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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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to ships, to democracies activist to corporations, control of the message is crucial. be it for public opinion or profit. the listening post examines the vested interests behind the content you consume. on al jazeera blue. this is al jazeera. ah, hello again, i am pete adobe. you're watching the news, our life from dough are coming up in the next 60 minutes. a military court and democratic republic of congo has delivered its verdicts on the 2017 killings of to you and investigators. with some of the accused sentence to death. chilled to the core in the big apple will be live in new york. has
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a snow storm bears down on the us east coast living with the threats of conflict. we talked to people near ukraine's border with russia and italy sticks with its current president who didn't want to stay in the job. as politicians failed to agree on a replacement after a week of voting and wrangling, an escort host nation camera and i and to the semi finals of the africa cup of nations. they be began yet to now to move within sight of the 6 continental title. ah, military court in democratic republic of congo has reached a verdict on the 2017 killings of to you and investigators. american michael sharp and zeta katelyn a swede were killed while probing alleged atrocities in the central region of cosign. the fighting was between government forces and
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a local armed group come in supper. following the case for us from nairobi is malcolm web, our correspondent there, malcolm, just walk us through what's been decided at this military court. well, the judges who are all military officers, gay, the verdict just a short while ago there were $54.00 suspects in total, but around 20 of them were fugitives. they were being tried in their absence. so about throughout 51 of the suspects had been sentenced to death to have been released. one was a journalist, another was a police officer, and one colonies army officer has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for breaking military rule. he was at a judge's said that he had failed to assist people in need. now he, the officer that colonel from the congress army was the highest ranking person from the security operator there at all. and that's what critics and activists say with a massive problem with this whole trial is the new it didn't look nearly far enough
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of far, far up the, the power chain enough to the people who many believe were really behind this killings because of the substantial evidence and it's been uncovered that suggests these killings may have been ordered from the highest level of the con, the lead state in these alleged atrocities we any close to. so having a definitive version of what happened there. no, i mean the, the 2 investigators went the 5 years ago to try and investigate reports of math because of civilians at the time. that's what their mission was. they would they would, they met with people from the community. they were misled by somebody who they thought was the translator. it turned out to be somebody working for the security agencies, then they were apprehended on the road, held up at gunpoint, taken into the bush and executed. now the whole incident was video,
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the video was released taken on a camera for and that was released just a few weeks later. what initially appeared to show members of the armed group who were in a conflict with a government carrying out the execution later on closer inspection because of the language they spoke. because of other minor details. there was some fairly major questions about that, which gave a lot of credence to the kind of growing belief among many that this was in fact, the commonly state that was behind the killings. malcolm, thank you very much malcolm web. they're talking to the news. i live from nairobi to the states. millions of people in the us east coast have woken up to a severe snowstorm today, which threatens to get worse through the day. new york and boston are expected to bear the brunt of the blizzard conditions. the governors of maryland, massachusetts, new jersey and new york state declared emergencies wanting the power cuts. new york city's mer is telling people to stay indoors. roads slippery out here today.
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and so be careful with department annotation did a pass group of people out early with the best to be off the road to let yes and why do they job? they clean the streets. so be careful, bundle up, good day to stay home. if you don't have to go out. gabriel is under joining live here on the news from new york. gave of course new yorkers hardy bunch tough people get snow. they're most winters, but this time it's different. this time it is different. this potentially could be a historic storm here in the entire northeast of the united states. so let's 1st talk about new york though. then i'll get to the rest. we're in the heart of time square. and if they say the time squares across the roads of the world right now, this crossroads is cold. wet and snowy. we're right on broadway street here. just give you a little idea of how much snow has actually fallen. as you said,
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i mean it's not uncommon for snow to fall this time a year in new york. this is winter here, but this is a particularly large storm. in fact, they're calling it a bomb site clone. in fact, in the intensity. and it's really the blowing snow, the amount of wind is bringing the snow here just in new york, we're talking about it could see parts of new york 30 centimeters of snowfall right now. the temperatures are about minus 10 degrees celsius. but there's lots of tourists out here that we've been talking to tours from france from italy elsewhere . that said, we're in new york, we're going to get photos and have fun and get some pictures here. and it is fun. i mean, in some ways, but this is also very serious and potentially hazardous because this is a very dangerous storm. it's affecting multiple states in the northeast. about 70000000 people in the northeast of us are being affected by this. many of the
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roads are closed and our train lines have been shut down. there's already been thousands of airport cancellations, flight cancellations, and the real worry now is storm surge in a low lying areas, particularly up in the massachusetts new england area. or they are expecting, listen to this as much as 660 centimeters of snowfall up there in boston area that could be the most in nearly 45 years. so this is certainly a historic storm shaping up to be a historic storm new york getting by so far getting by pretty well for the most part. but once all this snow melts, it's going to turn into water. and that's when officials are talking about some areas of potential flooding with so many flights cancel, transportation is difficult. the system is generally moving north,
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but quite slow to gave. i mean, the knock on effect from this will be huge and it will probably go well into next week. potentially a good. i mean, this storm right now that we're experiencing, it's going to pick up in its intensity over the next couple hours as it does move north out of new york city. and so we're not out of the woods yet as they say. and it is going to have a knock on effect. it probably won't be until late saturday, going into early sunday that the snow starts to taper off. but then it will, as you say, the knock on effect of the potential flooding and really digging out from this storm. and then the potential for power outages as well as the snow falls, knocks over power lines and such were already hearing about isolated incidents of that. but in terms of the transport and the airport cancellations, with the flights that's going to be going on for days. ok,
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thanks very much. gabriel is onto the and the crew on the ground in time square in new york. the stand off over ukraine continues, but in moscow, washington and it's nato allies. there's more than 100000 russian troops remained stationed near the border with ukraine. the us president joe biden says he'll soon be moving a small number of us soldiers to nato member states in eastern europe. around 8500 military personnel are on standby for possible deployment. that's according to the pentagon. mister biden's, ukrainian counterpart is urging the us and other allies to call the angry rhetoric precedent law to me as a lensky says they've seen russian build ups before. and diplomatic talks must continue. and for many people living in eastern ukraine, the uncertainty over this will, they won't, they invade scenario is part of daily life. or del hamid reports it's in the villages of eastern ukraine that the impact of the conflict is felt.
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the most victoria is worried about the long term effect it could have on her children. well, house is just from the line of contact, hearing gunshots and loud banks has become part of daily life. a difficult situation for a parent, especially when she says this little sign of any help coming love. so demo household furniture all this time, the government hasn't provided anything and won't do anything right now. either any of nobody has told us anything going on. what will happen, and what should we do for most people here, shrugged off the idea of an imminent invasion, saying they have been living with a threat for more than 8 years now. a few 100 kilometer south in multiple life goes on. the port city has seen fierce battles between pro russian separatist and de ukrainian army the mural of little molina,
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who lost all of her family and her left arm in a rocket that, that a reminder of this suffering dis, city has been through a few days ago parliament passed the bill that allows civilians to carry weapons in case of invasion. but sales aren't going up yet. new fine. e q and happening, there's no panic in 20132014. we were selling a lot of automatic firearms. but at the moment, there's no such demand and it hasn't been an increase in demand for ammunition. buffering people here are resilient and many say they are ready to face any danger. the village is near the frontline and now part of the military zone residents are allowed to return here because it's actually fairly safe at the moment, but would have been driving around and we could barely find anyone. this woman is one of the few people we came across switching between russian and ukranian. she
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tells us life is good. they have water, electricity, and a shop. and she has made her own plans in case of war. that of nasa did normal. yep. and of we built an underground shelter in our own backyard. we'll go there. we don't want to leave. this is our hands. let's do president viola, demo zalinski called on people to remain calm and he's blaming. foreign media was spreading panic. ukrainians have learned to rely on themselves carry on with their lives. while it's kidding, through the fog of information. where that will hamid al jazeera in eastern ukraine will the us and its allies have warned russia of sanctions if there is any invasion of ukraine. but what could that mean the russian economy, tronics now as chris we for he is the chief executive officer at macro advisory strategic consultancy, based in moscow, focused on russia and eurasia. he joins us from london. this are chris we for
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welcome to the usa. sanctions have been in the clay since what? 20? 142015 reporting? 20. 14. thank you. see what else can more sanctions achieve? well, it's the dialogue, 1st of all, the rhetoric and the mood and moscow and ukraine as your parent is quite different to what you're seeing in the western media and what's been talked about in washington. and london is the assumption of a full scale russian invasion. and then on the back of that, you know, a significant ramping up of sanctions against russia. some senators in washington have referred some of the sanctions from health, including cutting russia from the global management system. but that's linked to the full invasion. nobody in moscow or ukraine expects a full invasion there. they're assuming that if there is a military action, it'll be more focused on the eastern region and securing the separate region. if that is the case, then they carry the sanctions response, we assume will be less,
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it will be more aligned with the sort of sanctions that russia has been hit with since 2014, as you say. and the economy is largely adapted to. so today, for example, the russian budget balances and just over $50.00 per barrel pre sanctions if needed $115.00, it's got the world's 5th highest level of financial reserves at $640000000000.00. and a 5th, the lowest level of national debt is 18 percent. so assuming we do not get the worst case scenario, full invasion, which nobody the mosque or key of believes, then any additional sanctions will likely be absorbed without causing too much difficulty to the russian economy. or to russian people, if this is sort of an international fiscal scorched earth approach, when it comes to sanctions, could there be very quickly a blowback? i mean, could there be a loss of damage here to the use economy if only because so many big parts of the you are dependent on russia for energy supplies?
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yeah, i think the yeah, absolutely. if, if again, if we talk about the, the sanctions from hell scenario and then they, germany is already kind of, i think, pushed back against that because of exactly what you said would be, it would be impossible for european countries to pay for their energy from russia. and they're completely dependent, or to a large muslim, largely dependent on, on russian energy. so, within a very short period of time, probably days maximum a couple of weeks than the, the gas supplies would be. we'd be cut. rush is also significant supplier of oil to the european continent, which would be cut. and also of course, it's a big supplier of industrial materials and grains. again, if they can't be paid for, one assumes that those exports would stop and that would have a significant negative contagion under european economy. but also in other areas, russia, the 2nd largest supplier of or until united states agent and $50000.00 pounds of
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only day. it keeps the gulf refineries up reading. it is the sole and best supplier of titanium to, to boil, for example. so there's lots of areas where you would get a very significant impact on, not just the european, but the global economy. if you get those worst case scenarios that have been talked about in washington and in london in particular, is that why washington is reaching out to the powers that be in beijing and saying, can you get involved here and help us out and bring some sort of either a source of leverage or a pinch point to a triangular relationship because i mean, arguably the relationship i've said it before. i said that yesterday on our earlier news our show. but it's true arguably the relationship between washington and b. jing has never been quite as bad as it is at the moment, and i'll give you the relationship between beijing and moscow has not been heading in as good a direction as it might start to head from here on in,
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particularly because you got the olympics around the corner were expecting mister putin to be in bay jing for the winter games. yes, actually. and also, it has been announced ukraine prisons. lensky will also be as invasion at the same time. of course, china does have an opportunity here, i suppose. first of all, to position itself in some sort of a kind of global political role that it really hasn't had in the past. and it has a good opportunity because china is the largest trading partner of ukraine with about $40000000000.00 were to trade last year. china is also the largest trading partner with russia about 110000000 dollars last year. so china has got, if you'd like to say skin in the game in china. certainly would like to be involved in bringing sort of a political solution or at least progressing political solution. and it has the
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opportunity with both president zaleski and president putin expected to turn up envisioning next week. so it's certainly the focus of attention in this particular kind of spend off. we'll shift to beijing during the next couple of days or coming up to the opening ceremony of the lympics chris or any compelling interesting aspect to this developing story. thank you so much, chris. we for talking to us problem to willing parties. nittany have asked the current president sergio montela to carry on for 2nd term politicians who spent the past week voting to find an alternative, but they failed. the 80 year old mister allen has previously said he does not wish to continue in the row. not in barbara following that story for us out of london. so what does this tell us? is this something of a result or was this how it was always going to shake down 90? no, don't think it was always her. it was going to resolve itself. i think this was
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a last resort. really as you were saying, it's been days. it's been a week of members of both houses of italy's parliament and regional representatives trying to come or to, to coalesce around a one single name. they've had 7 votes and now they're in that 8 votes. and finally, it seems that they will get over the threshold of $505.00 out of the total figure of a $1009.00, which would mean that there is actually a winner if you like, sergio matter rather accepting or at least for now to stay on as italy's president, after the prime minister mario draggy reportedly called him on saturday and said, your country needs you. they had failed to agree, a figure after several different term possibilities emerged on friday. i am the leader of the far right league party mateo saline as well as am part of the 5 star
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movement which is aligned with the central left government and actually back to the head of the secret services to become the country's 1st female presidents. but that wasn't, that didn't gain a majority that created splits in their blocks. so sergio matter, ella, having said that he doesn't want to do it doing, doing his duty for his country in the words of the year. it's holly and regional affairs minister sits our president matter and as willingness to serve a 2nd term requested by the overwhelming majority of political parties, shows his sense of responsibility and his attachment to the country and institutions. generally speaking of that, i've done a little bit of research since the last time we spoke. italy has a brand spanking new government on average, every 1.14 years since 1945. does this decision on the part of m p 's or this request from mpm to mr. matter? ella, does that give them a little bit of stability cuz they are due to have elections again this coming year?
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it certainly does bring some stability both to the political scenario and to the financial markets. now the prime minister mario druggie had actually made it clear that he would quite like to be italy's president himself. but that didn't go down very well with most of the mainstream policies in the country because they wanted him to stay in position at least until the next general. busy elections in 2023. that's because partly because of the, the knowledge that if he moved there would have to be fresh elections. we know how disruptive that can be in italy. and he is seen as somebody who can oversee the post pandemic transition. italy's economy is now starting to move upwards, but there are more than $200000000000.00 worth of e recovery funds heading utilities way. which depends on
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a series of reforms. and druggie is the figure who seems to be able to actually see those through a continuity figure. so for the time being a lots of people, and it's really a very relieved that he's not going anywhere that he's staying as the head of the government as the head of a coalition government, we shouldn't forget and that there won't be snap collections in the near future, not him baba falling, that story to do with the heart of italian politics, not in thank you very much. lot more still to come for you here on the news are including we're in the mountains of pakistan from their arm groups a launching attacks. and in sport, australia's 44 year wait for home, see champion at the us, pretty openness come to an end. santa is here with that story in about 25 minutes. ah,
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it's been 3 months since a military coup ensued on massive protests of continued despite a crackdown. now the relatives of those who died during those demonstrations hope, the antique who movements to man's will be fulfilled. hebert morgan reports now from the city a what? madame me, gaston mohammed family is in morning the 24 year old from what made any incidence. al jazeera state was killed during an anti military protest a week ago, palo alto and i want to hold multiple i was in cartoon, someone called me and said, your brother was hit by a tear gas canister. i called those who are with him and they told me he had had a small injury when in reality he was hit by a bullet to the head. then i got a call from someone who gave me his condolences. that's what i knew my brother had died and i said, oh,
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garcia was the one who supported this family. he dropped out of school to drive an auto rick show. whenever i called him, he was either of the funeral or at weddings helping people as a state has witnessed large protest since the military to overpower in october dissolving a 2 year transitional government, which was mentally pedantic democracy. security forces have repeatedly you hear guys and live ammunition against demonstrators at least 70 a protest who have been killed and more than 2 and a half 1000 injured. what many may not be the only city besides the capital harpoon more 1000 cub taken to the 3 to protest against military rule. but its location in central for them is significant. it shows that the demand for civilian rule and democracy transcends the social and ethnic barriers that use to dominate example, nickel landscape. for decades, for down central region was more stable than other areas which suffered from civil wars. but since december 2018, when for dance revolution began,
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many more people in cities closer to the capital, joined the anti government movement. that movement was re ignited when the military took control. fee wouldn't let them in there. the protest movement in wide madana is not less than what is happening and hard to him. when to protesters from here were killed including guessing, people came from all over the state and from neighboring states. we want to see the future of those protesters who died, envisioned we want to democratic united sir don, gas and family say it may be painful, but they take comfort, knowing he died, demanding change, and to see a better country. he bought morgan altamira. what made any sedan human rights groups have blamed these security forces over the deaths of a number of people during unrest and eastern chad. a demonstration, triggered by ethnic infighting, was held in the provincial capital of a beachy on monday. security forces did try to break it up. 14 people were killed, some during violence at funerals. a delegation from the west african grouping echo
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was as in burkina, faso just a day after the country was suspended from the blocks membership. the sanction followed monday's military coup. but echo us has not imposed any other measures. so far. journalist sam med nick, sent us this update from the capital y. the ducal just a short time ago. it was saying that the suspension is largely symbolic. and that sanctions really depend on how the military wants to proceed in the, in the coming days and what it decides to do, whether it will return the country to constitutional law. there are meetings taking place with military delegation sent from the west african regional block. and they're meeting in a hotel and they're still going to go to the presidential palace to meet with the leader in me. but i so it's yet to be seen what to say. he didn't do. they could be economic. they could be travel sanctions, but it really depends on the dialogue from the coming days. to me was speech on thursday really went over well with the population in the capital. people that i spoke to around the countries said that his messages, security,
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eating back the are groups unifying. the country really resonated with them. some people are skeptical. there been many, also in the past. and people say that military leader say the same thing all the time. so i think they're really waiting to see and hoping that this time it's different than previous times. still to come here on the news on for you, thousands of horse on their homes and democratic republic of congo as the army struggles to contain a rebel group that also had a crusty issue. why around to run to the prom civic price again? and it's an important win to prove as the aim to qualify for this year's will come in cattle. ah hello there a winter storm blew east out of the mediterranean,
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bringing rather heavy snow to parts of the levant over the past week. this was a scene in lebanon while the snow has stopped falling. we all like you to see more of that, however, as well as to whether weather as another system sweeps across the mediterranean was we're expecting heavy snow to pull east across turkey. that'll edge into patients like syria and lebanon, by the time we get into the mid week. but it is looking a little bit dry up further south. a few showers coming, insecure wait on monday. and it is looking rather windy once again across many of those golf states. and if we move across to north africa, the wet and windy weather theme continues for libya and egypt. you can see that system pushing its way to the east taking up a lot of sand, but not only here, we've got the hom madison winds, blowing up a lot of the horizontal pushing it across into the atlantic. it remains while the hot and dry here for the wet weather, we have to head to the south. we still got the remnants of sancho and bringing some
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heavy rain to the likes of angola, zambia as well. not a gas got remains clear for now, but we are watching the cycling, pulling its way west, and we'll keep an eye on that track that. sure whether ah, if the political debate show that's challenging the way you think, have agencies fail hated the situation is, was the one before the african ditching found bites and digging into the issue? is a military advancement going to stop the family ticket? i is under a company to divide to help people out of burying. how will climate migration differ for those who have in those who don't have lot of countries see, we will pay poor countries to keep refugees there upfront with me, mark lamond hill on al jazeera, the story of zimbabwe. in her words, here she is always told from the perspective of the great men,
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whether it's david livingston, all robot mcgarvey. my responsibility is to tell them, well when story in a way that it hasn't really been told before the ordinary. every day life was involved with is the people i'm writing about patina, kappa, out of darkness. my zimbabwe on al jazeera lou ah, watching the al jazeera news out your top stories so far today, around 5000 flights of been cancelled in the u. s. as the east coast prepares for huge snow storm or a bomb cy clone for summer, calling it like pictures from new york, the new york and boston are expected to be the worst effect you as president joe
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biden says, he will central to eastern europe soon to bolster nato, forces them attentions of ukraine, top defense officials are urging russia to deescalate and a military court in the democratic republic of congo was found $52.00 people guilty and the killing of 2 un investigators. the pair we're probing alleged atrocities and central cosign region. when they were murdered in 2017 and staying in the d. r . c. thousands of people have been forced from their homes because of fighting but in the army and a rebel group known as m 23 on tuesday, an army position was attacked in rut. sure, north of goma m 23 was widely believed to be backed by rwanda. during previous conflicts, is one of more than a $120.00 armed groups operating an east and d. r. congo. priyanka group to has more outside a church under the open sky. villages in the eastern democratic republic of congo,
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find the only shelter they hope will keep them safe from the bullets and the bloodshed. nidia nidia, near sissy, and we'll go cut normally. the attack began and near cc go go and cannon bear. we were in the field on wednesday, we had bullets over the hills and we flayed abandoned everything. and now we here and kibble, but we spend the night in the church while others sleep outside. we have nothing to eat, no food with no water or medicine that i'm got nisa. at least 2000 people abandoned their homes this week. to escape fighting between the army and the m. 23. an om group that rebelled against the government in 2012 very cool 5 and you know, i put the ad, we saw several dead people. i lost my children and my husband in the chaos and i've been left with nothing now messenger in the a c. c. one of the 6 villages caught in the crossfire farms, lions tended homes,
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they're empty and not a soul to be seen back at a church in cuba, people from other villages tell how they too, were caught in the violence. they require money. i was at home when i saw soldiers shooting bullets in the hills and other bullets coming from the other side. i am reading. since november m 22 fighters have been accused of several attacks on the army. the latest on tuesday, un peacekeepers are on the ground. but for these families, it may be too soon to return. proof of their answers here. in sciences, say they're concerned about the new sub variance of cubic 19. it's called ami crohn be a point to it's being called stealth ami crohn because it's harder to detect using a p. c. r test has been confirmed bound 40 countries, experts say it appears to be even more transmittal than the original omicron
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variant. dr. richard le cells is an infectious diseases specialist at the cross zulu natal research and innovation sequencing platform. he says these sub variant is not a major cause for concern. the fundamentals haven't changed, so we have some good preliminary data from the u. k. this week that the protection from the vaccines is very similar against b, a dot one, and b, g dot 2. and so the fundamentals of what we need to do have not changed. there may be some subtle differences and there may be something about this that, that makes it slightly better. it didn't factoring people and passing from person to person. but ultimately, we know what we need to do to protect people and to protect populations. thousands of trunk drivers are stranded on the border between chile and argentina as they wait to be tested for cove at 19. some have been waiting for weeks putting
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a strain on the goods that carrying and on themselves. he is li harding going nowhere fast. thousands of trucks are stranded in argentina as the driver's weight to be tested for coven 18 to enter chile. and the weight is taking its toll . yes, it will say my like. i've been here for 2 weeks when i've got a refrigeration unit, but not not get to run the fridge. many of these trucks are carrying refrigerated good with the engine, having to stay running to keep the products from spoiling guys, from diesel is running out and they have equipment that cannot handle being on for a long time. the engines running all day and night and they're starting to fail and fix the cargo. when we get to chilling, we'll have to come back because it's all stop going and, and going out with nowhere to go. the drivers rely on sharing food to eat and use makes of toilets and showers argentina. and we go into the city buffy things and
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split them among ourselves. the people nearby give us a little bit of food, whatever they can to do to help. even if it's a little right now we have a bathroom and a shower that they sent for us, but we have to pay for it. a similar problem has been affecting drivers on the northern border of chile, where they also face long queues. endo jonathan, this is becoming a real problem. the authorities of the presidents have to take care of this row after row. these truck drivers are forced to wait in close quarters during a pandemic for a test they need to finish their job. leah harding al jazeera circus is in india, have been struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic rising infections and restrictions of the industry hot. the famous circus, and one of india's worst affected states. my roster is hoping for a revival waterbean
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hamilton, which i mean obviously good as if we restarted after the 1st way. but just 20 days later, we faced the 2nd wife and we know some lot of investment about $337000.00. all the money we had at least and helplessly to reopen was gone by children. so it was a huge loss by god's grace, we're getting back on our feet. probably we did some events and shows i perform as an artist the song in the movie. way somehow we survived. now were allowed to open with 50 percent capacity. we're taking all the missions like she negation disinfection according to covered safety protocol. oh, the crowd is less than normal, but it's enough for us to survive. we believe somehow we're moving towards what's known ah, at least 4 people have been killed in a bomb attack in pakistan's troubled ballade system. province security officials
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say a vehicle was targeted using a remotely controlled explosive device on a road and debt a boot she district. that's come after 10 soldiers were killed in an earlier attack at a security checkpoint in the can region on tuesday has come all hider focused on her, seen a spike of our tag across the country. the responsibility of god's being taken by the islamic stakeholder, sean ad reller, the de dollar, bon buckets on, and balloon and surgery who have been carrying out dead active duty. crushed up august on of one on border after a load last year for several months. it appeared that the hindu kush mounted may once again. he was a cloud where the thread from the day a dollar bon buckets on to continue their tags inside buckets on and off got the thread from the flank steak. horace on after the gun dollar bon wrapped into power in august, they offered to mediate between the buckets on your daughter days and
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a $30.00 bond budget on who had started refuge inside of our integrity escaping from successive budgets on a military operation. where the fire now gone, the number of our tag gotcha. and increased and up august on the military. also determined to continue the fight again to dig a dollar bond bucket on it. it is also a lot of morally they have some internal differences. also, there's no cease fire fighting, we're taking them on. we can go patients every day and we continue doing so. till the time we get rid of dismiss the avalon taliban of god had assured that all neighboring country would be safe, there will not be use against any other country by any group. however, the problem now is that thousands of their t t p fighters are still inside of our data duty, according to intelligence report that and there are also splinter groups emerging
9:40 pm
amongst them. and the big problem is that some of the leadership and now on the run after our targeted killings of some of the key senior leaders, including the spokesman of the day, a good dollar on budget on bye, have a way to measure from the budget on your target date, david, in order to head to date across the board in order to neutralize this trade. the most important thing to see now in the next few weeks and months, and red under t d, b, and elements of dies, also known as the law. mixture of hornets on we'll be able to once again started tagging targets, insight budgets on that good lead to a serious security situation. apple has come out with a personal safety guide for its latest gadget. this is it, it's an air tag device. it can be used to locate lost items, but several women have come forward to say they're being misused by stalkers. it's
9:41 pm
small and it is innocuous. one woman discovered her movements were being tracked after finding the device inside her cars petrol tank. now it's paired with a telephone and the use of the mobile can get real time data on the tags movements . i phones have a feature that can, unless a user, if an unknown attack is detected, moving with them over time. jody westby is chief executive at global cyber risk. she says apple should have released a detailed safety guide much earlier. they didn't want to come out with something that would scare people about the product. number 2, there, there were cases of misuse and that raised awareness on the 3rd, i think as that there's just been a huge leap in awareness in the past surveillance with the all the pegasus i'm in as oh, i see why where that has been sold and used by governments. now there's been a lot of recent government actions around the world in different countries against
9:42 pm
journalists and activists. is that all the now and more awareness of misinformation, disinformation campaigns on social media. everybody is much more aware of privacy risks than they were a few months ago even. and so i think that that probably has propelled also apple wanting to be a good company to put out something to help with users protect their privacy and not have this device been misused. so it's a good thing to do. it may be a little late, but my guess is they didn't really see the need for it until the last several months. there is a convenience, but there's a risk factor and it's balancing that. and i don't think people have a good understanding yet of the balancing. so this, the guide is a good idea. but people need to be much more aware and read the guide. and i think about the all the ways that this device could be used if in fact they want
9:43 pm
to try to use one of them argentina's rigs to deal with the i, m f, to restructure more than 40 $4000000000.00 worth of debt. the president said the agreement, so after a year of talks would allow access to new funds. but critics want the government to suspend re payments. so in the country can't afford them. monica young kia has more for us from buenos aires, argentina as president alberto friedman. this presented the agreement with the i m f. as a lifesaver meal from a storage unit, we had a new survey down neck without the agreement, we had no horizon, no future fernandez, had inherited from his predecessor modi. so maggie of $44500000000.00 debt with the i m f. one that argentina could not repay, especially while facing of recession, spiraling inflation and coven 19. ah! argentines took to the streets during the pandemic to show they weren't willing to
9:44 pm
make more sacrifices to pay their creditors. ah, the government's only option was to negotiate a new agreement with the i m f. that would be politically acceptable in with us. he bowed and the body of mesas, we have endured months of very harsh negotiations to undo the hom inflicted on argentina economy minister markeen. grossman explained that the agreement would buy argentina more time to pay the debt without forcing it to make drastic public spending cuts the government, he said, would continue to invest in them for structure, science, and technology, paving the way for better future. 69 year old bed, the bed is watched the news, but was unimpressed as long as she can remember, argentina has been moving from one economic crisis to another, struggling with high inflation and debt in those his here soon re beat. all this agreement may represent a relief for the government, but it won't change
9:45 pm
a thing for argentines. prices of fain, and will continue going up. the government will raise taxes to pay us costs and inflation will continue to impoverish us is a vicious cycle that doesn't end. the markets reacted positively to the agreement, mainly because the lack of one would have led to a default. our aquila seed not credited any will gumbo. the agreement will lock produce major changes. it basically gives argentina some space to breathe. our problems will not be solved. but if we had no agreement, they would be significantly greater with the agreement. it's only the 1st step in yet another long process. it still has to be approved by the i m f board. and by argentina's congress, monica not give all to 0. when a site is sciences, say they've been able to extract animal dna from the air for the 1st time. the method could be a powerful new tool to help track and conserve wildlife, his alexia bryan. armed with a tiny vacuum and
9:46 pm
a filter scientist christine bowman is gathering data at the copenhagen. so she's trying to find out which animals kept there, not by wandering the enclosures, but from the air. what we found was that we can not only detect the animals that are kept here at the so we could also detect even species that i used to feed the animals here and assume they're using what's called environmental dna. it's been used before to work out the kinds of fish or plant living and water. but these scientists and denmark in the u. k. have worked out how to capture e dna from the air filters catching microscopic pieces of fur, saliva, and faces. while life is difficult to monitor, but if you look for giraffe, an open savannah, that's fairly easy. but if you look for something like a tape here, like this, not in a pin like this, but in dens, rainforest, it's immensely difficult. if this works in a greater scale, it'll revolutionize the way we look at greenforest animals. the teams worked in
9:47 pm
zoos because it made it easier to confirm the source of the dna, and how far it had travelled. identified dozens of species, including mere cats living, 245 missions away. the researchers think it will be useful in the field to help track and conserve wildlife. there are 2. it's a small one until now scientific to rely on the signs animals leave behind travelling to remote areas using camera traps to snap pictures of hard to find creatures. the wonderful thing about environmental dna is almost every other bio monitoring method we have requires that the animal be present when you're assessing them. so if you're using a camera trap, they have to walk in front of the camera. if they walk behind it, you'll never see them. the great thing about environmental dna is it's more like a footprint. they leave it behind. it's early days for the researchers who don't know why some animal dna wasn't detected,
9:48 pm
even though they were in the zoo. and it's unclear won't impact the way that could have on collecting the data. but the scientists hope the answers to some of the toughest questions and conservation could just be hanging in the air. alixia bron al jazeera arose, broken up in france over the price of a beget the usually cost around a dollar from a bakery bought one friendship, market change decision to sell. the bread for a fraction of the price has upset the because natasha butler has more from paris for french bakers. a baguette isn't just a loaf of bread. it's a work of art or both goofy, by your federal fire. i look bomb you for them on a movie, natasha. people think or bread is the same or that, but it needs a lot of care. the dough is a life. you have to feel whether it's good or not. in your 35, your traditional bakery cell packets. for around $1.00. so a decision by major french supermarket chain to slash its by get price to $0.30,
9:49 pm
a scandalized autism or bakers like john felipe. jennifer cooley, please. oh, they are disrupting prices in a compromising on the flower and quality making is about passion. why it's not just about money and business. and what we're faulty. retail in the class says the cut price by get aims to shield customers at a time of inflation and rising prices. but the move has caused something of an uproar in france. some fear, an erosion of french values, others, the demise of quality. the debate has even made its way into the french presidential campaign, leggett hamilton of santiago. i looked through laclede le ferry, now $0.30 for big flower is $0.10, so prices are being destroyed, sever jacqueline destruction velo, the bagget price war has so, and he stirred emotions, but there's also the question of taste every year in france, surprise is awarded for the best bagget in paris,
9:50 pm
the jury is made up of top bakers, but also members of the public because nearly every one in france has an opinion about what makes a good bye get. so let's see if people can pick a 30 cent by get from a traditional one. she says, hello, hello, yes, yes, version to la. yes, that always gets a tradition. you know, when you go abroad, you can try hard to find a french bag out, but it doesn't exist same time, so i will get coffee. but i know good cookie. it has to be all crusty and very fluffy inside. the supermarket is called the bagget ro, ridiculous. it says the promotion poses little long term threat to bakers, as it will end in a few months. but the debate reveals that few things in sight. passions in france quite like this. natasha butler, al jazeera paris, still to come here on the user for you, the smallest news with santa the doubles pair knowns, the special case serve up another home. when the offspring you open,
9:51 pm
ah, i'm counting the cost of rough knowledge of the year after full run is various sentiment in stock market here to say very price is our assets kenya high, where the cost of cooking becomes even more affordable. and nigeria, petroleum minister on reforming the nations oil sector, counting the cough on al jazeera power defines how well the launch new babies were, di. i did nothing about people empower, investigates, exposes, and questions they use and abuse of power around the globe are now to derek. lou ah,
9:52 pm
fungus board here, so thank you very much. at pete tele, host nation cameron are entered, the semi finals of the africa cup of nations. they beat the gambia to and nella to move within a site of the 6 continental title. andrew, it sits in reports ah, whatever this cameron team achieves on the pitch, the countries, africa cup of nations will forever be associated with the fatal stadium crush that killed 8 fans. on monday, the tragedy at the allenby stadium remembered at the host's court, a final against the gambia, de waller objected nonbillable cameron, captain vincent ado becca has made goal scoring look easy in this tournament with 6 goals in his 1st 4 matches. but he over complicated this early chance with the gambia slotting into survival mode. probably a booby car was getting incrementally closer to putting his team ahead the despite
9:53 pm
his best efforts, the 1st half came and went off without a goal. during the break through finally came early in the 2nd period, another cross, and this time a decisive finish from col turco, a cumby good to go look to be again to form for tournament debit. since the gambia, it's her cor combi added a 2nd, and cameron were easing their way into the semi finals. where was that do not refer to the job it finished to nil cameroon, closing in on a 6th african title. and our 1st on home soil. and he, richardson al jazeera, to know their take on book in a far so in a few minutes time, we've been speaking to sports broadcaster gay al smith, who is in de la, covering the torment. he says the fixture is one of the most anticipated matches of the torment so far. yeah, this is what can i see? you see that i'm expected to be a what
9:54 pm
a gum. yeah. why? because i mean, yeah. very practical side with also like to explain to me yesterday i'm sure i'm going to come up with deplete they're very specific week to double can of us we can tell. and so it's going to be, you know, sort of a predicting in this on the end because, you know, bridges are going anywhere and everywhere. but yeah, it's going to be going that most. and definitely a very good from a ah oh, peru have boosted their chances of reaching the 2022. well, copping cuts. are they secured in a way when over columbia, on friday,
9:55 pm
the sea and i could linger as you from the source code late to fill a one know victory, the result ways to really sit forth in the standings. i believe yes hopes of making it to be woke up. i have been severely damaged at solomon rondon for that trick. as the group, the bottom kind events were left to go to for one home when over the philippians that result needs bolivia down in 8th place at the top. 4 teams qualify automatically for the walk up wall 5th place that will secure a spot in inter continental payoff. i she bought it has ended us for decade way to for home singles, the champion at the australian open to well number one, did it with straight sets when over danielle collins in melbourne in the melbourne final sir malik reports. oh, it's a site that australians have been waiting 44 years to see the country finally has
9:56 pm
a home grand slam singles champion once again. ashley barty has been in scintillating form throughout the tournament in melbourne and continued in the final against danielle collins. as the world number one took the 1st set with ease, 63, her american opponent however, wasn't about to roll over. collins showed some real fight on route to taking a 51 lead in the 2nd set. oh, polity rallied though she came back with the 2nd set going to tie break. oh, from there the outcome was routine, body dominated the tie, break winning it $72.00 for the match. and the championship. oh this is just a dream come true man, i'm sorry. proud to be nosy, so thank you so much everyone. ah,
9:57 pm
australians was saver. this much anticipated triumph. they'll hope the wait for the next home singles champion won't be as long to hail mel al jazeera. oh boss is can patrick nick curious a has won his 1st grand slam title. it came in the man's doubles alongside to nasty cook in august while this was an australian fine oh with matthew and then and that so on the other side of the next known as a special case in the title beside the is straight set. roy mccoy's and contention to end the divide desert classic for said tom mcroy has moved within 2 shots of the lead the heading into the final round south africa just in housing is still setting the pace on 12 on the path. that's it for me. peter santa thank you very much. that's it. from me peter toby and the late news. our
9:58 pm
team here in our barbara is in london. we're here tomorrow from the usual time. we can see you very soon. the moment. oh, ah, along with a dictatorships to democracy, act of his to corporations, control of the message is crucial. be it for public opinion or profit. the listening post examines the vested interests behind the content you consume on al jazeera, ah, unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from our london bro casenita.
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on angie's eve, the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color, put in britain at is proportionally high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens, britain's true colors, part one on al jazeera. if the political debate show that's challenging the way you think, have agencies fail. hayden, the situation is, was them. it was before the after different found bites and digging into the issue is a military advancement. going to stop the family ticket i is under a company seizure. right now people are very, how will climate migration differ for those who have in those who don't have lot of countries see, we will pay poor countries to keep refugees there. a park with me,
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mark lamarr hill on out 0. power defines our wow. the lawns knew babies were dying, added it, nothing about people and power investigates, exposes, and questions they use and abuse of power around the globe, and how to get ah, digging in on the ukrainian border. more than a 100000 russian troops prepare for war as military and diplomatic efforts to avert the crisis continue. ah, lo, i'm barbara. so you're watching alger 0 like from london, also coming up chill to the core in the big apple we're live in new york is a snow storm bears down on the us east coast. a military court in democratic
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republic of congo delivers it.


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