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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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i will find that migration differ for those who have and those who don't have lots of countries see, we will pay poor countries to keep refugees there upfront with me. markham on hill, on out 0 blue this is al jazeera. ah hello, i'm adrian finnegan. this is that he is alive from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the u. s. says that a russian invasion of ukraine would be heretic. but all sides agree that diplomacy is still the best option. focusing on fun will talk to people near ukraine's border with russia about living under the threat of conflict. but keener faces kicked out of west african regional block eco, was following a coo and making
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a destructive point. a bridge collapse is just hours before the u. s. president arrives to talk about aging infrastructure and in sport, the quarter finals of the african cut the nations get under way later on saturday, post nation cameron face gambia. what the indomitable lions aiming for a thick ass con title ah. pursuit diplomacy? but prepare for conflicts, that seems to be the approach the united states is taking over ukraine. president joe biden says that he'll soon be moving a small number of american soldiers to nato members in eastern europe, around 8500 troops on standby for a possible deployment. according to the pentagon, biden's ukrainian counterpart is urging the u. s. and other allies to take a breath president followed him as lensky says,
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they've seen rational build ups before. and the diplomatic talks must continue. and for many people living at east of ukraine, the uncertainty of up will. they won't, they invade? is just a part of daily life al jazeera is pretty co hain, begins are coverage. another sign of how serious the u. s. think the threat rush opposes to ukraine. you, as president announced he's moving us forces to the region. where have you decided how soon you would be moving you extra eastern europe or when movies you us through this or europe in the nato countries, in the near term? not a lot, he's likely talking about the 8500 troops that were put on stand by to deploy most headed to bolster nato's quick reaction force. but he's also said he has no intention sending us troops to ukraine. and a new tone from the pentagon, given the type of forces that are arrayed, the ground maneuver forces, the artillery, the ballistic missiles, the air forces,
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all of it packaged together. if that was unleashed on ukraine, it would be significant, very significant. and it would result in a significant amount of casualties. and you can imagine what that might look like in dense urban areas, along roads and so on and so forth. it would be horrified, it would be terrible again, but the administration wants to send the message. diplomacy can still work. there's no reason that the situation has to devolve into conflict. he can choose to deescalate, he can order his troops away. he can choose dialogue and diplomacy, if not the u. s. as the result will be catastrophic, not just for ukraine, but for russia as well. particle, he al jazeera washington o. in ukraine, the president is urging the us not to escalate tension with russia, followed me as lensky says, the talk of an imminent russian invasion may be exaggerated. don't know, young,
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shy, we do not see a bigger escalation. yes, the truth numbers have gone up, but i was talking about the same thing in 2021. when there were drills in the russian federation, there was a big build up. we were supported by the u. s. europeans called on russia to pull back. i don't think the situation is more intense than that time in early 2021. there was no such coverage of ukraine at that time. people in ukraine near the border with russia have told al 0 that they've been living with a threat of invasion for years. let's go live now to want to serious auto abdul hamid in the ukrainian capital. how to, to what extent is president lensky just saying? what people are thinking that they've been through all of this before but i think there's been quite a change of tone over the past few over the past week. actually not only for president lengthy, but also from other members of the government. for example, the head of the national security council, calling for com,
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saying that an invasion is not imminent. actually, president zalinski yesterday had quite a lengthy press conference with the foreign media. it's at the moment here in care . i'm at the student point. he did say you got to tone it down, you got to stop spreading panic, kind of blaming the foreign media for this atmosphere. he said it's costing the country a lot. he said that $12500000000.00 have already left the countries as it's crisis, begun and of the country really don't go further like that, that the most important reading is economic stability. and now people are living through all of this. you know, when you look here around give life is going on, people might be a little bit concerned, but they're not really changing the patterns of life. and this is about the same thing. we have heard eastern new grade where people live. basically,
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proximity of the front line, this is our report. it's in the villages of eastern ukraine that the impact of the conflict is felt the most. victoria is worried about the long term effect it could have on her children. will house is just under line of contact, hearing gunshots, and loud banks has become part of daily life. a difficult situation for parents, especially when she says this little sign of any help coming loses up. so no house without furniture all this time. the government hasn't provided anything and won't do anything right now. either. nobody has told us anything dark on what will happen and what should we do for most people here shrugged off the idea of an imminent invasion. saying they have been living with the thread for more than 8 years now. a few 100 kilometer south in multiple life goes on. the port city has seen fierce
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battles between pro russian separatist and de ukrainian army. the mural of little melana who lost all of her family and her left arm in the rocket. that back a reminder of the suffering this city has been through a few days ago, parliament passed the bill that allows civilians to carry weapons in case of invasion. but sales aren't going up yet. new fine. e q and happening, there's no panic. in 20132014. we were selling a lot of automatic firearms. but at the moment there's no such demand. and it hasn't been an increase in demand for ammunition buffering. it's, i've seen people here are resilient and many say they are ready to face any danger. the villagers near the frontline are now part of the military zone. residents are allowed to return here because it's actually fairly safe at the
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moment. but we've been driving around and we could barely find anyone. this woman is one of the few people we came across, switching between russian and ukranian. she tells us life is good. they have water, electricity, and a shop. and she has made her own plans, in case of war. not of my so good doom on your point of. we've built an underground shelter in our own backyard. we'll go that we don't want to leave. this is all hands, didn't a stu? visiting vala, de mer zelinski called on people to remain calm and he's blaming foreign meet jeff was spreading panic. ukrainians have learned to rely on themselves carry on with their lives. while it's kidding, through the fog of information. how to russia's ministry of defense, regularly post videos of the military equipment on the border. i wonder is that making it into ukrainian
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t. v and media it is making it into ukraine. indian media. but i think at the request of the, the government, certainly the tone has come down over the past few days. they've been less alarm is more pragmatic about what's going on. actually, president zalinski yesterday was say, you know, i know better what's happening in this country. and then you as president joe biden is simply because i am a ukranian. i think that's the tone that is actually being reflected in the local media here. yes, they give an update. yes. they keep people informed on what's going on about the to build up or no go troop movements, but they're not being alarm is more than that needed at this stage. i'll zeros hotter abdul hamid reporting live from kiff, and he thinks that he told her on the russian side of the board of foreign minister
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. so gay law for officers that his country doesn't want war. i'll just restore such bari reports. russia's naval strength on full display in the black sea part of regular drills it carries out throughout the year. and in the country. southwest more troops and military hardware are taking part in live fire exercises . but russia has dismiss u. s. warnings. it is about to invade ukraine. use vehicles, alicia, but the receipts there won't be a war as far as it depends on the russian federation. we don't want to war, but we won't let our interest be rudely traveled on and ignored your thoughts. your goal is to ship us with new, the u. s. has rejected all the russian security proposals for the last 2 or 3 years . now they're putting the same things on the table. in other words, they're borrowing from recent russian initiatives. this is something, at least for you, so on the streets of moscow, people say it's russia that's been provoked here, the middle school. i mean, i believe america wants to provoke russia by any means. we live decently now in
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russia. i'm 70 years old and i can see we have never lived better than now. they feel threatened by this and are trying to destabilize us. it all smells or publication silly. pull ivy in the my half of the people i know are ukranian. i can't believe there will be war. i can't believe it. it's the conflict of politicians rather than ordinary people. ukrainians are our relatives of neu with numer sofa, russian over tuck anyone. and it's never going to the only defense. it's the united states who escalate in the whole situation because it was profitable for them. president vladimir putin has spoken to his french counterpart emanuel, my crawl about rushes deep unease with nato's eastward expansion. so the diplomatic window is still open to avert. what could be a disastrous conflict for all sides? dorset jibari al jazeera, moscow. it with it, he is out from al serra still to come on the program. thousands force from their
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homes in the democratic republic of congo. was the army struggles to contain? a rebel group will tell you why thousands of truck drivers stranded at argentina's border with sheila at ins for a massive wind for peru was they looked to quantify for this year's world come full coming. ah . the west african block echo was suspended, but keener faces membership after a military crew, but it stopped short of imposing new sanctions. houses here as nicholas hark reports now from wa good to go. abdur rahman, not his real name, is getting ready to fight burkina. faso is icily affiliate in the countries north. he's not a soldier, but a civilian is returned to the capital to gather weapons and equipment for the hundreds of volunteer fighters. he commands, he says, muslims in the north are being butchered. burkina faso,
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security forces are too scared to deal with a threat, leaving it to volunteers, to fight and die on the front line. we are very frustrated with brokenness, uneasily. the armed groups are better equipped than us. they even attack us with rockets. but the amine never comes up to help us me while the military is busy by taking over the capitol instead of protecting us along the bodice lamp gentle leader. but all eat amoeba is expanding on a strategy devised by the president. he toppled on monday and that equipping civilians to fight armed groups after 2 weeks of training provided by the army, villagers are supplied with basic weapons and ammunitions. that's because a kaiden, iso affiliated groups have shifted their focus from attacks on security forces to villagers. and that's forcing millions to flee their homes, leaving large swath of land in the hands of arm groups on the outskirts of the capital neighborhoods. already crushed by poverty or taking those displaced by the fighting. children have no access to schools or medical facilities. they receive no
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help from the government or agencies, both those this place and there was hosting them share this only well, but to access this water, they have to pay almost a dollar for a couple of these jerrick ins. there's a sense for many here that the state has abandoned them and hope that perhaps their circumstances will change with this new leadership in charge of the country. oh, in his 1st address to the nation, gentle leader beat the drum of war, appearing more like a commander in chief than head of state, promising security and break from the past. he is also called on the support of the international community. but during an emergency meeting of the west african body echoes heads of state suspended, burkina faso as a member state, the region is marked by military takeovers and facing growing insecurity in this a hell for say to my guy, member of parliament for the countries to hell region piece will come down with
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more weapons of but through dialogue. we know those that are taking us often. it's her sons or family members. there are local people influenced by outsiders. we have to engage into dialogue and alleviating poverty is a key factor here. levy for abdur rahman, the people of this i how have been forgotten left to fight the shadow of war. they cannot win alone. nicholas hawk, oranges iraq walker. do i have now to walk to go some medic is there for us. sam, put this at the suspension into context for us. what does it mean and what would happen if sanctions were put in place? right now people are saying the suspension is largely symbolic and they're waiting to see if sanctions are going to be put in place, which we'll see more of in the coming days. and sanctions can range from economic to travel. people within the i, west african regional walk, told me that they pretty much depend on what the military, linda says going forward. how open it is to restore and constitutional with having
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days. today there's a donation from the west african regional block that has come in and rest of the block is supposed to come in on monday. it's been nearly a week now since the military took tom. and what's that? the mood on the ground there are people saying this speech that that me the games on, on thursday evening went over really well. people said it really resonated his message of securing the country from arm groups. i and from uniting everyone really positive that some people who have met with him have been a little bit more skeptical, saying that they're not sure to really understand what is needed to govern. and that a lot of military who does come to power in burkina faso. and so there's sort of waiting to see if, you know, the absent lined up with the work. so there's optimism, but it's mixed with some skepticism right now. moving forward, some ethnic reporting live there from what gina fossil capital wanted to give any thanks. did some in the democratic republic of congo,
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thousands of people been forced from their homes because of fighting between the army and the rebel group known as m. 23 on tuesday and all the position was attacked and wrote 0 north all the city of goma. m. 23 were widely believed to be backed by rwanda. during previous conflicts, that one of more than $120.00 armed groups operating in the eastern democratic republic of congo al jazeera is priyanka. gupta reports outside a church on the deal can sky villages in the eastern democratic republic of congo. find the only shelter they hope will keep them safe from the bullets and the bloodshed vianza near sissy. and we'll go got normally the attack began and you see see go go in columbia. we were in the field on wednesday, we had bullets over the hills and we flayed abandoned everything. and now we are here in cuba. we spend the night in the church while others sleep outside. we have
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nothing to eat, no food with no water or medicine that i'm got nisa. at least 2000 people abandoned their homes this week. to escape fighting between the army and the m. 23. an om group that rebelled against the government in 2012 very cool filing. the melody put the out. we saw several dead people. i lost my children and my husband and the chaos. and i've been left with nothing now messenger in the a c. c. one of the 6 villages caught in the crossfire farms, lions tended homes, they're empty and not a soul to be seen back at a church in cuba, people from other villages tell how they too, were caught. and the violence made inquire when i was at home. when i saw soldiers shooting bullets in the hills, another bullets coming from the other side, i'm read him. since november m 22 fighters have been accused of several attacks on the army. the latest on tuesday,
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un peacekeepers are on the ground. but for these families, it may be too soon to return camp up the answer. the un says that nearly 40 percent of people in ethiopia to glide region of facing and extreme lack of food. the world food program says that aid convoys haven't had access for weeks because of a conflict between rebels and government forces. 9000000 people into gray and neighboring regions need food supplies. crisis affected families in northern ethiopia were getting less than 30 percent of their caloric needs. in the past months. pushing people deeper into crisis is expected that the, that constant humanitarian food assistance will be required, at least throughout 2022. a bridge has collapsed in the us city of pittsburgh just hours before president joe biden was scheduled to deliver a speech that about america's aging infrastructure. the bye. don't ministration
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plans to spend more than one trillion dollars on repairs and maintenance out a 0 gable. as under reports, a snow covered bridge buckles and collapses on friday morning in pittsburgh. several cars and buses were on the bridge at the time. 10 people suffered minor injuries in an ironic twist. just hours later president joe biden comes to see it 1st hand. he's on his way to deliver a speech nearby. remarkably about america's crumbling infrastructure. eye witnesses say that bridge collapse could have been a lot worse if this had happened 15 to 20 minutes later you would have had classes with school kids. are that muslim workers? so the timing of this in terms of happening, what if it was very fortuitous. the bridge was built nearly a half century ago, like dozens across the city of pittsburgh. the federal government rated it in poor condition back in 2011. and more than 3 years ago this twitter user highlighted its
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corroded steel beams. it's unclear if it had ever been fixed, but it's not just in pittsburgh all over america. infrastructure is in disrepair, and that's why last year congress passed and president joe biden signed in the law . a $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure plan to rebuild everything, including railroad lines, airports, tunnels, roads, and yes, bridges by and is using the bridge claps to champion the urgency of his hard thought infrastructure efforts across the country. there are 45000 bridges in poor condition. it's just simply unacceptable. you have to do something about this. i talked about it every time i've come to pittsburgh, and we finally got it done. according to the american society of civil engineers in the u. s. there are 617000 bridges. 42 percent are over 50 years
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old, and 46000 bridges in the us are structurally deficient on friday, the problems with bridges abundantly clear for everyone to see gabriel sancho al jazeera, new york truck drivers in canada have been protesting in the capital ottawa against a vaccine mandate convoys conversed around parliament. new rules went into force a week ago requiring all truckers who cross the border into the us to be vaccinated . thousands of truck drivers stranded on the border between chile of argentina as they wait to be tested for cove at 19 sullivan waiting for weeks. putting a strain on the goods that that carrying and on themselves on to seriously a haughty reports. ah, going nowhere fast. thousands of trips are stranded in argentina as the driver's weight to be tested for coven 19 to enter chile. and the weight is taking its toll
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. yes, it will say my like it go, you'll. i've been here for 2 weeks and when i've got a refrigeration unit, but not enough guests to run the fridge. many of these trucks are carrying refrigerated goods with the engine having to stay running to keep the products from spoiling, also got killed, come diesel is running out and they have equipment that cannot handle being on for a long time. the engines running all day and night and they starting to fail and fix the cargo. when we get to chile, we'll have to come back because of this. it's all stopped going in and going out there with with know where to go. the drivers rely on sharing food to eat and use makeshift toilets and showers again. cuz i know that when we go into the city buffy things and split them among ourselves. so people near by give us a little bit of food, whatever they can do to help. and even if it's a little though, right now we have a bathroom and a shower that they sent for us, but we have to pay for it. a similar problem has been affecting drivers on the
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northern border of chile, where they also faced long queues. endo jonathan, this is becoming a real problem. the authorities of the presidents have to take care of this row after row. these truck drivers are forced to wait in close quarters during a pandemic for a test they need to finish their job. leah harding al jazeera around 5000 flights have been cancelled in the us as the east coast hunkers down ahead of a huge snow storm. about weather is projected to move through the northeast this weekend with new york and boston expected to be hit hard. the governess of maryland, massachusetts, due jersey and new york of declared states of emergency warning of power outages, drivers have been warned to stay off the roads, will get a weather update mexico, but he's out then pulling dna from thin air. a breakthrough from scientists that could revolutionize the way that animals attract to the world. at a crusty issue,
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why aroused, ruptured in france about the price of a blanket. i was for the tenant started talked himself into big trouble. more from the straining open at around 25 minutes. ah hello there. we've got some severe winter weather on the cards for europe this weekend, particularly in the north and got a deepening area of low pressure that's now been named storm malick by denmark. we've also got the return of wet and windy weather to the southeast effect in greece and turkey. but let start in the north west, and we've got warnings out for gale force winds across scotland. we're going to see
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rain and some heavy snow and more of that to come on sunday. you can see that shimming across, but it's really gonna be scandinavia that sees much of that snow denmark's likely to these very strong winds. you've got warnings out there, as well as for latvia as that wintery wave flows across into the baltics, heavy snow as well to southern parts of finland on sunday. now further south, we got the return of wet and windy weather, as i said to greece, to see some of that snow shimming farther south. it's going to touch into northern parts of africa and it will be turkey that bears the brunt to that from the beginning of next week. but there's still a lot of fine and dry weather to be found to the west of the mediterranean for southern areas of france as well as for portugal and spain. we're going to have plenty of sunshine with the temperature in madrid, coming in at 16 degrees. and 15 degrees in lisbon, ah,
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from the world's most populated, recheck in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific. to discover the current events with diverse coaches ah, and conflict and politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera. when the news breaks academy says that if the united states were to impose sanctions on president, it will be comparable to severing ties with russia. and the story builds, we want to find out more about how offers have been taken from the wild and sold with exclusive interviews. an in depth al jazeera has teens on the ground. there hasn't been a train running by for almost 2 decades to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news,
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hulu . ah, hello, get adrian for the get a hearing. so how about the diesel from al jazeera? the headlines u. s. president joe biden says that he'll send troops to eastern europe in that he a top to bolster nato forces attention over ukraine. the defense top defense officials are urging russia to deescalate the pedagogy says that russia now has enough troops and equipment via ukraine to cause horrific casualties. in the event of an invasion, rushes foreign minister insist that his country doesn't warm pool or the west african block echo was suspended. makita faces membership following the military crew on monday with the group hasn't imposed sanctions. delegation is arriving in
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the country for talks. at least 4 people have been killed in a bomb attack in pakistan's, troubled baluchistan province. security officials say that a vehicle was targeted using a remotely controlled explosive on a road in debt, a book to district that's come off to 10 soldiers were killed in an earlier attack at a checkpoint and the catch reason on tuesday come all hide a reports, bug is gone, has seen a spike of our dag across the country. the responsibility of god's being taken by the islamic de hoarder san ad rella the day to get dollar bon buckets on. and balloon and surgery who have been carrying out every day that crushed up august on of one just on border after a load. last year for several months, it appeared that the hindu kush mounted may once again, he was a cloud where the thread from the de dollar bon buckets on to continue dead or dag
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inside bug. it's done. and i've got a serious threat from the atlantic state horace on after the $1.00 bond ripped into power in august, they offered to mediate between the buckets on your daughter days and a $30.00 on august on who had started refuge inside of our integrity escaping from successive buckets on the military operation, where the fire now gone, the number of our culture increased and focused on military, okay. they're determined to continue to fight against that day to get on budget on to be is also a lot of moodily, they have some internal differences. also there's no see spot. we are fighting, we're taking them on. we can go patients every day and will continue doing so. till the time we get rid of dismiss the avalon taliban of god had assured that all neighboring country would be safe, there. choice will not be used against any other country by any group. however,
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the problem now is that talent of the ttp fighters are still inside of our data duty, according to intelligence report that in disarray, there are also splinter groups emerging amongst them. and the big problem is that some of the leadership at now on the run after our targeted killings of some of their key senior leaders, including the spokesman of the day, a good dollar on budget. don bye, have weighted measures from the buckets on your tartar days. davis, in order to have to cross the border in order to neutralize this trade. the most important thing to see now the next few weeks and months and red under t d, b. and elements of diet, also known as the law, mixture of water on we'll be able to, once again started tagging targets inside budgets on that good lead to a serious security situation. the un office for human rights is calling for
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increased pressure against me on laws, ministry. as the 1st anniversary of a qu approaches, it's reported widespread violence against civilians including torture and so called clearance operations targeting villages. at least one of the half 1000 people are known to have been killed in the past year. though the un since the real number is likely much higher time for an urgent, renewed effort to restore human rights and democracy in me and law. and ensure the perpetrators of systemic human rights violations and abuses are held to account as long as impunity prevails. stability in myanmar will be a fiction. accountability of the military remains crucial to any solution going forward. a lawyer detained for nearly 2 years and for lanka, and a widely criticized case has been denied bail. her jaws has below, was arrested on claims of aiding and abetting the $2900.00 east of bombings, but was charged 10 months later with fostering hate speech. then i'll fernandez reports now from petroleum. he jones,
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his beulah arrived at the high court in the town of put them on friday, hoping to be released on bail. the sheila can lawyer has been in detention since police arrested him in april 2020, vaguely. and then it was because he hit the easter sunday bombers, who cause this carnage in 2019 killing 270 people. but almost a year later, his below was formerly charged with inciting, communal, this harmony under the prevention of terrorism act for a lecture he allegedly gave at this medusa or islamic school. you don't even know what's her fighting against and you don't even know what's going to happen tomorrow . so there was always uncertainty and everything. and i think that was the hardest part of it. and the last 21 months have been difficult. mom found out she was pregnant with that 1st child off to her husband was detained. today she heard he
1:34 pm
was coming home. this fight local and international criticism of the case against the jobs, his viola, and mounting pressure for his release. he's back in demand. the high court judge maintained she did not have the authority to give bill to tara suspect. his will as legal team applied for bill based on government lawyers saying they wouldn't object . but in the p d. yes. there are provisions to give bill if the consent by the shoot guns when a trailer started. and in this situation a trial has started and then does lack of legal operations or give bill when the trial started. the trial based on testimony of a former student at the dresser began on friday. the now 18 year old senior and the orange shirt told the court that his buller had told him about muslims in palestine being attacked. his belie and his family have denied the charges,
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saying the case is fabricated. it was a clear, very, very clear message to, to anyone who ones to defend minorities hearing or on this end more slim late. that this is how you're going to be cheated, that this is what we can do to you. but it's not silence. tis bella and let's keep fighting. 2 till he does come home, his daughter will have to settle for his picture on a foreign menendez. i'll just either put them in vietnam. a funeral has been held for the zen buddhist monk and poet, attributed with spreading mindfulness around the world. the service was held in the city of way, where tick now hon died a week ago. at the age of 95, he gained prominence as a peace activist for his opposition to the war in vietnam. and the 19 sixties and
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his promotion of mindfulness sparked a global wellness industry. south korea is reporting another record day of new corona, virus infections. more than 17000 have been confirmed. a figured that's more than doubled over the past week. the health ministry is asking people not to visit family during the lunar new year holiday, which starts on tuesday. scientists are concerned about a new sub variant of cove at 19 all the kron b. a point 2 is being called stealth omicron because it's hard to detect using p a c p c. our tests. it's been confirmed in 40 countries, but experts say it appears to be even more transmissible than the original on the chronic strain. dr. richard leslie says an infectious disease specialist at the counsellor natal research and innovation sequencing platform. he says the sub variant is not a major cause for concern. the fundamentals haven't changed. so we have some good preliminary data from the u. k. this week that the protection from the vaccines is
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very similar against b, a dot one and b a dot 2. and so the fundamentals of what we need to do have not changed. there may be some subtle differences and there may be something about this that, that makes it slightly better. it didn't factoring people and passing from person to person. but ultimately, we know what we need to do to protect people and to protect populations. the gang rapes of a woman in uruguay, a week ago, a spark protests against sexual violence in the capitol, montevideo houses and demonstrators gathered on the city center in the sheriff's port for the 30 year old victim. 3 suspects are currently being questioned by police. after a year of talks, argentina has reached a deal with the international monetary fund to restructure more than
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$44000000000.00 worth of debt. the president said that the agreement will allow access to new funds for critics want the government to suspend re payment, saying the country can't afford them. al jazeera monica yaki of reports now from point us honors origin. tina's present alberto friedman. this presented the agreement with the i m f, as a lifesaver, in yellow from a foreign queen whom we had a noose around our neck without the agreement, we had no horizon. no future fernandez had inherited from his predecessor mowdy, so mighty a 44500000000 dollar debt with the i m f. one that argentina could not repay. especially while facing of recession spiraling inflation and cove at 19. ah, argentines took to the streets during the pandemic to show they weren't willing to make more sacrifices to pay their creditors. ah,
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the government's only option was to negotiate a new agreement with the i m f. that would be politically acceptable in athens, he bowed and the body of mrs. we have endured months of very hostile evaluations to undo the hom inflicted on argentina. economy minister marchin guzman explained that the agreement would by argentina more time to pay the debt without forcing it to make drastic public spending cuts the government, he said, would continue to invest in them for structure, science, and technology, paving the way for better future. 69 year old betty petty's watch, the news was unimpressed. as long as she can remember, argentina has been moving from one economic crisis to another. struggling with high inflation and debt in those is here soon. re beedle. this agreement may represent a relief for the government, but it won't change a thing for argentines. prices have been and we'll continue going up. the government will raise taxes to pay its costs,
1:40 pm
and inflation will continue to impoverish us. it's a vicious cycle that doesn't end. the markets reacted positively to the agreement, mainly because the lack of one would have led to a default aquarella seed not create any will gumby or the agreement will not produce major changes. it basically gives argentina some space to breathe. our problems will not be solved. but if we had no agreement, they would be significantly greater with the agreement. it's only the 1st step in yet another long process. it still has to be approved by the i m f board. and by argentina's congress, monica, and i also 0 when a site is italy search to replace a 2 year old president. so job method ela is into its 6th day. politicians have just finished a 7th round of voting balance. now being counted, a majority of $505.00 votes is needed to win. british police want details to be withheld from an inquiry into alleged government parties
1:41 pm
during lockdown. a metropolitan police of the full publication could compromise its own investigation. also seriously. barker reports from london rarely have events at number 10 face this much scrutiny. the countries watching, waiting, speculating on the consequences of alleged rule breaking by those in power. yes and piece have been clamoring for a full publication of the internal inquiry into potential breaches of the rules compile by senior civil servant su grey. that these government can be trusted to deliver the results of which, if harmful enough, could lead to the collapse of boys johnson's leadership. but with anticipation at its peak now london's metropolitan police who stepped him to carry out their own criminal investigation of put the brakes on calling for the report to make minimal reference to the events they are examining. to avoid prejudicing the case. the demand means the much awaited su gray report will be limited,
1:42 pm
excluding details of the most serious breaches, including possible errors by the police guarding downing street. i think the met please have got something to answer for hear. this leading lawyer who previously defended wikileaks founded julian a sound. she believes the met police isn't capable of a fair investigation. i think that real question marks around the credibility of the met please investigating their own offices. you didn't prevent crimes and did not report crimes. ah, and i think they have a duty now to bring in an independent place bowls out to look and review what it was that the mat didn't do. so what did happen at number 10? during the pandemic. it's believe that 17 gatherings ranging from cheese and wine events to boozy leaving deuce happened between may 2020 and april 2021 across white hole would see gray looking into many of them. meanwhile,
1:43 pm
london's metropolitan police have launched a separate criminal investigation into 8 of the most serious breaches of cove had lockdown rolls. behind the door of the country's most famous address boys, johnson's planning, his next move, all of this means that lie the hands of the newly renovated but not yet working. famous clogged politics in westminster is at a standstill. forrest johnson in a perpetual state of high noon. his opponents in a continuous midnight still in the dark about exactly what went on behind the doors of number 10. it also means that any momentum opponents of bars johnson may have gained had recent weeks subsides. giving johnson room to maneuver is unclear when the police will conclude their criminal investigation. the results of that could be serious for johnson, but might be months away. in the meantime, speculation over parties at number 10 continues, but there is of course, one downing street, ny towel, and potential stall witness need the su gray, nor the police can question. the fall couches here at westminster. scientists
1:44 pm
said they've been able to extract animal dna from the air for the 1st time. the method could be a powerful new tool to help track and conserve wildlife. alexia bryan reports armed with a tiny vacuum. and a filter scientist christine bowman is gathering data at the copenhagen. so she's trying to find out which animals are kept there. not by wandering the enclosures, but from the air. what we found was that we can not only detect the animals that are kept here. so we could also detect even species that i used to feed the animals here and assume they're using what's called environmental dna. it's been used before to work out the kinds of fish or plants living in water. but these scientists and denmark in the u. k. have worked out how to capture e dna from thin air. they filters catching microscopic pieces of fer saliva and
1:45 pm
faces while life is difficult to monitor. but if you look for giraffe, an open savannah, that's fairly easy. but if you look for something like a tape here, like this, not in a pin like this, but in dens, rainforest, it's immensely difficult. if this works in a greater scale, it'll revolutionize the way we look at reinforce animals. the teams worked in zoos because it made it easier to confirm the source of the dna, and how far it had travelled. identified dozens of species, including mere cats living, 245 meters away. the researchers think it will be useful in the field to help track and conserve wildlife. there are 2. it's a small one until now scientific to rely on the signs animals leave behind travelling to remote areas using camera traps to snap pictures of hard to find creatures. the wonderful thing about environmental dna is almost every other bio monitoring method we have requires that the animal be present when you're
1:46 pm
assessing them. so if you're using a camera trap, they have to walk in front of the camera. if they walk behind it, you'll never see them. the great thing about environmental dna is it's more like a footprint. they leave it behind. it's early days for the researchers who don't know why some animal dna wasn't detected, even though they were in the zoo. and it's unclear won't impact the way that could have on collecting the data. but the scientists hope the answers to some of the toughest questions and conservation could just be hanging in the air. alixia braun al jazeera, the trial of the man accused of the museum jew heist and germany has begun. highly valuable treasures were taken in 2019 from one of europe's greatest collections of ours. if convicted, they could face up to 10 years in prison. gillian wolf reports the 6 men aged between 22 and 27 appeared in court on friday accused of the daring diamond robbery
1:47 pm
inside the greenville museum of dresden royal palace. the suspects are said to have taken just 8 minutes to steal 21 pieces of 18th century jewellery encrusted with more than 4300 diamonds. their worth is estimated to be more than a $126000000.00. but experts say their value is priceless as a to you, i get lucky going to taught the defendants on lucidly prepared the crime meticulously. according to the prosecution, the defenders checked out the crime scene beforehand. it is also a light touch of parts of the window was cut out before the crime was committed in order to get into the building as quickly as possible during the execution of the crime from one of the museums best known treasures. the 41, kara green diamond, was a whale known to new york city's metropolitan museum of art. at the time of the heist, the stolen treasurers had survived allied bombing raids in world war 2,
1:48 pm
only to be carted off as war booty by the soviet union. they were returned to the german city in 1958. the trial is expected to run until october, and while there still no trace of the stolen jewels, experts say the chances of recovering them are slim. in what has become known as germany's biggest art heist in modern history. gillian wolf, al jazeera. just ahead on the usa and sports camera room, closing in on a 6th africa compet nations title the latest football coming up with farrah next. ah, americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, it seemed like tried to convert up. what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me is political malpractice. the bottom line on us politics and policies
1:49 pm
and the impact on the world on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. and no matter what moves here with the news and kind of for that matter to you, lou, europe's grand capitals are littered with monuments loading their imperial parson and their museums filled with artifact, spoils of war and occupation uprooted from their places of orange in people in power explores the heated debate, their own right from ownership admits activists taking matters to their own. i out of africa on a just, you know, lou ah ah.
1:50 pm
transport is for adrian. thank you so much. the quarter finals of the african nations kick off later on saturday. the 1st match these, the host nation cameron take on tournament debutantes. the gambia into ala cameron are the 2nd most successful side in african history and are looking to win a 6th title of gambia knocked out to guinea to advance ahead of the match. cameron, sports ministers says the fatal crush. outside a lambie stadium was caused by a reckless decision to open a perimeter gate. 8 people died on monday ahead of cameron's game against camaros. the minister said stadium workers had been overwhelmed by a search of people outside the venue. we've been speaking to sports broadcaster gary al smith, who's in to alo covering at the tournament. he says mondays, tragic events have motivated the camera in team. 8 a,
1:51 pm
i don't think it's less dumped in the mood of the clear space. see, i just got them because i'm going to see that there's been a lot of lean game going round organizers claiming this party, this particular response as well. the players including someone led to it must be said, i've been trying to galvanize themselves and each other to get a win to center. you know, i think sort of memorial if i can see for those who died. i deal in the stadium on monday, even though we're in the final phase, i've got to be honest and see that. come in here. they did not feel very ready for it. so yeah, the basics are there. but in order to give it c won't class
1:52 pm
content, current is if you knew no way, for example, what egypt organized to, to my team actually move still act, you know, so i, for the basics i get to write access is that, but they still quite a bit especially i see coming in on 8 years to prepare for these things. it's not what i have expected. and i think also on saturday, burkina faso take on tennessee and get there to quote a final happen on sunday, sometime champions, agent face morocco and san ago are up against equitorial. any peru have these, did their chances of reaching the 2022 world cup encounter basic here in a way when over colombia on friday, the sea, united winger edison flores for
1:53 pm
a score late to seal a one year old victory. the result means pre set forth in the sandy olivia's hopes of making it to the world cup had been severely damaged. solomon rando scored a hat trick as the group was bottom side. venezuela secured a for one home when over bolivia or that result leaves bolivia down in 8th place. the top 4 teams qualify automatically for the world cab, while 5th place will seal and inter continental playoff. ashley barbie has added a 44 year weight for a home australian open champion the world number one b t american. danielle collins in straight sets to seal the title. she becomes the 1st australian woman to list the title since christine o'neill did in 1978 on sunday roll number 2, daniel met the dev. we'll take on rap out the dell for the men's title after the russian received a fine for his controversial outburst on friday. the. 7
1:54 pm
25 year old has been labs with a $12000.00 fine for calling the chair umpire. stupid, and a small cad bed with a huge semi final opponents that fits his father and coaching him from the sidelines. beijing 2022 organizers say they expect cobra 900 cases to hit their peak as a rivals for the winter olympics. increase one week out from the games around 3000 olympics related personnel have arrived in beijing in the last few days. the games which begin on february 4th will take place within a closed loop organizer set on saturday. 36 new corona virus cases were detected inside. the bubble. 29 have been found among new arrivals. covered is something that is predictable. and therefore, we always have to be ready to review plans to change plans into monitoring very
1:55 pm
closely. but we are confident that the system we have in place is the right system . what we've seen so far, it is working well and we expected to continue to work with and in the on the a. the milwaukee bucks. speed the new york next to record their 4th consecutive home game yana center. to compose score $38.00 points and grab 13 rebounds a day after being named and all star for the fix a season in a row. ok, and that is i use part for now adrian, back to you far will see again little laser. and finally, they say all the best news programs to a food fight in france over the price of a beget. they usually cost about a dollar the bakery, but a french supermarket chains selling the bread for a fraction of the price. natasha bottle reports from paris for french bakers. a baguette isn't just a loaf of bread. it's a work of art or both goofy by you. for so far i look bomb you and am on the moon. a 1000 people think or bread is the same that but it needs
1:56 pm
a lot of care. the dough is a life. you have to feel whether it's good or not. yeah, $35.00, your traditional bakery cell packets for around $1.00. so a decision by major french supermarket chain to slash its by get price to $0.30, a scandalized or tis nor baker's lecture. felipe, just her to reply. oh, they are disrupting prices, and a compromising on the flower and quality making is about passion. it's not just about money in business with aunty retail in the cloud says the cut price by get aims to shield customers at a time of inflation and rising prices. but the move has caused something of an uproar in france, some fear and erosion of french values, others, the demise of quality. the debate has even made its way into the french presidential campaign. let me get that. not enough santino a locker to plead left out in $0.30 for a big flour is $0.10, so prices are being destroyed. savage of chain destruction venue. the bagget price
1:57 pm
war has certainly stood emotions, but there is also the question of taste every year in france, the prize is awarded for the best bagget in paris. the jury is made up of top bakers, but also members of the public because nearly every one in france has an opinion about what makes a good buy get. so let's see if people can pick a 30 cent by get from a traditional one. she says, hello yes, yes, version to la. yes, that always gets a tradition. you know, when you go abroad you can try hard to find a fringe bigot, but it doesn't exist. same type of stronger get profit. ronaldo cookie, it has to be all crusty and very fluffy inside. the supermarket is called the bagget ro, ridiculous. it says the promotion poses little long term threat to bakers, as it will end in a few months. but the debate reveals that few things in sight. passions in france quite like this. natasha butler,
1:58 pm
al jazeera paris came here to update your next. i'll see again. ah mm. with this was the best athletes to test the hood. your limbic staging is bracing itself for the arrival of estimating 11000 people, kind of 0 tolerance, corporate strategy. what and despite different marketing ploy quotes, which one is which again, trying, moving you the latest date is 2022 winter olympics on al jazeera medication is the beacon that lights the future of any society. but for those who live in
1:59 pm
abandoned places, getting an education takes inspiration and determination. what are the charges to live in the remote areas? don't have electricity, tv, or computers. to short film show how a love of learning finds a way. a select on al jazeera accounting, the cost of rough south of the year after full run is that our sentiment in stock market here to say the price is on assets and yet high, where the cost of cooking becomes even more affordable. and nigeria, petroleum minister on reforming the nations oil sector counseling, the cough on al jazeera, with
2:00 pm
blue, ah ah, the u. s. as a russian invasion of ukraine would be her rick at all sides agree. diplomacy is still the best option. focusing on fun. we talked to people may ukraine's border with brochure about living with the threat of conflicts. ah, i'm, kimberly elvis is algae. they're alive from doha. also coming up pressure campaign because fossils kicked out of west african regional block across after coo.


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