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tv   AJ Selects Education  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2022 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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was the heated debates, are all right from ownership admits activity taking matters into their own out of africa on a jazz ah hello, i'm marianne marvin. i'm going to put look at the main stories now and ukraine's president of the west not to panic over the likelihood of a russian invasion, which he said is damaging his country's economy. despite a huge build up of russian troops, new ukraine, lodging, ms. lansky said he does not consider the situation more tense now than before. earlier, present, let him appreciate and said he does not want to escalate things any further. he blamed the u. s. and nato for these rising concerns. and then for his part, nato secretary general warned that russian aggression could come as a cyber attack and attempted coup or sabotage. police just stop wasting us. we're
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grateful to the united states for their ongoing support for our sovereignty. but i'm the president of ukraine and i'm based here and i think i know the details more than any other. we do understand what the risks are. it's important that the president should know the situation from me, not the intermediaries. we do not see a bigger escalation. yes, the truth numbers have gone up, but i was talking about the same thing in 2021. when there were drills in the russian federation, there was a big build up. we were supported by the us europeans called on russia to pull back . i don't think the situation is more intense than that time in early 2021. there was no such coverage of ukraine at that time. the king of faso has been suspended by the west african block eco ass, off to mondays qu, but it stopped short of new sanctions, at least until representatives whole talks with the new military general on saturday. takeover has been condemned by regional leaders who fear, father destabilization of the country. gentle eda pull on read them yuba says it
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only be a returned to constitutional order on the conditions or write a group saying any 4 and 10 people in ethiopia is to grow region of suffering and extreme lack of food. the ones, well food program surveyed almost a 1000 families in the region and found 3 courses a using coping strategies. like cutting the number of niels they eat, it says no 8 convoys been able to reach to grace since the middle of december and the u. n. is urging international community to pressure me and miles military genta over the campaign of violence against its own people. it says that citizens of describe the regime of torture attacks, arbitrary arrests, sham trials, and intimidation will bring you more on all those stories in the news out that's coming out with myself at $2100.00 g m t. i will see then after a j select which thoughts now
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ah, a nasa vendor and come with them with the knobs. how with a live mode with fee. i'm not a dramatic really general. i know what had become with ah, in in a 2nd place,
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i've been a little brain on that so she could get a higher with shopping with them. little ways to. hi william, get to see if you have madison or. oh william enough enough. remembering that the doesn't want to suffer for ya to move my furniture to mac, that with them and within a month when i'm conducted. oh, really i do. yeah. and if you're moving to a very where you sure. yeah. and i know with the acorn your domain, the never
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tell you a few with the world and who created me and you need to see it in the dimensions of the look and see what you're looking to get done. okay. and then you said color in with them, can you better, less down any mean how can and how can and yadda yadda lead a click of our again typical mr. schumer, him but this week, wait for ya about to do what i have to do. what i wouldn't have it in a couple put a give them shadow mother. so if in g, but then i missed the middle in the head, you still have to do all of the land. and i'm wondering if
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a shared webinar need to do what you used to use in your webinar and look for one another and communicate with you when you're in. mr. thomas was really good. i can get a nice guy when i think it was the i the the the but, and i'm still going to be the minimum a general. i will end in a matter of the how again and the name can them here. and then there's a high level and if you said, well you almost and then i guess,
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oh awesome. hello michelle, you have nothing to fear, madame, not god, but this is your. busy what has to what you do was thought of the husband foot natalie home, but then in time i'm not home and he learned that i was a bit of a company and does his job give me a minute. that's a magazine, but i just want to do it because you go to w. one had differ in was look at their blood. listen into going to pick to interpret russell for the clarity which way usually at the one the one with are not pillar leticia or if i was, i'm a little bit of the hoffman and as you know,
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i'm sort of but the way that when we do that i am doing it for one month and i think it was just a lead them in and finding a way they sure beside they said in the w one will be at the lab man, no, we would the fee will when somebody didn't have $1.00 question we want to push $11.00. i think i always had a question in the chat diamond model here in the us over the course course that's going to be allowed to be the love miss of the robert of them and going to call and get that for do
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what's called her mother. when i was there for doing that, i can oh love. your name will be 1000000000, eileen, i'm and i'm ready for the annotated group who know the you know, leave and wanted to. we're going to be for from the do what you work that adds that . i had to keep your 2 foot out of them a bit of the, the with my you with it and implement the appointment because i met you that i had the and i will believe it that you took the monday to do what you're going to get to them and how and what i know, i love them, but i do want to keep the area and a good this and i do want to kill love and good me ah ah the way way. so you will need to what i will know, but then again,
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beginning can begin and can end that if they need to mr. you know, and i'm going to be there know what, i'm in the service. yeah. and the, i don't know, i don't know what i'm going lower, but what i do for me man did with this didn't need you know, we have the ah ah oh,
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i never heard of 1 o'clock this way. you'd have to the annual head, this computer was the freedom, the mac, there was a word captain with division one. so i'm half blind. 9 from hurdle always in was your, me, you couldn't. and g in this day. it was us in here and i'll pull some, admonished the, the thin back. this bad the visible and russia uncle. so the only had the mickey theory, an anabolic config to the vehicles are smarter an alley. so for just the hailey i sank on and then i sanker for any can age the man's him as a month for fall asleep and he answered, but then i let him fall asleep. la mckenzie. any answer i am of them on your. 6 way and you can see how long will you go? an answer so full of her a. m. a. net. well, i will, i have the war and thought, i love you the answer. well, michelle, i look nettle and hand basketball,
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but he's very active. exhaust wirelessly. i look at them elements. i went off, been talked to islam, alameda, i guess for her the what's going on, grocery from the summons. yamaha silence, and often. so had to medina, left the sober allah hubbard, in aluminum or his n. oh, come on a mean. you birthday? some hes you bethesda. mm. bethesda hudson, of course of the half of thursday, a little buffalo kid, a she, a whole missouri with her little were had in the effect her with her a month. i left a, she's a woman named confess lamar of museum, so we will let me just let me like it and had what had so flow since with live total of will live with this peggy with family see we will look we
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will have them look and had to move, what can we cancel for further missouri and the find the use of putting in more of is the novel method of my assist coleman and listen to couple of minutes i looked before she was one of them i was going with them. let's give them a lot of chicken homer for the money and she can cause been who was gonna tell you about it. so no, it's illegal of 70 or greater than national jonah and i go and hang for, and i show it one way or another has to do or lower your end of the mac or a little mo he who do i, jonathan, and then, or until the world and get back to me for yana without the call and make them add
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but we need coon, alberta we will get when they call and get it, get it, get not going to get wound record can fee that period going to be a good month to get config, model for l. what can we do in terms of the yard or we can ship it couldn't miss get a cable guffy hubble a different route if a simple phone, if you pick alarm and look, that was old and a half minutes. so we'll have a sheet then and we'll look them in one of the late fee now. so oh wow. wow. 100 before i couldn't had didn't have a miss lisman and said to handle lism in go way handlers a miskin men to think that it's oh, how does she and that's a massage electric piano. a lot about it and i'm sure have laminated ah ah
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ah, ah yes amount. okay, shit. a man vested go again. ax, gerry, when we asked or share reaction even worse, known school or j e, adding them, which in doing oh ah
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ah, remain as bad. i or at another need years connecting clubs. did them in the law that jay could so took him. now lou got j. now go b as the know will lead d ill enough? come silly with destiny. how a more rad need was. a boy genius. would you cause a problem? the more the gentleman sent him, the name on all the true, she better and jewel there who go me and
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if public is no corda living just literally jayma do leave to find no d valves. no, i didn't hear that of a she was all cause i sent him that got food by marlo, the fun him dog morning. it broke my neck, lou food for my low down and i says he's around this. yes is rocky man. now, if news as yet, and the place where they he see, i mean they, casey or the mom z does. there can be an issue that donors
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does. i mean, i do, she does laws and i'm loyal calling you guys now can i have a bit of a new go new name? i don't that's no good. i don't know if you don't. what on that give me does no good good player. jayma love laugh at out to nicole. yeah. logan will buy at both bedroom, which is danny. to add that that of course on. yeah. now, but i don't want to go more. it's not bad if you never will. high in your focus. any i still got here, john, i'll go, always gave it
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to me in marketing or this would be so now always going to going to college mondays. c h i t club. yes. and what said so for the school or teddy? i'm school paper or from your school, nevada, for the summer school, or a year or to need come bus or got me if my mom, the power to make up there to go do nice to meet up with the test page. see if school to make that talk to you soon. i'll walk all custom sam, rally car doors that go well. got as leak a name on says sneaky me get at. do giovanni, see or, you know, my log wanting me up. it's not for us. so we all know that my lawyers on my las vegas f b johnston. i think that said rudy. or we're only exam the on of course tools on november. kingwood brought in laugh at me,
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an equal guy meter that saved while i can save them as a so she does are all in there in a church and your family on that one or tell us when i go to the rod, caveat the george as glad call that rules. yeah. or you jim or sally or down with him on the bill on the for the lease. my daughter does so i'll call is our gym. that boy you know who love to your day graham was he was out of the family. oh gosh, france, i am into the sand from their track as if i am ja clay upon it done all the fun of all that are the only dotsie the own volleys holy moley,
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the teeth are only like, did volley pre a did at 3 pm. yeah, otherwise ah mm mm mm mm.
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the drywall full more. the more that little galati ead there were rules. all right. but then add your name on them and that guide, that's a new regime seen as a jack on again. em all writers look yet family mom does that way. she gets in a go. well it is emily. i duck wound in as little blood in georgia. my, i'm glad you're south rancho now. news in a
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right in not with a with for the
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a o, cassandra, or the at the the list. little chit chat, 3 goodness, i'm all those coley shall be a little. yep, shit. and i was, i don't really, really believe you're truly unethical. i'm caught up. so let me go. there's no sex eyelash lana. crawley? bush listed. i left a vehicle. you saw last summer. yeah. yep. i mean we share 3 at the beale. all right. well, mom, i believe she boy, i am sure beetle. como de jeannine rather than a dog gala de baum. i mean either wouldn't go back, i go, i go, but it was today. she will be going to go when like today with
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you by yes. in the, the plus the, him at the is the bill of god below who had diarrhea. don't really get a got that is dollars. you know, we're a little doll are glad you know then that play well last year. good this summer to the so that's why i might your last name, young yellow yet. on that motion board kid. where the the the she is . yeah. yet it is. i'll go, i'll cut boiler you to a little that still falls off on the war and we are with you around the sliding law.
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the law down. i love the dallas i was just but then, you know, yeah, yeah. i the true that i need that. but as we started there shall pneumonia.
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wow. in all, she does a lot and i don't i knew that was for that or the buck has gone to the mean. nice lowball got you got going to be daily call me up clothes, shoes caught up with maybe just said already up. um it's only the only possible dollar on the car like that. all li,
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if this is really only if it was even worse for a single quite quiet lawyer vanish. title was said, or do you order us or study chuck? hold on, like i use i use ah,
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and a world of high frequency shed trading exposed to this engine that was basically trading. i could have lost $30000000.00, was a terrifying experience. how artificial intelligence has raised the stakes and risks on the money markets. as markets go faster, faster, we're opening up the possibility for an instability for no, no use with money bugs on al jazeera. when the news breaks, the company says that if the united face were to impose sanctions on president point, it would be comparable to severing ties with russia. and the story builds, we want to find out more about how off is being taken from the wild insult. with
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exclusive interviews, an in depth reports al jazeera has teams on the ground. there hasn't been a train running by for almost 2 decades to bring you more award winning documentaries and live knees. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm mariam ozzy. welcome to the news, our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. ukraine's president judge is well leaders to tone down rhetoric on russia, saying it's causing panic, and d, stabilizing the economy. the un says almost 40 percent of to grinds is suffering and extreme lack of food. after 15 months of conflict.


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