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tv   Risking It All Nicaragua  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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currency, which the i m f doesn't approve of the country using will help solve the debt problems, represent an obvious gamble. meanwhile, and solve those 1st bitcoin experiment using the crypto currencies, legal tender along with the dollar continues. government allies say it's doing great, but in 4 months, a big point over 4000000 people have become digitalized. and the grab, the vast majority of them didn't have bank accounts, and that's over 2 thirds of the population. the question is, how many of those $4000000.00 people just use the government's bitcoin up once to get out the $30.00 worth of the crypto currency given away for free? who knows? no public stats are available. what is known as the people who struggle to use the app and the big coin cash points from the star single. i've been trying to get into my account for 2 weeks and i can't do it. it's active and registered and i've been calling support. but they haven't been able to search it for me. the government came to remind that it's early days yet with the newly plan bitcoin city and bonds
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. it's certainly up the state, so it's back to crypto currency john home and el salvador. ah, let's take you through some of the headlines here, al jazeera, now ukraine's president is urging the west not to panic cove attentions with russia saying the possibility of conflicts is crippling the economy earlier. moscow said, it does not want a war with your brain, but it says it will not allow its interest to be ignored. the u. s. had warned the russian invasion was a distinct possibility to stop wasting us. we're grateful to the united states for their ongoing support for our sovereignty, but i am the president of ukraine and i'm based here and i think i know the details more than any other. we do understand what the risks are. it's important that the president should know the situation from me, not the intermediaries. we do not see
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a bigger escalation. yes, the truth numbers have gone up, but i was talking but the same thing in 2021. when there were drills in the russian federation, there was a big build up. we were supported by the us europeans called on russia to pull back . i don't think the situation is more intense than that time in early 2021. there was no such coverage of ukraine at that time. the west african blanca was suspended, became fat, so follows mondays. military coups, the june to lead a says, bel only be a return to constitutional order. when conditions, right? china's foreign ministry says the un human rights chief is welcome to visit. jin jang, but not to officially investigate rights groups have accused china of widespread abuses against weak muslims. it's risking it all. stay with us here. and i'll just, sarah. ah
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a ah, i mean this is with in the central american country around 250 kilometers, ne kept or not. well,
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the whole eunice party has the population of about 55000 people and is getting ready for local elections. the next day highland drives, a very old truck and has been requisitions by the government for a very important election day. taking stuff and pilot boxes to outlined villages. ah, hi, nan has absolutely no choice in the matter. i don't want you to know about it. only got available on a single day. you got it, you know i, you know, you know, but i mean in a way that i
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if i did the available level, i got to go over that with even as the old truck breaks down. and it's marson just to finish the journey on foot a way that they don't. 8 even live, been nobody animal a, they don't want them, you know, you know, with a with
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a, a a, a, a, a, a guardian, a dell, but i got, i got a, a minus assistant, took them to level one, a small fee for the job. which piece was philo and
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a guide to help him on the difficult chinese with a name a violin played with the last a. well, i don't know the same way that i think a little was on that the, the people that amount of way who i'm a blank as well, but then i love that when i don't know how that when i had it. but i think what i,
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with about my yeah, yeah, and in 9 and it's still treating for that just left to reach that state fest drug costs and a passenger survive in nicaragua has a history of political instability and underwent to evolution in sims 9 where the left wing anita the party took power from a long standing light when dictatorship pressed in. daniel ortega had close ties
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with hugo chavez was portrayed stance and the captain managua, the former venezuela precedent supported ortega est regime. nicaragua was never rich country. and since the 79 revolution has struggled to overcome the effects of dictatorships, civil war and a series of hurricanes and other natural disasters, it is still one of the poorest countries in the americas. the coven, 19 global pandemic has also affected nicaragua, economy damaging tourism and investment. if infrastructure is weak and only 60 percent of its roads are paid, and most of those are in managua. ah, so any kind of travel outside the cities can be a major challenge. with
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in the town of rusito worshipers twice as early as 5 an to attend this church here. many romano. laura, y'all are a little malaria, malaria with grass shifts when you get the better sense. yes. hang out in the latter salary. i doing this in the trees and i like sandy, agile. i realize the tree establishing their l a
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is small, attain each service and the financing offerings. i know it's enough for the 2 priests to survive on me. alexandria soon decided to turn and clung with their sobering my why need to repeat to other towns and villages with the family that i had my mom must be on the guy like list. yeah. mine. yeah. low. yeah. more delicately. alice then little sadie, open the yeah. my, my, my, my mom gave a good luck with both of wouldn't come monday with a feeling. i mean the money how good think i will get getting a low, lonely one but in what im with but the weather will
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not be in their favor. ah, meanwhile, the suburbs of the capitol managua, an important operation is getting underway under close surveillance. with get them in a a call no matter what you think. i mean, when they connect daughter, but i'm a job in those have been with a
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lady with a for a while, but i sent a letter . you has to handle the 7 and a half tons of dynamite and detonate is with extreme care. i'm wondering if you a let your matter at the dollar a month mostly i pay for me not pay it needs
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a look at it. if we're not there's a little self a lot, but the yellow it brought sheila put them on. okay. and they brought that she lowered gum with blood or jacket ball. okay, i'm, i brought that in a give us a call to maria for italy. i'm going to come in at the volleyball, i. e, a letter at the bottom of the. well, now i will bet villarejo in esteem have to transport the dynamite to the mining triangle, bonanza. it's the 420 kilometer journey on the curb was notoriously bad rose, like bad on that, but i think that those how, what i do. yeah. you know, i think going from an empathy implementing the but danny ma, marianna, the threat of attack by criminal guns. that's an extra level of race,
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as does the need to navigate carefully between 420 kilometers of potholes. nicaragua gained independence from colonial spain in 1821 and became the richest and most prosperous country in central america. but occupation by the united states, a dictatorship under the some of the family revolution. i'm the controllers have put post colonial prosperity firmly in the past. today. poverty is rife, good to alex and g and so hope to live people spirits with the land of christian faith. okay, let me see on for you. i would say your day i live in the seal. so the what about the boat a deal and nominating?
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how is it that i little bit of money. how come on let me let alone. yeah. if there was a lie, you'll hear a me what i see with might be a problem with the exhaust of their went to motorbike. lot of on the agenda with to finish the want to visit is 40 kilometers away with
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oh are you know with what? 15 kilometers into their journey. they have 2 problems, although the amount, okay, well, when i go out and they come in, all in with their bike has a flat tire and they have taken a wrong turning it's too kilometer to the next minutes. with a loud it got more myers read those areas and so
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a ricardo ah ah, their only option is to turn around to find the garage where they can get the tie repaired and put them on at the barrack as a mom. i know i at order a browser, the, i guess it got it from the continental. ah, i did try to hitch a ride to get to the nearest school. mm . oh, wow. dupree spring. so find the answered. the rain
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stops and they get right to the garage in through the crowd. well, the average wage is a poultry $160.00. you install this per month. but alexandria sure. and much less as the depend completely on donations in church. if the yankee was not a for lafayette mechanical, have you the garage spoon is $20.00, which the priest can ill afford. ah, despite the global pandemic, nicaragua did show and economic recovery in 2021. when poverty is still increasing, because wages and income for family businesses continue to be affected and the
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country's infrastructure is a mess at these roads. sure, ah, via their order. but i like got it. i don't know what is that, you know, middle mode took them to look them in the one my mother with in the field. and we are like double nearly no up or you mean that upon those, but i love it, but i feel like i mean a lot fondle dilemma told that the novel i embarrass it. and so my live, then a familiar career isn't gonna feel
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lead under and will live with la la, la mo. illness, larry, elderly i go eligible. i it's crunch time for alexandria and sean is seized with a difficult decision. the desperately want to reach the destination to recruit more numbers for their congregation, where they might simply be running out of time. with ya, cecily annoyed jennifer morrell made him a young american yourself and thought says, and somewhat regular. seldom of if he mamma looked black. you know, as you know, said when you are a guy, we're really satisfied. we're really thorough welcoming. i
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made a has his own road. i mother the all he, i get out of here. and there might met, may loud munger know alexandria and show a deeply committed to expanding their mission. la tomorrow is another day. and the a try again then. ah
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ah hello are you? it's now driving in the dark, carry his consignment of dynamite, and has been caught in a heavy rainstorm. up ahead. the river, outside bonanza. it's running dangerous the high. and threatens to wash away the last bridge before the town. that's already happened several times recently.
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ah. i to on 11 pm, the clock and escal pico finally caused the bridge off to 15 hours on the road and it were 400 kilometers elario, finalize in the mining town of an answer which is 7 and a half tons of dynamite. a
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. net is that because nobody said okay, it was like them a lot of it. mm hm. mm market that was la la municipal elections, the last vote. subbing cost in 2018. the ortega golf, mit crackdown on any kind of political protest. and it's human rights record is a good thing of the month old camp in order to get it. i can look and note the name of that it was you. i'm with the closes at the end of florida election day,
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heiner gets ready to take the final papers back to westmoreland town to be counted . aah! in pioneers hoping that is all trusting the course. if it lets him down, the government would still penalize him for failing to deliver the pallet boxes. mm hm. i tried to deliver and to really sandinista monte prevailed in the local elections. but the presidential election in november 2021 jew international condemnation, the us and the european union imposed sanctions or leading government figures.
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so the road ahead for the new card when people looks like we had difficult won there was a time when the arc tangleridge funds were enough to sustain live in the northern cali desert. and we ran. but us changing. we followed 3 men in different paths on go down as if he's drowned. wild animals and men may threaten the constant, the survival risk in it, but soon on ah and
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frank assessments for china will benefit from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest, the world cannot get together informed opinions at all costs focused on needs. and on fridays from that statement, critical debate library would claims that native constitutes an interesting chill thread to russia. but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera killing, the debate they erased there, of like people from the american and global story was very powerful on an online ad your voice. the comment section is whitehead joining our conversation. we had all protected when everyone is protected. it is not by being nationalistic about us. you just look at it in a very different way. said that perspective, men and men meeting each other and they don't have any pollution. let me get,
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put it clear for you this dream on al jazeera, on march, 15, 2019 zealand sense of security was shattered when 51 people was shot dead into christ church mos. another 40 wounded. when a gunman began shooting at a christ church, moss, it was packed with worshippers attending the friday service. for those who lost loved ones, finding ways to deal with the trauma is crucial. she came in, she asked me, what was mom? i told her mom was with me 4 months later, i feel much quiet and i feel much more calm and really focus with milan. let us love one real love doesn't cost once it makes your heart happier. my hard for you. he doesn't bring any loss foot into simple. let us practice this.
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i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career, but mil country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why lou ukraine's president plays down the threats of a russian invasion that the u. s. as may happen as soon as next month. ah, hello, i'm sam is a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall, so coming up russia's foreign minister. so gay lab, rob says moscow will not stall to wall, but once the west to respect its interests, abridge in the us city of pittsburgh collapses.


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