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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media cast right on al jazeera government shut off access to social media. ah, prepare for an invasion. the u. s. president warn, says ukrainian can support that. an attack from russia may come as early as next month. ah. hello again, i'm pete. adobe. you're watching al jazeera life from the also coming up. a call to arms. burkina faso is new, military leader puts the country on a war footing, asking the nation to unite and take on all violent extremist groups. saving
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a national treasure, australia announces a 700000000 dollar cash injection, to help preserve the great barrier reef. also ahead building a bitcoin city meets the president with plans to mine crypto currency using volcanic energy. ah, you as president joe biden has warned ukraine's leader that a russian invasion is 8 quotes, distinct possibility, and it may happen as soon as next month. the kremlin has denied as planning an attack. the french president emanuel macaroni will speak to vladimir putin shortly to pursue a path of dialogue. he has a diplomatic added, said james bass, looking at whether there's still a chance to avoid military confrontation. recent weeks of scene, an unprecedented flurry of diplomacy efforts have intensified as the threat of war grows. a war many believe could now be imminent and very dangerous.
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meanwhile, troops, tanks and weapons continue to mess in eastern europe. russian forces surround ukraine, nato is reinforcing its members the board of russia while some members of the alliance, but notably not germany ascending anti tank and anti aircraft massage to ukraine. so is there now a way to stop this march to war? span juergen, son is a stone years and basset to the united nations. his country is a neighbor to russia and until the end of last year served on the security council, there's always room for comp compromise. but the question is, does russia want to compromise? because if you look at the demand that russia has put forward to united states and nato, then just reading through them, it's absolutely obvious that the soul is just nonsense. it's deliberately grafted in a way that there couldn't be any compromise the leader of another nato nation. again,
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with a border with russia, norwegian prime minister, yona sca stora has told me despite the difficulties, no efforts should be spared to find a diplomatic solution. i simply state and i observe up now there are talks going on . there's a channel of communication, and i would appeal to those who sit those table use those channels up a maximum. and on the nato side and the euro atlantic site, i believe there is a very strong unity on the principles and very care messages in the communication. much the problem is that russia's foreign minister, sir g, a lab, ralph has made his country's demands in public. and in writing, russia says ukraine must never join nato and the poland and the 3 baltic states which will nato members must be allowed to have troops or weapons from other nato countries on their soil, alone and producing and upon the main question is our clear message that we consider further nato expansion to the east and weapons deployment, which can threaten the russian federation. unacceptable. one expert on the region
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warns that can only be a compromise if russia tables a new proposal, something that's more palatable to nato. the best compromise would come in russia, put something else on the table that the west was willing and able to provide. if russia looks at the general state of unity between europe and the united states, if it looks the kind of economic pleasures that have been promised in case of an incursion and decided that cost worth it, that the need to maintain business and economic ties to europe it's important enough for where russia wants to be in the future that jeopardizing that isn't worth which some experts believe that president putin may not have decided yet whether he's going to invade ukraine. the 1st meeting of the un security council on the current crisis is expected on monday, and russia were looking for the support of china. and that's why some diplomats
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believe the russians may wait to launch military action until the event that china has so much about the beijing winter olympics is over. in mid february, james bays al jazeera at the united nations. the russian foreign minister has said this morning that his country does not want war, so elaborate is expecting to meet with his us counterpart, anthony blinking in the coming weeks used to be at the very ship authorities, if it depends on the russian federation. we don't want war, but we also want allow interest to be violated. i can say that the negotiations are over, the americans and nato are studying proposals, dosage about a joint live now from the bureau in moscow. so daughter is this slightly optimistic . i mean the shift the optics just enough to mr. blinking to work again with mr. leverett. well, i think it gives a slight glimmer of hope,
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but whether or not it will be enough to ward off this crisis. we'll have to wait and see because the decision that we're all waiting for here is from the russian president vladimir putin. he received the u. s. response on thursday, and the officials here and waiting to see what the president will decide to do next and how to respond the fort. in the meantime, it appears now, although there was no agreement on the main issue that russia has in the current political climate with nato, and the us about the expansion of nato in further eastwards. there is some hope that on the secondary issues, what they've received in terms of our response from the us government is something the russians can work with. so good luck off. it's that, that the differences remain the same on the main issue, but on the secondary issues, there is room for negotiations and that is what we expect to take place in the next few weeks. we know that the russian president will be holding a phone call with his french counterpart manual micro, later today. and this comes after,
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there were no level talks in paris between what is known and then as the normal, the format that is germany, french, ukraine, and russia, about continuing and their commitment to a bar in ukraine. and they want that dialogue to continue. and it will continue in 2 weeks time in berlin. and there is also the possibility of the russian foreign minister, again, meeting with his american counterpart. but one thing to note here is that the foreign minister was very clear that this talk from washington about sanction being imposed on this country. financial, political, or any kind will be comparable to the u. s. government severing ties with russia. and there is no 2 ways about that. how that will go down here, though, so thank you very much. the u. s. is asking china to support efforts to resolve the situation diplomatically china's foreign minister. her sophie, you are secretary of state that all size should avoid stoking tensions. we are
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calling on a chair to use its influence with moscow to urge diplomacy. because if there is a conflict in ukraine, it is not going to be good for china, either. the kin offensive military leader says the nation will only return to what he called constitutional order when conditions are right. pull on, read the amoeba, address the nation for the 1st time since mondays, military cou, a cold on people to take up the fight against arm groups linked to al qaeda. and i . so nicholas hawk reports now from why do go haunted by those that didn't survive husband's fathers, but also brothers as young as 12 and 70 year old grandfather's all killed by fighters affiliated to isolate in the northern region of law, whom i had mouse gunmen encircled their village and shot them all says you got my mu now. the women and children were spared, but carry with them an unshakable fear of their returning hans thumbs up. i cannot
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go back. their bodies is still lying there, rotting in the ground. following monday school lieutenant colonel barlow, he demi bow made his 1st address to the nation. he put the country on war footing, calling on all to unite and take up arms against armed groups. laska laquanda sincere orders. me sir rollins issue. when the conditions arise, i commit to a return to a normal constitutional order fellow citizens, people of bikini faso. while there are many priorities, as is clear that the main priority remains security, we must significantly reduce the area under terrorist influence and the impact of violence extremism. by giving security forces the will to fight, and we must don't be offensive while you're mad. the beacon f as the army suffering many losses despite the support of french forces. this is in al qaeda propaganda. video recorded by fighters attacking security forces in into last november does is were killed in the rate that provoked a public outcry for what was seen as
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a humiliating defeat. demi bi deposed president caberry on monday, accusing him of being unable to defend the country in the military camp in downtown walker. do that lieutenant colonel. but oh, he demi buys, meeting with civil society actors leaders from the trade unions and members of capillaries government, the ministers that he was once accountable to are now under his orders. his objective is to rebuild the militaries that they can go from defeat to victory and regain control of law territory them eva had suggested recruiting russian mercenaries help. but president huck. gabriella dismissed the idea. but since the qu, russian mercenaries from the wagner group operating in central african republic, and molly say they are ready to help bertina foster tooth. 2000000 people have been forced from their homes in a country scarred by what feels like an endless spiral of violence. with no peace
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in sight, nicholas hawk al jazeera walker to go. north korea has confirmed it, testified a series of ballistic missiles on thursday. pyongyang has carried on 6 launches this month. in defiance of the un security council leader, kim jong owen, was seen at the factory that state media says, helps to manufacture missiles. young yoke is the associate research fellow at the ascent institute for policy studies. he believes north korea, we'll continue testing weapons until the us returns to the negotiating table. this is the per perfect timing for north korea to look for a pressure on doug country like as south korea or united states and even china. i. well, i mean there is a good reason, i think that those pretty a to do those kind of test us is title with the possible conflicts in ukraine and the poem and chinese in the, in the proper and the, for the success,
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parental and picks and south korea in the middle of the presidential election. so this is barry bar, lot over period for those countries. and north korea is using it. there's a lot of talks undergoing. well, i mean, there's no view to be made. so, i mean, there's no reason for us to, you know, our like our like last to you know, trunks by as it kim jones out of the summit. i mean there's no by them, kim, don't kim jones from me or is coming up still to come here on al jazeera, selling a clock finding a class action after nuclear disaster, 6 cancer patients to mon compensation, to being exposed to radiation. and andras was in his 1st female president, but problems within her party mean a rocky start for seo morrow, castro. ah
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. the ready seasons trying to change is orientation to some degree such that now we've got forecast wet weather in the philippines down through solar ways. he barley east was, but if you're west of that, it much dryer than it was, is still officially rainy season for both in louisiana. melissa, but you wouldn't necessarily think so much as southeast asians, maine, that linda china is relatively dry as well. in australia. it's the northern half of wittiest consistently, and that's particularly northern territory and northern quiz and tropical queens. but then beyond that, it's fairly dry apart from this line which is producing some pretty big chows in land in new south wales. just catching south australia and east victorian a. c t is not moving very far the next few days, possibly retrogressive and towards adelaide, but not recently such 2 degrees for you, west of that perth is looking warm again, not quite reco breaking, but we're up in the high thirty's. not the low studies where it should be that
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stays that way until after we can dropping down to about 36 on tuesday. so still hot really asked, uneasy. well, once again, you're sitting in the slow circulation of an anti shar transfer. it's quite unsettled whether christ church is going to fulfill, at least as good as usual. i think wellington probably feeling on the warm side. then he changed next couple days. his rain coming into the far south of south ireland. ah, india, a conspiracy theory claim, muslim men and women, it's a marriage. and converting one at one aisd investigates would be love one out of you. ah, al jazeera, with no
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news. ah, welcome back. you're watching al jazeera, your top stories this half hour, the u. s. president joe biden has warned his ukranian counterpart that a russian invasion is a distinct possibility. the russian foreign minister says if it depends on russia, there'll be no war, but they will not allow their interests to be ignored. burkina faso is military leaders, as the nation will only return to what he called constitutional order when conditions are right. call on read, amoeba is making his 1st public address is the 2. on monday, north korea has confirmed testify a short range ballistic missiles on thursday. pyongyang has carried at 6 launches
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this month in defiance of the un security council. in the u. k. london's metropolitan police force has weighed in on the report, being prepared by a civil servant into a leg social gatherings that the prime minister, boris johnson's official residents. number 10, officers say they want quite minimal references to be made about events they're investigating, which took place at the height of pandemic restrictions. let's bring in our correspondent andrew simmons who's outside 10 downing street for us today. andrew. hi there. what has the met police force been saying about this? well, this is an interesting twist into the party gates scandal, as it's been known at now on tuesday, metropolitan police announced it was holding its own inquiry, a criminal investigation into a number of events of parties here in downing street and also in whitehall, generally what it saying now in a statement is that it wants minimal reference to be made to the events. it's
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investigating says that there have been contact with the cabinet office report su gray, whose report was expected to be a revealed public but, but published this week and in parliament and discussions in parliament and the statement from the prime minister. but that is delayed. furthermore, in this statement, it is saying that it, sir, it's no asking for any limitations on 2 other events in the su gray report. but the ongoing contract is going on with the su gray inquiry. it does not want to have any prejudice to the police investigations. the question is this, what does minimal reference me? because the events being investigated by the police are thought to be at the main events that su, grades investigates me. so how can, how her report have really real, substantial relevance,
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or if parts of it have to be wiped out on please guidance. so i guess there will possibly be an impact here political, fuller impacts on morris johnson, but also maybe on su grey's actual report to me, what's the point in her publishing her report or giving it to 10 downing street until after the metropolitan police force has said publicly, there are cases and questions to be answered or not here. perhaps this is definitely going to be the case. there's going to be a lot of controversy whipped up by this development. it's only about an hour old now that the news that this statement has been made, it was in response to a media organization's question. it was not at general release initially, but this is really it was a concern that was a concern all along that that could be subdued it see that could be a problem with sucrose report, the general understanding him in downing street,
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which has been in a bit of a fix about how this whole thing can be actually managed. ah, that that has been a general consensus that that would be a full report published. and now with a question mark about whether it will be actually contain the main events, the main events that could implicate the prime minister himself and or thank you very much. andrew simmons was there live outside downing street. the police in iraq say at least 6 rockets of hit bank dance international airport. the attack caused significant damage to an aircraft, but no casualties were reported. no group has claimed responsibility. the u. s. defense secretary wants the pentagon to limit civilian casualties caused by american air strikes. lloyd austin says it's a moral imperative to protect civilians. he wants an action plan within the next 90 days and hopes the pentagon can implement the recommendations. there has been
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condemnation across recent months following an air strike in the afghan capital last year, the killed 10 civilians. 6 people are suing the operator of the fukushima nuclear plant in japan. they say they developed cancer in the years following the 2011 nuclear disaster. victoria gayden b. as the details luez representing the 6 cancer patients walked to fall their lawsuit at tokyo district court. they say tokyo electric power company holdings should pay more than $5000000.00 in compensation. after that, clients were exposed to radiation following the 2011 nuclear disaster in fukushima, one of the 6 plaintiffs who doesn't want to be identified says cancer has ruined her life. poor girl. yeah. got it. you been anybody they were born. i always wanted to be a career woman whacking hot in tokyo, but i was diagnosed with cancer and i still feel ill after i had surgery. simpson, i'm in a situation where i have to prioritize my health over everything. in march 2011,
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a magnitude 9 earthquake stroke japan's eastern coast, it triggered us unami that st. huge waves surging as far as tank element is inland . the fukushima nuclear power plant was also overwhelmed and see water flooded. its reactors. radiation leaked out, forcing more than a 150000 people to flee. the 6 people suing the operator, lived in fukushima in 2011 and later developed thyroid cancer. lawyers say cases of the disease in fluke ashima or significantly higher than the national average. gord often gone through nor thyroid comes as a lab disease at only one and a 1000000 people get on average as a number of children fukushima that aren't 30000, only one person would get it every few years. but after the nuclear disaster are 266, people have developed cancer fukushima b a u m report last year, found the nuclear disaster had not increase the risk of cancer. and the authorities
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in fukushima say the high detection rate is due to over diagnosis. below is say, fukushima zona should be held accountable for radiation exposures unless they can prove otherwise. victoria gate and be al jazeera, the death toll from a storm that struck 3 southern african countries has risen to at least $77.00 tropical storm. anna made land fall in madagascar on monday. before moving to mozambique and malawi, holmes schools and hospitals have been destroyed as have power lines. on thursday, madagascar declared a state of national disaster. dozens of people have been reported missing. the australian prime minister scott morrison has promised to further $703000000.00 to help protect the great barrier reef from environmental threats. he says the investment will also help secure thousands of jobs that depend on the reef. sarah clark reports from brisbin. the $700000000.00 announcement will fund a range of conservation projects to protect the great barrier reef and comes
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a year after the world heritage site was almost listed as endangered by the united nations. the funding will go towards improving monitoring systems, water quality programs, and greater protection for coal communities. with more than half of the core population killed over the last decade, due to mass bleaching triggered by climate change. this is an election year and this funding announcement is the government's attempt to convince its critics that it's doing its bit to address climate change. the united nations world heritage committee will reassess the state of the reef again this year and vote on whether it should be added to the endangered list site. a say the great barrier reef has already suffered math, co mortality due to hate stress and severe bleaching. the next 12 months is expected to deliver record high temperatures and critic se friday's funding announcement doesn't address the key issue, employable warning, and is more about protecting tourism jobs. el salvador has led the way and adopting bitcoin, being the 1st country to take it on as legal tend to last year. but generating the
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digital coin requires huge amounts of energy. now the countries president has an ambitious plan to create a bit coin city using the power of of o k. no, it is a big gamble and people are skeptical as john holman reports now from the capital. it was the 1st country in the world to use bitcoin as emotional currency. now, so with those poised to take its gamble further, the president in a fireworks fuel party announced that his planning a whole city based on the crypto currency. what is the grocery got to include and is gonna include of everything, residential areas, commercial area services. they will have 0 income tax 0 capital gains tax. so you know, invest yeah. make all the money you want to. we're fine because this is a fully, fully ecological city that's work that works. and it's energized by able keno,
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bitcoin city shaped like a symbol of the crypto currency itself. it will run with your firm electricity from the nearby volcano, which will also be used to generate more bit coins. it's an investor's fantasy, but there are worries. it's little more than that. what, why is that? why their doubts about why a lot of other things because there is now 30 at this point, but i can tell k, no, it's in simple mellow canada. and the government has claim will mean when they'll be using mining. actually it allows for that kind of deal taylor exploitation. her associations been critical of president bush kelly, but many big coin as a rule. so skeptical. nobody seen any detail plans, but the government still plowing ahead planning to so $1000000000.00 worth a so called big coin bonds, half of which would be used for the cities infrastructure. the other half will be used to buy up more bit coins. the hope is that their value goes up and helps pay
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of some of those. so with those large national debt of some of those finance, his aunt look into rosie. it's been running up a big budget deficit has payments looming, been trying to negotiate alone with the international monetary fund. but so far, that hasn't come through yet, hoping that bitcoin volatile currency, which the i m f doesn't approve of the country using will help solve the debt problems. brett presents an obvious gamble. meanwhile, l. so those 1st bitcoin experiment using the crypto currencies, legal tender along with the dollar continues. government allies say it's doing great. but in 4 months, a big point over 4000000 people have become digitalized. and the grab, the vast majority of them demand bank accounts. and that's over 2 thirds of the population. the question is, how many of those $4000000.00 people just use the government's bitcoin up once to get out the $30.00 worth of the crypto currency given away for free? who knows?
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no public stuts are available. what is known as the people who struggle to use the app and the big coin cash points from the star single. i've been trying to get into my account for 2 weeks and i can't do it. it's active and registered and i've been calling support. but they haven't been able to search it for me. the governments came to remind that it's early days yet. but with the newly plan bitcoin city and bonds, it's certainly up the states and it's back to crypto currency john home. and i'll just el salvador on juris has sworn in its 1st female presidency. amount of castro swept the national vote in november, promising to restore democratic institutions optimal than 12 years of single party rule. however, a growing rift in congress threatens to derail the new president's political agenda . manuel republic reports now from the capital o celebrations across stig lucy galvan, as humana council,
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former 1st lady of honduras, was sworn in to become the country's 1st female president. yet either in a manner he had a man, oh dear sisters and brothers honduran people, the presidency of the republic had never been assumed by a woman in honduras, 200 years have had to pass since the declaration of our independence. oh, city streets, throughout the capital tegucigalpa closed for a parade to celebrate the historic inauguration. many expressed their hopes. the country may finally turn a page after more than a decade of single party rule. more by scandal and political turmoil that a field, a historic wave of migration is that i am okay that we hope that she will deliver that which we have been hoping for for years. that people will no longer migrate to other countries. that people will stay and have decent employment because we all have a right to that. and it's what a majority of the people expected to stay in their country. nobody wants to be away
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from their home. and that is what she will accomplish. get a dozens of high profile guests were also in attendance, including us, vice president carmella harris, who seeks to strengthen a bilateral partnership with honduras to address the root causes of migration from central america that over there, i think get him into poverty has increased by 74 percent to turn our country into the poorest in latin america. this statistic in itself explains the caravans of thousands of people who flee north towards mexico and the united states. ah, here in the capital city, is that a fellow draco? inaugurating day, taking way under a background of political crisis, no 100 national congress legislators, however, appear to have at least temporarily put aside the political stand off to allow cities is to celebrate the peaceful transfer of power o presidents jamara gaster ran on an anti corruption platform promising an
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overhaul of the country's legal system. her ability to govern effectively, however, ultimately depend on finding common ground with her political opponents in the hunter and legislature. manuel rap, hello al jazeera things, he got them. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. the u. s. president joe biden has warned his ukranian counterpart that a russian invasion is a distinct possibility and says, america is ready to respond decisively of russia's foreign minister insists. there will be no war history of the value ship, but the risk, if you, if it depends on the russian federation, we don't want war. but we also won't allow interest to be violated. i can say that the negotiations are over with the americans and nato are studying our proposals as much to akin of ourselves military leaders as the.


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