, you have people saying they want change, they want people to work together. but of course, a lot of what we're here from voters shows that there's supporting one of these major parties again. the shaker party, which we mentioned in this story then our report is really watching this closely because this is a radical right wing party that we haven't seen since the 1974. we term democracy
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till 2019 at just hadn't happened to here in portugal to see such an anti immigrant right wing party take shape and hold seats in parliament. they only have one right now, but coming out of this race, they could be the most excited of all the parties because they may be the 3rd place finish. and this election that polls are correct, that will give them about a dozen seats, and that would be a big deal. unfortunately, politics, you might see them being a king, maker of sorts, and decide the shape of this next government that will start to get to work immediately. all right, thanks so much. adam raimie said i had an al jazeera, a crisis within a crisis. why aid agencies say that humanitarian situation in yemen is likely to get worse and perused. government says an oil spill off its coast, has been significantly underestimated. ah,
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ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello there we got sways of sunshine for much of south asia in the days to come. it's looking rather fine and dry. picking up in northern areas of india, a little bit of cloud popping off there and coastal areas of pakistan, but largely quiet lots the sunshine if you showers tickling into coastal areas in the southeast and shall lanka will see some of the heaviest rainfall in southern areas but it dries up nicely by the time we get into choose day, we've got some fog watches out for the north east. a few smog and fog issues for new delhi, but we're seeing the temperature pick up to the mid twenties. by the time we'll get into wednesday, it's cooler in northern areas of pakistan and we're seeing a bit of a winter we mixed below into mountainous areas in napoleon days to come. now as we move to east asia, it's been rather quiet for much of northern areas of china,
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but we've got a wintery mix glowing across into the korean peninsula. it's going to get wet in the south with rain in hong kong for much of the week. and these are gonna change in, so we'll have some snow blowing in by tuesday. so as well for large areas of japan up in the north. if we have a look at the 3 day for so it's gonna knock the temperature down that snow on tuesday. by the time we get to when say they'll be sunshine temperature coming in at one degree. lou weather sponsored by katara always dictatorships to democracies. activists to corporations, control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want you to hear. we care about the environment you do to usually buy our oil plead for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. the listening post examined the vested interest behind the content you consume on al jazeera
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lu . ah, walk back, you're watching al jazeera time. to recap our headlines now. the northern ireland people are marking the 50th anniversary of the bloody sunday killings when 14 unarmed protesters were shot dead by british soldiers. it was one of the darkest moments of what became known as the troubles. north korea has testified, was thought to be its longest range missile since 2017 sunday's launch was kung yang 7th. this month. the us says north korea has violated un resolutions. voting is underway in portugal snapped general election with no party expected to win an
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outright majority. the balance was called after a block spending bill brought down the minority socialist government. the ballot was called by the socialist government after its coalition partners, switch sides and block the spending bill. ukraine is urging western allies to be vigilant and firm in talks with russia. it follows the u. s. presidents announcement of a small troop deployment to eastern europe with fears of a russian invasion the kremlin denies it has any such plans. but as charles stratford reports from done yet, manly living in the separate this controlled eastern ukraine already align themselves with moscow. this is no man's land between ukrainian government forces and separatist fighters with the shelf declared to next people's republic. the russian bank authorities to ask have given us rare access to the territory they control for the 1st time since 2017. the city seems more russian
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than when we were last year. on the surface, at least the statue of lenin's still stands, prowled over the main square next to a russian flag. but there are also vast pro russia mil rules on buildings. this one reads russian, don bass, a heart in the colors of the russian flag, sits in the snow covered park destruction from 8 years of conflict is worse, nay. what used to be done and scampered? this was where some of the heaviest fighting took place. between pro russia separatists and the ukrainian government forces. when conflict started in 2014 nichol, i says he and many people like him see little chance of a future with a ukranian government wanting closer ties with europe, a nato, russia, promot, russia will help putin warned the west don't dare to put a foot in this region,
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there is no future with ukraine unless it changes. some residents like vladimir occasionally come to try and repair their homes. mccook should say, we are between a rock and a hard place. there are no jobs. we are doing our best to survive. many people say that i don't want to go back to ukraine off to what's happened either people want independence or to join russia. most of the people that used to live in this neighbourhood, a too afraid to return because of the sporadic, shelly. and now increasing phase of a potential renewed conflict. but there is a side to life internet, so that perhaps reflects a determination to live a normal life, especially amongst the young generation, many of whom were children. when the conflict started, many young people have left for russia or elsewhere in search of jobs. nightclubs like this one only open at weekends and half to close when the curfew stops at 10
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pm. we are separated from the rest of the world. for example, we cannot use international payment systems and it's difficult to get in and out my travel to, to buy in europe. but those that can't afford to go out. they just stuck now here, no matter what happens here, young people are trying to find joy in life. we try our best to live like people do in the rest of the world. russia has always denied supporting the separatists militarily, saying the conflict as an internal matter for the ukrainian government and their opponents to solve. but russia's influence here seems stronger than ever. something people say the ukrainian government international backers always fail to understand. charleston ford al jazeera, don't ask and sudan the protest. it was killed during demonstrations, against the military and the capital car to demonstrate his have been rallying the 3 months. a military takeover security forces $510.00 gas and rubber bullets while
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protest is heading towards the presidential palace capable organ has more from car to it's been dubbed as a protest in honor of those who have been arrested in similar protest and outside protest by security forces since the dance military took over power in late october last year. now once again, so the needs are taken to the street to voice their opposition to that military takeover, which happened on october 25th dissolving a 2 year transitional government arrest and senior political figures. and many activists, the protest have been organized by something known as the resistance, thomas, these committees that are in residential neighborhoods around the capital and other parts of the country. they calling on people to void their opposition to that military takeover. they also say that several of their members, hundreds of their members, have been arrested many of them from their homes because of their opposition to the
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military being in power. they've been demanding that the military returned to the barracks and hand over power to a civilian government. the faleen, where those who organized the king no matter what they call themselves, should go. so the country can move forward. we're tired of them and they should be able to see that if they have any sense. but the most important thing is accountability for those killed the little boy. oh, get the hollow dead beat us and arrest doesn't torture us. and they use terrible methods. they electrocute they water born. they shouldn't arrest us. freedom of expression is the most important thing. or the me said, ask any, come in. we want the military council gone, the military organized a coo and they are the reason the country is in a political deadlock. the 1st solution to india, all the problem is the removal of the military and good is auto. on saturday, autumn security committee announced that gatherings is banned in central parts of person where the presidential palace is and where these protesters are headed.
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security forces the use dear gas to disperse, protested from the facility of the presidential palace, at least 70 protested, have been killed since the start of the protest. one and 2500 have been injured. and the union has said that the floor is being used by security is excessive and brutal, and has called a security forces to restrain themselves against the anom protesters. despite the violent use against such protest this, they say they will continue to voice their opposition to the military takeover and continued demanding sudan returned to democracy and continued demanding a civilian rule. after nearly 8 years of conflict, the emmon is deep in the humanitarian crisis. millions, the desperate for food and medicine and the un and other aid agencies, a warning the situation is likely to get worse. i said bake has more. ah, malnourished, but receiving treatment. her brother lost his life for the same reasons. there are
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hundreds of other families in a similar situation in this port, city of who data in western yemen and across the rest of the country. and then he says, oh via the cabinet she stuff is on to nourishment, mania, and also di, rare and about coff. her condition is unpredictable. as you can see, she is very fro muster now is one of the few receiving treatment. the an estimated 40000 children not getting the food they need to grow up healthy and a further to 1000000 suffer from moderate manju trish and gratefully. the cases we received are all very critical. considering the many style living conditions, city, lack of medical care and failure to treat other symptoms, my also lead to acute under nourishment. it's very alarming. we lose hundreds of children. many, many do not have access to medical facilities. the war has been raging since 2014 agencies are struggling to meet the demand in 2015. the united nations declared
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german, one of the biggest humanity in crisis in the world and was saudi arabia and the us have spent billions of dollars in the hole in comparison very little has been spent on those who have suffered as a result. i said bake of dessert if he of his prime minister is in the united arab emirates for an official visit. i behind arrived on saturday and met with the crown prince. shake mohammed, ben zion, and the hand in november, ele, jazeera revealed, the you a was providing ethiopia with extensive military support, and its fine against the grind rebels in the north. israel's president, isaac had solve is also visiting the u. a. e. it's the 1st official trip fair by and israeli president. his office says the aim is to strengthen ties in the gulf as the time of heightens regional tension. will power the trying to revive the 2015
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the iran nuclear deal. israel and the u. e. signed the fanatical court 18 months ago. peruse government says an oil spill off its coast is twice as big as fears. it's estimated nearly $12000.00 barrels leaves into the pacific ocean . marianna sanchez reports from lima. the oil continues to slowly move north with preceded look, as you're flying over the area on saturday. the scope of the disaster is much worse . official say, with the italian flag oil tanker. my daughter, you see nearly 12000 barrels of crude oil twice as much as initially thought government ministers have been meeting the ship's captain to try to understand what happened. official said. the captain doubted that as soon as me from the volcanic eruption near tang cost the pipeline to break as the matador, it was a floating,
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nearly $1000000.00 barrels of crude to a rough finery, it would appear to be according to the captain. apparently the issue was not so much due to the waves, the ships are so heavy with a big dropped, so a swell does not actually create much of an impact. one chief prosecutor ideal tapia says he wants to know if the pipelines were properly maintained. regardless, he says it is clear that spanish oil giant reps will have some responsibility on the rib. so who's not denied the spill? there is a responsibility for the light action. obviously we see they have not acted swiftly in the mitigation or mediation. and now the rehabilitation, reptiles controls peruse most important refinery. it's now facing the possibility of losing its operating license and define of nearly $5000000.00. in total mean, we have a lot of public prosecutor to enter the refinery,
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explained what happened and we are ready to fully collaborate to the public prosecutors off a judge has ordered for top executives from travelling abroad for 18 months while being investigated, which could eventually mean at least 4 years in prison, the environment minister says russell is not complying with basic measures to clean up the oil spill protester. if you're outside the refinery, say they're angry because they say the company is dragging its feet though some of you know thought about lisa rule effective. it's not fair that such a large company has not taken the necessary measure. so many families have been harmed, and the company say they're not responsible, retro says it's hired more than 2000 people to try to clean up the mess. and the 35 percent of it has been removed regardless as the oil slick advances with the current. the damage from the largest ecological disaster in decades continues to
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grow by deanna sanchez. i'll just see the lima bid in ecuador as amazon a privately own crude pipeline. has ruptured indigenous groups say they're being affected by water contamination. and in thailand, the state of emergencies being declared along the east coast as oil continues to wash up and speeches. a pipeline in the gulf of thailand leaks 20 kilometers off the coast of round province of the 50 tons of crude is spilled into the sea after the pipeline leak. current of ice case is being recorded among athletes and staff just days out from the beijing winter olympics. $34.00 people tested positive on sunday, bringing the total to $139.00 confirmed cases. the games of being held on the type restrictions with all participants, completely separated from the chinese population. but i found the dollars
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made tennis history. he beat daniel my bed of in an epic australian open final to claim a record breaking 21st grand slam title. and that lasted more than 5 hours. the finally said something come back after losing the 2 opening steps to beat the russian opponent. this is not our 2nd title in melbourne, victory in 2009. ah, let's take you through some of the headlines here now just are now. in northern ireland, people are mocking the 50th anniversary of the bloody sunday killings when 14 unarmed protesters were shot dead by british soldiers. it was one of the darkest moments of what became known.


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