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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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no matter where it takes a police lea, a cl again and power and passion. we tell your story. we are your voice, your news, your net out his ear. lou this is al jazeera. ah. hello, i'm rob matheson, this is the news our life and doha, coming out with a like 60 minutes. russia says it's not satisfied with the us response to its main security demands. but it doesn't rule out talks to diffuse tensions with ukraine. bread and honey us as the country gets ready to swear in its 1st female presidency about our castro. u. s. president joe biden says he will fulfill
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a campaign pledge by nominating the 1st black woman to the supreme court. following stephen breakers retirement and spotify picks podcast or joe rogan over musician meal young, in a row over, covet 19 misinformation. and i'm, he, december school, your sports news, iran. i have become the 1st nation from the asian confederation to qualify for the 2022 world cup and coffee that and more coming up later this he's ah, we're going to begin in moscow where the kremlin says the u. s. and nato have failed to properly address its security concerns. washington's rejected russia's demand to have ukraine barred from joining nato. and the lack of progress has left several factors hanging in the balance. nato has about 4000 troops backed by tanks
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and air defenses. near rush up in estonia, lithuania lamb, sale and poland, and more on high alert, prepared to deploy. russia in turn has about 100000 troops near its border with ukraine, but denies its planning to invade. rushes for ministry says the idea of a war with ukraine is unacceptable, but at the same time, another official from the same ministry warned a nuclear missile crisis with the us is inevitable. if checks aren't in place to turn down tensions. there are also concerns the japanese reliance and gas from russia. these europe largest economy vulnerable, the u. s. has warned that the nor stream to pipeline project will not go ahead if russia invades ukraine. the us is in talks with energy producers, to temporarily divert the suppliers dos as your body. as more for moscow, the russian foreign minister said that the americans have not a given a positive response to their main requests. and that is that nato not expand
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further, but that they have received positive responses grace under secondary requests and demands. and that is providing some optimism in room for talks in the future. we've also been hearing from the kremlin spokesperson said there is really no reason to be optimistic at this stage. the as spokesperson also said that the proposals not being studied by the russian president vladimir putin who will decide on the next steps and what they will be. i think it's important to point out that diplomacy is going to continue for how long it's not clear, but we do know that the norm in the format that is the 4 countries, including russia, ukraine, germany, france, will meet in berlin in 2 weeks time. they had a long session on wednesday in paris, a for that last that 8 hours about and this cease fire in ukraine and how they're all committed to that. so there is a sense that there is still a small window of opportunity for diplomacy to continue. how long that window will
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last remains to be seen on officials joining me live from washington dc. i understand the president barton's expected to talk to the president of ukraine shortly. that's right. i mean, we won't get to the granular detail of the discussion, but we know that he's going to talk about the russian response. he will talk about what in the united states can continue to give it to ukraine. we know that they're sending military aid, they're part of a $200000000.00 package. and also they'll talk about macro financing, how they can help financially for ukraine during this period. this is all part of clever sequencing by the white house. they've got the, the chat with euclidian president to day. then on monday, the guitar, a mere will be here at the of the, we'll talk about afghanistan. but more importantly, in this context, they will talk about fuel supplies to europe. if they were to say to russia, we're, we're done with lord stream to and then on the 7th, the german chancellor will be here. and again are going to talk about matters of
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common interest than that. undoubtedly woman ukraine. and i'm sure they'll be some pressure from joe biden saying, look at, we know that not seems important. we know how important gas is to you, but we have set up alternative suppliers. so you need to keep the line with the rest of europe and see that russia cannot get involved in ukraine. and if they do, there will be sanctions. so big important meetings coming up over the next week or so for joe biden. this is all about presenting a united front, sending a warning to the russians. look, we are all united and how we are going to handle this. yeah. and that a united front is absolutely key, isn't it? and that's behind that. the diplomatic efforts that the u. s. is putting into all of this exactly, he's got to get every one here in the united states on board. and that seems to be happening that have been classified briefings on the hill that with both parties and initially with the leadership. but it has spread the national security advisor
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jim sullivan has been there. 20 blink in the secretary of state has also been given briefings to to certain members of congress, and joe biden has spoken to european allies. they insist that there is still a diplomatic way out of their cecile, if we can talk about this, we can make sure that, that things work properly the way they're meant to work. and they've even said, look, there is the potential to over summit between joe biden and vladimir putin. that is on the table as well. they have not taken that away. but on the other side, there is also the white house saying, look, russia cannot create any incursions into ukraine. they cannot consider an evasion because there will be punishing sanctions. and they're talking about possibly even sanctioning vladimir putin himself. so that is very much on the table, and of course, joe biden, in the next $2440.00 possibly 72 hours. we'll make a decision about the 1500 troops that are on heightened stand by here in the united
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states. ready to move to support nieto operations anywhere in europe, particularly. we're looking at romania and poland. why we're looking there, of course, because there's 2 countries right on the border with ukraine. so this is a, takes all boxes, all of the above approach by the white house, the certainly watching the diplomatic channels, but they're sending a clear message to more school look. if you cross the border, there are serious implications here. alan, thanks very much indeed. alan fisher talking to us from washington d. c. one. as alan was just mentioning germany is facing a dilemma of the west policy towards russia. that's partly because of its dependence on moscow for gas. donna kane has more from berlin problem for the german government, as it has been full successive german governments stretching back decades now. is that in so far as rusher is concerned, the german government feels a historic sense of guilt for the actions of nazi germany during world war 2,
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where tens of millions of soviet citizens, which obviously includes russians, ukrainians, bella russians, and many other nations to who were part of the ussr, and as a consequence of that, when the german government wants to put pressure on the russian government, it will not be in the form of providing armaments to ukraine. what they will do, they say, and increasingly so is they will act to impose sanctions. the german government has said it is prepared to take the consequences of refusing to switch on the north stream to gas pipeline. it's going to cost the german government a considerable amount of money. it could cost the european economy a considerable amount of money. but the view here is that if russian gas supply was switched off completely, that would also cost the russian economy. $200000000.00 a day is piped in terms of revenue through natural gas piped in to russia for what
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it pipes to europe will that would dry up very quickly. and so the view here is no amendments to ukraine, but crippling sanctions on moscow. whatever the price may be, whether the german economy suffers or not, that's what they're prepared to do, but they won't arm the ukrainians. the 1st female president of honduras has just been sworn in ha zima constant takes over from to turn president one, orlando, hernandez. 62 year old casto faces high expectations to solve the dispute over who leads the newly elected congress to rival factions of nominated their own candidate for the job man or apollo's in the capital forest. it goes the golfer at this is a historic moment, isn't it? for 100 us historic moment, a historic day for the people of honduras, those cheers that you could hear just now in your introduction were the same cheers
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that we were hearing just moments ago when sumani casto was sworn in as the 1st female president of honduras. now this is again, a historic moment for people of the country who see this as an opportunity for the country to turn the tide after 12 years of single party rule. 8 of those years lead under the controversial president, one, orlando, at amanda's whose administration has been marred by scandal political turmoil, the president's own younger brother, former president of the 100 congress, serving a life sentence for drug trafficking in the united states. so again, we could still hear those years taking place right now out on the streets. many of the streets of the city here in think was he got above enclosed off so that people can celebrate this peaceful transition of power. it's just as crowded inside of the national stadium where the swearing in ceremony is still taking place. that inauguration ceremony that is been hosting a number of high profile gas, more than 80 international delegations from all over the world attending the
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ceremony. including us, vice president, comalla harris, the king of spain, philip the 6th, the vice president of taiwan, the vice president of argentina, former brazilian president deal my roof. so there are a lot of political interests here at play. lots of geo politics playing out. for example, the united states seeking to strengthen the relationship with honduras of cobbler harris. see in presidents jo maddock, astro, a new partner, a more stable partner to address the root causes of migration into the, into the united states. honduras being a top country of origin for migrant seeking asylum in the us. the vice president of taiwan being here seeking to, to strengthen that special relationship that taiwan has with honduras as well under his being one of the few countries in the world that still recognizes the autonomy of taiwan from mainland china. and of course, we met all those left left as leaders from across latin america, welcoming humana, castro, presidents, humana castile as the newest member of the leftist leaders of latin america. i just
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happened to a few my moments ago while you were talking. we saw axiom unaccustomed just and standing, having been sworn in and sharing the chart, the cheers from the crowd there. she's now left the that the podium. let's come back to the fight, of course, that this is happening in the middle of a political split. it is going to be tough, isn't it for a seal mon, acosta and the government to try to get things done once we're past this inauguration ceremony, integration de certainly is taking place under a backdrop of this ongoing political crisis. a very much as strange a legislative crisis taking place in the honduran congress, which stems from 20 members. 20 congressional members who are also within the party of presidents humana casado, who rebelled and bow and voted in favor of a candidate for the president of congress. that was not the same candidate as the president had endorse. what that led to was the swearing in of to simultaneous
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presidents of congress. so even now, there is still a lot of confusion as to who legally is the head of the national congress. it does appear as though the politic girl, the political bickering, has been set aside for the sake of allowing 100 citizens to celebrate the peaceful transition of power. but as you mentioned, this is certainly going to make things more difficult for the president political analysts across the country. see the crisis itself as being manufactured by sumani castro's political opponents to undermine her presidency before it even begins. but again, when you speak to people out on the streets, what you're hearing is a lot of hope that this is the turning of a new page for the country. after 12 years of scandals and political turmoil, it's an opportunity for the country to to really start a new with a new relationship with united states and new relation ships being between the different political parties of honduras in a new relationship that honduras will now have with the different leaders across
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latin america and, and lot of people see this, the visit by specifically by us vice president combo la harris as an opportunity to maybe smooth things over that, that, that solidarity from the united states not only with the people of honduras, but with the new president to maybe to maybe help us did this political crisis find a peaceful and quick solution mirabella talking to us from to goes to caliber manual. thank you very much. indeed. omar, head on the news are including destroying data. europe's police agency is told to get rid of information. it holds on thousands of people getting less for their leader. why many in turkey are cheesed off with rising inflation and higher food prices. and ash body closes in on becoming the 1st local player to win the australian opened in 44 years. ah, the vice president joe biden is confirmed. he will dominate the 1st black woman to
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the supreme court. biden did not say who his nominee would be, but pleased to announce his decision before the end of february. he praised outgoing justice stephen briar for his 27 years and america's highest judicial body . briar is one of 3 liberal justices and the conservative majority court. choosing someone to sit in the supreme court, i believe is one of the most serious constitution responsible of your president pass. our process is going to be rigorous. i will select the nominee worthy of justice, prayers, legacy of excellence and decency. all i've been studying candidates, backgrounds, and rates. i've made no decision except one person. i will nominate re some of the extraordinary qualifications, character, experience and integrity. and that person will be the 1st black woman ever nominated united states supreme court. forget as bring it our white house
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correspondent kimberly hall got in washington, dc. kimberly at nothing much changes in times of the balance of the supreme court. but this is a chance for the by the administration to follow up at a campaign promise. it is. and that campaign promise is largely part due to the fact that it was black women that played a major role in jo biden's election to the oval office to become president of the united states. so the president is certainly making good on that, but also timing is a factor here. the u. s. president poll numbers are not doing well and so he wants to ensure that he can get this done before november. why? because it is the senate that will ultimately help confirm his nominee, one that he says he will make before the end of next month. and because if he doesn't control or the democrats don't control, the senate said they're in danger of having any subsequent nomination blocked by
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republicans, should they control that chamber. and this would really be devastating to the biden administration's agenda moving forward because of the supreme court. ultimately has played a pivotal role and a number of contentious issues in recent years, but even in just recent weeks, whether it be on the issue of abortion, gun rights and even the mask mandate that was put in place by the biden administration. so the president was to see that some of his campaign promises to voters can continue even if they go to the supreme court moving forward. so we expect that the u. s. president is going to look at this very carefully. that's what he promised already. he has a front runner in mind. her name is tanya brown, jackson. she is currently sitting on one of the appellate courts here in washington, dc. and we should point out was a law quote clerk at one time for steven briar. so it is important to note that the u. s. president said he wants to nominate someone who can carry on the legacy of
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stephen briar. that is important here because i in a divided united states. what stephen briar was known for is striking a balance. and in trying to find consensus, and that is something that also seems to be on the mind of president joe biden as he makes what is soon to be a very historic nomination. and so why does correspond kimberley hall? good. kimberly, thank you. in our donations, he says this month will almost certainly see the highest number of civilian casualties of the 7 year war in yemen. the saudi led coalition launched air raids and jamini targets falling drone and missile attacks on the emerald capital by who the rebels among the casualties were nearly a 100 people in a saudi led air strike on a jamini prison. and following those attacks in the u. e, the us state department is urging americans to reconsider traveling there. they're being warned of the threat of more mis files or drone attacks. will my county joining us again live from washington dc? clearly the us state department,
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very concerned about the situation very much so in recreating up that travel advisory to the highest level level for warning us citizens not to travel to the u. s. e, because of the threat of missiles and drone strikes. now, it must be remembered to that there was a travel advisory in place which was put back in december because of the covert situation in the u. e. but now this is wretched up that advisory further awarding citizens not to go to the o e because of the threat of missile and drones strikes. now it's important to note as well that there has been a lot of pressure on the, by the administration from the u, a. e, in particular, in terms of denoting the hoop these as a terrorist organization. now this is something that the trump administration did, but when president biden took over, he removed that her declaration of the organisation as a terrorist entity. however, he did sanction some individual who
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t leaders. so this is not an ongoing situation. pressure from the u. a. e and other members of that saudi lit, the lions, and also some pressure from members of congress. the reason why president biden listed that declaration is because he was informed that it would accept the bait and already di humanitarian system situation in yemen. so very much a difficult choice, but the state department travel advisory giving a munition to those who argue that the by an administration should be taking strongest strips and backing the saudi lead alliance in yemen. my thanks very much indeed. my canada and washington d. c. china says the us must immediately improve its trade practices with beijing or face retaliatory terrace, as well as the ruling but the world trade organization along china to take action on what it regards as unfair us duties and cabs a decades long dispute between the you has more from beijing,
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china's commerce ministry has come out today on thursday and said that this is a significant ruling that safeguards the interests of chinese firms. now this dates back to a case lodged by beijing against washington back in 2012 under the previous obama administration at the time, washington had imposed parents on a number of chinese goods, including wind towers, solar panels, things like citric acid. and washington's argument was that the firms creating these goods were partially owned by state order and to see government entities. and therefore, china was not abiding by market principles. and so they slept on these types on these chinese goods. now the w t o is saying that china has the right to impose $645000000.00 worth of retaliatory tariffs on the us. now there's 2 things to remember about this really number one that this amount of money, although it sounds like a lot is actually much less than what china originally asked for. china originally
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asked for the right to impose $2400000000.00 worth of chars against washington. secondly, this amount is really peeling in comparison to the amount of tower of since imposed on chinese goods by the previous trump administration. and those tariffs have amounted to $110000000000.00. under this ongoing trade war. the european union is launching legal action against china. the world trade organization centers around tensions between china and e u. member lithuania and agreed. the taiwanese diplomatic office in the capital vill is with bad name. taiwan. i'm not chinese type pay. beijing considers taiwan to be part of its territory. now, the use accusing china of holding up exports from lithuania at its border. these measures are a threat to the integrity of the e. o. single market. so affects the inter you trade on you supply chains and say
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hello negative effect on your industry. this is why they're stepping forwards to defend the use rights. and today we are bringing the case w, the deal to me entered in the when he should be under warranty. the issue between china and lithuania is a political one not and he cannot make one. when the situation is the result of lithuania acting in bad faith, that hurts chinese interests. it's not a matter of china exerting pressure. on lithuania, it's a bilateral issue between the 2 countries. not something between china and the new . again, the shoppers and turkey. conks look forward to lower prices anytime soon. the central bank is forecasting, but the inflation rates this year will be a 23 percent cent. costello reports from a stumble high inflation as a major talking point for all turks. the lira has lost nearly half of its value within the past year. as the central bank may steep cuts to interest rate. that
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also the policy cost prices to sor, including for energy and food, such as the ingredients for a turkish breakfast. to make one kilo of this culture cheese, you need 11 liters of ra milk. the price of milk doubled with the increase on electricity. natural gas prices arising or regular customers cut their consumption . nearly 40 percent turkey is inflation rate rocketed to 36 percent in december after a series of interest rate cuts demanded by president project type. it's the highest inflation rate since as election 20 years ago. true to marcia because we used to buy in kilos last year now. and grams for more than half of our retirement salaries are being spent on gas electricity phone bills. on the 1st day, high prices are likely to remain a focus of stock market attention. the central bank is desperately seeking to
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rebuild foreign reserves, which fell more than 60 percent from mid december. the just $7500000000.00. years of further, inflation rises in the coming months terrified turkey manage the latest increase to the minimum wage, and the pensions are not enough to make. and the central bank forecasts and inflation rate of 23 percent this here. some analyst thing that's optimistic and expect tours to come and we manage somehow we buy the cheapest things, but it's very difficult for larger families to manage. i don't know how things will work. responding to the economic challenges government leaders in on kara, have implemented a series of measures during the past month to persuade savers, banks, and companies to hold more. lee raf rather than foreign currency. those measures steady at the lira for now,
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but many fear they are hopes of lower inflation have already left the station and they'll soon be paying an even bigger price for turkey's financial turmoil. seen of course, solar al jazeera stumble, 6 people answering the operator of the forecast sheeman nuclear plant in japan. they say the developed cancer in the years following the 2011 nuclear disaster. victoria gave me reports. louis representing the 6 cancer patients walked to fall there. lucy, to tokyo district court, they say tokyo electric power company holdings should pay more than $5000000.00 in compensation after their clients were exposed to radiation. following the 2011 nuclear disaster in fukushima, one of the 6 plaintiffs who doesn't want to be identified says, cancer has ruined her life. we're going, you got it. you've been very basic, but i always wanted to be a career woman working hard in tokyo. but as diagnosed with cancer and i still felt ill after i had surgery since then, i'm in
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a situation where i have to prioritize my health over everything. in march 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake struck japan's eastern coast. it triggered us unami that st. huge waves surging as far as tank element is inland. the fukushima nuclear power plant was also overwhelmed and see water flooded its react, his radiation leaked out, forcing more than a 150000 people to flee. the 6 people suing the operator, lived in fukushima in 2011 and later developed thyroid cancer. noise say cases at the disease in fluke ashima or significantly higher than the national average. gord often gone through nor thyroid comes as a lab disease that only one and a 1000000 people get on average as a number of children fukushima around 30000. only one person would get it every few years. but after the nuclear disaster are 266, people have developed dance sign, fukushima b a u m report. last year,
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found the nuclear disaster had not increased the risk of cancer. and the authorities and fukushima say the high detection rate is due to over diagnosis. but lawyers say fukushima zona should be held accountable for radiation exposures unless they can prove otherwise. victoria gate and be al jazeera still had on al jazeera salumi in new york, where a private foundation is giving away money to low income families. i'll tell you what they're trying to prove that is to get their world cup, qualifying campaign back on track. that's coming up in sports. ah. it snowed this morning, go and hide. it snowed in jerusalem and it's still very cold breezy and sherry from
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north in egypt right up towards western syria coastal, syria. and that cold as could produce once again on friday, a brief shamal that will find itself out in the snowstorm. not lost in the empty quarter might just catch parts of the use. well, we could go this, this wind was very cold, one was reco breaking the code in at night it got codes were, were on friday night. now the folk us than to 6 in kuwait down to re adds for the i was sub 0. this time we could go that shemelle tends to weaken during saturday. sunshine been the predominant weather throughout the middle east, levant, a few showers run across the rocky plain, but nothing much in the sky. there is one developing though another late winter storm swelling round. nothing like espoused the last one. it will bring rain to sudden turkey and cypress, and probably libya, northern egypt during sunday. on monday it'll generate some snow 3, eastern turkey. otherwise, the picture is a fairly sunny and settled one for the most part to run in the middle east. briefly,
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you remember that tropical cyclone that went across madagascar that is it now doing some good dropping some random, aka of anger doubt. ah, india, a conspiracy theory claims muslim men are treating him the women into marriage and converting one at one aisd investigates repeated miles one out of february on a da 0 china host the winter olympics, but will diplomatic boycott and the corona vibrate, overshadow the events, rigorous debate and unflinching questions. up front cuts through the headlights to challenge conventional wisdom. al jazeera keep you up to date if nation tackle the over. com barrier amid continued vaccine inequality. 11 east investigates. how breaks it the pandemic and changing pace are causing the great british curry crisis
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. the african union hope it's 30 pace ordinary session. the 1st with israel as an observer state, with several nations campaigning against israel status and person issues across the continent. there is much disgust february on her jazeera. ah ah, what you know, is it a reminder about top stories? this are russia says the usaa natal have failed to properly address that security concerns, though it is possible to continue but talks. the western parts of refused moscow's demand to bar ukraine from the security alliance. the 1st female president of
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honduras has been sworn in your model. castro takes over from to town president on orlando hernandez. 60 years, 62 year old castro faces high expectations to solve the dispute over who leads the newly elected congress. you, as president joe biden has confirmed, he will nominate the 1st black woman to the supreme court. biden did not say who his nominee would be. you also praised outgoing justice stephen bry of his 27 years on america's highest judicial body. qu, leaders and burkina faso have warned former ministers not to leave the capital or obstruct military officers. monday's military coup is to be discuss at an emergency meeting of west african leaders on friday. regional organization echo was as condemned the take over man, the u. n. is demanding the immediate release of deposed president loss, hobbling nicholas hawkes. joining us live for begin of fossils capital. why do go? what is the john to been doing ahead of this echo was meeting nick
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well, it's trying to explain to the leaders, the civil society actors are members of the trade union as well as members of cowboys. government, what it's aim in objectives are they're here. they're essentially trying to reassure all the civil society actors of, of their intentions ahead of this meeting from the heads of state of echoes that you mentioned that happened on friday. and i rico's. and the reason being is that, remember that 6 years ago, people took to the streets, the end, a coup that happened a presidency to us in 27 years by another crew leader. and there has been some democratic gains. it has happened in the last 6 years and many people here fear that those gays will be quite with this you qu, so the job of lieutenant colonel or he but them eva is to reassure people that we know from people who have been in those meetings that he has reassured ministers,
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for instance, that there will be no which has that he won't be going after them. however, he told them that have to say, put in what to do with are not allowed to travel abroad. and also that the civil servants will have to continue their jobs as, as, as they should rob nick we saw the original statement being read by soldiers just a few days ago when the takeover took place. and that was on national television. they laid out their objectives under their demands, but since then, the shanta seems to at least publicly have been very quiet. do we understand what their object of the final objective actually is? well, actually will hear from the leader of this military to her. but oh, he dummy but tonight at 8 o'clock local time. well, he'll make his 1st national address to the people of burkina faso and people will be listening carefully to what he has to say. and his objects is, of course, we know from that previous statement that they're made,
9:35 pm
aim is to regain the sovereignty of the country and regain control of the borders. but what's important to remember here with the arrival of, of this new strong man in virginia fost. so is a strange is a change in strategy to deal with the arm groups, in effect in the country, arm groups linked al qaeda, an eyesore because the bertina faso forces. i've gone from loss to defeat. he wants to put them back on track to victory. and in fact, in december, when he was promoted by president hawk machiavelli to be in charge for the security of the 3rd regiment and walker do group the if you 10 pulled the me by had requested cab away to enlist russian fighters to come into the country. to help and fight off armed groups. that was the last meeting that he had with the president. week later he orchestrated this crew. it's interesting to see how the crewman has react to what has happened. officially. the kremlin said that it asked for the
9:36 pm
immediate release of hawk goblet, but there's also been reaction from the wagner's security group and their present self gate proven who welcomes this coo and also one of the instructors that are in a neighboring central african republic, where the wagner, group and russian fighters are active there. he said that he would be ready to come in and help ricky fosset forces. remember, they're also in molly right now, much to the higher of france and other western allies. and it's interesting what we're seeing here, rob, it's as if we step back 40 or 50 years behind, we're back into a cold war situation where we're seeing russians and western powers trying to fight to use this continent and bertina faso or there's a hell as a battle ground for their influence and of course caught in the middle of this or the people have regina fossa. 2000000 people displaced, 3500000 people in urgent humanitarian need. and just earlier today we met with some
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of those displays. they tell us that tales of a brutal violent that is taking place out of sight in the north of the country. and what most people want right now in breaking if i so is the return to the rule of law and a state that can guarantee the safety of the people of this country. ralph, nick, thank you very much. says nicholas hock, talking to us from burkina, faso is capital or google. denmark has withdrawing soldiers from mali after military leaders demanded that they leave. the danes were part of a french lead counter terrorism task force to combat arms groups linked to al qaeda . and iso denmark's foreign minister said around a 100 soldiers were invited, montes military government says that's not true. france says molly's taken an irresponsible decision. the global market for digital assets grew massively last year. collectors and traders spent 40000000000 dollars and what are
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called non fungible tokens, r n, f, t's that their digital tokens used to represent ownership of unique items such as digital art or a video clip artists brands, musicians, and others can create nf t's and offer them for sale, the transaction transactions listed on a publicly verifiable digital database on a block chain, each and f t as a unique identification code that acts like a certificate of authenticity. so even though others can see or take a picture or try to replicate an f t online, they won't be able to re sell it. for example, while many can own a poster of the mona lisa, it can only be one owner of the original painting or marquilla scrupulous as a reporter with fortune magazine is been writing over an eft he's. he's joining us from new york's really good, happy with us. and on al jazeera, has it me to surprise that the, these nf t's those little tokens have become a source of creativity in their own right. and b worth so much you
9:39 pm
for having me. yeah, it definitely is a surprise. and 2021 really was a year where an f t saw a big amount of adoption from $100000000.00 and $100000000.00 in trading. volume 2020. that number rose dramatically in 2021. and it's going to continue to rise as more of hard digital selves become online and likely in the future. and all this started, i'm because of an artist called eagle, who saw sold his and a t artwork in march to the auction house, christine for $69000000.00. since then, it seeing a big adoption from celebrities and notable cold figures out of course, as we all know is subjective. it's only worth what somebody is willing to pay for. it's the same as anything else, but did digit a lot like this. have to be assessed differently when you're trying to quantify it . right, well our has value because we assign
9:40 pm
a value and you know the fact that someone was able to pay $69000000.00 for a digital version of an art piece does not make it any less valuable. and the fact that this is actually bring democratizing the art space because you know, before artists had to have a certain level of notoriety, had to have access to an auction house, for instance, to sell. there are internationally now an artist who maybe isn't a big name but is very talented, can sell their art to a wider audience. fortune actually just wrote an article yesterday about how a teenage artist wrote. i was able to create a collection of and have cheese that were valued at 26000000 dollars last year. we were talking here just a moment ago about the, the way that they, the, these digital tokens are, are locked in using blocked, as you have to forgive me, i really don't understand this terribly well. but my question is, you know,
9:41 pm
is there any room for fraud in this, in the same way as there is room for fraud in just about any other piece of art? of course, of course, with any industry cons, some of a fraud. and if you're buying or selling and have to use, you need to be careful of making sure that for instance, you're buying from an, an authentic store, 3rd party platform where they sell enough to use. because there can be fake websites that look very similar. and also that you're buying from a verify, it's seller once you're on an authentic website because there can be sellers that look very similar, are selling similar and have to use to some that may be valued at millions of dollars, but are not at the actual thing. and also need to make sure that you're avoiding you know fishing scans and giving away the password to your crypto law, because that's an easy way for all your energy or your crypto currencies. to be trained, you mentioned that this was transforming the ot ball. it was democratizing or do
9:42 pm
you think that this is allowing more people around the world to be able to, to be creative? it's a different way of giving vent if you like to their creative abilities that they might not necessarily have had previously. definitely i think it's open out an entirely. busy new market and people are doing more with digital art in order to get this to take advantage of the n f t trend and as well creating and mediums that we hadn't seen before used extensively. and so i think it really is making a difference or not a really good to get your thoughts on this, malcom, quitters good students. thank you so much for being with us and i'll do it and explaining that to me. thank you. i'd rather nearer spotify as we're moving neil young's music after the rock star asked the platform to choose between him and the podcast at jo robles, who young accuses of spreading covered misinformation. the joe rogan experience is
9:43 pm
the top podcast and spotify with an estimated $200000000.00 downloads per month, young, condemned rogan's interview with an infectious disease specialist who opposes covered vaccines for children. area this month, a group of doctors and scientists signed an open letter to spotify expressing concerns about how rogan discusses the pandemic on the streaming platform. ted ross arthur long go places the head of the world health organization has backed neil young him. his dispute with spotify, his thank the musician in a tweet for standing up against misinformation and inaccuracies. around covered 19 vaccination. tom phillips is a social media commentator and author, and he says it's hard for spotify to strike a balance between freedom of speech and moderation. this is, it is important to stress that this is a very different situation to questions or for example, content moderation on facebook, or twitter or other social media platforms. spotify is paying joe rogan, an awful lot of money in order to produce podcasts exclusively for them. they are
9:44 pm
absolutely a media platform and there's nothing wrong with saying that they should take some degree of editorial responsibility for the content that they're paying full. so this is a different, quite a question to the kind of ones that we see when will asking, you know, should facebook, you know, fact check things should facebook delete things should facebook ban people? this is about a media company that's paying someone to make content for them, but they're certainly been under a lot of pressure. and i think all of them, to a large extent have done something. is question of whether or not that's enough and exactly how they're striking that balance. and of course it is a balance. it's, this isn't a pure binary way. you've got freedom speech at one end and censorship on the other side and there's nothing in between. so just as there are plenty of things that spot, if i could do to limit the risk of their flagship podcast, spreading misinformation during a pandemic, the yo are short of actually censoring joe rogan or dropping him or anything like that. it. we also, he this with the social media platforms, is that
9:45 pm
a lot of the time their response to it is not just deleting or banning people, but it's actually adding contexts, you know, so they will add fact checks. so that's, that's effectively the free speech response to questions of misinformation. nearby police agencies been order to destroy information that holds on thousands of people . regulators accuse euro paul of exceeding e, you limits for data storage. survosity reports from amsterdam form from the linda file. the court case and answer them against police to find out why europe all is buying on him. the dutch activists as the worst he did, was break a window during the protest for homeless people. while police in the netherlands admitted from the linda is no danger to society, he has yet to find out what europe will know about him. they don't have chris on the data. and if they don't have grip on the data and they spread it all around the world, this is super danger. what is the danger of the danger is getting arrested and ending up in an in police custody or worse in
9:46 pm
a certain country. because they don't like political activists or left wing political activist. in my case, you report obtain personal data. thousands of citizens up. the french police hacked into an encrypted phone messaging service. as a result, dutch french, german, and british police arrested hundreds of suspected criminals in 2020, in the so called and called chap case. the most remarkable find was a container equipped to torture people. lawyers are questioning the legality of the operation and you see fish new. ok. so if you see a wave of court cases now in the netherlands, u. k, from finland and germany, everyone is fighting this, but so far, clarity has not been given bass. this is quite unique because ankle jet is one of the biggest hex ever done by the police, and they should clarify if it was done legally, you will be in data protection. supervisor has completed your pulse practices with those at the american by agency as we field by whistleblower edward snowden in 2013 . so you can not collect the data just in case it will be less. it will be useful
9:47 pm
in the future. you should know from the very beginning to what the data is stored for, this is the difference between the european approach and they build in some other parts of the world where it is acceptable that the data is stored in case it will be useful in the future, you know, a full declined to comment on camera, but in written response, the agency says that the 6 months time limit for data stories just not enough. and that it is assessing how the supervisors decision to destroy the data will affect the security of you citizens. well, most europeans won't complain about data storage for criminal networks, but if concern about millions of innocent people who are being monitored, the european commission is discussing. if legislation to allow europe holds mass data store, it should be adopted. i'm actually quite surprised that what happened at that time would and as a, everybody was speaking out very clearly in the you and now the years are doing in
9:48 pm
themselves. and there was not so much outcry yet from the linda is calling on other europeans to go to court, to demand access to the files stored about them. but he wants, it could take many years before they'll receive answers. steadfast and al jazeera, amsterdam. and that's like his jolted the tongue islands 12 days after the underwater volcanic eruption and su nami, which wiped out villages the epicenter of the magnitude $6.00 tremor was off the coast. in the pacific ocean quakes are relatively common. their notes unami warming was issued, peruse, government is threatening to shut down an oil company at the center of a 2nd oil spill this month. rep sol denies. there's been a new leak at the la p, a refinery in the capital, lima. the government says crude oil spilled into the see job work in a pipeline. it's an ami in toller caused a major spill into the sea from the same refinery. 2 weeks ago,
9:49 pm
most american families have to survive with less money this year because the u. s. congress hasn't renewed child tax credits. it was part of president jo biden's corona virus relief package. the monthly cash payments were praised for sharply reducing child poverty. now some organizations are pushing for the return because the salumi reports from new york, 5 month old garrett was born in the middle of a pandemic. while his mom, maureen gardner, was unemployed. she says, keeping up with his growing needs can be a challenge, but she has reason not to worry. it's hold a lifesaver, thanks to an unexpected economic lifeline from an experimental program called the bridge project, which is giving her $1000.00 a month. this is the only income that i receive, i receive no public assistance. i do receive food stamps, so i'm able to feed myself. but other than that, you know, i kind of rely on this money to pay my cell phone bill. keep the internet on
9:50 pm
by close. he's a growing baby and he's like growing really fast in new york city, wanting or children under the age of 3 live in poverty. the program is helping $100.00 families whose average yearly income is $14500.00. well below the federal poverty line, the foundation behind the project argues the financial support to the families will yield long term benefits for the children. we really wanted it to be done so that we could study this over time and really understand what the effect of this money is on everything from mental health, to food security, to housing security, to really importantly how the baby is developing and reaching their milestones. it's a concept known as guaranteed minimum income advocate, say cash with no strings attached is the best way to help families out of a cycle of poverty. and experiments like the one here in new york are happening all
9:51 pm
across the country to prove it. but what would be a change of social policy here in the united states is actually quite common in europe and canada. last july, millions of american families got an unexpected cash infusion from the government in the form of the child tax credit than to help with expenses like child care during the pandemic. but congress has yet to reauthorize it this year. if you look at how the money was spent, a large majority of it went to up to middle and upper middle class people. and from that vantage point, it's not a very efficient policy. it's like you shouldn't have to give a lot of money to richer people to help poor people still advocate. so there's growing evidence, families put the money to good use gardeners payments are guaranteed for 3 years. regardless if i do start working regardless of how much i mean, i'll still be able to receive that $1000.00 to the care for my child giving her the time and security to better plan for their future. kristin salumi al jazeera new
9:52 pm
york. ah, douglas ford here is peter rod. thank you. he ron have begun the 1st motion from the asian confederation to qualify for the world cup and coffee later this year. that support from a host of course, who qualify automatically. iran got the job done thanks to maggie's her. amy's 48 minute girl against the rock, with all of the game, and enough to send the radians to their 3rd consecutive rule. so you know that the group a table looks up to that result and remember, it's the top 2 who go through automatically. iran, now 10 points clear of the united arab emirates him 3rd. so are guaranteed a place that come to 2022. south korea also looking strong and 2nd, with 17 points, with 3 games left to play. australia had got their campaign back on track, they thrashed vietnam for nolan. a group, the matching melbourne into 3 game winless run in the qualifies at the sucker is
9:53 pm
remain outside the faces. an automatic qualifying bertha comes with it. we may be a little bit spoke in a 2nd home, but overall i think it's a good day's work and i was just happy with best playing and strive. that's probably been a couple years before since family and friends and stuff and those here in the crowd. so i was just happy to be back and just enjoyed the not so good. not around . second place in that group is currently occupied by japan. also when they qualify or are they trying to to no ending their opponents hopes of making it to the finals in japan? are one point ahead of the australians in the standings, but it is saudi arabia who on top of the piling group b as things stand and they could move another 3 points clear the playing a mon right now and it's one know to the saudis and you can see that it's japan in the 2nd, the automatic sport with the australians currently heading full play off in 3rd
9:54 pm
position. there are 3 qualifiers in the south american zone later. brazil and argentina have already qualified that they also 2 places available and also a pay off spot as well. a win for equity over brazil would all but send them to cover while chile would move into the automatic places, if they beat argentina and uruguay face paraguay with both team still in the chance of making the world cup. you may need, as well as it shows you that they can be cheap. we are in a difficult moment, but the time has come to compete and do something that has never been done in qualified ground, which is to win 3 games in a row to reach the world cup cutoff. it is our responsibility. the time has come to start making excuses and we'll tennis number one. ashley bossy is through to the final of a home grand slam. the australian open party took just over an hour to be american medicine key 6163, that she continued running melbourne,
9:55 pm
reigning wimbledon champion, if he had to drop a say, a winning sunday final would make bossy. the 1st local, who in the straight and open since 1978. 0 honestly it's just incredible of, i mean i love this one. i love coming out here playing in australia and as, as a noisy, we're exceptionally small. the where grants a nation we get to play at home. we had to plan a backyard and i'm just, i'm just happy that i had to play my best tennessee. i enjoyed, i've done well before and, and now we have a chance to play for a title it's, it's unreal. bought, he will play danielle collins for that title. the american crushed 7 seed egos. she on take less than a year off the coming back from surgery for endometriosis colon's winning 6461 to reach her 1st grand slam final. and we've had some incredible that us over the years and i to play against number one player in the world and in her home country, i think it's going to be really spectacular. i love, you know, the energy, the fans bring, whether they're, you know, for me or for my opponent,
9:56 pm
i think we're just so grateful after everything with colvin to be able to pete have incredible energy and people here supporting. ah, i'm excited that everybody's looking forward to hopefully having a great mountain and battling away with ash. arguably, the most entertaining events has been the mains doubled. thanks to nick curious n for nancy cocky marcus. the australians who are now known as the special case really got the capacity grant, fired up in melbourne as they won again to make the final and now the crowd will get really excited as they'll face fellows. he's max purcell and mat ebd. and for the title, the mains will double another joke of which will return to action for the 1st time since being deposed from australia. he'll play at a tournament in dubai. next month, the serb was stopped from playing at the australian open and had his visa cancelled over his coven 19 vaccination status. and after 19, now 18 seasons in the nfl, the pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben raffles burger has announced his retirement
9:57 pm
. the 2 times super bowl champion posted a message on his twitter page saying the time has come in his career at the steelers. he logged more than 64000 passing yards and 418 passing touchdowns. it's been 2 years since basketball star coby bryan's and his 13 year old daughter gigi were killed in a helicopter crash. near los angeles fans had been paying tribute to the 5 time m. b, a champion, his daughter and 7 others who died in the crash on the hill side where the helicopter came down. one of them, dan medina, has made a bronze statue of the pe and hiked up the hill with the 73 kilogram sculpture. this is all on my own. no one asked me to do it, but then i found myself with 2 beautiful designs. i decided to bring it up for the day from sunrise to sunset, and kind of cree bit of herb. i'm a healing process for franz. it's all schools, he said, and they'll be here again later with more. rob, peter, thank you very much indeed. lauren taylor is going to be here in
9:58 pm
a couple of minutes with more on all these stores. thanks very much for being with me. i'm not madison buying. ah, ah, a shilling the debates they eraser of like people from the american and global story was very powerful on an online ad your voice. the comment section is right. join our conversation. we had all protected when everyone is protected. it is not by being nationalistic about us . you just look at it in a very different way, said that perspective, men and men meeting each other and they don't have any pollution. let me get it
9:59 pm
clear for you. this screen on al jazeera, in just under a year's time, catherine al bait stadium will house. the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many friends were already counting down to the big kickoff next, november c, u, a as this tournament unfolds over the coming days, it will play a key role. but organize is getting ready to host the middle east's biggest ever sporting event next year for the castle, national teams they get used to playing in front of expected home crowds be hoping to convince both the fans and themselves that they really are ready to take on the world, the jenny, a jenny and baby, and one of necessity in 3 different missions that all facing the challenge of driving on nicholas unpaid roads at the mercy of it's
10:00 pm
unpredictable tropical with risking you told me the curriculum on al jazeera. ah, russia says it's left with little rim for optimism on ukraine, but still, since it doesn't want to go to war. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera, alive from london, also coming up with confessors, new military rulers, order form of ministers, not to leave the capital or obstruct their offices on europe. whereas in its 1st female president, but providence, within her party. when a.


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