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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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south of the year after full run is our sentiment has stopped markets. hey, it's a say the price is a 10 year high where the cost of the cooking becomes even more affordable. and nigeria is petroleum minister on reforming the nation's oil sex at counting the cough on al jazeera ah severe snowstorms back to the east coast of the united states. thousands are left without power. i'm gabriel's hondo in a cold and snowy new york city were a major snow storm has hit the entire northeast of the us. ah, hello, i'm darren jordan. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, thousands of truck has drive into the canadian capital in protest against vaccine mandates required to cross into the united states. on the border between ukraine
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and russia, we speak to people longing for normal life as diplomatic efforts to avert the crisis. continue on dozens of former soldiers and democratic republic of congo, a sentence to death for their role in the killing of 2 un investigate ah, one of the strongest winter storms in years is battering the eastern united states . millions of people in 10 states are experiencing heavy snow and hurricane force winds around a 100000 homes are without power and more outages are expected. gabriel, alexander reports from the york. ah, it was by far the biggest snowstorm of the winter in new jersey and pennsylvania. the snow hit hard and fast, and local officials urged people to stay home and be ready for anything more prepared but got plenty of food and yeah, well, just hunker in, in boston. the storm was being compared to
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a historic blizzard 44 years ago. that left the city buried in 60 centimeters of snow. this storm seemingly packed close to the same punch. it wasn't quite as bad in new york, but the city didn't escape unscathed. the snow left every one and their dogs shivering. what is your name, little guy? this is basil basil you're shaking. are you cold? oh my gosh. call for the tourists in times square who braved the minus 10 degrees celsius conditions. it was something to behold. i've never knew where the snow is actually while i can make and dream winter. well, i think it's awful, but it's nice. while the snow is beautiful and it can be fun to play in, it also can cause problems and be quite dangerous. the storm is being called a bomb, say clone, and it's affecting the entire northeast of the united states,
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where 70000000 people live. at the coastal peninsula of cape cod, near boston, twitter users posted this video showing how strong the wind and snow were blowing close to upwards of a 112 kilometers per hour. storm surge was a concern in low lying areas all along the eastern seaboard. once all the snow melts, it turns to water and officials warned of localized flooding. throughout the northeast, there were at times blizzard conditions, wreaking havoc on travel. at airports, thousands of flights were canceled, and commuter train lines were halted. the storm is expected to taper off, meaning sunday will likely be the day of cleaning up. warming up and digging out. gabriel's rando, al jazeera new york. so let's talk to nbc chris palo know join us live from boston,
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chris. so experts are predicting record levels of snow. they're in boston, tell us what's been happening that yeah, hi there, darren. so since we last talked, the snow is actually tapering off up for the 1st time in about 19 hours. this started about midnight local time last night really got cranking up around 10 o'clock this morning and lasted for a good 6 to 8 hours. where at times it was snowing, $5.00 to $10.00 centimeters per hour. when you combine that with the winds, that were in excess of 60 or 80 kilometers per hour, it was really, really nasty throughout the day here today. the good news is, is that for days officials have been begging people to stay home. just keep warm, watch, tv, cook, eat whatever, would stay off the roads and it appears because the storm hit on a saturday. most people did just that. sure. there were some people who were out
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who got in spin outs and minor accidents. we haven't seen any reports of major accident throughout the region so far. the big problem now is the temperature. it started out the day below 0 and it is dropping even further as we go over night. it is incredibly cold right now. it's getting more frigid. now that the sun is down, and there are those 100000 people, mostly south of boston, down on the south shore, and on cape cod, who have lost their power. there are crews in the area ready to go out and repair the power. but the problem is, is, as the high wind gusts continue, they can't go up in their bucket trucks to fix the power lines. and so they are going to be people who do not have heat tonight. the state of massachusetts, the massachusetts emergency management agency, as partnered with local governments to open ups of shelters in some warming stations. in case people don't have a warm place to stay over the next several hours. so the clean up is underway. it's
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been going on all day at times. the cruise could not keep up with it here on the eastern seaboard. now they will be able to make up some of this. however, with the wind, you'll see a lot of drifting apply. we'll go through, the wind will come up and blow snow right back on the road. so that's going to be a problem. tomorrow's forecast is to be clear, but extremely cold. and ever the optimist, the mayor of boston, michel woo said that she plans to have schools open on monday. so a lot of clean up to take place at boston to morrow. we'll have final totals over the next several hours to see whether we surpass $6070.00 centimeters of snow and whether it indeed was a record for snowball darren or i to embassies, crestfallen, reporting their live from boston. chris, thank you. now, british prime minister bars johnson says the u. k is considering making a major nato deployment in response to the massing of russian troops on the ukraine . border officials will finalize the details in brussels next week with ministers discussing the military options. on monday,
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britain's foreign and defense ministers are also planning to go to moscow in the coming days, the talks with their russian counterparts in an effort to de escalate tensions while ukraine's foreign ministers urging western allies to be vigilant and firm. and their talks with russia follows the u. s. president announcement of a small troop deployment to eastern europe, amid fears of a russian invasion, more than a $100000.00 troops and now gathered at the ukrainian border. but as charles stratford reports them done at so many living in eastern ukraine already ally themselves with moscow. this is no man's land between ukrainian government forces and separatist fighters with the self declared de next people's republic. the russian bank authorities and ask, have given us rare access to the territory, they control for the 1st time since 2017. the city seems more russian than when we were last here. on the surface, at least the statue of lenin's still stands, prowled over the main square next to
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a russian flag. but they're also vast pro russia mil rules on buildings. this one reads russian, don bass, a heart in the colors of the russian flag, sits in the snow covered park destruction from 8 years of conflict is worse, nay. what used to be done and scampered? this was where some of the heaviest fighting took place. between pro russia separatists and the ukrainian government forces. when conflict started in 2014 nichol, i says he and many people like him see little chance of a future with a ukrainian government wanting closer ties with europe and nato mercy upon what russia will help. putin warned the west don't dare to put a foot in this region. there is no future with ukraine unless it changes. some residents like vladimir occasionally come to try and repair their homes. mccook
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should say, we are between a rock in a hard place. there are no jobs, we are doing our best to survive. many people say they don't want to go back to ukraine off to what's happened. either people want independence or to join russia. most of the people that used to live in this neighborhood, a too afraid to return because of the sporadic, shelly, and now increasing phase of a potential renewed conflict. but there is a side to life internet, so that perhaps reflects a determination to live a normal life, especially amongst the young generation, many of whom were children. when the conflict started, many young people have left for russia or elsewhere in search of jobs. night clubs like this one only open at weekends and half to close when the curfew starts at 10 p. m. engine as we are separated from the rest of the world. for example, we cannot use international payment systems and it's difficult to get in and out. my travel to, to buy in europe,
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but those that can't afford to go out. they just stuck now here, really no matter what happens he, a young people are trying to find joy in life. we try our best to live like people do in the rest of the world. russia has always denied supporting the separatists militarily, saying the conflict is an internal matter for the ukrainian government and their opponents to solve. but russia's influence here seems stronger than ever. something people say the ukranian government, whom an international backers always fail to understand. charles stratford al jazeera, don't ask ukrainians of hell. they commemorative march for cadets who died, trying to stop rushes army from invading cube in 1918 hundreds gathered to honor the so called heroes of cruelty and lay flowers at their grades. just 400 crenan soldiers and cadets held back nearly 4000 russian troops. it's believed nearly $300.00 of them died in battle. they've since become a symbol of ukrainian independence. a convoy of truckers in canada,
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protesting against a vaccine mandate has descended on the capital, otto up, the so called freedom convoy was launched in response, a new rules that went into force a week ago. they require all truckers across the border into the u. s. to be vaccinated, opponent say the policy hurts, businesses and drivers lied lyrics. this convoy is although freedom is not only with a truck drivers, it's actually for every single person you, me, buddy, down the road. it doesn't matter. it's all about your free choice. that's what it should be. like i said, if you're vaccinated, cool. you did it. most people did it because of work, but you know, you could do it off of re will, of your choice. we came here is we're because for a better life our kids are kids. it just to make things normal again, things we going onto on the way they have it on when it's bringing o'mara. deborah,
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he's canada's federal minister. transported joins us from mississauga in ontario. mr. minister, thank you very much for your time. so these truck drivers have clearly gathered huge supports against vaccine mandates and other cobra restrictions. so what's making them so angry then? hello, darren, it's good to be with you. thank you for the opportunity. let me just 1st say and far be it from me speak on behalf of canadian truck drivers. but many of the major trucking associations in canada including the largest canadian trucking alliance, has distance itself from this protest. at canadian truckers are almost 90 percent fully vaccinated. um, and as you and i are speaking, they're delivering goods for canadians and they're crossing the borders and are abiding by the rules. are there are a group of people who are against this mandate and this mandate, by the way, it is consistent with our government policy to ensure that people who work in the
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transportation sector are fully vaccinated to protect themselves, to protect the other workers and to protect our supply chain. okay, but how useful and is this policy of making unvaccinated truck has quarantine? after coming back into canada, michaud yukon of thousands of truck drivers stuck at home, not earning a living. no, the idea there and is to encourage the rear is a small minority have not been vaccinated is to get vaccinated and based on that, so just so you and your viewers know we have mandated a vaccination vaccination for transportation sector for the airline sector for marine sector for the rail sector last fall, and we've done it successfully. so now almost 99 percent of workers in those sectors are fully vaccinated. that is reduced infection rate. that is, you reduce hospitalization, that's reduced absenteeism and that added resilience to our supply chain. so given
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the various challenges that globally we're facing on the supply chain, this mandate is encouraged is meant to encourage more truck drivers to get vaccinated to punish them. it's also to protect them and to protect the health of workers in our transportation sector. so let's briefly talk about some of the politics of this because we understand the canadian prime minister just intruder has been moved to a place of safety. but many people accused trudeau annual government of political overreach that the deep unhappy about these vaccine mandates. darren, let's be very clear. while there are many people who are frustrated with coven, i am frustrated with covalent. i'm frustrated with coded public health measures, and i wish they had to end them soon. and that is precisely the driver behind our policy to ensure that as many people vaccinated as possible we, i. so while most people are frustrated, but most people also agree that those measures are necessary. so we can get out of the pandemic as quickly as possible. so, and i can assure you that those people,
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some of those protesters, are off side with what canadians believe. a canadians ok want us to get out of dependent as quickly as possible. and that's why canada has one of the highest vaccination rate in the world. and it's, it's an interesting point. you make a mr. gob about the issue of frustration because some of canada's conservative politicians say that this truck convoy has become a symbol of the fatigue and divisions, falcon canada, 2 years into the pandemic. you describe that you so i mean candidates dealing with rising inflation, supply chain issues, worrying, labor shortages. i mean, this is bad news for you and your government isn't it? as you know, darren and i know you cover the rest of the world at global supply chains. are global as inflation is a global phenomena. coven, 19 public health restrictions is a global phenomena. canada is actually leading the world in vaccination rates in
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a lower depth rate per capita in laur infection rate per capita. and we've recovered more jobs than most of the g 7 countries. so we're doing well i, but i'm not dismissing the fact that there are frustrations all of us are frustrated. but we want to work together to see the end out of this packet to exit . this pandemic, so we can start adjusting those public health measures and, and let me be very clear. there are some troubling voices coming out of that protest. there are protests we seen, unfortunately, a flags that carry swastikas or, or, or, or defense, confederation flag, or messages of violence and hate. and those are quite upsetting to most canadians, darren m. raga. we happen to be there. thank you very much indeed, sophia time. thank you. thank you. well, while truck has protested in canada, thousands rotted in paris against france, his vaccine pass some protest as weight canadian flags and solidarity with a demonstrate as their critics of labelled french measures discriminatory and
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excessive. the pos came into effect on january 24th and is needed to inter restaurants use public transport. and for some outdoor events. on 10000 protests as of rallied in vienna against the austrian governments vaccine mandate there the lower house of parliament, possibly on thursday, making jobs, compulsory the adults from the 1st of february. but the chancellor calling the emma as also announced that other coping 19 restrictions for the ease from next week. functional break. you're not as here when we come back. i'm adam rainy in lisbon portugal snap election on sundays meant to break political deadlock here. but it could just lead to further political polarization and peruse government reveals the full scale of an oil spill that's through that a large strip of coastline more in that statement. ah look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. well,
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it's been a cool month for new delhi, but temperature is are on the rise. hello, everyone. good to see here is the forecast on sunday, plenty of sun, but sparky conditions still new deli getting up to a high of 21 degrees, temperatures across the western gods into the thirties and toward that southeast corner. that's really where we have the showers. but there are peering outs on sundays, so in fact, the next several days for tonight we've got some wall to wall sunshine in the forecast for you se asia looks like this. outbreaks of rain and storms across this area, but not as bad as it has been in past days on. take you to the philippines. some solid bands of rain here over lose on island. darker the color, the heavier the rain. so we'll have to be on the lookout for. i've seen some potential flooding in that area. central eastern china looks like the gloomy conditions. plenty of cloud to go around, but those showers have skirted away. so shanghai 7 degrees,
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we've got that northerly wind. so that's actually just the touch below average, we are talking about see effect snow once again for western areas of japan, honju and hope kado. so in fact, over 12 hours we could see about 30 centimeters of snow. skiers and snow borders are certainly loving this winter. that's it for now, sir. oh, the weather. sponsored by katara ways, americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, it seems like tried to cover it up. what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me, it's political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics policy and the impact on the world on al jazeera. part of the book must always good luck. we are the grappling the extra mile there are the media, don't go, we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. ah
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ah, welcome back. a quick reminder about top stories here at this hour. one of the biggest storms to hit the eastern us in decades is battering 10 states with heavy snow, strong winds, and bitter cold. at least a 100000 people have lost power and more outages are expected. british prime minister bars johnston says the u. k is considering making a major nato deployment in response to the massing of russian troops on the ukraine . border. officials will finalize the details in brussels next week on a convoy of truckers and canada. protesting against a vaccine mandate has descended on the capital ottawa movement as opposed to new measures requiring truckers across the board into the us to be back. not south korea says pyongyang has fired another missile the 3rd in the past week. north
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korea has now carried out 7 launches this month in defiance of un security council rules. earlier leader kim junglin was seen at a factory which state media says helps to manufacture missiles. a military court in democratic republic of congo has sentenced 49 for my soldiers to death for their part in the killings of to you and investigators. 5 years ago. they had a capital on from sweden and michael sharp from the u. s. were murdered while investigating alleged atrocities in the cosign region. it happened as government forces were fighting a local uprising. malcolm whip has worn out from nairobi. sh. the 2 investigators went the 5 years ago to try and investigate reports of massacres of civilians at the time. that's what their mission was. they would they would they met with people from that community. they were misled by somebody who they thought was the translator. it turned out to be somebody working for the security agencies,
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then they were apprehended on the road, held up at gunpoint, taken into the bush and executed. now the whole incident was video, the video was released taken on a camera for and that was released just a few weeks later. what initially appeared to show members of the armed group who were in a conflict with the government carrying out the execution later on closer inspection because of the language they spoke. because of other minor details. there was some fairly major questions about that, which gave a lot of credence to the kind of growing belief among many that this was in fact, the commonly state that was behind the killings. now an echo delegation has begun talks with kena fast, those military june to it comes a day out of the country was suspended from the west. african regional block rebels, soldiers seize power and monday, and the growing public anger. the president's failure to stop violence by groups now, peru government says the oil spill triggered by this month's volcanic eruption. their tongue is twice as big as previously reported. countries environmental agency
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estimates nearly 12000 barrels leaked into the pacific ocean from the refinery. 2 weeks ago, the spanish owned oil company rep, saul is blaming the navy, but not issuing a phenomenal alert after the russian arianna sanchez of the latest now from a capital lima. many critics are saying that the clean up has been really slow and precarious. first rep, so a hired a few volunteers, some fishermen that were on the beach and that started to clean up really sweeping the crude from the sand and death and then oh, they started hiring more people are we could see just a very few people on the beach and just about a few kilometers north of the main area of the spill. we were at the, and corn a bay which has a lot of protected areas. and there we saw
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a group of people from the ministry of the environment who had brought to a skimmer, which is a sort of a machine that sucks ah, the accrued from the waves. but we kept on seeing the dark waves washing and washing up ashore. rep's law has said that to the navy did not warn them at that it . there was a wave out nami, coming from the erupt sion in the volcanic eruption in tonda and, and the rep and prosecutors are looking out to the state of the pipelines really well because a pipelines broke or at least one pipeline broke. and the captain of the ship has said that the weather was fine, the waves were not higher than one meter. and so ah, so what prosecutors are looking is into who is really telling the truth. here it is a 2 year old president. sergio marino has agreed to serve a 2nd term up to parliament failed to choose a consensus candidate. he was planning to retire was, was persuaded to stay on it,
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follow 7, failed rounds of balloting to choose his successor, leaving behind a deeply divided parliament. but in baba asthma, he repeatedly ruled out serving another term as president. now off to please from italy's various political parties. sergio matter ela has agreed to stay on broke l'amour elect off, but as it entered, larry probably got sad of german that i'd like to look up my mother in law, who's 80 was elected by members of italy's parliament and regional representatives at the 8th attempt. he'd emerged as the front runner on saturday morning after they'd spent days trying and failing to reach agreement on a single name. on friday, mateo sal vini, head of the far right league party, had appeared to back the head of the secret services. it is a better bologna to become the country's 1st woman had of state that went down badly with other groups in the right wing block. i'm already going to shoot little over the as there's a relative majority of the center, right in parliament. we gave them
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a leading role in the negotiations to sell the stalemate, but now we must say they used that role wrongly the handling of the situation is really shocking. so the with many italians have expressed support for the prime minister mario druggie to take the presidency. but some parties of insisted he's too important to lose as the head of government matter, ella, staying on, even if it's just until the 2023 general election in theory leaves druggie free to oversee italy's post. pandemic recovery. maya draggy is like the architect that plan and is the person who's really best capable of seeing through some of these very challenging reforms. so the question is, if he became the president who had become the prime minister and all the politicians balance, that if he became president, they wouldn't be able to agree at success or prime minister. and the government would class. the economy has started to pick up. but more than $200000000000.00 in a you, funds for italy depends on a tight time table of reforms. nadine baba al jazeera voters in portugal le,
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heading to the poles in the coming hours for snap connection. it was called last month off a block spending bill brought down the minority socialist government. but as i am rainy report from lisbon, many vote not doubtful. it lead to an effective government green grocer. pedro gomez says his business, one of small margins has gotten even tougher. the past 2 years, he hopes portugal snap election on sunday leads to a political consensus that propels portugal out of the pandemic right now. businesses are being strangled by higher taxes more than ever. and it's been hard to cope with that and ever since cove it had, it's been crisis over crisis. and for small businesses that's he'll and he really hard to deal with. the overwhelming majority of seats on sunday will go to both of portugal to leading parties. the ruling socialists on the left and the
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center right opposition party, the social democrats, the election was called in november when the socialists, former coalition partners, the communists and the left. this block voted with right wing parties to kill the 2022 budget. bouncing back from the pandemic is the top concern for many voters? prime minister antonio costa over saw one of the most successful vaccination campaigns in europe, and the government has helped bring unemployment down to prepare demick levels. some voters are worried though, that the government is at risk of missing out of billions of dollars and you recovery funds if they don't meet certain requirements posts, so cost a socialist holding a slight edge of the social democrats. few voters, though are fired up. he said, i mean, i don't have a lot of hope in the election. i'm still not sure which party to support. maybe it's better if we have a correlation. when voters go to the polls here on sunday, they could end up electing a new government,
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whether it be on left or the right that further polarizes portuguese politics rather than bringing parties to the center. that's how political scientist, antonio costa pintos, sees it. the 2 major parties will face basically the same type of challenges. if the socialist, when they will have problems in negotiated with their left the communist and electron block. if the social democrat wins, they will have problems in negotiate with agreement with the radical right wing a party expected to make gains on sunday could be shaker. a far right wing party form just 3 years ago. currently holding just one seat, a could win as many as a dozen according to polls. portugal, the poorest country in western europe has struggled for decades to catch up with richer countries in the block brazilian immigrant edi conciliate. a doesn't believe the next government will do much better when we bought it. okay, won't look good, but for me to politics is the same all over the world. but politicians fight to
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hold the country back and knocking for tomorrow. it's a fight for power. who will win that power and what they'll do with it has many here. uneasy about the future. adarine al jazeera, lisbon, ah, topic, which of the top stories here? this al i one of the biggest storms to hit the eastern us in decades is battering 10 states with heavy snow, strong winds and bitter cold. at least a 100000 people have lost power and more outages are expected. and bases crisp alone has worn out from boston. we have endured about 18 hours of heavy snow and heavy wind here in the city of boston. and thankfully, over the past hour or so, the snow has started to taper off a little. i know it probably does, it look like it, but there were times.


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