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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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of the family ticket i is and that it completes decision right now people are dying . how will climate migration differ for those who have in those who don't have lot of countries say we will pay poor countries to keep refugees there. a park with me, mark lamarr hill on out 0. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello malcolm. i'm peter toby. you're watching the news out life from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the big fries in the big apple as a blizzard hit, the east coast of the united states forcing the cancellation of thousands of flights entrenched positions in the ukraine crisis with more than a 100000 russian troops near the border. the u. s. once any conflicts will be her rick italy sticks with its current president who didn't want to stay in the job is
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politicians failed to agree on a replacement. after a week of voting and wrangling, thousands forced from their homes in democratic republic of congo as the army struggles to contain a rebel good. and is for host nation cameron are targeting a semi final spot, had the africa cup of nations. if i san champions are about to take on the gambia ending quarter finals. ah americas east coast waking up right now to a severe snowstorm which threatens to worse than through the day. new york and boston are expected to bear the brunt of the blizzard conditions. the governors of maryland, massachusetts, new jersey and new york states have all declared an emergency warning of power cups . gabriel alexander joined his life from new york. so gave this one is very big and
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potentially very dangerous. it is that what officials have been warning people all throughout the northeast of the united states is have some fun and it's no, but don't have too much fun because this is a big storm. it's the biggest of this winter. so far they're saying it could be a historic storm, as you can see behind me, we're in the heart of times square in new york city. and you can get a sense of how much snow is out here right now. and i'm actually going to pen around this way and you can see down the street here, how few cars there are looking down this avenue. and the visibility isn't great, it's actually gotten better, but it's only about 2 or 3 blocks. so you can see before. busy it's kind of white out to type of conditions are about 55000000 people in the northeast to the united states that are bearing the brunt of this storm right now. here in new york city,
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they're expecting as much as 30 centimeters of snow in and around new york city in new york state. but massachusetts just north of north of here is going to get it even harder. they're talking about listen to this, potentially up to 60 centimeters of snow by the time this is over later on saturday. so bottom line is, this is a very big and a very cold storm right now. here in new york city, negative 9 degrees celsius. the subway system is still running here, but a lot of the trains and buses and other sort of public transportation has been put on hold. he's the worry for the weather experts they gave that these weather systems once they start tracking up and down the coast. they have a habit, a nasty habit to kind of tethering themselves where, where the see meet the land is that the worry or they are, they expecting it to blow through, relatively speaking quite quickly. now they're expecting it
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to sit for a while and that's why they're worrying about coastal flooding, particularly in new england area. and we're already seeing some of that in southern new jersey. so there is definitely risks of coastal flooding that is with this, the longer this kind of lingers. but this is a storm that's hitting very hard. and as you mentioned, it depends on what sort of trajectory this storm takes. but bottom line is it is predicted that it was going to pack a big punch and it's doing exactly that. we have to watch coastal flooding. it's not hitting now, but as the day progresses, that's only potentially could see it. ok gave the moment thanks very much. gabriel is under the life for the news in times square or other big story. this are the stand off over ukraine continues between moscow, washington and it's in a so allies, as more than 100000 russian troops remained station to close to the border with
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ukraine. us president joe biden says he'll soon be moving a small number of us soldiers to nato member states in eastern europe, around 8500 military personnel are on standby for possible deployment. that's according to the pentagon. mister biden's, ukrainian counterpart is urging the us and other allies to cool the angry rhetoric . president, lot of me, it's lensky says they've seen russian build ups before. and diplomatic talks must continue. and many people living in eastern ukraine, the uncertainty over this will. they won't, they situation, we're talking about the innovation is part of daily life, or del hamid picks up the story. it's in the villages of eastern ukraine that the impact of the conflict is felt the most. victoria is worried about the long term effect. it could have on her chill, grim grill house is just on the line of contact, hearing gunshots and loud banks has become part of daily life,
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a difficult situation for a parent, especially when she says this little sign of any help coming love. so no household are furniture all this time. the government hasn't provided anything and won't do anything right now. either any of nobody has told us anything going on. what will happen, and what should we do for most people here, shrugged off the idea of an imminent invasion, saying they have been living with the thread for more than 8 years now. a few 100 kilometer south in multiple life goes on. the port city has seen fierce battles between pro russian separatist and de ukrainian army the mural of little molina, who lost all of her family and her left arm in a rocket that, that a reminder of the suffering. the city has been through a few days ago, parliament passed the bill that allows civilians to carry weapons in case of
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invasion. but sales aren't going up yet. new finding q and up and there's no panic in 20132014. we were selling a lot of automatic firearms, but at the moment there's no such demand. and it hasn't been an increase in demand for ammunition buffering, it sucks you people here are resilient and many say they are ready to face any danger. the village is near the front line and now part of the military zone residents are allowed to return here because it's actually fairly safe at the moment. but we've been driving around and we could barely find anyone. this woman is one of the few people we came across, switching between russian and ukrainian. she tells us life is good. they have water, electricity, and a shop. and she has made her own plans, in case of war, move out of my so be don't one. yep. of, of,
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we've built an underground shelter in our own backyard. we'll go that we don't want to leave. this is our head, didn't a stu visiting vala demo, zalinski called on people to remain calm and he's blaming. foreign media was spreading panic. ukrainians have learned to rely on themselves carry on with their lives while skidding through the fog of information. when that bill hamid elder 0 in eastern ukraine, well, if there was a conflict, heard the military capabilities of russia and ukraine stack up russian air strikes have the potential to overwhelm ukraine's air defenses. before troops even crossed the border president vladimir putin has built up army units that could be used in a ground invasion, such as the 8th god that oversees pro russian separatists in eastern ukraine. and then there's the 1st guards tank army which has been modernized. ukraine believes 127000 russian soldiers may be massed along that border. russia has sent fighter
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jets and air defense systems to western belarus. for combat readiness checks and military drills, but ukraine's military has doubled in size since 2014 and its troops have recent combat experience against pro russian separatist. alexander teet off is a russia analyst at queens university in belfast. he joins us on skype. alexander teet off, is there an obvious off ramp here when it comes to this desire on the part of the ukrainian leader to keep the diplomacy going on? i think yes, i think you have to it look awfully a difference. a kind of political motivation between ukrainian leadership and american one ah, in regard regarding the intelligence, the could be kind of different interpretations, but i think in a political motivation on, on ukrainians to kind of to keep the economy going not to spread the panic. and i've kind of accept western how, what without a kind of going into or allows you to panic mode is,
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is ethic. it overrides other considerations. it seems as though whitelist do russians believe that russia will invade well i just needed to st. petersburg earlier this month. and i literally know when i spoke to even thought that anything like that would be possible that be an all alt ah, invasion of ukraine by russia unprovoked would be. it's simply something or no. and no one believes that there is issue of course of the is don barza and separate areas there. if anything happens, it would be around that sort of area. and the question is whether it will be localized to this region, or it will be a use as excuse for larger invasion. but as so far as i could tell of both room talking to people and to are looking at them, the various analyst reports. and so forth, nobody really considered a full scale invasion, are by roger as a possibility. is there any chance that the current european security architecture,
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or the robust stance towards that could be altered so that sergei live rav more 2436 hours ago? now he was saying in this written response from the u. s. state department that he was hinting there might be stuff in there that we can work on it. is that what he's saying this? this apparatus might be tweaked or fine tuned short all of the united states and the nato allies saying ok, we will jefferson all plans to expand to these cars. clearly that's a red line for them. well yes, i think this expansion of you drew into into your grain and further it is a bit of a red herring. there is no immediate plans. the one discussions in 2008 and the book or a summons in april to 1000 it. but that been put to rest after rush invaded, judging the felony. ah, so there's no kind of glass actually discussing about ukraine. what's, what is russians moiz or informal cooperation between and military support, a to ukraine, from the nato countries. ah, so, so i think there is kind of
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a wide range of options which people can piss you if they were willing to engage. but russians are thinking very high demands and you know, they the multiple way much wider than you grain. and they insist off having, as you mentioned, a review over the whole european, a picture that nato is not the sole security organization which decides all metal security in, in, in euro this, i think they still quite far away from each other that position out of know what it will take for them to actually meet and start discussing those can have brought the principles rather than specifics about employment, us oliver, or suggested how much of this comes down to both sides. the kremlin, and washington reacting as they should react for the consumption of the other side . i mean, let me put in so clearly here has, has marched himself up to the top of a hill in a way. and any threats if it's to be deemed to be credible and therefore make him
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feel good in his position, hit his robust stance. he's got to be prepared to carry through on that threat. therefore, mr. biden has got to react as if mister putin might carry through on that threat. yes, that's right. i think was from the russian position. is that the only thing which americans finally agreed to discuss things like such as into an immediate race, marseilles deployment of various forces in europe and so forth. things which they would didn't want to talk about before was only the threat of russian invasion. right? so it seems to be that this is the way all of forcing americans to deploy, but that only works as it said, if they actually believe that russia might, might invade and visit very green line. you know, what, how far you want to push it. because so far as i can tell, there's nothing for us to get without out out
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a law against ukraine because a longer term perspective is that they can hold the country. are these thanks as will be balls and they will have to retreat eventually. so, ah, one of the same time, they still using the threat of invasion as a can a very useful diplomatic pressure points for, for americans to everyone. but it's very, very dangerous. anything can go very wrong that very easily and we will wind up in the war, which actually nobody really planned, but on it for the, with the threat limits advantage just happen. so a very, very warning times to be honest, if i was living in eastern europe. ok, thank you so much. so your analysis here on the user, alexander t. tough with queens, university, belfast loss more still to come for year and then use our including plagued by production problems and crashes. now the race is on to salvage and f $35.00 us pfeiffer jet. it's gone down in the south china sea, a crusty issue. why arose interrupting in france?
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about the price of up again and in sports, australia's 44 year wait for home single champion at most removed from has come to an end sanity with that story in about 30 minutes. ah, the military caught in democratic republic of congo is expected to deliver a verdict on the 2017 killings of to you and investigators. american michael sharp and zeta catalan a swede were killed while probing alleged atrocities and the central cosign region . the fighting was between government forces and the local arm group come or inner and supple falling. the case was from nairobi is malcolm where malcolm lost the back story here. well, 5 years ago, those to you and investigators had traveled to the casino region during that conflict between the government forces and the on group. and then they disappeared
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. and then within a matter of weeks, a video was, was released that showed them initially appeared that they had been killed by members of the group. so click subsequently, investigations by a group of international media houses. and even by the un itself has raised a lot of questions and revealed evidence that this killing could have actually been ordered and orchestrated by the highest levels of the government of former president joseph camilla, who was in power at the time. now the government always denied that, and certainly those in the doc today don't include anybody cd from the security operators. the most high ranking person there is a kernel from the connelly's army, but the defense others who investigated this trial say that those people in the don't don't include any of those who are actually responsible for these killings. and what can we expect from the court?
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well, it's a military court, all of the judges army officers, military court in congress before have been widely criticized by rights groups for not giving fair trials and for not having independence from the military chain of command or from the control of the state. so in that sense, many people will expect will be expecting the outcome of this proceeding to be exactly what those in command have chosen it to be. the defense say that all of the people in the dock aren't indeed the ride suspects. and us, what we've heard from, from many others as well, but we'll be following the proceedings and we'll let you know what we hear as soon as we get it, malcolm. thank you very much. malcolm web with h one is live from nairobi, will staying in democratic republic of congo. thousands of people have been forced from their homes because of fighting, but in the army and a rebel group known as m 23. on tuesday, an army position was attacked in rats, flora, north of the city of goma,
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m. 23 was widely believed to be bagged by rwanda. during previous conflict is one of more than a $120.00 on groups operating an eastern d. r. congo priyanka group 2 picks up the story outside a church under the open sky villages in the eastern democratic republic of congo. find the only shelter they hope will keep them safe from the bullets and the bloodshed. vianza near sissy. and we'll go got normally the attack began in, yo see, see, go go in columbia. we were in the field on wednesday, we had bullets over the hills, and we flayed abandoned everything. and now we are here in cuba. we spend the night in the church while others sleep outside and we have nothing to eat, no food with no water or medicine. and i'm canada. at least 2000 people abandoned their homes this week. to escape fighting between the army and the m. 23.
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an armed group that rebelled against the government in 2012. very cool 5. and you know, i put the ad, we saw several dead people. i lost my children and my husband and the chaos. and i've been left with nothing now messenger in the a c. c. one of the 6 villages caught in the crossfire farms, lions tended homes, they're empty and not a soul to be seen back at a church in cucumber. people from other villages tell how they too were caught in the violence. they require money, but i was at home when i saw soldiers shooting bullets in the hills and other bullets coming from the other side. i'm with him. since november m 22 fighters have been accused of several attacks on the army. the latest on tuesday, un peacekeepers on the ground, except these families, it may be too soon to return path up there. and civil rights groups are blamed. security forces the deaths of a number of people during unrest and eastern chad. a demonstration,
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triggered by ethnic infighting, was held in the provincial capital of a beachy on monday. security forces tried to break it up. 14 people were killed. some during violence at funerals. the west african grouping echo was suspended burkina faso membership after a military coup. but it stopped short of imposing new sanctions. nick hark reports now from the capital y google. abdur rahman, not his real name, is getting ready to fight burkina faso is icily affiliate in the countries north. he's not a soldier, but a civilian is returned to the capital to gather weapons and equipment for the hundreds of volunteer fighters. he commands, he says muslims in the north are being butchered. burkina faso, security forces are too scared to deal with a threat, leaving it to volunteers, to fight and die on the front line. we are very frustrated with but can this uneasily, the armed groups are better equipped than us to even attack us with rockets. but
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the amine never comes up to help us me while the military is busy by ticking over to capital instead of protecting us along the bodies lamp gentle leader. but only de amoeba is expanding on a strategy devised by the president. he toppled on monday and that's equipping civilians to fight arm groups after 2 weeks of training provided by the army, villagers are supplied with basic weapons and ammunitions. that's because al qaeda in iso affiliate groups have shifted their focus from attacks on security forces to villagers. and that's forcing millions to flee their homes, leaving large swats of land in the hands of armed groups on the outskirts of the capital neighborhoods. already crushed by poverty or taking those displaced by the fighting. children have no access to schools or medical facilities. they receive no help from the government or aid agencies, both those this place and there was hosting them share this only well, but to access this water, they have to pay almost a dollar for
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a couple of these jerrick ins. there's a sense for many here that the state has abandoned them and hope that perhaps their circumstances will change with this new leadership in charge of the country. oh, in his 1st address to the nation, gentle leader beat the drum of war, appearing more like a commander in chief than head of state, promising security and break from the past. he is also called on the support of the international community. but during an emergency meeting of the west african body echo was heads of state suspended, burkina faso as a member state, the region is marked by military takeovers and facing growing insecurity in health for so to my guy, member of parliament for the countries to hell. region piece will come out with more weapons, but through dialogue, we know those that are taking us often it's or something or family members. there are local people influenced by outsiders. we have to engage into dialogue and alleviating poverty is a key factor here. for a new romance,
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the people of this have been forgotten left to fight the shadow of war. they cannot win alone. nicholas hawk alger 0 walker do journalism medic center this update from the capital just a short time ago. people are saying that mention is largely symbolic and that sanctions really depends on how the military i wanted to see in the, in the coming days and what it decides to do, whether it will return the country to constitutional law. there are meetings taking place right now in the capital, wanted to do with military delegation, sent from the west african regional block, and they're meeting in a hotel and they're going to go to the presidential house, meet with the leaders. i mean, i. so if you have to be seen what you say, she didn't do, that could be economic. that could be trouble thinking, but it really depends on the dialogue in the coming days. so me have a speech on thursday really went over well with the population in the capital. people that i spoke to around the country, messages, security, eating back,
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the are group unifying. the country really resonated with them. some people are skeptical. there's been many fossil in the past, and people say that military leaders have the same thing all the time. so i think they're really waiting for the and hoping that but this time is different than previous time. the u. s. navy is racing to salvage and advance fighter jet from the bottom of the south china sea. the plains highly classified technology would be a crew for china. if it's found the aircraft 1st, the f $35.00 see crashed on monday as it tried to land on an aircraft carrier. it's the 3rd time in f 35 percent to be retrieved from the ocean. in november, a british f 35 b. the short take hoffen vertical landing version crashed as it last power taking off from an aircraft carrier in the mediterranean. and in 2019 a japanese f 35 a. the conventional take off a landing version, crashed over the pacific, killing the pilot, and leaving just deborah to be recovered. lauren's court is
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a retired us naval captain, and formerly an assistant secretary of defense. he says this jet was rushed into production before it was ready. we had put all our eggs in this one basket. we stop producing the up the dean, the f, 16. and we wanted to have one plane for all of the services. and when it ran into problems, we had no alternatives. so we kept building them and work the problems out as we went along. but unfortunately, some of the ones that got into the fleet or with the other countries, they say they had these of problems. they went ahead and moved into production. and because they're selling it all around the world, it became very profitable for our lockheed and you have people working on it at all 50 states of the united states. and when people like adam smith, who's a chairman of the house armed services committee, said buying these things now is like pouring money down
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a rat hole. they still go ahead and this is a result of what happens when you get it out into service. when you haven't worked out all of the problem, even though it does have these problems that had the most sophisticated electronics, i mean the chinese are not that concerned about getting the engine, but it's the electronics that are on the plane that we can use to track other planes to lock on 2 targets when you're, when you're flying to negate the radars of other play. i mean the technology very good. it's just a question of working that out as well as the mechanical problems together. still to come here on the news are for you. we're in the mountains of pakistan. we're on group. so launching attacks will. so the one size is a truck driver stranded argentina's border with children and in the sports news and important with to qualify this. he has woke up in cattle.
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ah, hello there, a winter storm blew east out of the mediterranean, bringing rare, heavy snow to parts of the event. over the past week, this was a scene in lebanon while the snow has stopped falling. we are likely to see more of that, however, as well as some wessa weather, as another system sweeps across the mediterranean with we're expecting heavy snow to pull east across turkey. that'll edge into places like syria and lebanon. by the time we get into the mid week, but it is looking a little bit dryer further south, if you showers coming, insecure, weights on monday. and it is looking rather windy once again across many of those gulf states. and as we move across to north africa, the wet and windy weather theme continues for libya and egypt. you can see that
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system pushing its way to the east kicking up a lot of sand. but not only here, we've got the harm mattson winds, blowing up a lot of the harris and pushing it across into the atlantic. it remains while the hot and dry here for the wet weather. we have to head to the south. we've still got the remnants of psycho and are bringing some heavy rain to the likes of angola, zambia as well. madagascar remains clear for now, but we are watching a cyclone pulling its way west and we'll keep an eye on that track that she'll ever . ah. lou, europe's grand capitals are littered with monuments loading their imperial passion and their museums filled with artifact spoils of war and occupation uprooted from their places of origin. people in power explores the heated debate, her own right from ownership admits activists taking matters to their own
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out of africa on a, just a una, ah, education is the beacon that lights the future. any society, but for those who live in abandon places, getting an education takes inspiration and determination and to live in the remote areas. don't have electricity, tv, or computers. to short found, show how a love of learning finds a way, ah ha select on al jazeera hulu . ah,
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welcome back your watching the al jazeera usa. i'm free to adobe to top stories around 5000 flight. subbing councils in the u. s. is at east coast prepares for huge snowstorm. bad weather is projected to move through the northeast this weekend with new york and boston. expected to be the hardest hit us president joe biden says he'll send troops to eastern europe soon to bolster nature forces some intentions over ukraine. top defense officials are urging russia to deescalate and the u. s. navy is racing to salvage and advanced fighter jet, the bottom of the south china sea, the plains highly classified technology would be a crew for china if it found the aircraft 1st. it's an f 35 c crunched on monday is if i to land on board an aircraft carrier. please 4 people have been killed in a bomb attack in pakistan's troubled bullock stand province, security official say a vehicle was targeted using a remotely controlled explosive on a road in debt. a bocce districts 10 soldiers were killed in an earlier attack at
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the security checkpoint in cath region on tuesday. his come all hide up, bug is gone, has seen a spike of our dag across the country. the responsibility of god's being taken by the islamic state, quarter sawn at rella the day to get dollar bon buckets on. and balloon and surgery who have been carrying out dead activities across a bug just on of one is on border after a load last year for several months, it appeared that the hindu kush mounted may once again. he was a cloud where the thread from the de get dollar bon buckets on to continue dead or tag inside bug. it's done. and i've got a serious threat from the atlantic state. horace on after the gun dollar bon wrapped into power in august, they offered to mediate between the buckets on your started days and a $30.00 bon focused on who had started refuge inside of our integrity escaping from successive buckets on the military operation. where the fire now gone,
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the number of our tag gotcha. and increased and focused on the military, also determined to continue to fight against the de dollar bon budget on it. it is also a lot, morally. they have some internal differences. also, there's no sees for fighting. we are taking them on conducting operations every day and will continue doing so. till the time we get rid of dismiss the avalon taliban of god had assured that all neighboring country would be safe. choice will not be used against any other country by any group. however, the problem now is that town and of the ttp fighter are still inside of our data duty. according to intelligence report that in disarray, there are also splinter groups emerging amongst them. and the big problem is that some of the leadership had now on the run after our targeted killings of some of
6:33 pm
the senior leaders, including the spokesman of the day, a good dollar on budget on bye, have a message from the budget on your daughter, david david in order to head, to across the board in order to neutralize the most important thing to see now the next few weeks and months and read other t t p. and elements of diet, also known as the islamic state of hornets on we'll be able to, once again started tagging targets, insight budgets on that good lead to a serious security situation. let's say you live now to the heart of italian politics because willing parties there in italy have asked the current president, sergio martha rella to carry on for a 2nd term. politicians has spent the past week voting to find an alternative, but they failed. the a 2 year old mister methodology has previously said he does not wish to continue in the job. not in baba is falling. that story for us out of london, so not him out with the old in with the old. and i guess they've got to go with him
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because if they don't go with him, what would that mean new elections? well, right now, that's the consent 1st, that sergio matter rela, should be asked to be the next president of italy. he is served a 7 year term already, but as you are saying, he's already said he doesn't want to do that. he is 80 years old and he's said, but he's not interested in the role. why has he emerged as the leading candidate? because all the political parties in parliament have failed to achieve consensus over the last week. and so on saturday, he became the leading figure in the latest vote. it's up to around a 1000 members of parliament in the senate, as well as regional representatives. and they put him in poll position on saturday morning, but that was the 7th vote in the last week. right now,
6:35 pm
the 8 vote is getting underway. it could in theory, take hours. but sergio matter rather has been off now by the leaders of the main parties in parliament to be the next president. previously prime minister mario drug, he had been mentioned by a lot of political analysts as a possible president. but the parties thought that that would be a bad idea because it would disrupt the stability of the government when there are a major challenges in terms of common recovery and the like to be dealt with. so that's where we're at at the moment to all these political parties involved in this process there and one could easily lose count of how many governments italy has had since 2nd world war. it must be up in the, the high forty's of low fifty's, at least by now the, all the political parties come out of this process looking a bit damaged in the bit tainted because the votes of the looking at them going, why can you not just take a decision and come up with somebody. why can you not find that consensus? i think so. i mean, it really is known for having governments that don't last very long,
6:36 pm
which is why the presidency is seen as a source of stability over sergio matter. l as term and he's seeing fine governments come and go. and yeah, right now the sensor writes coalition in parliament is looking a bit embarrassed if you like. because on falling day they were nominating the head of the secret services. elizabeth bologna as their preferred candidate saying that it would be great because she would be the 1st woman to become president and then support just failed to materialize within that coalition. some parties say no, we don't agree. so there is a lot of analysis. the materials on vini had of the far right league policy, would seem to have done badly or provides, and some of he's, he's close associates and other parties have denounced this whole round of voting as, as manipulating, if you like. what we know right now is that the sergio matter rela,
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ac accept and if he wins this vote will be expected to stand down as soon as there's some sort of stability in the next few months. something similar happened in 2013. when his predecessor was persuaded to stay on for a while until there was a government. but so it's not clear of the time scale, we're looking at not even thank you so much. nothing bob of the following, that italian political story for us here on the news on saudi lebanese business man, i'll hurry, is entering politics in lebanon. he made the announcement days after his brother and former prime ministers out all hurry said he'd be stepping away from public life bava to fulfill the aspirations of his late father rough week. i'll harry was assassinated in 2005. now apple has come up with a personal safety glade for its latest gadget. this is the gadget. this is an air tag device. it can be used to locate lost items or items that you don't want to
6:38 pm
lose luggage. a dog, a cat, a car, but several women have come forward to say, these are being misused by stalkers, one woman discovered her movements were being tracked after finding the device in her cars gas tank. now it's paired with a phone and the user of the mobile can get real time data on the movements of the air tag. i phones have a feature that can alert a user if an unknown air tag is detected. moving with them over time. let's talk to jody westby. she's chief executive at global cyber risk. she joins us on skype from washington. jody, thanks for talking to us here on the usa. this is slightly bigger than, say, a euro coin. it's not huge. barry, clearly it could be put into a gym bag, a gas tank duct taped on somebody's car, or why is it taken apple more than a year to come up with this kind of revamped safety guide for these things?
6:39 pm
well, i would guess 2 things. one is they didn't want to come out with something that would scare people about the product. number 2, there, there were cases of misuse and that raised awareness on the 3rd, i think as that there's just been a huge leap in awareness and that surveillance, without all the pegasus, i'm in s o i, spyware. that has been sold and used by governments. there's been a lot of recent government actions around the world and different countries against journalists and activists. and there are they now and more awareness of misinformation, disinformation campaigns on social media. everybody is much more aware of privacy risks than they were a few months ago. even and so i think that that probably has propelled also apple wanting to be a good company to put out something to help that users protect their privacy and
6:40 pm
not have this device be misused. so it's a good thing to do. it may be a little late, but my guess is they didn't really see the need for it until the last several months. okay. but when it was launched, quote in april of last year, because they are relatively new on the apple did say it had built in safety measures. but the built in safety measures really come down to one's ability to do a deep dive into how you have your phone set up. cuz the crucial thing here is your phone, not tracking a device that you want to keep safe by putting this in through that thing, whatever that thing is, it comes down to your phone telling you, you got one of these things on your person or near you that belongs to somebody else and that person is following it, therefore they're following. you and your phone will pick up on that and tell you that well, the phone. yes, it can. and so it is the configurations. busy and the settings that so important,
6:41 pm
and i think again, it goes with people adopting this technology. they've created it in a way that it is intuitive to use. so people don't read the instructions guides, they don't pay a lot of people don't understand really everything in the settings because they haven't had to learn that they were, it's intuitive enough. they got the device to work the way they wanted it to. but going in and understanding your settings for users, for sharing, ford, deleting certain configurations. and that is something that a lot of people don't know how to do. so i think now they realize there are some risks. people, of course, to things when you come out and in technology, there can be bugs and there were some bugs in the 1st air tags and that they've can corrected those. but then to there's all the nefarious uses of people misusing a device. and then it's time to warn people and tell them how to avoid that. so it
6:42 pm
or it was a little above they came out, the device had some kinks in it that that they had to fix. but then also they had finally thought they had to put out something to deal with. some of the negative aspects of use that people were doing high planting these devices, does it contracts someone? and that is a very interested in trying to look for a 2nd. sure if, if i make it, we are coming to the, the end of our time on this, this is just an apple device. this is specifically to do with i phones and i pads. it's not an android device. point number one, point number 2. when you talk about nefarious uses, all the a little bit like the apple ear pods i. e, this is always switched on, therefore it's always trans missing. and it's not until you, if the disconnected or the battery goes flat, that it stops sending out, pinging out your location. yes, well, it is always on that. so as alexis, so as eco, all of these devices, these always on devices are something that,
6:43 pm
at people don't understand very well. and so it, it, it does create a risk. and there is a convenience that there is a risk factor. and it's balancing that, and i don't think people have a good understanding yet of the balancing. so this, that guide is a good idea a, but people need to be much more aware and read the guide. and i think about them all the ways that this device could be used in that they want to try to use one of them. jody. this is an interesting and an important story as well because we're talking about people's personal security and their safety. thank you. so much judy west, be the chief executive at global cyber risk. thank you. sciences are concerned about a new sub there into cubic 19. it's called ami crohn be a point to has been called stealth or micron because it's hardest, thanks using the traditional p c. r. testing has been confirmed in 40 countries,
6:44 pm
experts say it appears to be even more transmissible than the original omicron strain. dr. richard le cells is an infectious disease, is specialist a cause of the natal research and innovation sequencing platform. he says the sub variant is not a major cause for concern. the fundamentals haven't changed. so we have some good preliminary data from the u. k. this week that the protection from the vaccines is very similar against b, a dot one and b a dot to. and so the fundamentals of what we need to do have not changed. there may be some subtle differences and there may be something about this that, that makes it slightly better. it didn't affect in people and passing from person to person. but ultimately, we know what we need to do to protect people and to protect populations. thousands of trunk drivers are stranded on the border between chile and argentina as the
6:45 pm
weight to be tested for cove. it some have been waiting for weeks, putting a strain on the goods they're carrying and on themselves. is the harding going nowhere? fast? thousands of trucks are stranded in argentina as the driver's weight to be tested for coven 18 to inter chilly. and the weight is taking its toll. yes, it looks like i've been here for 2 weeks when i've got a refrigeration unit, but not not get to run the fridge. many of these trucks are carrying refrigerated goods with the engine having to stay running to keep the products from spoiling guy . diesel is running out and they have equipment that cannot handle being on for a long time. the engines running all day and night and they starting to fail and fix the cargo. when we get to chilling, we'll have to come back because it's all stop going in and going out with nowhere to go. the drivers rely on sharing food to eat and use makes if toilets and showers
6:46 pm
divine. i see that there, we go into the city by few things and split them among ourselves. the people nearby give us a little bit of food, whatever they can do to help. even if it's a little right now we have a bathroom and a shower that they sent for us, but we have to pay for it. a similar problem has been a 2nd drivers on the northern border of chile, where they also face long queue after under johnson. this is becoming a real problem. the authorities are the presidents have to take care of this row after row. these truck drivers are forced to wait in close quarters during a pandemic for a test they need to finish their job. leah harding al jazeera trunk drivers in canada have been protesting, and the capital auto against vaccine mandates convoys of converge on the parliament . new rules went into force a week ago, requiring old truckers across the border into the us to be vaccinated. the gang
6:47 pm
rape of a woman in uruguay one week ago has spark protests against sexual violence in the capitol. montevideo, hoping to demonstrate, has gathered in the southern center in a show of support for the 30th victim. 3 suspects were being questioned by the police turn, people suspected a people smuggling had been arrested during raids. in guatemala, there believed to be part of a gang responsible for the massacre of 16 guatemala migrants and mexico. year ago. investigators believe mexican police officers were involved. now a row has broken out in france over the price of a beget the usually cost around a dollar in a bakery. but a french supermarket chains decision to sell the bread for a fraction of that price. as upset bakers. natasha butler reports from paris. the french bakers a baguette isn't just a loaf of bread. it's a work of art or both goofy by your federal fire. i lubano and i'm on
6:48 pm
a movie. natasha. people think or bread is the same, but it needs a lot of care. the dough is alive. you have to feel whether it's good or not, in your theory, from your traditional bakery cell packets for around $1.00. so a decision by a major french supermarket chain to slash its by get price to $0.30. a scandalized are tis, nor bakers, like john felipe garcia to replay her. they are disrupting prices in a compromising on the flower and quality like young is about passion. it's not just about money in business with aunty retailer. klaus says the cut price by get aims to shield customers at a time of inflation and rising prices. but the move has caused something of an uproar in france, some fear and erosion of french values. others, the demise of quality. the debate has even made its way into the french presidential campaign. let me get that on us until i locker l'aquila for in that he
6:49 pm
said, for began flour is $0.10. so prices are being destroyed. savage and destruction venue. the bagget price war has so and he stirred emotions, but there's also the question of taste. every year in france, surprise is awarded for the best bagget in paris. the jury is made up of top bakers, but also members of the public because nearly everyone in france has an opinion about what makes a good bye get. so let's see if people can pick a 30 cent by get from a traditional one sicily. vela yes, yes. version to le. yes. that boy, if it is a tradition, you know, when you go abroad you can try hard to find a french bag out, but it doesn't exist thing types wrong. we get profit, but i know the cookie. it has to be all crusty and very fluffy inside. the supermarket is called the bagget ro, ridiculous. it says the promotion poses little long term threat to bakers, as it will end in a few months. but the debate reveals that few things in sight. passions in france
6:50 pm
quite like this. natasha butler, al jazeera paris. still to come here on your news out the sports news with samo, the doubles her loans, the special case. serv. amola, whom whim australian. ah . the story of zimbabwe, in her words, history is always told from the perspective of the great man, whether it's david livingston, or robert mcgarvey. my responsibility is to tell the small one story in a way that it hasn't fully been told before. the ordinary. everyday life was involved with is that people are writing about patina, kappa, out of darkness. my zimbabwe on al jazeera. we tell
6:51 pm
the untold story, lou, we speak when others stone. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us a fearless year ago. and power and passion. we tell your stories. we are your voice, your news, your net al jazeera lou ah, ah. congress sports with santa thank you very much. p. so well, host nation camera in our targeting a semi final spot at the africa cup of nations. you 5 time champions are about to
6:52 pm
take on the rank outside is that the gambia in the quarter finals this match is taking place in to walla tournament debutantes. gavia are unbeaten in the event so far and knocked out guinea in the last 16 to advance is the result. what counts and that's the only thing i care about. we are here to try to make again a surprise and to win, even if we have one shot on target in the whole match. if we have, if one percent ball possession, but we wins $10.00. that's enough. wall ahead of that much cameron's sports minister said the fatal crash outside or limby stadium was caused by reckless decision to open a perimeter gate. 8 people died on monday ahead of cameras, game against cameras. the minister said stadium workers had been overwhelmed by sir . 2 people outside the venue o been speaking to sports broadcast, the guy al smith, who's in delilah covering the tournament. he says monday's fatal. if that has
6:53 pm
further motivated that the camera a, i don't think it's less dumped in the mood of the clear space. see as much as it has come to me, because i'm going to see that there's been a lot of lean game going around. organizers claiming this party, this particular response as well as the players including someone, it must be said, i've been trying to galvanize themselves and each other to get a win to center. you know, i said sort of memorial if i can see for those who died. i deal in the studio and even though we're in the final phase, i've got to be honest and see that come in many respects not feel very ready
6:54 pm
for it. so yeah, the basics are there. but in order to give it c won't class content around it. i'm sure if you knew no way, for example, what egypt organized to, to my team actually move the light. you know, so i, for the basics i get to write access is that, but there's still quite a bit especially i see coming in at 8 years to prepare for these things. it's not what i have expected also on saturday book enough. ah, so take on tennis. yeah. the other 2 a quarter finals happen on sunday 7 times at champions. the egypt face morocco and cynical are up the guest, equatorial guinea. ah, who have boasted their chances of reaching the 2022 well copying cutter they
6:55 pm
secured and away when over columbia, on friday night between edison choice escort lay to seal a one nail victory, the result means to set forth in the standings. olivia's hopes of making it to the world cup have been severely damaged at solomon rondon score the hat trick as the groups of bottom side bins will as good a full one home when over the bolivian i say bought it has ended the for decade. wait for a home singles champion at the australian open. the world number one did it to the straight sets when over danielle collins and melbourne. final. so hell malik reports. it's a site that australians have been waiting 44 years to see the country finally has a home grand slam singles champion once again. ashley barty has been in scintillating form throughout the tournament in melbourne. and that continued in
6:56 pm
the final against danielle collins. as the world number one took the 1st that with these 63, her american opponent, however, wasn't about to roll over. collins showed some real fight on route to taking a 51 lead in the 2nd set. ah polity rallied though she came back with the 2nd set going to tie break. oh, from there the outcome was routine, body dominated the tie break winning. it's $7.00 to $4.00 the match. and the championship. oh, this is just a dream country man, and i'm so proud to be nosy, so thank you so much, everyone. ah, australians with fever, the much anticipated triumph. they'll hope the wait for the next home singles
6:57 pm
champion won't be as long to hail mel al jazeera watches. compatriot nick curios has won his 1st grand slam title. it came in the man's doubles alongside tennessee cook in august. while this was an australian final with matthew had been an max bertha on the other side of been that had some known as a special case within the title decider and say, ah, i mcroy is in contention to when did to buy desert classic for a 3rd time mcroy has moved within 2 shots of the lee, the heading into the final round south africa. justin hardings is still setting the pace on 12 on the ha. and that's it for me. pizza. santa thanks very much. we'll see you a little later when we come back on the other side of the break. 16 hours g m t
6:58 pm
will take a live updates from the team on the ground in new york is that big snowstorm system begins to batter coastal season. ah, with the latest news they live in extremely high scrubs and for 10 years they was the victims of night. just most people got to the money, chattering prices with detail covering warnings that oh my problem. so empower large part of precisely. i'm calling on behalf of here from the around the world on house people, years of living on the street actually accelerates the aging,
6:59 pm
brought them. the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens britain's true colors. part one on al jazeera in a series of original documentary odyssey or correspondence. explore the stories which have marked their lives and careers. gabrielle is on the cover, the tragic story of 2 rain forest activists, brutally killed fighting the devastation brought about by loggers and ranchers. returning to the amazon, gabriel learned how to campaign for sustainable development brought them on a collision course with those sought to profit on the forest destruction. audio
7:00 pm
correspondence. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world center might have when you call home will be you can use in current affairs that matter to years ah, chilled to the core in the big apple we live in new york has a snow storm hits america's east coast ah, logan like peter w, watching out his ear alive from de also coming up, living with the threat of conflict. we talked to people new grains border with.


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