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active when everyone is detective, it does not apply. being nationalistic about this, you just look at it in a very different way. said that perspective, men and men meeting each other and they don't have any pollution. let me get put it clear for you this analogy. sierra ah, the us seeks un security council intervention on the ukraine crisis. joe biden promises a decisive response if russia invades russia, says it's left with little room for optimism on your grade. is still insists. it does not want to go to war. ah, oliver, i'm the cloud. this is al desert life and also coming up between if i say new military rule of vows to restore constitutional order. but only when certain
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conditions are met and honduras sways in its 1st female president. but problems within her party. when a rockies thought i see a motor customer, ah, so the newest president joe biden has reiterated to as ukrainian counterpart that washington is ready to respond decisively. if russia invades the u. s. has requested an open un security council meeting that's on monday to discuss what it calls russia's threatening behavior and build up of troops. moscow has amassed about a 100000 troops near its border with ukraine, but denies its planning to invade. russian su, 35 fight a jet. symbols have been seen landing at bella ruffian. air fields at nato has about 4000 traits backed by tanks and air defenses near russia. in estonia, in lithuania, that we are an impertinent and more on high alert. prepared to deploy russians,
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foreign ministry says he, idea of a war with ukraine is unacceptable. but another official from the ministry warned a nuclear missile crisis is inevitable. if checks aren't in place to turn down tensions out diplomatic edits. a james base looks now at whether there is still a chance to avoid military confrontation through diplomacy. hello, in recent weeks, have seen an unprecedented flurry of diplomacy. efforts have intensified as the threat of war grows. a war many believe could now be imminent and very dangerous. meanwhile, troops, tanks and weapons continue to mess in eastern europe. russian forces surround ukraine, nato is reinforcing its members the board of russia while some members of the alliance, but notably not germany ascending anti tank and anti aircraft missiles to ukraine. so is there now a way to stop this march to war?
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span juergen, son is a stone years and basset to the united nations. his country is a neighbor to russia and until the end of last year served on the security council, there's always room for comp compromise. but the question is, does russia want to compromise? because if you look at the demands that russia has put forward to united states and nato, then just reading through them, it's absolutely obvious that the soul is just nonsense. it's deliberately grafted in a way that there couldn't be any compromise the leader of another nato nation. again, with a border with russia, norwegian prime minister, yona sca stora has told me despite the difficulties, no efforts should be spared to find a diplomatic solution. i simply state and i observe up now there are talks going on . there's a channel of communication, and i would appeal to those who sit those tables, use those channels up, the maximum, and on the nato side and the euro atlantic site, i believe there is
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a very strong unity on the principles and very care messages in the communication much the problem is that russia's foreign minister, sir g, a lab, ralph has made his country's demands in public. and in writing, russia says ukraine must never join nato and the poland and the 3 baltic states which will nato members must be allowed to have troops or weapons other nato countries on their soil alone and producing and boom. the main question is our clear message that we consider further nato expansion to the east and weapons deployment, which can threaten the russian federation. unacceptable. one expert on the region warns that can only be a compromise if russia tables a new proposal, something that's more palatable to nato. the best compromise would come in russia put something else on the table that the west was willing and able to provide. if russia looks at the general state of unity between europe and the united states, if it looks the kind of economic pleasures that have been promised in case of an
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incursion and decided that cost worth it, that the need to maintain business and economic ties to europe is important enough for where russia wants to be in the future that jeopardizing that isn't worth which some experts believe that president putin may not have decided yet whether he's going to invade ukraine. the 1st meeting of the un security council on the current crisis is expected on monday, and russia were looking for the support of china. and that's why some diplomats believe the russians may wait to launch military action until the event that china has so much about the beijing winter olympics is over. in mid february, james bays al jazeera at the united nations. let's say now from bill how many, who's been speaking to people in multiple, in se, in the crate? the hurdles of i'm a lot of people, there is a feeling that at the moment, oh, really, the whole thing is going between russia and
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a u. s. and ukraine wants to make sure that that remains the center of that conversation and certainly note up as sort of byproduct of that. all that is a sentiment we also heard among many people, they said at the end of the day, this is a fight that's got a crisis as going on between the 2 superpowers. the u. s. and russia is about really expanding influence in this part of the world. and ukrainians. want to make sure that they are not a consequence of that. but that actually the real threat they're living under is something that's going to be dealt with. the king of us, those military leader says the nation will only return to constitutional order when the conditions are right. the tenant colonel, pull or read to me, but addressed the nation for the 1st time since soldiers to pose the civilian government on monday is called on people to unite and take up arms to regain the country. sovereignty from armed fighters. nicholas huck has more now from the capital will go to haunted by those that didn't survive husband's fathers,
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but also brothers as young as 12 and 70 year old grandfather's all killed by fighters affiliated to isolate in the northern region of law whom i had mouse gunman encircled their village and told them all says you got my me now. the women and children were spared, but carry with them and unshakable fear of their return and i cannot go back. their bodies are still lying there rocking in the ground. falling mondays. lieutenant colonel barlow, he demi bow made his 1st address to the nation. he put the country on war footing, calling on all to unite and take up arms against arm groups. large quantity on sir ordered me your knowledge. when the conditions arise, i commit to return to a normal constitutional order and guy, fellow citizens, people of the king of fos. or while there are many priorities, is it clear that the main priority remain security? we must significantly reduce the area under terrorists and the impact of violence
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extremism. by giving security forces the will to fight, and we must be offensive while the broken f s. army suffering many losses despite the support of french forces. this is in okay, that propaganda video recorded by fighters attacking security forces in natal last november. dozens were killed in the rate that provoked a public outcry for what was seen as a humiliating defeat. to me by deposed president, february on monday, accusing him of being unable to defend the country. it's in the military camp in downtown, while i do that, lieutenant colonel brought over to me by meeting with civil society actors leaders from the trade unions and members of february. the government administered that he was once accountable to are now under his orders. his objective is to rebuild the military so that they can go from defeat to victory and regain control of law
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territory demi, but had suggested recruiting russian mercenaries help. but president hawk gabrielle a dismissed the idea. but since the que russian missionaries from the wagner group operating in central african republic, and molly say they're ready to help foster to, to 1000000 people have been forced from their homes in a country scarred by what feels like an endless spiral of violence, with no peace in sight, nicholas hawk al jazeera was to go under as his one in the country. first female president c. a mater castrate swept the national votes in november, promising to restore democratic institutions. after more than 12 years, a single party rule bound to growing rift in congress threatens to derail the president's political agenda. money ruffled reports from the capital to cusick elbow. o celebrations across stig lucy, gulping as humana council, former 1st lady upon duras,
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was sworn in to become the country's 1st female president. yet either in a manner he had a man, oh dear sisters and brothers honduran people, the presidency of the republic had never been assumed by a woman in honduras, 200 years have had to pass since the declaration of our independence. oh, city streets, throughout the capital tegucigalpa closed for a parade to celebrate the historic inauguration. many expressed their hopes. the country may finally turn a page after more than a decade of single party rule. more by scandal and political turmoil that a field, a historic wave of migration is that i'm a day that we hope that she will deliver that which we've been hoping for for years . that people will no longer migrate to other countries. that people will stay and have decent employment because we all have a right to that. and it's what a majority of the people expected to stay in their country. nobody wants to be away
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from their home. and that is what she will accomplish. get a dozens of high profile gas. we're also in attendance including us, vice president carmella harris, who seeks to strengthen a bilateral partnership with honduras to address the root causes of migration from central america. that over there, i think get him into poverty, has increased by 74 percent, to turn our country into the poorest in latin america. this statistic in itself explains the caravans of thousands of people who flee north towards mexico and the united states. ah, here in the capital city is that a fellow draco, inaugurating day, taking way under a bad drug of political crisis. no 100 national congress. legislators, however, appear to have at least temporarily put aside the political stand off to allow cit since to celebrate the peaceful transfer of power. o presidents jamara castle ran on an anti corruption platform,
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promising an overhaul of the country's legal system. her ability to govern effectively, however, ultimately depend on finding common ground with her political opponents in the hunter and legislature, manuel rappel al jazeera dignity goal is to lead hearing out 0 destroying data. europe police agency is told to get rid of information that holds on digital arts. why everyone from john companies to celebrities are embracing the crypto currency phenomenon. and as an f t ah ah, look forward to protest guys with sponsored by cutoff at ways. hello there. let's look to east asia and there's more winter weather on the cards for japan, but we are expecting the snow to fall as heavily as it has done. was still seen
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those when to flurries, stretch all the way from northern areas, a kiddo down to western areas of han shoes. by the time you get in to saturday, we will see some of that wet snow and rain pushing its way into southern areas of japan. now, farther west of this, it is looking out finer and dryer rather brittany cold in places and it's a similar story for northern areas of china, beijing coming in at 4 degrees, but lots of sunshine. here we are seeing significant snow, however, across central areas of china or that rain as well. pushing across the eastern areas. we're not expecting snow in shanghai this weekend, but we will see the rain last through the weekend and we are going to see that weather weather shift farther south. we will see rain in hong kong on sunday and the taiwan, we've got that disturbance bringing some heavy rain to the island through the weekends. now as we move across to south asia for on india, we've got the seasonal rains kicking into tom will now do some strongest storms for parts of sri lanka. but up in the north it is a lot finer and dry. a picture with sunshine hazy at that in new delhi,
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the temperature at 17 degrees celsius on friday that she weather update for the weather sponsored by katara, always. the jenny, a jenny, a phase, and one of necessity. 3 different missions than all facing the challenge of driving on nicaragua was unpaid roads at the mercy of its unpredictable tropical weather. risking it all the curriculum on al jazeera, ah, ah, ah. and again, you're watching out 0 reminder, our top story is the cell, and you as president,
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joe biden has reiterated to his ukranian counterpart, washington's readiness to respond decisively. if russia in bates, the u. s. has requested a public un security council meeting on monday to discuss what it calls russia's threatening behavior. we can, if i says new military lead and says the country will return to constitutional order when the conditions are right, colonel read to me, but as address the nation for the 1st time he sees in monday, the 1st female president of honduras has been sworn to modern castro takes over from to term prison on orlando fernandez at 62 year old castro faces high expectations to toronto. the dispute of a few leaves the newly elected north korean state. media has confirmed that it testified a short range ballistic missiles on thursday. pyongyang has carried out 6 weapon
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lodges this month, in defiance of un security council resolutions. leader kim jogan has vowed to modernize military. it was seen an undated photographs released after thursday's test, at a factory that state media se can transform metals in ways that are useful for manufacturing missiles. tapes on, we can speak to young oak from sol. he is an associate research fellow at the us and institute for policy studies. welcome. so what do you think is happening here as many tests in a month in january as it were in the year last year? this just posturing. well, i mean as this is the perfect timing for north korea, tulips, fer pressure on doug country like south korea or united states and even china as well. i mean there is a deliveries on i think that those pretty hard to do those kind of past. so you say it's a perfect time to do because what big rushes knocking the door of ukraine bristling
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with arms in the world focuses very much elsewhere. is that we yes, of course. i mean, you essays, title with the possible conflicts in ukraine and the, at taiwan and china seen those you the, in the, from her and the for the stuffs as parental own picks and south korea in the middle of the presidential election. so this is barry bar, lot over period for those countries. and north korea is using. so when north korea does, is it, is it, is it actually physically testing? is it, is it going through the processes of testing or is it, is it just posturing? while i sit there, this is a for quite, you know, our bad grade pasting and i'm in this miss. ios are essentially putting those korea nuclear forces since the legacy messiahs, such as like a scott or northern messiah. this can be intercepted by b, k, a. and b, which is the korea an l and besides depends dis them like the clambers. nobody can
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a state of miss i did pass. no said the what about the efforts to try and resolve this we, we saw donald trump gary there. she meets up with the north korean leader biden has made no effort diplomacy at all. is he ever likely to do you think? yeah, i think that there, there's a lot of talks undergoing, but i mean, there's no deal to be made. so, i mean, there's no reason for us to, you know, our like our like last to, you know, trumps by a geeky kim jones out of the summit. i mean, there's no buy them. and kim don't, and kim's ellen saw me or is coming up. so what could stop this? a un sanctions have been disallowed by russia in china. the security council. it seems that north korea can just continue, it will, right? yeah. and they will continue until they get the,
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it'll new system and deploy the admin and what, what they, what they need is that is the, i mean, they want those country to live that lifted their sanction, or at least give them my economy support. and i mean, they should, they should, you know, still the domestic saw poorer to crowd a at this, this contents. well, they already made the by the economic sanctions and copays situation or yeah, look whenever there, thanks very much indeed for your analysis. thanks a lot young associate research for it as an institute. yes. what can it be occupied? westbank questions have been raised about the lack of specialized hospital treatments. this is after a palestinian teenager died while requiring urgent cancer care. it's 6 years since the palestinian president promised to cancel hospital would be built. they did abraham reports now from ramallah. these are the last pictures,
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silly me. no. as he sent his family before he died earlier this month. the 16 year old had leukemia but couldn't get treatment in any hospital. his family says the delay in getting urgent medical attention killed him. some other hell on sunday, my little when sally went to the hospital, they refused to admit him saying the palestinian authority has not paid it's. but 3 other people have been admitted. i am sure they had better connection and managed to get themselves and mighty public hospitals do not provide cancer treatment. so the government transfers patients to private hospitals are abroad. sally know at he didn't get a transfer in a news conference, the health ministry admitted medical workers failed to act in time. and in 2016 president motor bass announced the building of a new cancer hospital to treat the growing number of patients. this is the land where the hospital was supposed to be built. but 6 years later, many activists have been asking where's the hospital?
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and they're accusing palestinian officials or stealing them money dedicated to building it. prime minister, how much they said donations as only covered the small part of the overall budget of $160000000.00 and the plans have been put on hold. but many have said that this shows how little transparency there is between the palestinians and the authority. a recent pull shows the 63 percent of palestinians think there is corruption in public institutions. but people are often too scared to report it. even though there is a system to protect whistleblowers model for us as she wasn't protected, she's been at home for the past 2 years after being fired from her job for reporting nepotism, an abuse of power at work. on an ann, i'm now being accused of lender and i'm fighting, it's in court. no one is hiring me because they think i'm a troublemaker, you sherman? no palestinians have seen the president's power,
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expand at the expense of the just letter and judiciary. the, the look, the east we have a weak rule of law. the president's office has been getting more authority. this has led to more decisions that benefits certain officials and powerful circles around the president. even when some corruption allegations are investigated, perpetrators are rarely held accountable. critics say that without the political will to fight corruption efforts to combat the problem will remain limited in deb him al jazeera, the occupied westbank reg. heavy snow fall has blanketed parts of jerusalem. it shut down roads and schools and grounded flights in the region. but somewhere out make most of the winter flurry or force it has more. a winter snowfall isn't unknown in jerusalem by any means. but on this scale it is very rare. there hasn't been anything like this for the last 10 years. in 2012, it was about 60 centimeters that fell overnight,
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wednesday to thursday. it was about 20 centimeters at the effect of a storm lps, which has been blanketing, athens and istanbul in recent days, making its way south here. now this is a rare experience and so this isn't a city that's particularly well equipped to dealing with such heavy snowfall. our people came out as it came down overnight and enjoyed the flurries and the real snow storm in jerusalem streets in the night time. but there were also municipal workers out trying to clear the main thoroughfares. many of the smaller roads, though, are still pretty choked up. i've seen people trying to dig their cars out of parking spaces. and as well as that the main motorway between jerusalem and television was for a time closed. and every way you go, you see evidence of the other thing has happened, which is school closures. so there are children on the streets in parks, a building snowman. throwing snowballs at the stuff in the air. now the precipitation right now is turning a bit wet. those are, this could be
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a fleeting if memory will experience a rare, proper snow day. in the holy city. a, europe's police agency has been ordered to destroy information. it holds on thousands of people, regulators accuse europe, whole of exceeding e. you limits for data storage, surpassing reports now from amsterdam, form from the linda file, the court case in amsterdam against police to find out why europe all is buying on him. the dutch activists, as the worst he did, was break a window during a protest for homeless people, while police in the netherlands admitted under linda is no danger to society. he has yet to find out what europe will know about him. they don't have chris on the data. and if they don't have grip on the data and they spread us all around the world, this is super dangerous. what is the danger? or the danger is getting arrested and ending up in an in police custody or worse in a certain country. because they don't like political activist or left wing political activist. in my case, europe, or obtain personal data,
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thousands of citizens up the french police hacked into an encrypted phone messaging service. as a result, dutch french, german, and british police arrested hundreds of suspected criminals in 2020, in the so called and called chap case. the most remarkable find was a container equipped to torture people. lawyers are questioning the legality of the operation, and you see fish new. ok. so if you see a wave of court cases now in the netherlands, u. k from spain, finland and germany. everyone is fighting this, but so far clarity has not been given bass. this is quite unique because ankle jet is one of the biggest hex ever done by the police. and they should clarify, if it was done legally, the european data protection supervisor has company at your pulse practices with those at the american by agency as we field by whistleblower. edward snowden in 2013. so you can not collect the data just in case it will be less, it will be useful in the future. you should know from the very beginning to what
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the doctor is thought for. this is the difference between the european approach and approach in some other parts of the world where it is acceptable that the data is stored in case it will be useful in the future. you know, a fall declined to comment on camera, but in, in response the agency fact that's a 6 months time limit for data stories just not enough. and that it is assessing how the supervisors decision to destroy the data will affect the security of you citizens. well, most europeans won't complain about data storage for criminal networks. that is concern about millions of innocent people who are being monitored. the european commission is discussing if legislation to allow euro pulse, mass data, storage should be adopted. i'm actually quite surprised that what happened at that time would and as a, everybody was speaking out very clearly in the you and now the years are doing in themselves. and there is not so much outcry yet from the linda is calling on other
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europeans to go to court to demand access to the files stored about them. but he wants it could take many years before they'll receive answers, steadfast and al jazeera answer them. another energy john is leaving men mom because of human rights concerns is trailyn company. woodside follows chevron and turtle in withdrawing the ruling military. the biggest source of foreign income, amnesty international says businesses have no excuse to continue working with the regime. this is what this is need to be doing and i need to be weighing this up if it's the right thing to be doing. i mean, if wait, next tuesday is the one year anniversary of the milling sick, who i mean, in that time way of saying over 1400 people killed with st. thousands of people detained or st activists and journalists that being part of like a bloody backlash where they've been detained and often killed. so this is,
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i mean the military is, they are launching indiscriminate attacks that are killing civilians. there's life saving that's been blocked to the country. this isn't a bit of a country. this isn't a right saying that people should be wandering into doing business with the global market for digital assets recorded enormous growth last year. collect hasn't traded, spent $40000000000.00 on what are called non fungible tokens or an f t's. the digital tokens used to represent ownership of unique items such as ditch law or a video clip. artist brands, musicians, and others can create an f, t, 's and of them for sale. the transaction is listed on a publicly verifiable digital database called a block chain. h n f t has a unique identification code that acts like a certificate of authenticity. so even though others can see, take a picture or try to replicate an f t online, they won't be able to resell it. bit like owning a poster of the main elisa where they can only be one owner of the original
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painting. marker kiddos. catan is, is a reporter with fortune magazine who's been writing about an f t's. and he says about jane doesn't make buying risk free. with any industry comes some level of fraud. and if you're buying or selling enough to use, you need to be careful of making sure that for instance, nor buying from an authentic store or 3rd party platform, where they sell m s g 's. because there can be fake websites that look very similar . and also that you're buying from a verified seller once you're on an authentic website because there can be sellers that look. busy very similar are selling some more s g 's to something that maybe value that $1000000.00, but are not the actual thing. and also need to make sure that you're avoiding you know fishing scans and giving away the password to your crypto. well, it, because that's an easy way for all your energy or your crypto currencies to be
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trained. i think it's opening out an entirely new market and keep or doing more with digital are in order to get this to take advantage of. you have to trend and as well creating videos that we haven't seen before used extensively. and so i think it really has making a difference in the art world and outweigh the are less of a recap of the headlines here in algebra. and you, as president joe biden has reiterated to his ukranian counterpart, washington readiness to respond decisively. if russia invade ukraine at the u. s. has requested a public un security council meeting on monday to discuss what it calls, rushes, threatening behavior or rushes foreign ministry says the idea of a war with the crane is unacceptable.


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